01x01 - Bangarang (Pilot)

(man grunting)


You're taking this a bit personally for a hunk of metal, aren't you?

My boss paid 60,000 Joy for that hunk of metal. Worth more in rusted parts than you are in good order.

So where's the ship?

You got the wrong guy, man. I swear.

You are gonna owe me such an apology basket when we straighten this...


Something amusing?


That ship? Was an H-class frigate with topline, satlink security, and yeah... I took that bitch right from under you.

So ask yourself...

If I'm that good, would I really be working alone?

Or do I have a well-armed team, who any minute are gonna...

Oh, you mean her?

(muffled screams)


Hey. You okay?

I'm good.

We caught her sneaking around outside, trying to bribe a guard to cut you free.

Some crack team.

Get your boss. I'm ready to deal.

No one sees Coren. Well, then Coren never sees his ship.

Well, my goodness.

Ordering me about in my own compound?

Must be hard getting around, with balls that big.

There's some chafing.

So that's it?

My boys work you over for an hour and nothing, but threaten the girl and watch you fold, hmm?

I guess so.

Nice to confirm that you off-world trash are still a bunch of mama's boys.

Well, I'm glad to see that sadism is alive and well in the Badlands.

Well, we're all gentlemen here.

For instance, after we give your lady here a vigorous... frisking...

We'll be sure to say thank you.

I said that I would talk!

You didn't say you'd tell the truth.

Consider this motivation.

Get your hands off me!

She's the only team you hired, son, you seriously miscalculated.

Well, that's assuming.

Assuming what?

That I'm the boss.

And that your ship is what we came for.

Pretty little thing. (whistling)

My eyes are up here.

Denied. Denied.

Get up. Coren Jeers, in the name of the R.A.C, you are Locked and Served.

Well, damn.

Hey. I wasn't kidding about that damn basket.

♪ Nobody moves and nobody gets hurt ♪
♪ Come come Come uninvited ♪
♪ Run run Run 'til I find ya ♪
♪ I don't care which side that you're fighting ♪
♪ Gonna get you gone ♪

Approaching Intake. Docking procedures initiated. You're cutting it a little close on fuel, John.

Easy, Lucy.

I nag because I care.

Stop touching it.

Stop touching me.

Have you seen how much we make on this Warrant?

I'm gonna buy out the entire bazaar when we're done here.

Watch him, I got this.

Hi. Prisoner drop-off. Reclamation Warrant 2-3-0-Beta.

Hands. Verified. Dutch. Level five. Verified. Johnny Jaqobis. Level three.

Killjoys, huh?

"Reclamation Agents". I thought about joining the Rack. Then I realized that the real work is done by us Company guys on the ground. Thank you for your service. Warrant... verified. Transaction Logged.

Just so I'm clear... did you even take my ship?


Just shot your mouth off to my boys until they brought you straight to me?

Not so dumb after all.

Your security system is top notch. But your people are sh1t.

Well, if you're ever looking for side work... looks like I'm about to have some openings.

Ooh... Our agency isn't real big on moonlighting for prisoners.

Your loss.

Hey, you ready?


Let's go.

If we hurry, we can make it to Leith before nightfall.

Johnny? The Bazaar? New toys?

Actually, I'm feeling wiped. I'm gonna...

I'm gonna take a few days off, and just get some... me time.

You good with that?

Uh... okay?

ID check, now. Let me see your ID.

Hey, hey, hey.

Show your papers.

Six years of working together, he's never wanted some "me" time.

Nah. Something's up.


You work together, live together, do everything but sleep together... and you're worried that he wants a little time apart?

Bitch, how charming do you think you are?

I know when Johnny's lying, Pree.

(door opening)

IDs on the table.

Why is the Company in such a twist?

They're doing road checks, too. What's up?

Unit five, report to Checkpoint Southwest Westerly.

Let's go.

Miners are talking about striking again. Company is upping its presence.

Why are you so worried about Johnny?

If he is lying, maybe he's doing it for a good reason?

Some kind of nice surprise?

Yeah... no.

He's about to do something stupid.

(crowd cheering)

Alright, listen up, bitch. Our circuit takes us up and down the J star cluster. When you are done working off your fare, we can drop you off at any one of the colonies along our route. Until then, we own you.

Every fight you win goes towards paying down your fare.

The further you wanna travel, the more you gotta pay off; the more you gotta pay off, the more you gotta fight.

Fan favorites get more matches, so let's try to look pretty out there.

Now... watch and learn.

Listen, what would it cost me to pick my first opponent?

Depends. Who you got in mind?

Coby Andras.


Oh... this one's on me.

(crowd cheering)

Makes six Warrants you've cleared this cycle.

You worried about your record?

Ha, ha, ha!

We both know I'll just shoot you if you get too close.

Where's Johnny?

I'm on my own this week.

Got any low level Warrants I can knock out fast?

Some Level 2s or 3s?

Sure. Repos, transpos...

But shouldn't you concentrate on finishing your active Warrant?

What active Warrant?

The Level Five Warrant you signed on for twelve hours ago?

One Coby Andras.

Bellus, Level Fives are Kill-work. I don't do those.

What I told your partner.



Blue-eyes said he was helping you prep it, so I gave him the info.

He wasn't lying to me, was he? Using your name to chase a Warrant above his rank, maybe?

Of course not.

That'd be illegal.

Lucy, do you have him?

Subdermal comlink in range.

Johnny Jaqobis, whatever dumbass sh1t you're doing, stop. I'm almost there.

Uh... I can't really chat right now, Dutch...

Then just listen. Forging my name on a Level Five? What the hell, John!

We're hunters, not executioners.

I had no choice. I'll explain later. Just... stay out of it.

Comlink deactivated.

Did he just block me?


Oh, hell no.

Lucy, override that. Let me know when you reconnect his com.

Tell him I'm coming to kick his ass.

Understood. Ass-kicking imminent.

Try not to slip on the blood.

(crowd clamoring)


D'avin. Damn.

Damn, I guess I didn't really think it was you until now.

How you been, bro?


"Indentured fighter".




What are you doing here?

Look, I'm busting you out!

You paid my debt?

Oh, hell no! Do you know how much you owe?

By the way, that is incredibly irresponsible. You fake an injury, get to the infirmary and I've handled the rest. Okay?

So you fake a hard dive in three... two...

(crowd cheering)

Ow! Are you kidding me?


What the hell?


Okay, let's go.

Call off the fight and let me have my partner.

Yeah, "just call it off".

And have my tits handed to me by my boss? I don't think so.

You can't keep him in there. The Company have no authority over Killjoys.

He wants out, all he's gotta do is ask. Until then? Paying viewers love a blood bath... and your boy looks like a bleeder.

Okay, I didn't want to be a jerk and pull rank, but I have a Warrant for Andras.

Good for you.

Ooh, is that a kill warrant? I've never seen one of those.

You can't stop me from taking Andras.

I don't have to help either.

I know the law. Killjoys only have possession if they make physical contact.

You gotta lay hands, baby girl.

Good luck with that.

Thanks for your help.

Oh, you are sh1tting me.

(crowd cheering)


Not bad! Still dropping your right.

Still fighting dirty.

What're you gonna do, cry to Mom about it?

Asshole. Mom died three years ago.

Mom died? I'm sorry, I didn't know. How?

She had Quinsy pretty bad the last couple of years.

Couldn't find you to tell you. But that's exactly what you wanted, huh?

Cut ties with everyone? Even me? Huh? Why?

Huh? Where have you been?

Leave it alone.



Who's your collar?

In the cage with your boy.

Level Five Warrant. You?

Double booking a Kill Warrant? Damn.

Someone must really want this poor b*st*rd dead.


Who does that? Gotta be a clerical error, right?

Could be.

So we should just call this off, go straighten it out with our Brokers...

And as soon as I leave, you double back and claim the kill yourself?

I don't think so.

You've got trust issues.

You should see someone about that.

I don't think we've ever gone head to head, have we?

Should be fun.

Comlink reactivated.

Thank the Trees. John, you hear me? Outta the pit.

We got another agent on your target, play time's over.

I'm working on it!

Stay down!

You stay down!

Ah! Bite, now?

Why won't you let me help you?!

I am helping you!

This sh1t is rigged. They don't let good fighters go, they just invent more and more debts until you can't get out.

So remember... I'm doing this for your own good.

Doing what?

Johnny, leave the mark. He's not a mark. He's my brother.


(crowd cheering)

Open the gate. Now.

Hey! What did I just say?

Projectiles are physical contact, and physical contact means he is mine.

Or do you want to explain to the Rack why you're obstructing their Warrant?

On the gate.

Gimme a hand. I hit him with a neuroblock.

Can we at least tell him that I knocked him out?

Okay, okay.

Hey buddy, gimme that. She fixed the fight.

Johnny, what were you thinking?

Look, I'll admit

I didn't think everything through, but there was a Level Five out on him.

I had to claim it before someone else did...

By using my name?

Well, I couldn't use mine, I'm not licensed for kill-work, you are!

What was your endgame, exactly? After you busted him out.

Fake his death, I guess, or... or... or say he got the drop on me and escaped.

That's not how this sh1t works, John!

The Rack doesn't just take your word on Level Fives.

There's inquests, proof-of-death...


He's my brother.

What was I supposed to do, stand by and watch him die?

You should have come to me.

I was trying to keep you out of it.

How did that work out?

Look, do you even know what he did to earn this Warrant?

No. But I know him. He's good people.

Then why does someone want him dead so bad?

People can change a lot in eight years, Johnny.

He hasn't.


Someone wanna tell me where the hell I am?

Are you familiar with the Quad planetary system?

Yeah, I've heard of it, obviously. I've never been here.

Qresh and her three moons are controlled by a megacorp called the Company.

So, you're living here now?

We dock on Westerley, but we work the whole Quad.

What, as bounty hunters?

Reclamation agents.

We're independent from the company that controls the Quad.

So why are you here?



On an indentured slaver ship. Using an alias.

Well, we can't all travel first class.

We're trying to help you here, D'av.

Don't need any.

I've got a Kill Warrant says otherwise. Kill warrants are usually personal.

Takes a lot of money and power to make one stick.

Who do you know that hates you that much?

No idea.

Look, you don't want me here, I don't want to be here, so why don't you just drop me off at the next port and I'll be on my way.


Once a Kill Warrant is written, it's guaranteed.


If I don't terminate you by the warrant's end, they'll send another agent. And another. Until it's done.

Well... sh1t.

Take us to Leith. I need to talk to Bellus.

Leith coordinates activated.


This where I camp out, or what?

You really have nothing to say to me, after eight years?

Could I really say anything right, after eight years?

So let's just figure this sh1t out and go our separate ways again, okay?

It's better for everyone.

I missed you, too.

So, where is he now?

On my boat. With Johnny.

And Fancy Lee saw you take him alive?

You been sitting on your brains, girl?


Look, I've got 21 hours before my warrant expires and I'm in breach. Just... tell me how I can fix this!

There's still time to turn John in to the Rack for his fraud. Clear your name.

What's the penalty?

For Johnny?

Loss of license and five years hard labor, minimum.

Okay, wow... no way. Other options?

You can put your big girl pants on and finish the damn Warrant.

It's not like you haven't killed on the job...

Self-defense is different.

Trust me. Anyway, target's Johnny's brother.

That's why he got involved.

Ponat Nokau Kampanine!

I told you he was too soft for this line of work.

Yeah, well, I'm the one who pulled him into it, remember?

I need to know who put out that Warrant, Bell.


If I can figure out something they want more than D'avin's death, maybe I can get them to null the Warrant in trade.

It's our only shot.

Well, I can tell you who put out the Warrant, but... you aren't gonna like the answer.

Westerley coordinates activated.

Went that well, huh?

Where's your brother?

Couldn't sleep, gave him my bed.

I'm turning myself in. I'm telling the Rack you had nothing to do with this.

No, you're not.

Yes, I...

Johnny. It's too late. Fancy saw me.

If falling on your sword would help, I'd shove you myself.



You were right, earlier.

I don't know who my brother is anymore, Dutch.

I can't be sure he didn't earn that Kill Warrant.

Doesn't matter. You have to protect him. He's family.

So are you.

Okay, look.

Don't get excited yet, but I have a half-assed plan.

I don't care if it's quarter-assed, what's the plan?

Bellus says the Warrant was written by The Company.

How is that good news?

Because it's a starting place. Look, the Company goons are in overdrive lately. Pree said it's because miners are talking strikes again, but I don't think so.

I think they're looking for someone.

I say we find them first.

Offer them to the Company in exchange for canceling D'av's warrant.

All before your Warrant expires in 18 hrs? C'mon.

Finding people is what we do. We'll figure it out. Always have.

Okay. Where do we start?

We need to go talk to God.



ID check.

Our pain, your redemption.

Let us suffer for your sins.

Our pain, your redemption.

Let us suffer for your sins.

Our pain, your redemption.

Let us suffer for your sins.

Our pain, your redemption.

I can give you ten minutes.

The Company's been tearing up Old Town looking for someone. We need to know who.

Well, I don't need to rely on confessional for this one.

Guy's name's Rolly Desh.

He's one of mine.

Which of yours?

Church, or Resistance?


Or was. We had a, uh... spiritual falling out.

Why does the Company want him?

Scarbacks can move more freely in the Quad than most. Rolly used that to steal something from the Company.

Whatever it is...

Whatever it is, they want it back, and him dead.

That's all I know.

Your turn.

What does this have to do with you?

I'm in trouble, Al.

I need something big I can trade the Company, fast.

He's a man, not a bargaining chip.

And I realize that asking you to help me find him may be a non-starter.

But I am asking.

If I knew how to beg, I'd do that, too.

What's your take on the state of things in the Quad these days?

Westerlyns aren't happy.

Westerlyns want war.

More and more of them every day.

To cut our ties to Qresh and the Company for good.

Isn't that what you want?

"War" is what they call it when the big dogs win. I want a revolution.

We're not ready.

If agitators like Rolly step too soon, the Company will squash us all. Again.

I'll help you find him. But this never leads back to me or mine.

You have my word.

When you do choose a side in this fight, Dutch...

I hope it's Westerley.

Killjoys can't take sides. We give up all citizenship to join the Rack. You know that.

Yeah, I know you've both seen too much for that to be possible much longer.

Thanks for your help. Owe you one.

(gunfire, screaming)





You shouldn't sneak up on people.

You shouldn't scream in your sleep.

Fair point.

Bit old for nightmares, aren't you?

Battle brain.

It happens.

Sorry. How long were you enlisted?

Nine years. How long have you been a professional killer?

Nice. I'm not.

Aw, c'mon. Just 'cause it's your job doesn't make 'em any less dead.

Look, I just came to say that we have a plan.

Sit tight. If all goes well, we should be out of this mess by morning.

And if the plan goes bad? What's the penalty for you?

You asked Johnny if I'm worth risking your asses for.

I'm not.

Not arguing.

Then let me help.

We don't need your help.


Johnny. Johnny, c'mon.

I'm a decorated soldier...

Oh, fancy!

We got us a war hero here!

You know how to shoot little people with big guns, congratulations.

Now, what we do takes a scooch more finesse.

John, he's coming.

You got me into this, I'm saying how we get out.

We don't have a Warrant protecting us this time, we may need the backup.

Just tell me what to do. I'll follow your lead, I swear.

When have you ever followed my lead?

You want him? You prep him.

On final approach to Qresh.

So, what's the plan?

Don't make me regret this.

Lenses? What are these for?

Your eyes. And you'll need an external comlink.

Our target's supposed to be at a land blessing this afternoon. We see him, we bag him, and we're out.

Thank you.

Blessing a damn garden.

Man, rich people are annoying on every planet.

It's not the garden, it's the new land underneath. Blink for me?

Half of Qresh is under water, that's why they expanded to their moons.

Reclaiming every inch of ancestral land here is big business.

What's so special about ancestral land? You gotta own some to be a citizen, and all Qreshi citizens get shares in The Company, so... the bigger your property, the bigger your piece.

Like I said... rich people.

Y'know, this'd be a lot easier if we knew what our target looked like.

Relax. It's pretty hard to miss a rogue Scarback monk in this crowd.

Are you sure about that?


Dutch, we've got half the church here, you clocking this?

Yep. Getting into position.

Tell me when you've ID'd the target.

Using what, my psychic powers?

Using the knowledge that if you fail, everything that happens after will be your fault.

And... point made. I am on it.

Never doubted.

Unless the target is my partner's ass, do me a favor and keep surveilling?

I remember you being a lot more fun.

I remember you being taller and smelling better.

Get in closer and scan those monks for me. Which one of these bastards is not like the others?

Lucy, scan image, please.

Scan initiated. Hey, Johnny? Sorry I've been a crap brother these last years.

Had a lot of stuff on my plate.

None of that's on you.

John, anomaly detected.

Clever monkey! We got him, Dutch.

Mr. Freaky Nose is Rolly Desh.

How do you know?

He's hiding a datachip inside the ring.

Whatever he stole from the Company, I bet it's on that.

Target's on the move. Be ready to evac in five.

D'av, prepare for takedown.

That was such a lovely blessing.


What the hell?!

Up there. He was aiming at you.

John, it's Fancy Lee.

Guys, what's happening?

I'm out of time.

Poisoned blade, Fancy. Really?!

Guys, talk to me.

Johnny, we got problems. Dutch is hit.

Some kind of poison.

How bad?

I'm fine.

We need to get you to a doctor.

No time. John, where's the kitchen?

sh1t. Through the greenhouse.

East wing, bottom floor. A hundred yards from where you are.

You and D'avin find Rolly.

Forget Rolly, I'm not leaving you like this.

You asked me what my people do if I fail a Kill warrant.

This is what they do.

They transfer the kill warrant onto me, until I make it right.

Fancy won't miss me next time. You wanna help me?

Get the monk.

This is my fault. I'm on it. D'avin, stay on Rolly, we can't lose him.

Now. I'm on my way.

Hey. Little brother, little gun.

That's not a thing.

It is now.


Put down the weapon!

Let's all stay calm.

Why are you following me?

We know you stole something from the Company, Rolly. We just want it back.

You know that's not happening.

Johnny, we gotta make this fast, we got company.

Door won't lock.

I'll bolt it. Won't buy much time.

(banging and shouting)


Hello, little bird.

That's not really you.

Oh, no?

I'm hallucinating.

And you chose me?

Well, that's flattering. You're hurt...

Small breaths, slow the blood. What poison?


How do you know?

Tasted... like sweetgrass.

Your plan?

Kitchen. Poultice.

Charcoal and hallum leaves.


I'm glad you haven't let everything I've taught you atrophy.

Let's not embarrass ourselves. Hm?

Too late for a poultice. It's hitting your organs. Your pupils are blown.

Come. I'll help you.

How did you find me after all these years?

I never let you go.


Open it, Yala.

Each time you receive a red box, you will have a duty to perform.

A Rumari "splinterstick".

Exquisite edge.

I'll show you how to use this, shall I?

(muffled cries)

They're cutting through.

Okay, look, I'm gonna put my weapon down.

Johnny, what are you doing?

Nice and slow.

And then you put yours down, and we'll have a good ole conversation.


I know that you're fighting for a cause.

Talk to me.

I got nothing to say to you.

I don't know you, I don't trust you.

Here's what I know... you shot that guard, and his friends are coming through that door to return the favor. Now I don't want to go out like this. Do you?

Huh? Hey!

Dammit, Johnny, pick up your gun.

So let's not. Let's not die today.

Johnny, are my lenses still recording?

What? Yeah, why...

What the hell, D'av?!

We were out of time. Couldn't risk a body shot.

He had a lock on you.

I was talking him down!

No, you weren't.

It was either him or Dutch. I made the right call.

We're through!

Down here!

Dutch, are you there? Do you copy?


They went this way!


We found Rolly, but the guards are swarming in.

We're trapped down here!

We can't hold out, there's too many of them.

Get the switch to non-lethal.

We can't kill them, we don't have a warrant.

How the hell do you wanna get out? You wanna talk them to death?

Lucy's en route, let's go!

♪ Can't seem to get my fill ♪
♪ So I'm getting down ♪

Ha! Well, he's certainly dead.

You got proof of that part.

Am I supposed to believe Dutch took the shot?





Why not?

So, I ran your proposal by the Company, and they saluted the hells out of it.

If they like what they find on here... consider your Warrant canceled.

And what about the Rack?

They're calling you in.

First kill warrant. First failure.

The Warrant was technically canceled...

The Warrant was technically sabotaged by an agent either too stupid or arrogant to know her place.

Here's the thing...

I don't give two wet sh1ts they canceled the Warrant. The Company was the client.

You work for us. That means you play by Rack rules.


We are a single body, with no allegiance to anyone but ourselves.

We offer one, simple service to all of our clients... we will cross contested jurisdictions for you, find who or what you're looking for, and bring it back to you in the condition requested.

Simple. Elegant.

No one knows who hires us, but everyone knows they can trust us to get the job done, and we can guarantee that because our agents are guided by one principle, one code. What is that code?

The Warrant is all.


The Warrant is all.

You... broke... your oath.

Sign it.

"Cleared"? Shouldn't I be...

Expelled? Executed?

That was my vote. I was overruled.


I intend to find out.

Sign it!

Drink up, lovelies.

On me.

Ah, ah! He got papers?

He's just passing through.

Can't serve illegals.

But damn if you don't look extra thirsty.

Thanks, Pree.


Excuse me, guys.

You wanna talk about it?

What? My Rack debrief?

No, about what happened on the mission. And don't say "nothing".

Where did you disappear to?

Because we're sharing now?

Okay. You first... what do you see in those nightmares?

And why does someone here want you dead?

Or I could just shut up, drink.


(soft ballad)

How'd you two meet, anyway?


She, uh, caught me stealing her ship and offered me a job.

Hell of a ship.

How'd she afford it?

I didn't ask.

Where's she from?

Not around here.

Where'd she train?

I don't know.

Got a point you wanna make?

You've seen her fight, Johnny.

Someone obviously put a lot of time and money into training her.

Don't you want to know who or why?


Don't care. So why do you?

You're my little brother and I don't trust your partner.

I don't need you to. Welcome back, Dutch.

You've had a visitor.

Look, Johnny,

I'm not trying to be a jerk. It's just a fact... team like yours, you can't have secrets from each other.

Your lives are in each other's hands. Her enemies become your enemies. So, I'm asking you... how well do you really know her?

(breathing heavily)

These days?

Better than I know you.