02x07 - The Awful Grace of God

Previously on Tyrant...

Can you tell us the child's s*x?

It's a boy.

We're gonna have a son.

Ihab: Abu Omar tortures, slaughters innocent civilians.

What kind of person does these things?

I could.

I've appointed a new commander of our armed forces.

General Said has already been conferring with top military advisors and readying for our counteroffensive against the invaders.

The terms of the trust specify that the money passes along the male line.

Samuel has inherited $100 million.

Looking for Yaser.

During the fighting in Ma'an, nine men took refuge in a closed nightclub.

The Caliphate found them.

Abdul? Was he one of the men in-in the nightclub?

He was.

You belong to Abu Omar now.

You will obey him, do what he wants whenever he wants it.

(guns firing)

Ghani needs Daliyah.

Find her.

Promise me.

I'll find her.

I swear.

Guard: This way.

Right here.

(door opens)

You've made some changes.


It's nice of you to notice.

I take it you and my son speak.

He arranged this visit?

Ahmed and I are still friends.

I came to see my uncle.

Your uncle is the president; he doesn't see visitors.


Happy to wait.

I think you've misinterpreted our kindness in letting you remain here.

You're not completely free to come and go as you please.

Well, this is Abuddin.

No one assumes that.

This is not how I remember you.

It's nice of you to notice.


It's not how I was.

My father's dead now, so I've had to... you know.

Can you tell my uncle that I'm here, please, Aunt Leila?

I already did.

Nusrat: You look nice.

It suits you.

You think so?


I always worry I look like I'm dressing for a costume party.

Why aren't you moving?

Don't know.

I don't feel so good.

Baby thing?


What's this all about anyway?

Something about Dad and Rami wanting to make a fuss over our new troops.

I suppose it's good for morale.

It's not good for mine.

Do you mind if I stay in bed and skip it?

Don't do that to me.

I'm trying to make a go at being good at my job.

I know.

That's what you wanted, right?

No more begging off, making excuses?

Well... we're a team, aren't we?


What's this about?

Family reunion?

I'm asking you as an Al Fayeed for the money that my grandfather left to me.

Well, the court will decide that, not me.

Uncle, the court waits for you; I know that.

Be careful what you say to me.

I'm not afraid of you.

In my mind, you're the uncle... who took me sailing, taught me how to fish, even though I never got the hang of that, went to Disneyland with.

You are my crazy Uncle Jamal, my favorite.

And you're not punishing my father; he's dead.

You're punishing me.

It's more complicated than you think.


Would you want Ahmed to pay for your mistakes?

I'm trying to figure out exactly how I fit into all of this and I'm thinking that maybe you're my family. Am I wrong?

I will arrange to transfer money to you from a Swiss account.

Not $100 million.

Not all at once. $10 million.

Then you go. You leave, Sammy, and don't come back again.

Over the next few months we'll make arrangement for the balance of the estate. Okay?


Good. Very good.


You were my favorite, too.

(door opens)

They have locked down the city, block by block, in response to the prison break.

Every day we wait, it gets harder for us to move around.

Or rally support. Even with Halima's stories of Abu Khalil and the Red Hand.

You've exploded on social media.

Ihab Rashid has become very good at the carrot and the stick.

Oppose us and we'll kill you.

Join us and we'll give you a job.

Half the population is living better than they did under the Al Fayeeds.

The men, maybe. Not the women.

The Christians are nervous. For good reason.

We might find some support there.

And with the Banu Isa, we...

No, there's always been tension between us and the Banu Isa.

Which you will need to set aside.

We have to reach out to every potential ally.

We need weapons.

That, too.

(phone rings)


(whispers): I found Daliyah.

It's over here.

The refinery manager's old house.

That's where they're holding Daliyah.

I think.


It's the best I can do. I haven't been inside.

It's their main compound.

Abu Omar lives here. And Ihab bin Rashid.

They're all together.

We don't have the resources to penetrate that.

Tonight Omar's brother, the emir, arrives from Aleppo.

There's a meeting at the Hamra Hotel.

And a dinner. Till morning.

No one at the compound but a few guards.

I've got to get back before they miss me.

Okay. Be careful. Thank you.

Mr. President.

These are your weapons.

The officers of your army, the first and second battalions.

Your air forces' elite flying squadron, the al-Nusur, who will lead the first forays over Ma'an City.

Air force, present arms!

Orders arm.

Sons of this soil, I put my faith in you as the finest fighting force Abuddin has ever known.

Side by side with compatriots from across the globe... you have one purpose: to rid this country of the invaders...


...who would subvert Islam and enslave our people.

Ahmed, I'm bleeding.


I'm bleeding.

They have come on a wave of terror, but we will push them back...

Oh! Oh...

Nusrat... Nusrat!

What's happening?

It's okay, just stay calm.


(indistinct chatter)

Get an ambulance.

Everybody give her room.

To Sammy.

Really? We're doing the toasting again?

Yeah. He did a hell of a thing today.

Yeah, he did. To Sammy.

To Sammy.

Did you even know about Abdul before we got here?


I don't think this was just about Abdul or ransom; I think this is Sammy staking a claim to who he really is.

Well, I think that's wonderful.

Yeah. It's kind of amazing.

So you let him go to the club tonight?

I didn't want to. Trust me.

I don't care how grown up he is.

But I couldn't...

I don't know what the rules are anymore.

Hey, tell me about it.

Alice and I were really strict parents.


I know, me? Hard to believe.

After she died, Leslie came to me...

14 years old, mind you... and asked if she could get a tiny tattoo on her ankle.

And I... I thought... who the hell cares?

Then she asked me if I'd get one with her.

Do you have a very tiny matching tattoo on your ankle?

A red rose.


With the words "Born Dead."

Oh, no!

I made you laugh.

One of the many things you've done for me.

Heaven and Earth, Molly.

Waiter: Here you go.

Thank you.

Her placenta has separated from the wall of her uterus.

That's what's causing her to bleed.

It happens in about one in 200 deliveries.

Just bad luck.

I'm afraid so.

I'm going to have to operate and deliver the baby in order to stop the bleeding.

Isn't that too soon?

The fetus is at 24 weeks.

What are the chances of survival at that age?

In general, between 40% and 70%.

(sighs): Ooh.

But if I don't deliver right now, Nusrat's chances of survival are much, much less.

I'll be in touch as soon as we have some news.

Try and stay positive.

She clearly doesn't know the family.

(indistinct conversations)

Remember me?

I remember.

What do you want?

You know how we talked about raising money to ransom the Ma'an Nine?

Forget about it.


I know I may have seemed crazy at the time, but...

I got it.

They're dead.


They're dead.

There's no ransoming dead people.

You're too late.

You told me the trial wouldn't be for days.

I'll show you the videotape if you want.

They blindfolded them all, they took them to the top of a building, they tied them to chairs and threw them off.

They're all gone.

All of them?



You lost a friend, did you, hmm?

An exotic crush?

I lost six friends.

I lost a lover.

His partner.

20 years.

Don't mind Yaser.

Not tonight.

There's a memorial in the square for them in about an hour.

You should come.

For your friend.

(soft thud)



What-what are you...?

Is there a key?

With Abu Omar, yes.



I can't believe you're actually here.

You know what I thought this whole time?

I thought, "I can't be wrong about him, it's not possible."



I have excellent intuition.

What happened to my family?

You have to tell me.

I'll tell you after.

We need to get out of here.

No. Now.


Ghani's fine.

He's safe in Tal Jiza.

And Ahmos?

Daliyah, I'm sorry. We have to go.

Samira: What are you doing?

Answer me, Bakru.

(Daliyah whimpers)

Why have you left your post?

Abu Omar told me to bring her to him.

Samira: I don't believe you.

Turn around.

(gun cocks)


I have a weapon, Bakru.

Don't be stupid; turn around and face me.

You're not Bakru. Who are you?

No one.

Put the gun down, let us walk out of here and I won't hurt you.

Very funny.

I'm better at this than you think.

You look...

Show me your face.


Do as I say!



I know you, but...

No, it's not, it's not possible.

Bassam Al Fayeed.


I don't...

You didn't know?


I'll tell you everything.

It's a long story.

What are you doing here, Samira?

Barry: So I ended up back in Ma'an.

Samira: What a cosmic joke.

Everything went to sh1t after you died, you know that?

Put it on the floor.

So... you came here to rescue her.

Are you in love with her?

You should get in line.

I'm married.

I came here to take my country back.

You should get in line.

So what now?

What are you doing here by yourself, anyway?

Oh, I screwed up your plans, did I?

I wasn't feeling well.

I begged off tonight at the last minute.

Are you going to kill us?


No, uh, I'm going to keep you here until my husband and Abu Omar return in a few minutes.

Longer than a few minutes.

It's a big meeting and dinner that you're missing.

There's not going to be anyone back here till morning.

They'll come back when I call them on the phone.

Barry: What phone?

There are no land lines left in the city and you don't have a cell phone anymore.

You joined a movement that thinks a woman having a phone should be punishable by death.

You should shut up.

Samira, please.

Just... come with us.


Your father sent me baby pictures of you.

We're not meant to be enemies.

Would you kill Ihab tomorrow, if you had the chance?

Okay, then.

Who's to say what we're meant to be, Khalil?

Go sit over there on the floor.

Both of you!

We will wait until they come back.

I can't let that happen.

Just so you know.

I won't be a hostage.


I'll shoot her if you move.


Catastrophe helps take one's mind off tragedy.

Come on. Spit it out.

My only option today is an air attack.

But if I move too quickly, with too little information, I'm just as likely to hit civilians as the enemy.

The world is watching, Rami.

I know.

All of us.

And me in particular. They're watching, looking for clues to whether we are going to survive.

Right now all they see is that we have lost control over our second largest city.

I need you to pick up the pace.


I need you to double the number of reconnaissance flights over Ma'an.

No. Day and night.

I know.

I'll take that risk.

You're under stress, Father.

I understand.

Today is a terrible day, not a day to make decisions that you'll regret later.

Molly: You know what, let me just... I'm just gonna go make sure he's back and that's he's okay.

No, just leave him alone.

No, no, no, no, no. Just let me...

No. Hey, hey, hey.

He'll appreciate the confidence.




So, that's...


(chuckles) Yeah.

This is kind of a cliché.



(chuckles) Yeah.



It's too soon.

It's too soon.

I mean, I can't. I... I can't.

What, move on?

You're not moving on.

You never move on.

Believe me.

You're just trying to remember what it feels like to be happy.

I haven't kissed anyone else in almost 20 years.

(moans softly)

When did you last talk to your father?



What good will that do?

My father is irrelevant to what's going on in his home.

Words don't matter anymore.

You didn't walk in here with a pen.

Her dad and I were best friends.

She was his pride and joy.

Knock it off.

It's true.

First in her class.

Daliyah: Really?

I never made it past the fifth grade.

I had lots of school.

Nearly 20 years of school.

To be a lawyer.

That's nice.

Oh, yeah.

It's a very optimistic thing, to spend so many years in school.

Preparing for the future.

Still, I would have liked the chance, believe me.


When I was 12, they picked eight of us... girls, all from Ma'an... to be... a kind of model debate team.

They showed us off, took us everywhere, even to Lebanon.

We beat everyone.

My friend Karima and I were the best of all.

Eight of us, just... (chuckles) going through puberty.

And the boys had no idea what to make of us.

They wanted to flirt, to slide by us too close and brush against our breasts.

But when we debated, they didn't know what hit them.

We were invincible.

Ten years ago.

Ask me where we all are now.

Karima is dead.

Gassed with her entire family.

Jadwah, too.

Both dead.

Two more have fled... somewhere... to some refugee camp where they can watch their children... bloat... and starve.

And then there's me.

So... there it is.

My generation.



I'm... long-winded.

You need to pee?


May I?


You can go in your pants.

I'll go in my pants.

We can all go in our pants.

You think it's degrading?

Try being gassed.

You sh1t in your pants, too.

There's nothing below us anymore.

(cell phone buzzes)

You have a phone.

Who is it?

It'll be the guy who's waiting for me downstairs standing guard.

He will come up here to find out what's taking so long unless I call him.


Or maybe it's not and you just want the chance to call for help.

I promise you I won't.

No, put the phone down.

Put it down!

(cell phone buzzes)

Ignore it.

Samira, I'm telling you...


The truth?

Oh, you're on my side, are you?

Yes, sort of.

No one's on my side.

Throw me the phone.

I'm going to call my husband.

There's no time for that.

Give me the phone!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

(Daliyah screaming)


Stay there!

We have to...

He's dead.

You ever kill anyone before?


Your wife is fine.

(deep breath, exhales)

The baby didn't make it.

And we had to perform a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding.

No more children?

Not that she can carry, no.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking care of her.

May I see her?

Not quite yet.

She's still very out of it.

In recovery.

I'll let you know, Ahmed.

I'm sorry.

Mustafa: Hosni would have said... we should have a big feast in his honor.


Lots of knafeh.

That's how he got fat.

Anyway... that's all, who cares?


Okay, uh, how about, uh...


Who would like to say a few words?

Man: I didn't know him very well.


He was very shy.

In the closet for a long time, I think.

Only recently he was able to admit to us who he really was.

I don't know.

As I said...

It was hard for him.

Uh, he had a hard time not caring what other people thought about him.

But that's because he wanted to be perceived a certain way.

He... was determined... wanted to be important, but he understood that that... wasn't gonna happen if... if he was gay.

So he made a choice that may seem weak, but he was... he was brave.

I know he went to Ma'an to get the job to make money to go to America.

He said he could be whatever he wanted there.

He said, "America was where his heart was."

Yaser: Uh... why don't we bow our heads and, uh, let's remember them.

All: Arfan...

Safar, Yasir Abbas, Hosni al-Fariq, Fikri Tammam, Abdul-Fattah al Mazen...

(mourners continue reciting names)

I need to talk to you.

I can help you.

What time is it?


(sniffs, sighs)


3:00 a.m.

They'll be back soon.

I doubt it.

Ihab often comes back early to read before he prays.

What kind of prayer can you pray when he does the things he does?

You'd have to ask him yourself.

I don't speak for Ihab.

What about you?

Do you believe in what the Caliphate is doing?

What, the killing, you mean?


But I don't give a sh1t anymore.

I don't actually care... what they do or what Abu Omar wants... or what he believes.

I only care about what he can give me.

What is that?

Revenge... for everything the Al Fayeeds have taken from me.

I used to think the world is a very complicated place.

But that's not true.

(sniffles) You either win... or you lose.

You're either human, or you're a dog.

You're either inside the cage, or you're out.

And I'm out right now, and I'm never, never going back in.

And I don't care if Abu Omar and his men have to kill in order for me to stay here.

I don't even care if they have to kill you.

I don't believe you.

I know you, Samira.



(sniffles) No.

(clears her throat) Look...


You and I... we're both here, yes.

But you're not Bassam anymore, and I'm not Samira.


Those people are dead.

And the country they lived in is gone.

And this...

This is what is left.

(footsteps approaching)

We should go home, get some rest, come back in the morning.


Do you know why I can't sleep?

'Cause every time I close my eyes, I see his face... Bassam's face... with a sad smile, saying to me, "I warned you. This is what happens when a man wounds his own brother. He loses everything. His country, his grandson, himself."

All this bad news, blow after blow.

One on the heels of the other.

Haven't you wondered why?


Things happen, and we'll get through them.

I don't think so.

Something isn't right.

Maybe it's punishment.

You made difficult choices.

That's what it means to be a leader.

This is...

Time will pass, and victories will come again.

And what about Nusrat and our grandson?

He should have been a-a blessing.

We're human.

Sometimes we get sick, and sometimes we die.

It is nothing that you did.

I wouldn't be so sure.

Ma'an is an hour from here as the crow flies.

I'm sorry. I...

Your reconnaissance flights.

They must have returned by now.

You have your bombing targets?

I assume you're just asking out of curiosity.

I wouldn't assume that.

We need more time to analyze the data.

You don't have more time.

This country needs a victory now.

I think you mean your husband.

My husband is this country.

If he fails, it fails.

I'm telling you, I know him.

You need to act now.

The president and I will...

The president is dealing with family matters.

I'm telling you.

I'm telling you.

So, I have a friend, Halima, who was imprisoned in Ma'an for speaking out against the Caliphate.

She says that there's a growing insurgency called the Red Hand.

They're doing amazing things.

And they have a leader, Khalil, who isn't afraid to...

Why are you telling me this?

Yaser told me what you offered.

They need money.

No. I-I know. I know. I know it wouldn't save your friend, but it would punish the people who did this to him.

I'm not a political person, all right?

I have a pretty good reason to hate every side in this country.

And, anyways, I'm not looking to invest my money.

This was just personal.

So I'm sorry, but I-I got to go.

(shouting, screaming)




Hosni was a cousin.

It's personal for me, too.

Stopping these people.


Don't ask again.



Why can't we help each other?

We're both stuck, right?

Which is crazy, because we want the same thing.

We both want the same country.

You can't help me!

Why don't you try?

Because he's still an Al Fayeed.

And if you win this war, whatever noble intentions you might have, your brother wins, too.

And I lose.

It's more complicated.

No. Mm-mm.

We're enemies now.

And, anyway, it's too late.

What are you doing?

I told you, I won't be captured. You can kill me or let me go.

Stand up.

No, Bassam, don't be stupid. Don't give me a reason to kill you. I don't want to do that.

Listen to me. Stay behind me.

I can't let you leave.

Barry: This will show you where to go.


You said it yourself, it's too late.

Start walking. Start walking.

No. Don't test me. I'm not your best friend's little girl anymore.

Please! I'm warning you! Stop!



I warned you. I'll kill her.

I... (grunts)

Oh, my... oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Let me help you.

Let me help you.


Let me... let me help you.


We have to take her with us.

Find a, uh... a-a curtain or a sheet or something I can wrap her with. Hurry!

You can't take her with us. It'll be light in 20 minutes. You can't carry a dying woman through the streets of Ma'an, with Caliphate soldiers...

I'll figure it out.

How? Expl...

I'll figure it out!

Come on.



And do you have blood to replace hers?

Or antibiotics or clean needles and thread? Can you actually save her?

Or are you trying to save yourself?

(crying softly)


(shuddering breaths)

I'm sorry.

I can't fix this.

I can't stay.

But I'm not gonna leave like this.

Listen to me, Samira, your father loves you so much.

He loves you so much.

I'm gonna make this the place you and your friend dreamed of when you were 12.

I promise you.

I promise you.

For other girls, not for you.


(shuddering inhale, exhales)


No more pain.

No more pain. No more pain.


Daliyah: Bassam?


We have to go.



(steady beeping)

Hey, you.

I know.

I know about our baby.

The doctor, she told me.

It's okay. It's okay.

We'll talk about it later.

I'm sorry.

What are you sorry about?

You don't have to apologize. It's not your fault.

If anything, I should apologize for asking you to come to the ceremony.

I love you.

And you're here.

And that's all that matters.

The baby was keeping me alive.


The baby... was keeping me alive.

I don't know what that means.

No. No.


Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Please. I...


Shh, shh, shh. You're sleepy.

You need to rest.

We'll talk about it later.

Rami: You heard me right.


Now. Dawn.

You want to give us our targets.

We have not had time to fully analyze the reconnaissance data yet.

The outskirts of the city.

Somewhere where you're sure no one is.

(chuckles) Genius.

I don't care if we don't kill a single member of the Caliphate.

I do not want reports of civilian deaths, do you understand?

We'll claim victory whether it is one or not.

That's... Well... (sighs) it's insane.

Yeah. (chuckles)

The inmates are loose around here.

I'm sorry.

If that was... too cruel.

Listen, they're, uh... they're closing up, so we have to get going.

I'm not an idiot.

All right?

I'm not gonna just give my money to some stranger on the promise that he's gonna deliver it to some mysterious insurgency just 'cause he asks for it.


Right. Okay.

Fair enough.

What do you want?

If the insurgency needs money, you take me to them and let them tell me that themselves.

Go to Ma'an? No.

(scoffing): No. Too dangerous.


I'm going home.


(scoffs) Okay.

I'll get you there.


I won't post anything about what happened, out of respect for the woman who died.

I'm glad you're both back safe, though. We were really worried.

I'm sorry.

(crying softly)


What? I'm okay.

You're in mourning, too. Don't worry about me.


I do worry about you.

Ahmos was a very special man.

It took us some time, but... we both came to trust each other.

He loved you and Ghani.

I didn't love him when I married him.

But you can come to love a person just because they're good.

I'm just very sad right now.

I'm very, very... very sad.

For everyone.

I didn't have any choice.

I know.


What's happening?

Who is attacking us?

I don't know, I don't know.


It's okay. It's okay.

I'm gonna protect you. I'm gonna protect you.


Reporter: ...bombing relief efforts. The UN says it's a full-blown humanitarian crisis, while in neighboring Abuddin, air strikes by government forces began today in the campaign to take back Ma'an City from the Caliphate. The enemy suffered substantial losses, and President Al Fayeed, who is in mourning, said, "Today we start a fight for freedom, the end of which my grandson will not see, but it is for all the children and grandchildren of Abuddin."

You see?

Good news.