01x04 - Future Danny

Male narrator: This is Danny. His life changed forever when visited by a time-traveling worm.

Are you from the future?

[SPITS] You know it!

Male narrator: One boy, one worm! These are their adventures.

1x04 - "Future Danny"


[CRUNCHING] Nice shot!

Great aim, just like your future self.

[GASPS] You know my future self?

Yeah, your future self rules!

You got to meet him.

I'd love to.

I got so many questions!

Then ask him.




[LAUGHS] Future-Worm!

Secret handshake?


Danny: [CLEARS THROAT] Excuse me.

Hey, Future Danny. It's me!

You, your younger self. I have so many questions for you.

Like do my wildest dreams come true? Are my...

[STUTTERS] In time, all will be answered.

Now look away while we do our secret handshake.

Ooh, I wanna do the secret handshake!

No, no, no, no, no. The consequences of a double-Danny handshake could be catastrophic!

Yep, that could get real messy.

Um, okay.

Thanks, dude.




[LAUGHS] Yeah. All right.

Hey, kid. Why don't you go grab us some more cheese, chips and cherries.

All right, but then we need some "we" time.

I got some questions that need answering, man!

Oh, questions, blah-blah-blah, wah-wah. [BOTH LAUGHING]

You totally sound just like him.

Okay, here they are.

Dude, you forgot the cherries and cheese!

Aw, man!

No worries. It's time for...

Robo-Carp 2001. Now what?

Add some cherries and cheese to these chips.


We've been cherried and cheesed!

Put us down!

Um, nope.

Both: Weak!

Ooh, I got an idea.

Hey, Robo-Carp 2001, meet Robo-Carp 1.0.

Robo-Carp. I have a grand-pappy?



Oh, goody! Can we play catch, Grand-pappy?



I think this calls for a secret handshake.



Wait, I thought you said that'd be catastro...