01x09 - Enemy Khlyen

Previously on Killjoys...

Whoa, whoa, I thought there were only five Killjoy levels?

There are. Six is an urban legend.

Telling you, it is a thing.

You broke your oath.

It's okay to be angry, to hate me. It's normal.

Normal won't work here. That's why I'm angry.

You're right, John. We're broken.

You wanna fix this?

Then you figure it out.

Who's Khlyen?

He was my tutor, at the harem I grew up in.

Johnny, I need you to figure out a way to track him down with this.

What the hell is that!?

A neurolink.

And what do we do when we find him?

I'm gonna kill him.

You ever get the feeling... it's gonna be one of those days?

Buddy! Smell that sweet, Old Town air? It's another beautiful day in Westerley.

Why don't we just take it down a notch?


Okay, look.

It's a disorderly warrant. Ten Joy fine, max.

Hell, I'll pay it for you. Just take a breath...

Good call, thank you.

Ah, you're going with the wrench? Seriously?


Lights out.

Hiding weapons, monk? Naughty, naughty.

They call it the 'little colonel'.

Carbide casing.

Undetectable to weapon scanners.

Peace is a dangerous business.

You of all people should understand what it means to take up arms for something you believe in.

I believe in what pays.

My years of fighting other people's wars are over.

Besides, I'm not even from Westerley.

Your problems aren't my problems.

Keep telling yourself that, Killjoy.

All you seventh gen'ers can kiss my...

They can kiss it outside.

Wow, what's with all the commotion?

What isn't?

Some fool spreading rumors.

Says the Nine are gonna renege on letting Westerlyns immigrate to Leith, which is fine by me.

Leith takes my drunks, they take my business.

Drinks are half off for the next hour in honor of Claimant Day!

(cheering and whooping)

Sounds like business is good.

That's the third time today I've had to take out my own trash.

Room and board ain't free, you know.

I know, I know. I'm trying.

It's just these low level warrants have me running all over Old Town. Without a ship, I'm stuck chasing the dregs.

Being a solo Killjoy sucks ponat.

Ahah-ah-ah. Careful, people will mistake you for a local. Oh, speaking of solo...

You got a visitor.

If you're gonna take a nap, I suggest the side with actual springs.


Rough night chasing down some level fours on Qresh.

Speaking of rough... pree charging extra for showers now?

Ah! I'd laugh, but then I'd have to inhale.

Why don't we start with a peace offering?

Your stuff, from Lucy.

Oh, thanks, really.

Where are my manners? Can I offer you something?

Some hokk?

I just want to know you're doing better than you smell.

Oh yeah. This lone wolf?

Absolutely. I'm a free man running wild and free.

You said free twice.

Well, that's how free I be.

(neighbours moaning loudly)

How's John?

Say hi to him for me, I guess.

Sure. I will.

I'd better get going.

Yeah, I got to concentrate on putting up my... pillows and cushions, and such.

It's underwear and some weights.

But rain check on the hokk. For real.

Yeah. You know where to find me. I'll be right here.

Just right here.

Ho, ho, ho! Easy, killer.

Don't patronize. I'm still dropping my shoulder.

Yeah, you're stronger.

That makes me happy.

Oh! (laughing)

That's good. I know that fake warrant that I put you and D'av through was...

Inappropriate, juvenile, and almost melted our ship?


I needed to make sure that you're OK. That you were 100% back to you.

I'm cool.

Much cooler than you, but that's nothing new.

Then I have something I've been sitting on.

Your ass?

A present.

Oh. You got us a pet?

Funny. She's funny.

Her name's Carlene. She helped me fix the neuro-link.


We can use it to track your friend.

Khlyen is not my friend. Are you sure this'll work?

If you're ready, we can do this, Dutch.

We can find Khlyen.


I'm ready.

Enemy Khlyen

People have their own neuro-signatures.

Brainwaves are like fingerprints.

Everyone's are different.

Your friend...

Your target's are very... unique.

Extra dickish, I bet.


Now, last time, you both agreed to share one neuro-pathway.

This time, your brainwaves will be chasing Khlyen's without his permission.

We have to get your brain into a fugue state.

Cerebral projection requires a total immersion of both the circulatory and nervous systems.

We're gonna put you in this thing.

Will Khlyen be able to see me, the way I saw him?

This is an experimental hack.

The truth is, it's risky.

I'll take that chance.

We'll project you as close to Khlyen's signature as we can get. But we don't think we'll be able to buy you a ton of time either, so work fast.

Alright. Now if things get too real, we sever the connection and pull you out, no questions asked.

You all set?

Fire it up.

You're bribing me with a book?

Wow, you really do not know your audience...

It's for your brother. History of the faith.

And why would he be interested in that?

We spent some time together in the Black Rain. He... seemed into sacrifice.

You're a creepy little dude.

Thank you.

Since we're talking bribes...

What you saw on the street? It's in everyone's best interest if the Company doesn't hear about the weapons.

Yeah, well, lucky for you, unless there's a warrant involved, I don't give a sh1t about you, The Company or your doomed- to-fail resistance.

So you'll keep your mouth shut?

If you put enough beer in it.

John, it feels... wet.

We're flooding your hypothalamus with hydrogel; it mimics cerebrospinal fluid almost flawlessly.

Just add it to my tab.

OK, Dutch, we're go.

Carlene, turn on the neuro-link.

This sh1t is freezing.

She's connected.

Now she hunts.

Oh man, I feel dizzy.

Just keep talking.

Describe your surroundings. Once we know where he is, we can come after him for real.

I'm in a hallway?

A... nondescript hallway.

No sign of...

Whoa, John...

Where are you now?

There's a podium. It's... copper, or bronze?

Coated in plasma?

Plasma? Maybe some kind of computer?

Is there any security? Is there any keypads?

No, no, no. Nothing. Nothing.

It's glowing.

No, not just glowing.

It's... it's moving.

What do you think?

No keypad? Bet it's voice access only.

Plasma processors? I thought they were years away.

Not wherever Dutch is, apparently.

This feels familiar.

This is his.

Khlyen's here. He's close.

Just a few more details on the liquid computer.

Just three minutes.

She doesn't have three more minutes.

I don't like her vitals.

If we pull Dutch out before she finds Khlyen, she'll kill me.

We pull her out too late, you'll feed her through a tube.

Can you get a fix on where she's being projected?

Deep space. Somewhere near the Quad...

There are number seventy-ones painted on the walls.

Sector 71, maybe?

Khlyen. He's here!

That's it, I'm calling it...

He... he just walked past.

It's time to disengage.

No. I can do this!

Dutch, where are you?

Neural shock. She's seizing!

You gotta get us something that we can use.


It's okay. It's okay, it's okay.

How many fingers am I holding up?

Are you okay?

I know where Khlyen is.

He's in the Rack.

Khlyen was in a part of the Rack I'd never even seen before.

Level 71? Is he their prisoner?

He had an assistant; an office.

People practically bowed when he passed.

Khlyen is part of the Rack, John.

What if he was part of it this whole time?

What if I never really escaped?

Well, then let's finally set you free.

No matter what it takes?

I'll clear my schedule.

The bad news is the Rack is in the most heavily fortified station in the Quad.

Yeah, but the good news is our badges get us in the front door.

So, covert op?

Levels 40 through 54. We get positioned thereabouts, then...

Then I could shimmy up through these ventilation ducts?

Exposing you to enough radiation to melt your face off.

You're right. You should do it.


Fresh soldiers?

Thought you could use them. You look intense.

Those look intense.

It's a level three Leith job.

We've got this, D'Av.

Right. None of my business.

Sorry, force of habit.

He could help, Johnny. He's great at tactical.

Yeah, sure, I'm willing to give it a shot.

Bellus dug deep to get us blueprints of the Rack.

The Rack?

What's the warrant?

No warrant, but a long time coming.


You found him?

Turns out, he never left.

We rerouted his neuro-link to track him.

He's stationed at the top of HQ.

He's in the Rack? Our Rack?

Floor 71. Upper levels are officers only.

Officers who work interstellar. Setting up satellite offices around the J and introducing the Rack to places that need order.

When you confront Khlyen, how are you... how are you gonna kill him?

I'm not sure I can. But now? This is bigger than killing.

I need answers.

If he doesn't like your questions, how are you gonna force an answer?

Dutch, what's your leverage?

We hadn't gotten to that part yet.

I've had 20 years to get to that part.

I've got it.

And a sudden craving for something stronger than beer.

Johnny, that is a lot of security doors on automatic lockdown.

You sure this is gonna work?

It has to. Dutch needs it.

I need to orchestrate a reason for us to get higher point-of-entry privileges to the Rack than usual.

Well, um, good luck.

You too.

About your cause...


I got one of my own.

I figure we can help each other out.

Do not eat that, child!

That smell, like almonds?

It means the flesh has fermented into a deadly toxin.

A single bite could make you sick for days.

The other girls keep taking my food.

You are Yalena, of the family Yardeen.

The others say it's a shameful name.

Yes, they are cruel to you.

Perhaps you can change that.

Restore Yardeeni honor.

Your father is counting on it.

He sent me to find you, little bird.

To train you, and protect you.

It won't be easy.

And you have to keep it a secret.

No matter what hate they spew at you, no matter what punishment, the truth is, you're special, Yala.

Now, do you know the story of the Wasp and the Bear?

You okay?


I think I'm having aftershocks from that neuro-link.

Visions? Nightmares?

Just a memory about Khlyen.

Nice one, actually.

I didn't think you had any of those.

Guess I've only ever told you the bad stuff.

So, what's the good stuff?

He's always protected me.

There was a time when he gave me hope, when I needed it the most.

Better or worse, he's made me who I am.


Six years ago, I came in that door for the first time, to steal the prettiest ship that I'd ever seen.

And instead I found a half feral beauty in a wedding dress, covered in blood, with a gun pointed at my crotch.

Umm, your head, if I recall.

You recall wrong. My crotch remembers.

But after all this time, you're still more your own person than anyone that I know.

The only credit that Khlyen gets is for the bruises along the way.


I don't think this is side effects.

I think it's cold feet.

I guess killing your surrogate father is no small thing.

If you wanna fight, I got your back.

If you wanna run, I call shotgun.

But you gotta decide, Yalena.

Say it one more time.


What you told me the night we first met.

We don't have to stay here. We can just fly away, and never look back.

Not this time. I'm gonna face him, Johnny.

I know.



He still has authorization.

Just me, Johnny.

I'm glad you're both up.

Couldn't sleep.

Yeah, me neither.

I know how to get you to the top of the Rack.

So that's Arkyn. Looks like a good place to hide out.

I mean, if this goes to hell.

It won't, and it's not.

That moon was the Company's first foray into terraforming, before Westerley.

Didn't do great.

Rack central, twelve o'clock.

Call signs, security clearance, reason for entry?

Call sign U-Gamma-4-4-7-1-B; level three, four and five reclamation agents John Jaqobis, D'avin Jaqobis, and Dutch.

Reason for entry?

Guys, it's just a formality anyway.


Your reason for entry?

We've come to file for divorce.

To dissolve our team.

You are clear for docking in bay 35.

Welcome back, agents.

That's not bad! I thought we'd be down in the teens.

Yeah, but Khlyen's on 71. How you gonna clear forty levels?

One floor at a time.

Registered agent weapons.

Logged and approved.

(alert signal) - That's new.

Warning internal scan. Foreign object detected.

Oh, right, the surgery.

Titanium stitches. And yeah, it really, really hurt.


Titanium traces detected. Approved.

So we're here to terminate our affiliation with D'avin Jaqobis.

We no longer intend to killjoy as a trio.


I will remove your sponsorship; dissolve the team. So say you all?




I... have some questions.

Team Awesome Force, breaking up?

Must be one hell of a story.

It drags a bit in the middle.

I'll take it from here.

Officer Turin, call sign F-Kilo-9-4-6-R, now recording these proceedings.

I have reason to suspect the recent actions of these agents.

I can think of a reason. You're an ass...

Let the record show, this is now an inquiry into the possible suspension of your reclamation licenses.

Well, this is a good day.

D'avin back yet?

Still gone.

As should you be.

Hills has his men combing the streets.

They're rounding up monks. Over a few missing guns?

Hills and I have an agreement.

Had an agreement.

Take the tunnels.

Have faith.

The roots will carry us.

Why not file a split with your broker? Why come all this way?

Well, we heard there was a new chef in the caf, so...

You think this is funny, son?

Actually, I do think it's a joke.

If you had anything incriminating on these agents, you would have arrested them the second they stepped onto the station, sir.

He's bossy. I like him.

So why don't you?

It didn't work out.

Did you sleep with him?



And that made the jilted Jaqobis mad?

You're such a piece of work.

I'm the one who screwed up.

I'm the one they're here to report on.

Do shut up, Bossy.

Because I beat her, then stabbed him.

You attacked your own team?

The Rack takes assault on its own very seriously.

Then I wanna speak to a rep. But first, I wanna know that this breakup is official. I want nothing to do with these assholes.

They ruined my goddamn life.

Like I said I knew I liked him.

There. You're done as a team.

And when I'm done with you, probably as a Killjoy.

But I'll fetch your rep, for appearances' sake.

Try not to shiv anyone while I'm gone.

What the hell are you doing?

C'mon. We don't have much time.

For what, D'av?

Getting you to floor 71.

Here; earpieces that run on plathium.

When this goes down...

When what goes down?

Your comlinks won't work, thanks to little colonel. (beeping)

Yo, what the hell?

Anyone else think that would be cooler?

Did you just power fry the entire Rack?

Little bit. Targeted Pulse Charge.

Emergency lights and life support should be fine.

Do you know what you've done?

Bought you a few more floors and better luck with those now unlocked security doors.


Look, I couldn't tell you what I had planned. The charge is undetectable, but if they link it to me, I can say I acted alone, because I did.

You finally lost your damn mind.

Look, I get that you want to end Khlyen more than anything.

Take care of my little brother.

Nobody's getting hurt but Khlyen.

Go be a hero.


Ah, Najik. Some tea, please.

I think we're having company.

What are they saying upstairs? Surge? Meteor shower?

Screw upstairs, I know exactly who caused this... a big dumb guy, a smaller dumb guy, and a bitch.

We just gotta find them.

Ta. Okay, so what's in the syringe?

A gift. Got your lenses in?


Remember what we're here for.

And you remember that, other than Khlyen, these are our people. They're not our enemies.

We can't shoot our way out if things go wrong.

If they bust us?

No more license. No more Killjoying.

You asking me not to do this?

I'm asking you to be awesome.

Always am.

Attention. Technical issues being addressed.

Power will be restored by ascending levels.

Wilson said there was a fire on level 50. That true?

Dammit. No idea.

Power restored to level one.

D'av, are you there?

Yeah. What's the word?

After that baller move you made, I figure we at least owe you a ride home.

So get your ass to Lucy, we'll be there as soon as we're done with Khlyen.

You got it, buddy. Halfway there. Talk soon.

So, what's with the mood lighting? You guys forget to pay the bill?


Upside of no power? No security recordings.

(panting) Power restored to level 5.

How big is this thing?

You'd think I'd get sick of people asking me that.

Concentrate, Captain Comet.

I'm on level 52. I need to get higher, faster.

How do youl about catwalks?


Power restored to level 8.

Starboard corridor, if I memorized the blueprints right.

You know you did.

Oh, good. Lucky the power's out.

Power restored to level 15.

Power restored to level 25.

What do you want, Turin?

What I'm owed. Answers.

I had nothing to do with the power outage.

Sure you did, but I don't give a sh1t about that.

What's your little girlfriend got planned?

Who is Dutch really? What makes her so special?

Have you seen her eyes?


Do you know that she started at Level Five?

First time on record.

All complaints against her get rerouted off-site and disappeared.

I just want to know who's protecting her.

Dutch doesn't need protecting.

Then why is she marked for Red 17?

What did you say?

I'm not the enemy here, son.

Hell, I may be the only real friend Dutch has in this place.

So you got five seconds to tell me what I need to know.

John, I'm here. On Khlyen's floor.

Are you in range yet?



Show me what you remember, Yala.

I'm not here to fight you.

Then you're here to lose.

Dutch, if you can hear me, I'm in.

I'm within communications range.

I can hear you, and him.

I'm just calibrating now. So keep him talking.

I always hoped you'd drop by.

(Khlyen's voice): I'm Khlyen... the evil assclown.

Good to go.


So, so, disappointing.


But not good enough.


What the hell is Red 17? Why are you asking me?

You got nothing.

I got a stick that goes zap.

Yeah, and a fine set of hair.

After that, you've just got rumors and theories. Sad.

It was worth a shot.

Power restored to level 35.

There goes your window.

Whatever the hell Dutch is up to, she's about to get caught.

Do you know what this is?


I can smell the almonds from here.

I didn't take you for nostalgic.

This is how you made me kill Secon Mage. I was ten years old.

I watched her die.

I remember.

I was proud.

Torsin Deck. He was always kind to me.

He cried when I twisted the knife.

Patela, the cleric's girl? I gave her the wrong poison.

She screamed for six days.

Yes, well, each death was a lesson.

The only lesson you ever taught me was how to hate myself.

Do you really think you can make it to me with that needle?

It's not for you.



I have been racking my brain every day since I left you, trying to figure out your weakness, until I realized... it's me, isn't it?

Put down the needle.

Shut up.

This is what it feels like.

I want you to know what it feels like to not be in control.

Was it wrong of me to protect you all these years?

You changed me.


They were making you a victim, I made you a weapon. Now you tell me I was wrong, Yala.

I'm asking the questions.

Enough playing.

I will not answer under false blackmail.

Then let's make this real.


Come to Daddy.

There's no screen.

Ferromagnetic maybe?

(reverberating sound)

(pulsating sound)

I'm gonna touch it.

Carlene was right. It's a computer.

(Khlyen's voice): Computer, search keyword KHLYEN.

Don't blink, Jaqobis, don't blink.

(Khlyen's voice): Computer, transfer files to PDD.

A little for Carlene, and a lot for me.

(alert signal)

sh1t. Shitty sh1t stupid sh1t!

Johnny, what did you do?

I dunno, but I can't undo it.

Get to Lucy ASAP.

Our exit plan just got a lot more complicated.

Breach detected. Lockdown protocol.

All docking bays shut down until future approval.

What have you done?

John has the antidote.

If I don't go to him soon, I'll be past saving.

And I'm not leaving here until you tell me everything I want to know.

Why are you here? In the Rack?

You don't even know what the Rack really is, Yala.

You're asking the wrong questions.

Were you always a part of it? Even in my world?


Was that what you were training me for?


Why come back now? Why? Why now?

You took a Level Five Warrant. A kill job.

That was the sign I'd been waiting for.

That you were finished running.

That you were ready.

Ask the real question, Yala.

Why me?


Are you all right, sir?

Officers only.


What was really in the needle?

Millweed for the scent; adrenaline for the heart rate.

Well done, little bird.

Very convincing.

It'd be a shame to come all the way up here and not take the shot.

Answer the question.

Take the shot.

That's not how I'm gonna destroy you.

I'm fine. It's fine.

Was that her?

Just clean it up.

Clean it up!



I think it's time to leave.

I think you're right, little brother.

Breach detected.

How long before they know it was us?

We get out of here before the security feeds come back online, they'll never know.

Let's hope Dutch is already on board.

All docking bays shut down until future approval.

Lucy, instigate reboot protocol. Critical systems only.

John, I cannot disengage while the Rack is in lockdown.


I'll do it.

No, Jaqobis.

I will.

Dutch? Get back here, now.

I can't. Someone needs to stay behind to free Lucy. Just go.

What is she doing?

You leave now, there's no proof you were involved in any of this. You can still be a Killjoy.

Hey, idiot. I only want to killjoy with you.

Get to the Royale. I'll make my own way home.

Lucy, throttle down. Now!

I'm sorry, John, Dutch has instituted a master code.

I told you stop bossing my ship around.

Initiate protocol Freebird.

Initiating Freebird.


Be safe.

I think your free ride's just about up.

Oh give it up, Turin.

We both know you're not...


Look at that.

What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy?

You ever go hunting for parson, out in the badlands?

Sneaky little things. But if you manage to catch one, you break its wings, throw it out onto the sands, and watch all its little friends come runnin'.

I'm not bait, I'm an agent. We're on the same side.

See, that's just the thing. I'm not so sure we are.

(slashing sound)

We're not.

Where am I?

Safe. Time to get you home and for me to fix your mess.

John and D'avin?

Will suffer no repercussions for this foolish infiltration.

You'll need your full team with what's coming.

Keep that tourniquet tight.

You've lost a lot of blood.

Why do you keep protecting me?

Do you remember the first time I tucked you in?

I told you a story.

The Wasp and the Bear.

And the moral of that story?

In the end, they save one another.

I need you to live.

Was any of it true?

Did my father really send you?

What are you?

I'm Level Six.