01x08 - Mana'o (Belief)

(rhythmic drumbeats)

(rhythmic chanting)

(drumbeats and chanting crescendo)

(drumbeats and chanting stop)

(applause and cheering)

Thank you on behalf of our amazing Samoan Fire Dancers and our Tahitian Hula Girls.

(applause and cheering)

Now it's finally time to unearth the traditional kalua pig.

This scrumptious Hawaiian delicacy is seasoned and cooked for 12 hours under layers of banana leaves and hot stones.

The result is a wonderful flavor that can't be duplicated except by this ancient Hawaiian technique.

Get your cameras ready!

On the count of three: One... two... thr...

(all gasping in horror)

What's that?

(gasps): What is that?

What is that?

(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays)

Okay, monkey, I want you to wipe that sad face off; we're gonna find her, I promise.

You have my word, okay?

Don't worry about it.

I'm sorry I lost her.

What are you talking about?

You didn't lose her.

Let me explain something to you what happened.

Dolphin trainer Annie, she just got out of bed in the middle of the night because she was thirsty.

She went to get a glass of water.

But the problem is, she couldn't find her way back to bed.

I'm starting to think she does that every time she's here, but that is fine because good news for you and good news for her is that I'm a detective, a very good detective.

So, don't worry, we're in good hands.

(car horn honking outside)

That your mom?


Well, would you tell her we got an emergency, okay?

Hold on.

(Danny grunting)

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.


Ma'am... is this your missing person?


Yeah? Give me a smile.

Okay, here you go.

Come on.

Let's go.

Excuse me.

Can I have my hug, please?

Come here.

Thank you.

Hey, I want you to remember something, okay? Always.

Danno loves you.

I love you, too.

Give me a kiss.

All right.


(exhales forcefully)

Can't be a dolphin trainer without the dolphin.



Hey. Amy.

Danny, I had to see you.

What's the matter?

It's Meka.


He's dead, Danny.

So, yesterday, uh, I heard that it was a cop, but... ah, geez, I had no idea.

You couldn't have known.

They needed the dental records to identify his body.

(sighing): Where's Billy?

With his grandparents.

(sighing): He's so confused, Danny.

He knows his father is gone, but beyond that, I don't know what to tell him.

You know, Amy, anything you need, I'm here for you.

You know that.

Meka always said you're the best partner he ever had.

Yeah, for a haole anyway.


It wasn't like that.

He liked working with you because you had fresh eyes, good instincts, and he said you were always direct with him.

He trusted you with his life.

What about the investigation?

Does HPD have any suspects?

No, I wouldn't know.

Um, HPD's kept their distance.

Even the people I thought were Meka's friends.

What do you mean?

That's why I'm here.

Um... they're not telling me anything.

Wait, Amy, that doesn't make any sense.

None of this does.

When I called to ask about the funeral arrangements, they told me they're still pending.

They're pending?

They're pending what?

I don't know.

Every time I call to follow up, they give me the runaround.

It's like something's going on.

Something they're not telling me.

My husband sacrificed his life for the job, and... the way he died, I...

I just... I need to know that there's someone out there looking for the people who did that to him.

Okay, listen...

(sniffles) there is now.

Chin: Official C.O.D is two shots to the chest.

Close contact.

Everything else was postmortem.


All right, close contact.

Might have been someone he knew.

What about the slugs?


Ballistics has them.

No hits yet.

I checked with the luau organizers.

The imu pit was dug and prepped the night before, and the M.E.'s guess was, the body was put there between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m.

So no witnesses.

Somebody actually had to dig up a pig and replace it with Meka's body.

Nobody's saw anything?

I find that very hard to believe.

I'll tell you, killing a cop like that, putting his badge in his mouth?

That's no average street crime.

That's someone sending a message.

Yeah? All right, well, I want to know who sent it.

It could be related to something Meka was working on.

All right, Chin, you and Kono go to Meka's house, talk to his wife.

Danny: Her name's Amy.

Uh, her son's name is Billy.

Good. Okay. See if Meka left any of his casework at the house.

Danny and I will go follow up with HPD.

Chin: All right, who's the lead detective on the case?

A sergeant name of Cage.


You sure?

Why? You know him?

Yeah. But Cage isn't Homicide.

He's a headhunter.

Internal Affairs.

Cage, you are a prince.

A cop gets murdered and burned in a pit, and you are out here practicing your swing.

How I choose to spend my lunch hour is my business.

Some people relieve stress by lifting weights, others run.

I hit tiny little white balls a very long way.

Why is lnternal Affairs running a homicide investigation?

More importantly, where do you get the stones big enough to mess with a fallen officer's memorial service?

Can you tell me that?

Look, Detective Williams, I understand where you're coming from.

You knew the victim.

Rest assured, we're investigating Detective Hanamoa's murder to the best of our ability.

Good, good. So you got witnesses, suspects, leads?

I'm not at liberty to say.

Look, Sergeant, the governor's given us full authority and jurisdiction. Okay?

So whatever you do have...

I know all about you Five-O task force, and that you forced yourself onto this case.

But this is an lnternal Affairs matter involving an officer suspected of corruption.

We will handle this in-house.

What did you say, corruption?

What the hell's the matter with you, corruption, huh?

Danny, Danny.

You got evidence to back that up?

Off the record?

Yeah. Sure. Off the record.


Last few months, an alarming number of Detective Hanamoa's cases seemed to fall apart at the eleventh hour.

I'm talking raids getting blown, leads drying up, busts coming up empty.



I knew this guy. All right?

He was a good cop.

He was a clean cop.

Believe what you want.

I said too much already.

All right, we want to see the case files.

They're sealed by court order.

Okay, all right, then give us a name.

All right, a number.

I'll settle for a haiku.

Just point us in a direction.

Good day, gentlemen.

Okay, you know what?

This is why everybody hates lnternal Affairs, because you are useless.

Not even worth it.

I'm gonna go talk to some real cops.

Detective Williams, I'm warning you.

Let us handle this.

You know what?

Meka was his friend.

Then he should recuse himself.

When you know the victim, it clouds your judgment.

Spare your friend some pain.

The more he learns, the worse he's gonna feel.

Trust me.

Amy: I'm so grateful Danny sent help.

What kind of things are you looking for?

His cell phone or a laptop-- anything that your husband might have used for work.

He had his cell phone on him.

That's okay. We can run his records without it.

What about a computer?

Meka's laptop's in the den.

He was on it all the time for work.

Do you mind?

No, no. Go ahead, please.

I know this is hard, but did Meka have any enemies?

Get any threats of any kind?

Not that I know of.

Uh, he'd been pretty quiet the last month.

Like he gets when he locks onto a case.

But now knowing about this I.A. thing, I guess he was probably stressed, he didn't want to tell us.

Just because I.A. accused Meka of something doesn't make it true.

Have you dealt with them before?

Unfortunately, yeah.

Is this Meka's desk?


Hey, Ahuna, what happened to all of Meka's stuff?

I.A. cleared it out yesterday.

Cage is a vulture.

You know what Meka was working on?

No clue.

Sorry, gotta go.

"Sorry, gotta go."

How about you, you know what Meka was working on?



Know what Meka was working on?


What was Meka working on? Huh?

12 years the guy wears a badge, and you're all looking at me like you don't know who he is?

Danny: I need somebody to help me out here.

Kaleo, right?


You work with Meka before?

I'm in the middle of something here.

Yeah, I know, you're in the middle of not answering my question.

You got issues, haole, take it up with I.A., 'cause we got a gag order here, and around here, we follow orders.


Yeah. I understand.

(cell phone rings)

Chin, what do you got?

Just ran Meka's cell phone records.

Found something odd.

On the night before he died, he booked a flight out.

Where to?


He was flying there next week.

All right, uh... talk to Amy, see if maybe they were going on a family vacation.

I already did.

He only bought one ticket.

Amy had no idea.

All right, see if you can recover his e-mails, all right.

See who he was going to see there, where he was staying, anything.


Got it.

What? What do you think?


Guy books a flight out of the country the night before he's murdered.

It just-it just makes me wonder.

Makes you wonder what?

That he knew it was coming.

Okay, can you please just do me a favor?

Don't go there.

Come on, Danny, just level with me here.

You didn't think of that for a second?

No, I didn't think of that for a second, all right?

You want something to think about, think about Kaleo, getting some answers from him, 'cause all these questions are giving me a migraine.

Take it easy.

Okay. I'm easy.

Kaleo: Singapore?

No, never heard Meka mention it. Why?

Because we thought it might have something to do with an active case.

Kaleo: Honestly, I don't know anything about it.

I just know that no one deserves to go out like that.

You hear why Internal Affairs is after him?

People talk. Who knows?

Some guys like Ahuna think he was on the take.

Others say he got too close, and it got him killed.

Too close to what?

You ever hear of the Ochoa Cartel?

Yeah, the new up-and-comers in the coke trade.

They turned the Texas border into a war zone.

Why? What, you think Ochoa's people are here?

All I know for sure, when Ochoas move in on new territory, they don't just hit people.

They like to send a message.

Like roasting a pig at a luau?

Tell you what, if this Ochoa thing is for real, it makes complete sense why Cage is putting this whole thing on lockdown.

I mean, a high-profile case like this could boost his career...

What? What's with the face?

I don't have a face.

Yes, you do.

You have a face, okay?

I am a detective, it's what I do, I read people, All right. and you, my friend, have a face.

All right.

I want to ask you something, but I know it's going to piss you off.

Would you not always be so judgmental with me?

I'm not judgmental.

Treat me like I'm some hothead who can't think objectively.

I can think objectively.


Yes, really!

Ask away!


Did you and Meka ever have any issues?

Any issues...?

No, no issues, Oprah.

It's just, Cage said something that's really... it's been bugging me.

Something about a leak in the department.

Okay. He never said that, first of all.

Second of all, Cage couldn't find a leak if someone was taking one on his head!

Okay, maybe, whatever.

But remember Sang Min, the human trafficker than we took down?

No, it doesn't ring a bell.

Yeah, I remember him.

Almost got Kono killed when she went undercover.

Thank you. Okay.

Sang Min took a photo of Kono.

He sent it to somebody in HPD who I.D.'d her as a cop.

Okay, so what are you implying?

I'm not implying anything.

I'm asking for your objective opinion, as a detective, is it possible that person could've been Meka?


It's not possible?

Not possible.

I just said...

Zero chance.

What are you doing? What, are you taking Cage's side?

I'm not taking Cage's side, Danny, I'm just saying, maybe it's worth a trip to Halawa Correctional to get Sang Min to tell us who his inside man was.

Sang Min should've told us where Hoffa was!

We grilled the guy for 72 hours!

We offered him plea bargains!

Now he's doing life, he's gonna answer the same question?

What are we gonna do, say "pretty please"?

Well, you don't think it's worth a trip to find out?

Our job is to go after the suspect, not the victim!

Not the previously convicted, the suspect, Ochoa!

He deals drugs, and he's dangerous!

That's what I'm gonna focus on, okay?

I'm so glad you're not a hothead.

I would hate to work with someone like that.

Your detective friend Kaleo wasn't kidding-- the Ochoa Cartel doesn't fool around.

This is a car bomb that exploded on the steps of a courthouse in Juarez.

This is a cop burned in a roll of rubber tires in Oaxaca.

These federales were the first to be found with their badges in their mouths.

Just like Meka.

Kono, did you get anything off Meka's laptop from the house?

No, the hard drive was wiped clean.

But I'm running a sweep on it for deleted files.

According to the DEA, one of the family's top lieutenants, a guy by the name of Emilio Ochoa, is the one responsible for the hits.

So if he's here...

I want him.

The question is, how do we get to him.

Steve: Through his product-- we find Ochoa's distributor on this island, that's how we get to him.

We're looking for a new player on the coke market-- you know who we got to see.

Chin: Hey, Kamekona!

Howzit, Chin!

Good to see you.

And my two favorite overdressed white boys.

Howzit, bruthas?

Oh, brah, this cart is da kine!

It's the future kine.

This is what the tycoon's refer to as... a franchise!

No more brick, no more mortar-- that's old school.

Well, we were wondering if you had a line on a different kind of distribution franchise coming into Oahu.

Yeah. Uh, we're not talking about shave ice-- more like snow.

Okay, let me guess, uh, let's have three snow cones and a... couple oversized T-shirts.

How about that? Help you with your franchise.

It's not about the funds, brah.

This is dangerous territory we're treading into.

A brutha could get hurt, you know?

Somebody already did get hurt, and he was a friend of mine, you understand?

Hey, how about a little kokua, brah?

We could sure use the name of the new connect in town.

You guys like modern art?

♪ ♪

So, this is the The Apocalypse of Eden Through the Eyes of a Misanthropic Diet--

Deity or diety?

I don't know.

It's appropriately named.

You know, Grace used to do stuff like this when she was in kindergarten.

Maybe she's got a future in art.

Yeah, I was hoping she'd move past finger painting on to bigger and better things.

$25,000 for this?

No way.

This is a Clifton Bowles original.

What, you don't believe me?

Bing it.

I will.

Who knew you were such an art connoisseur?

Remember, cuz, the best front operation is one that actually does legit business.

I think I just spotted our gatekeeper.

Now we just got to get her to show us the guy behind the curtain.

Looks like we need a magic card.

Get him.

All right.

♪ ♪


Whoa! Hey, man, watch where you're going.

I almost spilled my drink.

Sorry, buddy, you all right?


It's all right.

♪ ♪

Nice timing.

Good evening, gentlemen.

Good evening.

Like what you see?

Uh, yeah, it's hard not to.

Yeah, this one's very conceptual.

Are you interested in this piece?

Actually, my friend and I are in the high-volume resale business.

Man: Do you know where your toes are?

Good! Look what she's doing.

Yeah, toes.

That's your knee.

Yeah! Oh, sorry.

Okay, work it.


♪ ♪

Man: Bend down.

So, uh, just a question.

If things go bad, which one of these guys you want?

I'll, uh...

I'll take the ugly one.

Oh, that's good-- they're both ugly.

All right, good.

Okay, get out.

Get out, get out, get out, get out.

Out, out, out.

Hey, gentlemen.

Shall we have a little chat?

Yes. We, uh, we'd love that.

But maybe in private would be better.

Get out!

Get out of here!

Buh-bye. Okay, so now we're having fun.

We're just having a good old time, and I don't know who you are, because I've never seen you before in my life.

Oh, we, uh, we just... we just came in from out of town.


And would this be the first piece you are purchasing from us?

Uh, yeah, here.

Uh, and by "piece," uh, you mean a key, right?

I mean, for those of us not into art.

(Danny claps hands once)

I don't have any idea what you're talking about, um, at all.

But in case you want to buy a piece, it's very simple-- here's how it works.

Uh, 75% down and 25% upon delivery.

No problem at all.

But we would prefer to pay Ochoa directly.

He's in town, right?

You guys need to get out of here right now.

Right now.

Whoa, I'm-I'm sorry.

Did we say something wrong?

Uh, no. I just don't like you.

Oh, fantastic.


Freeze! Five-O!

Hands up.

Put it down. Put it down.

We good?


Danny: See that?

Where is Ochoa?

I'm not saying a word.

Not one single word.

If you wanted to do it the hard way, you should've just said so.

(tires screeching)

♪ ♪


Just for the record, if I pulled something like this, you would be reading me the riot act about proper police procedure.

No. I'd probably just arrest you.


Compared to this, hanging a guy off the roof and throwing a guy in a shark cage seems pretty tame.

You know what? I disagree.

The shark cage was way worse than this.

Whatever. You're wrong.

I'm just saying, to be clear, the next time, I get free pass, okay?

(tires screeching)


Help! Ah!

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)


(tires screech)

(clears throat)

How you feeling?

Did the ride kick-start your memory at all?

You're insane.

Where's Ochoa?

I can't, I can't!

It's all right.

It's fine.

Danny, let's take him around again.

No, no.

You know what we should do?

Let's loosen these a little bit.

He'll slide a little bit more, maybe...

That's a good idea.

Got a full tank of gas.

We can do this all night.

No, no!

There's a shipment coming in tomorrow.

Ochoa is meeting me at Waialua at the old coffee plantation.

Okay, how is Ochoa smuggling cocaine onshore without getting busted?

He has a man inside... HPD.

Tells him every single move the cops make.

Who is it?

I have no idea. I do not know.

He's the only one that knows.

Ochoa is the only one that knows. I swear.

You sure about that?

Absolutely sure.

I swear.

You guys get Bastille to talk?

Uh, yeah. Danny gave him a little nudge.

All right, according to our middleman, Ochoa's bringing in a big shipment tomorrow night.

And we're gonna be there when it happens.

Meka's computer-- anything about who he was gonna see in Singapore?

No, but in his deleted lnternet history there's a cloud site that he visited frequently.

All right, tell me you tapped into the off-site server.

Oh, yeah.

Wire transfers; six-figure transactions from an Ochoa shell corporation in Mexico to an encrypted account in Singapore.

Well, that explains why he was gonna go there next week.

Why? I don't get it.

Well, Singapore's like the new Switzerland.

It's one of the few places post-9/11 that didn't change its banking confidentiality laws.

So they can actually hide the account holder's I.D. even from the authorities.

Okay, so Meka was on a money trail, right?

He's going down there, lean on the bank, try to find out who the account holder is.

Yeah, or Meka was the account holder, and he was looking to run.

Yeah, or that.

Look, I know you like to remind me that I'm not a cop.

'Cause you're not.

Yeah, whatever.

But I know enough to realize that where there's smoke...

Wh-where there's smoke?

Should we write that on the wall?

"Where there's smoke"?

"Your Honor, he's guilty.

Why? There was smoke."

Busts gone bad, wire transfers, hidden accounts, a ticket to Singapore his wife didn't know anything about.

I mean, Danny, I'm just saying.

Meka's taking money from Ochoa, and then he just decides to leave the country? Why?

Maybe because I.A. was closing in on him.

And maybe Ochoa couldn't afford Meka getting caught and talking, so he had him killed.

And this is based on what, an I.A. witch hunt?

You know what? I'm done.

How about that, all right?

If my word is not good enough for you, then I do not know what I'm doing here.

Hey, JJ, set me up.

And one more for my buddy here.

Good timing.

His old man was the same way, you know.


They got this laser focus embedded in their DNA.

That's why it's good sometimes to remind them that their way isn't the only one that works.

Yeah? Right now somewhere Steve just twitched.


He'll come around.

Thank you.

Thank you.

By the way, I really admire what you're doing for Meka.

Same thing anybody would do.

I wish that were true, bro.

Would've saved me a lot of grief.

Truth is, when a bully like Cage is on the attack, most guys back down.

They get so quiet, you'd think their mouths were glued shut.

Yeah, well, it makes me sick no one stuck up for you.

Well, Cage comes hard, bro.

He was convinced I was on the take, so he convinced everyone else of it, too.

The lengths he went to, to try and expose me.

You know he tapped my phones?

He went through my garbage.

He talked to my lieutenants, my old partner.

He kept digging and digging until he could find any weakness, anything he could exploit.

Eventually, he put a cloud of guilt so thick over my head, he turned my desk into a ghost town.

Loneliest place on Earth is where no one believes you.

Hey, I got your back now, buddy, all right?

And I'm in your corner a thousand percent.

So you tell me what you need.

I need to clear Meka's name.

So I think I gotta listen to McGarrett.

I got to go see somebody.

(door buzzes open)

You, uh, you look horrible, Sang Min.

I've been in solitary for 30 days.

What's your excuse?

Oh, must be all the sunshine I'm getting on the outside.

So just you?

Where's that little hottie surfer girl who set me up?

She's busy.

Uh, but she ask me to punch you in the mouth for her.

Oh, still spicy, huh?

Yeah. You done?


I can't touch her for at least another 20 years.

Um, I need a name, Sang Min.

How's your family, Detective?

You have a daughter, right?

You see her enough?

Listen, I will come back for a social visit next week, but right now, I need that name.

I didn't talk before. What makes you think I'm gonna start now?

All right. Don't say anything.

Hey. Don't say anything.

Look at this picture.

Just nod.

Nod yes or no.

Is this him?

I'm done here.

Hold on. Hold on.

Listen to me.

Pick up the phone.

Pick up the phone.

Pick up the phone.

Was Meka Hanamoa the one feeding you inside information?

Was he your mole on the inside?

Was he your mole in the police department?

Why so important to you?

Because he was a friend of mine.

All right?

And this is what happened to him.

He's got a wife and a young son.

And now they are on their own.

That's gotta hit home for you.

HPD is gonna cut his family off from all the benefits he earned.

All right? They're gonna put them on the street.

All because of what they think that he did.

So I'm asking you...

(tapping glass) was it him?

Look at the photo.


If you want me to risk my safety, Detective, then I set the terms of our deal before I tell you anything.

What do you want?

(door buzzes open)


Sang Min?

He give you anything?

What are you doing here?

I came to ask you a question.

You did? Well, if it's to the prom, I already have a date, but I'm flattered.

Thank you.

That's funny.

Look, man, I know you're pissed.

All right?

I'm just trying to figure out if it's because they told you Meka was dirty, or if it's because you found out he actually was dirty, and you didn't know about it.

Okay. Listen to me.

This is not an ego thing.

Okay? This is about Meka.

He would not move off to Singapore and leave his wife and his kid.

You understand?

I know that because he was my friend.

He was my partner.

Right. But what is it you cops always say?

Don't ignore the evidence.

Okay. All right, but let me ask you a question.

Let's say I.A. accused me of skimming off a drug lord, and they showed you a stack of evidence that suggested I did it.

Would you believe them?

No, I wouldn't.

Why not?




Yeah? Okay what?

Okay, we can move on, okay.

We got a location on Ochoa?


Good. We got a takedown to plan.

Steve: We appreciate you wanting to help, Detective Kaleo.

Name of the game is stealth.

Okay? Ochoa. He has a meeting on the books with his middleman Bastille right here it's an old coffee plantation.

We're gonna make sure the meeting happens as planned.

Except, I take it, Bastille will have a couple new bodyguards escorting him?


But nobody makes a move until we see the coke and the deal is in play.

We do this by the book, or the charges don't stick.

Yeah. No cowboy crap, all right?

We need him alive, able to speak.

What about SWAT or air support?

No. Ochoa senses any backup, he'll be in the wind.

Cage: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Danny: Oh, hey, Sergeant.

It's called police work.

I got a book, explain the whole thing to you.

Word in Narcotics is you're going after Ochoa.

That true?

I'm not at liberty to say.

Listen to me, Detective.

I've been working with the DEA on a RICO case for months now, so if you're going after Ochoa, I'm coming with you.

Hey. In my office, you listen to me, Sergeant.

DEA-- what are you talking about?

They approached HPD about a number of blown Narco cases, cases specifically involving your friend Meka and Emilio Ochoa.

Then, for some reason, Meka got himself killed.

We think it's because he got greedy.

You think it's because he was gonna take down Ochoa.

I want to know which one of us is right. Don't you?

Well, I was just starting to get used to my cell.

By the way, just so we're all aware, Ochoa's going to kill us.

Shut up, you. Okay?

Or you're surfing the hood again, this time with no cords.

Be preferable to your current plan 'cause at least I have some chance of surviving it.

Just be cool, okay?

You're picking up another shipment.

It's nothing out of the ordinary.

You got it?

All right, listen, van Gogh.

All you got to do is get Ochoa to show us the goods, and then we will take care of the rest.

You understand?

What... what are you smirking at?


Nothing. I just... the no tie thing-- I like it.

You're starting to look like you actually fit in.

Yeah, well, don't get used to it, okay?

If we want him to talk, we need him alive.

Yeah, I know.

Don't quote me to me.

Emilio, you're looking sharp as usual.

What is-what is that, Armani?

That-that-that really look...

Or Zegna.

Which-which is...

Well, whatever it is, though, it really looks great.

Ochoa: You got what we agreed on?

Bastille: Yeah. Yeah.

Of course.

Ochoa: Okay, then.

Let's get on with it.

(clears throat)

Ochoa: Why are you sweating?

You nervous?

No. I... it's 110 degrees out here, and I've got thin blood.

And I, uh... didn't put deodorant on today.

The heat's just killing me, man.

Yeah, of course.

But business is good?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's booming.


That's excellent.

I see you have new men.

Oh, yeah.

Their names?

Christopher and Wallace.

You know, I didn't expect to be meeting new people.

I-I won't do that again, I guess.

Bastille: Anyway, it's great to see you, and, uh, so... if we're... if we're done here...

I don't like new people.

You know that.

I can't do this.

Freeze! HPD!

(heavy gunfire)

Kono: There goes Ochoa!

I got him!

(gunfire stops)

(two gunshots)

Danny: What happened? Huh?

We needed him alive.

What happened?

He drew on me.

I had no choice.

I'm sorry, Danny.

Yeah, there's not going to be a... a trial.

They said they'd pay for the basic cost of the funeral, but they won't do the whole ceremony.

I know. I know. Me, neither.


All right, listen.

Um, I-I'll come by in a... in a couple hours, okay?



I'm not done with this. I'm not.

I know you're not.

Neither are we, man.

We got you.

Coroner report's back.

Ballistics confirm that the .45 on Ochoa was the same gun used to killed Meka.

And there's something else.

Check out the circular marks around the bullet holes.

Muzzle burns.

Kono: According to the M.E., Kaleo had to be in pretty close range to leave marks like that.

That's not self-defense.

Looks more like an execution to me.

Kono: So why didn't Ochoa shoot if Kaleo was that close to him?

Maybe Ochoa didn't feel like Kaleo was a threat, because he knew him.

Hold on. Hold on.

Or it wasn't Ochoa's .45.


Kaleo planted that gun on Ochoa after he killed him.

Oh, that was mean.

I don't know how the hell it happened.

Ochoa had me dead to rights.

I was just lucky to get the first shot off.

Danny: Lucky?

You know... it takes a lot more than luck to do what you did.

To pull off what you pulled off.

I mean, I'm actually impressed.

What are you talking about?

What are you doing here?

Let me ask you a question, because...

I'm just curious-- with Ochoa dead and this case closed, does it bother you at all that I.A. still thinks Meka's the mole?

I mean, I don't want to believe it, but if they got evidence to prove...


Funny thing about that.

What's this?

They're records of wire transfers from Ochoa to an account in Singapore.

You see, Meka was on his way to meet authorities there to get them to release the identity of the account holder.

So? What's that got to do with me?

Everything, considering the account was yours.

Get the hell out of my face, haole.

Case is over.

We got the guy.

You have been selling out this department for months-- selling out these guys-- to anybody willing to pay the price.

All right?

And Meka found out about it.

My friend found out about it, so you shot him.

You shot him, and you threw him in a fire pit.

Then you killed Ochoa, and you planted the gun on him so it'd look like he killed Meka.

And what you did-- look at me-- what you did was impressive because you thought you cleaned everything up, but you made one mistake, because you're stupid.

That's him.

You killed my friend.

Sit down.


♪ ♪

I can give you a minute to talk to them if you want.


I've caused my wife and son enough pain.

But thank you.

For keeping your word.

(indistinct conversations)

I found that last night.

The ceremony today, all those people showing up-- it was lovely.

It meant everything.

Meka deserved it.

Thank you.

Come here.


You okay?

Cage: Mrs. Hanamoa?

The Honolulu Police Department offers its deepest and sincerest apologies for your loss.

Your husband will be remembered for giving his life in the line of duty and protecting the island of Oahu.

Detective Williams.

Sergeant Cage.

Hey, buddy.

I got something for you.

Hey, your dad was a great, great man.

Okay, I want you to remember that always, okay?

All right? Cool.

Oh. I'm glad they came.


Excuse me one second.

What are you guys doing here?

We came to pay our respects.

You all right?


Thank you.

All right.

Hey. Thanks.


I appreciate you being here.

I know you didn't know him.

I know you.

Thank you.

Come on.

Hi. Nice to meet you.