02x10 - Zanjir

Previously on Tyrant...

Ahmed, I'm bleeding.

I can't have a baby.

You need to find someone who can give you a child.

We need to get our marriage annulled.

Barry: Molly, it's Barry.

And I'm glad you're still alive.

Who is that, your girlfriend?

Is she prettier than me?

Why'd you do that?

Because I got tired of waiting for you to do it.


(Sammy gasping)

In three nights time, the meteorological service is predicting a likely sandstorm in Ma'an.

It will provide perfect cover for us.

The key to this, of course, is getting Khalil and his Red Hand Brigade on board.

I and only I will speak to Khalil.

I need a phone number for Khalil of the Red Hand Brigade.

And what makes you think I would have such a thing?

Rami: I'm fairly sure you don't, but I'm also fairly sure that you can get it.

Jamal: You met with Khalil after I explicitly ordered you not to.

I want him dead.

(footsteps approaching)

Mahmoud: Mr. President?


Mr. President?

Mr. President!

No! No!



I'm so... sorry, Mr. President.

Y-You didn't respond.

Tell me the plan.

General Sayid is briefing his soldiers later this morning at the base.

When his motorcade passes, my operative will detonate an IED.

This operative is the only one you've told?


You trust him?

He is my nephew.

And the evidence will implicate the Caliphate?

I'll be running the investigation, so the evidence will prove whatever you want proven.

Your loyalty will be rewarded, Mahmoud.

Thank you, Mr. President.

But, I-I would be remiss if I did not ask you...

Ask me what?

If it isn't better to wait until after the counteroffensive.

After, it will be too late.

After is when he will make his move against us, when he will try to steal the presidency.


You think... you think it's easy for me, spilling my own blood, killing my own son?

He's left me no other choice.

This is the only way I can protect our country, protect Leila and Ahmed.

I understand, sir.

I blame myself.

Letting Rami into my life was a fool's errand.

Thinking it would somehow make up for all the years he needed a father.


Where are you now?

The desert, with the clan of one of our fighters.

And your fighters... how many survived?

Enough to take the antiaircraft battery from the Caliphate, just like your plan calls for.

Taking the battery is one thing.

Holding onto it until our planes can land is another.

Khalil, you should expect heavy casualties.

We know the risk.

We'll scrub them.

That comes off.

What about what's in my head?

When does that go away?

If it ever does, I'll let you know.

So you've...

I'm sorry about Ru'a.

I don't know how small the town was that you came from.

South Pasadena? Not so small.

Very protected and scrubbed clean.

Tal Jiza had 500 people, and I always thought if I could slip away and see just a bit of the world.

I wanted to get out of Pasadena so bad.


There's a lot to see, isn't there?

I had no idea.

What about my father?

What has he seen?

Yeah, I can tell.

He won't talk about it.

I don't think he'll ever talk about it.


I'm fine.

I'm fine, don't worry.

I'm fine.

Amira, it's Molly.

Molly, dear.

I-I'm so sorry I haven't called you.

Don't be silly. I'm the one who should apologize for not calling you.

But so much has been happening.

I know. We have a lot to catch up on.

I'm glad everything is being resolved with-with Sammy's inheritance.

How is he?


He's fine.

That's actually why I'm calling you.

I need to ask a favor.

Uh, our visas are about to expire.

I'm hoping you can help us get an extension.

An extension?

But why?

I'd have... I'd have thought you'd want to get out of here as soon as you settled the estate.

Amira, something's come up, which is why I'd prefer to not do this through normal channels.

And-and I'd rather not talk about this over the phone.

Are you all right, dear?

Tell me.

I will, if you have time to see me.

I can... come to your hotel later this morning.

That'd be great. Thank you.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.

We have to stop meeting like this.

We will, actually.

The doctor finally cleared me to fly.

Good news.

Yeah, so...

I'm leaving for London the day after tomorrow.

Maybe after this is all over... the Caliphate business... in six months, I'll look you up.

I spent a lot of time in London on weekends during my Sandhurst days.

I know places.

I'm sure you do.

I'm going to try and find my own places that are just mine.

Why don't you find someone without baggage?

Someone to settle down and start a family with.

Is that what this is about?

I've spent my life in places with different names for hell.

Darfur, Burundi, Ma'an.

You really think I want to bring a child into this world?

Six months from now, if your doorbell rings and you're not expecting anybody, don't be surprised if it's me.

(horse whinnying)

(clicks tongue)

(whispers): Yah.


Mr. President.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you.

Your meeting at the base.

I postponed it.

Postponed it? Why?

To avoid any further miscommunication between us.

I wanted you to sign off on the operation before we deploy.

We can still make changes if you like.

But I saw your motorcade leaving the palace.

Yeah. Grandmother... M-Mrs. Al Fayeed... she had a meeting in the city.

I told my driver to take her.

So if we could just discuss this.

Not now.

It won't take long.

We're working on a very tight time frame.

(line ringing)

Come on, Mahmoud, pick up the phone.

Woman (recorded): This is the private voice mail of Colonel Mahmoud Al-Ghazi.

Leave a message.


(phone ringing)


Mother. (chuckles)


Uh, listen, I need to see you right away, so have the driver turn around and come back to the palace.

What's this about?

I-I will tell you when you I see you, but tell the driver to turn around and get back here.

If it's so important, why can't you just tell me now?

Because I can't.

Jamal, I-I'm worried about you.

W-Whatever this is about, just tell me.

There is a bomb on the road.

A bomb?

Yes, a bomb.

So tell the driver to stop the car and turn around now!



You know you were supposed to get visual confirmation?

I-I had the itinerary a-and motorcade route.

What other confirmation could I have gotten?

Plus the windows were tinted!

She was the president's mother, you know.

W-We killed the president's mother.

You know, J-Jamal called me.

On my private number, right before.

I missed his call because I was taking a sh1t.

(phone ringing)



Mr. President, I...

Uh, he wants to see me.

Yeah, yeah.

Uncle, if you want me to...

I kept an account for you in a Zurich bank, eh?

In the event that something like this might happen.

Now that it has, you need to leave Abuddin.




Talk to me, Jamal, please.

Not now.

There is a gathering in the residence.

It will help to be with other people, with family.

I don't need any help.

I understand you are in pain, but we need to talk about this.

I'm-I'm sorry, Mr. President.

I-I didn't mean to interrupt.

Come in, Mahmoud.

Uh, Leila, will you please leave us?

Mahmoud is here to brief me on the investigation.

A little late, isn't it?

It would've been much better if you gathered your intelligence before this happened, not after!



I'm afraid, okay?

I'm mourning, but I'm afraid, too.

If the Caliphate can reach us here, what else can they do?

How close are they?

Am I a prisoner in my own home?!

Will you be quiet?

Give me a few minutes with Mahmoud, and I will join you later.


Let me choose my own end.

I would like to die with some dignity.

I don't want to end up like General Tariq.

Mahmoud, you don't need to fear me anymore.

You are the only one I can trust.

I loved her.

She loved me, in spite of all my faults.

But why did she have to bring Rami into the Palace?

That was the start.

That was the mistake.


We still need to deal with Rami.

And you said the evidence will prove what we need it to prove, right?

(panting softly)

Ahmed: Mother.

Where is Father?

He... he needs time alone.

I should go see him.


I want you to stay here with Nusrat.

We need to be good to each other today.

We need to be stronger together.



Nusrat: I've decided to delay my flight to-to London until after the funeral, if that's all right with you.

Of course.

I'm wearing the bracelet that she gave us after the wedding.

Do you remember, Ahmed?


It was meant for me.

To target you like that...

At least we know that the Caliphate are growing nervous.

I wouldn't bet on it.

That's not their style.

Besides, how would they manage an IED so close to Palace grounds?

Perhaps they've got someone working at the Palace.


You're barking up the wrong tree.


Mahmoud: General Said!


You are under arrest for the murder of Amira Al Fayeed!

You better have evidence of this.

What possible motive do I have for killing the woman that I love most in this world?!

Ask the president that when you see him!

Ask yourselves, if we've come to this, who's safe now?

You've arrested the general of our military!

On the orders of the president, yes.

In the middle of a war?!

For the murder of his own grandmother?!

I don't believe this, Mahmoud.

This is crazy!

It wasn't his grandmother he was trying to assassinate, madam.

It was the president.

No. No.

No. Not again!

Tomorrow, when we fight, we carry with us the memory of the martyrs.

Dirar Al Nami, Aya Qabbani, Dunyah Al Nasri, Ghazi Hussein, Ru'a Al Zara...

...Wajod Al Azmeh...

...Majid Umran.

I'll leave the two of you.


You don't need to say anything.

There's nothing to say.

It won't get easier.

Tomorrow could be much worse.

I know.

It's a war.

People die.

People you care about.

Maybe me.

Sammy, I want you to go back to your mom.

I'm fighting next to you.


I'm a part of this now.

You know, it's one thing... to watch someone die.

But to kill someone...

Well, you're asking other people, people my age, to do that for you.

Other people's children.

I can't.

I can't.

I would feel the same way if I were you.

Anyone who loves someone would feel the same way.

But we're not special.

We don't deserve more from this world just 'cause we're Al Fayeeds.

Hasn't that been your point all along?


I'll have Siddiq find you a weapon.


You can't fight without a weapon.


Reporter: ...unconfirmed reports that the explosion happened at 11:00 a.m. this morning...

Molly: Hi. I was supposed to meet someone in the lobby a little over an hour ago. No one's asked to see me?

Can't you check again, please?

Yeah, I'll hold.

...has made no official comment and has refused to confirm or deny any reports of casualties.

Sir, the signed confession of the man that General Said hired to plant the device that killed your mother.

Apparently, General Said invited you to visit the troops that morning.

His car was going to follow yours to the Basri Air Force Base, but you begged off at the last minute.

Unfortunately, I remember that conversation.


Have you detained Solomon so I can learn where his loyalties lie?

He's waiting for you.

It's very good.

(Jamal chuckles)

(clears throat)

I have excellent chefs.

And I cannot refuse a good meal.

Um... you and I should have an honest conversation about what happened to General Said.

You don't have to explain to me.

I have no political point of view.

I work for money.

And that's good.

Since I'm the one who's paying you.

(clears throat)

To show my good faith, I've decided to increase your contract by... 19%.


19%, huh?


(laughs) That's good.

You will take... orders directly from me as commander-in-chief.

We'll launch the counteroffensive tonight as planned.

(sucks teeth)

I'm greedy.

But I'm not stupid.

I will not send my men into battle to take orders from a man that does not know sh1t about military strategy.

Don't play games with me.

You have your battle plans already.

Plans change, Mr. President, once the bullets start flying.

We were willing to die for you... but I do not have a death wish.

And I do not want to work for an employer that is just as likely to clap me in irons and throw me in prison one day... as pay me the next.

And I have three jobs in Africa waiting for me.

Thank you for the dinner.

What if I increase your contract by 50%, Solomon?

It's your war.

You fight it.

Let me give you some free advice.

You've just imprisoned an innocent man.

No one is trying to kill you, Mr. President, except the Caliphate.

(door opens, closes)

(Nusrat crying softly)


It's been a terrible day.

I just wonder who you're crying for.


Why would you...?

Are you crying for him?

I don't...

I think you are.

You're not crying for my grandmother.

I saw you together.

This morning.

He took your hand.

He took my...?

He was saying good-bye to me, like a brother.


I've seen the way he looks at you, how you look at him.

You told me you wanted an annulment for my sake, so I could have an heir, but that was a lie.

You just wanted to be with him.


Tell me he doesn't want you!

He wants everything.

What I have, what my father has.

What all bastards want.

You don't know what you're talking about.

I wanted you, but your parents kicked me out.

The annulment came from them, Ahmed, not from me.

I was just a messenger.

Was Rami being kind to me? Yes.

The way that you're kind to someone that's just been discarded.

He told me he would look me up in London when he was done winning your war for you, when he left here for the very last time.

He wants nothing from you!

He was saving your skin.

And you... you turned on him.

I don't want to hear any more.

Well, I'm not done!

Your parents are monsters, Ahmed!

Your family is a horror!

And I haven't even told you the half of it.

Knocking is always an option, you know.

You scared me half to death, and I was very nearly indecent.

Very nearly?

Why don't we go with indecent?

I'm sorry, Ahmed, I'm not in the mood to be clever.

Did you tell Nusrat she needed to ask for an annulment?

Ahmed, now is not the time.

Answer me!

Did Nusrat ask for the annulment, or was it you and Father?

It was understood that an annulment was the only way...

You're lying.


You're lying.

It was you.

What does it matter?

Why are we fighting?

You need someone to bear your child.

What about Rami? What about the charges against him?

I don't know.

Are those lies, too?

I don't know.

Tell me what really happened.

I don't know.

Was it Father?


Was it a cover-up? I can't figure it out.

Was he trying to kill my brother instead of the other way around?

(whispers): Oh, no, I can't believe...

Oh, God.


Nusrat was right.

You're both monsters.

How dare you compare me to your father! I love you.

You're okay with destroying everything around you.

That's not true. I've tried.

You tried? Really?

Not hard enough.

I've tried, but everything dies around your father.

And you stood by his side!

My entire life, you stayed silent.

You took the deal!

You took his deal!

(crying softly)

Ahmed, please try to understand my position.

I have nothing that matters except for a son.

Except for you.

That's why I never left this place.

Because of you.

You treated me like one of your puppets.

Like one of your subjects.

I never had a say in my own life.

You're an Al Fayeed. I'm an Al Fayeed.

None of us has a say in our own lives.


Did you even hear yourself?

You and father can bring the Palace down around you for all I care.

I'm done with both of you.

No, Ahmed, please.

No. No, Ahmed, please.

Please. No. No. (crying)

You need to eat more.

How do you know?

Have you ever done this before? Gone into battle?

M-Maybe it's better not to be stuffed.

Okay, then. I'll pack your food.

You don't know when you'll have a chance for another meal.

I'm too scared to eat.

Like this.

Now try again.



How's your foot?

Ah. Better since you wrapped it.

If you can't run on it, I want you to stay behind.

You'll get another chance to fight.

It's fine.

I promise.

I won't be a burden.

You need to be faster than this.

I got it.

If you're nervous now, see what happens when you're under fire, hmm?

How's it going?

I-I just need to practice the reloading.

He's nervous. It's understandable.

It's not nerves. S-Something's wrong.

I-I don't feel like myself.

You need sleep.

I need to practice.


After you get some sleep.

Come on.

I'll show you to your tent.

See you in a few hours.

I'm fine.





Sammy: Got really tired all of a sudden.

Yeah, it's been a long day.


There we go.



Let's get some sleep.


Here we go.

I am so proud of you.

You have no idea.

He can't hear us.

He'll be out for another six hours at least.

Well, he won't be very happy when he wakes up.

I'll do my best to tell him why you couldn't let him come with you.

I want him to hear it from me when I get back.

But if I don't get the chance, I want you to give him this.

It's a... video I made trying to explain myself.

How soon do you head out?

Very soon now. We have to be in position before the sun comes up.

Then we move in when the sandstorm arrives.


How can I help? Um...

You'll need provisions, and, um, what else?

Daliyah. Daliyah. Daliyah.


You don't have to say anything else.

Everything is understood between us.

I will wait here for you with your son.

Come back, okay?

But if you don't...


That's all.

We have nothing to talk about.

At least listen to what I have to say.

You can say whatever you like.

I'm a captive audience.

I don't actually know the truth about what happened today.

But I've started to doubt my husband's version of it.

And I've started to doubt his ability to carry on in his position.

There's no one else here.

Why don't you say what you really mean?

You're afraid.

Of your husband.

Of your husband's enemies.

You've watched enough of the news over the past few years, and it's suddenly dawned on you that you're not special.

You're not immune from being washed away by the tides of history.

If I were to switch sides, if I were to get you out of here, would you support my son and I?


You mean... fight your war so that Ahmed can usurp his father's presidency?

I don't have those ducks quite lined up yet, but, yes, essentially, yes.

If I were to convince my son, by doing this, that I've finally come to my senses.

It's an interesting game.

But you can't win it.

Don't underestimate me.

You can't beat Jamal. He holds all the cards.

Controls the government, the secret police.

But you have the military.

I have mercenaries.

They have no interest in a coup.

They want to fight, get paid and go home.

What if I were to remove my husband from the equation?

You don't really mean that.


What if I do?


You're shocked?

Against the laws of nature, is it?

But how have the laws of nature ever protected you?

Or your family?

Or our people?

Since when did you become a Boy Scout, Rami?

I'm no better off in a world in which sons kill fathers.

And how about one where fathers kill sons?!

Or lead their country into ruin?

People who are cornered do desperate things.

At this point, it might even be self-defense.

So all I'm asking is: if I were to do my part, will you do yours?

(birds singing)

State your business.

I'm Molly Al Fayeed.

I'm here to see Amira Al Fayeed.

Please, follow me.

(steady thumping, Jamal grunting)



If I could only trade places with you.

It should have been me.

I know I don't deserve it.

Will I see her again?


God, please... take me instead.

Will I have a place in heaven after all I've done?

Please, just let me see her again.

Just once.


(footsteps approaching)

What is it, Nabila?

Your sister-in-law... she's in the Palace security office.

Molly's here. Why?

Something about an appointment with Mrs. Al Fayeed.

Oh, Amira.

(Jamal continues sobbing)

I came here to find Amira, not to see you.

I don't want to see you.

This is my palace.

Good for you.

For this past year, you haven't shown me or my children one ounce of kindness, one moment of mercy.

That wasn't...

Amira was supposed to meet me yesterday morning, she hasn't been returning my calls.

So either let me see her or kick me out, but please spare me anything you have to say.

I have no interest in you.

Amira's dead.

She was killed... in a car explosion that was meant for...

I don't know who.

Oh, my God.

I saw the wrong brother killed.

Jamal keeps telling me that he's being punished for killing Bassam, but...

...I'm the one being punished.

I'm the one losing everything.

I don't think...



Yes, Molly?

What's going on?

I... I didn't...


I didn't...

What's going on?

Sammy. Stop.


There's no point. They're hours gone by now.


He had no right.

That's not... This wasn't about him and you.


This was about your mother.

I-I don't know what that means.

It means that no one should risk losing both a husband and a son on the same day.

Your father made the same rule about other families as well.

You're not the only one.

Then why didn't he tell me? Instead of...

Because he knew that you'd fight him on it.

And because he has soldiers to lead.

And he could not spend the night before this battle working through with you the mistakes that he made in your childhood.

He told you?

Sammy, it's what tortured him the most.

When he thought that he would never see you again.

I think he's a different person now than the one you knew.

He loves you.

He really loves you.

Do you love him?

(phone ringing)


Sammy, I'm trying to get ahold of your dad, he's not answering.

He left his phone behind so the Caliphate wouldn't track him.

Then he's left already?


God, there's got to be a way to reach him. I need to reach him.

Uh, what's going on?

Sammy, listen to me.

The military is not coming.

Your father's on his own, he's got no support.

He needs to turn back.

O-Okay, um, his soldiers are in radio contact on a designated frequency.

I will try to reach him and get right back to you.

Don't... don't worry.

(wind roaring)

(radio static crackling)

Halima (through static): This is base camp.

Khalil, please respond immediately.

I repeat, this is base camp, Khalil.

Please respond immediately.

I repeat, please respond immediately.

(static crackling)

I repeat, please respond immediately.

This is base camp, Khalil. Please respond immediately.

I repeat, please respond immediately.

(static crackling)