01x10 - I'm Sorry for You, My Friend

Previously on "Nashville"...

An arena tour. You co-headlining with Juliette.

We want you to hit the road with us when we head back out. Seriously?

Peggy Kenter overdosed on sleeping pills.

She what?

You had an affair with her, right? No.

Dominic wants to sign me as a solo artist.

What'd he say when you told him to screw off?

I didn't.

♪ Let me tell you something, my dear ♪

Before word of this crazy elopement gets out, I want this marriage done right.

♪ Love like mine ♪

This tour came together really quickly.

Are you ready to play for 30,000 fans tomorrow night?

Oh, you bet.

We've spent the last two weeks doing some really great smaller shows in Tucson and San Antonio, Oklahoma city, Albuquerque... that was a great one.

I feel like we've got it down pat.

Yeah. We really do, and we're just excited to give our fans in San Diego one hell of a show.

So they don't need to worry that you'll run off at the last minute and leave them high and dry?

That's funny. No, they don't.

And if your next question's gonna be asking me why I didn't make it down the aisle, then you know I'm gonna tell you what I've been telling everybody else... they're called "personal matters" for a reason.

Rayna, this is your first tour ever without your long-time guitarist Deacon Claybourne.

Has it been much of an adjustment?

Well, you know, uh, change is always challenging, but we've got such a wonderful crew on this tour.

I think my fans are gonna get the best Rayna Jaymes show they've ever seen.

It'll be the first one for most of mine.

Next question.

Xxx Rayna! Rayna! Juliette!

You get everything you need?


Well, maybe not everything.

I'm gonna catch a break when I turn this article in.

I can meet back up with you for a while.

I don't know. Just, you know, still getting used to the crew and everything.

Same old Deacon.

Just promise me that you'll be kind to yourself?

Hey, uh, you got everything you need from me?

Yeah. Pretty much.

Well, what if I wanna do a follow-up?

I don't know. Just... call me.

Will you sign my picture, too?

Yeah. All right. This is the last one right here.

Hey, I wouldn't let it go to your head, Deac.

I didn't even try. That's funny, Cy, 'cause it looked like you tried real hard.

Juliette's sound check is tomorrow at 4:00, and you're at 5:00. Okay.

Everything okay?

Yeah, you know, it'd good.

I love this crew, I love all these guys, but this guitar player... I don't know what he's doing.

Well, I mean, he comes highly recommended.

He toured with Brad and Keith.

Maybe that's the problem.

He doesn't seem to have any interest in what we're doing here.

He's... he's off doing his own thing.

You want me to talk to him?

Would you? That'd be great.

Hey, girls!

What's up?

Hey, mom. Hi, mom.

Guess where I am?


Are you nervous? I'd be so nervous.

Naw. This isn't my first rodeo.

Anyway, I know that if I fall flat on my face, I have you to come home to.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hat's going on here?

I told you you can call mom later.

You got homework to do. Come on.

Dad. Dad.

Come on. No. Y'all go, okay?

Listen to your dad.

And I love you so much. I love you. I miss you. Mwah!

Love you, too. Love you. Miss you.

Let's go. Let's go. Here.

Thanks, girls. Hey, hang on.

I'm gonna take it off video.

Oh. Okay.

All right. I'm back.

Hey. How are they doing?

They're doing fine.

How are you doing?

How are the polls?

Well, a little too close to call at this point.

How are you? Or...

I guess maybe how are we?

Have you given it more thought?

Yeah. You know, I... you know, I haven't really had a lot of chance to process 'cause I'm trying to put together this gigantic arena tour in no time.

So you're not coming back for the election?

I didn't say that.

No, no, look, Rayna, I get it.

You have to work.

It would only be for appearance's sake anyway.

Teddy, that's not true.

Look, I gotta go.

I gotta get to the campaign office.

Xxx you still thinking of driving to Austin after work?

Uh, I am, yeah.


The revel kings are playing there tomorrow night, and Deacon got us tickets.

That is nice.

It'll be really cool.

Backstage passes, front-row seats, we get to meet the band.

Be fun.

Yeah, but, uh, I've got...

Family stuff I have to deal with, so...

Okay, well, would it be all right if I just hitched a ride and chipped in for gas?

I mean, we could turn it into a working trip.

15 hours of writing music.

Yeah. I-I don't know. Um...

Are you all right? You're... you're kind of weird.

I'm not. I'm...

Well, clearly, you don't enjoy my company, then.

That's fine.

Trouble is, I-I gotta leave from here, so...

Well, luckily, I brought my bag.

I don't understand why you're having me sign these.

People don't buy CDs anymore, okay?

That was your lawyer.

Sean still hasn't signed the divorce papers.

Are you serious?

Wait, does he not understand that the longer we wait to end this, the more time the press has to figure out we're actually married?

Maybe you should ask him that yourself.

I'm just saying, it might help if you reached out to him.

I'm pretty sure I'm the last person he wants to hear from.

Come in.


Thanks for coming in.

Um, uh, I just wanted to talk to you about if you would really just, you know, play the changes.

Bucky already talked to me about it. Okay.

Anything else?

Well, you know, if you would... if you would sing with me.

Sometimes it feels like I'm ending up having to follow you.

Sure. Sure. Whatever.

Yeah, I want us to feel like a unit, you know?

I wanna feel like we're really working together.

Well, that's what I thought I was doing.

You know, with all due respect, I don't know what the hell you want from me.

Gosh, I'm trying to figure out how I can help us to understand each other better.

You see, I think I do understand.

You're impossible to please.

I quit.


What the hell was that?

You, um, you want me to go talk to him again?

I don't think there's any point.

Well, uh, Rayna, the point is that we have a tour starting tomorrow night, and a second guitar player has just quit.

I know.

Can you please go find me a good guitar player?

Is anyone I find you gonna be good enough?

All right, the election is two days away.

The latest polls have you and Teddy Conrad in a dead heat, neck and neck.

How do you plan to gain an edge?

There's no doubt about it... it's gonna be close.

But I will not hide behind the walls of a gated community.

I'm the candidate who interacts with voters, and I'm gonna be out here asking for your vote.

If he's pounding the payment, it just means he's run out of cash.

Our campaign raised twice as much.

The fact is, Coleman Carlisle is a known quantity from years of holding public office.

That can be enough for undecided voters.

Conrad may have been a household name around here for 30 years, but it's not anymore.

And even then, your great-grandfather only became a senator by taking certain measures into his own hands.

Absolutely not.

Teddy, you've already sacrificed so much for this.

A lot of people are counting on you, Teddy... your contributors, your supporters... okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

But I would rather lose this race than win it on bought votes.

And yes, I have sacrificed a lot.

I don't intend to squander what's left.

Hey, did, uh, Dominic ever send the contract?

You wanna talk shop now?

Yeah. Why not?

He did.

And you didn't tell me because...

It was a lousy deal. Went over it with my lawyer.

He's offering a 9% royalty rate.

Which is pretty standard, right?

Not for someone with your talent.

Plus he's added deductions that effectively reduce it to a fraction of that.

You wouldn't see a penny from record sales for a long time.

You sure your lawyer's any good?

I mean, why would Dominic try to pull a fast one?

Because he knows he can screw someone like you.

Like me?


Young. Inexperienced.


'Course, that's how you like 'em, too.

Guess you got this.

You sure don't wanna just hang about for a minute?

It's kind of nice.

No, I need to, uh, spend some time with my brother.

Okay. Is it just your brother here?

Well, we could see if we can get him a backstage pass, too.

It's okay.

He... he wouldn't be too into it.

Besides, he lives quite a ways from here, outside of Austin proper.

There she is. Hi!

I missed you. How are you?

I'm good. How you doin', gun?

You're doing better. Nice hotel.

Hey, y'all just drive straight on through?

Yeah. Yeah.

But we got three songs out of it, so... oh, to be young.

Why don't y'all come on inside, get a bite to eat?

Uh, I can't.

I got family obligations, so...

Hey, I'll pick you up here same time tomorrow?

Yeah. All right.

Say hi to your brother for me.

I will.

Have fun.

I didn't know he was from Texas.

He is.

Least I think he is.

3 songs and 15 hours later, you didn't think to ask?

Are you lost?


Deacon and I used to come up to the nosebleeds before every show. It's kind of a ritual.

To make out?

It's a legitimate question.

No, we came up here to remind ourselves that people paid good money for these seats, even though they weren't ever gonna be that close to the music.

We wanted to remind ourselves to play out to 'em.

What are you doing up here?

Your guitar player quit. You want me to fill in.

Word travels.

The answer's no.

I want somebody who knows me.

You're here.

To record, not to perform.

If I were, it wouldn't be to do your old stuff.

As you recall, that's why I didn't want to work with you in the first place.

If you could just help me out with maybe the first few shows, just until I can scare up somebody else?

A few means three. All right? Ask me for four, and I'm gone and I'm not coming back, album or no album.

I would never ask you for four. Four's too many.


Hi. I'm here with Juliette Barnes in San Diego for the red lips and white lies tour.

Hello. How are you?

I'm fantastic. So, Juliette, are you running the stairs to work off that nervous energy for the show or just to stay in shape?

To stay in shape.

It's all part of my routine when I'm out on the road.

And how do you mentally prepare for a show, particularly after your highly publicized split from Sean Butler? Okay, whoa... we agreed that topic was off-limits.

You know, actually, I would like to elaborate.

I know a lot of folks are wondering what happened between us, and I just wanna say that Sean is a wonderful man, and I think he would agree with me that it's better to learn from your mistakes before you make bigger ones.

That's the nearest thing to an apology I've ever heard coming from her.

Are you suggesting your relationship with Sean was a mistake?

I'm suggesting the idea of marriage was.

I'm gonna get back to it.

It was really good to see you. Okay.

Okay, thank you.

Hey, what the hell was that?

What? You said Sean should hear from me.

Now he will.

Maybe he'll sign the damn divorce papers.

♪ I made the law ♪
♪ From half the truth ♪
♪ And kept my mouth ♪
♪ From kissing you ♪
♪ I curse you all ♪
♪ I really do ♪
♪ 'Cause all I know ♪
♪ I couldn't prove ♪

Hey, Jason.

What the hell are you doing here?

I came to pick up my big brother.

Juliette! Juliette!




Juliette Barnes!

Who'd you like it made out to?

You've been served. Have a nice day.

It's a summons to appear before a judge in family court tomorrow...

For an annulment hearing.

Guess you were wrong.

Sean doesn't wanna hear from me.

He wants to pretend this never happened.

I love you, Juliette!

I don't care what he says.

We were married, and that can't just be erased.


Oh, my God. Did someone die?

What? What's up with all these flowers?

Looks like a hospital in here or a funeral home.

Or a dressing room before a show.

Nobody sends me flowers when I have a show.

That's 'cause they like me better than they like you.

Hey. Thank you, honey. Mm-hmm.

Appreciate it.

That's for you.

For me? Yeah. A little thank-you for coming through for me.

Welcome to country music.

For your big opening night.


Must be a hell of a thing to play a place like this.

Honestly, I prefer the bluebird.

You pullin' my leg? No.

Deacon. Oh, my God.

Well, you just got all the girls followin' you around, huh?

This is my niece, Cy.

Hi. Hi.

You here to watch your Uncle back me up?

Um... she's actually here with her writing partner.

They just got their first song put on hold, isn't that right?

Well, if all your songs are as pretty as you...

All right. Let's go.

Okay. It's nice to meet you.

You, too.

I'll see you around.

♪ Pick up speed ♪

Okay. Come on.

♪ When you try to stop him ♪
♪ You could waste your breath ♪
♪ You could scream and cuss him ♪
♪ But there's no use chasing after boys and buses ♪


Moving on to "love like mine."

Um, no. We're not gonna do that.

What do you mean, "no"? People go crazy for that song.

'Kay, well, they're gonna have to find another song to go crazy for.

We could do "telescope" next.

And move up the closing number? Why?

Look, my set will not include "love like mine" tonight or any other night.

Let's just act like that song never existed. Got it?

All right.


So how'd it go with Denise tonight?

Ooh, she made chicken and dumplings.

Yeah, I saw that. Impressive.

That lady can cook.

She's voting for you, too.

Everyone is. Will you wear that blue father's day tie I got you for the victory party?

Oh, absolutely, I will.

But let's... let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I haven't won yet.

You will. I'm so proud of you, dad.

Me, too.

Well, you girls make it worthwhile.


She's been on her cell phone all night.

That's 'cause dad's gonna be mayor.

I'm freakin' popular now.

Mom called. She wanted me to tell you good night.

I hope she's here for your party.

We'll see.

♪ You're kissing her...♪

Have you decided about going home tomorrow?

We're holding you a ticket, but we need to confirm or cancel by midnight.


I don't wanna talk about it.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just, uh... yeah, I'm okay.

What is that girl still doing onstage?

We were supposed to start sound check 15 minutes ago.

Yeah, I don't know. I'll find Glenn.

Unh-unh. Don't bother.

♪ Tell me where you been ♪
♪ You can't hide from me ♪

Juliette! Are you about done?!

Can you please get off my stage?

You know, it became ours 15 minutes ago, and this song is not gonna get better with practice.

Glenn, can you please deal with this?

Oh, my God, you're always asking for someone else to solve your problems.

Just get off the stage.

I am not gonna get off the stage.

You get off the stage.

I'm not going anywhere. It's our turn.

Are you kiddin' me?

Afraid not.

Yeah. Well, if you wanna go on, just, uh... go around me.

Nice. Can you get my jet ready, please?

I need to get outta here.

And go where?

Just get the damn jet.

Would you please stay for my whole tour?

It's nothing fancy.

At least I get to shower alone.

You look good, little brother.

And don't try telling me the same.

I'm pretty sure I look like hell.

So... don't ask me what's new, either.

'Cause the answer to that is nothin'.

I spent the last 8 years in the same 6x8 cell...

Without a single visitor.

Well, I was out of town for three of those.

Got you set up with a halfway house over in Caldwell.

If you stick it out six months, maybe you can come back to Nashville with me.

Talked to your parole officer.

He said there were agencies set up to help you find a job for now.

That's what they tell me.

Hey, you remember this one?

♪ I raised a lot of cane ♪
♪ Back in my younger days ♪
♪ While mama used to pray my crops would fail ♪

Well, come on.

This song? Really?

♪ Now I'm a hunted fugitive ♪
♪ With just two ways ♪
♪ Outrun the law ♪
♪ Or spend my life in jail ♪
♪ I'd like to settle down ♪
♪ But they won't let me ♪
♪ A fugitive must be a rolling stone ♪
♪ Down every road there's always one more city ♪
♪ I'm on the run ♪
♪ The highway is my home ♪

Yeah. Baby brother.

Get off me.



You think princess is ever coming back?

I don't know, but I hope so.

Otherwise, I gotta work out a longer set.

Hey, garnet, can you go grab bridget for me, please?

Thank you so much.

Where are the boots?

Didn't work.

Too small? They were broken.

What's wrong with the boots?

I put 'em on, clicked my heels three times, and I didn't turn into Deacon.

What? I don't wear cowboy boots.

I don't play like him.

I don't... I don't do anything like him.

Trying to turn me or anybody else into him is not gonna solve your problem.

Well, what problem is that?

You're scared of being on that stage and having it feel different than it did for the past 20 years.

I'm not scared.

You're scared.

Hey! Nice ride.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hey, listen, you taking off?

'Cause your assistant said now was a good time to talk.

Come on. When it comes to you, I got nothin' but time.

You wanna talk about the contract?

Yeah. Let me guess.

Marilyn said it's a bad deal.

Let me level with you. She's small-town.

Out there in Nashville, she got a roster of local talent.

She struck gold when she found you, and guess what.

The more money you make, the more money she makes.

She's just trying to eat, man. You dig?

I do, yeah. What am I doing here?

I'm investing time, money, talent.

I'm trying to brand you into a big star.

What happens when you become a big star, you turn around and you leave me?

That's what I'm trying to avoid. You feel me?

Yeah. You wanna take a ride, and we'll talk about this thing? Sure, man, yeah.

All right, man.

No, no, no, no, man.

When it come to my artists, what's mines is yours, what's yours is mines... unh!

Are you serious?

Yeah, man, I'm serious.

Don't mess up the leather, though, bruh.

You got it.

That was amazing. You were amazing.

Oh, my goodness. Thank you, sweetie.

I'm just glad you could be here to be a part of it all. Hey, Deac...

Hey, there's a wheelchair kid over here.

He was hoping you'd sign his guitar.

Sure. Okay, I'll be right back.

Hi. Why don't you come with me in there?

The real party's in there.

Okay. Come on.

I should just wait for Deacon.

No, he'll catch up. Don't worry. Come on. Let's go.

Thank you.

What do you think?

Oh, those are so beautiful.

Yeah, take a look at those pictures.

They're all Lynn Goldsmith.

No way. Yeah.

Nice, huh?


What, did you go from ignoring me to stalking me now?

Thought you had a big show tonight.

I do. Rayna's opening, and I can get back in an hour.

You know that it's quicker to get a divorce than an annulment, right?

I'm in no hurry to give you what you want.

Okay. And I'm in no hurry to stand in front of a judge and admit that I committed fraud.

The hell you didn't.

You knew what marriage meant to me.

And you... you just...

You know how bad you embarrassed my parents?

You broke my little sister's heart.

You still haven't apologized... for any of it.

Didn't you see my interview?

At least take responsibility for what you did.

Just sign the divorce papers.


I only planned on getting married once...

To the right woman.

And it's not you.

I want an annulment.

You know, you clearly... Got the looks in your family.

I think... You might have the wrong impression.

Oh, no, no, no.

You're like something I could have dreamed up. Oh.

Absolutely. Hold on one second there.

Gonna sign this. See where my niece here...

Mm. No, no, no. Okay, please don't do that.

Now hold on one second, guys. Hold on.

Sorry, Deacon.

Honey, honey... do you know how many girls would love to be where you are right now?

What are you doing, Mike? I work for Cy.

I'm going in there right now. Can't let you do it.

Coulda been much worse, Cy. Any closer...

That would have been your life!

Are you threatening me?! Yes!

This is my band! You're just visiting! Visit's over. I quit.

Oh, well, good! 'Cause I'd have to fire your ass anyway!

Go back to freakin' Nashville! Both of you!

No, no, no, please. Come on.

I'm sorry.

Oh, good. You do know how to apologize.

You can apologize for this afternoon.

Oh, no. You were being rude.

I just called you on it.

I was not being rude.

I was not done with my sound check, and you were rushing me off the stage.

Oh, that's right. You're never wrong. I forgot.

You're never responsible for anything that happens around you.

I have a show to get ready for.

Only place I could find was Chinese.

Like 20 Miles away.

What you been doing while I was gone?


What the hell is wrong with you?

That's a violation of parole.

I mean, what, it's been five hours, and already you're...

Where's my guitar?

I'm gonna get it back for you real soon, I promise.

Right now I gotta get outta here.

No! No, you don't!

You'll find yourself back in prison by tomorrow!

You'd be gone before I got there.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

It means you left me in that parking lot!

I was 16 years old!

I watched you put a gun in that clerk's face!

You think a day goes by that I don't feel guilty for leaving you?

But I'm not the one who robbed the damn store.

You know one thing I could never wrap my mind around?

No, gun, what's that?

The same guy who looked after me, told off anybody who looked at me sideways, made my lunches...

Taught me how to play guitar...

How'd he end up like you, huh?

He screwed up.

I'm just glad you didn't.

Come here.

Thank you.

Thank you, San Diego!

Come on, Rayna!

Um, this next song we're gonna do is a... is a new one, and I would like for you to give a warm welcome to the man who's been helping me write some of this new material.

He's here up on stage with me tonight, but he is a legend in his own right.

Please welcome Mr. Liam McGuinnis.

♪ Wish that I didn't have to see ♪
♪ A confidant as an enemy ♪
♪ Counting lies and the lines you cross ♪
♪ Helplessly I can only watch ♪
♪ Dodging words as they ricochet ♪
♪ Honesty that'll never pay ♪
♪ Your convictions I believe ♪
♪ Like an apparition haunting me ♪
♪ Now the truth is a ball and chain ♪
♪ Holding my conscience to the flame ♪
♪ Covered up but still I know ♪
♪ The secret of the life you're guilty of ♪
♪ The smoking gun is what I've found ♪
♪ The dirt I have on you is the ground ♪
♪ Oh, I'm buried under ♪
♪ Yeah, I'm buried under ♪
♪ Oh, I'm buried under ♪

Which one?

Well, they both look nice.

Nice is not good enough for Mrs. mayor.

I can't believe tomorrow's the day.

All your dreams within reach.

All of our dreams.

Whatever happens, I love you.

The latest poll numbers suggest that tomorrow's mayoral race will be a photo finish.

City officials are expecting a record turnout.

And speaking of records, candidate Teddy Conrad's superstar wife Rayna Jaymes broke one of her own by kicking off her new tour with country pop star Juliette Barnes to a s...

Thank you, guys.

Best fans in the world.

Thank y'all so much for coming out tonight.

The next song I'm gonna do...

Whoo! "Love like mine"!

...is a song that I wanna dedicate to somebody that I used to know.

Somebody who used to know me.

And I think you guys might know it.

It's called "love like mine."

♪ So you think that you're the one ♪
♪ Who's up in score ♪
♪ Just 'cause you're the first one ♪
♪ Walkin' out the door ♪
♪ Well, take it when you leave ♪
♪ I don't need your sympathy ♪
♪ I might stay up drunk on wine ♪
♪ Hurting like hell and ugly crying ♪
♪ Black mascara tears ♪
♪ I might lock my door, sleep with my phone ♪
♪ Miss you bad for a month or so ♪
♪ But let me tell you somethin', my dear ♪
♪ I'm gonna be just fine ♪
♪ But you're never gonna find another love like mine ♪
♪ Oh, no, no ♪
♪ So I think you think ♪

She's good.

You're better.

You're a good manager, buck.

Tonight's a big victory for you.

Maybe tomorrow will be a big victory for your husband.

♪ So go and get yourself ♪

Hey, you know that ticket?

Yeah? I gotta go home.

You got it.

♪ Hurting like hell and ugly crying ♪
♪ Black mascara tears ♪

You know, they have housekeeping for that.

They pay 'em money, and they clean our rooms.

I can't help it.

I'm so sorry I went and got you fired from the band.

Sweetie, you did not get me fired from this band.

You just gave me a good reason to leave.

Anyway, I'm the one who's sorry... about Cy.

Unfortunately in this business, guys like him are an occupational hazard.

Funny thing is, I used to think he was a jerk 'cause he was a drunk.

There goes that theory.

You handled yourself pretty good.

Dropped his stupid ass.

You knew him before he was famous.

Did he always have such bad manners?

Some guys just don't know how to be humble about their talent, you know?

Everyone starts treating 'em like a God, and pretty soon they think everyone's just there to serve them.

You didn't come back last night.

I was with Dominic.

Talking about my contract.

He said those clauses were standard.

Of course he'll say that.

Tell me you didn't buy a car.

How could I?

I haven't been paid a penny since hooking up with you.

Avery, it doesn't happen that quickly.

It takes time.

I signed the contract.

This was my bonus.

How very 1950s of him.

Gives you a car instead of a 6-figure advance.

You shouldn't have talked to him without me.

My job is to represent you and to protect your interests.

No, your job is to work for me, and I want to work with Dominic.

So you can either get on board or get out of our way.

Hey. Hey.

You almost ready? Mm-hmm.

Thought you said Deacon was gonna hitch a ride with us.

He was, but he made other plans.

Think he just wanted to be alone. Mm.

Did you have a good time with your brother?


Where's your family?

Uh, well, it was only ever my brother and my grandma.

She's out in fort worth.

He was here... serving time.

Eight years for armed robbery.

Bastrop prison.

I came 'cause he's gettin' out, so...

I can take this.

Thank you. After you.

I'm sorry. We spent hours together, and I never even knew you had a brother.

Yeah. It's a long story.

I got all the time in the world if you ever feel like tellin' it.

Mr. Butler's petition cites his grounds for annulment that he entered into this marriage under fraudulent circumstances, and I see that prior to Mr. Butler's petition for annulment, you filed a petition for divorce.

Would you like to contest the annulment?


I admit to the fraud.

I made false representation to him about the nature of our marriage, and I withdraw my petition for divorce.

I see.

Counsel, my chambers, please.

I am sorry, you know.

I was never gonna be the wife that you deserved.

And I know you know that.

I just wanted you to know that I know it, too.

And that's why I did what I did.

So you did me a favor, then.

You know, you once told me that I wouldn't like you very much if I got to know you.

You were right.

When are we gonna know?

Well, as soon as they call it, honey.

Who's "they"?

That's a very good question.

Hey, guys.

Mom! Oh!

You're here!

Aw. Hi, babies. Oh, my gosh.

Oh, I'm so happy to see you.

Me, too.

Hey, uh, girls, you... you mind giving your mom and I a minute?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Hey. Hey.

Wow. This is a...

It's a nice surprise.

I wanted to be here.

I wanted to support you tonight.

Thank you. I'm glad to see you.

Me, too.

Hey, I think they're calling it.

Shh, shh. Come on, guys. Guys, guys.

With the election commission reporting totals for 85% of Metro precincts, WKRN... Nashville's News 2 is ready to call the Nashville mayoral race for Teddy Conrad.

Hey! Dad!

Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.

Thank you. Thank you, everyone. We take you live now to the campaign of his opponent... thank you.

Metro councilman Coleman Carlisle.

Thank you all.

I want you all to know that my service to this great city of Nashville does not end tonight.

I will continue to fight for the public interests of the hard-working men and women of this great city over the special interests of its greediest citizens.

It's been a pleasure to work with you, and I want to thank you all for the hard work you've put in these past few months.

Without you, none of this would have been possible, and I thank you very much, each one of you.

Aw, you, too!

And I want to say that I am deeply grateful to my beautiful wife Audrey.

Believe me when I say that win or lose, none of this would have mattered if I didn't have you to come home to every single night.

Thank you, Nashville. Thank you.

And we'll be back.

Rayna'll come around.

There's nothing more attractive than a powerful man.

Is that what you tell yourself?

Being mayor suits him.

Daddy, if you bought this election for him even after he asked you not to...

I'm never gonna speak to you again.

You know how I like to take credit for things, but this one...

He pulled off on his own.


The reporters are gone for the night, and your family are already headed home, Mr. mayor.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Can I arrange for a car to come pick you up?

No, no, no, no. That'll... that'll be fine.

I'm gonna be here a while longer, but thank you.

Congratulations, sir. You, too.

You did a great job.

Thanks. Good night, sir. Night.

I know. I'm not supposed to be here.

I just wanted to congratulate you in person.

No, no, no. Come on in.

I've been worried.

You know, I didn't think it would be a good idea to call, but...

How are you?

Oh... Everyone's talking to me like I'm made of glass.

The pills... That was a mistake. I was not trying to commit suicide. I never wanted to hurt myself.

Oh, you're gonna... You're gonna be fine. You'll get through this.

Well, I'm just glad I got to see you on your big night.

You're gonna be a great mayor.

I should go.


You should... you should go.