02x09 - Darkest Hour

(playing jazz)

(indistinct chatter)

Hey there.

I'm not a photographer, but I can totally picture you and me together.

Funny, my fiancé says the exact same thing.

Lucky guy.

Lucky girl.

(phone rings)

Please say you'll be here soon.

Man: What are you doing here, man?

(men shouting, grunting)


(grunting, blows landing)



What's going on? Where are you?


Nick, what's happening? Where are you? Nick!

Pick him up.


(line ringing)

Come on, baby. Pick up. Please.

Hey, this is Nick. You got the dreaded voicemail. Leave a message.

Nick, it's me. Where are you?

What's going on? Call me back.

Please. Call me back.

(gasping, groaning)

What the hell?

♪ NCIS:New Orleans 2x09 ♪
Darkest Hour
Original Air Date on November 17, 2015

♪ Bang, bang, bang, bang ♪
♪ Boom, boom, boom, boom ♪
♪ How, how, how, how ♪
♪ Hey, hey ♪
♪ You gotta come on. ♪

Sure could use my Mr. Woobie right now.

Your Mr. What?

You know, Woobie.

It's the night light shaped like a turtle.

Projects stars on the ceiling.

♪ Someone's afraid of the dark ♪

I am not.

Here it is.

(siren wailing in distance)

(Lasalle muttering)


God, watch my head, dummy.

Oh, sorry.


Pride: You two find the transfer switch?

Working on it! Working on it!

All right. A, B, C, D. Here we go.

We got it!

Who is “we,” Kemosabe?

News anchor: According to the mayor's office, the citywide blackout plaguing New Orleans began at the 12th Street Substation and is believed to be connected to construction work at the...

Let there be light!


Or not.

Damn backup generator.

100 bucks to anyone who can get that thing up and runnin' for good.

Bring it.

Oh, I brought it.

Go for it, guys.

Any word on the outages?

Most likely canal work hit a snag. Shut down the grid.

Yeah, well, just a matter of time before all that construction wreaked havoc.

Ask me, it's the people of the city that are wreaking havoc.

A buddy from NOPD says they're flooded with calls.

Woman: Mr. Dwayne.

Frankie. What is it, honey?

I didn't know where else to go.

It's okay.

No, it isn't.

It's Nick.

I think he's in trouble.

Okay. Let's start at the beginning, when the call came in.

Yeah. I could hear him, but he couldn't hear me.

You know, like a pocket dial.

And you heard yelling?

It sounded super intense.

There was shouting and some kind of struggle.

Okay. And then the phone call ended.

I kept trying to call him back, but I couldn't get through.

Well, that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Cell phone towers are jammed from the blackout.

No, I know. But it's just weird he hasn't called back.

You said there was arguing.

Was Nick supposed to meet anyone?

No. He was supposed to meet me after his shift ended on base.

Said he had a surprise.

Nick called. It came in at when?

Maybe 6:45?

My phone's dead.

Oh, yeah? Let me see.

I was so panicked. I didn't know what to do.

Coming here, you did exactly the right thing.

Here you go.

(kettle whistling)

There's no reception.

Give it a sec.

Towers are overloaded.

(phone chimes)

Oh, my God, he called.

There you go.

(weakly): Frankie, it's me.

If I don't make it, just know I was trying to give you everything.

I love you.

If he doesn't make it?

What does that mean?

Doesn't mean anything yet.

Let us do our work.

Okay? And you just stay right here.

We're looking for a Petty Officer Nick Benton.

Recruiter assigned at Belle Chasse.

And engaged to Frankie.

She also happens to be one of my daughter's oldest friends.

And according to Frankie, Nick was last heard from shortly after the blackout.

That puts us at just over two hours.

Power outages, base is following strict security protocol.

We won't be able to get on.

Left word for Nick's C.O. to get here ASAP.

Filed a missing person's report with NOPD. Backlogged.

Fusion center's a mess, too.

Imagine the entire city's overwhelmed.

Best thing you can do right now...

...get that generator up and running.

I'm on it, King. And not because I want to beat the pants off of Percy.

Brody: Laurel and Frankie are close?

Since second grade.

Thick as thieves those two.

Kind of young to be engaged, yeah?

She's a good kid.

Had a tough upbringing.

Mom, Camilla, strong lady.

Struggled financially.

Died a few years ago.

Brody: Her father?

Never knew him.

So she's on her own.

Till Nick.

Three years ago.

At the Navy Birthday Ball.

I brought Frankie and Laurel as my plus-two.

Soon as Nick asked her to dance, she just lit up.

Been together ever since.

Best thing that ever happened to her.

Patton's got something.

Patton: So, I lift the voicemail off your girl's phone, trying to isolate where her fiancé made the phone call, get my ping on.

Network's a mess.


It's like Bloody Mary's booze cruise on a Sunday.

(Sonja chuckles) The Internet is down, the towers is jammed.

Town's a damn technological wasteland.

But never fear, Triple P's nothing if not adaptable.

(chuckles) Watch and learn something, sister.

I was trying to give you everything.

I love you.

Wait. Hold on.

Doesn't end there. The message goes on.

(rhythmic thumping)

Car wheels. Driving over something.

Listen to the intervals.

(rhythmic thumping continues)

It's consistent. Like a pattern.

Wheels rolling over expansion joints.


There's a ton of 'em in Jefferson Parish.

Listen to this.

(train whistle blows)


It's close.

Only bridge in Jefferson Parish with railroad tracks...

Huey P. Long.

Lasalle: Keep those headlights burnin'.

It's him.


Contact JPSO, Loretta, and his command.

And notifying next of kin?

That's a call I got to make myself.

Night just got a whole lot darker.

Contacted JPSO and JP Morgue.

Traffic lights are out.

It'll take Wade at least an hour to get here.

Meantime, we got a head wound.

Forehead, just above the left eye.

So, uh, what we know, Frankie got a pocket dial, heard Nick fighting.

Left this message before he died.

Wallet was still intact.

Nothing was stolen.

That's not entirely true.

Shoes are missing.

Now, who do we think might need a pair of shoes?

Sonja: Check that out, Lasalle.

Now, that's a serious fashion don't.

Lasalle: Hey, pal.






Turn over. All right.


Easy, buddy.


Oh, yeah. We got to talk.

You do this for a pair of shoes, Mickey?


He was already like that when I found him.

If you didn't kill him, why are you covered in blood?


I tried to help him.

No, it's not safe.

It's not. No. Shh! Shh.


What's not safe?

The monster.

They always come out in the dark.

So a monster did this to Petty Officer Benton?

Dragged him down to the water.

I wanted to help.

By stealing his shoes?


No, he would've wanted me to have them.

Mickey... maybe you're the monster.

No! No!

No, I would never do that.

I would never hurt anyone!

Hey, it's okay.

Hey, hey, hey.

Tell us about this monster.

He was big.

And, uh... hulking.

(panting) O-Okay, okay.

Uh, with wrinkly skin.

Pen and paper.


Want a pen and paper.


Navy S.O.

Nick started calling me that after we got engaged.

Significant other.

I never thought I'd be that girl.

One with the ring on her finger.

He wanted a big wedding.

All the bells and whistles.

Fancy tablecloths, five-piece band.

I fought him on it tooth and freakin' nail.


Told him we should just go down to city hall.

Figured wedding's are for family.


I kept thinking about the church.

His side full, mine practically empty.

My mom's gone.

No dad to walk me down the aisle.

Thought about asking you.

I would've been honored.


Pride: Appreciate you coming back in the middle of the night, Loretta.

Ah, considering who the victim is.

Poor Francesca.

I'd imagine Laurel's a wreck.

Yeah, she's in Houston visiting her mother.

Hopping a flight as soon as the airport opens back up.

Any leads?

Homeless guy, but I... I don't think he's good for it.

Dark soul, but not a killer.

Mind the candles.

Generator's keeping the drawers cold.

So, in conducting my autopsy on Petty Officer Benton, I've concluded that the cause of death was a subdural hematoma, caused by blunt force trauma to the head.

Petty Officer Benton also suffered severe lacerations of the forehead.

Poor Nick.

Based on the shape and diameter of the contusions, I suspect the weapon was a heavy metal instrument with a sharp edge.

The weapon also left this imbedded in the tissue.

Appears to be metallic fiber.

Sebastian doing his thing?

Yeah. Beware the head lamp.


Oh, hey.


Light's kind of intense here, buddy.

Oh, right. Sorry.

What do got going on in here?

Oh, you know, blackout's got me flexing the old imagination.

I've been recreating the mine cart chase from the end of Temple of Doom.

Did you know that the cave formations' rock in those movies were just tin foil spray-painted brown?

I did not.

Yeah, the magic of movie-making.

Yeah. How about the magic of crime solving?

Oh. Even better. So, uh, these are the fibers pulled from your victim's head wound.

The EDS detector's still down, so... all hail magnets.

The non-magnetic flakes-- those are aluminum.

And judging by the tint, these are probably steel.

But I'm not gonna lie.

All this old-school chem lab stuff-- it's really getting my juices flowing.


Yeah, uh, just, uh, basic grade.

Found in electric motors, transformers, inductors, headphones, printers, scanners, coaxial cables, dishwashers, refrigerators, you know.

So, basically... everything.

Yeah. Determining the exact aluminum alloy would help narrow it down a bit.

But with the blackout, I can't even power up the XRF Spectrometer.

Okay, okay, so, why don't you let me know when you find out something.

You got it.

And, hey, to get out, you must take the left tunnel!


Smooth move, Indy.

(electrical pop)

Hey! Aah!

Pride needs to scrap this piece of junk.

Just call me Ms. Woobie.

Mr. Woobie belonged to my brother Cade.

He'd keep it in my room 'cause he didn't want people to know he was afraid of the dark.

(distant sirens)


He'd come into my room when the lights went out, count the stars on the ceiling.



Now if you don't get this generator up and running, that C-note Pride promised is gonna be mine.

Yeah, we shall see, Percy.

We shall.

Don't suppose you had any luck with Mickey?

Oh, well, only if our killer's a genetically-mutated frog.

It's no frog. Gargoyle.

There's only one place in the city to find him.

(lively music playing)

Sonja: Whoever heard of a blackout party?

You know, the lights go off, and people act like it's end of days.

Excuse me, sir.

At least they're having a good time.


Yeah, it looks nice on you.


♪ ♪

Looks like the monster was in uniform.

Y'all need anything?

Yeah. Can I get, uh, some mace and a Zombie apocalypse kit?


Ever seen this guy?

I know him.

Came by here last week.

He and Dex got into it.

Sonja: Who's Dex?

Man: Declan Shane.

One of the bouncers here.

Now define “got into it.”

Woman: Arguing. Shoving.

Man: He's in the middle there with the beard.

Dex threw the guy out.

We'd like to talk to this Dex.

So would we.

Blew his whole shift off.

Never showed up tonight.

Lasalle: Declan Shane has a long record.

According to N.O.P.D, he's been in and out of Orleans Parish Prison for burglary, carjacking and armed robbery.

You name it, the guy's stolen it.

We've got the search warrant.

Guy's around the corner.


Pride: Clear.

Brody: Clear.

We're clear back here.

Declan's been busy.

Pride, you got to see this!

What the hell am I looking at?

Maps of the city's electrical grids.

Avondale 12th Street substation.

It's where the blackout started.

Brody: Guys?

Murder weapon.

Pride: Heavy metal, sharp edges.

So, it's possible...

Nick's murder is connected to the mother of all blackouts.

City's been through more than its share.

Blackouts, floods, storms.

Sometimes it brings out the worst.

But then, just when you think you've figured out how it's all gonna go, a stranger brings your cat back to you three months after the storm.

Then stays to help fix your busted-up roof.

That's new Orleans.

Doesn't take electricity to light it up.

You're Agent Pride, right?

Yes, sir.

Bart Johnson, lead on the job.

Hey, Bart, know you're busy.

Understatement. Just when we get power back up in Marigny and Bywater, lose it in Central City and the Garden District.

Well, we have questions about the blackout.

About time someone does.

This was not an accident.

Somebody cut the gate over there.

Saw that.

Did a hatchet job on the cables.

Oh, ballsy.

Bastards were smart.

Avoided the security cams, had all the right gear.

Industrial cutters, just like those.

Sonja: Pride? Look familiar?

Pride: Murder weapon did double duty.

Those easy to come by?

Yeah, sure.

Real key, though-- these.

Puppies carry 13,000 volts per.

Go near 'em unprotected, fry yourself like a damn green tomato.


Fibers look like the ones Loretta took from Nick's head wound.


Cutting these cables caused the entire city do go dark?


Station only powers one square on the map.

Damage caused a cascade failure.

Station got overloaded, rest of the grid fell like dominoes.

So, whoever did this was targeting one specific area.

What were they after?

Streetcar roundhouse, shipping dock, some bars and music joints.

And one high-secured warehouse that happened to get broken into shortly after the blackout.

Bonded warehouse, actually.

Our space caters to high-profile, high-end collectors-- anything from art, antiquities, cars, fine wines.

Oh, it's a shmancy warehouse.

What type of security do you employ?

Only the most cutting edge.

3-D cameras, retina scanners, heat-sensing biometrics.

All things that failed during the blackout.

Looks like the thieves bucked your system.

Here's the unit.

Yesterday, there was close to two million in antique furniture.

(whistles) Wow.

Must've been a sweet set of La-Z-Boys.

A rare and highly sought after 19th-century French Revival library collection.

We're gonna need info on the owners.

An inventory of everything taken.

Not sure we can accommodate that.

Privacy is our hallmark.

Solving a murder is ours.

I will get you that contact information.

Thank you.

Techs found some tire tracks outside.

Got some soil residue.

Thinkin' it was a big truck.

Well, that makes sense, given the size vehicle needed to clean this out.

Gonna get them to pull prints off the door.

Probably gonna be the owners of the unit.

Or Mr. It's-A-Shmancy-Warehouse.

(laughs) Get everything to Sebastian.

We'll get you the info on the owners.

Grab Brody. Pay them a visit.

You got it.

Man: Dad spent half his life collecting those pieces.

It's okay, honey.

My husband passed away recently.

Lung cancer.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Gordon made his fortune in real estate, but his real passion was rare antiques.

Collection was Dad's legacy.

Meant the world to him.

Is there any chance we'll get some of it back?

That's not really our jurisdiction.


So, then, why are you here?

Trying to figure out how the robbery ties in with a murder.

This petty officer was killed.

Doesn't look familiar.



How about this guy?

That's Dex.

He's a bouncer at The Gargoyle, the club I promote at.

And how well do you know him?

Not well.

Grabbed the occasional beer, talked about girls, sports.

You guys ever talk about family?

It's hard to say, but when you're Gordon Fontaine's son, it's not exactly easy to keep a low profile.

Our family goes back five generations in this city.

We're gonna need elimination prints from you and anyone else who might've come in contact with the furniture.

Anything we can do to help.

Okay. Tell me things.

Well, assuming our thief is Declan, he cased the Fontaine family by cozying up to the son, Toby.

Orchestrates a blackout to dismantle warehouse security.

Pulls the heist, goes on the run.

Yeah, but for the murder or the blackout?

Likely both.

The question remains, what does Nick Benton have to do with it?

That's where Triple P comes in.

Your girl Frankie dropped off her man's laptop.

I took a fine-tooth comb to the hard drive.

Did you get anything?

In addition to some of my mojo back... plenty.

Thanks to my own hot spot during the blackout, came up with this.

Looks like young Nick's developed an interest in the “good life.”

Over a dozen searches on the Fontaine family this past month alone.

Also, links to the Sotheby's catalogue and a slew of Web sites about old-time Frenchy furniture.

So Frankie's fiancé could've been in on the heist.

According to his C.O., Nick did two years rebuilding infrastructure in Baghdad.

Would've known his way around electrical wiring pretty good, helped orchestrate the blackout.

This case is going all kind of Ocean's Eleven now.

So, what... Nick and Declan are partners?

Declan gets greedy, doesn't want to split the take?

Just hold on, everyone.

Look, I've spent time with Nick.

He's been to my house.

But he's gotta be connected somehow.

(phones chiming)


He's got a lead on the dirt samples from the tire tracks at the warehouse.

Oil residue and seashells.

Offshore oil rigs?

Drill shipyards.

There's about six of 'em within driving distance of the city.

What are you waiting for?

We gone.

A heist? This is insane.

Nick wouldn't steal a pack of gum from a gas station.

Just trying to make sense of it all.

You mentioned he had a surprise for you?

I meant like a deal on a honeymoon package, not a felony.

Look, I don't know who this Declan Shane is, I don't know about any furniture, and I've never heard of the Fontaines.

But Nick was smart, funny and loyal as hell.

I agree with you.

But we're missing something, here.

On the voice mail...

Nick said he wanted to give you everything you never had.

Now, I know you and your mom had your struggles...

Nick and I didn't care about money.


We had each other.

Frankie... help me out, here.

Can you explain any of this?

Isn't that your job?

Numero seis.

Please tell us this is the one.

Looks like this might be your lucky day.

That's a big enough truck to hold a crap load of furniture.

Declan Shane.

No honor among thieves.

Check out those gloves.

Check the back.




Ladies, take a look at this.

Who steals $2 million of old furniture...

...just to destroy it?

Radio host: To all you battery-operated, candle-burning New Orleanians out there, enjoy the daylight, because darkness is right around the corner.

Fill me in, Christopher.

On the generator front, had no luck.

On the case front?

Brody and Percy are cataloguing what we found in the truck.

So far, we got this.

Along with Declan Shane's body, there's a boatload of smashed furniture, a pair of thermal gloves...

To go along with the bolt cutters recovered at Declan's house.

Likely used to cut the wires at the substation.

Not to mention consistent with the weapon that killed Nick.

But we're still short.

Need to know who put that bullet in Declan Shane.

Well, I looked into the truck.

Registered to a man named Manny Indonato.

Vehicle registration lists an address in Metairie.

So... three man job.

Things go south.

One of the guys, Manny, decides to get rid of the others?

Over what, the haul?

Nah, nah... loot was moot.

I scoured the black market.

Not one piece of ancient-ass furniture was offered up in the last 36 hours.

Well, how'd you get your Intel?

Oh, I had to go all Doobie Brothers on this one.

Take it to the streets, baby.

Nose to the grindstone, ears to the wall.

Bottom line, your suspects weren't ever hawking any wares.

None of it makes sense.

(phone chiming)

Loretta and Sebastian.

All right, I got this.

You two stay hot on the truck owner.

Let me know if Sonja and Brody turn up anything.

Wade: ...small caliber bullet was found in Mr. Shane's right temple, and the lack of defensive wounds or powder burns around the entry suggest the victim was shot at close range.

Likely knew his killer.

Seems that way.

What do you got, Sebastian?

Fingerprints, Holmes...

As in Sherlock Holmes.

That didn't really sound right at all. Uh, I've been, uh, dusting, printing, logging, comparing...

You know, there used to be a whole art form to this, back in the day.

With the automated fingerprint ID system down...

How about more show and less tell, dear?

Okay, right, sorry.

So I got prints from the truck, prints from the furniture...

I even managed to get prints from the inside of the thermal gloves.

Compared them to the prints we got off of Declan Shane.

All perfect matches except for one: the prints from the bolt cutters.

Which I was able to confirm was the weapon used to kill Petty Officer Benton.

Right. So you take Declan Shane's prints and you compare them...

Not the same.

So Declan was wearing gloves when he cut the wires at the substation, causing the blackout.

Yeah, but someone else must have handled the murder weapon with their bare hands.

Must've been our third man.

Oh, Third Man.

Orson Welles?

Film noir at its best.

It's great. This guy goes back to his old hometown, only to find that his old buddy is dead, so he starts concocting this kooky theory that maybe there's a third guy involved.

The whole thing is scored with a zither...

Brody: This is intriguing.

“Louis XV, also known as the Scoundrel King, hid countless mistresses at the Parc-aux-Cerfs”"

Damn, Louis was a player.

Like the Secretary de Pompadour, named after Madame Pompadour, one of Louis' frequent companions was configured with a secret compartment hidden by a double wall.

Secretary's a frou-frou name for a desk, right?

Look at this.

(tapping desk)

(booming knock)

It's hollow.

Hang on, I saw something like this on Antiques Roadshow.


Manny Indonato, the guy that owns the truck, alibied out.

So no third man?


Think we figured out what our thieves were after.

Found these letters hidden in the furniture.

Listen to this.

“My darling G, the baby's getting so big. Her smile reminds me of you.”


Gordon... Fontaine.

Wait a sec.

Is that...?


Fontaine is her father.

Which means she is one of his legal heirs.

I can think of someone who'd have a major problem with that.

Toby Fontaine.

Found our third man.

(knocking on door)

Can I help you?

You've already done more than enough.

NOPD went by Fontaine's house, checked the club-- no sign of Toby.

So if he's not here, he's in the wind.

You two take the back.

Sonja with me.

Pride: Got signs of a struggle.

Here we go.

Three, two, one.

NCIS, we're coming in!



(indistinct rustling)

Stay back!

Uh, Toby.

Toby: Stay the hell back.


Tell the other agents to get behind you.

Stay back!

All right, all right.

Pride: Easy, easy.

Get 'em behind you.

Come on.

They're coming.

Move! Is that all of them?

That's it.

Easy, take it easy.

“Take it easy”?

Stay back, all right?



I'm calm and collected, so you just stay back.

Okay, all right, all right, what do you want?

I want to get out the back of this house. Stay back.

Frankie, easy.

Toby, you don't need to take Frankie.

Stay back!

Just let Frankie go.

Don't move, all right?

I'm serious, I'm getting out of here right now with her.

You stay on that porch!

Stay on the porch!

Okay, it's okay, it's all right.

Toby, look at me.


Look at me, Toby.

Toby, hang on a second.

Just wait.

I'll take that.

Pride: Okay.

Brody: Love letters, want to read?

(scoffs) Look, some sailor shows up at the club, says he's tracking his fiancée's birth father.

Thinks she's my half sister.

Says her mother used to leave love notes for my dad in his library.

But I know what he was really after.


But it takes a lot more than a couple letters to earn your keep with good old Gordo Fontaine.

Lot of expectations, huh?

Can see how it seems unfair.

Some stranger comes in and takes what's rightfully yours.

Some b*st*rd my dad didn't even know about.

Ah, your father knew about her.

Kept these photos and letters locked away for safe keeping all those years.

Treasured them.

You hired Declan Shane to rig the blackout, break into the warehouse and make these go away.

But Nick was determined.

So when he followed you to the sub station, you killed him and dumped his body under the bridge.

Ooh, nice theory.

(door opens)

Sonja: Elimination prints you gave us-- dead match.

No longer just a theory.


Pride: Miss Fontaine, we could use some help here.

Where did you get these?

You knew about them?

Not the letters.

The... the affair.

Camilla worked for us as a housekeeper.

Gordon found her charming.

He took her under his wing.

I didn't pay it much attention.

I was a new mother.

Exhausted and overwhelmed.

By the time I... realized what was going on, I... well, I figured let Gordon have his fun.

Eventually, he'll tire of her, come back to me.

Then she got pregnant.

I threatened to leave.

But Gordon didn't want a scandal.


He begged me to stay.

So I did.

On the condition that he let her go.

And that was over 20 years ago.

Somehow the past always manages to catch up to us.

She must be, what, uh...

20, 21 now?

Camilla was quite the beauty.

I imagine she is too.

She is.

Frankie: My mom never told me who my father was.

But she'd tell me stories about him, how he loved art and books, how she'd leave him letters in the desk.

But I thought she was just making it up, you know?

Like some fairy tale you tell a kid before bed.

Must have believed it a little.

Told Nick about it, right?

Guessing this was his surprise.

Give you everything you never had.


Thing is-- family is what you make of it.

Sometimes it's simple.

Most times it's not.

Pride: Thank you.

I don't know if I can do this.

She's lost her son.

Husband before that.

You lost your mom and now Nick.

Possible there's a version of this where the two of you salvage the wreckage together.



Brody: Thank you.

Wow, I don't even mind that it's warm.

'Cause we earned it.

Lasalle: You got that right.

Sonja: And boom.

Lasalle: Hey, hey, hey.

Handy Mouse is in the house.

Yes, she is.

Pride: Oh, there's light!

(everyone laughs)

Got to hand it to you, Percy. You win.

Pride owes you a hundred bucks.

Damn straight.

But the truth is...

What the hell, man?

Hey, I kind of like the blackout.

Reminds me of back home.

Simpler times.

Aw, listen to Country Mouse waxing poetic.

Brody: Yeah, I'm with Lasalle.

I kind of like the mood lighting once in a while.

Thank you.

King, what about you, where do you stand?

Think maybe...

I'm ready for some light.

Sonja (laughing): Yeah.


Yeah. (chuckles)

Fair enough.

So, Percy...


Lasalle: Oh no.

Yes, sir.

Was that the electrician from the sub station I just saw leaving?

Lasalle: Oh!

From the Handy Mouse to the Shady Mouse.


Well, you know, I think the point is...

Uh... that light is a good thing, right?

Well, I'll drink to that.

(everyone laughs, whoops)