01x15 - Occupy Bears

♪ Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da ba-da-ba-da-ba ♪
♪ Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da Let's go. ♪
♪ We'll be there ♪
♪ a wink and a smile and a great, old time ♪
♪ yeah, we'll be there ♪
♪ wherever we are, there's fun to be found ♪
♪ we'll be there when you turn that corner ♪
♪ when you jump out the bush ♪
♪ with a big bear hug and a smile ♪
♪ we'll be there ♪





Only the essentials.


Panda: Hey!


No! What happened?! Where'd you go!

[Rumbling stops]


[Indistinct conversations]

Phew! We survived!

Hey, do you hear that?

Huh, what's going on out there?

Could you put me down?




What's happening here?

What are they building?

Ice Bear sees many code violations.

[over PA] Hey, you there! Who are you guys?! What are you doing here?!

We didn't do it!

This is a construction zone.

The city has ordered us to put up a new cell phone tower at this location.

But we live here.

Could you, like, move it somewhere else?

[Crumbling] Sorry, boss! I accidently made another hole!

It's okay, Paul! We all make mistakes!

Now, listen, we received no record that someone lives here.

B-But this is our home! Wait, look!

We have a welcome mat, see?!



Man: Whoops! Made another hole!

Sorry, but you're gonna need more proof than that.

Well, then we'll get proof! You'll see!

Okay, we just need to know [Crash] what counts as good enough proof.

Okay, here we are. How about...

Ooh-ooh-ooh! Click on that.

Man: Home damage. Home damage caused in the event we claim your home is unoccupied can be easily corrected. Simply show a copy of the deed or any other physical evidence that shows five or more years of presence. Once shown, we will completely back off. Promise!

I like that it was a cartoon.

We've totally been here longer than that.

I'm sure we have something from five years ago.

Okay, you, go stall the construction.

Panda, you and me will find proof. Break!

Gotta be something around here. No.


Panda: Grizz, I found old stuff!

No, nope. Whoa! This is from forever ago!

Back when we first came to the city.

Grizzly: Hey, I remember this.

Well, here it is ... the penthouse!

Whoa. This is massive.

Oh, this is crazy!

Ice Bear has never seen a larger playpen.

Ooh, sounds like it's bigger than your last place.

Oh, yeah. For sure.

We just moved here to the city.

That's wonderful. Where were you guys living before?

A cardboard box.

[Shutter clicking]


[Chuckles] What's funny?


All: What's up, bro?!

[Chuckles] What's up?!

So, this is the kitchen. You'll see it's already furnished.

And here we have the deluxe industrial refrigerator.

And this is the hidden loft. It comes with the best connection to our building's newly-installed internet lines.


I love this place. It's everything we've ever dreamed of.

We'll take it.

Well, this is all great! I'll get started on the paperwork.

You'll be able to move in as soon as we get first month's rent.

Actually, we can pay right now.

Uh, looks like I have about... $11.

I have 76 cents.

Ice Bear has a recyclable bottle.

[Jackhammer pounding]

Let's just open ...

[Both shout]

Hey, you should get out of here. It's not safe.

Quick ... move, move!


Oh, got it!

Okay, not that many papers in here.


Is this trash?

Those won't help. But it's not trash.

What's this?

Don't throw that away.

[Sighs] I wish you didn't hold on to so much.

Is this a bill? No, just a credit-card application.

Probably save that for later, you know?

Do we save any of our bills?

Do we pay our bills?




No! No! No!

Sorry, we have to clear space.

Hey! Stop that!

Man: So, if I see any weird business, I kick you out, okay?

Grizzly: That's great. We can't wait to see this place.

If rent late one day, I kick you out, okay?

[Car alarm ringing]


You! I see you! I kick you out!

[Car alarm stops]

[Dog barking and baby crying]

[Grunts] I fix that door, okay?


I kick out cat if you don't like. So, you like?

I don't know about this.

Act cool, man.

This is, like, the only place we could afford.

[Slow breathing]

What's wrong?

Ice Bear will wait outside.

Um, why is the toilet in the middle of the house?

You can put curtain if you like privacy.





See? Very solid.

Aah! Aah! There's a rat in the shower!

Rat?! Cat, why you no do your job?! [Cat yowls]

Bears, where you go?! I haven't shown you basement yet!

[Jackhammer pounding]

Come on, man! Sir, please be gentle with that!

No! No, let go! Those are my diaries!

Hey, man, you can't just take our stuff!

No! Oof!

This is getting kind of rude, don't you think?!

Hey, give that back!

Sir! Sir, so we checked with the guys.

Turns out we're not allowed to have the tower on top of hallow ground.

Okay, just bulldoze the cave down, and we'll start over.

Wait, what?


Man: Hey, boss, I got the last of the junk.


Grizzly: Does it really make your dreams come true?

Sure, man. Made it myself.

100% real twigs and yarn. These are legit, man.

Will this help us catch our dream home?

Dream home, dream boat.

Just buy it, hold it, and dream your dream.

Well... okay.

This is all the money we have ...

Thank you, friend.

Okay, let's make sure we dream the best home for us.

Go first, Panda. Dream big.

I dream for a home with high ceilings and minimal dust.

Good, good. I dream for lots of rooms for lots of buddies to stay in.

Ice Bear dreams for a good school district.

Okay. Now... we wait.

[Insects chirping]


[Chitters] Oh, hey, little friend.

You must be homeless, too.

You want in on our dreams? Here, just dream about it.


Hey! Where are you going?! You can't have that!

Get back here with our dreams!

No, come back! [Panting]

[Thunder rumbles]

Hey, wait!

[All screaming]


Wait. Please! It's all we have.


We got to find some shelter.

Huh? Quick ... in there.


Ice Bear does not approve.



Come on, guys, it's just for one night.

Okay, are we ready? Hello, bay area.

This is Rebecca Turnmen reporting live from the forest, where, apparently, the city is trying to bulldoze the cave that some local bears claim is their home.

Now, sir, can you tell our thousands of viewers more about your campaign to stop the destruction?



[quietly] We are... just... trying to save our home.

Excuse me?

Okay, and you, sir. How do you feel about the impending destruction of your home?

Ice Bear likes turtles.

Excuse me, bro.

[Feedback] I'll tell you how I feel ... outraged!

You can't just destroy our home!

Stop the tower! #Savethecave!

Stop that! Get out of here!

As you can see, tensions are growing high and ...

[Engine turns over]

Man: All right, fun's over!

Clear out! We're tearing it down!

Never! Panda, take pictures with your phone.

He's going to take photos!

You know how many followers this guy has online?

Like, six. Maybe even 10!

[Gasps] Wait! I know what to do!

Here take this! Stall them!

[Chanting] Save the cave!



Got it!

Save the cave! Save the cave!

Please, please, please work!


Mm, yes!



Proof! I have proof!

[Tires screech]

What's the meaning of this?

Look at the photo! Look at what it says!

Do you see how old it is?! See, this is our home!

Sir, tell us ... Is it true that these moderately cute creatures have a right to live here?

How does it feel to be a monster?


Everyone, stop construction!

Stop everything! We got to look into this!

Uh, do we still get paid? Kind of made a lot of holes.

And just like that, the bears'

Whoo-hoo-hoooo!! cave has been saved.

Whoo. Whoo. - Yeah!

In what is another ... Ugh!

We did it!

Our home is safe!



[Groans] You, guys!

[All cheering]

[Insects chirping]


Ah. Hmm. Oh.

Huh? Guys, wake up.

You got to see this. [Mumbling]


Where are we?

Nice morning. [Inhales]

Yeah, I slept really well.

Hey, this place isn't so bad.

Ice Bear not entirely opposed.

Yeah, this place is great!

[Grunting] Ah!


New window.

Ice Bear has made front door.



Okay, okay! I finally got it working, guys!

[Grizzly and Panda laughing]

[Camera shutter clicks]