01x03 - Mr. Success

Stole that man's watch right there.

Why don't you go talk with him?

I'm looking for a guy who may have come in a couple days back.

Bartender thought he may have sat with you.

What's with the sunglasses, bro?

You got a light sensitivity or something?

Trying to look cool over there?

Oh, sh1t.

You speak to him?

Y-Yes, I have.

You need to get your eye checked out now.

You sure it was him?

Yeah... Yes, okay? I've been waiting for someone to come talk to me. I called 911.

Nobody seemed to give a sh1t.

This fuckwad stole my wallet, cell phone, and my watch.

He mention where he was headed?

Yeah. He wanted me to help him figure out how to get to Albany, which is bullshit, right?

You're not going to steal my stuff and go to the place where you tell me you're going.

But I know where he's going.

You want to know how?

I really just want to know where...

As soon as I realized he pinched my sh1t, I went out there. I started asking questions.

I spoke to Donnie. Donnie said he saw him walking to the bus station, which is good because I know Gary over at the bus station.

He sells tickets. Gary tells me he remembers him, that he bought a ticket nowhere near Albany.

Where was he going?


Who the f*ck goes to Bridgeport, Connecticut?

Apparently, this guy.

[speed dial, line ringing]

Hey Cole, you sit in the parole office.

I got to go to f*cking Bridgeport.

♪♪ [drum beat]

♪ It's getting hot around here ♪
♪ I keep tryin' to just make my way ♪
♪ It's no lyin' ♪
♪ I'm only tryin' ♪
♪ Just trust in me ♪
♪ Trust in me ♪
♪ Just trust in me ♪
♪ Trust in me ♪
♪ Just trust in me ♪

Man: If you want your life to change, you've got to change.

If you want your life to get better, you've got to be better.

You've got to commit to success.

You've got to say "Okay", "this is what I want,"

"and this is how hard I'll work to get it."

♪♪ [rapping in Spanish]


[pounding on door]



[pounding continues]

The door.


Who's there?

Room service.


James Bagwell. Remember me?

Oh, sh1t. Ohh!


Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What... Stop. What are you doing?

You can't come in here.

No, no, no.

You are wrong, little sister.

I actually have the legal authority to go anywhere Mr. Putnam goes.

I'm bleeding, uh.

Are you?

Aw, you banged your head, huh?

Looks like it hurts.

What are you doing here?

Hey, hey.

Get off of him.

Sit down.

Don't touch him.

You... Hey. Shh.

I told you, brother, if you don't come to your parole officer, your parole officer will come to you.

Dude, I reported.


That's funny because I just left the halfway house where you were supposed to live, and they told me they have not seen your ass for a week.

No, that's bullshit.

You remember when you first came to my office?

I asked you, "Do you want to be an eagle", or do you want to be a sh1t bird?"

And you said...

I want to be an eagle.

You got to be what you say you're going to be, which you aren't.

You got to do what you say you're going to do, which you haven't.

Spike, come on, man.

You know the terms of your parole strictly prohibit use of illegal substances.

I... I got a prescription for that.

Good for you, sweetie.

But guess what. Mr. Putnam doesn't.

I am not here to argue.

I am in the business of making eagles, and you... what you are, my friend, is just a sh1t bird.

Man on tape: We live in an age of instant gratification.

We're like junkies chasing validation.

And as soon as you get that hit, we go chasing after the next one.

But once you get grounded in who you are, those results will start coming to you, and you won't be able to stop them.

Pete. Sorry. Sorry.

I'm making eggs.

I'm late.

You need protein.


Morning, Pete.


You need protein.


Who's going to eat all of these?

Right here.

I'll take some eggs, please.

Of course, Pete.

And thank you for saying please.


Doesn't count when you had to ask.

Jacob's at day care, and here is the car seat and diaper bag.

Uh, did you feed the kids?

Of course I fed the kids. What kind of question is that?

I don't know, Julia. You're a single mother.

Your life is complicated.

How's my big school girl?

I'm not in school.

Grandpa, if it still okay for you to pick up Jacob from day care?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

We'll just come right back here, and we'll make a fort out of Taylor's old Lincoln Logs.


I have an errand to run.

Julia's going to open the shop.


Uh, he's going into the office with me.



Only way to learn the business.

[phone rings]

It's my old boss.

This could get ugly.

One second.

Bring me a couple eggs when you come back in.

Yes, ma'am.


Marius Josepovitch.

Uh, Josepovich.

James Bagwell.

Recognize the name?

Ah, no. I'm sorry. Who's this?

Your parole officer.

Hi Mr. Bagwell.

Are you aware we have a problem?

No, no. I...

Well, what kind of problem is that?

You got your release over 48 hours ago, Josepovitch.

Uh, it's, uh, Josepovich.

Two days out on parole, and you are already in violation.

You know, I could throw your ass back inside right now.

Right, uh, Mr. Bagwell, I can expl...

Save it. My clients call me Mr. Success. You know why?

Because I help them succeed.

Why, that's...

I can't help them unless they are ready to help themselves, so you have to decide.

You want to be an eagle or a sh1t bird?

Which is it going to be, Josepovitch?

I want to be an eagle.

You've got one chance. You meet me in my office today at 2:00 p.m. not 2:01, not 2:03 but 2:00 p.m.

Now say it back to me.

2 p.m.

Or I will violate you.

Bring your driver's license so you can get through security.

Okay. Thank you, Mr. Bag...


[recorded laughter]

You're going to need a coat.

It's a beautiful day.

It's going to rain.

The old war wound?

It's never wrong.

[door closes]

But I'm telling you it's not going to rain.

Have it your way.

You always do.

Get in. Come on.

Sit down.

Get that f*cking dog away from me.

Over here. There you go.

There you go.

I said sit down.

[mutter] f*ck you.


Needs to be f*cking babysat.

Not part of my job description.

Is there a problem?

Yeah, matter of fact.


You're in my space.

Wasn't my idea.

Doesn't matter.

As long as you're here, you're a guest, and being a guest comes with responsibilities.

First off, don't f*ck with my stuff.

You get curious about something, you ask me.

Second, I don't disrupt my routine unless Vince says so.

If that inconveniences you, that's too damn bad.

Finally, do not, under any circumstances, speak to me when my shows are on.

It's how I relax. End of a long day.

We clear?

Why are you pissed at me?

I don't even want to be here.

Are we clear?

We're clear.

How long do I got to stay?

Till Vince says otherwise.

Isn't Vince the one you should be pissed at?

Don't go blaming Vince.

Who should I blame?

I don't know. I don't know what he looks like.

I just have a name.

Ah. Here he is.

Ah. He calls himself Mr. Success.

Good. Okay, so remember that face in case he shows up at your door.

No, no, no. You promised me this was going to be simple.

Carrie, don't worry about it.

I'm close to getting some big money, okay?

How big?

There's a safe. It's full of cash

There's got to be $100,000 or more.

I'm going to get somebody to open it this morning so I can clock the combination, and then I got an appointment with Mr. Success at 2:00 this afternoon.

So you're going to run a con this morning and still get into the city to meet with your parole officer by 2? Bullshit.

Okay, so it's ten minutes to the train station.

Train to the city is 45 minutes, and then five minutes to the parole office.

That's an hour.

Then I set the alarm on my phone to give me an extra 15 minutes.

Katie, I got this.

I want to check the feed on your security cameras.

I'm looking for a guy.

Came into Bridgeport on the bus a couple of days ago.

So you've been arrested.

I beg your pardon?

Judge sets bail at $10,000, but you don't have it, so you come to us, and we do the rest, as long as you can cover the down payment and provide collateral.


So the collateral is... is what?

We've already gone over this.

Uh, jewelry, a car, a house.

You sign the deed over to us until the trial's over or the bond's voided.

So if it's not a house or a car, you just put it in the safe.

I don't put it in the safe. Audrey does.

You can't get in the safe?

Only Audrey.

She doesn't trust you?

I don't know if you've noticed, Petey.

She doesn't trust anybody.

She says it's for our own safety, so that nobody can force us to open it.

So you don't even have the combination to the safe.

Don't get me started.

[phone rings]

And here we go.


Pay attention.

Good morning. Bernhardt Bail Bonds.

[door opens]

Hi Mrs. Metzger.

Curb's painted again.

Oh, thank you, Pete.

Just put it down on that desk over there.

Is he being held in a...

So what happened with the curb?

Painted red so prospective clients don't know to park there.

Why would anybody do that?


A&B Bail Bonds. They're mad about losing the Persikof bond yesterday.

Somebody painted the curb again.

Yeah. Good thing you had the day off.

You can repaint it.

I'm not off.

I worked the second shift.

I just came by looking for Pete.

It'll only take 20 minutes.

So we still on, right? Huh?

Still on for what?


You said you'd go whenever I want.

I did?

What is this?

Office supplies.

And Pete's working today. He's learning the business.

Well, that sucks. I thought we had a plan.

Huh? Huh?

Give me the stapler.

Give me the stapler. Stop it.

You're getting staples on me.

Paint and the roller are in the utility closet.


So are we in a feud with A&B?

You could call it that.

Used to be another bond shop like us.

Everyone got along.

There was plenty of business, and we helped each other out.

Taylor even dated their daughter for a while.

Till I dumped her stuck-up ass.

Anyway, after Sean married into the family, that all changed.

Whatever else he is, he is not lazy.

Business took off, and pretty soon, they were buying out bond shops all over the state.

Now they're the biggest in Connecticut, and they're out to bankrupt us.

Libby Metzger wants to get her son out of jail.

Which one?

Troy, the baby.

She knows where we are.

Well, she's house bound with a broken ankle.

She wants to know if we can go to her to write the bail package.

I ran a new credit check.

She says she has collateral.

Okay. I'll go.

Knowing Libby, it's silverware and jewelry, same as before.

Well, if you want, yeah, I can go with you.

You can show me how to write up a bond.

I thought that's what we were doing here in the office.

Julia, don't begrudge me time with my grandson.

It's been 20 years for goodness' sake.

Yeah. Good.

The only thing is I finally convinced my former employer to release my final paycheck, so I just have to go to the city at 2:00 to pick it up.

Shouldn't take an hour at the Metzgers'.

We'll be back by 12:30.

Okay, asshole.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

So, Pete.


If we write an $18,000 bond check today, what's our commission?


And after taxes, rent, electricity, insurance, salaries, and gas, how long do you think we can keep the lights on for $1,800?

You had some idea we were rich.

All these years since we saw each other.

Who would imagine we'd be working together like this?

Pete, are you listening?

Yeah. Sorry.

We really appreciate you stepping up for the family.

Well, it's... it's what you do.

It's just, after all these years, so many unanswered questions.

Uh, ma'am?

Oh, here we are.

1,780, 1,790...

It's 1,800.

Now we need collateral to secure the bond.

Going to use the house.

Afraid we can't do that.

Sure we can.

Libby, you took out a second mortgage.

You don't have equity in the property.

It's all debt.

Told you, Mama.

Derek, shut up.

Look around. There's four walls.

There's a roof.

And it all belongs to the bank.

How am I going to bail Troy out of jail?

He got himself in there.

How about you just go out there and mow the grass like I asked you?

That's Troy's job.

You see Troy around here?


Excuse me?

No, ma'am.

He isn't here, is he?

We need $1,800 and collateral.

Didn't you have some wedding silver and jewelry?

Nothing she ain't already sold on eBay.

If I have to one more time...

[clock chiming]

... busted ankle or no, I'm going to climb up out of this chair and skin you.

Listen, Troy isn't going to run.

I guarantee it.

Libby, your word isn't enough.

I guess I'm just going to have to call one of those other bond agencies.

What's the one with the fellow on the billboards?

A&B. Heh heh.


Yeah, that dude is funny.

Nobody is going to bond Troy without collateral.

If he ran, they'd have to pay the court $18,000.

Excuse me.

Where'd you get this clock?

I don't remember.

It was Daddy's.

That's right.

That came from Mr. Metzger's family.


Well, this is a Shake & Irwin.

Shake & Irwin were famous for their grandfather clocks, but this is the only mantel clock they ever produced.

There's not a lot of these around anymore.

Have you had it appraised?

I never thought to.

Is it valuable?

Well, the ones that Mr. Shake made personally are.

You can tell because he carved an X on the bottom of it.

Yes, please.

Oh, my God. There it is.


Looks like Mr. Metzger left you quite the legacy there.

An original Shake in this condition is easily worth $22-$23,000.

There's your collateral.

We'll do the paperwork and have Troy home in time to cut the grass.

Ah. I don't know. That... It was Mr. Metzger's.

You'll get a receipt.

And we'll take it back to the office and put it in the safe.

You learned about clocks at that insurance company?

Oh. "Antiques Roadshow."



You hungry?


Let's get lunch.

You know, I'd love to, but I got to go get that paycheck.

Oh, have them send it to you.

[tires screech]

You know, Grandma, I think I am going to have to skip lunch.

I... They'll probably want me to have to sign for the... for the check.

Well, find out. Call them.

I... I think it's better that I...

Unless you don't want to be seen having lunch with your grandmother.

I didn't say that. Did I say that?

Then call.

[beep, speed dial]

Hi. This is Pete Murphy.

I'm calling for Sandy Loomis.

Uh, yeah. Sure.

Hi, Miss Loomis. This is Pete Murphy calling.

Yeah, I'm sorry to... to bother you...

Pete, let me.


Give me the phone.

Hi, Miss Loomis.

This is Audrey Bernhardt, Bernhardt Bail Bonds.

I understand you're holding a final paycheck for Pete Murphy.

Uh, yes, Miss Bernhardt, that is correct.

Is there any reason why you can't just mail that paycheck to him instead of making him go to all the trouble to come in and sign for it?

I'll need to speak to Mr. Murphy again to verify some additional information.

Of course. Hold on.


You're on speaker.

[sigh] Mr. Murphy, can you hear me?

Yeah. Yeah, I can... Yeah. That's it.

Yeah, I can... Yeah, I can hear you.

You have put me in a very awkward position here.

Well, I'm sorry about that.

I have new responsibilities in a new job, and...

Well, I'm sure you do. Well, then I don't see how I can say no, as much as I would like to.

Thank you very much. That's very gracious of you.

What would you suggest I do with the check?

You can send it to 6325 Quiet Oak Highway, Trumble, Connecticut, 06614.

Thank you.

Glad I could help.

Okay. Okay.

Now we can enjoy a nice lunch.

That's great.

I don't think Miss Loomis much cares for you.

Yeah, we had issues.

What's the play?

I'm not sure.

We should maybe keep moving so they don't clock us.

Ah, Farley, I'm just...

I'm just starting to think I'm just an old fool.

No, you're good people, Mr. B.

Letting me work the bond off like this.

You want me to drive around the block?

How about we just go pick up Jacob?

Whatever you say, Boss.

Uh, I have to... I have to use the bathroom, Grandma.

Don't need my permission.

[line ringing] - Come on, come on, come on, come on.

New York County Parole Office.

Hi. This is Marius Josepovich.

I had an appointment today with Mr. Bagwell at 2:00, and I've had a little bit of an emergency.

I was wondering if there was any chance to reschedule perhaps later today.

Uh, Mr. Bagwell doesn't like us to change times.

I'm sorry. Could you hold on for one sec? Honey, it's okay.

Everything's going to be fine.

That's my daughter. She was really upset.

I apologize.

No problem.

I've got an 8-year-old. I know how it goes.

Actually, it's my stepdaughter.

She's uh... She's 10 years old.

Uh, sorry. What was your name?


Well, Liz, we were walking home from school today, and my daughter found the most adorable little calico kitten you've ever seen in your life. I don't have to tell you how little girls are with kittens, right?

Darcy has a kitty.

Well, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, this little guy was hit by a car.

Oh, no.

Oh, yeah.

And we're at the animal hospital right now.

He's in surgery, but...

Honey, I'm just telling the nice lady what happened. Anyways, I'm just wondering if there's, uh, at all any chance for an appointment later this afternoon.

Let me check his schedule.

Thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you.

[pounding on door]

Man: Yo! Come on!

Occupied! Sorry.

He has an opening at 4:30.

4:30's great.

That's perfect.

Uh, the name's Marius Josepovich.

Now I have to confirm this change with Mr. Bagwell.

You don't need to call me unless there's a problem.

[phone beeps off]


Funny you asking about Mr. Josepovich.

You're telling me that was him just now?

Mm-hmm. Rescheduled his appointment to 4:30 this afternoon.

You always used to say tuna made you feel barfy.

Well, that was 20 years ago, Grandma.

That's right. People change.

You're not our little Pete anymore.

You know, the bail business isn't all that complicated.

Anyone can learn the nuts and bolts.

But there's one instinct that separates the great bail bondsman from the rest.

What's that?

You got to be able to look a prospective client in the eye and ask yourself "Is this someone I trust?"

Sometimes the numbers add up.

But a little voice in the back of your head says "Something's not right."

And if I trust this person, 'I'll regret it."

Is there something you want to ask me, Grandma?

I can't help but wonder, Pete.

Your grandpa had his stroke, and then suddenly you break a 20-year silence.

You always thought we were rich.

So I can't help wonder if you came back looking to take advantage of us.

[phone buzzing]

You're right, Grandma.

I did hear about the stroke.


Well, for the last several years, I've been thinking about the summers I spent here.

You remember what it was like... that green, that shade of green.

It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

And the tire swing.

It used to break every summer, and every summer Grandpa would fix it.

And the apples.


Apples just aren't the same anymore, Grandma.

Not since we lost that old tree.


I'm not going to lie to you.

I was in a really bad place.

I did things that I was not proud of.

I was really empty inside.


I went on Facebook, and I found Julia.

Just read her posts because I... I was sort of ashamed of who I'd become.

And then one day there it was.

"Grandpa had a stroke."

I knew that I could never forgive myself if I didn't reach out.

Just took me a while to figure out how.

That's the God's honest truth.

Oh, Pete.


I'm so sorry.

Can you give me one moment, please?

I'm sorry.

[buzzing continues]


Josepovitch, this is Mr. Bagwell.

I heard about the kitten, and it sounds like bullshit to me.

But you got yourself rescheduled, so let me be clear.

If you're not in the waiting room at 4:30... not 4:31, not 4:33... at 4:30, you go back to jail today.



Every kiss, every moment that we had was a lie.

Is that what you want me to say?

You're playing head games? Is the baby Nick's or not?

Woman: Let your brother handle this...

I have to take Hush Puppy for a walk and go to the pet store. Stand up.


Aah! What... Dude...

Put your hands behind your back.

Dude, what the f*ck? This is ridiculous.

It's not ridiculous.

Where am I gonna go...


And your feet.


I'm just an opportunist at your father's...

I'm not going to excape.

Oh, absolutely.

... just wanted to be a part of your family.



I just want to meet my child...

Oh, don't you think that's just a little bit excessive?

Look, what am I gonna... Mm!

Enjoy your show.

Doesn't matter anyway, does it?

Let's go, Hush Puppy.

Because whether this baby's yours or Adam's...

Come on, girl.


Come on, girl.

Uh, just put it down on that... that desk over there.

Sure, yeah.

Uh, I'm opening the safe now, so you can step... step over there.

Oh, sure. Yeah.

Oh, hey, you guys are back.

Safe's open. Stay there.

How was the field trip?

It was good.

He found an antique clock we're using for collateral.


Sounds like he's a natural.

Well, you're a natural, too, Julia.

Just a different kind.


Uh, Pete, how about, um, walking me down to the corner?

I got to get some diapers and stuff.

Yeah. Sure.


I've got... Go ahead.

I'm just going to put my feet up for a few minutes and then go get Mr. Metzger out of jail.


[line ringing]

I've left you several messages.

I need you to call me back.

I was supposed to be out of this by now.

Promise me you won't fire me when you take over.

What do you mean?

You're the great white hope of the bail bond business.

Oh. Yeah, well, I'm sure we can work something out.

Well, nothing inappropriate because, you know, we're cousins.

Obviously, yeah.

I'm going in here.

I got to get some cigarettes.

I thought it was diapers.

Yeah, I didn't want a lecture from Audrey.

Hey, Julia, I'm not going to take your job.

I think you're really good at your job.

You're just being nice.

Come on. Is this the face of a liar?

Just wait here. I'll be right back.


Oh! Ohh!

Hey, Grandpa. How was your day?


Jacob's having a nap.

I've been playing with him all day.

I tuckered him out.

You hungry?



[muffled shout]

Is Vince here?

Is Vince here?


Is Vince here?

Is Vince... Is Vince coming?

Welcome to Pinetop!


I told you, man, we got to hang out!

What the f*ck...

Look at your f*cking face, man.

Are you out of your f*cking mind, Taylor?

Look at your f*cking face!

You scared the sh1t out of me!

I know! It was f*cking amazing!

Are you out of your f*cking mind?

Whoa, bro. Hey...

You need to see a doctor.

This is not normal.

No, but...

I'm serious! People don't do this sh1t!

Hey. Hey.

They're going to kill somebody!


Oh, my God!

Wait. Wait, wait.

Wait. That...

That's what you thought?

Where the f*ck are we, man?

Who's Vince, man?

What, you call this place Pinetop?

Where are the pines?

Hey, man, don't change the subject.

When you were under the hood, you said something about... worried about some guy named Vince.

What kind of trouble are you in, man?


I'm going to tell you something, all right?

You got to promise not to tell anybody.

Yeah. Of course.

Cross your heart.

My own f*cking heart, man.


I'm seeing a girl.

Her husband's name is Vince.

Oh, f*ck.

You know what I mean?

Yeah. No. A married woman, huh?


No. I get it. It's gnarly.

I love her, Taylor.

Dude, I'm not gonna tell anybody, okay?

[alarm rings]

My phone.

I'm sorry.

I had no idea. It's not...

Where's my phone?

Uh, Taylor, can you take me to the train station?

What... Uh, for what?

Can we just go to the f*cking train station?

Okay! Okay! Fine!

Thank you.

Man on TV: How many times has this happened to you?


Spending way too much time in the kitchen looking for the perfect pan to solve your cooking problems.

If you're like most people, you have cupboards full of old pans that just don't do the trick.

You need the one pan that can do it all.


Cousin Pete?

♪ ♪
♪ I'm a big bad hawk ♪
♪ I like to fly in the dark ♪[i]

[i]♪ Mm, big bad hawk ♪
♪ And I'll even... ♪

Where's your sense of humor, man?

When we were kids, you would have thought...

You know what? We're not kids anymore.

No sh1t, Sherlock.

But I... Whatever.

I'm just glad Julia's not here.

What do you mean by that?

This was her idea, man.

She set you up.

That whole story about going to the store for diapers.

What the f*ck is wrong with this family?

♪ Raah! ♪

♪ We're the big bad hawks ♪

[PA announcement]

A little help.

Be right there.


Cool cats.

To what do we owe the honor?

You bust balls before I even open my mouth?

Welcome to Bridgeport, Detective.

How can I be of service?

Looking for a guy who blew into town couple of days ago.

[phone rings]



Be right back.


Can't wait.

[line ringing]



Where the hell are you?

I got him on video getting off a bus in Bridgeport two days ago.

You're in Bridgeport?


What, just driving around hoping you'll bump into him?

I'm checking with the local police.

I'm telling you, Vince, he's here.

I can feel it.


Well, you know that stakeout I insisted on?

I left Cole on it.

Well, he just called.

Turns out Marius has an appointment there this afternoon at 4:30.


So get in your cop car, put on your cop light, and get your cop ass back here right now.



[loud grunting]

[utensils clatter]

[phone rings]


Marius, it's me.

Eddie, where are you?

I'm on the roof of Richard's building.

I got away, bro. Look, look, look, look.

As soon as I hang up, I'm going to jump to the next building. Where did you wanna meet?

How did you get away?

Richard took the dog for a walk. I went out the window.

Look, I'm on a cordless, and I'm gonna lose signal.

Where do you want to meet?

Do they know you're gone?

No, not yet.

Go back.

What did you say? Go back?

Eddie, go back before they know you're gone.

No, I can't do that, Marius. They already sicced the f*cking dog on me and broke my goddamn nose, man!


Because I tried to get away last night.

Eddie, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

You've got to go back.

Look, I'm gonna get you out of this, okay?

I'm close to the money.

How close?

It's a day or two at the most.

But if you take off now, we're gonna be on the run from Vince and the cops forever, all right?

You just got to trust me on this, all right?

Look, this is the best option.

Please? Go back.



Man: Come on!

Woman: Hey!

[phone rings]



[panting] Mr. Bagwell... it's Marius Josepovich.

I'm as sick as a dog.

You don't say.

I don't know what happened.

It started after lunch.

Where are you?

I'm, uh, in bed.

Winslow: What?

It is fever, I didn't want to come into your office and get everybody sick.

Yeah, well, that's, uh, very considerate of you.

Find him, Cole.

I'll tell you what, Josepovich.

You rest up and if you feel better tomorrow, you give me a call and we'll reschedule.

In the meantime, take care of yourself.

Okay. Thank you.


Hey Liz, grab my calls, will you?

I got to go to White Plains and violate a sh1t bird.

[voices on TV]

Oh, hang on Hush Puppy.

Hold on. There we go. [chuckle]

Son of a bitch.


[toilet flushes]


God damn it, Eddie. What the f*ck?


I had to take a crap.

I was desperate.

You expect me to believe that?

Next time I'll take a sh1t on your couch if that's how you're going to be. Jesus.

Nobody runs in your family.

[studio audience laughter]

You were trying to escape.

I was what?

If I was going to excape, I would have been gone.

Lee, why don't you get out of here?


No, I agree with her, Rerun.

All the rockers are skinny.

Now put on Gladys Knight and the Pips.


Hi. Can I help you?

Katherine Boyd?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

I'm looking for Marius Josepovitch.

Uh, you mean Josepovich?

Oh, good. You do know him.

Uh, w-who are you?

I am his parole officer.

And according to my paperwork, this is his residence.

Is he here?


Marius, you awake?

Marius, I'm Mr. Bagwell.

Hi, Mr. Bagwell.

Uh, I don't want to shake your hand.


I just came to check up on you.

Uh, hot, hot, hot.

Ah, here you go, buddy.

It's all about the white foods when you have the trots.


Is uncle Marius going to be okay?

I hope so, sweetie.

He just had it coming out of both ends all afternoon. I'm Brandon, by the way.

I'll see myself out.

You ain't no eagle, Josepovitch.

[door opens]


Oh, you guys are the best.

Amanda, honey.

I'm going. Bye, uncle Marius.

Bye, Amanda. Oh, she's great.

You guys are doing such a...

Shut the f*ck up.

We never agreed to this.

I know. But Marius knows how much we are risking by doing this, and he also knows that nothing like this can ever ever happen again, right, Marius?

It'll never happen again. You have my word.

For what that's worth.

I should have shot you the other day.

He said you were an intruder.

I understand. Listen.

You remember the address that Audrey gave you on the phone this morning?

Why? What about it?

So if a cop shows up here looking for me, it's best if you give him that address.

Oh, you son of a bitch.

How dangerous is this fucker?

Just give him the address.


You know what?

I forgot to ask Taylor today.

What exactly did I do to deserve that?

You really don't remember?

No, I don't.



You locked me in the safe.

The office safe?

How can you not remember this?

It was sitting open, and you dared me to get inside, and then you shut the door.

Okay, so I hate myself a little bit.

Maybe you didn't know it was locked, and I was only in there for a minute.

But I still have nightmares about it.

Well, if it's any consolation, I got locked in the trunk of a car today, and it was the worst half hour of my life.

Then my work here is done.

So how old were you?

I was 6, and you were 10.

So there's that.

Wow, you really hold a grudge.

Ha. You have no idea.

You want a ride home?

Not if it's in your trunk.

You're no fun.

Wait a minute.

How did you get out?

Of the safe?


Grandpa. Grandpa let me out.

Well, at least she trusts somebody.

Hey. Hey.


How are you doing?

Good. [chuckle]

Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah. Sure.

Have a seat.

Something wrong?

Oh, no. no. I just, uh, had a long day.



Dude, that's a lot of money.

Probably shouldn't just leave it lying around like that.

No. Yeah, I helped Julia the Persikof bond.

She was nice enough to give me a percentage.

Uh, and I... You know...


What's that for?

Well, you know, just so that, next time there's a school trip, you won't miss it.

You don't have to do that.

I know I don't have to. I want to.

Here. Take it.

Thanks, Cuz.


Yeah. All right. See you.



Good night.


♪♪ [organ]

Have a seat.

Something wrong?

No. I just, uh, I just, uh, had a long day.



Sorry. [chuckle]

♪ You're up, you'll get down ♪
♪ You'll never run from this town ♪
♪ And to think you said ♪
♪ You'll never get anything better than this ♪
♪ 'cause you're going around in circles ♪
♪ And everyone knows you're trouble ♪
♪ 'cause you read it in a big book ♪

[trunk door slams]

♪ And now you're giving me ♪
♪ The look look ♪
♪ But just remember how we shook shook ♪
♪ And all the things we took took ♪
♪ This town is the oldest friend of mine ♪