01x02 - Safe

♪ ♪


Cute place. I guess.

♪ Keep on choogling ♪
♪ Keep on choogling ♪
♪ Keep on choogling ♪

You know, your brother's my guy for spotting cheats.

And there's nobody better, but I don't think even he could spot that. Could you spot that?

One second. What the f*ck is your boss doing here?

Look, I told him.

You told him?

You told him what?

I think he could help.

Just listen for a second.

I'm sorry. I... I don't really understand.

What? You need some money?

I'm here, Marius, because I heard that you were taking down a cheater.

And I don't like cheaters.

And he's good, Marius.

You've seen him play?

No. No.

But he's been playing for years.

All right. All right.


You good?

I like to think I am.




That too fast?

No. Row.

I don't know what my brother told you, but, we're not looking for card players.

What are you looking for?

What everybody's looking for deep down in their hearts: money.

What's the buy-in?

Gold Circle's 50.

You get a quarter cut and a T-shirt.

Diamond Circle, you get half the take, your name in the program.

f*cking program?

Hey, you give me a hundred thousand dollars to stake the play, I'll print the program.

You know, as much as I would love to have one of your imaginary T-shirts and programs, I don't invest in cons.

I've been playing this game since I was a boy.

My aunt Georgia taught me.

She used to say poker was for boys.

Bridge... [tongue click]... that's for grownups.

3 of diamonds.

Oh. You're good.

You got that it's a number card in red, but you're not great.

It's the 6 of hearts.

Sorry you came all this way, Vince, for nothing.

Try the cherry pie.

Marius, wait. Wait.

Eddie... Eddie...

Just give him a second. Won't you just listen?

Let me go talk to him.



Come on, Marius.

Jim Brown was number 32 in Cleveland and 44 at Syracuse.

Syracuse and Cleveland it was.

You know he was also a great lacrosse player?

Maybe you pushed Vince too hard back there?

He's gonna call before we get in the cab.


Come on, man.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

[phone rings]



He's in for a hundred.

False alarm, buddy.

[floor creaks]

[engine starts]





God damn it.

You okay?

Yeah. Just a leg cramp.

You like what you see?

Yeah. Oh. Uh, no.

Get out.




You don't get to see this anymore.

You got this place all to yourself?

Yeah. Vince makes a call, they open up.

His games go all night.

Sometimes I need a break from all those assholes leering at me, like you're doing right now.

Where's Eddie?

Running the big table.

Oh, he doesn't know he's a prisoner?



Not yet.

Vince has a big player.

He's ahead, and Eddie's his favorite dealer.

Why do you want to know where Eddie is?

Are you thinking of grabbing him?

Vince has Richard on Eddie.

He doesn't let him out of his sight.

Why does Vince have his guys looking for me?

You ran before.

Vince doesn't want to hurt me.

Well, he wants to know where you are.

Winslow, however, he wants to kill you.

Vince is not gonna let Winslow do anything.

Oh, yeah? You don't think Winslow can come up with an excuse, say that you went for a gun?

How are you gonna get a hundred thousand in a week?

I've pulled down more than that before.

Yeah, with a crew and a solid play.

You at least got a place to lay low, work the cash?

I got a place. I don't know how much cash I can get.

They have a safe, but... as far as I know, it's collecting dust.

I'm surprised you didn't just run.

Oh, without Eddie?

Karolina, he's my brother.

You wanted to know where Eddie is. Now you know.

If you'll excuse me, I need to relax.

I also wanted to see you.


Did you ever stop to think about what happened to Charlie could have happened to me?

Every second, everyday.

Did you talk to Marjorie?

Three f*cking years I survived.

I'm not going to risk that.

You have ten seconds before I start yelling again.

What country are you from?

f*ck you.

You could have said Poland.

Don't tell Vince I was here.

♪♪ [drum beat]

♪ It's getting hot around here ♪
♪ I keep tryin' to just make my way ♪
♪ It's no lyin' ♪
♪ I'm only tryin' ♪
♪ Just trust in me ♪
♪ Trust in me ♪
♪ Just trust in me ♪
♪ Trust in me ♪
♪ Just trust in me ♪

[door buzzes]

♪ Every time ♪
♪ You're feelin' fine ♪
♪ Feelin' fine on the finish line ♪
♪ Sometimes you know ♪
♪ When it's time to let go ♪
♪ When the going gets rough ♪
♪ And you've had enough ♪
♪ Hit the chicken switch ♪[i]

♪ When the prize ♪
♪ In the game... ♪[/i]

Well, not yet, but his people told me he was looking for a good game, and I run the best game in town, so...


Ah. Don't worry about it.

That's all right. Next time.

No, no, no, no. There's always a place at my tables for you, Mr. Mukherjee.

Hmm? Yeah.

He's not coming.

God damn it.

I almost had him when I told him Affleck was playing, but... he's such a starfucker.

So you're rested and rejuvenated?

Yes, I am.


All right.

I love hockey.

I love Amanda. I love supporting her dreams.

Yeah. And you love coffee.

Yes, I do. And I love you.

Have a good day.

I'll be home for dinner.


All right.

Who's picking me up?

I am.

Have a good practice.

All right. Hat trick day.

Ha ha. Go get 'em.

[engine starts]

[door closes]

It's just me.

I said it's just me.

Why do I have the gun?

So Amanda's playing hockey now, huh?

You got to get up at the crack to get that...

She mentioned you the other day.

Said "Whatever happened to that guy"

"who was around before Brendon?"

Couldn't remember your name.

Maybe because she hasn't seen you in five years.

Well, you... you told me to leave.

That's how you remember it, huh?

I recall you, uh, dumped me for someone younger and prettier.

Well, she wasn't prettier, but she was better at accents.

And then there was her biggest selling point.

She didn't adopt a kid.


So five years gone. Wow.

In the joint?


I heard about Charlie.

Not the particulars.

[sigh] Anyway, I'm sorry.

I don't have any money, Marius.

Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm not asking for money.

Then what are you asking for?

Uh, uh, I need you to backstop me with my parole officer.

I was supposed to check in a couple of days ago, and by tomorrow he's going to be on fire.

No. I don't want to have anything to do with your narrative. No.

You know, I don't want to have to tell Brendon you're running a con.

I'm not running a con.

Sure you are. Look at you, you know.

You're pretending to be some suburban housewife, cooking casseroles...

Thank you.

... and pot roasts and sh1t.

Okay. Well, according to that definition, everyone would be running a con.

Fine. f*ck. I'm running a con.

But you know what? This is a con I plan on running for the rest of my life.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to threaten you.

Yeah, you did.

Okay, I'm just desperate.


You should have led with that.

Write down the details of the play.

Keep it simple.

You know anyone driving a black Grand Am?

Force of habit. I always clock the cars on the block.

I haven't seen that car before.

The place I'm staying, there's some suspicion.

What? I... I don't want your sh1t coming here.

You know, it's really not a big deal.

Hey, I'm going to need a favor.

Oh, for f*ck's sake.

That thing you did in Wichita.

Do you remember that?

Are you f*cking serious?


Thank you, universe.

[rooster crows]

I wonder what he's been doing for the last 20 years.

He said insurance.

Well, he wasn't in insurance when he was a teenager.

We don't know anything about him except who his father is and who his mother is.

Who knows how far he fell from that tree?


I know he snuck out last night.

He hit a squeaky floorboard and went out the window.

I never heard him come back.


The house is still very quiet.

We'll see what the doctor has to say about that.

I'm not dead yet, for Christ's sakes.

This is going to be a really sad last run if Dr. Geffen says that's off the table.

It's not all about you, Otto.

How do you think I'd feel if you kick it when you're on top of me some night?

Nobody says you can't be on top.



Good morning, Pete.

Good morning.

How'd you sleep?

Oh, well, you know, I'm still getting used to the bed a little bit.

Eggs will be up in ten.

Actually, to be honest, Grandma, I, uh...

I didn't sleep at all last night.


I snuck out.

I didn't want to wake you, so I...

I went out the window.

And I... I borrowed your truck.

I went to the city with it.

I drove to White Plains to... to visit a friend.

Uh, and I am so sorry.

I'll pay you back for the gas.

All you have to do is ask, Pete.

There's no need to sneak around.

I know. I know.

We have an old beater you can use to get around whenever you need.

Well, thank you.

Hey, I got a question for you.


Whose room am I in?

You don't remember?

I know that it was either my mother's or my aunt's, but I can't remember which.

I, uh... I just... I know that there was a, uh, an access to an attic in one of the rooms, and Taylor and I used to go up there.

We would, uh, set up our mad scientist lab and, you know, mix together potions and all that.

Do you remember that? Yeah.

You made an unholy mess up there.

Well, we were mad scientists.

Uh, the attic access was in your aunt Lila's room.

This was Maggie's.

You changed it.

Yes, I did.


Julia: You look tired.

Studying for the exam.

Oh, yeah? How's that going?

It's going.

Did you know in the state of Connecticut, for a pickle to be considered a pickle, it must bounce?

You studying to become a food inspector?

Taylor's going to take his detective exam... again.

Well, at least he's trying to accomplish something.

She was just joking, Audrey.

I was?

So when are we going to head to Pine Top?


Uh, yeah.

Whenever you... Whenever you want to do that.


You remember when we... we blew up that old truck?

Right? With all that... that stolen dynamite?


Do you remember that?

My sainted brother broke the law?

No, I... It was...

We blew up a paint can with a firecracker.

Oh, Grandpa, I was hoping to leave Jacob with you while I went to the shop today.

I knew you'd forget. I told you I have to take Otto to the doctor this morning.

When are you going to line up some day care that isn't your grandfather?

I don't mind.

I don't mind.

We'll come over to the shop right after.

Hey, you know, I can go with Julia and watch Jacob.

You know, I got to learn the job.

You ever babysat a 2-year-old?

Yeah, I find that with their first beer, they're really easy.

[phone rings]

[singing on radio]

Hey. What do you have?

Uh, left your place around 10.

Drove to the city. Parked in Chinatown.

A woman came out... beautiful, money.

Stays there, mm, an hour and then drives to a house in White Plains.

Stayed there till about 1.

Slept in the truck a few hours.

At least I assume he... he slept. I know I did.

Uh, a little before dawn, he goes into a house, into a house, meets with a woman for a bed.

Heads back to the party.

He clocked you?

Probably. I'm terrible at this.

He told me he skipped out, took my truck into the city.

I wondered if maybe he knew he'd been followed, was trying to play off my suspicions.

Whatever you're thinking your long-lost grandson is up to, he is in a situation.

What kind?

The oldes... well, the second oldest.

The woman in White Plains is Katie Boyd.

Husband is Brendon Boyd.

Pretty sure your Pete is bumping uglies with Mrs. Katie Boyd.

You want me to stay on him?

Uh, maybe I just picked up on the cheating.

Set off my alarms.

Yeah, you do have a pretty good instinct in that regard.

How much longer do I have to keep doing sh1t for you?

I mean, I'm not asking for the exact date, more general.

Oh, I don't know, Sam.

I'd say you have to keep doing what I ask you until you pay what you owe.

I thought you were getting ready.

I'm ready.

Julia: Miss Trotosian, I've talked to his lawyer and the jail.

Bring all the documentation and the check, and we should have him out after lunch.


Well, my whale thinks he's a big shot, so we got to treat him like a big shot, right?

I don't make up the rules.

Who's the whale?

His name is, uh, Charles McGregor.

He, runs... well, he ran a small, very successful hedge fund, and now he, uh, plays bridge full time.

Uh, another Wall Street asshole playing bridge, huh?


So what's the play?

We draw him and his partner into a high-stakes game.

We let them win for three weeks in a row, and then we clean him out.

How does he cheat?

What is it, a cough code, or are we playing footsies like the Italians?

Uh, yeah, it took me a while to figure it out.

At first I thought it was like the Norwegians, right?

But then I noticed how he moves his cards when he's sorting.

The first card he moves indicates the suit.

If he moves it all the way to the left, it's spades.

Second slot is hearts, so on, so forth.

Second card indicates a number, which he moves to the right.

Ah, very good.

Good eye. Okay. Saying you're right...

I am right.

Which, well, we'll see.

I'm right.

I still don't see the play.

I mean, how do we cheat the cheater?

We can't leave it to chance.

No, no, no, no. No.

I never leave anything to chance.

No, I got... I got an inside man.

Not a man but a woman.

That's you.

Yes, it's me.

Thank you for choosing Bernhardt Bail Bonds.

We know you have a choice when it comes...

[click, dial tone]

Whoo-hoo. Another $200.

We're saved.

I got a question I've wanted answered for 20 years.

What's in the safe?

No, I just... I just have a memory of all of us wondering what was in there.

Oh, just say it.




You don't remember rublies?

When we were kids, I said there might be gold and diamonds and rublies.

Oh, right.

I thought there was an L in it.

That was hilarious.

Yeah, for you.

Called me rublies for a week.

I was just happy you were calling me anything.


Yeah, well, so there's no gold and rublies in there, huh?


Life was better when we were 10.

Yeah, it's mostly collateral.

Some jewelry, silverware, a rare book once. Why? You thinking of robbing it?

Well, not if that's all that's in there.



Uh, I got a couple of people coming by later to fill out paperwork and drop off a check.

Thought I'd take Pete with me out on rounds.

Jacob's down for his nap.

Snacks and juice are in the bag.

And, uh, thanks.

Our pleasure, sweetheart.

How was the, uh, the doctor, Grandpa?

Oh, he said I was fine.

He said you shouldn't exert yourself.

He said I shouldn't exert myself any more than any man my age.

And how old are you?

25 when I look in the mirror.

♪ Surprise ♪
♪ Let go ♪

You didn't tell Grandma about Persikof, did you?

Oh, I will. Soon.

Some day.

Maybe on her deathbed.

Or mine.

The way things are right now, I'll probably check out first.

What happens now with Persikof?

Well, Connecticut and New York fight over him.

New York probably wins, murder trumping tax evasion.

Right, but New York doesn't know Connecticut has him, right?

You didn't tell Taylor about the New York warrant, and I'm pretty sure Persikof didn't say anything.

What are you thinking? You're thinking something.

Does Persikof get another bail hearing?

This morning, but it'll be short.

Bail will be revoked because he skipped.

Okay, so this is... this is where it gets a little complicated because I... I quit my insurance job so abruptly, my former boss is being slow on my last paycheck, and, because I was living hand to mouth...

You want money? We're broke.

No, no, no. I'm just saying.

If new... new bail is granted, then, you know, maybe... maybe I... I... I get half.

New bail? This guy's beyond a flight risk.

But this time is collateral, you get, you know, uh, his mother's house.

I could give you 10%, tops.

But it better be a brilliant plan.

It's a real...

Let's hear it.

Okay. So we go to Persikof's lawyer...


What, you know him?

I do. Long story.

Can you get past it?

I can try.

And now it's got to be the best plan ever.

It starts with a simple question.

What if Persikof didn't skip?

But he did skip.

Humor me for one second.

How much additional bail would be set?

I don't know. Uh, 100,000, 150.

Which means you would get another $10 to $15,000, right?

When the judge asks why you skipped, what do you say?

I didn't skip. I got the dates wrong.

What did the police report say?

Whatever that awful bail woman said is a lie.

Uh, well, you know, the police report didn't say much. Why?

Nothing about New York?



Is there something I should know about?


Excuse me.

I'm guessing you're mad at me.

Why would I be mad at you, Lance?

I was just trying to help you out.

A client with bogus collateral.

Okay, now, I didn't know that.

Wanted for murder in New York.


You gonna pretend you didn't know about that?

You honestly think I would send you a murderer?

Nothing you could do would surprise me.

Is that why we're here?

That's not why we're here, right?

Who's he?

Hi. I'm Pete.

Pete Murphy.

Who is Pete Murphy?

My long-lost cousin.

Yeah, okay.

If you have anything more to accuse me of, can you make it quick?

My client's bail hearing is about to start.

We know, and before it does, we'd like you to ask your client a question about what happened the other night.

See, I got hit in the head, and my mem... my memory's all scrambled up.

I can't remember if we were running your client to ground because he was trying to skip or if it was all just an innocent mistake.

I can't remember if your client took my cousin's gun and his mother suggest that he shoot her or if it was all very amicable, ending in me unfortunately but innocently suffering a blow to my face.

So if you could just ask your client which version is correct.

Honestly, I just want my memory back because, in the end, is there anything more important than memories?

Yes, there are more important things, like not getting disbarred.

Oh, Lance, you know, if you don't feel like you can sell it...

Oh, Cousin Pete, you really think goading me is going to work?

No. I'm not...

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

You owe me.

Bailiff: All rise.

Practice your signals.


Yes, sir.



Going on a break.

Yeah, yeah. Good idea.

I'm gonna grab a Sixer and watch the game.

You want to come?

Ah, no. I'm gonna...

Sit here and worry?

Yeah. Well, one of us has to, you...

All right.

Hey, go easy tonight.



Vince: So, Karolina.


Where do you live?


Oh, yeah? Can I give you a ride?

That... That is most appreciated.

Sure. Here. It's a little chilly out there.

Let me help you with it.

You know, that accent of yours.

When I was a kid, I had this mad crush on Natasha from "Bullwinkle."


What is, uh, Bullwinkle?

What is Bullwinkle?

You didn't have Rocky and Bullwinkle...


... the cartoon in Slo...





You see, when I say it, it sounds like the armpit of the universe, but not when you say it.

It just sounds like Utopia.

Stop it.

No, I'm not kidding you.

You're too much.

I'm too much?

But do tell me, what is this Bullwinkle?

Bullwinkle was a moose.

Hey, pal, you got the time?



Hello, Eddie.

My name is Detective Frank Winslow.

I know the con you and your brother are running.

I also know you don't tell the truth.

The next time you get this close to an alcoholic beverage, it'll be when your cellie shares the wine he just made in the toilet.

We just made $20,000!


Oh, I can't believe Judge Banks bought it.


I got a question.


If the company's so strapped, how do you guys post bail?

That's where the line of credit comes in.

Oh. Right. Yeah.

Okay, so what now? You take the money?

You put it in the safe with the rublies?

No. After they finish the paperwork, I get a check and deposit it in the bank.

Okay, so for my cut...

And then you get your cut.

Worth every penny.

Very smart play, Cousin Pete.

But I was wondering if I could get that in cash if possible.



The Persikofs have decided to bond out with A&B.

A&B? They... They... They can't do that.

We... We had a deal.

We had a deal, you and me.

But they just fired me as their attorney.

I'm sorry, Julia.

Lance, you better run now before I punch you in the dick.

Julia, I just...


I'm going, but I am walking.

Is he the guy with the suits in the closet?

We had Jacob.

We were together another year, and...

And then he cheated on you.

Yeah, you should have punched him in the dick.

So now what?


I have to go tell Audrey.


This is new.

I've already said it to you on many occasions.

It appears to have had no effect.

I'm sorry, Audrey.

So you've said before on many occasions.

Well, okay, then.

What I don't get is how you could in good conscience risk your brother's career.

Here we go.

You want to perjure yourself, that's one thing.

I didn't perjure myself. I didn't testify.

Taylor put a man in custody wanted in New York for murder, and he doesn't know.

When this comes out, it could ruin him.

I did it for Taylor.

And you and Grandpa and Carly.

I'm just trying to keep this sinking ship afloat.

And admit it. If it had worked, you'd have been thrilled.

But it didn't work, did it?


At least not yet.

Maybe we can salvage something from this sow's ass.

Get Persikof to switch back to us.

Let me get my purse.

Thanks for jumping in and sticking up for me, Pete.

I'm not suicidal.

Thank you for agreeing to see me.

We have a lot in common, you and I, both having children who... well, the old term was "wayward."

I had two daughters.

One's still alive... Pete's mom.

God knows where. We haven't spoken in 20 years.

The other one, my dear Lila, was killed in a car accident with her husband 12 years ago now.

Lila's daughter was in school when her parents died.

She dropped out, went to the city, put half of Peru up her nose, had a child out of wedlock.

Anyway, I know what it's like to have...

Let me stop you there.

I know what you're doing... trying to tug at my heartstrings, using your grandchildren as props.

But it would really be best for all concerned if you just f*cked off.

Before I go, I want you to think about two people.

Two people.

Joe Paterno and Bill Cosby.

Uh, maybe it's my age, but I've been thinking a lot about how some stories end.

Who could ever imagine that the beloved Paterno...

JoePa, for God's sake... would end his days in such a shadow?

And then there's Cosby.

Bill Cosby. Look how his story's ending.

Are you threatening to ruin my son's reputation?

Your son's reputation is already ruined.

And his story will no doubt end with a heart attack in prison or a bullet to his head in a winter's field.

No, Mrs. Persikof, I'm talking about you.

In one version, you convince your son to have us bond his additional bail, and your story goes on as before.

You're the Employer Of the Year, loved by her community.

In the other version, you f*ck us over, we sue you and your son in civil for what happened the other night.

And at trial, everyone in the tri-state area finds out that you told your son to shoot my granddaughter, and that will be just the beginning.

We will drag you through a hellscape of public humiliation until you either decide to try to start over somewhere else or you make the smart decision... and sit in your garage listening to some soothing light jazz on the car radio while the engine runs and you await the sweet release of death.

Cheating b*st*rd.




The gun is hard to get to.

That's because you're a f*cking fat-ass, Charlie.

Hey, hey, you told me to put on a few pounds.

Few being the operative word, not a shit-ton.

Look at you.

Stop it.

Stop it.

All right, let's do it again.


Oh, you know, I think you should scream a little louder.

You know, a guy gets shot, all right?

All right, all right.

All right.

All right.

All right.

Uh, all right, from the pull.

Okay. Ready?


Wow. What a performance.

I mean, really, really captivating.

Hey, how you doing?

Good. How are you?

Yeah, I'm good. Uh...


Th-this is, uh...

Marius, just don't... don't bother. You're blown.


f*ck, Marius, I'm sorry, man.

This f*cking cop bribed me, and he said he knew...

Eddie, he's not a real cop.

No, actually, he is a real cop, but he's an expensive one, too, but that's what quality costs.

It's not my fault, Marius.

Vince already knew.

Well, no, I didn't know, but I had a pretty good idea.


Slovenia? Slovakia? You said both.

I only said Slo-Slovenia.

Did you hear that, Eddie?

Did you hear how she stuck to her guns?

You never drop the con. She's a pro.

Oh. By the way, what's the capital of Slovenia?

Oh. Beep. Time's up.


I-I'm sorry, Mar...

No, it's okay. It's okay.

Vince, I...

I know you're upset...

Upset? I don't...

I don't think I am.

I mean, do I look upset?

No. See? I'm not upset.

I'm just... I'm just...

I'll tell you, though, I am very curious about how this was all going to go down.

So you were going to get me to keep putting my money on the table, supposedly drawing the whale in deeper, hmm?

And then the whale spots the cheat.

The cheat and the whale have what, a shoot-out?

That's it?



How do you get the money, though?

The cops come in, they arrest you, and... and before you figured it out, we...


... we get away.

Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.

So it's basically The Sting.

Yeah, it's loosely based on The...

Loosely based?

Hey, shut up, Eddie.

It's loosely based on The Sting.

Go with the classic. Why not?

Let me see the gun.

Show him the goddamn gun.

Charlie, show him the gun.

They're blanks. Jesus.

It's... This guy.

You know the problem with blanks, though?

They don't sound like a real bullet.

Here. Blank.

Now compare that to the real bullet.

Oh! Aah!


Do you hear the difference?

Oh! Aah!


Let me go over it again.


Here's the blank.


Here's the real bullet.

It's subtle, but it is there.

It has more of a... oh, what would you call it?

A solid pop sound.

Did you recognize that, Marius?

Could you tell the difference between a blank and a bullet?

[Karolina whimpering]

Could you?

Need time to think about it?

All right.


I don't need these.

All right, now listen.

If any of you idiots... think of taking this to the cops, let me remind you that I am me and you are you, right?

And... Well, frankly, we've already got the cops here, don't we?

So, Marius, let's get down to business.

Where's my seed money?


I don't have...

Speak up, I can't hear you.

I don't have it.

Where is it?

We... We spent it all in the...


... on this place and, uh, uh, hiring people...

So you got me... to pay for my own con?

You motherfucking genius.


Very clever. Well done.

Although it creates a problem for me because, you know, I really like money, especially my own money, so if I kill the three of you, then I have to write it off, and, you know, a businessman, that would just stick in my craw.

So... eeny meeny miny moe.

[imitating pointer clicking]

Oh, Eddie.


Oh, don't... don't say anything, okay?

Just keep breathing for as long as you can.

It'll make it easier.

I'm sorry, Eddie.

I am. I'm sorry, but I...


I'm going to have to... let you live.

[deep exhale]

I think I got him. Did I get you?

[laughing] No, I'm gonna let you live.

No, that's good news. Come on, wipe the tears.

Be a man. Hey.

You're a hell of a dealer, all right?

And the players all love you.

And you can spot a cheat like that.

Okay? So you're valuable to me.

I'm going to let you work off the hundred K.

It'll take a little while, but you stick with it. All right?

It's good news. Be happy.

[Karolina whimpering]


I don't know what...

I don't know what I'm going to do about you.

I was really starting to like you, but now that I found out that your accent is fake and...

I don't know how I feel.


Calm down.


I know exactly what I'm gonna do with you.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

f*ck you!

Ow! Ow!




Everybody! This is a robbery!

Get down on the f*cking floor!

Get down on the f*cking floor!

You! Now!




You can't go in.

It's a bank robbery. I'll go in and kill the f*ck before anyone gets here.

What if he takes a hostage?

[police sirens blaring]

Marius: Don't f*cking look at me.

Get down! Drop it! Drop it now!

On your knees! Turn around!

Get down! Get down!

Get on your knees right now!

Hands behind your back!

[siren blaring]

Hey, it's done.

Well, it's your money.

Thinking of running again, Abraham?

We've got your mother's house as collateral this time.

You really want poor Mommy to lose her home?

All the work I do, I'll just get another one in six months.

Oh, so you are going to skip.

I'm joking.

I'm not going anywhere.

Sure you are.

You're going to New York.

Max Peron?

How you doing, Max?

You miss New York?

Enjoy the sunshine, sweetheart.

You'll be seeing the underside of the grass soon.

I promise.

Abraham Persikof, aka Max Peron, you're under arrest.

Pursuant to Article 540-158 of the Connecticut Criminal Code...


Uh, no, I'm just trying to remember a number.

Give me one second, all right?

I gotta make a few calls.

What is that?

A leash for Hush Puppy.

Or that parachute cord that Dennis will get.

I thought you were making a noose.

[phone buzzes]

You can use it as a choke leash.

Hush Puppy doesn't get a goddamn choke leash.

Then it's a regular leash. Whatever.

Just put her on a leash.

[buzzing continues]

♪ Come on, baby, shake your body ♪

All right, let me see.

It's pretty damn cool, I'll give you that.


[sigh] Who the f*ck keeps calling me and hanging up? sh1t.

You know, I got to go, uh... soak it in water and stretch it out, let it dry and all that.

No, m*therf*cker, no.

Don't! Don't! Don't!

f*ck you!

God damn it, Eddie!






Maybe we should get Dr. Billy.

Dog bites can be nasty.

Yeah, we'll get Dr. Billy.

That looks like it hurts.

I don't know.

Is one dog bite enough for you to learn your lesson, Eddie?


You sure?


Yes, yes.

We'd better do the nose.


Ah, come on.

Oh, f*ck.

All right, hang on, hang on.

You know what? Something's really bugging me here.

I thought things between you and me were good.

I mean, you earned my trust the past few years.

I gave you your freedom.

And what? Now you're just... pew!

You take off?

If I was so freedom, then why did Richard sic Hush Puppy on me?

Well, there's free and then there's free.

No. Something happened, Eddie.

Why run now?


Someone got to you, didn't they?

It was Marius, wasn't it?

He got through to you, huh?

Sent you a warning or a little message or some code or something like that?

Huh? How did it go down, Eddie?

How'd he do it?

Richard: My phone.


Rang three times in a row.

A number I didn't recognize.


Okay. Now we're getting somewhere.

So we know Eddie was warned... by Marius, undoubtedly.

But... how did Marius know that Richie was watching Eddie?

He knows Richard's your best guy.

And he thought you'd put him on Eddie.

What I want to know is how the hell did he get my number.

I don't give out my number.


Come on, Marius.

Pass code?

First two numbers are double upper left... either two 1s or two 4s.

When Marius does a con, he gets every number he can.

He figured it out from that stinking Jim Brown jersey you never take off.

Jim Brown was number 32 in Cleveland and 44 at Syracuse.

Syracuse and Cleveland it was.

You know he was also a great lacrosse player?

That's a nice lift.

Yeah. I'll say.

Of course, boy, that memory of his is impressive.

Really, and that was three years ago.

Memory palaces.


He builds what he calls memory palaces in his head.

Memory palaces?

What the f*ck is that?

Sounds, uh, fancy.

All right.

What do we know?

We'll, uh, we'll trace the phone.

See if we can get a location back.

But, Marius being Marius, he probably thought of that, so...

I guess it's still worth a try.

You've been very helpful, Eddie.

Thank you.

Do the nose.

Oh, f*ck.

Thank you.

You earned it.

Hey, uh, I'm sorry about not sticking up for you earlier with Audrey.

No problem.

I'm still... I'm still just sort of catching up on things.

Was she always that mean to you when we were kids?


I used to get angry and fight with her, but nothing changed, so why even try?

You still glad you came back?

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Pete, your memories of this place... it hasn't been like that since... well, since you and your mom left.

I don't know what you expected to find, but it's not here anymore.

I mean, I'm a single mom with two kids by two different dads, making about $1.98 an hour working for a grandmother who treats me like sh1t.

Your cousin Taylor is a man-child who says he wants to grow up but still acts like a 16-year-old.

And then you have an actual 16-year-old cousin who thinks Taylor's the only one who knows she's been pinched a couple times for shoplifting.

Add to that the family business is circling the drain.

And... if I'd known you were coming, I would have told you to run for the hills.


[engine starts]

Because this family is f*cking crazy.

Uh, you can handle crazy for a few days.

All right? What about the safe?

They just keep collateral in there... jewelry and silver.

There's nothing even close to what I need.

You have six days until Vince removes one of Eddie's fingers.

I... I know that. All right? I know that.

That is not a lot of time to go somewhere and start from scratch.

I was thinking Atlantic City.

There's got to be new people in the casinos that don't know me, right?

I saw Karolina.

Well? How did she seem?

She seems scared.

She still doesn't want to talk to you.

We might not get her, Marius.

I know how much you want to pull off the Turk, but, um,

I don't think we can do it without her.


Oh, my God.

You scared the sh1t out of me.

What are you doing?

You're really leaving this time.

Aren't you?


Uh, I'm not leaving.

What do you mean?

Don't lie to me.

I can't stand all the lying.

You, uh...

Hey, don't worry.

They've been asleep for, like, an hour.

Uh, I don't...

It's mellow.

I'm not...

No paranoia.

Okay. Yeah. Give it to me.

Can I come with you?


I'm just...


I'm just going into the city.

I'm just going into the city tonight.

A few months back, if I'd had the combo to that safe, I'd already be long over the horizon.

I say that, but...

Grandma and Grandpa have one dead daughter and... another that's dead to them.

No offense.

Me running with their money wouldn't kill them.

Well, you probably wouldn't get too far with jewelry and silverware, right?

The collateral?


That's nothing. I'm talking about the cash box.

The what?

They still think I'm 6 and don't know what they're talking about, but they bonded a guy out a while back, and he put down the entire bail amount in cash.

Right now there's, like, $150,000 sitting in that safe.