02x06 - Spies Like Us

Who the hell is David Rosen and why do we have a problem?

Previously on "Scandal"...

If David Rosen finds the connection between Cytron and Doyle Energy, every one of us here is spending the rest of their lives in prison.

I did a little digging, and it turns out that Cytron...

They weren't just an Internet security company.

They also developed software.

Officially, it was used as slot machines.

And unofficially?

Voting machines.

(Camera shutter clicking)

(Abby) I know you just got your job back, David, and I wasn't gonna say anything, I swear.

(David) No, you did the right thing.

And so on and so forth.
(Button clicks)

You want me to notify the others?


(Crow cawing)

Am I too late?

You made it just under the wire. Here.

Thank you.

No problem. You have a good day.

(Door creaks)

(Engine starts)



(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Okay, the man opened China.

And that negates Watergate.

No. Nothing negates Watergate. Watergate was a catastrophe.

And yet you believe Nixon was a great president.

I believe he was good at his job.

You make me sad. I'm gonna start weeping any minute.

I don't think one act defines a person, and I certainly don't think it defines a presidency.

When it's a republican...

(Elevator bell dings) Okay, fine. You want a democrat?

Don't say William Jefferson Clinton.

William Jefferson Clinton.

And here we go again with the "one blue dress" speech.

William Jefferson Clinton was brilliant, scholarly, and an immaculate politician.

That can't be undone by one blue dress.

Nixon bugged the campaign offices of Democratic candidates.

That's not a blue dress. The man was a criminal.

Who opened China.



Thank you for a lovely evening.

Is it over?


I have several points I'd like to make about Nixon inside your apartment.

I am not sleeping with you.

I also have some intriguing thoughts about Reagan.

It's our second date.

We lived together.

I've built you a bookcase. I've watched you press your hair.

This is not our second date. It's our 4,000th date.

Good night, Edison.

(Key turns in lock)

(Door opens)

(Switch clicks)

(Keys jangle)

(Key clicks)

(David) This just came up when I refreshed the "Times'" site.

Check it out.

(Abby) "Powering tomorrow. The Doyle Energy super P.A.C.

"has donated millions to ballot measures in all five states "the proposed pipeline would pass through on its way from Canada to the Gulf."

So it's about a pipeline...

All of this... the voting machines, the explosion.

Looks like it.



I'm just thinking.

Do you want a drawer?


I have this drawer, and it's not really doing much, just kinda sitting there in my dresser with these socks I bought for hiking.

But then I never go hiking, and I just thought that maybe you would want it.

I mean, this is good, right?

I feel like this is good.

It's good.

So do you want my drawer?

David, I would love your drawer.

(Slams laptop computer shut)

I'm gonna take a shower.



(Door closes)

(Water running)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Silverware clanking)

(Liquid pours)



You wrote an article about Hollis Doyle.

Front page, above the fold.

James, you wrote an article about Hollis Doyle?

Front page, above the fold.

You wrote an article about Hollis Doyle?!

Front page, above the fold!

Honey, you should be proud of me.

We were lying in bed.

You had that cold.

I was eating thai noodles.

A commercial for Doyle Energy came on, and I said something.

Cyrus. Baby. Hmm. What did I say?

No, let me refresh your memory by reading it to you from this here article I found on the front page of the "Times," above the fold, and I quote, "Hollis Doyle is "a deep-fried, backwoods, inbred hillbilly, "and we'd never let him inside the white house if he didn't come with a blank check", in quote.

I didn't quote you. I quoted a senior white house official.

Any idiot in this town knows that I'm your senior white house official!

In my enthusiasm over returning to my job, I stepped over the line. I apologize. That was wrong.

You apologize. That was wrong.

According to my editor, it's the best expose anybody's ever written about this administration.

They think it's gold.

They want more investigative pieces about Hollis, and they want me to write them.

Nobody else. Me.

Do you know how rare this air is that I'm breathing?

I'm Woodward. I'm Bernstein.

I'm back, honey. I am so back!

James, you cannot write articles about Hollis Doyle.

Watch me.

You have to trust her.

I trust her. I do. I just... I want to run her prints and do a background check.

Maybe a D.N.A. analysis, add a little surveillance and...

Huck, she's a nice, normal girl.

Normal feels weird.

Ahem. I need more room for my law books.

What law books? - The ones I'd have in my office if I had more space.

One of us needs Stephen's office.

No one is getting that office.

It can't just sit there empty.

Like some monument to Stephen forever. - If you'd rather not choose between them, I could always...


Nice try.

Why is someone sending you sheet music?

And a check for $100,000.

Who's it from?

Doesn't say. "Don Giovanni"? We producing operas now?

It's not just Mozart.

Classic spycraft goes all the way back to the abwehr.

They're Nazi intelligence.

Whoever did this is old-school.

Is that morse code?

It's not that simple, but it's the same principle.

No matter how high-tech things get, analog's always the best way to go.

(Harrison) What's it say?

Well, this right here... That's "protect them."

Protect who?

Well, these are names.

(Olivia) - Names of who?

Spies, I think.


How can you tell they're spies?

Because this name here... That's me.

Postmark on the envelope reads Ann arbor, stamped two days ago.

There's an A.P. story about a public suicide that day.

A man shot himself in the head, right out on the street, broad daylight.

A Robert Brooks.

Ring a bell, Huck?

There's a photo.
(Key clicks)

That's Crosby.

Who's Crosby or who was...

He was my case officer in B-613.

What's B-613?


This is bad. This is very bad.

(Harrison) Well, why shoot himself in public? What is that?

Some kind of way of the samurai, honor-killing business?

He did it in public so we'd know, know it wasn't a hit.

Otherwise... This is very, very bad.

I knew he was a spy, but...

Wait, like a James Bond, "spy who came in from the cold" spy-spy?

(Abby) Not like fiction, like reality.

Huck was a trained killer spy.

I don't think "was" enters into it.

Once a killer spy, always a killer spy, right?

So all these other names... Are they also killer spies?


Huck, what are you doing?

I have to go now.

Go? Go where?

It's safer for you if you don't know.

So good-bye.

Huck, stop.

We are in my wheelhouse now.

Okay, B-613 was a top-secret, off-the books program funded by the C.I.A.

I'm supposed to be a ghost.

If my name... and not my real name, but Huck, my name, the alias that goes with this life at Pope and Associates...

If my name is on the list, it's time to disappear.

Those are the rules, so I can't stop.

Crosby sent the list to me. The check is in my name, too, so whatever this is, whatever I'm supposed to protect you against, it's in my wheelhouse, not yours, and that means we can fix this.


Huck, trust me.

Let me take care of this.

Let me take care of you.


I can give you 24 hours.


Ears to the ground, people. Let's work our sources.

National security, media, C.I.A. See if anything's brewing.

See what might have the spooks spooked.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

No one enjoys a print-licking, but a tarring rolled out by what I hear is your boyfriend?

We're married, actually.

Your wife then.


Oh. Sorry. I assumed you were the, you know, fella in that deal.

Husband as well. Two husbands.

Wasn't trying to imply nothing about what you all get up to.

None of my... never mind.

Make your point, Hollis.

Whatever you call him... Husband.

I call him my husband.

You'd best get a handle on the boy and shut that noise down.

James, my husband, is a professional journalist, an excellent one at that.

I can no more dictate what he reports than he can tell me what to advise the president.

Write about how I stroll around the White House like I own the damn place?

How's that not true? How are you right now in my office?

You don't have an appointment.

How is that not strutting around like you please?

I take the point.

Now you take mine.

My problems are your problems, and if things blow up, in the end, they'll be his.

You and your husband call each other whatever you please, but put your wife on a leash.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

Nigel Sarnoff...

International master hacker. No one's ever seen his face.

No one knows his real identity.

Responsible for seven major classified document dumps as making his cyber scene debut in 2002.

He exposed thousands of diplomatic communiques going back three decades.

Did the same thing to the defense department two years ago...

Which led to endless hearings, dishonorable discharges.

Popped champagne at the Pentagon when he was reported dead.

According to the web, that was staged.

Sarnoff's been underground for two years, and based on all the hacker chatter, now he's back, set to release something big, something imminent.

Sounds like it's the intel community's turn in the spotlight.

Huck, I need to know if info on B-613 goes public, how bad is it?

Let's just say we did things, things that would make it hard for you to sing the national anthem and mean it.

In the name of national security, we were the bad guys.

How do we find him... Sarnoff?

He's careful and he's got an army of hackers covering his tracks.

Lawyers, too, I bet. Find out who represents him.

Sarnoff's a big-fish client. There are only six attorneys in town he could be working with.

Find out which one. Get me a meeting.

Counselor, nice place.

Neutral turf.

Where's Nigel Sarnoff?

He's right here.

(Distorted voice) Ms. Pope, I'm an admirer,

despite our divergent agendas.


You earn your keep suppressing truth while I live to expose it.

In this case, you're blowing the cover of the B-613 participants, ruining the lives of people who've long since retired.

From torture crews, assassinations.

These are hardly innocents, Ms. Pope.

They have blood on their hands.

So what are you waiting for then?
The next news cycle, when the G8 summit has concluded, and our world leaders have returned home.

Surely you'd agree this revelation about government corruption deserves the public's utmost attention.

Good day, Ms. Pope.

Who at the agency knew about B-613?

No one. Crosby ran it as a separate unit.

We were walled off.

How many names are on that list besides yours?


We need to bring them in.

These people... They all do what I do.

They're professionals. You understand?

I understand.

You don't want them here.

Sarnoff's bluffing. He doesn't have the goods yet.

If he did, he would've released them already, so if no one else knew about the program, one of the names on that list is someone who's going to give him documentation of B-613 in the very near future, so however it works, however you call them in, I need you to do it now.

Because one of those spies is the leak, and we're gonna find out which one.

(Static hissing)

(Children) ♪ they all ran after the farmer's wife ♪
♪ who cut off their tails with a carving knife ♪
♪ did you ever see such a thing in your life? ♪
♪ as three blind mice

(woman) Five, one...

(Distortion) Seven, two.

(Static continues) Five, one...

♪ Blind mice♪

Five, one.

What is that?

(Lowers volume)

A shortwave radio, a number station, our number station... B-613.

Is it some kind of spy code?

They give you a frequency, and every day, you listen.

That sounds fake.

It's not fake.

Spies listen to the radio?

Anything high-tech you can break into, but the radio...

You can't trace where it comes from, you can't trace who's listening.

The radio is how we talk to each other, how all the spies talk to each other all around the world.

You listen every day, and every day, there's no message.

Years go by, decades, and there's no message, but then one day, you listen, and the code word comes.

Then what happens?

It's time to come home.

Seven, three.


(Increases volume)


(Tv volume muted)

(Knock on door)

(Door creaks)

(Remote control clicks)

I'm heading home.
(Door closes)

Keep an eye on Huck?

Things are getting weird in this office, Liv.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Hold on. Back up. Quinn's the molotov mistress, who's just barely stopped asking questions.

Huck's an assassin you have all kinds of secret meetings with.

That office is some kind of shrine to a guy who quit half a year ago, and Abby's sleeping with A.U.S.A. David Rosen.

It's getting weird in here.

What do you need?


What do you need?

Whatever it is that's going on, whatever it is you're thinking about when you're sitting in here all by yourself, tell me what you need, and I will do it, no matter what.

You don't want to get involved.

I owe you.

You don't.

The night I got arrested, you came and sat with me, in a holding cell, for hours.

I owe you.

It was my job.

Don't insult me by calling me your job, because I'm not your job.

I'm your family, I'm your gladiator, and that is not a job to me.

That's who I am.

And right now you need me, so...

No questions asked, no matter what. Whatever you need.

Give me some marching orders, Liv.

Abby and David can't be together.

I can't tell you why, but they can't.

Consider it handled.

Her ex-husband used to beat her.

(Voice breaks) You might want to use that.

(Projector and camera shutter click)

(Cell phone rings)



It's me.

Front page of the "Times."


Oh. James has been a bad boy.


Hollis wasn't happy.

Hollis has been unhappy since...

Since defiance.


I'm worried for James.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

It's his job, Liv.

If I intervene, if I hurt him, he will hate me.

It doesn't matter, because in the long run, it saves his life.

Keeping him from looking into Hollis saves his life.

You do what needs to be done, no matter what.

Good night.



How is he?

He's fine. He's in London.

He met the queen.

Apparently, he told her a joke, and she laughed.

They have it on film. She never laughs.

So... he's fine.


Good night.

Good night.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Teresa Dunn?

I just want to be clear, I'm only doing this for the money.

David Rosen's a good guy.

(Sets down glass)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

30 seconds out.

Do spies tend to be fashionably late or...

Punctual. Always punctual.


I'm getting an aspirin.

You're getting a gun. They'll know you're packing, and they'll kill you.

Do what he says.

Oh, so now we're taking orders from a killer?

You're taking orders from me.

They're here.

I don't hear anything.

(Elevator whirring)

(Elevator bell dings)

Oh, I'm sorry. I must've pushed the wrong button.



I need you scrubbed.

I'm a mother of three. You think I still carry?


(Parliament's "Sir nose d voidoffunk" playing)

♪ Pay attention♪

There's a conference room in the back.

Wait there for the others.

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

♪ Three blind mice ♪


That was my nickname.

What's it mean?

I'm not gonna say.

She goes by the name Maggie Andrews, lives in Atlanta with her tax attorney husband and their three little girls.

Why is she called "wink"?

She was a sniper. Whenever I saw her, one of her eyes was closed.

Tell me more about the guy she's talking to.

That's Paul Gray.

When I worked with him in the '90s, he spoke 17 languages and could kill a man in at least 70 ways.

(Harrison) Now he's a Professor. Upstate New York, divorced... probably from sleeping with his students.

(Clicking continues) And the guy with the prescription pad in his pocket?

That's Melvin Feen.

He was able to go days without sleep, and that wasn't even his real talent.

(Quinn) - What was his real talent?

Knowing how much pain a person could tolerate before it killed them. (Abby) - Sounds like a charmer.

(Clicking continues)

And there's Betsy Ray, "Matches."

Betsy owns a B&B in Vermont, but back when we worked together...

(Abby) Let me guess... She lit things on fire.

Didn't matter what the target was.

She could always make it look like an accident.

(Clicking continues)

And that leaves who?


I don't know what he's been up to lately, but Charlie's who they called when they needed someone disappeared.

♪ They all ran after the farmer's wife ♪



♪ Such a sight in your life, those three blind mice ♪

(Clicking continues)

And if you had to guess which one was the one is going to leak the documents to Sarnoff?

Uh, it's hard to say.

♪ curses, curses ♪
♪ I'll get you for this, starchild ♪
♪ have you ever seen such a sight in your life? ♪
♪ three blind mice ♪

(Charlie) - When is Sarnoff planning to publish?

12 hours, give or take.

So we go right back to where we were ten years ago? On the run?

I have kids. My oldest is 6, my youngest is barely out of diapers.

They're little. I'm married.

I have arthritis.

I just got tenure, and I like my life now.

I like who I am. I like this name, my house, my friends, my students.

I have arthritis. I'm not running.

Which is why we all need to work together to stop this thing.

Me... by working my high-level contacts, you... by resisting whatever urge you may have to resolve this problem criminally.


Because it's not who you are anymore.

B-613 is over.

You've made progress in your lives.

You've earned back a piece of your souls.

And even if you were able to find Sarnoff and kill him, he's got an army of hackers to take his place.

You'd always be hunting the next target.

Maybe you'd be able to keep your name, but otherwise, it'd be just like being on the run.

Is that understood?


You'll hear from me when there's something to report.

Until then, no one leaves this room.

Who are you calling?

My babysitter.

Looks like we're gonna be here a while.

Hola, Mariana.

¿Cómo están las niñas?



I'm just thinking about all that progress we've made.

(Whistles) This is a nice office. Beautiful office.

Mm. Who wouldn't want to keep this office?

Since you love it so much...

Look, one of these people's the leak, and we have to figure out who.

Huck will be our eyes and ears inside the room.

Abby and I will be on background.

Aren't these people all masters of deception?

But their new lives might provide clues as who might be the source of the leak.

Maybe someone's in financial trouble, spending money they don't have, buying things that might suggest they're about to skip town. We'll start with public records.

Good. Quinn, you monitor outgoing calls.

Huck's set up a surveillance feed in his office.

(Rufus featuring chaka Khan's "Tell me something good" plays)

(Whirs) Ever feel guilty about what we did?

Me? It's funny.

I went back to med school thinking that, you know, maybe I would save a few lives and would make up for the ones I took.

And then I realized the real reason I wanted to be a doctor...

To cut people up.

Is that my fault or the government, who turned me into a monster?

I don't know. I try not to think about it.

(Cell phone rings) Ah, excuse me.


Dr. Blanchard.

Uh, yes, I have the prescription right here.

It's RX number 0-0-2-



22 pills.

Mm-hmm. 350 milligrams each.

Did he deliberately skip out on the bill or did he forget to pay?

Give me his number. I'll call him.

It's a 10-page essay on Milton. If she can't handle that, then she shouldn't be taking the course.

That depends. Is she cute?

(Maggie) Two goals, honey?

That is amazing.

You promise to tell me all about it when I get home tomorrow?

♪ Tell me, tell me ♪
♪ tell me that you... ♪

I don't have anybody to call.

♪ Yeah ♪


♪ Got no time ♪

Becky, it's me. Just calling to say hey.

So if you want to, just give me a call.


I need to know, Edison.

Is the government willing to acknowledge and protect the agents that took part in the B-613 program, and don't tell me there's no such thing.

Your delusions are just shy of charming.

I got you back on the intel committee.

After getting me kicked off.

I don't need to know specifics.

Are you asking me as a friend or a fixer?


Wrong answer.

Our days of mixing business and pleasure are over.

It's one or the other from here on out.

Okay. I'm asking as a fixer.

Wrong answer again.


I'll call you.

♪ Something good, oh, oh ♪
♪ tell me, tell me ♪

(projector and camera shutter clicking)

♪ Tell me that you like it, yeah ♪

Okay, why, in the 21st century, am I looking at documents on a machine that has a knob?


All I'm saying is, I think a few of my tax dollars could've gone toward a scanner.

This is a waste of time.

We're not gonna find anything in the public record.

These guys are professional liars.

Their backgrounds are perfect.

Speaking of backgrounds, have you done your due diligence on your boyfriend yet?

Oh, and don't give me any of that "oh, Harrison, I don't know what you're talking about" business, 'cause you've been coming in late, you've been smiling, and you and David Rosen are a thing.

So have you looked into him yet?

What do you mean, looked into him? Like a background check?

Listen, I know I was getting on you about Stephen's office before, but I love you like a sister, and I just want to make sure that anyone you're with is worthy of you, is all.

(Machine whirring)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

All right, we're down to eight hours.

We should call around and find out where he's hiding, just in case.

Olivia's on it. Be patient.

Patient? Please.

Every minute we waste around here is another minute that sewer rat goes deeper underground.

Sarnoff isn't our problem.

She's right. Our problem is the source.

We find whoever's leaking that material, it doesn't matter what Sarnoff does.

Except no one inside the agency knew about B-613 except Crosby, and his brains are on a mailbox.

6 other people knew about B-613.

Six other people could be the leak, and they're all sitting here in this room.

(Cell phone vibrates)

(Olivia) How's Huck doing?

He's okay for now. And you?

I hit a wall. It's time for plan "B."

I'll be there soon.

Wait. How soon? Like... like in an hour soon?

Quinn, you can do this. You just need to keep everyone happy.

Distract them. Whatever it takes.

I'll be there...




David's not a bad guy. He's a good guy.

For once in my whole life, I got the good guy, you know?

Whatever else he may be, he's a good guy.

Okay, don't look into him then.

Don't come running to me when... Quinn.

They didn't give up all their guns.

The source is here in this room.

I can make a strong case it's Charlie, but I might just shoot him instead.

(Maggie) I served with Charlie. Charlie's a believer.

I will give you three seconds to put...

How about we put the guns down?

(Betsy) - Stay out of this, pretty boy.

I'm out of it.

I'm dead serious, Melvin.

Will shooting each other solve anything?

Yes. We all die. There's no leak.

I'm okay with that.

Beats living in fear. - Me, too, as long as Charlie goes first.

(Maggie) You'll be a very close second.

You're all too good at what you do.

Sort this out using interrogation.

And this plan "B" that you got up and running is guaranteed mutual destruction.

But lucky for you, there's another plan in place, and her name is Olivia Pope, and she'll be here any minute.

And here you all thought you had a problem.

(Chuckles) You don't.

It's being handled by the best.

So let's put 'em down, hmm?

On three. One...

Huck, be a leader. Two...

Now everyone.



Now, uh, just hand me your weapons and... okay.

Cool. You hang on to those and, uh, just hang tight.

She'll be here any minute.

Oh, my God. Harrison, that was...

Big office talk is what that was.

I'll admit, it was very brave...

Big office, baby.

Liv's coming back soon, right?

I don't know.

She has a plan, though, right?

I think so.

You think so?

She's a vague person, very vague.

Well, whatever it is, it better work, 'cause this suit is way too nice to be marred by holes and blood.


(Exhales deeply)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


Come in.

Come in.

I've... never been in here before.

It's very oval and smaller than you'd think, right?

(Chuckles) Will... will you sit?

If you're trying to intimidate me with the oval office...

I know you've always wanted to come in here.

That's all.

You're buttering me up.

I'm buttering you up.

Yeah. Why?

I wanted to thank you for writing that article.

I'm serious. You did me a big favor.

Because now I have an excuse to ban that racist, sexist, homophobic son of a bitch from the White House on the basis of optics and not just personal distaste.


I'm going to lose my job.

The president is going to fire me if the articles on Hollis Doyle continue...

Not tomorrow, but soon.

Because I'm making him look bad, and I can't be trusted not to leak quotes to my husband.

Cyrus, I did not know...

I don't... want to ask you to stop writing about Hollis Doyle.

I wouldn't do that. I love you and I am... proud of you.

(Voice breaking) But I need you to know how you writing about Hollis Doyle affects me.

I will not write about him anymore.

I won't. Okay? I won't.

I don't mean to cry.

No, it's okay. I understand. I'm sorry. I won't.


Oh. Okay. I have a briefing. Yeah, of course you do.

I have... Yeah.

I'll... I'll see you...

At home.

Uh, yes. I love you.

I love you, too.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

(Normal voice) The things I have to do.


(Mouse clicks)

(Keys clicking)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

If you release this, your lawyer is dead.


If this comes out, there'll be a half a dozen highly trained assassins who'll want revenge, and Barry here is perhaps the only person in the world who knows where you are.

I don't know where he is.

(Distorted voice) Let me explain something to you, Ms. Pope.

Your job is to spin and gloss over...


I am trying to save your life!

I do not know where Sarnoff is.

Barry, they will find you, they will torture you, they'll get what they need from you, and then they will kill you.

All I know is I released the money two hours ago.

To who?

A bank account.

Whose account?!

I don't know. All I know is the bank account number.

Write it down.


(Olivia) I got a bank routing number.



(Lowered voice) Those first two letters?

That means it's Swiss.

Which means?

I can't hack a Swiss bank account, especially not in the two hours we have left.

We can do a lot in two hours, Huck.

No, we can't. Game over.

Go home, Liv.

I am not...

You can't just leave.

You can't just disappear forever without saying good-bye.

(Voice breaking) I can't just never see you again.


I won't leave without saying good-bye... I won't.

But go home.

Please. Don't come back to the office.

Go home.

We're in my wheelhouse now.


(Huck) This is the Swiss bank account that Sarnoff paid money to.

That prescription you called in, doc?

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Your RX number.

Uh, yes, I have the prescription right here.

Yes it's RX number...




22 tablets of phozerol.

Mm-hmm. 350 milligrams each.

350 milligrams each.

(Elevator bell dings)

In the storage locker, just like you said.

Good. You need to go home.

What about...

Abby, Quinn, Olivia... They're home.

My friends and I need some alone time.


(Button clicks)

He got there in time?

He got there in time.

Oh, thank God. Hallelujah.


So... now it's just a matter of tying up loose ends.


All right, if you won't, I will.

No, Charlie, you won't.

Uh, there's this girl I like. Her name is...

You know what? I'm not gonna tell you what her name is because you're all like me.

We shouldn't know each other's weaknesses, but I like her, and she's good.

She doesn't ask a lot of questions, but I know her really well, 'cause she's normal.

But she will never know me.

I'm a soldier.

Technically, we are soldiers.

We served our country, but nobody gets to know that.

There's no parade. There are no medals.

So we come home and we try to have normal lives, but what is normal?

I really, really like...

Killing people.

It's... beautiful.


They taught us to love it, and then they took it away and they left us with...

Melvin just wanted someone to know.

He wanted to stop pretending to be something he wasn't.

He just wanted to feel free, to feel normal.

And wouldn't we all give anything to feel normal?

Melvin's just...

He's one of us.


Mm. Hippie-dippie huck.

Who knew?

(Grunts) I'd wished you'd gone all Oprah before you whipped out that drill last...


It was a nice speech, Spin.


We better start cleaning up.

(Paul) I got some plastic bags in the car.

I'll see if I can find some rags.

(Charlie) I'll get the oil drum.

You're still here.

(Sighs deeply)

I don't want to know what happened. Don't tell me.

I just care that you're still here.

I couldn't handle it if...

You're important to me.

It's short for "spinster."

What is?


That's where the nickname came from.

They never thought I'd meet somebody.


(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


Abby. I waited up for you, but you never...


Abby, what are you...

Pretty sure it's here. I just have to find it.

Find what, Abby?

Abby, talk to me.

Got it.


Okay, yeah, let's talk.

Teresa Dunn... 37 years old...

Although when you met her, she was much younger.

She worked at the Georgetown tavern when you were in law school.

You asked her out on several occasions.

Finally, she said yes. You dated for three months.

What does my ex from 20 years ago have to do with...

Hospital photos of Teresa Dunn's injuries.


Where did you get those?

Hard to find, what with you being a powerful A.U.S.A. and all and the son of a judge.

What, did daddy clear your record so you could pass the bar?

She fell down a flight of stairs.

(Sighs) She fell. She fell?

We were having an argument, yes, but she took off and fell down those stairs. She fell.

I didn't touch her.

Hmm. Where have I heard that before?

(Pounds table) Oh, yes, I "fell," too.


Oh, Abby.
(Crying) - Best part of this is that this photo of me...

I found it here in your pile of investigative crap!

Did you investigate me before you slept with me or after?

Before. Before we ever met at that bar.

I was investigating everyone at Pope and Associates.

You know that.

But you only slept with one... The stupid one, the vulnerable one who wouldn't know she was being used, because she has terrible taste in men.

You realize you're talking crazy right now.

I never touched Teresa Dunn.

Ask her. Find her and ask her.

I met her for coffee last night!

She was telling me stuff... Stuff I wouldn't have believed.

But I was looking right in her eyes, and she was crying, and I felt it in my gut.

Like Olivia says, your gut tells you everything you need to know. - Yeah.

Abby, Teresa Dunn is lying, and I don't know why, but that's not what upsets me.

What upsets me is that you haven't even given me a chance.

It hasn't even occurred to you that I might be worth the benefit of the doubt?

You're a bad guy.

You look like a good guy, but you're not!

I gave you a drawer.


If you touch me again, I will kill you, and I mean that.

(Door opens)

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

(Nina Simone's "I think it's going to rain today" playing)

♪ Broken windows and empty hallways ♪
♪ a pale, dead moon in the sky streaked with gray ♪

I was sleeping with David Rosen and I knew it would hurt you, and I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's not okay.

You're my friend.

(Crying) I was mean to you. I was horrible. I'm sorry.

I'm... I'm just so sorry.

It's gonna be okay.



Trust me.

It's gonna be okay.


♪ In the latest styles ♪
♪ with frozen faces to keep love away ♪

I can't believe I finally have my own office.

And the first thing I'm getting? A couch. A real couch.

♪ Overflowing ♪

What happened? Is she okay?

She'll be fine.

♪ And I think it's gonna rain today ♪

(Projector and camera shutter clicking)


♪ Lonely ♪


♪ Lonely♪

You must be the Fergusons.

Come on in. I have the leaf peeper suite all ready.

You're gonna enjoy your visit here.

William Kennedy said "One hundred years of solitude" was the first piece of literature since the book of Genesis that should be required reading for the entire human race.

I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you.

I'm gonna...

Oh, I got you!
♪ I think I'll kick it down the street ♪

I got you! (Kisses)

♪ That's the way ♪

Hey, it's me.

Yeah, well, I'm back in town. Thinking about staying a while, maybe get back into business.

♪ bright before me ♪
♪ the signs implore me ♪
(Cap clicks)

♪ Help the needy ♪
(Pen clatters)

♪ And show them the way ♪
♪ human kindness ♪

(knock on door)
♪ is overflowing ♪

I have popcorn and wine for you, an Italian sub and a bottle of scotch for me and... and two movies.

We can either watch Angelina Jolie with a gun or Angelina Jolie with a different gun.

Both are excellent.

Or we go back to debating presidents.

Invite me in.

It's time. Because I'm a man, and I don't play games, and you and I are very good together, so... so let me in now, or I walk away.

♪ Yeah ♪


♪ I think it's gonna rain ♪

(continues sobbing)

Liv, are you okay?

(Bags thud)

(Projector and camera shutter click)