01x02 - Ohana (Family)

♪ ♪

Boy (over phone): Dad.


It's, like, 6:00 in the morning.

Well, it's 6:15, you said you wanted to get up early to study, so this is me waking you.

Yeah, early, not the butt crack of dawn.


Where are you?

Oh, we talked about this, bud.

I have a big meeting this morning.

Oh. Right.

Okay. You know, everyone's been asking me if I'm going on the Kahana camping trip.

Evan, I don't know if I feel comfortable you going camping without supervision.

Jordan's uncle's gonna be there.

Well, I don't know Jordan's uncle, Evan.

Dad, he's a librarian.

How dangerous can he be?

Okay, I'll tell you what.

You ace this test, and then we'll talk about Kahana Valley, okay?

You're such a dictator.

I know. I'm the worst dad ever.


(rapid gunfire)





(metal creaking)


Dad? Dad?

No! Evan!


No! No, no, no!

(tires screech)

(tires screech)


(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays)

♪ Hawaii Five-O 1x02 ♪
Ohana (Family)

Original Air Date on September 27, 2010

John (over recorder): When he was five years old, I asked my son Steve what he wanted to be when he grew up.

He said, "I want to be a cop, Dad, like you."

I told him to be anything but that.

The life of a cop is... is not easy.

It's not that I'm not proud of the work that I did, but more than anything, I have, uh...

I have regrets.

The toll that it took on my family, the way it hurt them.

It's, uh, it's something I think about every day.

Now I'm, uh...

I'm alone here.

Losing my wife was almost unbearable.

But giving up my kids, that, uh... that just broke me.

I'm so proud of them, but they'd never know it.

I've missed so much of their lives, you know, watching them grow up and all.

I guess that's the way it has to be, till I figure this out.

(door closes)

(recorder clicks)

What is it with you and walking into people's houses?

Well, I knocked.

I didn't hear you knock.

Well, I did, I knocked, and then I saw you through the window and I thought you nodded.

Didn't nod.

Would you like me to leave?

Depends. What's in the bag?

Oh, those, uh, doughnut-looking thing they sell around the block.


Yeah, whatever they are.

They're fried and they taste good. You want one?

No. Not without bypass surgery.

And you can stay.

Just don't eat near my stuff.

Can I have a napkin?


What was that look?

What, they teach you how not to spill in the Army?

It's the Navy, okay? The Navy.

It's not the spill.

It's the tie.

No one in Hawaii wears a tie.

Oh, I'm sorry, I like to look like a professional.

Professional what?

Okay, this is my favorite tie.


Grace gave me this tie for Father's Day.

Oh, and also, so you know, back in Jersey and every normal city in this country, this is what a detective looks like.


Yeah, really.

Yeah, shirt, tie, doughnut crumbs.

You missed a spot.

Look, you're never gonna fit in here looking like you're from the mainland.

Who says I want to fit in?

I don't want to fit in, I want to look like I'm from the mainland. Okay?

I got 87 homicide cases under my belt looking like this.

Not in 110-degree weather, you don't.

I'm just saying.

I'm not taking off the tie.

So leave it alone.



You want to discuss my shoes?

Well, now that you mention it, patent leather loafers?

Will you, uh, do me a favor, please?

Just let it go.


That your dad's stuff?


You get anything from it?

More questions than answers.

Talk to the Coast Guard?


Uh, they didn't find Victor Hesse's body yet.

That does not mean that they won't.

What if he's alive?

You emptied a mag into the guy.


He's fish food.

Look, Admiral Shepard knows that this is the guy that killed your father.

He's got crews on it 24/7.

They will find Hesse's body.

(cell phone ringing)

Yes, Governor.

Kidnapping victim's name is Roland Lowry.

His car was T-boned an hour ago.

Gunshots were exchanged, passengers were killed.

This all happened in broad daylight.

Well, that seems like a pretty messy grab just to yank an ordinary guy off the streets.

This guy's not ordinary.

Lowry's ex-NSA.

He used to have top-secret security clearance.

Which means his abduction could be a serious national security threat.


What else the governor say?

She said, "Find him."

Hey, got your message.

Good. Come on, let's start processing.

Governor's Task Force.

We'll take it from here.

Chin, Kono, stay on the SUV.

Danny and I are on the van.

Officer Lee.

North winds must be coming in early; I just got a chill.

You know, I trained that guy and now he can't even look me in the eye.

Forget him, cousin.

My police academy graduation dinner's at Haleiwa Joe's, 7:30.

Can you make it?

I'll try.

Car was a rental.

Come on, you're gonna make it to my graduation, right?

You know, I don't think that's such a good idea.

Between our family and HPD...

I don't care what they think.

You're the reason I became a cop.

Well, a ceremony doesn't make a cop.

Doing the job makes a cop.

I want you there.

No, you don't.

They think I'm dirty, Kono.

They're gonna paint you with the same brush.

I'm doing this for you.

Stay on the car.

I'm gonna go pull the footage from that traffic camera, see if it got anything.

SS-190 armor-piercing rounds.

These guys were definitely well-backed.

Definitely not a local job.

What do you got?

This van-- reported stolen two days ago.

Two dead guys in the SUV: hired muscle from Bruddah's private security firm.

That's interesting.

Why's it interesting?

This is density-layer ballistic glass, laminated onto a shield of resilient polycarbonate.

Why can't you just say "bulletproof"?

I mean, how hard is that?

Get Chin to call the security company, find out where they were going.

Guys, Roland's last call was at 6:15 a.m.

Same time he was abducted.

Who did he call?

His son, Evan.

We got a witness.

♪ ♪

Steve: Evan, do you know where your dad was going this morning?


I mean, he probably told me, but I was only half listening.

(sighs softly)

It was some big meeting.

Do you know what it was about?

Look, we don't really talk about his work.

Did your dad ever have any disagreements with anyone?

Is there anybody that you can think of that'd want to hurt your dad?

No. I'm telling you, he's the most boring person you'll ever meet.

What about your mom?

Where's she?

She died when I was seven.

All right, buddy, look.

There was two other men with your dad this morning.

They were bodyguards.

You have any idea why he would hire bodyguards?




N-No, I have no clue.

I can't believe it.

That could've been the last time I ever talk to my dad.

And I called him a dictator.

(footsteps approaching)

Woman: Evan.

You all right?

I'm so sorry.

You okay?

God, you must have been so scared.

I can't even imagine it.

You know, you're gonna come and stay with me until they find him, yeah?


Who's that?

Name's Natalie Reed.

She's Roland's girlfriend.

She have any guess who'd want to grab her boyfriend?

No idea.

All right, stay close.

If this is a kidnap and ransom, then the abductors might try to make contact, and if they do, I want someone who can run the trace.


Hey, listen.

Give us a couple hours, we'll run down some leads.

We will relieve you.

I promise you, you won't miss your graduation.

It's cool, brah.

Grabbed the video footage from a traffic cam near the crime scene. I'll mine it, see if there's anything on there that can help us identify the shooters.

Did you get in touch with the security company that Roland hired today?

Yeah, I spoke to the owner.

Turns out, Roland hired the bodyguards for an appointment he had this morning.

Where were they going?

Hickam Air Force Base.

You know anyone at Hickam?

A stupid question. Of course.

Man: Roland became paranoid.

Firing off memos in the middle of the night directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Which pissed off his immediate superiors to no end.

What were the memos about?

He was constantly telling us how vulnerable we were to attack.

In fact, he moved to Hawaii not to retire, but to carry on with his work.

He felt this is where he could do the most good.

What does that mean?

Hawaii's in a strategic position in the global theater.

And that the United States Pacific Command is directly responsible for 150 million square miles.

Literally half the Earth.

Why do you think Pearl Harbor was a target?

Is that why he wanted to see you?

'Cause he felt we were still vulnerable?

And he said he was working on something that could prove it.

Okay, what was it?

He didn't feel comfortable talking about it over the phone, so he was bringing it over today.

So Roland was about to expose some serious threat to the island.

That's why I took the meeting.

That's why he was kidnapped.

(phone dialing)


Steve we've got a wounded runner injured in the gunfight.

The tape shows he was hit in the grab and he went into the Kahiko on Kalia Road.

(siren wailing)

(tires squealing)

Hotel security cameras show he went up the elevator on the right.

He was shot. Knew he couldn't go to the hospital.

He's looking for a place to hide and heal.

I got blood.

He went up.


He's on 36.

(clearing throat)

Uh, we're cops. Don't worry.

You like hippos?

I like hippos, too.

I got a daughter-- she loves hippos.

Everybody likes hippos.

He'll be okay.

(elevator bell dings)

Go. Go.

You have an amazing way with children.


(elevator bell dings)

Here! Here!



He's on the roof.

Found him.

Is he dead?

Not yet.




Have a nice nap, Princess?

Who are you?



The man asked you a question.

Where's Roland Lowry?

What do you want with him?


Hey, you know, I've been shot, too.

Yeah, you really ought to get that looked at.

What's it been, an hour or two since you got hit?

What's gonna happen is bacterial infection is gonna set in, and trust me, you do not want that.

It goes straight to your bloodstream.

Sepsis, organ failure.

Next thing you know, they're yanking out your kidneys.

And from what I hear, dialysis is, um, it's not fun.

Let me ask you a question.

Your buddies really worth all that trouble?

Huh? I mean, you guys couldn't have been that tight, right?

They left you behind.

Danno, move.

Chin, hold him down.

What are you doing?


What is the matter with you?

Give me a piece of paper.

Run that print.

Let's go.

Hey, hey, Steve, what do you think you're doing? Hey!



Are you out of your mind?!

You want to play, huh?

Let's play.

This is not Guantanamo.

You can't hang a guy off the roof.

All I'd have to say is that you came at me with a gun, we struggled and you fell.

What do you think of that, huh?

Hey, listen to me, listen to me.

If a suspect dies, he no longer has the ability to speak.

Ergo, he's useless to us.

You think anybody's gonna care?

You just killed two people, buddy.

I'd be doing the world a favor.

That's enough!


You can stop now.

I got a fingerprint match off an lnterpol database.


You and I are going to have a long talk later, you understand?

Get him up!


The guy's name is Sergei lvanovich.

Serbian national with a rap sheet a mile long. He's part of a gang who pulled mostly bank jobs, jewelry heists.

Smash and grab type stuff.

Thieves. Thieves take things, not humans.

Maybe they graduated to kidnapping.

Or maybe they knew what Roland wanted to show the general, and they want to get their hands on it.

Either way, take this guy to the office, throw him in a hole.

Then I want you to run deep background.

Find out when Sergei got to the island, where he's been, all known associates, the whole shot.

Got it.

Where you going?

We are going to Roland's house, okay?

These guys are thieves--

I want to know what they were after.

That way, you're going?

Shut up.

Let it go. Just let it go.

Please do not speak to me right now.

Okay, so we're gonna do that whole thing again? Why do we...?

Will you zip it for a second?

I'm gonna speak now.

It is my turn.

Sergei lvanovich-- he is a suspect.

That means we treat him as a source of information and then we book him, okay?

Torturing and killing is not part of the job description.

I wasn't going to kill him.

Why are you talking?

I'm just trying to explain...

Why are your lips moving?!

Go ahead.

I know the governor gave you a free pass, okay?

But immunity and means does not entitle you to hang a guy off a roof.

All right, I was going to break lvanovich.

I just needed a little time to get into his head.

That is how police work is done.

Is that too theoretical for you, huh?

Can I speak?



That guy was only going to talk out of fear of death.

Fear of death?

Fear of death.

What does that mean, fear of death?

People will tell you anything under fear of death.

That doesn't necessarily make it true.

Did you see the tattoo on his hand?


The blue star-- did you see the blue star tattoo he had on his hand?

That's a New Belgrade Serbian mafia tattoo.

These guys are not smash and grab types.

They kill kids.

They slaughter families.

That boy's going to lose his father.

Is everything going to become a personal mission for you?

You hang a guy off a roof because you lost your father?

Danny, you know what...?

No, no, no, no, no.

I swear to God, I just want to know.

I want to know, because if everything is going to become a personal mission to you-- okay, I count my odds at job security, not to mention survival, pretty slim.

Okay? We are partners.

So if you are going to be the shoot first and ask questions later type of a guy, I would at least like to be consulted so I know when to duck.




Just for the record, I wasn't going to kill him.

Well, that is good.

Got security cameras, double dead bolts, two separate entrances.

Where's the automatic gun turrets?

Evan was right.

Roland does take his personal security seriously.

Yeah, well, it's living proof-- just because you're paranoid doesn't meant they're not out to get you.

All right, we're looking for files, notebooks, his computer.

Oh, thank you, Inspector Obvious.

I'll check the back.


Fall asleep with your eyes open again?

That's funny.

This wall seem weird to you?

I'm not an architect, but there should be another room here.




This is slightly above my level of expertise.

What are you doing?

No, no, don't touch it.


No, no, no.

Good. You just put a blip in the matrix.

We need to find someone who can make sense of this.

You were Naval intelligence.

None of this looks familiar to you?

No, I... Look, I've seen super-grade level cryptography before, but this isn't it.

This is-- this is something else.

This is like off the grid hacker world.

Hacker? I think I know a guy who can help us.

You know a guy?

Yeah, I know a guy.

I know people, too.


You got any cash on you?

Steve: How'd you say you know this guy?

His name is Adam Charles.

First case I worked when I got here six months ago, he got busted hacking into ATMs all around the island.

Basically a good kid.

He just got caught up with some knuckleheads, and they were using him for his skill set.

Right, and your heart just bled for him?

No. I, uh... just put a good word in with the judge.

I mean, this kid had a scholarship to MIT, the whole nine.

He's really a... a genius-- at least 42 minutes of the day.

What about the rest of the time?

Baked like a potato.

Ah. Pakalolo.

Yeah, he says it helps him see patterns, and all codes are basically patterns.

Oh, my.

Dessert before dinner.

Hey, Jersey.



You're looking all kama'aina.

It's the tie, right?

Really sells it.

I don't know what that means.

Uh, we need a favor, Toast.

Grab your stuff.

We're going for a ride.

(phone ringing)

Evan, you got to eat something.


Chin: Hey, Kono. We found one of the men who grabbed Roland.

He give you anything?

No, but we found out he's part of a gang of Serbian thieves.

I'll e-mail you a picture.

Listen, you think you can talk to Evan?

Ask him if he knows this guy or anything about his dad's business.

International contacts, overseas phone calls, anything that might be able to tie Roland to the Serbs.

Yeah, sure, I'll try.

How's the kid doing?

About as well as can be expected, considering.

How about you?

I'm fine. Why?

Well, you're cutting it kind of close.

You might miss your graduation.

No worries.

You become a cop by doing the work, not walking across a stage, right?

Good news is, you're off the hook.

You don't have to be there.

Well, good luck with the kid.


Any news?

Nothing concrete.

He won't eat. He won't talk.

I'm really worried about him.

Do you have any paper?

Toast: Oh, your kidnapped dude's got a sweet setup.

Yo, take your time, Toast.

I mean, it's-it's... it's just national security.

I'll take my time and do it right.

Can I smoke in here, guys?




No way.

This is unreal.

Like unicorn style.

I mean, I've heard rumors about this guy online, but I thought it was all just urban legend.

He really did it.

Did what? What did he do?

Okay. He built a skeleton key.

It's basically a worm that can bypass asymmetric encryption on high-grade security networks, and also allows remote access to infrastructure systems.

Danny: Great.

You want to dumb it down for my friend here?

Just look.

Wait, wait, wait.

That's a rendering of the power grid of the entire island of Oahu.

And the radar array for Honolulu lnternational Airport.

What did Roland do?

I don't know.

But you're talking about places with heavy-grade asymmetric encryption, and your boy here hacked them.

All with this computer, Roland did that?


I mean, this is all just archives-- logs of what he did.

Skeleton key's definitely not on these drives.

My guess is... it was right in there.

Steve: Okay.

At least we know what he wanted to show General Nathanson-- the skeleton key and what it could do.

Okay, so hold on-- if Roland can hack into the island infrastructure, any government network computer...

And whoever has him can do the same.

What are you making?

A crane.

In Japan, it's a symbol of peace, honor and loyalty.

I once had to make 1,000 of them for my cousin's wedding in Kyoto.

Whoa. 1,000?

Yeah. It's kind of a thing.

You ever, uh, been out of the country?

No. We never go anywhere.

Hawaii's the farthest from Virginia we've ever been.

Do you, um... do you recognize this guy?


Is he the man who took my dad?

We think he's one of them, yes.

We got him.

And we'll get the others, I promise you.

Do you think I could try to make one of those?

I'd love to teach you.

Let me get a piece of paper.

Chin: Sergei flew in from Serbia two months ago.



He came in with a Drago Zankovic.

He's the boss, as far as I can tell.

He, uh, paid for the tickets.

They both traveled on doctored passports.

There were three guys on the traffic cam.

Let's go a little further back.

Show me all Serbian passports in Hawaii in the last six months.

Yeah, one sec.

Hey, Natalie, do you have another piece of paper?

In the top drawer.

I just put some water on for tea.

Do you want some?

Yeah, sure.

Blow that one up.

Chin: Nadia Lukovic.

AKA Natalie.

Everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Evan's okay?

Yeah, he's hanging in there.


(loud music playing)


(grunting and groaning)


Man: Hey!

(gun cocks)

Let her go.

I said let her go.

Come on.

We're all going to take ride together.

(Nadia and Drago speaking Serbian)

Turn left ahead.

You shouldn't have involved the boy.

Well, you should have done a better job.

You could have convinced him to sell it on the open market.

(speaking Serbian)

More time? It's been months.

He was about to hand it over to the U.S. military.

You've been watching my dad for months?

(cell phone ringing)

Kono: It's my boss.

If I don't answer, he'll know something's wrong.

Tell him everything is fine, or the boy won't see his next birthday.


Steve: Kono, am I on speaker?


Natalie's working with the Serbs.

We're on the way to her house.

Where are you?

Yeah, everything's great.

Copy that. Just stay on the line as long as you can.

We're running a trace.

This is Chin Ho Kelly.

I need a priority trace.

Kono, can you tell us where you are?

Yeah, I may even take Evan out to Mokuleia Beach for a swim.

Okay, you're headed north.


(phone beeps)

I know what you're doing.

Now, take a hard left.



(grunts, coughs)


(wheezing, panting)

Roland: Natalie.

What are you doing?

She's one of them, Dad!


No, no!

No, that can't be!

Oh, shut up!

You see, your father has not been very cooperative, but now, with you here, maybe you can talk some sense into him, huh?

Tell him to do what we ask.

All right, all right.

All right, all right. You win.

I'll do what you want.

Just please, don't hurt my son!



Leave him alone!

Shut up!

Sit down!


Okay. Okay.

Okay, okay.

Come on.

Now, get to work.

Toast: No, no, no, no, no.


(phone ringing)

Yeah, Toast, what's up?

(mumbling): Jersey, look, I don't want to freak you out, but...

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Take the lollipop out of your mouth.

I can't understand a word.

Look, I don't want to freak you out, but it looks like the skeleton key just went live.

Okay. What does that mean?

Someone's using it, dude.

(computer beeping)

No, no, no.

That's problematic.

What is problematic?

The radar just went down.

Can we trace the hack?

No, I can't pinpoint the origin.

Whatever it is just took down the Honolulu approach radar.

Why do that?

So someone can fly in or out undetected.

Drago: Make sure the radar is down until they land.

Got it?

What are they making him do?

Evan: As soon as he's done, do you think they'll let us go?

Hey. I told you to be quiet.

Kono: Hey, leave him alone.


Leave him alone, scumbag.


(speaks Serbian)

Nah, not yet.

She's a good hostage.

My hostage!

Get her back in the chair.

Hey, get back to work.


You're dead.

It's just a matter of time.


(jet engine roars)

Did you catch that?

Yeah, no markings, no tail number.

You were right.

Not one of ours.

Okay, so where the hell did it come from?

I don't know, but I think I know where it's going.

There's a skydiving school around here.


That's right, there is.

It's gotta land somewhere, right?

Dillingham Airfield.

That's where they are.

(engine revs)

Man: Where is it?

Drago: Let's see the money first.

Drago: Looks... looks like it's all here.

This way, gentlemen.

How are we taking the building?

What do you think?

I think if we can get our eyes on our people, we go in hot.

Is that what you would do?

Yes, that is what I would do.

See? This is a partnership.

It's like pulling teeth, you know that?

Come on.

Let's go.

Drago: Here it is, as you requested.



I'm sorry I called you a dictator.

It's okay. It's okay.

♪ ♪

(jet engine revving up)

Hey, both of you.

Hey, listen to me.

Get ready to hit the ground.


You'll know when. Just do it.

You want to take her out?

Take her out.

(speaks Serbian)

(gun cocks)




Everybody out now, now, now, now!

Let's go! Let's go!

(all coughing, groaning)

Hey, hey!

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, I got you.

I got you.

Hands up. Hands up.

Stand up.

Hands behind your back.

I got you.

You had me worried for a second there, cuz.

I had it all under control.

(handcuffs click)

Book him, Danno.

Really? I mean, is that gonna be a thing now?

You don't like it?

Don't like it.

I think it's catchy.

What are you looking at?

What's the matter with you?

What? What? What? Walk.

♪ ♪

(zipping bag)

(speaks Hawaiian)

Go ahead.

Chin: A Kel-Tec nine-mil.

Very nice.

Makes for a good backup weapon.

Keep it in your belt, your ankle strap.

Doesn't need a separate holster.

Thanks, boss.

I'm sorry you were put in danger today.

We care for each other like a family, so please know we'll always do everything we can to protect you.

He's the patron saint... of law enforcement.

I've seen cops wear 'em.

Pretty sure with that roundhouse kick you're never gonna need it.

My sergeant gave me one when I graduated from the Academy.

I've always kept it on me.

It's always kept me safe.

That is, until I met him.

You really proved yourself out there today.

You've earned this.

And for the record, I wouldn't have missed your graduation for anything.

Now, raise your right hand.

I solemnly swear... to faithfully support the Constitution and laws of the United States of America and the state of Hawaii.

I solemnly swear to faithfully support the laws and Constitution...