02x11 - Desert Storm

Previously on Tyrant...

I warned you, I'll kill her!


Oh, my... my God.


Oh, my God.


Rami: And your fighters... how many survived?

Enough to take the antiaircraft battery from the Caliphate.

Taking the battery is one thing, holding on to it until our planes can land is another.

We know the risk.

General Said is briefing his soldiers later this morning.

When his motorcade passes, my operative will detonate an IED.

There is a bomb on the road.

A bomb?

So tell the driver to stop the car...

Mahmoud: General Said! You are under arrest for the murder of Amira Al Fayeed.

Ask yourselves... if we've come to this, who's safe now?

Tell me what really happened.

I don't know.

Was it father? Was he trying to kill my brother instead of the other way around?

Everything dies around your father.

And you stood by his side!

You stayed silent. You took the deal!

Sammy, the military is not coming.

Your father is on his own.

Halima: This is base camp. Khalil, please respond immediately. I repeat, (staticky): this is base camp. Khalil, please respond immediately.

I repeat, please respond immediately.

(wind gusting)

Ru'a Al-Zara.



Jane: Yeah.

Ihab: Okay, wait...

(tapping keys)

Ihab: Next.

Dirar El-Nami.

Okay... (whispers indistinctly)

What is this?

It's Khalil's men.

If that's even his real name.

So we need to figure out if he was among the ones we killed.

His movement is finished.

Whether he's dead or alive makes no difference.

Perhaps you would feel differently if it was your wife he murdered.

I'm leaving for Raqqa to see my brother.



Don't let vengeance distract you from our real target.

Khalil was just a detour on the way to Jamal Al Fayeed.

Sir, our most recent assessment of the Caliphate forces.

The numbers are disappointing.

(inhales) Tell me.

I suggest you look at the numbers yourself, sir.

The Caliphate's revenue is far greater than our previous estimates, uh...

Mm. Well... they control our oil fields.

Well, it... it isn't just the oil, sir.

Aid is pouring in through their regional affiliates.

Their military capability is growing while ours is... stalled.

(sighs deeply)

Uh, Mr. President, uh, I... I have been talking to our... (clears throat)

Well, my-my counterpart in-in Burkina Faso.


His president is willing to grant political asylum to you and to your family.


Are you telling me to run away, Mahmoud?

No... (soft chuckle)

I'm giving you an option.

Before it is too late to take it.

This... would protect you from any war crimes charges brought against you by the ICC, and, as I mentioned, it would include your extended family.

And yours.


(intercom rings)

Assistant: I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr. President, but your sister-in-law is here to see you.

She says it's urgent.

Molly is here? Why?

She was with Mrs. Al Fayeed earlier.

Mm-hmm. Well, Mahmoud will show her in.

I won't run away.

I'm not a coward.

Neither will you, Mahmoud.

Assemble the chiefs of staff.

I want to hear their plans to defend Asima against the Caliphate.



(sighs heavily)


A sign of my guilt, like Cain.

I hope I won't bear it for the rest of my life.

Jamal, Barry's alive.


The man you know as Khalil.

The man who's been fighting the Caliphate inside Ma'an.

That's Barry.

Bassam is not dead?

I only found out myself a few days ago.

And now he's gone in without any support.

So unless you let General Said go, you'll be killing him a second time.


How else could I know you switched him with another man at the gallows?

That you left him in the desert to die?

That he only survived because a Bedouin took him in?

Arif told you.

I should have thrown him from the helicopter.

He fled to Dubai, and now I understand why.

I'm trying to save my husband.

Are you?


Or are you plotting with Rami?

Tell me... how did he find you?

Or did you find him?

Barry is alive.

I swear to you.

Something is wrong.

What are these tricks and plots?

How could Rami do all of this from prison?

I won't fall for it.

Do you hear me?

Leila: Jamal!


Leave her alone!

Molly, Molly, please, wait.



Is it true?

Is Bassam really alive?

Group Three, come in.

I repeat, Group Three, report your position.

They can't hear us over the wind.

Bring these goggles to them. Suleiman...

Mm-hmm. go with him.



(rapid gunfire, men grunting)


Come on!

Who wants tea?

Man (staticky): Come in, Base One.

This is Base One. Come in.

This is Ibrahim.

(weakly): Khalil.

He is coming.

Did you say Khalil?

You all right?

Fine. Just a scratch.

We need to find and locate the command and control console.

Halima: This is base camp.

Answer if you can hear me.

This is Khalil.

We've taken the antiaircraft battery.

General Said isn't coming.

No one is coming.

That's why we've been trying to reach you.

What do you mean no one is coming?

Jamal had General Said arrested.

And Solomon's leaving the country with his men.

Sammy's mother found out. She will tell you the details, but you have to get out of there.

Okay, listen up. We need to fall back.

I'll explain once we're safe, but we need to get out of here before the storm passes.

Caliphate coming from the south.

We can't retreat.

We're surrounded.

How is it possible?

I watched him die. I mourned him.

I know you find that hard to believe.

All that matters to me is that my husband needs your help.

I can't help anyone.

You killed him once. You can't give up and watch him die again.

Leila, this is your chance, too.

And Ahmed's.

If Barry has an army behind him, then...

What? Then what?

Ahmed's abandoned me.

And I'm tied to that man in there, that... horror of a man, no matter what I do.

I tried to kill him.

I took a gun and pointed it at him.

But I couldn't.


Maybe I should be grateful.

Maybe there are... still things that I can't bring myself to do.

But my punishment is that I will never be free.

What if... we could figure out how to free General Said?

Could you do that?

I know it's a long shot.

But with him and Barry and an army fighting in your name... and Ahmed's... who knows what could happen on the other side?

I mean, it's got to be worth a chance, Leila.

It's got to be better than this, than giving up.

Could you do that?

Could you free the general?


I could speak to Mahmoud.

I... think I might be able to convince him, for his own sake.



Except we'd have a general with no army.

Jamal controls the treasury.

I have no way to pay Solomon's soldiers.

I do.

(gunfire, shouting)

Now that the sandstorm has passed, we're moving in!

How can you be sure that Khalil is among them?

One of my men reported it before he was killed.

This man, Khalil, I need to see him.

I need to see him myself.

You stand down until I get there.

They've taken over our antiaircraft battery.

Our airspace is vulnerable now!

I can be there within the hour!

I can kill Khalil and every one of his men in 15 minutes!

Commander, your job is to follow my orders... it's not to question them!

(phone beeps off)

(gunfire continues)

Shouldn't you be calling Abu Omar?


We don't need to disturb him with this.

Come on. Come on.

(gunfire, shouting)

I destroyed their command console.

At least they'll know we were here.

(gunfire stops)

(stray gunshots)

They've stopped shooting.

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

Siddiq and Barry: Hold your fire!

(shouts repeating command relaying into distance)

What are they doing?

Whatever they're doing, they're not going anywhere.

(indistinct chatter)


Madam First Lady.

Your husband is still in his chambers.

I'm here to talk to you.

About the death of Amira Al Fayeed, Colonel.

What I don't understand is how my husband let you live this long.

Surely you arranged for the bomb that mistakenly killed his mother instead of Rami.

That is a very strong accusation, Madam First Lady.

You don't honestly believe that anyone outside your very little circle believes the official story, do you?

If you'll excuse me, I have to arrange for the defense of Asima.


Asima is indefensible without an army, and right now, Colonel, you have half an army, at best.

I have my orders, Madam.

Do you read history books, Colonel? The newspaper?

Then you know of Egypt, Libya, Iraq.

When the Caliphate finishes on Ma'an and turns on us, after they depose my husband, what do you think will happen to you and me?

I don't know what it is you are asking me to do.

Release Rami to lead the counterattack on Ma'an.

The-the president will have me executed if I were to do that without his order.

Our deaths are already pending, Colonel, if the Caliphate is not stopped.

Come on. Come on here.

There we go.

Come on...

Molly: Colonel Solomon?

Are you Colonel Solomon?

Who's asking?

My name's Molly Al Fayeed.

Another Al Fayeed? (chuckles)

I'm here to make a deal with you.

What's that?

It's a wire transfer for $10 million, deposited into any account of your choosing, provided you and your men move forward with the attack on Ma'an.

Is that your own personal money?


You do not look much like my... usual employers.

The man you know as Khalil, the leader of the Red Hand, that's my husband.

If you don't act now, if you don't provide him the support you've promised...

It's not as simple as that.

We do not have a general, so we do not have an army, just lots of men with rifles. And with all due respect, ma'am, I am not going into battle under your command.

I'm working on that right now.

Look, as much as I would like to take your money, My husband is there.

I am not going...

I'm just asking you to hold...

(man shouts)

I guess I'm working for you now.

He wasn't always like this, Ihab Rashid.

Before he joined the Caliphate, my brother and I fought with him.

We hid him from Jamal's soldiers.

Him and his wife Samira.

After the gas attack, everything changed.

Whatever Ihab is now, Jamal Al Fayeed made him that way.

Halima: Khalil, can you hear me?

Go ahead.

The operation is back on.

Copy that. How?

Sammy's mother, somehow she got General Said released.

He will be there soon with his military. If you can hold off the Caliphate...

We'll do what we can. Thank you.




Marwan, wrap this one more time.

Sammy, you have every right to be angry with me, but...

I'm glad you're not here.

I'm not angry.

I just don't want to lose you a second time.

Khalil, you need to see something.

One second.

I love you, Sammy.

I love you, too.




Ihab (over bullhorn): Khalil!

Siddiq: It's Ihab Rashid.

He's here.


Or whoever you are!

I will trade your life for the lives of the rest of your men!

So surrender yourself, Khalil!

I will spare them!

You have one minute!

I just got the message that the operation is back on.

General Said's on his way.

If I go down there, I may be able to buy us some time.

Don't even think about it.

We need time for the general to get here.

And then what?

All of us, we're just soldiers.

Marwan is right.

Ihab: 30 seconds!

Look, if God is willing for us to survive this, we need a leader.

You'll lead yourselves.

I have faith in every one of you.

No. No. No.

Marwan. Marwan. No!

Marwan! Marwan... Marwan!

Here I am!

I am Khalil!

Hold your fire!

No! Marwan, no, no!

No. Don't dishonor his sacrifice. Let him go.


Don't move.

I am Khalil.

(soldiers speaking indistinctly)

(blade clicks into place)

(inhales and exhales deeply)


You said you would spare my men.

You seem a little young to be the leader of men.

My generation deserves the chance to determine its own future.

Not one dictated by barbarians.


You... killed my wife.

You left her to die alone, bleeding on a floor.

And you call me a barbarian. Hmm?

No, no, no. No, no.

No, you look at me.

I want you to look me in the eyes when I slit your throat.

Before your wife died... she said some things.

Or maybe you'd rather cut my throat than hear what she said.

Tell me.

She asked... she begged... for God to forgive you for what you've done.

No. No.

She said that you were once good, but that the world had poisoned you.

She said that you were infected now.

That you were not liberating the people, you were destroying them.



Samira knew... she knew better than me what's needed to be done... and so I know that you... that you are lying.

You... are not... Khalil.

We are all Khalil.





Are you such a coward, Khalil?!

Sending a boy to do your job?!

(Marwan screams)

(Marwan panting)


This is Khalil?

(Marwan gasping)


No, but-but he is up there, and he will come to me. Khalil!

Come down, or, I swear to God, I will cut this boy into little pieces!



I told you to leave this alone.

Take him away.


(men shouting)

You were right, Siddiq.

We will not dishonor his sacrifice.

I'm sorry, (distant gunfire) Abu Omar. I overstepped my bounds.

Yes, you did.

I should have consulted you first.

And, uh, I won't make the same mistake again.

No, you won't.

Have you forgotten that you came to me, hmm?

You enlisted me to front for the Caliphate.

You need me, because I am from Abuddin... you are not.

Naga, you know I'm right.


What are you doing?

Abu... Abu Omar. Abu Omar!

Many of our fighters are loyal to him, especially from Ma'an.

Don't worry, Commander. I will release him when he remembers who is in charge.

(gunfire, shouting)

There's 20 more of them flanking us on the right!

We have to fall back!

Cover me!


Come on!


Khalil, I need you here. They're coming up the east flank.

(gunfire distorts, quiets)


(heart beating)

(helicopter blades whirring slowly, then normal speed)

(gunfire blasting)

(helicopter blades whirring, gunfire blasting)

Naga, come, now!


Move out!

Have your men secure the landing strip.

We have three C-130s coming in.

Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, come on!

Forward! Forward!

(commander shouting)

(explosion thunders)

Let's go.

(explosions thundering)


Abu Omar! Abu Omar!

Abu Omar!

Send reinforcements to the oil fields.

That's their next target.

Go to the oil field now.

Help! Help!

No, no, no, no, no! No!

You were right.

I spent too much of my life enabling your father, standing by his side, even when I knew he was wrong...

Are you asking for my sympathy?

No, I didn't...

Look around.

Look at what you bought with that silence.

Who could ever sympathize with you?

Someone who could see inside my heart.

So you're right.

No one.

Okay, then.

I don't want anyone's sympathy.

I want to make things right, Ahmed.

I've left your father.


He can't know that now.

That would be too dangerous. But... it's over.

Those are just words, Mother.

I freed Rami. I let him out of prison, gave him an army to fight alongside Bassam.

I committed treason.

There's no going back.



I didn't do it for me.

I don't know what will happen to us.

I don't know if God is still by our side, but if He is, if we prevail, none of this will mean anything if you walk away from this place.

You woke me up, Ahmed.

My beautiful son.

Put aside your anger and let me do the same for you.

We've secured the base.

I have Solomon moving our troops towards the oil fields.

With their air defenses down, we'll have the aerial bombardment start this nightfall.

I came here with 40 men and women, and there are four of us left.

Barely feels like a victory.

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna go help with triage.

Try and be a doctor again.

And I'd like to see my son and talk to my wife.


I'll take the war from here.

(wry laugh) Okay.

Man: To our country!

Man 2: Hey!

(ringtone playing)

Hello? Hello?

Barry: Molly.


Is that really you?

It's really me.



Oh, God, just keep talking, okay?

I just want to hear your voice.

I'm alive, and it's over, and you did it.

You saved my life, the day... maybe even this country.


I'll settle for you.

(Molly's breath quivers, Barry sighs)

Have you talked to Sammy?

Yeah. We've been on the phone practically this whole time.

He wouldn't hang up.

Okay. I'm gonna call him next.

I want him to come and help me set up a field hospital.

Away from the fighting?

Far away.

(Molly sighs)

No more war for me.

I can meet you there if you want. I can help.

I'm gonna send the stable patients back to the hospital in Asima, but they'll need doctors there.

Of course.

Just promise me you'll stay safe, okay?

You and Sammy?

I promise.

I want to see you so much.

Me, too.

Okay, I'm gonna go.

I love you.

I'll call you again soon.


Really soon, okay?

I love you.

I love you.


Okay, I'll see you there.

He just sat down with General Said.

They're making plans to move into Ma'an to take back the city.

I can't believe this.

He did it.


We did it.

How did he sound?

He sounded good.

He sounded... strong.

And he's not hurt?

No. I don't think so.

He's sending a helicopter for me to come join him.

That's good.

That's so good.

I told you.

Your father just takes time to grow into things.



I'm going home.

And see my sisters.

You can finally go back to Tal Jiza and find Ghani.

Yes. Who knows how big he'll be.

I can't wait to see my mother's face when my father and I both walk into the room at the same time.

Yes, how wonderful.

In our estimation, we-we have the resources to withstand a Caliphate siege of Asima for two weeks, three at most.

(sighs heavily)

Of course, if the Chinese government responds to our latest request for aid, those numbers change.

Ah. You are playing defense.

However, we need a battle plan that turns the Caliphate attack on Asima into their Waterloo.

No, no, no, no, no.

Don't look at Mahmoud for answers, look at me.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know you were in a meeting.

What do you want now?


We have news, Jamal.

Good news.

What game do you want to play now?

Leave me.

I have no... no time for this.

Molly wasn't lying, earlier.

You didn't kill your brother.

Oh, stop it.

I'm investigating that.

In any case, I don't want to go through this again.

Providence was on your side all along, Jamal.

Oh, really?

Then why God would punish us for something I didn't do?

No, you weren't being punished.

Look around, Leila.

Everything is devastation.

What would you call it?

Why is everyone plotting, lying...

No one was plotting.

No one was lying.

Show him.

Bassam left this for Sammy and Molly.

Before the battle.

Barry: Once I joined the resistance, I knew that I couldn't be Khalil forever.

That... sooner or later, I'd have to reveal that Bassam Al Fayeed was still alive.

Leila: You spared him, Jamal.

You have nothing to feel guilty for.

But the guilt that you hadn't made you paranoid.

It blinded you and turned you against your own family.

Rami didn't kill your mother.

The Caliphate did.

I freed Rami; I set him free.

You did what?

So he could save your brother.

Ahmed: He raised an army, Father.

Solomon's army.

And right now, with Bassam, they're beating back the Caliphate.

We're on the offensive.

They're fighting for you.

You've been blessed, not punished.

It was God's will that you save Bassam, so you can save us all.

(phone beeps)

Barry: Because the fact that my life was spared has to mean something.

I have to make it mean something.

I don't want to die, but if I do, it'll be in the cause of freedom and religious tolerance and for the love of my country.

Because this is my country.

The place where I was born.

That was good.

You were good, son.

So what happens now?

The only way to preserve your place in the future of Abuddin is sacrifice your father's.


I'm working on it.

You'll know when you need to know.

Until then, just keep pretending everything is normal.

Can you do that?

I've been pretending everything is normal my entire life.

(people talking, man groaning in distance)

Get me another pad.

No, no, in the box.


(man sobbing)


Could've been you lying here.

I'm just glad it's not you.

I saw Siddiq on my way in.

Seems like he's doing okay.

Uh... what about Marwan?

We lost almost everyone.

Medic: We found someone.

In a collapsed brig.

Must be a Caliphate prisoner.


(man groaning in pain)

Left arm severed at the elbow.

Blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen.

Shrapnel blinded him.


No! No, don't touch me!

No! Don't touch me, just leave me alone.

(groaning): Let me... please just let me die.

(Ihab sobbing)

Sammy, hold this tourniquet.

Dad, that's not just some prisoner.


Do you know who that is?

I know who it is.

Then what are you doing?

Dad, he's responsible for all of this.

He k... he killed...

He killed my friends, too.

Hold the tourniquet.

No. Let him die.


Let him... No!


Hold the tourniquet.

(Ihab sobs quietly)

I'm done with killing.