01x18 - Loa Aloha (The Long Goodbye)

Okay. How in the world did you manage to convince me to do this?

'Cause it's your 60th birthday.


And I'm Daddy's little girl.

I love you, too, sweetie.


I'll see you on the other side.





(cell phone ringing)


Man: Hello, Judge Kamalei.

Yes. Who's this?

Your daughter's quite the adventurer, isn't she?

Where... Who-who are you?

Tell me, Your Honor, what was the last thing you said to her before she left the platform?

Who the hell is this?

I hope you said good-bye.


(Katie screaming)


(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays)

♪ Hawaii Five-O 1x18 ♪
Loa Aloha (The Long Goodbye)

Original Air Date on February 21, 2010

(elevator bell dings)

You ready to go see Uncle Matty or what?



He's the coolest ever.

He's what?

The coolest ever.

Coolest ever?

You know, a less secure father might take that personally.

I always considered myself to be the coolest ever.

No? Okay, I guess I'm not. Go ahead.

Man: Come in!

Uncle Matt?

Who's the greatest uncle in the whole wide world?

Uncle Matt!

(playful growling)

Is this for me?

No. This is for your dad.

Hurricane Matty strikes again. Huh?

(quietly): Hey. What'd I tell you about spoiling her?

I am not spoiling her.

You're not?


Okay. A little bit.

Come here, I love you.

Been too long, huh?

Hasn't been that long.

No, it actually has.

My going-away party was a year ago.

No, you have not been out here for a year.

I know, it feels like ten.

I can't believe that you came all the way to Hawaii.

Yeah. Well...

She's worth it.

How's things with Rachel?

They are, uh... they're getting better.

We actually have conversations, and I don't feel like a blood vessel's gonna explode out of my neck, so that's good.

Good. Progress.

Yeah, absolutely.

So? Why the, uh, why the sudden visit?

You're on business, right?

What do you mean? What, a guy can't drop in on his bro?

No. A guy can drop in on his bro, but not you, okay?

'Cause last time you dropped in on me, you crashed Dad's car into a tree.

Let the IROC go, Danny.

Okay? I came here to have fun.

Proof. Right here.

We are going to swim with dolphins, we are going to feed sharks, hot air ballooning.

This place has everything.

Yeah, they got everything.

I mean, they got tsunamis, they got giant centipedes...

You know what your problem is? Your issue?

Lack of adventurous spirit.

You're a spoilsport!

Am I right, Gracie?

Grace: Yeah.

(phone ringing)

Hold on a second.

When? Okay.

Guys, I got bad news.

I gotta go to work. Grace, gotta take you back to Mom, okay?

Wait a second.

She can hang with me.

You're gonna babysit?


We can hang out for the day, and then we'll meet you for dinner.

What do you think, Gracie?


All right. But listen, no funny stuff.

No trouble, okay?

I won't.

I know you won't.

I'm talking to him.

All right.

Come on.

I'll see you guys later.

Stay out of trouble.

We need to cause trouble, right now. Yes.

Danny: I heard that.


Hey, listen, I think we need to expand the grid search to a half-mile radius.

Chin: What did you find?

The end of the zip line here, it's all charred, and there's a, uh... a residue, a film, all over it.

You think it was an explosive?

Yeah, I do.

Could've been a shape charge that went high order.

I also found evidence of an electronic trigger.

Probably short-wave.

Somebody blew the zip line out, Chin, and they had to have been close by to do it.

Okay. I'll see what I can find.

Kono: We know this is hard, but... can you tell us about the phone call?

It was an unknown number.

He had a thin, raspy voice.

Didn't recognize it.

He knew I was a judge.

He called me "Your Honor."

I think he was watching us.

One minute Katie was waving good-bye... then the next...

I'm sorry.

You've got to excuse me.

Single father, one kid.

Yeah. He just lost the only family he had.

Do you think the daughter was a target, or just... collateral damage?

No, I think from the phone call the father was definitely the target.

The killer was taunting him.

He knew his name, his number, exactly where he'd be.

Definitely premeditated. Yeah.

Danny: I want a full protective detail on the judge, 24/7.

For all we know, this whack job's not done.


Chin: So I found these tire tracks in an area that's usually off limits to vehicles.

They're recent, and they're well within sight of the platform.

You get a hit from the HPD database?


According to the size, depth, and tread pattern, it looks like our suspect was driving a late-model SUV or a light pickup.

Once we get a suspect, we can pull a match.

Okay, Danny.

Any luck tracing the phone call to the judge?

No, the phone's a burner.

Completely untraceable.

But, uh, the HPD bomb squad they checked out the fragments that you found, and they said it's from an RF receiver usually found in walkie-talkies or remote-controlled cars.

They're doing chemical analysis on the explosives right now.

Kono, what do you got?

I've been trying to get a hold of the judge's threat file, but the deputy prosecutor's been in court all day.

Threat file?

The prosecutor's office has a team of investigators whose sole job is to keep track of any written or verbal threats against the bench.

Danny: Basically, just weed out the whack jobs, right?

So depending on how heavy the threat, they either do or do not pass it on to the Feds.

So what we're looking for right now is someone who matches our killer's profile so far: male, violent, history with explosives, and an axe to grind.

Chin: Makes sense.

With cops, judges, anyone who puts away hardened criminals, suspect pool's going to be pretty deep.

Okay, so if we're focusing on violent felony cases the judge has presided over, how deep is this pool that we're talking about?

Okay. Uh, we need to whittle this down.

In the meantime, let's make sure Judge Kamalei's personal security detail has a picture of every one of these guys.

Steve: When this killer comes back for the judge, we're going to be ready.

Steve: Yeah.

All right.

Thanks, Chin.

HPD is in place.

The judge is secure.

Kono and I are going to go see Deputy Prosecutor Chen tomorrow, try to narrow down our suspects.

We'll take all the help we can get.

You know, I really appreciate this escort through the Hilton.

I'm just stopping in to pick up Grace.

It's no big deal.

Besides, I want to meet your brother.

Well, be warned.

Mr. Wall Street has quite a personality.

Runs in the family, huh?

Disorder. Personality dis... order.

Hey, Rach.

What are you doing here?

Mmm, it's nice to see you, too, Daniel.

I invited her. Come on, it's been a long time since we've had a family meal.

It'll be just like old times.


My brother Matthew. Matthew...

Good to meet you.

Great to meet you.

Well, can you stay awhile?

Uh... no Stan?

Well, he's in Boston on business.




Hey, so, uh, listen, I'll leave you to it.

You stay, Danny.

Come on, come on. Steve.

Even cops can spare a half hour to grab some food, come on.

Come on, hang out, I got Danny's favorite.

I got surf and turf. Yeah.

What do you think?

I could eat.

Surf? Or, uh...

I could eat surf.

Surf? Okay.

Matt: Come on.

Danny: Can I...? Thank you.


I'm telling you something.

He would do it every, every time.

Every time.

No, he didn't.

He did not!

Not every time.

Okay, Danny, tell them about the time at the zoo.

Again with the...

Every time with the zoo.

Okay? You were...

He was causing a disturbance.

You handcuffed me to the monkey cages.

Hey, I... I was doing my job.

Danny, you were nine!

What are you talking about?

They were plastic handcuffs.

Just so you know.

So you were a cop back then?

Matt: Oh, yeah. My parents would say, you know, "Where's, uh, where's your brother?" Danny would say, "Guess we lost him."

You are horrible, Daniel.

Oh, I always would come back for you.

Didn't I?

You know what, take my hand.

Didn't I, huh?

That is true. That is true.

If you remembered where you left me.

Danny: I love you.

Matt: Look at this... look at this little cutie-patootie.

Oh, my gosh.

Rachel: I know, she is so tired.

Matt: She drank several, several sodas.

Hey. (clears throat)

See these two guys over Rachel's right shoulder?

Goofy aloha shirt and cheap shoes?

Steve: Yeah.

Look like Feds, huh?


They watching us?

I don't know.

Guy on the right walked out of my brother's room in a waiter outfit earlier today.



Looks like they're getting up.

What do you want to do?

Say hello?

I think we should say hello.

Hey, uh, we'll be right back.

Matt: All right.

One second.





Special Agent Edward Kipton. this is Special Agent Adam Markowitz.

FBI. We know.

What do you want with my brother?

I'm sorry.

It's an active investigation.

You know how it is.

Oh, okay.

Um, listen, we have, on this Island, what is called...

What does the government call it?

It's called full immunity and means.

Full immunity and means.


I'll give her a call.

Just do yourself a favor, okay, and just tell me why you're following my brother.

We don't have to do all this.

Governor Jameson please.

Right, you have the governor on speed dial?

Danny: Exactly.

Hello, Governor.

Yes, ma'am. No, I'm standing with a couple of FBI agents here who are refusing to share information about a case.

Why are you smiling?

He's not kidding.

He did this to me.

No. Yes, ma'am.

No, we tried. Mm-hmm.

Yes, ma'am.

It's for you.


Who is this?

Yeah, right. It's good.

My name? Kipton.

Edward Kipton.


Yes. Yes, ma'am.

I'm terribly sorry. Of course.

Of course.

Now, answer the man's question.

Matthew Williams is the focus of a federal investigation.

He's being accused of defrauding his investors out of millions of dollars.

Whoa. Defrauding?

No, no, no, that's impossible.

Not according to the SEC and the dozen forensic accountants they have going through his books.

Okay, well, you and you and the SEC are all wrong, okay?

My brother runs a hedge fund.

And contrary to the talking heads on television, that does not make him a thief, you understand?

We're not here to argue.

Our job is to make sure that your brother doesn't take his vacation overseas before the indictment comes down.



...if you hear anything about his travel plans, I'd appreciate it if you'd give us a call, okay?

And, Danny, if you say anything to your brother, we will prosecute you for obstruction.

I'm sure you will.

See if your fairy godmother can get you out of that.

Listen to me.

I know my kid brother, okay.

He's a lot of things, but he is not a criminal.

Okay, okay.

Maybe he was set up.

Yeah, maybe.

Listen to me, all right, let me tell you something about my brother, okay?

When Rachel and I split up, all right, I took a room at a motel right down the block, because I wanted to be close to Grace.

This two-star dump.

My brother-- every single night, he would come over with a six-pack of beer and all the time in the world.

Never once, not one time, did I catch him looking at his watch, okay?

He just sat there talk to me every single night.

He'd fall asleep sitting up in a chair.

Wake up the next morning, go straight to work.

Every day, okay, for six months he did this.

For six months he talked me off the ledge, all right?

I'm telling you, I would not have gotten through that if it wasn't for him, okay?

He didn't do this.

Okay. All right, fine.

You... you got to talk to him.

Yeah. I just don't think that this is a one-time conversation.

That's fine.

Listen, you talk to him, take all the time you need.

Family's first, right?

There he is.

Steve, I'd like you to meet Deputy Prosecutor Jim Chen.

Steve McGarrett.

How do you do?

Thanks for meeting me like this.

I'm just on my way to a lunch.

No, no problem.

I appreciate it.

Listen, did you get a chance to pull Judge Kamalei's threat file?

It's all here.

Kamalei's known as a hanging judge.

Put away a lot of violent offenders.

Not many get back out on the street.

Anyone on here stand out?


But if I were a betting man, I'd say Drew Parisi fits the M.O.

How so?

Arson conviction.

After his ex dumped him, Parisi rigged her house to burn down.

I'm sorry, you said he rigged her house?

This guy has technical skills?

Kono: Not only that, Jim said apparently this guy was so pissed when the verdict was delivered, he attacked the judge in open court.

It took a bailiff and two armed officers to restrain him.

And he just got paroled?

Three weeks ago.

Only in America.

Yeah, only in America.

You know his parole officer?

Already spoke to him.

Parisi is staying at an old girlfriend's place in Wahiawa.

Hey, stop by the house on Sunday.

Your mother would love to see you.

Will do. See you then.

(phone ringing)


Very sweet.

A lunch with your son.

You must love him very much.

Who is this?

But a pat on the back?

You should have given him a hug.

Please, don't do this.

I hope you said good-bye.


Show me your hands!

Show me your hands!


Get out of the car!

Hey. What did he say about the call?

Same as Kamalei.

Unknown number, male voice.

"Hope you said good-bye."

You okay?

Yeah, I will be once we find this scumbag.

Well, we know it's not Parisi.

No, we were right there with him at the exact time the bomb went off.

That's right, and if it was detonated by a remote trigger, then the bomber had to have been close by.


Is that a piece of the RF receiver?

Yeah, it is.

This one's largely intact, and we got a partial serial number right there.

Nice. I'll run it down, see if we can find out where it came from.

All right.

Hey, how goes the canvass?

Good. Got a lot of foot traffic.

Tourists taking photos.

So I collected all their cameras and cell phones, see what we get.

Well, one thing's for sure.

This isn't just about Judge Kamalei anymore.

That's right.

If we want to figure out who this bomber is, we have to look at cases involving Kamalei and Chen.

My question is, if it's about revenge, why not go after them?

Why target their kids?

I understand. Mm-hmm.


I'm going to see you in a little bit.

Yeah. I got to go.

I-I've got to go.

What's happening?

Hey. Um, I wasn't expecting to see you for a little bit.

I'm sorry. A guy can't drop in on his brother?

I see what you did there-- clever.

Thank you.

What are you doing, business?

Uh, that? Uh, new client.

Lives up on the North Shore.

I thought you were on vacation.

I am.

This, uh, this just came up.

Who's, uh...

Who's this new client?

Uh, clients of mine mentioned my name to him.

He's, uh, he's got nine figures.

Made a small fortune through the family business.

So now he's looking for some tax shelter ideas.

What is his family business?

A little of everything-- shipping, utilities, real estate stuff.

It's just a coincidence he's here in Hawaii?

What's with the third degree, Magnum?

Are you looking to poach my client?

Yeah, I'm trying to poach your client.

I'm checking on my little brother's career.

Is that all right?

Checking up on me-- I like that.

Apparently, this guy's on a schedule.

He needs to meet right now, so... can we hang later?

Yeah, whatever you need.

All right.

You all right?

I'm in Hawaii, with my big brother.

I'll see you in a little bit.

All right.

I cross-referenced Judge Kamalei's threat file with cases both he and Chen had in common, focusing on violent offenders and parolees.

Okay, any matches?


So I started focusing on the cameras and cell phones I collected from the crime scene.

All right, so several tourists took photos just before or after the explosion.

All from different angles.

Okay, so what you're saying is the killer might actually be in here somewhere?


From the size of the tires, we're looking for an SUV.

What's that right there?

Blow that up, Kono.

Put it up here for me.

The wheel wells are all muddy.

What about the treads?

The tires are a match to the treads found near the zip line platform.

Did you get a clear shot of the plates?

No. But hey, what's that?

That could be a rental tag.

(phone ringing)

Okay, contact every rental company on the lsland.

I want the name of anybody driving a rental that make, model and color, okay?

All right, you got it.

Danny, everything okay with your brother?

It's, uh, it's fine.

I think I'm going to be a little while, though.

Why? What are you going to do?

I got it. Don't worry about it.

It's nothing.

Uh, okay, I know what nothing means, so...

Nothing means nothing, Steven, okay? I'm fine.

Okay, you know what, stop, don't go anywhere.

I'm going to be there soon.

Chin: I tracked down this serial number.

It's to a circuit board for a remote control airplane.

A T-9 Sabrecat.

I hear you're one of the only shops on the lsland that sell 'em, yeah?


Sell any lately?

Guy came looking to buy last week.

Oh, yeah. What he look like?


Dark hair, goatee.

He was dressed full-on Paniolo style, boots and everything.

Definitely no local.

How you know that?

The tan lines, the clothes.

This cowboy-- he buy any of them?

Three of them.


Chin: Yep.

Paid in cash.

And get this-- the remote control to that plane has a range of a thousand feet.

Those tire tracks I found near the zip line platform are well within that.

Well, then it looks like we have one less target.

Okay, would you please slow down.

You're getting too close.

Danny, relax. He doesn't know this truck.

That's a good point.

Danny: Stop. He's pulling into that driveway.

Yeah, hello.

Is this Waioleka Charters?

Yes, thank you.

This is Clarence Clemons from Matthew Williams' office.

I'm just calling to check on his itinerary.

No listing? Okay.

Hey, could you guys just tell me one more time, where do you fly out of?

Kaleola Airport.

Thank you very much.


This is so sick that I'm doing this.

Man (over headset): Hands up.


Come. Come in.

Man: Good to see you.

We have much business to discuss.

(static crackles)

What happened?

You lose the signal?

Yeah. He said he was going to a business meeting.

Who pats you down before a business meeting, hmm?

Someone who doesn't want to get caught.

Who is responsible for this suntan lotion job here?

You missed a huge spot on your nose, monkey.

I didn't know you were joining us.

Sorry, man.

Slipped my mind.

How did your meeting go?

Really great, yeah.

Guy wanted to park $30 mil in some tax-free munies.

I'm like, "Really? Well, bonds are dead money right now."

$30 mil?

That's impressive.

What can I say?

I'm good at my job.


Time for a swim.

What is it that you do, exactly?

You just help the rich get out of paying their taxes or what?

In all fairness, I'd like to get everybody out of their taxes, not just the rich.

You know, people don't pay taxes, then cops don't get paid, firefighters like Pop.

You ever think about that?

Man, I'm kidding.

Come on! Relax!

It's the beach.

Uncle Matt!


Where is that fish?!

Let me see it!

I'm coming to get it!


Right here?

And what was that all about?

What was what all about?

I assume you've heard the term "passive-aggressive"?

I wasn't being passive-aggressive.

No, you were being aggressive-aggressive.

The question is why?

I don't know. He just gets under my skin sometimes.

Daniel, you can't lie to me.

What's wrong?

(Matt and Grace laughing and chattering)

All right, I'm gonna tell you something.

I need you to keep it between us, okay?


The other night when Steve and I left dinner, the FBI was watching us.

They're after Matt.


They claim he's been scamming his clients out of their life savings.

Apparently, an indictment is on its way.

Do you believe he's guilty?

I don't want to.

I'm waiting for a callback from a buddy at the SEC.

What does Matt have to say about all of this?

I have not spoken to him about it.


What do you want me to do, Rachel? What do I do?

It's an active federal investigation. I'm a cop.

He's your brother.

Wave. Wave to them.

Hey, I'll tell you, man.

Remember that time at the, uh...oh, the Stone Pony?

We snuck in to see Bruce.

And that weird bouncer with the three chicks?

You want a beer?

No, I'm good.

(clears throat)

Hey, I want to, uh...

I want to talk to you about something.

Sit down for a second.

It's about Rachel, isn't it?

I knew you still loved her.

I knew by the way that you looked at her at dinner last night.

I know you.

It's not about Rachel.

So I'm just gonna ask you once... and I want you to tell me the truth.

What's going on with you?

Nothing. Why?

Why? Because I spoke to a friend at the SEC.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about your indictment.

Matt, you've been stealing money from your clients, huh?

Danny, that... that's insane, okay?

It's just... doesn't even...

Don't lie to me.

I'm not lying!

Listen to me! Who do you think you're talking to, huh?!

You think you're talking to one of your dopey clients?!

I'm your brother!

You don't lie to me!

What do you want to hear, that I took the money?

Fine. I took the money.

What were you thinking about?

You do something that stupid, you think about Mom?

You think about Dad?

You think about our sisters?

I know.

You know they're gonna come knocking at Mom's door?

Calling her in the middle of the night asking for statements?

I know, okay? I made a mistake.

Is that what you've been waiting for?

What, you think I get a kick out of this?

I enjoy this?

I think that you like to be the guy that everybody thinks does everything right, but we both know that you made mistakes.

Why? Why?

That's all I want to know. Why?

I lost $58 million in one day.

And I had to cover it.

So I took some money from my other clients' accounts.

I fixed statements.

I was hoping that if I could cover my tracks, that no one would be the wiser, and then one lie led to another and then the next one and the next.

Why didn't you come to me?

You're a cop.

I knew that you would...

I'm your brother.

I would have helped you.

I thought about turning myself in, then I just couldn't.

Why'd you come to Hawaii?

To cut another deal, and try to buy my way out, but, uh... it fell through.


Okay, here's what...

Okay, we're getting on a plane together and we're going back to New York, okay?

You're gonna talk to the FBI, you're gonna talk to the SEC and you're going to cop to everything, you understand?

I'll go to jail.

Yeah, you're probably gonna go to jail.


All right, we're gonna get you a good lawyer.

All right, I'm personally gonna talk to the district attorney, and I'm gonna be there with you and we're gonna get through this together.

This is gonna kill Mom and Dad.

(clears throat)

Okay, listen to me.

Um, we got a long road ahead.

We're going back home.

I want you to pack a bag.

I'll be back in a couple of hours.

(door closes)

I cross-checked red SUV rentals with cases that involved both Kamalei and Chen, and I got a hit.

Travis Roan, age 49, current resident of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

No local address.

And he used to work on a demo team.

So he knows his way around a construction site.

And he spent seven years in the Wyoming State Pen for aggravated assault.

Okay, but Wyoming?

I don't understand.

Was he tried here?

No, but his son was.

Thomas Roan.

Yeah. 20 years old.

Got 18 months for a DUI, then got stabbed in a mess hall fight.

Died in prison ten days ago.

Oh, man.

And Kamalei and Chen put him there, right?

This guy's looking for payback for his dead son.

So I pulled Thomas' case and I spoke to the judge trying to figure out our last potential target.

Maybe an arresting officer, a key witness.

But all Judge Kamalei can remember about the case was the flood of appeals that came after his verdict.

Who filed the appeals?

Thomas' mom.

Court paperwork shows a local address for her.

Maybe she can help us find Travis Roan.

I can't believe it.

Oh, my God, those poor children.

Do you know where Travis is right now?

Back in Wyoming, I thought.

He was only in town for Thomas' funeral.

We're very sorry to hear about what happened to your son.

Thomas couldn't wait to leave Cheyenne.

Said this place was like paradise.

Then first semester, he got pulled over for a DUI.

The judge and that prosecutor had to make an example of him.

What do you mean by that?

It was the third DUI that week right in the heart of Waikiki.

It didn't help that Thomas was underage and hit a fancy car.

So instead of probation or getting his license revoked...

He got 18 months.

I tried to appeal, moved down here to do so.

How did your ex-husband take that?

Hard. They wouldn't even let him visit his son.

Former felons aren't allowed.

Thomas was only 13 when his father went away to Rawlins.

They wrote letters and such, but they hadn't seen each other since.

Ma'am, did Travis ever... did he ever make any threats or maybe mention anybody else that he blamed for Thomas' death?


No, the only thing he kept saying at the funeral was he never got to say good-bye.

Mrs. Roan, this is very important.

We need to know where Travis was staying.

We're clear.

He was just here.

The sink's still wet, looks like he shaved.

I got a photo and letters from Thomas to his dad.

Chin, I got the kits.

The last remote is gone.

We're running out of time.

Hold on, I got something here.

These letters...

Roan's blaming someone named "Meachum."

Says, "She sold me out.

She convinced me to take the deal."

That's his lawyer.

Public defender.


Our next target.

Danny: Pi'ikoi Middle School?

Yeah, I'm, like, two minutes away from there. Why?

Because that's where our suspect is headed.

He's after Brian Meachum, the public defender's kid.

All right.

You got an ID on this guy?

Yeah, the guy's name is Travis Roan.

He's driving a red SUV, it's a rental.

I'm sending you a picture right now.

Danny, listen to me, okay?

Get a visual on this guy, and then proceed with extreme caution.

He is highly unstable, and he's carrying explosives.

(school bell ringing)

Looking for this, Mr. Meachum?


Found it by the gym.

Somebody must be messing with you.


You be careful, now.

Your homework.

Always remember to double-check it.

Right. Thanks again.

Kono, any luck reaching Diana Meachum?

No, straight to voice mail.

But DMV database shows she's driving a beige minivan, license plate: Charlie, Bravo, zero, three, two, five.

Okay, got it. Listen, remember that transmitter is only good for a thousand feet, okay?

You locate the Meachums, Roan can't be far away, so be careful.

(phone vibrating)

Why do you always set your phone on vibrate?

It's a little embarrassing when it goes off in court.

Maybe you should answer it.

This is Diana.

Mrs. Meachum.

This is Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett from Five-O.

You're in danger right now.

You need to get out of your car, and move away, right away.

Don't touch anything.

Brian, get out of the car right now. Get out.

Just go. Go.

Get the Meachums.

Danny: Steve, over here.

Danny: Five-O, hands where I can see them.

Hey. I need you to step out of the car slowly, all right?

That boy... he's only 13 years old.

Just like Thomas was when I last saw him.

Just like Thomas.

Now he's gone.

He's gone.

I lost him.

I lost him.


(sobbing): I lost him.

Get out of the car, out, out, out, out. Now.

Get down on the ground.

Hands behind your back.

(handcuffs clicking)

I gotta go pick up my brother.

He was going to run.

Can you believe that?

Charter company got back to me with the flight manifest, and he used our third-grade gym teacher's name to book the flight.

He was going to skip out first thing in the morning.

Sorry, man.

Yeah, me, too.

Let me give you guys a ride to the airport.

Nah, you don't have to do that.

Come on. Come on, we'll talk in the truck.


Man: He's not here.

Man 2: Where the hell did he go?


(overlapping shouting)

Hey, hey, hey!

Stand down. Stand down.

Where the hell is he? Hmm?

What'd you say to him?

What's going on?

What are you talking about?

Well, we lost the tail on your brother.

Phone's dead, he switched cars, and when we got to the meet, there was no one there.

He tipped them off before the deal ever went down.

Stop. Stop, okay?

I have no idea what you're saying to me right now. You understand?

What meet? What deal?

What are you talking about?

Come here.

Markowitz: The footage is courtesy of the DEA.

Guy in the black shirt is Pedro Fuentes, accountant for the third most powerful cartel in Columbia.

And your brother... is making a deal to launder his drug money.

How much can you handle?


Ten million should be fine.

Once I get it in and out of Singapore.

And the meet was supposed to go down today.

You had no idea?

Markowitz: We had it all set up.

We were gonna take them all down as soon as we saw the money.

Yeah, except sometime today, your brother changed the plan.

And now they've all gone under.

If you have any idea where your brother is, you need to tell us right now, Detective.

I have no clue.

You understand me?


You gotta tell him.

You... you gotta tell him.

I gotta tell him what?

Tell him what you told me.

His brother's got plans to leave the lsland.

McGarrett, you know where Williams is?

Yeah, I do. He's got a boat near Kawela Bay, on the North Shore, okay?

I'm sorry, Danny.

All right, you heard him, let's go, people!

(door closes)

Thank you.

Matt (recording): Hey, this is Matt.

You know what to do.

Matty. Matty.

Matthew Williams, hey!

You going to shoot me, Danny?

I should shoot you, you stupid son of a bitch.

Huh? Laundering money for drug dealers?

What the hell's the matter with you?

I had no choice.

You did have a choice. You had a choice. I gave you a choice!

I said I was gonna help you.

I said I was gonna get you through this. Didn't I?

It's not that simple, Danny.

This isn't you beating up Cousin Jimmy because he stole my bike.

Matthew, listen to me, you are going to turn yourself in.

You are gonna turn yourself in!

Go to federal prison?

I'd never survive, Danny.

I'm not strong enough.

I'm not you!

What the hell is the matter with you?


What'd you do? Huh?

You went through with it?

What is that?

Is that getaway money?

It wasn't supposed to be a getaway, Danny.

I was trying to f...

I was trying to fix things.

Trying to fix things?

So what are you going to do?

Huh? Just going to run away?

You're going to fly off and you're going to forget about us?

Huh? Is that your plan?

Hey! I'm asking you a question!

What about Mom and Dad?

Huh? What about Grace?

We're your family, Matty.

This ends one of two ways, big brother.

You either shoot me, or you say good-bye.


("The End" by Pearl Jam plays)

♪ What were all those dreams we shared ♪
♪ Those many years ago? ♪
♪ What were all those plans we made now ♪
♪ Left beside the road? ♪
♪ Behind us in the road ♪
♪ More than friends I always pledged ♪
♪ 'Cause friends they come and go ♪
♪ People change, as does everything ♪


What's happened?

He's gone.

Matty's gone.

I lost him.

♪ Whisper in my ear ♪
♪ Give me something to echo ♪
♪ In my unknown future's ear ♪
♪ My dear ♪
♪ The end ♪
♪ Comes near ♪
♪ I'm here, but not much longer. ♪