01x06 - One Blood

Narrator: Previously on Killjoys...

Our agents are guided by one principle. One code.

The warrant is all. In the name of the R.A.C., you are locked and served.

Well, damn!

Double-booking a kill warrant? Someone must really want this poor b*st*rd dead.

Are you still having the memory issues?

Then what do you remember!?

I killed them!

My squad! I can't remember what I did...

No, no, that's not what I mean. I mean, why didn't you tell me?

Don't you even look at him!

If I have to, I can do so much more than just look.

Get your things.

Why are we here?

Ashyrus tea. A little taste from home.

This is the only place I could find it in the Quad.

A hint of honey, just the way you loved it.

When I was twelve.

Well, you're in a mood.

I will help you one last time, under these conditions: I won't kill for you; you don't go near my team; and when we're done, you will tell me what the hell you're doing in the Quad.

Interesting proposal. First, I'd need to know you're still the Yala I trained.

Oh, well, bad news, there: Yala died that night, and she's not coming back, least of all to you.

If I could let you go that easily, I would. I hope you know that.

That pot is full of Jeren gas.

When the lid comes off, it will kill everyone in here.

The gentleman in the corner? He's a courier.

Find the case he's smuggling before you succumb.

If you move quickly, maybe you can save a few of them.

Up to you.


Poison gas! Get out!


(deep breath)


(screams and exclamations)


♪ ♪ ♪

There you are. Johnny's been looking for you.

What did I miss? Guessing your night's been as good as mine.

Punching sh1t relieves stress.

What stress?

Been working with Pawter all day. Trying to work past these stim blockers, figure out who's been monkeying with my brain.

No luck.- Maybe it's time for a different doctor.

She has been working me pretty hard.

So I hear.

So you "hear?"

Something you want to say?

Nope. You?

Yeah, actually. I wanna say thank you.


Saving my ass on that ship.

That's two lives I owe you, now.

I took that jump for all of us.


Thank you... for all of us.

You look nice tonight.

You look sweaty.

Dutch? Finally! Where you been? You know what?

I don't even care. Lucy, tell 'em what you told me!

Lucy: Incoming security transmission. Top priority.

Go ahead.

RAC team 25698-A, you are hereby required to report for a Black Warrant.

Information to follow.



A what Warrant?

Spider got the call.

And the Rygar Brothers.

Ha, Prinde just wrote "You suckers better be there.

Owe you for that nut job on Leith... "

OK, guys. What the hell's a Black Warrant?

Competitive Warrants, top Killjoys only, best team wins.

In other words, grab your shiniest toys and your biggest balls.

You're about to meet the family. Woo!

♪ Come come ♪
♪ Come uninvited ♪
♪ Run run ♪
♪ Run 'til I find ya ♪
♪ I don't care which side that you're fighting ♪
♪ Gonna get you going ♪

Alright, pirates and ruffians... (cheering, laughing and whistling) let the party begin!

(More cheering)

Just so I'm clear: this is an "invite only", secret warrant, being held in a bar?

The warrant must have local ties. Hello, hometown advantage.

I brought my brother. But be gentle, he is a Black Warrant virgin.

Alright well, next round's on the virgin then!

Who's the high money on to win?

Well, if it's not on me, you're all definitely high.

(Booing, jeering)

You make that sound, and all I hear is love.

Last time I saw you was through crosshairs.

Last time I checked, you missed.

Twice. Right?

Yeah, it... was twice, wasn't it?

That's just embarrassing.

(laughing and mockery)

Hey D'avin. Got a sec?

I really don't think you're supposed to be here right now.

The Rack bought out the bar, not my practice.

Speaking of: I've cleared my entire schedule for tonight so we can focus on you.

Yeah, about that...

Look I know you're frustrated. I get it. Progress has been slow, but it's a process. We just need to spend more time working it through.

Actually, I think I need to stop treatment for a while.


Really. D'avin Jaqobi is running away again.

No. I just think I need to talk to a specialist.

You said so yourself, this isn't normal battle fatigue.

I still wanna help. What about the army doctor you've been looking for.

Dr. Jaegar, yeah.

But Johnny tried to track her, the trail dies in Madidus City, so...

Well that's good. The Company's flagship research facility is in Madidus.

If Jaegar's there, I can probably help you find her.

How can you if Johnny can't?

I'm a Qreshi, remember?

I have Company connections in my blood.

Just promise if I do this, you give therapy another shot. With me.



What if there is no warrant?

What if this is a recruitment call, you know?

To level six.


Boom. I just blew your minds.

Whoa, whoa, I thought there were only five Killjoy levels?

There are. Six is an urban legend.

Killjoys supposedly snatched up into some special training camp on Arkyn.

Telling you, it is a thing.

Arkyn is a dead moon and you... are an idiot.

Man, your soul has no poetry.


As most of you are aware, some particularly ambitious individual's been pulling off a string of robberies on high-end Company haulers. Three seconds of video was captured just before a stolen ship out of Old Town went completely dark.

It's the best the Company's security can offer but as always, we can do one better than the Company's best.

The suspect's name is Joseph Siano, 52 years old, a sniper and expert survivalist, but we know him better as "Big Joe".

Once the youngest Killjoy to rank level five, currently the oldest to still have it.

Now the suspect stole something... Some place you'd rather be, agent?

The almighty Dutch is too good for a lowly briefing?

Just... need some air.

This is bullshit! C'mon, no way Big Joe did it.

People! That kind of thinking is not going to bring Joe back.


People died so you could have your shiny new case.


It's not the case, it's what's inside. Hold still.

You gave me your word.

Just, give it a moment to calibrate.



What the hell is that?!

A neuro-link. Just a prototype. But if it works, we'll be able to see and hear each other as if we were in the same room, no matter the distance.

What am I looking at?

The last coordinates of the stolen ship your people are searching for. I believe you have a special fondness for the thief.

You know where Big Joe is?

Is he OK?

How the hell do you know about that missing ship?

All The Company and most of the Rack would kill to know what I know is on that ship.

Knowing things is how I keep us safe, Yala.

I've left an unmarked craft for you on Dock 9.

Take it to the stolen ship, alone.

Find the device and bring it back to me.

You expect me to work against my own team?

Why would I do that?

I said I'd stay away from your team if you do as I ask.

You're not breaking our agreement already, are you?

The Company is looking hard for this ship.

If they find out the thief's a Killjoy, that's bad for all of us, especially Joe.

We find him first, we find him fast.

This is your warrant.

all: The warrant is all.

Oh, and as a little extra incentive, the Killjoy who brings him in gets 10,000 Joy.

Just Level-Sixed you, bitch!

Once again: that's totally not a thing!


Where the hell would she go?

Should we be worried?

(incoming message signal)

Guess not.

"Start without me". Great, now we're behind everyone else. OK, so, you're the family thief.

How do we find a stolen ship?

Oh, hey, hey!

I "borrowed" a few little ships in my youth. I'm not exactly a high tech heist expert.

Although, I do know one.

We're looking for a Company ship that went dark.

It's gonna take a lot more than cheap wine and questionable cuisine to earn that kind of intel.

We had a deal.

Deals are made to be broken.

So are fingers and necks.

I watched a man get his eyes pulled out through his nose the other day.

That's what they do in here for fun.

A trip to the infirmary? Hm! That's a vacation.


That's a Qresh Finance Center account under your sister's name.

Now I'm not sure that I would have laundered my savings that way, but hey...

You're a dead man.

No. I'm a creative negotiator who stuck a re-tread virus in your account's outflow.

See that number there? The one that keeps dropping?

That's your nest egg... cracking.

When I get out of here...

You'll be broke as sh1t.

Unless you tell us how to find that ship.

(birds singing and insects buzzing)

(electronic sounds)


Well that's just creepy.

We're gonna need to get you a bell.

Are you really here?

Not physically.

Our brains are connected by the neuro-link.

You'll get used to it.

I doubt it.

So tell me about this thief. You seem to know him quite well.

Big Joe? He's not a thief, he's a killjoy.

He stole something. That makes him a thief.

You kill people. That makes you a murderer.

That's true. But what does that make you?

Still working that one out. Yeah, there's not a Killjoy who doesn't owe Big Joe a debt or a drink. he's not just a friend, he's a mentor.

A mentor? Hm. Am I meant to be jealous about that?

Of course not, that'd require you to have feelings.

I've missed this camaraderie. In the last twelve hours there have been more encrypted messages coming out of Company security than in the last year. What's on that ship is very valuable to them. Which makes it valuable to us.

Ideas what it could be?

Use your differential analysis.

Walk me through the options.

Like old times.

Nice try.

Don't care. One last job and then we're through.

Whatever's on that ship has nothing to do with me.

Hello, gorgeous!

Dutch, this is D'avin, we're ready to go, respond.

Lucy, check her com.

Coms have been disengaged.

On purpose? Why would she do that?

OK, now we worry.

Ramp engaging.

You doing that?


I thought this thing had locks.

Trace powder, custom blend, works on every keypad.

No matter how much you clean up after yourself, I know where your fingers have been.

Now I just feel dirty.

Did Coren tell you how to find Big Joe?

No idea what you're saying.

I know you were there. I know what Coren does and I know you left smiling.

I may be pretty, but I can do math.

Get off my ship, Fancy. You're filling it with douchebag.

Oh, so you don't wanna know where Dutch is? Fine with me.



What do you know?

She flew out of Dock 9 in an unmarked cruiser two hours ago. Alone.

My guess? She's off to get Joe herself.

Personal history and all. I can respect that.

You're an asshole, Fancy. You don't have respect for anything.

What do you want?

To win.

You know where Joe's ship is, but he'll be long gone by the time we're there. Take me to the site and I'll use the Bloodhound to do the rest.

We split the Warrant.


We'll do it.

What? Why?

Because he's right. Dutch and Joe go way back. She's probably trying to help him without getting us involved.

Which means she's about to get herself in sh1t if we don't stop her.

We've got ourselves a road trip, huh boys?

I call shotgun.

Remember: It's impolite to shoot a guest.

This case was the only thing left on the ship.

Whatever's inside, looks like Big Joe took with him.

What's wrong? What was in here?

Something the Company would never let you or your "Joe" walk away with. Find it and bring it to me, now.

What the hell are you getting me caught up in, in this little "reunion tour" of yours?

Start talking or I start walking...


(gunshot) Ah!


What's our status, Loose?

Five minutes until landing.

Docking completed.

We got you here, you get us to Dutch.

I spent the last two hours not punching him I should've been punching him.

I'm just messin' with you, man.

This is the bloodhound.

How's it work?

Automated chemoreceptor.

Built it myself. Just need something Dutch touched.

Underwear, bra...


I suppose that'll do.

(gasping for air)

Slowly... slowly.

Your friends always shoot at you? If he had better aim, you'd be dead.


If he wanted me dead... (electronic sound)

(groaning): I would be.

This was just to slow me down.


He's going to escape.


But he's gonna try.

♪ ♪ ♪

Heard you Killjoys had some big meeting here today.

Anything the Company should know about?

Still drink that burner fuel?

What's Hills drinking?

No. Whatever you're about to pull, if it's for D'avin, there are other ways to scratch that itch.

What's wrong with my sexers?

I treat them all.

Conflict of duty.

You treat D'avin too. What do you call that?

Occupational hazard? And really good s*x.

I have a soft spot for broken boys.

Because if you fix them, they need you, and if they need you, they'll stay. Hmm?

Did you just "shrink" me?

Occupational hazard.

I forgot that everything on Westerley has an ugly aftertaste.

You know what I remember?

When the Rack was just happy being our errand boys.

Yeah, well... times change, Hills, whether we like it or not.

Friendly warning, for old times' sake.

Whatever you're up to here, keep it quiet.

Only so much I can look away from before I've gotta kick it upstairs.


That for me?

Doctor's orders.

Why are we stopping? Did you find something.

Blood. It's from Dutch.

Blood, fibers and powder. She's been shot.

Track faster.

Hope you're hungry. I made your favorite.

Giving up, old man?

I knew I couldn't slow you down for long.

Sorry about the shoulder.

But you're welcome for me missing the artery.

You always could thread the needle.

There's a black warrant on you, Joe.

You come to lay hands on me, Dutchie?


I missed you kiddo.

A dozen Killjoys are heading here.

I'm just here for what you stole.

But, I know if I try to get it, you'll probably...


And then you'll...

(hit and laugh)


You're still a little bit loose on the right side.

And you're still predictable.

(laughing and groaning)

Old dog, old tricks.

I'm tired of old dogs disappointing me today.

Just be one of the good ones, please!

I'm trying to be, now listen to me.

For your own good, get outta here.


I don't want you caught up in this.

In what?

This can't be how you end your career.

Legendary killjoy caught and caged like some kind of animal?

How do you think it ends, Dutch?

You think they throw us a parade when they take back our badges?

They don't.

The Rack uses us up and then they toss us aside when they're done with us.

The only reason our beloved "brotherhood" is interested in my ancient ass at all, is because my name's on a warrant.

'Cause of this...

I'm not working the warrant, Joe. You can leave.

I just need this.

Well, now, that's gonna be a problem.

Because so do I.

We said come alone!

The hell is this? Who's she?

I got no idea, Innis.

Never seen her before in my life.

Well if you two don't know each other, then she won't care if I blow off your head. Three, two...

Captured. No doubt because of him.

I told you. Friendship makes you weak. Do you believe me, now?

Shut up.

I didn't say anything.

And I told you to run.

And I told you, I need what you stole.

(sighing): Wish I knew what the hell it was.

(laughing): Yeah, me too.


You don't know what it is?

Why did you steal it, you idiot?

I get my kicks targeting ships with the most security, thumbing my nose at the Company.

Most of the time they come with pretty good cargo, but this time...

Just that one tiny ass little box.

If the Company wants it, it's got value.

What happened to you, Joe?


The Kotlers here are political radicals.

True Leithians. I was serving a warrant to one of their sons and they paid me to look the other way.

Pretty soon they just started paying me to steal them things.

Guns, mostly.

Lots of guns.

Look, I'm sorry I dragged you into this, Dutch.

I was a much better man when you knew me.

You're still a better man than some.

Lucas, listen, brother, you've gotta let her go.

You've got to let her go. This is a misunderstanding.

If he hurts you, I will take his hands.

I apologize, Miss.

Sometimes my son has more passion than sense.

She's a lying dirty Westerlyn.

Let's just string her up, her and her pig friend.

Your family's a wee bit racist.

My son is a patriot. We believe in a pure Leith.

We had an arrangement with Joe.

Only when we come to collect, he's with another Rack Agent and some device nobody seems to be able to identify.

So tell me, what are your people planning?

Is this reconnaissance for a raid?

No, I already told you.

What's this on your neck?


(moist removal, coughing)

It's probably recording us.

They're spies.

Take Joe. Find out what the hells is going on.

No! Wait, let's talk!

Trust me, you will talk.

You'll both talk.

(laughing): Damn! you can hold your hokk for a Qreshi!

No offense.

None taken.

Are you a born Westie?

Fifth generation.

Wow, so your grandkids are seventh gen?

Good for you!

Damn right. They'll be making the jump to Leith when they open the gates.

Got a nice little plot picked out for them there already.

Company's been good to me in that way.

They should be. Can't be easy for you, putting on that uniform, policing your own people for them every day.


But you do what you've gotta do, to take care of your own.

The other days, you drink.


What are we dealing with?

Got movement on the perimeter.

And inside?

Two rooms.

Your girl's in the big one. Just her and one other guy.

We're going in and Dutch is coming out. Let's go.

Going in with what, your winning smile? Look at the flag.

True Leithians.


Extreme nationalists, hate outsiders.

Probably have an arsenal in there. We need an actual plan.

You two hang back, take care of the guards, I'll take the door and grab Dutch. That's the actual plan.

He gets growly, doesn't he?

Little bit.


Access Company database.

Access restricted. Biometric signature required.

Oh, come on!

(grunt and yelp)

Think, Simms, think.

Time for your physical, soldier. Say ahh.


Halimetric sample verified.

Access granted.


Ha! In your face, technology.

Company Database. Cross reference Physicians.

Keyword: Jaegar.


Yeah, I wouldn't bother trying to break free of those.

It's a special fiber. The more you struggle... tighter it gets.

That's a fun trick. Now can we get on with the torture?

I'm not much for small talk.

Tell me what you know about the seventh generation accord?

(screaming and finger snapping)

Just tell me.

I'm not a local girl.


Years ago, after enough Westerlyns bitched and mewled about it, the Nine Families of Qresh made them a deal.

If you work on Westerley for seven generations, stay outta trouble, your descendants can claim land on Leith.

Only nobody asked us.

I'm not interested in race politics.

This isn't about race.

Racists usually say that.

This is about a farm.

This farm has been in my family for ten generations.

(more screaming)

And after a couple of bad crops, the Farm Bureau have decided to come in and steal it from under from us and give it to the first seventh-geners who show up with their hands out.

Now there's a Rack agent here on surveillance.

How many more of you are coming?

The Rack doesn't work like that.

We don't take sides.

You don't know very much about your people, do you?

When war comes to the Quad, who do you think stands to profit most?

So, your brother.

He got a thing going with Dutch yet?

That's none of my business.

It will be.

Less than five percent of Killjoy teams are trios.

Eighty percent of those trios fail, because somebody's screwing somebody else.

Has it ever occurred to you that if you were even slightly less of a dick people might actually want to work with you?

Can't do that.

Because... ?

Every organization needs a designated asshole.

That is my gift to the Killjoy collective.

The asshole may not be liked, but he will always be necessary. Because he does what's needed.

You first.


Going non-lethal.


What the hell are you doing?

Directional dart.

My own design.

You really are "fancy".

Innis, bring Joe in here and increase security outside.

Leave him! He doesn't know anything!

He's not talking, but Kristana's been picking up some chatter.

A lot of buzz about stolen Company tech.

They're calling it a weapon.

What the hell are you two planning to do?

Don't be an idiot.

Kill a Rack agent and they'll come for all of you.

Well, we'll find out. Use it on Joe.

Ah! Cut my damn hand on it.

I'm bleeding. Just do it!

No, no, no, no... Damn it!

So much for stealth.

Switching to lethal.

Dutch: Wait!

(sounds of shooting outside)

This is it, they're coming!

Everybody take positions, now!

Get a blade, you have to cut them.

Hey! Hey!

Reclamation Agent! Drop it!

Weapons down!

Knew more of you were coming.

And we're leaving, just give me the device.

Come and take it.

Stop. We don't even know what it does!

(loud loading-like sound)

D'avin, move!

What the hell has happened?



(Lets out air.)

Dutch. Let's move and get this to Johnny.

Be right there.

(shrill electronic sound)

Let's make sure that's not set for round two.

What the hell happened?

Why did it skip us?

I think it's some kind of genetic bomb.

Looks like one of them got blood on it.

It must have read their DNA and took out the whole family.

You could wipe out an entire bloodline with this thing or target just one person in a crowd.

Looks like it missed one.

Dutch: Why not you, Lucas?

I married into the family.

The children were my late wife's.

But in my heart I loved each and every one of them like they were my own.

This land was for them.

What the hell do we do with this thing, Dutch?

Any chance I can still take that "go on", get outta here" option?

The warrant still stands, Joe, they'll find you.

Call ahead to Turin, tell him we're coming in hot.

All of us. Maybe we can trade the bomb for mercy.

(shouts and whistles)

Shut it!

Agent Siano.

Lucky the Rack found you before the Company did.

And you, don't expect applause for doing your damn job.

Listen, right now we've got bigger problems.

The only problem I see, is you're a pain in my ass.

Funny. I was just about to say the very same thing.

I've got a bitch of a headache, and the Company's kicked into crisis mode, and "Killjoys" is the watch-word.

Now somebody better tell me what's going on here.

It's about this. I took it from a Company's ship.

And this is what it does.

What the hell's the Company up to, Hills?

Why do they need a weapon like this?

With me.

(Blows air.)

Still got your brand, Big J.

Anything you want is on the house.

Ahh... (Snif!)

Killjoys, Company guards...

I count maybe fifteen.

Shitty odds.

We've gotten out of worse.

What do you say?

One more time, you and me?

I can't just turn him over to you.

Turin, we got him dead to rights...

We both know what happens to Killjoys in a Company jail.

My people will not sign off on that.

And when my people hear a Rack agent robbed our ships, and exposed a blacklist weapon, they won't sign off on anything less.

Things are already tense between our two sides.

Let's not light that match tonight.

Something's gotta give.

I did what I could Joe.

The warrant has been upgraded.

(beeping all around)

(sighing): Level five warrant?


Just do it fast.


C'mon, I don't want to spend my last days as a target.



Do it Dutch.




The warrant is all.

Joe would've wanted it that way.

Where's the device?

I don't know.

Go find it yourself. I'm done with you.

Enough! You are not the only one with orders, Yala.

When you disobey mine, you put both of us at risk.

(groaning and slicing)


I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have put hands on you.

I am not a monster, Yala.

Everything I do serves a purpose.

You asked me why I came to the Quad?

I came for you.

And I am not leaving without you.

Well hello there, Hillary.

If you're going to dose me and steal my clearance, do a better job of clearing your tracks.


Illenore Pawter Simms, you're under arrest for information theft and drugging a Company Official.


You're not serious.

OK, let's not add to the charges.

Call off your goons or my family will have your job.

Ooh... yeah...

I have a few "highborn" Qreshi connections myself.

I asked about you. I think you have a little problem.

No one back on Qresh gives a sh1t what happens to you here, so I'm gonna give you one last chance to help yourself.

Who is Dr. Jaeger?


The hard way it is then.

Take her to Westhole.

I just think we need to give her some time.

And I think it's time I be the designated asshole.

We had a deal, Dutch. No more secrets, no more disappearing acts and you've...

Khlyen found me.

Uh, we can leave.

We can, uh... we can go off the grid, anywhere you want.

Who's Khlyen?

He was my tutor... at the harem I grew up in.

Not entirely sure, now, what he was even training me for.

What do you need?

I need this to stop.

Which means...

I need your help.

But that will make you both even bigger targets than you already are right now.

I still owe you two lives, remember?

Whatever you're in, we're in.

He's never hurt me... not... in anger, not until tonight.

Something's wrong.

Something about that bomb scares him.

Johnny, I need you to figure out a way to track him down with this.

I'm tired... of playing defense.

We've belled the beast and now, we're going after him.

And what do we do when we find him?

I'm gonna kill him... somehow.