01x11 - Palekaiko (Paradise)

♪ ♪

(rustling nearby)

(animal snorting)

(low snorting)


Come on!


♪ ♪

(rustling nearby)

It's over there.

(rustling continues)

Help! Help me.

(crying): Help me, please.

Help me.

Please help me.

(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays)

♪ Hawaii Five-O 1x11 ♪
Palekaiko (Paradise)

Original Air Date on December 6, 2010

♪ ♪

Chin: Not bad for your first time.

Steve: I could've kept going.

(chuckles): First rule of spearfishing is: you kill what you eat, you eat what you kill.

(laughs): Well, guess what's for lunch today.

You know, your dad took me fishing a couple of times.

He and some of the vets would rent a boat for the day.

Where, in Kailua Bay?


Oh, man, when I was a kid, I always wanted him to take me.

It was back when I was a rookie, very eager to impress.

Took me five minutes to realize it was less about the fishing, more about the drinking.

Yeah, that was my dad.


I'll tell you, though, he had some great stories.

I want to show you something.

♪ ♪

Steve: One of the last things my father said to me before he was killed-- it didn't make sense at the time-- but he called me "Champ."

My entire life, he's never once called me that.

It's got to be a clue-- he wanted you to find it.

All this stuff was inside.

The postcards are from Osaka, Japan.

I got two names off of them, both former Yakuza lieutenants, now deceased.

They're photos of a car.

Looks like the result of a car bomb.

I got an unmarked key.

Looks like a furniture key.

Right. And I've tried every single lock in this entire house.

I even tracked down my dad's old desk from the HPD-- nothing fits.

This number right here, I've been trying to match this number to bank accounts passports, social security numbers.

Nothing, nothing comes up.

Look, you were his partner when he retired, Chin.

Does any of this make sense to you?

I think this is a case number.

No, I considered that-- it doesn't match HPD's filing format.

No, no, no. Back when everything was logged manually, they used this format for police reports.

Now it's all done electronically.

Well, if this is a case file, can you get your hands on it?

Well, I know someone back at the archives.


He's probably the only guy on the force that'll take my call, but... yeah, I'll reach out.


(phone rings)

That's us.

All right, if you could escort them out, it'd be great.


So, vic's name is Erica Harris.

She's 26, and she's here on her honeymoon.

They found her in Kahana State Park wearing nothing but a nightie.

Totally disoriented.

She was suffering from dehydration and exposure.

Any signs of assault?

No sexual trauma, but she does have some minor injuries, including defensive bruising.

Looks like a possible abduction case.

Possible abduction? Either you're abducted or you're not.

The thing is, she doesn't actually remember being taken.

HPD tried to get a statement from her, but she doesn't even know how she ended up in the middle of the forest 20 miles away from her hotel.

Have we ruled out the obvious, like psychiatric disorders, sleepwalking, I don't know, a hard night of partying?

Danny: Yeah, thank you very much.

Yeah, I have definitely heard wilder drinking stories than ending up half naked in the forest, but her blood alcohol is normal.

Yeah, we're still waiting on her tox panel.

Medical history's clean, though.

What about the husband, he see anything?

His name is Jake Harris, and he's nowhere to be found.

Which means he might be a suspect.

Or a victim.

I-I don't understand.

I mean... why would somebody do this to us?

Why would they take Jake?

Look, I know this is hard, but, um...

I need you to try to tell us what happened last night.


After dinner, we, um... we went for a long walk along the beach.

We got back to our hotel room around 10:30... went to sleep.

I woke up.

It was dark and cold.

You were in the forest?

No, it was inside a room.

Inside a room but not your hotel room.

Was anybody in the room with you?

I'm not sure.

It was really dark.

It's okay.

You said your hands and feet were tied.

How did you free yourself?

I don't know.

It was all really foggy.


I just remember... running through the woods, and I kept thinking...

"Don't stop.

Just keep going."

So that's what I did.

What happened after that?

That's all I remember.

Okay, um, listen, we're gonna let you rest.

Okay? I know this has been really hard for you, so just try to relax.

Come on.

Okay, why'd you cut that short?

Because I have interviewed enough victims to know when to back off.

Danny, she's not just a victim, she's a witness, and the information we get from her could help find her husband.

She can't tell us something she doesn't know.

All right? It's called trauma-induced amnesia.

Okay? A person's in shock, they suppress memories.

Woman: Tell me where my son is.

Erica's mother-in-law, Nancy Harris, just flew in from San Francisco.

Nancy: I want to know what happened to my son.

Just where is he?

Ms. Harris, I'm Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett with Five-O.

My unit is handling this case.

Okay, we are putting all of our resources into finding your son.

I'd like to talk to my daughter-in-law.

Erica's fine, okay?

She's being treated for her injuries right now.

No, you don't understand.

Erica is no victim.

If something happened to my son, she's responsible.

Nancy: Jake and Erica met six months ago, and three weeks later, they were engaged.

So you don't believe in love at first sight?

Well, Jake has never been the impulsive type, so it concerned me to see him act so recklessly.

Nevertheless, I decided to give them my blessing, provided they sign a prenuptial agreement.

So Jake had some money?

Jake is a managing partner at Harris, Axelrod and Price.

It's the law firm that my late husband founded.

So I guess they didn't sign the prenup, huh?

No. No, and after I suggested it, he stopped returning my phone calls, I couldn't reach him at the office, and then... (sighs)

I found out that they ran off to Hawaii.

It was Erica.

I am sure of it.

She targeted my son for his money.

She rushed him into marriage, she manipulated him.

Jake has a vast fortune.

All she has is a spotty past and a lot of debt.

How do you know that?

'Cause I did my homework.

Now, I trust that you will do yours.

Please... find my son.

♪ ♪

Danny (groans): Mother-in-laws.

I take it you didn't have a good relationship with yours.

No, not really.

She lives in Manchester.

She came to visit once-- it was the longest and worst 48 hours of my life.

Wait a minute, your mother-in-law came all the way from England and stayed for two days?

No, no, I checked her into the Holiday lnn after two days.

It was me or her, babe.

Steve: Guys, what do we know?

We ran background on our newlyweds.

Erica Harris, born Erica Wells, Jacksonviille, 1984.

Since then, she bounced around the country taking dead-end jobs and amassing over a hundred grand in debt.

Six months ago she lands in San Francisco and lands temp work at a law firm where she meets her husband, Jacob Harris.

Wow, look at that guy.

She obviously married him for his looks.

Kono: Love is blind.

It's not that blind.

Okay, so evidently, you, Danny, are down with the, uh, mother-in-law's gold digger theory.

She gets a temp job at a law firm, and six months later she is married to the senior partner, so yes.

It could be she targeted him.

Okay, so the debt gives her financial motive and might be why she wants to get rid of her husband, but stage her own abduction?

So she looks like a victim instead of a suspect.

And it keeps us busy looking for someone who doesn't exist.

Hotel security reported no signs of forced entry at the honeymoon suite, and the room wasn't accessed by key card.

Okay, so we got two people that get grabbed from their hotel room in the middle of the night, and we have no idea how the abductor got in or out.

We know that the couple's rental car was taken from the south parking structure at 2:30 a.m.

I also pulled the call log from the hotel room phone.

Nothing out of the ordinary there.

But... the night they were abducted, there were five calls placed from Erica's cell phone to the same local number.

Pagoda Hotel, Waikiki.

Danny: All right, so if she did clip her husband, maybe she had an accomplice.

I don't know anything about a Pagoda Hotel.

I certainly didn't make any calls to it.

Okay, so how do you explain the five calls from your cell phone to the front desk there yesterday?

I don't know.

Maybe Jake borrowed my phone.

He forget to bring his cell charger.

Yeah, from what we hear, you had to pack in a hurry.

You spoke to Jake's mother.

Look, I know what she thinks of me, but I didn't marry Jake for his money.

Is it true that you wouldn't sign a prenuptial agreement?


No. I was willing to sign the prenup.

Jake was the one who refused.

He didn't want to give his mother the victory.

That's why we came here.

To get away from her.

The woman is toxic.

Wait. You think that I would do something to hurt Jake?

We're not saying that, okay?

But you need to understand you're our only witness in this investigation.

Yeah, and unfortunately, that does make you a person of interest.

We just got married.

This is our honeymoon.

Now Jake is missing.

I-I can't even go back to our hotel room because it's a crime scene.

Listen, why don't you let us set you up in a hotel room with an HPD detail?


So you can keep an eye on me?



This room alone is bigger than my whole apartment.

The trunk of my car is bigger than your apartment.

Oh, thanks for reminding me.

So this is what $5,500 a night buys.

You know, I'm probably biased 'cause I'm local, but I can't imagine a honeymoon spot less exotic than a Waikiki hotel with a ukulele band in the lobby.

Why? Where do you want to go when you get married?



If I get married, it'll probably be somewhere with cobblestone.

Like Prague or Brussels.

Ooh. Fancy.

Malia and I were gonna go to Lanai.

That's the furthest I could take her on a cop's salary.

Yeah. She didn't even deserve that.

Hey. Easy to judge from a distance.

It wasn't so simple.

Sorry. It's just...

If you want to forgive her for abandoning you when you needed her most, that's fine.

But I sure as hell don't have to.

Hey, cuz.

You smell that?


Oh. Smells like nail polish remover.

Lots of it.

Connecting suite next door.

What, you think that could have been the point of entry?

Yeah. There was this case a few years back.

A burglar pumped acetone gas into a high-rise condo before he robbed the place.

Acetone, like in nail polish remover.

Yeah, exactly.

But in gas form, it actually incapacitates the victims.

So they won't wake up during the robbery.

That's disturbingly well thought-out.

It might also explain why Erica has no memory of the abduction.

Hold on.

What are you doing?

Just large enough to feed a gas line through.

We need to get into that room.

Danny: I spoke to the manager.

All the calls from Erica's cell?

Room 106, right here.

Did you get a name?

No. The guy paid cash up front.

He's been here a week.


Hello? Anyone home?

Nobody's home.

All right.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm trying to open it.

That's what doors do.

First of all, you cannot open doors without consent.

Is that clear?

And second?

Second, it's probably locked.

Yes. It's locked.

But I may have heard a distant cry for help.

"Please help me," coming through this door.

Therefore giving us probable cause to enter the premises.

And we would be remiss not to render assistance to that call.


I agree, yes.

Whoa! Whoa! What the hell are you doing?

Probable cause. I thought we were just doing a thing.

A thing... I meant that we'd get a key from the manager, you Neanderthal animal.


Just go.

Come check this out.

I cannot wait to tell these people that you and the state of Hawaii owe them a new door.

Erica and Jake Harris.

They're in all of these.

Looks like they picked up a stalker on their honeymoon.


(footfalls approaching)

Gun! Gun! Oh! Oh!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!


You move, I'm gonna kill you.



Kurt Miller.

Berkeley, California.

What are you people doing in my room?

We're investigating a case.

What are you doing?

He's got a P.I. license.

I'm investigating a case, too.

This looks like our source of the acetone.


You find something?

Yeah. Jake Harris.

Hey. Medical Examiner says Jake's been dead for 12 hours.

That puts the murder at about 2:00 a.m.

Fits Erica's timeline.

Yeah, but that's not the only thing.

Someone fed gas into their room from an adjoining suite.

My guess is that it's acetone, which explains Erica's memory gap and how she just woke up in the woods.

Did you get an ID on whoever rented the adjoining suite?

No. It wasn't booked for last night.

Suspect gained access using a stolen maintenance key.

You get anything on your end?

I'll let you know.

Look, I know how this must look.

I'm a former cop, myself.

There's an abduction.

There's one person missing.

You find me here with some incriminating photos.

Some incriminating photos?


Pay attention.

Magnum. All right?

You're like stalkerazzi.

There's 200 photos of the same couple.

I'm not saying anything else without my counsel here.

So book me if you have to.

Do not say it.

Thank you.

We book you, it's going to be for murder one.

What are you talking about?

Jake Harris is dead.

They found his body at the Akahai.


His father's an old friend.

I've been working at the firm for over 20 years as an in-house investigator.

(sighs loudly)

Jake was like family.

Nancy asked me to help.

Nancy Harris? Jake's mother?

After they got engaged, she had me run a background check on Erica.

Then the kids took off, and she sent me to find them.

How long were you tailing them?

I got here after the wedding.

Followed them for about a week, until two days ago.

Why did you stop?

I got made.

Jake spotted me and demanded I back off, so I did.

Oh, maybe if I'd been there, I could have stopped it.

Danny: Okay, uh...

Let me ask you a question, okay?

You ran background on Erica.

You saw how she was with Jake.

Was she playing him?

I'll tell you like I told Nancy.

I've seen a lot of gold diggers in my time, but Erica was not one of them.

The way she loved Jake-- there's no faking that.


I got this one.

Thank you.

♪ ♪

My first week out of the academy, we get a call.

Drive-by shooting.

And um, an eight-year-old kid gets shot in the crossfire.

And it is my job to go tell this kid's mother that she has lost her son.

I remember that moment.

It was brutal.

I remember sitting there, thinking, "This has got to get easier."

You know?

Yeah. But it doesn't.

I was 16.

My mom was late for dinner.

Mom was never late.

And, uh, the doorbell rang, and from the minute I saw that cop's face, I knew right away.

How did it happen?

It was a car accident.

Drunk driver.

You know, my dad used to say he felt sorry for the cop who had to come and tell us.

And I never understood what he meant by that, until the day came that I had to do it myself.


I guess the day you get used to it is the day you hang it up, right?



("Sexy Eyes" playing on radio)

All right.

♪ One more lonely night for me ♪
♪ I looked up, what did I see? ♪

Are you serious?

♪ Sexy eyes ♪


You're not gonna do something?

You're not gonna change this?

♪ Sexy eyes ♪

What's wrong with this?

You're gonna leave this?

You're not gonna do something about this?

It's okay.

It's okay?!

♪ Sexy eyes ♪

All right. Okay.

I know that you have been trained to endure torture.

Okay? But this is unbearable, okay?

This is... This is...

This is not right.

Okay? Songs this bad make even stable people want to kill other people.

You understand?

(radio turns off)


I think it's kind of catchy.

(radio turns on)


♪ It didn't take long till we fell... ♪

(piano notes playing off-key)

Sounds like he's torturing a walrus.


(notes playing off-key)


Uh, yes, oh, hi.

Uh, uh, th-the room gets extremely cold, which causes the soundboard to expand and contract, which causes the pitch to be off-key.

I had a piano tuner, but he liked to... chat.

It was emotionally draining.

Max, do you have the autopsy results on Jake Harris?

I do.

C.O.D. was asphyxiation as a result of ligature strangulation.

No defensive wounds, no apparent signs that the victim tried to resist.

There was a canister of acetone gas at the scene.

We think he was sedated.

Yes, that would be consistent with the tox panel.

Mr. Harris had elevated levels of ketone in his blood.

I'm guessing we'll find the same thing when we get back Erica's tests from the hospital.

The wife was assaulted as well?

Yeah, she was abducted from the hotel.

Was she taken to a remote area?


And let me guess-- they were newlyweds here on honeymoon?

Chin: Okay, how are you putting this all together?


Well, in my spare time I contribute to an online community devoted to unsolved homicides.

So you work with dead bodies all day, and your hobby is dead bodies?

I also make pickles.

It's a good way to reuse specimen jars.


There we go.

About a year ago there was a series of homicides in French Polynesia.

So you think they're connected to the Harris case?

Similar M.O.

All victims were newlywed couples, all were dosed with tranquilizing agents prior to the attack, and in every case the men were asphyxiated on site.

What about the women?

Well, the killer took more time with them.

They were always found 24 to 48 hours later, mutilated.

Their bodies were discarded in isolated areas.

This is our guy.

We have a serial killer.

Chin: We got three couples murdered over the course of seven days.

One in Bora-Bora, one in Huahine, the other in Mooréa.

All of them were newlyweds.

The newlywed killer.

Someone should just tell this guy that if people stay married long enough, they just kill each other.

It gets weirder.

Check this out.

So here's Erica Harris.

Now, here are his previous three female victims-- all from the mainland, dark hair, blue eyes.

Steve: At least we know he has a type.

This may help us find his next victim.

And there definitely will be a next victim.

Last time this guy dropped three bodies.

All right, this guy's pretty clever, right?

He commits a crime, and before the bodies are found, he's off to another island.

Which means he may not be on Oahu anymore.

(phone rings)


I'll put out an alert to all the statewide law enforcement agencies and send over what we have so far. Okay.

That was HPD.

They found the Harris rental car.

(closes trunk)

Nothing in the trunk.

The rearview is tilted up, the seat's pushed way back.

I'm thinking our guy is tall-- probably about six feet.

Right, well, if Erica was unconscious, he couldn't have taken her very far.

(sighs) She said she came to in a dark room, didn't know where she was.

We should check all nearby storage facilities and outposts.

I need all of your men.

We're gonna start here, we're gonna canvass outwards.

Guys, guys, our suspect could still be here, so look sharp.

Okay, let's go.

These the photos we got off the P.I.?

Yeah, he was trailing the Harrises for over a week, snapping photos, so I got to thinking that maybe he wasn't the only one following them.

Well, serial killers tend to stalk their victims beforehand.

So I ran the photos through the facial recognition software.

I didn't get any hits on the national database, so... I started going through the photos manually.

You ever play Where's Waldo?

Look at that.

He's in three different photographs, each one taken at a different time in a different location.

What are the odds that that's a coincidence?

That's not a coincidence.

I think you just found our serial killer.

(dogs barking)

Danny: Hey, yo, over here.

This door, huh?

This is where he could have been holding our victim.

Okay, one, two, three, go.

Danny: Good?


Hey. Look at this.

This rope has blood on it.

Come check this out.

Danny: Wow.

Very charming fellow.

Must have been the popular kid in high school.

I got morphine.

This must be how he sedated her.

I guess he didn't use a big enough dose.

Morphine is a Schedule I controlled substance.

Right, which means every dose is traceable.

I'll get Kono onto it.

Chin: Have you tracked that vial of morphine?

Yeah, I got a hit on the Rx number.

It looks like this particular vial was released to the chief medical officer aboard a Pacific Discovery cruise ship-- The Eternity-- but it was stolen from the ship's infirmary two days ago.

A cruise ship?


Why, what are you thinking?

The previous murders--

Bora-Bora, Huahine, and Mooréa-- they're all popular stops on Polynesian cruise lines.

So this guy's traveling by cruise ship and he's stalking his victims on shore when the boats dock.

I'm betting he's on The Eternity right now.


Chin: So we took another look at those murders from a year ago.

Each one of them occurred when The Star of Polynesia was docked at port.

That's a cruise ship that tours those islands.

Dates and locations match exactly.

Now we know how he got from island to island-- on that boat.

Right, and that morphine you found?

That was just stolen off a local ship called The Eternity.

I checked the passenger lists for both cruise ships, and there's one name that appears on both.

Bradford Matinsky, 36.

He boarded The Eternity four days ago on the Big lsland.

And he matches the photos we got off of that P.I.

This is our guy.

Okay, where's that ship now?

Ten miles off of Kauai-- it's scheduled to dock in less than an hour, right around sunrise.

We're working on all our options to keep it at dock.

Okay, well, tell them Customs is backed up, call in a bomb threat.

Hell, have CDC quarantine the entire ship on suspicion of a black plague outbreak.

I don't care what you do.

Okay, nobody disembarks.

Got it.

Give me those two.

Okay, thanks.

Put that on.

Absolutely not.

Listen, we're going after a dangerous suspect who may now be aware the police are after him.

We don't want to spook him; we want to blend in.

Put the lei on.

Please don't make me wear flowers.

Danny, we don't have a lot of time.

I'm gonna do it, okay, but I'm not gonna be happy.

And take the tie off.

No one on a cruise ship wears a tie.

Oh, yes, they do, they do all the time so they can hang themselves when they're bored.

Okay, well, put it in your pocket and you can kill yourself later.

Kalia deck, cabin 226.

Make sure the corridors are clear before we go in.

I'm not going to put any passengers at risk.

Keep all these folks back, okay?

All right.


One, two...

He's not here.

Listen up.

You guys have been docked here for over an hour, which means our suspect is more than likely getting a little antsy right now, so we need to execute the search as quickly as possible before he takes things into his own hands.

Take a look at the photos and pass 'em along.

His name is Bradford Matinsky.

He's six feet tall, 36 years old.

He's extremely dangerous and he's more than likely armed, so do not try to apprehend him.


If you spot him, you radio me immediately.

Got that?

Okay, move out, let's go, let's go, go.

Man: Unfortunately, we are experiencing mechanical issues with the gangway at this point.

For your safety we ask that you remain onboard until further notice.

I'm sure we'll be able to get you folks underway soon.

Steve: Danny, check that suitcase.

We got to find out how this guy picks his victims.

Heads up.

What do you got?

Wedding and engagement rings.

Matinsky took these off his victims.

These are trophies of his kills.

This guy is beyond disturbed.

Okay, I bet he even eats from the buffet line.

Wait a minute, Danny, check this out.

Looks like this guy did his homework.

These are from the Akahai's internal booking system.

It's a reservation list for every room in the hotel, and Jake Harris' name is circled.

How the hell does he get this stuff?

He's got travel itineraries, topography maps, wedding announcements.

All the women look alike.

In each of these couples all the women...

That's how he does it.

That's how he does it.

Danny, look, they're all couples.

He finds couples booked into honeymoon suites and he stalks them online.

Finds the ones that fit his M.O.

I mean, we got... we got at least four couples here.

Okay, so how are we going to find out who's next?

I don't know, pick.

Security Officer (over radio): Commander McGarrett.

Commander McGarrett, I've got eyes on the suspect.

Atrium deck, headed down the stairwell.

Copy that.

Do not close on Matinsky, okay?

We're headed your way.

I'm still on him.

He's heading towards the staterooms on the...


I got him, go ahead.

You all right?

(mumbling): He went that way.

Ma'am, back in your room.

Back in your room, close the door.


All right, Coast Guard's got divers in the water.

Kauai PD has been up and down the shoreline.

There's no sign of Matinsky.

Yeah, he's gone.

Question is, where did he go?

All right, he could have gotten on the plane when Erica got away, but he didn't.

All right, he got back on the boat.

That's right, 'cause he's not a runner.

His drive to kill overpowers his self-preservation instincts.

He didn't kill Erica, so now he needs a substitute.

All right, listen, I'm looking over his file. Check this out.

Kristen and Elliott Clark.

Right? They got married four days ago.

Travel itinerary says that they are in Kauai now staying in a honeymoon suite at a hotel that I cannot pronounce.

The Hikina.

That's not far from here.

(tires screeching)

Danny: All right, Chin, you got me and super SEAL.

Go ahead.


So I dug up a little more background info on our man Bradford Matinsky.

Turns out, he's a systems analyst for an engineering firm in Lansing, Michigan.

Well, explains his computer skills.

Two years ago, he was engaged to be married to a Natalie Hayes.

They were planning a big beach wedding in Barbados.

Let me guess. She had a change of heart. Can't imagine why.

Took it pretty hard, though.

He quit his job, he went on unemployment.

And two months later, Natalie Hayes goes missing.

Surprise, surprise.

Was Matinsky ever charged?


He was a person of interest, but he was never formally charged with the crime.

Case is still unsolved.

All right, so this nut job kills his fiancée, and now he's living out some sort of sick, sadistic revenge fantasy.

Exactly. The dates of the murders coincide with the anniversary of the wedding, almost to the day.

Marriage gets called off in December of '08.

Polynesian murders go down in December of '09.

And a year later, here we are.

(cell phone ringtone plays "Mexican Hat Dance")

Oh, crap.

I thought I turned it off.

Oh, honey, you just completely ruined my Zen.

Sorry. It's a private number.

Don't do it.

It could be my parents.



Man: Aloha, Mrs. Clark.

This is Jonathan from guest services.

I'm sorry to disturb you, but you have a call at the front desk.

I'm in the middle of a massage.

Do you know what it's about?

I'm sorry, I don't, but they said it's a family emergency.

Oh, my God. Okay.

I'll be right there.

There's a courtesy phone on the second floor at the end of the hallway.

I can connect you from there.

Thanks. I'm on my way.

I wasn't able to get in touch with the Clarks.

All right, we're still ten minutes out.

We need to find them.

Get their security on it.

This can't be right.

I don't know. He said the courtesy phone would be here.

I said to look for...


(muffled screams)

(car alarm chirps)

Hey, that's him right there.

That's him?

That's him.

(tires squealing)

(engine revving)

(tires screeching)

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


(horn honking)

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Go! Go! Go! I'm going.

(tires squealing, horn honking)

(tires squeaking)

All right!

May 18, 1996.

What is that?

It's the last time I puked.

All right, don't make me break my streak.

You will not puke in this car. You will not puke...


(horn honking)

(tires screeching)

If you're gonna be sick in here, you crack that window.

This is a loaner.

(tires screeching)


Oh, truck! Truck!

Truck! Truck!


Get on it! Get on it! Let's go!

I'm on it.

He's got Kristen.

Come on, come on.


Drop your weapon!

Stay back!

I'm warning you.

Stay right there!

Put the guns down!

Put your weapon and let the girl go, please.

I do, and I go to jail.

You don't, and you die.

So does she!

Listen to me, huh?

We know about your fiancée.

We know she left you on the altar in front of your friends, in front of your family.

We know that must have hurt.

You don't know anything.

I do, all right?

I know what it's like to have someone you love walk away from you.

What are you doing?


What are you doing?

The guy's clearly a psychopath.

You trying to make friends with him, you trying to connect?

He's standing right in front of us.

I see he's standing right here, Danny, but you're a cop.

You're not a therapist, you know?

Hey, hey, hey, I have been trained for this kind of thing, okay?

What, what, to bore people into submission?

Don't listen to him, okay?

His idea of communication is-is he drops a witty one-liner and then shoots you in the face.

Don't worry about it.

Know what?

I'm might shoot this guy just so he doesn't have to listen to you talk.

Why don't you do your thing, I'll do mine, all right?


(Matinsky cries out)

Steve: Walk towards me.

Walk towards me.

Matinsky, put the knife down.

It's over.

It's over!

No! No! No! No!

Hey, hey, you're okay.

Come here, come here.

You're all right.

You okay?

Nancy: I don't know that I can do this.

I don't think you can afford not to.

You accused your daughter-in-law of some pretty terrible things.

She has every reason to hate you right now, but, the truth is, she needs you.

You both loved him.

And despite everything, you're family.

That should stand for something.

Do you really think that she'll forgive me?

Never know unless you try.

Take all the time you need.


Hey, got a minute?


Chin: So, I heard back from my guy over at the HPD archives.

He looked up that case number that your dad had written down.

What did he say?

The file is missing.

Which means it was either lost somehow...

Or somebody stole it?

Yeah. I was able to get a little bit of information just based on the file number itself.

Here's the thing.

The case was opened on April 19, 1992.

That was, uh...

That was the day my mother had her car accident, the day she died.


Okay, uh... why...

Why would somebody steal my mother's accident report?

Because according to this, it wasn't an accident report.

What are you talking about, Chin?

It was a homicide.

You're saying that my mother was murdered?

I think that's what your father was investigating.