02x09 - Johnny Be Good

Previously on "Killjoys"...

We're partners, and D'Avin, we're your team.

But I am in love with Pawter.

I'm not your hostage anymore, Jelco.

I'm your leash.

Power looks good on you, Seyah.

They want to know what the wall is for?

Show them.

The wall acts as a giant pacifier.

When they activate it, everyone in Old Town becomes some kind of helpless, happy drone.

The Company can do whatever they want to them.



This is all bad.

Seyah Kendry sends her regards.

You poisoned the rations.

You're gonna kill all the weak and leave the strong.

And then what? Don't leave me hanging.

I don't know.

[dramatic music]

But I'm pretty sure that we're gonna stop you.

We're gonna save Old Town.

Lucy, where's Johnny?

In the next 48 hours, air drops of premium rations will begin.

Let's put an end to Old Town's suffering.

What a beautiful day.

♪ ♪

[wind rustling]

♪ Girl for me ♪
♪ With skin like snow ♪
♪ What brought me here ♪
♪ She will let you know ♪
♪ ♪


♪ ♪

You ready to be nice?



Nerve cuffs.

You don't want to melt your spinal column out your ass, move slow...

Real slow.

♪ A smile ♪
♪ This won't end with a smile ♪

Let's go.

[indistinct shouting]

Bring out the Killjoys!

We want justice!

No one gets in!

Not until Herin says so!

[indistinct shouting]

After all she's done for Old Town, this is how you treat her?

What happens to her is up to her.

Not in my bar, Herin.

Oh, who says it's your bar anymore?

It's a brand new day in Old Town.

Wall's down. People on the streets.

Company's on the run.


Oh, you ready to talk, finally?

How long was I out?

You know, when we raided Spring Hill, we found a lot of things that Jelco left behind...

Things they liked to use on Old Towners like us...

[tools clattering]

To make us talk.

Wow, that's not even remotely impressive.

If you're gonna poison me, at least make it glow or something.

Who said anything about poison?

Last chance.

Where's Liam Jelco?

[tense music]

When we get there, you keep your mouth shut.

You talk to anyone, I shoot you.

You try to run, I shoot you.

You do anything I don't like...

You shoot me. I get it.

Ugh! Aah!

If we're too late, and they hurt her... if she bleeds... you bleed.




♪ ♪

Jelco? Why would you think she'd help that flaming piece of garbage?

Because I saw her and her partner save him with my own eyes.

[sighs] Honey, tell him that's impossible.

I keep trying, but he keeps on not listening.

But here it is again.

I don't know...

♪ ♪

I don't know where Jelco is.







The water.

You shitbag, you did poison me.

Not poison. Micro-leeches.

They feed off the natural enzymes secreted when you lie.

They go right for the organs.

Like I said, Jelco has a lot of toys.

He's not the only one.



We're getting you out of here.

I appreciate it.

You don't think I'll do this?

He knows you will.

You'll get us past the guards, maybe even out the door.

But how do you get us through the armed mob outside, Pree?


♪ ♪

You know I still would, right?

You, me... blaze of glory.

Some other time.


[dramatic music]

Just take him outside.


If you hurt him...

You should worry about yourself.

The blood don't lie, girl.

You do know where Jelco is.

Herin, listen to me.

After what happened in Spring Hill, the Company will be retaliating any minute now.

You need to start organizing...

What I need? Let me tell you what I need.

♪ ♪

Last night, over 100 people of Old Town died in these streets...

Our streets.

So what I need is to explain to the wives, the husbands, the children, how we are going to get them justice.

By beating the piss out of me?

By hanging the man who started it all with that damn wall.

And if we can't do that, the next best thing is that bitch who helped him escape.

Either Jelco hangs today, or you do.

Let's make this fast.

♪ When we go out ♪
♪ Late night, push me away ♪
♪ Hold me tight ♪
♪ I'm in trouble now ♪
♪ I'm in trouble now ♪
♪ If I can't get a fix ♪
♪ I'll lose my mind ♪
♪ I'll go crazy every time ♪
♪ I'm in trouble now ♪
♪ ♪
♪ I'm in trouble now ♪
♪ I am defenseless ♪
♪ It keeps getting harder ♪
♪ It's rough and it's reckless ♪

Hey, Dutch!


Where you been?

♪ So lost in this ♪

[voice distorted]

♪ Feels like it's empty ♪


Yeah, Dutch?





[rock music]

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪



What the hell stun setting did you use, and can we make it illegal?

And how are we feeling?

Ugh, like I want to vomit and punch things at the same time.

She's fine, just give her a second to come out of it.


So... was your night as intense as mine?

[exhales] Yeah, I guess we need to talk.

Nope, you need to listen.

[high-pitched tone]


Why do you hate me?

That was two seconds of sonar blast pitched down enough to hear.

From what?

It originates from the wall, John.

Lucy gave us audio scramblers so we could go in and grab you.

And what's that?

Those are schematics of mood-controlling technology we found last night in Arkyn.

Seem familiar?

Wait, you went back to Arkyn without me?

You went rogue and got your ass arrested, remember?

Right. Bygones. Continue.

Once paired with neural pathways, the wall controls moods.

It can create feelings ranging from mild depression to blissful satisfaction to manic rage.


You okay?


How did you feel last night?

[sighs] Happy.

Really happy.

It wasn't real.

♪ ♪

The only thing we can't figure out is what the wall...

Don't touch the rations!

Wow, nice to see you too.

Want to tell me what's in this sh1t?

Lucy, put on your analysis pants.

I don't wear pants.

I know, I'm just...

I'm a spaceship, John.

I... [sighs] Never mind.

The sample contains multiple additional chemical elements, yentazine, lorex, pytar.

Special compounds that turget the frail and feeble.

That's how the Company's doing it.

They're poisoning all of Old Town?


They're culling the herd, wiping out the old and sick, leaving only the strongest, most profitable workers for the Company.

Who never complain, because the wall won't let them.

People are dying inside that wall.

We need to go back to Old Town and tell everyone to stop eating that sh1t.

Trust me, it won't work.

A friend was murdered in front of me last night, and I didn't feel anything.

♪ ♪

The wall won't let you.

Plus, the only way to take down the wall is to overload it somehow or take out its power source in Spring Hill.

We end this now.

Look, I know you both had your secret plan, but if you don't mind, we'd quite like to join.


Even if we arrest Jelco, he's got so many allies inside the Company.

Who said anything about arresting?

Liam Jelco is a murderer, a sadist, and a threat to everyone in Old Town.

Tonight we bring down his wall, and then he dies.

So, how we getting in?

Well, the entry point's through one of the old viaducts they dropped Spring Hill on... Should still be accessible.

I just used it two days ago.

Would this be when you got busted and thrown into a jail cell?

Well, that plan had kinks, which were already made clear to me, what with the ensuing arrest, ass-beating, and friend-berating.

You mean Dutch?

Oh, you guys will kiss and make up.

It's what you do.

Hells, I tried to kill her, and we got past it.

[sighs] I don't know, man.

It's weird.

What's weird?

You chose Dr. Crazy-Pants over our Lady of Perpetual Ass-kicking.

Dutch got jealous.

Have you met Dutch?

Does that sound like her?

No, it does not.

So when are you gonna man up and ask her what it's really about?

'Cause it kind of looks like you already made the choice anyway.


I forgot we even...

Crazy night, right?

Let's go over the entry plan again.


[tense music]

All right, boys are ready. Let's do this.

Dutch, a second.

I want to say thank you...

For the clothes, for coming to get us.

He lied to me.

He's never done that.

I'm sorry. I asked him to.

I figured.

And I'm only doing this now, because to be perfectly honest, Seyah Simms, you're not up for this.

And if you tried to do this without me, you'd probably get yourself killed and Johnny with you.

I would never ask him to risk himself.

But you already did.

[somber music]

You're welcome for the jacket.

Nice color on you.

♪ ♪

[suspenseful music]

The wall's power generator's due east from here.

Dutch, you and Pawter can take the last stairwell.

That'll take you into the main hall.

You get Jelco from there.

Trust me, I know the way.

Last check.

Everyone have everything? Comlinks?

Just remember, we're not here to kill the company guards.

All the weapons are set to stun except for mine.

Mine's for Jelco.

♪ ♪

Where is everybody?

Either we're very lucky or very not.

♪ ♪

John, this whole damn place is empty.

Yeah, here too.

Where'd they send all the guards?

Asshole jamboree?

Now, why did I ever try to do this alone?


Can't be badass and make your own jokes.

It's just weird.


50 joy this is the one that powers the wall.

Looks like the tech they had on Arkyn, just newer.

So why is sh1t from Arkyn showing up in the guts of a Company building?

Hello, I'm Julian, the Administration Matrix for Spring Hill.

You appear to be looking for a way into one of our power generators.

Oh, hey, there, little buddy.

We're just looking to bypass a blown power conduit.

That's odd.

I don't see a blown power conduit.

[device beeping]

[electricity crackles]

Oh, there it is.

Yeah, it's probably fastest just to turn over all manual controls of the generators to me for repairs, huh?

Hmm, that would appear to be the most efficient solution...

See? Computers love me.

Except that Spring Hill is in the midst of a Company-mandated, system-wide changeover.

Whoa, whoa, changeover? Since when?

So you will need a deca-set encrypted access code if you wish to proceed further, which you would know if you really belonged here.

Unless you think I'm stupid.

Do you think I'm stupid?

You were saying?


Whoever programmed this is an asshole.

Yeah, well, my asshole's bigger than his asshole.

I mean you're smarter than...

Whatever, just kick his nerd ass.


♪ ♪

Look, if you want to stop here, you still can.

You don't have anything to prove to me.

Well, like my father told me, sometimes we have choices, and sometimes we don't.

[dramatic music]

What am I supposed to do with this?

You point this part, you pull this part, and bang, bad guy falls down.

It's set to lethal, so if I can't take the shot at Jelco, you're gonna have to.

I can't just shoot someone.


You cut off your own sister's hand and strapped a bomb to Jelco's heart.

Yes, but I didn't set it off.

There's a difference. I'm a doctor.

Anything bad I've done was to save a life, not take one.

Well, sometimes you got to do both.

This is what I mean.

You play at rebellion, 'cause John will do your dirty work.

Johnny made his own decisions. He chose a side.

He's a Killjoy, he doesn't take sides.

Well, maybe he wants to be more than just a Killjoy.

Why would you think that?

Because he told me.

♪ ♪

Okay, seriously, what the hells is going on?

Group nap? Company retreat?

Ladies, we may have a little problem.

I am completely blocked out of the generator.

There's no way that I can shut down power to the wall from here.

Have you tried shooting the dick out of it?

What, the generator?

[scoffs] No, these puppies are proteck packed and chained.

Each one would go up like a mini-nuke on Ascension Day.

Not advisable.

You guys at Jelco's yet?

Yeah, but no Jelco.

Whole place looks like it's been evacuated.

Apparently, Spring Hill is in the midst of a system-wide changeover.

Doesn't that sound incredibly ominous?

Handed over to who?

Forget it, I don't care about bureaucratic bullshit.

Just give me a Plan B.

The Senbek told me that the wall controls are in Jelco's office.

Maybe you can at least turn off the neural interference.

Shut down the mood control.


Look at Jelco's desk.

I got it.

No, hold on! There might be...

[computer beeping]

Security features.


You. [laughing]

Of course it's you.

Why not? Cherry on my day.

He probably means me.

I think he means me.

Well, you're too late.

Sorry I can't be there to say good-bye.

Bit of a changing of the guard situation happening here.

Schedule's quite tight.

Where are you, Jelco?

I have a very special package with your name on it.


But I've got something for you instead.

Four squads, top floor, immediately.

Uh, Governor Jelco, sir, Squad A, B, C, and D have all been dispatched to the next colony.

Who's left?

F Squad.

Then send in F Squad.

Must I do everything myself?

Do you want me to chew your food?

[alarm blaring]

Dutch, what is that?


Closing in now, sir.

Assuming you can hear the same alarm as me, Johnny?

Yeah, I'm also seeing a lot of guards coming your way.

All right, then, safest way out.

On it.

But Dutch, that holocall you just received from Jelco...

That same frequency is making another call to Qresh.

And it's coming from inside Spring Hill.

Bugger's still in the building.

Good. Track that signal.

Tell me where he is, and D'Av, I'll need a distraction.

Keep those guards off my ass.

Man with gun, coming at ya.

Dutch, wait... we came here to bring down the wall.

And get Jelco's brains on toast.

I'm not leaving here without both.

You and John work the wall.

D'Av and I will have Jelco and the guards.

Multitasking like a boss.

But if the guards get here first...

If anyone comes through that door that isn't me, D'Avin, or Johnny...

Pull this, they fall down.

I need to know you can handle this.

Go get that son of a bitch.

Bring me back some toast.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

D'Av, I'm leading them down to the service floors.


Take cover!

Get her! Move! Move!

♪ ♪

Hey, don't let her score! Move it!

D'Av, where's that distraction?

Coming, God.

Stop being so needy, woman.

Johnny, I still need access to these controls.

Yeah, hold on. I'm doing my best.

[sighs] All right, computer.

I have an idea.


Are you still trying? Good for you.

Look, if you're reformatting, I request admin access to any systems not yet overwritten.

Hmm, I'm not sure I can give that to you either.

Well, I can, but I won't.


How about now?

Hello, Julian, I'm Lucy.

Is Lucy another program?

I'd go home, Lucy, for your own sake.


It's on.

Keep him busy, girl.

I got to find a Jelco needle in a dick haystack.

Pawter, I need access to Jelco's security feeds.

Can you open them at a terminal?

One sec.

Okay, got it.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Hang on, Old Town. We're coming.

♪ A girl for me ♪
♪ With skin like snow ♪
♪ Brought me here ♪
♪ She would like to know ♪
♪ ♪

Dutch, I'm almost at them.

Actually, I think I just found them.


Go, go, go, go, go!


Are these your database libraries?

They're so exposed.

That's really not appropriate.

Oh... oh, dear.

Pawter, hot damn, we're in.

Lucy got you access to the mood controls... try again.

♪ ♪

Okay, slide all the levels to zero.

That should put the mood control to neutral.



♪ ♪

They can listen to you now, so tell them to stop eating those damn rations and stay away from the wall, because it's still powered and lethal.

[sighs] People of Old Town, I need you to listen to me. Do not eat any of the food the Company sent you. It's poison.

♪ ♪

Gun on stun. Tunes for fun.

♪ When I was a cowboy ♪
♪ Out on the western plains ♪
♪ ♪
♪ When I was a cowboy ♪
♪ Out on the western plains ♪
♪ ♪

There he is!



♪ I made a half a million ♪
♪ Pulling on the bridal reins ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

Enjoy the nap, kids.

John, I've been all through the system.

We have a problem.

Jelco doesn't have clearance to kill the wall.

I need a Qreshi master code.

Do you have one?

No, but I know how to get it.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

We're right in the middle of...


You. What are you doing there?

Trying to bring down your stupid wall.

Doesn't seem to be working.

I'm a little worried some good people are gonna die trying, so you win.

What do you want, Delle Seyah?

What is it gonna cost to bring down the wall?

I need that code.

Oh, darling.

I may be a power whore, but I go for a finer coin than you could ever give.

These things have been in motion since before we were born.

What are you talking about?

Fine. Jelco's weak.

I will make him talk to Council.

Would this be before or after they see evidence of your involvement in the murder of Arune?


Still the same insufferable martyr from our school days.

And you're still a bully, but you're not crazy.

You cannot kill off half a town.

People will find out.

Exactly, some sort of mad plague ripping through Old Town.

Quarantine will be suggested, then begged for, once they too begin to fall ill.

Rolled out town by town, wall by wall, sheep by sheep, for all of Westerley.

You see, individuals are clever, but masses are stupid.

They'd much rather close their eyes and hear the lie than open them and see the knife.

What happened to you, Delle Seyah?

I grew up...

Did what had to be done, which is more than has ever been asked of you.

Don't do this.

It's done.

Even if you save this one town, you can't save all of Westerley.

Let it go, Pawter.

No one will fight for Old Town...

Not when her people won't even fight for themselves.

♪ ♪

John, Doctor Simms' heart rate is spiking.

Pawter, you okay?



She won't give me the code.

I wish you were here.

I am.

We'll have to free Old Town some other way.

What about the other ones?


What about all the other towns, John?

Delle Seyah's planning rations for the whole mood.

Millions will die.

How do we save them?

I don't know.

But we'll figure it out together, okay?

I'm coming to you as soon as I can.



♪ ♪

Johnny, it's a maze down here.

Keep going, Jelco's just one more level down.

I'm seeing a lot of activity, though, so be careful.

I'm getting Pawter, so you're on your own.

♪ ♪

[unintelligible chatter]

♪ ♪


In Spring Hill?


As I'm sure you can appreciate, we're on a strict timeline here, and it's fools like you that are slowing us down.

No more excuses.

You do realize that I can very efficiently demote you.

[gun charges]

[high-pitched tone]

♪ ♪

Lucy, transmit Quad-wide.

I need everyone to see.

Some of you know me as Doctor Pawter.

Some of you know me as Illenore Seyah Simms.

I'm Qreshi-born, but I'm Westerley-made.

Everything the Company has done since that wall went up is a lie.

They've caged you. They've poisoned you.

And now the rest of Westerley needs to see the truth before it's too late for them too.

You have to fight.

You have to take down the wall.

♪ ♪

Show the entire Quad your rage.

♪ ♪

I'm sorry. It's the only way.

Everyone needs martyrs.

♪ ♪

Look at it.

It's not just a wall, it's a cage.

It's all your pain, your loss...

All the Company's lies.

Hate the wall.

Fight the wall.

Break it down like it broke you.

♪ ♪

Forgive me.

[indistinct shouting]

♪ ♪


[loud zapping]

[indistinct shouting]

System overload.

[somber music]

♪ ♪
♪ I still see through you ♪
♪ I ♪

[indistinct shouting]

♪ ♪
♪ How could I let go? ♪
♪ ♪
♪ How could I let go? ♪


I told them we needed more than one Squad for the changeover.

Look, no harm, no foul.

Let me go, and I'll forget the whole gun in the face thing.

What the hells is going on?

Those beds, the plasma?

How should I know?

I'm just a cog in the machine.

Then start talking, cog.

It's a whole new program.

I set up the wall, deliver the rations, then I move on to the next town...

The next wall, apparently.

More towns?

The Company isn't trying to make slaves.

They're making sixes...

A whole moon of them.

Oh, we're just middlemen.

Hey, we got to go.

Whoa, whoa, what happened?

[dark music]

Why is the wall set to "rage"?

♪ ♪


What did you do?

♪ ♪

[alarm blaring]



Breach of Spring Hill.

Repeat, breach of Spring Hill.

Dutch, the wall is down and Old Town is coming to Spring Hill.

Hey, we got to go, now.

♪ ♪

Uh-oh, Old Town broke your pretty wall.

Out of time, Jelco.

I know something.

The green plasma...

Do you have any idea how important it is?

I thought you were just a cog.

Well, I am.

Knowledge is what keeps a cog like me alive.

Would you like to know where the rest of it is?

There's more? Where?

[scoffs] Westerley is just the beginning.

There's more than you could possibly imagine.

But if you want to know where it is, you're going to have to save me.

Well, that's horrifically familiar.

We got to get out of here. It's crazy out there.

There's looters everywhere, and not the cuddly kind.


We gonna do this?

Take the shot.


We got to get Jelco out of here.


I'll explain on the way.

Just take the way we came in.

Wait. We can't.

The lower levels are flooded with Old Towners.

They'll tear him to shreds.

I got another idea. Let's go.

♪ ♪

Okay, it was a bad idea.

I'll get you the time you need... go.


It's the only way.

Please. Stick to the plan.

Don't even think of dying.



Next one's in your head.

You can't have him.

You can't shoot all of us.

Get her!

[all grunting]

Got her. Get her out of here!

Find Jelco!


[dark music]

♪ ♪

So... one more time.

Are your partner and Jelco still on Westerley?




You know you've only got about ten pints of that, right?

Maybe I'm just an overachiever.

Do you know who I am?


Thug leader of a bloodthirsty mob.

Your mother must be proud.

She was.

You know, before the wall went up, I was treasury secretary, Miner's Union Local 289, under Tarren Tighmon.

You remember him?

He's the guy you tracked down for Jelco, so that he could shoot him like a dog.

I was doing my job.

Jelco lied to us.

After that, they took out every union chief, every steward, until there was just me...

And all the good people I'm responsible for out there.

♪ ♪

Do you even know what that's like?

Having people to protect?

♪ ♪

Fine. If you won't talk to me, who will you talk to?

[indistinct shouting]

♪ ♪




Hey, Dutch, it's okay.


No, Johnny...

Dutch, I'm here.

Nerve cuffs. Stop touching me.


When this is done, you and me are gonna have a lot of words.

How long has it been?

Since you took me from Spring Hill?

Ten hours, why?

Maybe Jelco's in...


Your ass.



Dutch, what the hells?

Worth it.

You're a friend.

Maybe she'll tell you the truth.

Fine, but alone.


I hope you have better luck with her than I did...

For her sake.

[somber music]

So... are you gonna tell me what's going on?

♪ ♪

So your crazy bitch got herself in a heap of trouble with city folk.

What's it to me?

Oh, she's fun.

Oh, I know... shut up.

Look, if it's too big of a job for you, we can find someone else.

No, you won't. It's impossible.

Spring Hill's got mag-shields up the wazoo.

Screws with all the targeting systems.

Well, that's why he's here.

He's got the security codes.


He's right. I do.

And the wazoo.

Plus, my toys ain't cheap.

Well, that's also why he's here.

He's got major Company money, and he'll sign it over to you.

That's also... wait, no, I won't do that.

No, that's my nest egg.

Oh, yes, you will.

Or what? You'll shoot me?

Well, good luck getting the codes then.

One second, please.

I didn't say you die quickly.

And a trader like Borna...

She'll take things other than money.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I needed to buy D'Av time.

Spring Hill should be ashes soon.

Yeah, small flaw...

You'll die from blood loss by the time it actually works.

Yeah, well, I wasn't exactly planning on Mr. Union Dick and his amazing bag of micro-leeches now, was I?

Hey, you always plan on micro-leeches.

It's rule number one.

I love you, Johnny.

Whoa, we don't talk about our big girl feelings in public.

Sorry, massive blood loss and nerve cuffs brings out the sentimental bitch in me.


♪ ♪

You always go with your big, stupid heart.

It scares me.

That's why you got into all that trouble with Pawter.


Well, Pawter can get into her own trouble.

♪ ♪

She took down the wall by having people run at it until it shorted out.

♪ ♪

She made them do it.


People died.

There are two kinds of people who can take down a wall like that: those that die on it, and those that kill for it.

Don't assume you know which one you are until you face that moment.

And since when do you take Pawter's side?

Since I know what it's like to need you.

♪ ♪

There's a monster inside me, Johnny.

And it's angry, and it's hateful.

And you're the only one who stops it from coming out.

That's why I've been so scared to lose you.

I just want you to be happy.

What makes me happy is to live in a world where I can have my Dutch and eat my Pawter too.



That... that got weirdly sexual.

Yeah, no. It's just, we're not baked goods.

I know that.

I just meant...

Everything is gonna be fine.

♪ ♪

I promise.

♪ ♪

Please, tell him what he wants to know.

[door opens]

Time's up.


I'll tell you where Jelco is.

I sent him away with my partner, and I've been stalling ever since to buy them time to blow up Spring Hill once it was evacuated.

[foreboding music]

You only get one shot, boys.

Make it count.

I'll be happy to do the honors.

Not a chance.

Just put in the codes.

♪ ♪

Why do you get all the fun?

Why would you want to blow up Spring Hill?

Because it's being used to turn Old Town survivors into immortal killing machines.

That's the best one yet. I'll give you that.

Am I bleeding?

♪ ♪

[weapon charging]

[weapon blasting]

[exciting music]

Best job ever.

♪ ♪

[loud rumbling]

She hangs... now.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.

She told you what this is all about.

She told you the truth.


So she played you.

It happens.

And now you're gonna suck it up, and you're gonna let her go.

Johnny... you don't whip up an angry mob and then just tell them to go home.

One way or another, someone was always gonna hang.


Nobody hangs today.

Crowd wants blood, son.

Hers, yours, with a rope or bullet... they don't care.

It's gonna take a lot of your blood, too, 'cause I'm not leaving this woman's side, ever.

Well, I hope you're not doing all this on my account.

Be a waste to spill so much blood when I'm here to negotiate for Westerley's independence.

So just like that...


Well, after Seyah Simms here broadcast that horrific scene in Old Town across the Quad, don't I suddenly get a call from over 30 mining chiefs whose towns will go into open and violent revolt if the Company tried to put up another wall anywhere near them.

Needless to say, I know when I'm beat.

[dramatic music]



You okay?

It's all right. I'm all right.

Good, 'cause you look like sh1t.

And growing up, they said that he was the ladies' man.

Is our friend safe?

Yeah, he will be if he shuts up for ten seconds.

Just keep him on Lucy and don't mention him to anyone here.

And don't drink the water.

We'll need to take this to the people of Old Town.

Of course... we'll draw up an accord for us all to sign.

I wouldn't trust anything she does.

Which is smart.

But that's why I came alone.

No bodyguard even.

You won, Pawter.

I didn't know you had it in you.

Your mother would have been very proud.

Don't talk about my mother.


You two need a second alone here, or...

It's too bad she's not here anymore.

But you are... for now.

What does that mean?

It means, Pawter Simms, the freeing of Westerley will cost the Company trillions.

But it will cost you something even more dear.

♪ ♪

So all of Westerley saw what happened at the wall.

That's why you did it.

That's what made them stand up, but that doesn't make it right.

And when we sign the accord, I will answer for what I've done.

Okay, but you don't have to do it alone.

I mean, I can talk to...

Johnny, no.

You've already risked too much.

You can't keep doing this.


This is, like, an entire day of the women I love telling me what I can and can't do.

It's not really as fun as it sounds, Seyah Simms.

Well, when the accord has been signed, you won't be calling me that anymore.

Why not?

Because the deal Delle Seyah made is that if Westerley gets all this, I have to give up my title, my land, my place on the Board...



'Cause I beat her.

This is her way of making me pay for that.

You can fight this.

I don't think I want to.

I'm done playing politics, Johnny.

It costs too much.

I have to go back in there.

Hey, hey, hey.

[pop music]

As long as I have a home, you have a home.

Maybe you could be our doc on the ship.

We could use one, we get hurt a lot, which is maybe not the best recruitment speech, but...

Are you serious?

Well, I was kind of hoping to settle down with Qreshian royalty, but...

[laughs softly]

You know.

♪ ♪

[calm music]

♪ ♪

Old custom.

♪ ♪

I've heard of this.

How charmingly disgusting.

Thank you, Doctor Pawter, for freeing Old Town.

If you're sure, Seyah Simms.

♪ ♪

Oh, Pretty-Pawter...


No, no, no, no, no!

Kill them all.

[dark music]

♪ ♪

Pawter... you're fine, you're fine.


Oh, sh1t, sh1t.

Hey, it's okay, it's okay.

[all grunting]

Pawter, you need to tell me what to do, okay?

Stay with me.

Tell me how to help you, okay?


It's gonna be okay.

All right?

They won't stay down!

[all grunting]

[dramatic music]




♪ ♪

Come on!

There's too many. We gotta go.

Hey, no, she's gonna be fine.

Johnny, we have to go now!

They're Sixes.


Sorry, buddy.

He even handed over the knife like you said he would.

Old habits die hard in Old Town.

Give me the other one.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


How could you?

Your own people...

You're not my people.

What did she offer you?

Only what we all want, Herin: to live forever.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

What will you tell the rest of Old Town?

What they need to hear, of course.

Old Town, she loved you as you loved her.

She was our bridge from Qresh to Westerley, from my people to yours.

I pledge to be that bridge now.

Before she died, Pawter did manage to write this, a Qreshi peace agreement.

Let there be no more walls between us.

We are one... forever.

And nothing will ever tear us apart again.

♪ ♪


All right, Lucy, get us out of here before the Scarbacks catch up.

As soon as Jelco tells us where the rest of the plasma is...


I let him go, but we had some fun first.

You idiot.

We have just lost the best chance we have to save the Quad.

I don't think Khlyen would agree.


What does he have to do with this?

Guess you'll just have to come with me to find out.

He's waiting.