03x03 - The Dead and the Living

Previously on Tyrant...

Nusrat: Your family is a horror!

Your parents are monsters, Ahmed!


I'm actually on my way home.

You're coming back?

You have to tell him as terrible as that will be.

I'm a broken man, my friend.

(crying): I'm sorry.

I don't want your apologies!

Ihab: You are trying to provoke Bassam into a fight.

Let him watch me kill his wife.

(both gasp)

Maloof: There's been an attack on the First Lady's motorcade in Ma'an.

Get out!

(gunfire) Mom, I can't!

You can.

All right?

(both gasp)

General Said is dead.


Molly: He has our daughter!

(Emma crying)


Hand over your wife.

I'll release her.

It's my life for her.

I am the president of this country.

I can't deliver you to a terrorist so he can kill you.

I need to contact Ihab bin Rashid.

I'm gonna trade my life for hers.

(flies buzzing)

Still not hungry?

(flies buzzing)

So no eating, no talking.

Suit yourself.

How is any of this my fault?

What did I do to you?

Tell me.

What did you do?

You were born.

Born an Al Fayeed.

You are here because of what your family did to mine.

My father's trying to change that.

You think you know your father?

You don't.

He killed my wife.

My beautiful Samira.

She was... well, she was not much older than you are.

(scoffing): No.

That's a lie.

You're a liar.

Your father is the liar.

Your uncle, your grandfather... at least they were honest about who they were.

What they were.

But your father...

Sheik Abdullah: Ihab?

Molly Al Fayeed told Al-Qadi that she's willing to trade herself for her daughter.

Bassam will allow this?

She hasn't told him.

Barry: You have a carrier in the Gulf and a drone base in Djibouti, so tell me what I'm missing, General.

Good intel, Mr. President.

Without boots on the ground, our eyes in the sky just don't know where to look.

And you have no new intelligence?

Our assets are limited inside Caliphate territory.

Leila: I spoke to the Syrians.

Same answer.

So what you're all saying is we can't rescue my daughter.

Not before Rashid's deadline.

Maybe I can buy some time; offer him something else.

Money, weapons?

You're not dealing with a rational human being.

He doesn't value anything.

Except killing your wife.

If he wants revenge, why can't he just kill me?

Because it's not just revenge they're after.

Rashid and the Sheik want to draw you into a fight, playing up the notion that you're an American, hellbent on restarting the Crusades.

Calling you an American, picking a fight to destabilize this democracy you're trying to build... it's only about one thing.

They want Abuddin.

Hamila: These people who took Emma Al Fayeed, they live in a modern world, but they're stuck in a medieval past.

They view our freedom, our prosperity, our hopefulness as a threat to their outdated ways.

I'm just checking if he's okay.

Wishing his family well.

"His family"?

You mean the Al Fayeeds.

Like we're old friends.

We don't hang out together.

You should be careful not to overstep.

He's my student.

It's fine for me to care about his well-being.

Just... pay attention to the speech.

Halima: Peace is their enemy.

So they resort to violence thinking that we will resort to violence ourselves.

But we will not be drawn in.

As we pray for Emma Al Fayeed, we stand with her father, our president, in facing violence with forgiveness...

(crowd gasps, murmurs)

(all murmuring)

Did you sleep?

I, uh, I slept in the other room.

I didn't want to disturb you.



We have nothing to say.

You decided.


Doctor's here.


Thank you, Doctor.


I know this is unbearable for you.

Remember Ma'an?

Ihab was bleeding.

I told you to let him die, but you didn't.

You saved his life.


Then you let him go.

Sammy, I can't undo what's been done.

No, you can't.

(medical monitor beeping)

Dr. Samaha: The infection came on last night.

We're keeping it in check with a course of full-spectrum antibiotics, but his surviving kidney has sustained significant damage.

How significant?

It's functioning at five percent, even on dialysis.

Effectively, he's facing total renal failure.

So he needs a kidney.

We can talk about that later.

I need to go back to the War Room.

A transplant would save his life.

A child often has the best odds of matching with a parent.

I don't know how I feel about that.

Is that a terrible thing for me to say?

Under the circumstances, Ahmed.

Dr. Elatrache: There is still a thin shadow along the left hemisphere, see?

So I'd like you to take another MRI sometime in the next 12 hours.

I don't think I'm gonna do that.

Well, if you're feeling nausea along with the headaches...

(phone ringing)

Excuse me.


Ihab: You wanted to talk to me?

Who is this?

Ihab Rashid.

Prove it.

Emma: Mom?


Emma. Are you okay?

Did he hurt you?

I'm okay.

Listen to me, I am going to get you out of there.

Okay? I promise. I promise.

Emma? Emma?

You told Sheik Al-Qadi that you would trade yourself for your daughter.


Your husband, does he know about this?


You would betray him so easily.

I am a mother.

Tell me what I have to do to get my daughter back.

Tomorrow, 1800, El Deir Square. You wear a blue hijab.

Someone will take you to the border.

Your daughter will be there.

Why should I trust you?

1800, El Deir Square.


(gasping anxiously)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

I'm sorry, I know I sh... I shouldn't just show up here.

What are you talking about?

Of course you can.

I have to get away.

And I know that's bad, I know I... should be with my family right now, but...

Did something happen?


But it can't be good.

And I... I just need...



It's okay.

It's okay, hmm?

You can stay here for a while.

We can talk, and you can...


Let's talk.

And God, an insurer of the cows...

Hanif: I think you have the wrong room.

I need to speak to your sister, Hanif.

We have nothing to talk about.

We know what you think.

You tell everyone.

You cleaned yourself up.

This is what you do to people who disagree with you?

You're celebrating this, aren't you?

What the Caliphate is doing.

We're just studying Koran.

It's terrorism.

Arab against Arab.

Woman: The girl is not Arab.

She's American.

They're all Americans.

Is that really your response?

Hanif: If... the government brings in the American military to do their dirty work, worse things will happen than you getting sh1t thrown at you, or one foreign girl being kidnapped.

I need to speak to an officer.

Yes, I want to report a threat.

Someone is making threats against the president and the First Family.

His name... is Hanif Kattan.

Fauzi: Sorry.

There's a session today?

We have to show that life goes on.

We haven't met.

My name is...

I-I... I know who you are.

Bassam told me you came to see him.

Please come inside.

I feel as if I don't deserve to be here today.

'Cause no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to bring myself to forgive.

Maybe today is not the time.

But you were there when my daughter died.

Could you please talk to me about her?

I knew her for six hours.


I was her hostage.


I'm sorry.

You don't have to...

I thought... she seemed very noble, in a way.

She was so... broken apart by what life had taken away from her.

I think she was as scared of the gun in her hand as we were.

Of course she was.

If you would've known her...

Still... she made a choice.

I don't know if Bassam told you, but she killed a man.

A resistance fighter named Nimr.

She shot him in front of us and then she pointed her gun at me.

Whether you can forgive him or not, it's for your own heart.

But I really believe that if Bassam could relive the moment, he would rather have died himself.

All of us are victims.

The dead and the living.

(phone line ringing)

(over phone): This is Sammy.

Leave a message and I'll call you back.


Oh, where have you been? I've been trying to reach you.

I was out. Is there news?

No, no, I just wanted to see you.



I love you.

I love you, too.

I just want you to know, whatever happens, you're my baby, too, and I love you very much.

I know that.

I need to call Halima.

Tell her what's going on.


I'll see you at dinner.



Molly (recorded): I am a mother.

Tell me what I have to do to get my daughter back.

Ihab: Tomorrow, 1800. El Deir Square.

You wear a blue hijab.

Someone will take you to the border.

Your daughter will be there.

It was Al-Qadi who put her in touch with Ihab.

How do you know?

I've had him under surveillance.

One of my men claims he saw Mrs. Al Fayeed in his house.

Maloof: Siddiq came to me and I brought in General Cogswell.

Barry: It doesn't make any sense.

He was joining the council.

My Signals Intelligence people sifted through Al-Qadi's phone calls and they came up with that.

Where are you going, sir?

To make sure my wife doesn't get anywhere near El Deir Square.

Maloof: Or you could let her go.


Let her go to Ihab Rashid.

You're insane.

I think you should hear us out.

Molly: Where's my car?

It should be here by now.

I'm sorry, Madame First Lady.

They're bringing it around now.

You said that five minutes ago.

I want my car.


Barry: Molly...


Barry, I can't talk right now. I have to go. ‭- Molly.

I'm... going to pray for Emma at St. Simeon.

Molly. Molly...

I won't be long. I'll be right back, please.

Molly, I can't let you go to Ihab.


I know where you're going.

(wry laugh)

So now you're spying on me, too?


You are so brave.

You have to let me go.

I can't.

Not the way you want me to.

We'll drop you here, two blocks from El Deir Square.

And my team will be there, so when Rashid's man approaches you, we'll grab him.

Once he tells us where that exchange will take place, our high-altitude drone with monitor the traffic going to the location.

And my Special Forces team will insert over the border and intercept.

Cogswell: Do you have any questions?

This man who's supposed to bring me to Rashid... what makes you so sure he'll cooperate?

I can be very persuasive.


Whatever you need to do.

We should go.

You okay?

You ready?

(door closes, van drives away)

You think I should let him die?

You don't even know if you're a compatible donor.

That's not the point.

Do I think you should put your life and health at risk for that man?

No, I don't.

In light of everything that's going on around here, what a remarkable statement that is.

Was there even a single moment of affection between you two?

Because honestly, I can't even remember one.

Why did you even marry him?

I had no choice.

I was a girl, we were promised to each other.

My parents worked in the Palace for your grandfather.

My sister and I spent our days hiding behind curtains, dreaming of being princesses.

He decided he wanted me.

Your grandparents weren't pleased, but... they had already denied him once, so...

Did you ever love him?

I tried.

Did you ever love anyone?

I love you.


I loved someone, once.

But it was a very long time ago.


Doesn't matter.

He left.


Despite everything...

I want to love my father.

I'm going to try.


(footsteps receding)

Woman: I don't know where he first saw me.

Maybe in the shop.

I work as a clerk, selling candy, magazines.

One day, a commander visited my parents and told them that I had been chosen to be the wife of a Caliphate fighter.

Are your parents here today?


They are sitting over there.

When I first met Walid, I thought he was an ugly man.

He had such big hands, and bad breath.

From that day on, I never saw my family.

I put on my Niqab.

I disappeared.

Every morning, he would make me go down on him.

He said it took him to paradise.

And every night, he would take me to bed.


He would do his business and fall asleep on me like a baby.

Do you need some time?


I never knew what he did when he left our house.

I didn't want to think about that.

After a few weeks, he started to talk.

I hated him, but he was nice to me.

He told me my face made him happy.

I had nothing else in my life.

After a while, I missed him during the day and waited for him to come home.

Isn't that strange?


And then the battle came, and he never...

(crying): I don't know if he got away, or if he is dead.

But I have his baby... in here.

I have no idea what will happen to us.

I can not marry again.

Who would ever have me and my half-Caliphate child?

Who will ever forgive me?

Why do you need to be forgiven?

Because I'm soiled.

And because there is something wrong with me.

I mourn for him.

And that makes my heart a traitor.

We have so much shame, you know.

A woman can not help give her body when it is taken, but she should never give her heart.

My daughter fell in love.

I have to find a way to forgive her for a great crime.

You have to forgive yours for a little one.

Man: Thank you.

Any word from the Palace?

Nothing, no news.

If you can fit an extra seat at the dinner table, I could use the company tonight.

(children laughing)

(car horn honking)

Mrs. Al Fayeed?

Follow me.

Sorry I'm late.



Operative: She's made contact.

Before I move in, I need confirmation he's alone.

We're still scanning, sir.

Hurry up.

Get in.

First show me proof my daughter's alive.

You'll see your daughter soon enough.

I want proof now.

Get in the car, Mrs. Al Fayeed.

Five of my snipers have your head in their scopes, so listen to me carefully, unless you want your brains all over the street.

"Farook Khalif."

So, tell me, Farook Khalif, where are you supposed to take Mrs. Al Fayeed?

I don't know.

You don't know.

I was supposed to call when I have her in custody.

Ihab will give me further instructions.

Then call.

Tell him you have Mrs. Al Fayeed.

He's not in the database, sir.

There are more of us than you can ever put on your lists.

So, help me God, I will kill you!

Take her outside.

No, he has my daughter!

My daughter!

(Molly crying in distance)

One more chance.

You call Ihab.

You tell him you have Mrs. Al Fayeed.

I will die before I betray Ihab Rashid.

It says here your daughters' names are Suhail and Dina.

I'm going to bring them both here.

You can watch while my men rape them, and you'll watch me put a bullet in each of their brains before I put a bullet in yours.

And you think I won't?

Would have shocked me, too, yesterday.

But today, we all seem to be in the business of murdering each other's families... don't we, Farook?


♪ ♪
♪ ♪

Barry: Allahu Akbar.

Subhana rab bi al A'Laa wa bi hamdih...

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.


I think it'll always surprise me to see you pray.

You still believe... in God?

With everything that's happening?

I'm trying.

I'm sorry for what I said earlier.

I know we're all trying.

Come here.

(man praying in Arabic)

(prayer continues)

(all praying in Arabic)

What are you looking at?


You never seen a Muslim man pray before?

My father prays.

You should pray.

I would if I were you.


Why should I do that?

Why pray to God?

So you can be prepared.

Depending on how this goes, you may see him soon.

I don't think so.

You don't go anywhere when you die.

You just stop.

I feel sorry for you.

Don't believe in anything.

You believe in... your shoes... the clothes you buy.

I believe in leaving people be.

Why should I apologize to you for that?

You believe in a God that wants you to kill people.

How sick is that?

For your information, I do not kill for God.

I kill to survive, so I can worship my God.


It's all in your head.

There is no war between me and you. ‭Oh, yes.

Yes, there is.

Then let's make peace.

You don't really want that.

You don't kill to survive.

You kill to feel alive.

That's why I feel sorry for you.

(phone rings)


This is Khalif.

Do you have her?


Yes, sir.

She is with me now.


Take her to the crossing outside Tal Areet.


Get her.

Apparently, your mother loves you more than your father does.

The President and First Family appreciate your prayers and wishes.

But due to the sensitive nature of the situation, the Palace will have no further comment for the duration of the crisis.

I wish I could be there with them.

He knows you love him.

He knows I love him, too.

I think.

Despite everything, we were best friends once.

He knows... about both of us.


I apologize for inviting myself over.

It's not a night to be alone.

And this was my first home-cooked meal since I can remember.

Was it okay for you?

Does this look like the face of a man who's disappointed?

No home-cooked meals?

How long have you been a widow?

16 years.

My wife died of cancer when Samira was four.

I'm sorry.

What was her name?


She was a lawyer.

We met when she was 15.

I wish I had a picture.

Samira looked so much like her.

She was, in almost every way, like her mother.

Samira wasn't always...

I raised my daughter alone.

Maybe if she'd had a mother...

Don't do that.

You never thought about marrying again?

In all those years?

I thought about it... but no one was Basma.

And how about you?

How long has your husband been gone?


Almost five months now.

He was older than I am... but I gave him a son.

And a wonderful son, from what I could tell from dinner.

Thank you.

So, no more marriages for you?

I think about it but...

I don't see how.


I would think you'd just point and choose.

I don't have time to worry about that.

The world hasn't stopped spinning, and at twice its normal speed, since Ahmos died.

You've come a long way in a short time.

You know, to be honest, I only half-believe it.

I may be dreaming.

Or pulling something over on everyone.

I don't think so.

I think you're the real thing.

Dr. Samaha: He's only been conscious for an hour or so.

But I can talk to him?



My true son.

The doctor said you want to give me your kidney.

You don't have to.

I went for the tests.

They took my blood and everything.

I wanted to be connected to you, like I must have been when I was a little boy.

All little boys feel that way about their fathers, don't they?

I even went looking through old photo albums to see if I could find evidence of that... of us... and look what I found.

I recognized the handwriting, but I couldn't figure out what Nusrat's journal was doing with our family memorabilia... until I started reading it.

Uh, Nusrat had a difficult time in our family.

She became unstable.

She was my wife.

She hated me and wanted to kill me.

Because you violated her.

You put your fingers inside of her the night of our wedding.

(monitor beeping faster)

What I did...

I did to protect you.

A woman should be faithful to her husband.

I needed to make sure she's faithful to you and to our family.

Suddenly... everything made sense.

Why for months after we were married she wouldn't let me touch her.

Why her father turned against you.

Why she hated you.

Why she tried to kill you and why she died.

Would you listen to me...

The thing I couldn't figure out was why didn't you just get rid of it.

Why not burn it and bury the ashes?

At first I thought it was because you wanted to keep it, like some kind of sick souvenir of my wedding night.

But then, Father, then I realized the real reason why you kept it.

Because you wanted someone to find it.


You wanted me to find it.

So I could finish what Nusrat couldn't finish herself.

Oh, my son.


I love you.

What are you doing?

(monitor beeping quietly)

(Jamal groaning)

(Ahmed grunting)

(Jamal groaning)

(flatline tone)


(sighs deeply)

(flatline tone continues)

(insistent knocking at door)

(knocking continues)

She came to see me, I admit that, but I told her no.

I don't know what happened, Rashid, and...

You honestly think I would be so foolish to play both sides?

You told her no, and yet, the next day, Rashid calls her up of his own accord.

I can't explain that.

I can.

Either you're lying or there's a mole in your mosque.

Your brother-in-law, maybe?


Someone knows what you're doing and I suggest you find out before we do.

It won't go well for your mosque, if it turns out to be a hideout for traitors.

Now, we'll stay here, as guests in your home, till I get word from the Palace that the rescue attempt is beyond your ability to interfere.

Maloof: We've been tracking these vehicles for the past two hours.

They are still 15 minutes away from the border.

And you're sure that Emma is in one of these vehicles?

Sure enough that I've deployed my Special Forces Team to Tal Areet. ‭Tal Areet?

It's a border town the Caliphate's been using to traffic oil and recruits.

The only road to the exchange point runs through Tal Areet.

We've inserted a dozen Spec Ops soldiers around the intersection.

They'll create a traffic jam and make their move.

In an urban area loyal to the Caliphate.

I know it sounds risky, but it's the only place Ihab will be traveling slow enough to extract your daughter.

When you told me my mother loves me more than my father, what did you mean?

No talking.

At least tell me what we're doing, where we're going.

We're almost there.


I said no talking.

Siddiq: I have to take a piss.

Keep an eye on them.

So, you told your brother, didn't you?

It was her wish.

I only did what she asked us to do.


What are you going to do, kill me?

Maybe you want to turn me in.

Give up your wife and your brother-in-law to be tortured by the secret police.

Of course, what does that prove?

Except that you're in the pocket of the Al Fayeeds?

May God Almighty forgive us all.

My brother paid for that mosque of yours for my sake.

He elevated you like the Borgias made popes.

Do you really think you can survive in this community if you turn against him?

Let's just pray nobody gets killed.

May God Almighty forgive us all.

May God Almighty forgive us all.

Target vehicles approaching your position.

Standing by.

I've got visual contact.

Move on target at your discretion.

Copy that.


Team leader: All teams prepare to go on my signal.

(car horns honking)

(horns honking, people shouting)

(driver honking horn)

Go. Go, go, go!

Get out of here!


(people screaming)


(gunfire, shouting over speakers)

(Emma gasping)

(gasps, whimpers)


Open the door and show me your hands!

(metal creaking)

(speaks quietly)


(mob yelling)




(mob yelling)

(man screaming over speaker)


Turn off the infrared.

Your mother and father just killed you.

(mob yelling)

Get out of the car.

Maloof: Turn off the infrared.

Position directly above him.

Zoom in.

No, no... no.

No, no, no, no. ‭Do something.

Let me talk to Ihab!

Let me give myself up to him.

Let me give myself up to him!

Molly, Molly, Molly.

Barry, let me talk to him.

(whimpering softly)

Oh, God.

(phone rings)

Molly: Baby.

‭lt's Ihab.


You Americans are so arrogant, playing God, but there is no God but God.

Please, listen to me...

You just made the second mistake with me you're going to regret for the rest of your life, Bassam.


‭Listen to me, please.

Emma, I'm gonna get you out of there.

She can't hear you.

Daddy! (sobs)

(Emma sobbing over phone)


Let's... just negotiate, you and me.

Why... should I negotiate with you, Bassam?

You just f*cked me.

(Emma crying)

I know.

I know and I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I was, uh... that was stupid.

But I was, I was crazy.

I'm-I'm her father.

I'm done here.

No, no, no, no!

Wait, wait, wait, Ihab.

If you kill her, you get... you get nothing.

You end up with nothing.

Ask me for something.

Anything. I'll give it to you.

Step down.

Step down, make me President of Abuddin, like I should have been.

(crying): Just do it, just do whatever it takes.

I can't.

You know that I can't do that. Just do what he says.

Please, ask me for something I can give you.

What do you want?!

I want you to live in agony for the rest of your life, like I will live in agony for the rest of mine.

I want the Al Fayeeds to pay the price for once, instead of me, instead of the innocent people that I love.

That's all I want.

No, Mommy!



(blade slices, Emma groans, mob cheers)

No! No!

(mob cheering over speakers)

(mob cheering)

Molly: No!