01x09 - Po'ipu (The Siege)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

I have a completely unscientific theory that the ability to put the week behind you is directly related to how much alcohol you consume.

Is that right?

What are you drinking?

Very powerful club soda.

Club soda's not part of my theory.

Two Belvederes on the rocks, please.

I'm Allison.

I'm David.

And, uh, I'm also meeting someone.

Then I'll stay just long enough to make her jealous.

(soft chuckle)

Thank you.

Thank you.

(ice rattling in glass)

To your theory.

(glasses clink)

(moaning passionately)



(muffled groans)


(exhales with relief)

(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays)

♪ ♪

Tom Matthews.

Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny Williams from Five-O.


Tom is running security on the Foreign Aid Summit.

All right. What do we know about this victim?

His name is David Atwater.

He was a diplomatic service agent assigned to General Pak's advance team.

General Pak is arriving today from Sandimar for the Aid signing.

And a lot of people do not want General Pak here.

Yeah, from what I've seen on the news, a lot of people don't want him alive.

Laura: Atwater was on the trail of one of these people.

He called Tom just a few hours before his death, saying that he had information about an assassination plot.

Why didn't he give details over the phone?

Said we had to meet.

We were scheduled to do that at the hotel bar last night.

Atwater didn't show.

I went to his room and found his body.

So you got the call and you found the body?

If you want to waste what little time we have investigating me, Detective Williams, go ahead.

I'll be in my office.


Whatever the threat assessment was, it's now changed.

Why don't we just postpone the general's trip?

It is critical that General Pak attend the Summit, McGarrett.

That's why the governor has you on this.

You are to find Atwater's killer and assist in protecting General Pak and his family when they arrive.

I'm sorry, did you say "assist"?

Who am I assisting?

Uh, this is...

No way!

What's up, bullfrog?


Smooth dog.

Been a while.

It's been a long time, man.

Uh, Nick, Nick served under me in the SEALs.

And three years in the 'Stan.

The 'Stan?

What is the 'Stan?


Nick, this is my partner Danny Williams.

How you doing?


How are you?

I figured you'd reenlist until your mandatory.

When did you get out?

Two years ago.

I got my own shop now.

Laura: After last night's security breach, the Sandimar government decided to beef up their protective detail.

They hired Nick's firm to protect General Pak and his family.

Of course they did.

Danny: Wow. So you got genocide, ethnic cleansing.

It's a great client you got.

Well, you know, my team and I are here to do a job, just like you.

No, no, not-not just like me.

See, I'm a cop. I don't get to choose who I protect.

You do, and you choose this animal, and I'm sure our pay grades, our rates are a little different.

Laura: Okay, enough.


I mean...

Laura: Enough.

I'm going to do a dry run, map out the A.O. and check for choke points.

All right.

What are you saying?

Excuse me, can you translate, smooth dog?


A.O. is the area of operation, all the areas we need to put on full lockdown--

General Pak's route from the airport to the Summit site.

Choke points are areas where the motorcade could get slowed or ambushed.

Okay, okay, I got an idea.

If you guys are gonna keep talking like this, maybe we get a dictionary.

All right, I'm sorry about him.

It's good to see you.

I'll call you later.

All right, all right.



What, are you jealous?


It was jealousy.


You don't like him, do you?

What gave it away?

You didn't like me at first either.

Let me explain something to you: I will never like that cheeseball.

Okay, I get that you were built without a censor button, but if we have to go to guns on this case, you're going to be happy that he's on our side.

Okay, if we have to go to guns on this case, happy is not one of the emotions I will be expressing, okay?

(indistinct radio transmission)

(both exhaling sharply)


Guy gets murdered right before he's about to blow the top off of an assassination plot.

Killer thinks that now nothing's standing in his way.

Yeah, except us.

No foreign dignitary has ever been killed on U.S. soil, and General Pak is not about to be the first.

Chin: Okay, kid, walk me through it.

Carotid was severed.

Arterial spray on the wall.

Good. What else?

(indistinct radio transmission)

Okay, no forced entry.

No signs of a struggle.

By the looks of it, I'd say Agent Atwater invited his killer in.

Also got a shoe print.

About a size six.

Spiked heel.

Looks like our killer was female.

Maika'i loa, rookie.

Steve: That's them in the top corner.

(keyboard clicking)

Oh, look, she bought him a drink.

You never had that happen?

Once. Niagara Falls.

Oh. Can you forward the tape, please?

(computer beeps, tape squeaking)

Steve: Tell me something: Why would a trained agent, even off-duty, hook up with a random woman while he's on assignment?

I don't know.

Lonely people do stupid things.

Can you follow them?

(keyboard clicking)

Danny: Here they are in the elevator, and... here they are in the hallway.

Steve: Check it out. I mean, the camera never gets a full shot of her face.

She knows all the blind spots.

Danny: Our girl did her homework.

Wait a minute. Go back, go back.

Rewind the tape five seconds.

(tape squeaking)

And zoom in.

Look at that-- his hand's shaking.

Yeah, it's performance anxiety.

Also Niagara Falls.

Can you rewind the tape back to the bar?

(tape squeaking)

Wait, wait, wait, go back, go back, go back.

(tape squeaking)

Zoom in.

Look at that.

She dropped something in his drink.

That's a roofie.

No, in small quantities, GHB is an aphrodisiac.

Huh. That would explain the animal kingdom behavior in the hallway.

Yeah, it would also explain him skipping a meeting that he set about an impending assassination attempt.

Danny: Here's a question: Anything about this case bother you?

Everything about this case bothers me.

I mean, why not kill the general in Sandimar?

Well, if it was me, I'd want to hit the general where his security detail is weakest, and in Sandimar, he's surrounded by an army.

I mean, the general never leaves Sandimar, so if they don't get him here, they don't get him.

Which means we have to find Atwater's killer before that happens.

What is that?

What's what?


Danny: That is a picture of Grace.

No, not that. That.

Oh, that's a visual aid.

Just a reminder of a better place.

A visual aid?


Danny, this is a postcard of New Jersey.

I know exactly what it is; I bought it, all right?

What, you want to hear me say it? I'm not afraid to say it.

I miss home.

I'm a little homesick, okay?

It's okay.

It's okay to be homesick.

I miss Sal's Steak House. I miss Frankie's. I miss Manny's.

Do you realize how much of your life revolves around food?

Do you realize how much your life revolves around armed conflict?

Let me ask you a question.

Where do people from New Jersey vacation?

Um, I don't know.

I-I would imagine they vacation all over the place.

Okay. And you're... you're aware the fact that perhaps many people from New Jersey vacation here in Hawaii?

I'm sure some misguided people do, sure, yeah.

Okay, good.

And how many Hawaiians do you think vacation in New Jersey?

I don't know.

I can help you with that answer if you want.

The answer is zero, Danny, because nobody here, except you, wants to be there, okay?

Because aside from a couple of great singers, New Jersey doesn't exactly scream...

Oh, oh...

Whoa, a few great singers?

Sinatra, Springsteen...


A few great sing...

Jonathan Bon Jovi.

I'm sorry, Bon Jovi?

Absolutely Bon Jovi.

You serious?

He's right up there.

"You Give Love a Bad Name,"

"Wanted Dead or Alive,"

Now you're giving me song titles.

I love it.

I'm giving you classic song titles.

Look, all I'm saying is, it's cool with me if you want to have a photo of Grace, okay, but any other additions and decorations to the interior of this vehicle should be treated like a wiretap request where you need my authorization.

You can ride in the trunk if you don't like it.

I'll get real Jersey up in this piece.

Look at this.

General Pak's got a fan club.

(protesters clamoring)

This makes me so sick.

We might have to take a bullet for this guy.

If we do our job right, that's not going to happen.

Even if we get her, I mean, what are the chances she's working alone?

Not only are we going to find her; we're going to find her, and then we're going to squeeze her to flip on her partners.

Yeah, well, I just want you to know something.

When I took an oath to protect people, General Pak is not who I had in mind.

Me, either.

Kono: We pulled a partial print off the "do not disturb" sign she touched.

Everything else appeared to be wiped down.

We ran it. No hits in the system yet, though.

What's all this?

Well, you mentioned on the phone that you didn't have a clean, full shot of the assassin's face, so I built one.

I pulled two different camera stills off the security footage.

This left full profile is from the bar, and this right profile is when they exited the elevator.

I grabbed bits and pieces from other shots and added them to the two base images and created a composite.

Danny: Wow.

Nice work.

The guy built a face.

Steve: Okay, listen.

Add the prints you pulled and circulate this picture to HPD, NCIC, FBI, Interpol and airport and marina securities.

Kono, keep digging into General Pak's background.

I want to know if he has any enemies at home who may want to target him here.

We also need a list of protestors that were at the Summit that HPD has on a watch list for making threats.

I'll do that.

Just remember, General Pak has a lot of people who hate him, so don't confuse making a threat with being one.

Forget the cranks and focus on the people who actually have the means to pull something like this off.

Where are you going?

I'm going to go back to the Summit, review site protection with Taylor.

Call me if you get anything.

You got it.

(cell phone ringing)

Chin, what's up?

A parking valet at the hotel recognized that woman from the picture I composited.

He says he remembers her not only because she was uniquely beautiful, but also because she pulled up in a battered old Ford Taurus, slipped him $50 and asked him to keep it out front.

According to him, it was an interesting paradox.

Okay, tell me you got a plate.

Yeah, I did.

Hotel logs plates whenever a car checks in.

It's for insurance purposes.

I'm heading to the house now with HPD backup.

Perfect. I'll meet you there.

Cordon off the neighborhood.

Set a perimeter around the house.

What's the address?

I want her alive.




Be aware-- suspects may be holding civilians hostage.

House is secure, but you should see this.

Looks like enough firepower to take out the general.

And his entire army.

Guys, in the garage.

That's the woman who owns this house.

Chin: Used dishes in the sink.

Two weeks' worth of uncollected mail.

Medical examiner thinks that's how long the body's been dead, but he's got to wait for it to defrost before he can do the autopsy.

So, our suspect kills the woman, takes her identity and uses her house as a base of operations.

(phone ringing)

(over answering machine): Hi. This is Margaret.

I'm not home right now.

Leave me a message.

(machine beeps)

Woman: Hey, Mom. It's Stephanie.

We just got back from Spain.

Wait till you see the photos.

Call me. Love you.


Call back and make the family notification.

Hey, Danny just called.

He's at HPD.

He just got a hit on a protest organizer you're going to want to take a look at.

His name is Nae Shan.

Former member of General Pak's army.

Defected to Thailand, and then he came here.

He's been photographed at several protests against General Pak.

And HPD has him on multiple arrests, including weapons sales.

You think this guy might be responsible for the arsenal in the next room?

I think whoever's behind this has to have local help.

Let's go say hello.


Watch the door.

He comes your way, don't let him get past you.

You got it.

(door opening)

Kono (over radio): Got eyes on him.

He's headed your way.

Hey, what's up, Nae Shan?

You got a sec?

Hey! Hey! Kono!

Nae Shan.

Officer Kono Kalakaua.

How you doing today?

Why did you run?

I don't like police.

That's original.

I'm going to ask you questions.

You're going to give me answers.

If you lie to me, I'm going to throw you and your family in an INS holding tank, and then I'm going to deport you back to Sandimar.

You understand?


You're a person of interest in an assassination plot against General Pak.

You think I want to kill General Pak?

I want to see him brought before an international court of justice.

I want to see him humiliated.

Death is too easy for General Pak.

He must admit what he did.

What did he do to you?

General Pak's soldiers came in the morning when we were working in the fields.

They set fire to our houses, our crops.

They burned everything.

They shot two young men because they said they were guerrillas.

They were just boys.

We tried to run, but they rounded us up and forced us to walk across a field.

They blindfolded the machine gunners.

It was a game to them.

They did not even aim.

They just pulled the triggers.

The officers laughed.

I watched as my oldest son and my sister...

I cannot close my eyes without seeing.

Now, those of us who were able to walk clear went into the jungle, toward the border.

We walked for ten days with no food for the children, no medicine for the injured.

Many died.

And we were not the only village.

There were many.

A million people living in the jungle like animals.

I hate General Pak, but I am no murderer.

(speaking Burmese)

(speaking Burmese)

(Nae Shan speaks softly)

What did she just say?

She wants to know why the police are protecting a monster like General Pak.

She asked how a man can do that and still call himself a man.

Danny: What is it with you? What do you do?

You attract conflict?

I've been gone for two hours, and you have conducted two raids.

What do you got planned for lunch?

Did you run Nae Shan's alibi?

Yeah, he's clean.

He checks out.

What is... what... what are you doing here?

I'm running additional background on Agent Atwater.

Something doesn't make sense.

Okay, just please stop for a second.

Now, we have a room full of guns.

All right, we need to be looking for the people that were hired to fire them, not investigating their murder victim, who's a decorated agent with a spotless record.

So tell me-- how does your decorated agent know about this assassination plot?

I don't know, okay?

Same way we would-- an investigation, an informant.

No. Matthews said that nobody on the detail authorized an investigation.

And if it was an informant, why didn't he download Matthews on the first call?

Why demand a face-to-face?

I don't know-- because he didn't want to relay that kind of information over the phone. All right?

Atwater said that he wanted to meet Matthews alone.

All right, maybe he was going to report a threat inside the protective detail.

Maybe it was someone he knew, maybe a friend.

All right, or maybe Atwater was the inside man-- part of the team behind this room full of guns that are going to be used for the assassination.

We have zero evidence connecting Atwater to this plot.

But why kill him?

He's not running the detail.

He didn't set the route.

I mean, Atwater is an advance man.

What made Agent David Atwater so dangerous to these people that they had him killed before General Pak arrived?

Wait a minute. Hold on.

This hurts my head.

All right, if you're right and Atwater was compromised, the only reason that he would call Matthews... is to come clean, turn himself in.

Kill him before he can reveal the how and where.

You're good.

I know.

Chin: No luck with the assassin's photo canvass.

No hits at the airport or marinas yet.

Prints from the hotel room match prints from the dead woman's home.

It's the same killer.

And we also got a hit from the lnterpol Red Notice.


It's a locked NFN file--

National Security.

Even you don't have the clearance required to view it.

Oh, good. So the killer's CIA?

Ex-CIA would be my bet.

So does anyone know anyone that can open a locked CIA file?

I might.

(protestors clamoring)

Steve: Nick, we ran the assassin's prints and composite through the databases and got a hit.

Got a hit at Langley.


How long was she with the Company?

We don't know anything about her.

I mean, it's a locked file.

But, uh, was kinda hoping you could help.

A locked file goes all the way to the top, but I may know someone that can unlock it.

I'll make a call.

(Danny laughs)

Come here for a second.

I mean, it must be really nice having friends that can open a top secret CIA black file.

Yeah, it is.

I'm sorry. Is there a question?

What do you want to know?

Who is that guy?

Before he worked private security, Nick was Special Activities Division.

Special Activities? What kind of special activities did he do?

SAD is the military arm of the CIA.

Oh, really?


I thought you guys were Navy SEALs?

When you have certain specialties, you can be recruited into different units as needed.

Are you gonna answer any one of my questions?

What do you want to know?

What was his specialty?

It's classified information, Danny.

Okay. What was your specialty?

I can't tell you that either.

Okay, please, you have done this before. Where was that?

When exactly was that?

I worked the other side.

The other side's a sniper rifle.

Was that your specialty?

Nick: Her name is Erica Raines.

She was with the Company for nine years.

Recruited right out of college, A virtual ghost in the community.

She's a mechanic and a very good one.

A mechanic?

An assassin.



Okay, look.

Nick, can you just do me a favor and just stop?

All right?

From now on, the Company is the CIA.

Right? The mechanic is the assassin, and please, let's stop referring to what you people do as "the community."

You're not a community.

The Amish people, they have a community.

Let's just say what things are, please?

She specialized in seducing her targets and killing 'em.

She had an op go bad in Jordan, went off the grid for two years.

Next time she appeared on the Agency's radar she was a gun for hire with no loyalty to any government or organization.

Oh, good, maybe we can hire her to kill herself.

We got a hit on our picture canvass.

She's been spotted at Aloha Tower buying a ticket for Josephine Cruise Lines.

Okay, so she's trying to escape to another island.

And fly out from there.

We need her alive.

She's our only link to whoever's behind this assassination plot.

♪ ♪

I got her. I got her.

Show me your hands.

Show me your hands!

(gunshots, people screaming)

(horn blares)

She's dead.

Let me ask you a question: What kind of an animal brings his wife and his kid to a place where he knows people are trying to kill him?

The kind that loves a good photo op.

Yeah. He wants people to see him as a father and husband, not a mass murderer.

Hey, did you get anything off the assassin's phone?

No. HPD's scrubbing it now.

All right, look sharp.

♪ ♪

(phone rings)


Are you sure?

What's up?

(phone rings)


The phone dump on the assassin's cell phone just came back.

After she murdered Agent Atwater, she dialed Nick Taylor.


Mike, the next right.


Take the next right!


We're compromised.

(tires squeal)

(gunshot, woman screams)

Get ready.

Go, go, go, go!


McGarrett, give him to me and no one else gets hurt.

Not gonna happen.

Chin, take out the engine!

Guys, get in the car!


You okay?

Let's go!

She bad?

She'll live.

(tires squeal)

Drive! Drive! Drive! Drive! Go!

Hey, what are we doing here?

This is the closest and safest place I know.

We're gonna hole up here until HPD SWAT arrives.

Taylor ever been here?


All right, Kono, there's a first-aid kit in the kitchen.

Get it and do what you can.


Danny, secure the back door.

Hey, look, everything's gonna be okay.

This is Steve McGarrett, Five-O.

I got shots fired.

Multiple agents down at scene: Mokulua Drive.

Send HPD SWAT to 2727 Piikoi Street.

Inform all HPD officers that Nick Taylor is the target.

Yeah, he's armed.

He's extremely dangerous.

Won't be long.

You saved my life.

Your team saved my family. Why?

It's my job.

Do me a favor, stand over there.

Hey, what's your name?


Tun. I like that name.

Hey, Tun, can I tell you a secret?

I'm scared, too.

You have a gun.

Why are you scared?

Just 'cause I have a gun doesn't mean I don't get scared.

My father would be angry with me.

I am not being a strong man.

Hey, when all those people started shooting, you didn't even cry.

And you never left your mommy's side.

You made sure she was safe.

That makes you a very strong man, Tun.

I'm gonna be right over there.

If you need anything, you let me know, okay?


Help will be here, soon.

Why do you think I brought my family here?

I don't know.

Because you're a mass murderer?

My family's here because I'm seeking political asylum.

That's why you couldn't postpone the trip.

That's why everybody's trying to kill you.

Danny: Let me get this straight.

So you commit all these horrible, horrible crimes, and then you come over to the United States, and you say, "Hey, I'd like to make a deal now. Please."

I'm going to testify at the U.N. against a military junta and my chairman.

I am going to admit to the world what I've done and pay for the crimes I've committed.

Well, that's... that's good, man.

You should've told us, okay?

Somebody should have told us.

The information was too dangerous.

That information is more dangerous if I don't have it!

My entire team could have been killed.

Not to mention your family.

My testimony will end the war!

The suffering.

You save me, and my family, and you save a country.

(vehicle approaching, tires screeching)

Danny: It's HPD.

Those aren't cops!

Danny, get away from the door.

Get away from the door!

Where are the police?

Pak: Where is help? Where's help?

Help's not coming.

How the hell did they know we're here?

My cell phone is dead.

Same. Internet, too.

Everything's dead.

I got full bars.

Wait a minute.

Taylor's killed your signals, and he's cloned mine.

Kono: What?

He's cloned my cell phone.

Before, I wasn't talking to 911 operators, I was talking to his team.

HPD has no idea where we are.

I told you that I hated that guy.

Danny, take the upstairs.

Chin, get the gas can off the bench in the shed.

General, bring your family.

No matter what happens, no matter what you hear, you stay in this room, you understand?


Let's go.

Kono, find me some rags.

I'm going to head up with Danny.


(cell phone ringing)

Nick: Agent Atwater... was working with us for months.

He was fully prepared to kill the general for money, but... he drew the line at his wife and child.

I don't share that conflict.

How about you, Steve?

You son of a bitch.

Are you really prepared to sacrifice your entire team and a woman and child, for a corrupt general who's killed thousands of innocent people?

I fought beside you, Nick.

For years.

We were friends.

That's the only reason you're still alive.

Give me the general and no one else has to get hurt.

That's not going to happen.

Well, then, everyone in that house is dead.

What happened to you, Nick?

I killed for God and country for years.

I figured it was about time I got paid for it.

$9 million to keep Pak from testifying.

I'll cut you in, Steve.

All you got to do is put a bullet in him.

You know what? I'll put a bullet in you first. How's that?

Well, I'm glad to see civilian life hasn't dulled your sense of humor.

You trained me, remember?

I know your moves.

Why don't you come down here.

I'll show you a couple of moves you missed.

Should have taken the deal.

By the way, that's a nasty cut on your eye.

He's to the north, maybe 300 meters.

Stay down. He's not going to miss again.

Kono: They're almost at the door.

This'll slow them down.

(man yells)

Go, Kono, go!

I'm out.

Me, too.

Here they come!

(gunfire outside)

Definitely the fall that killed him.

Yeah. Definitely.

You stay here.




(distant sirens wail)

(distant sirens wail)

Danny: HPD's here.

Chin. Kono.

Go check on the general and his family.

(indistinct radio transmission)

You have got to start doing a better job of picking your friends.

Tell me about.

I picked you, didn't I?


I will accept whatever punishment the lnternational Court hands down for my crimes.

Today is the first day my son is proud of his father.

Thank you.

You okay?


I should've known.

No, you shouldn't have.

How could you have known?

You knew.

No, no, no. I suspected.

There's a big difference.

And the view is a lot different from where I was standing.

This guy Taylor was your friend.

He used that to his advantage.

But this is really, really good news.

I mean, you are a human being.

Which is good news to me, because I had no idea.

Well... you got good instincts, partner.


Longboards on me?


Can I see your wallet, please?


Well, last time you offered to buy me a drink, you conveniently left your wallet and I got stuck for the...

You don't have your wallet, do you?

It's like I said, you got good instincts.