01x24 - Oia'i'o (Trust) (Season Finale)

(singing over TV)

The King's hair game was flawless.

I mean, amazing.

Look at that suit.

White shirt, white pants and a red lei.

Two people on this earth could pull that off, okay?

I'm the other one, so you know.

What's up?

Stan's coming home tomorrow night.

I have to tell him.


Go ahead, take it.

I don't understand, Chief.

I thought you wanted to talk about my uncle.

The situation with your Uncle Keako is an unfortunate one, but the way you handled it, through all the false accusations about stealing that money, showed character.

So now that the case is closed and your record's clear, HPD would like to reinstate you.

At the rank of lieutenant.


But I was only a detective at the time I resigned.

Yes, but if you had never left, you would've been lieutenant by now.

Think of it as restitution.

I truly appreciate the offer, sir, but we're doing great work over at Five-O.

That's my home now.

How's it, Duke?

How's it, Chin?

What you got there?


Local ranch owner out in Waipahu called in a report.

Said he was on his ATV tooling around his property and he found what looked like pieces of burnt money.

Really? How much?

Don't know.

But it took four officers half a day to collect it all.

We're going to run the pieces that still have the serial numbers intact, try to figure out where it came from.

Steve: That's impossible.

Kono and I both saw that money burn.

Not all of it, apparently.

Once HPD starts checking those serial numbers, they're going to know that that money was stolen from the asset forfeiture locker.

Okay, maybe, but there's no hard evidence that traces it back to us.

And besides, technically, the money's all there.

Somebody returned the money, the exact amount that we stole, remember?

...HPD has shown improvements across the board in every district.


Aloha, Steve.

Inspector Kelly.

Aloha, Governor.


Miss Hills.

Detective Kelly.

Uh, you'll excuse us?

When you going to ask her out?

Who, Miss Hills?

No, the governor.

Who do you think?

Every time we see Laura, she's sexting you with her eyes.


Come on.

What, are you kidding me?

For a great detective, you're really clueless sometimes.

(computer beeping)

Hey, I was just about to call you.

Guess who got another special delivery today.

Another envelope.

Every Wednesday.

It's like clockwork.

No unknown prints.

I already checked.

Security just dropped it off a few minutes ago.

I guess it showed up early this morning in the mailroom.

Same handwriting, same ink, same envelope as all the rest.

The skeleton key.

This thing drove me crazy.

I tried every lock in the house, even tried Dad's old desk at HPD.

You remember? Didn't fit.

Didn't fit anything.

Actually, um, based on the photos of all the evidence that your father collected, I did a little digging.

Turns out, that key belongs to a piece of antique American furniture from the 1800s.

My father never owned anything like that.

Then, whose key is it?

Steve: Maybe the person he was investigating.

Violent crimes is down seven percent, property crimes down four, and the year-to-year clearance rate is up eight.

Looks like your Five-O task force is making an impact.

Yes, but let's not sell HPD short.

They've been doing great work.

Make sure you give the commissioner an "attaboy" for me when you see him.

Yes, ma'am.

Oh, and, Laura, it's perfectly all right for a lady to make the first move.

I'm sorry?

Inspector Kelly.

Call him.

Do it now.

Yes, ma'am.

(car alarm chirps)

Laura! Laura!




Are you hurt?

Are you okay?

(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays)

♪ Hawaii Five-O 1x24 ♪
Oia'i'o (Trust)

Original Air Date on May 16, 2010

Kaye: I see a linear shaped cut in the metal coming from the steering column.

Looks like our killer used some detonating cord, which means that the initial blast came from the wheel itself.

That's bomb fragments?

Yeah. Be careful.

You guys get anything?

Yeah, potential trace.

Kaye said the bomb came from the steering wheel column.

Those look like BB's from a BB gun.


These are projectiles from a claymore mine.

You're absolutely right.

I found this electric blasting cap wire attached to the car's ignition.

It's from a claymore.

I've seen this kind of improvised device before.

Wait a second. Whoa.

Tell me you know who did this.


The person who rigged this car is the same man behind the murder of my fiancé and your parents.

It was Wo Fat.

Kaye: The improvised explosive device is one of Wo Fat's preferred ways of execution, especially when he's trying to send a message.

Danny: Okay, wait, you think Wo Fat did this? I mean, it seems sloppy.

Mm... he's not sloppy, he's vindictive.

Think about it.

You took out Victor Hesse and the Yakuza here-- his right and left hands.

You made it personal.

Yeah? Well, he's really going to be pissed when I toss his ass in a cell for the rest of his life, isn't he?

All right, what else do we know about this thing?

Kaye: Once the ignition engages, approximately 700 steel balls, about an eighth of an inch in diameter, shoot out at around 4,000 feet per second through the interior of the vehicle-- a directional blast aimed square at the face of the driver.

It's a very personal, targeted attack.

She never felt a thing.

No, she didn't.

All right, Sang Min warned us that Wo Fat was coming, so targeting one of us I understand, but why Laura Hills?

Steve: I don't know.

But our best chance at tracking Wo Fat is through this explosive.

Where would he get his hands on a claymore in Hawaii?

The military?

Danny: Hold on.

Somebody breaks into a military base and steals a crate full of mines, don't you think we would've heard about it?

No, no, no, wait a minute.

If there was a theft of military explosives, the police would be the last people the military would call.

They'd want to keep the investigation in-house.

Kaye, double-check with all the bases on the lsland, see if any claymores have gone missing.


I also have some contacts on the black and gray markets.

I can see if they know any of the munitions dealers here.

Okay, good. Chin, Kono, you guys search Laura's office.

Danny and I will check the house.

There's got to be a reason Hills was targeted.

Danny: Door's open.

♪ ♪


It must've happened in the last few hours-- after Hills went to work this morning.

This was definitely not a robbery.

Okay, they didn't take the TV, didn't take the laptop.

They were looking for something.

Look at this.

First two drawers have been yanked out, dumped on the floor.

The last one's left undisturbed.

All right.

Maybe, uh... maybe they got interrupted.


Or they found what they were looking for.

Danny: I'll call HPD, have them run prints, process this place.

Maybe someone got sloppy.



Check this out.

Okay, this may be a coincidence, all right?

These are the exact same envelopes I've been getting sent.

Come on.

You think Laura Hills was the one sending those?

I don't know.

They're envelopes, Steve.

What are you doing?

Getting a writing sample.

Fong: It's a match.

That's Laura Hills' writing on those envelopes.

Here, see for yourself.

Full lower loop on her G's, along with a distinct upstroke on her T's.

Only difference between the two samples are slant and pressure.

She was definitely stressed out when she addressed these envelopes to you.

How can you tell?

She used heavy pressure, which indicates she was uptight.

Very serious about what she was doing.

And the letters are artificially upright-- no slant right or left.

She was trying to cover up her tracks.

Yeah. Laura did not want anybody to know that she was sending me evidence from my father's toolbox.

Chin and I searched her office from top to bottom.

If she had any more of his things, they weren't there.

Okay, the thing I don't get is that this evidence was stolen by the Yakuza.

How'd Laura get her hands on it?

Maybe she worked for Wo Fat.

(cell phone ringing)

Yeah, or she took it from somebody who did.

Kaye, what do you got?

I pulled a serial number off a fragment of the claymore and tracked it down.

You were right.

Kaye: it turns out there was a theft and the military conducted their own investigation.

The mine was stolen four years ago from a shipment that was destined for lraq.

C.I.D. investigated a defense contractor by the name of Dale O'Reilly, but never convicted him or recovered any of the stolen shipment.

Any idea where O'Reilly is now?

Well, hope you like it.

This is what's it's going to look like when you die.

This is your heaven.

Want anything while we're here?

New ammo belt?

Night vision goggles? Ooh.

Ooh. Powdered eggs.

Let me tell you something, I'd take powdered eggs over your eggs any day.

My eggs... you love my eggs.

Terrible, Danny.

Hello, Dale.

Hey, excuse me.

Excuse me.

Dale O'Reilly?

No. He's not here.

That's funny.

You must have a twin.

Sorry, fellas.

Uh, never know who's going to come looking for you. Know what I mean?

Steve: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Like somebody who might be in the market for a...

I don't know-- claymore mine?

Claymore mine?

Ah, ah, ah!

I will shoot you in the face.

Put it down!

Danny: Hey, Dale.


My eyes! My eyes!



I'll take the pepper spray, and my buddy wants some powdered eggs.

Who'd you sell the claymore to?

Answer my question-- who'd you sell the claymore to?


His name's Steve McGarrett!

Okay, um... you are definitely going down for accessory to murder.

Okay, so at this point, if I could help you, I would say that you should try to help yourself.

Okay? Just tell me who told you to say that name.

Okay. Was it this guy?

Was it Wo Fat?

Dale. Dale!

Come on!

We already tracked down the $50,000 that he paid you.


Well, let me tell you something about this guy, okay?

He used that claymore to kill a government official.

An innocent woman.

Someone I knew.

I'm not talking to you.

Not talking to you?

Not talking to him?

That's okay.

(clears throat)

Maybe you'd be willing to talk to somebody else.


You all right?

Come on, talk to me, little bro.


The LT just called me in off a recon detail.

Said you were in some kind of trouble. What's going on?

Dale. You still there?

Next time you see your brother, it's going to be in a federal courtroom.

You're going to be charged with treason-- crimes against your country.

You're going to be branded as a terrorist, and your whole family's going to suffer as a consequence.

You understand me?

Your brother Gary-- he's going to be disgraced, and he's going to be forced to leave the service, all because you wouldn't open your mouth today.

Kaye: Nice work.

Between the claymore and O'Reilly's testimony, we have Wo Fat cold.

Yeah, now all we have to do is find him.

I just got off the phone with the crime lab.

They finished processing Laura Hills's house.

They find any other prints besides hers?

Chin: They found prints all over the place--


Kaye: How is that possible?

You ever been there before today?

No, never.

Somebody sure as hell wants HPD to think you were.


You're being set up.

Jameson: Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

I know.

We are all still in shock here.

Laura was a very special girl.

Oh, of course. Of course.

If we learn anything, you'll be the first to know.



Laura's parents.

They were in New York celebrating their anniversary.

We're very sorry, ma'am.

That's, uh... that's an extremely difficult call to make.

Please tell me you have something.

We do.

We know who killed Laura.

His name is Wo Fat.

He's an international arms dealer with deep ties to the Japanese Yakuza.

He also has connections to the local branch here in Hawaii.

And why do you think he had something to do with Laura's death?

Danny: Because we have a guy in custody right now who sold Wo Fat the explosives responsible for her death, and he made a positive I.D.

Steve: Soon as he sits with an attorney, he's going to give us a full statement in exchange for leniency.

HPD's taking him to jail right now.

Very good work, gentlemen.

So how close are you to finding this Wo Fat?

Not close enough.

Danny: Well, we're still piecing some things together, uh, but if it's okay with you, uh, we'd like to ask you a couple questions about Laura.

Of course.

I'll do anything I can to help.

Okay. Uh, did she ever mention the name Wo Fat to you?


What about her behavior?

Uh, recently... anything off or strange?

Jameson: Strange? No.

She was the same Laura I always knew.

Tell me... why do you think she was murdered?

We're not sure, but we're, uh... we're working on that.

You know what, ma'am?

Thank you so much for your time today.

We understand it's been a very difficult day.


This is very personal to me.

You find this man-- by any means necessary.

Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.

Thank you.

What's with you?

Give me a second.

He can't hear us.

Danny: Hey.

All right, let's go.

What's going on with you?

Why didn't you tell the governor about the envelopes Laura Hills was sending you?

Did you see the bureau in her office?

Early American, 1800s, brass fixtures?

Oh, yeah, it was beautiful.

What are you, the host of Antiques Roadshow?

No. Looking at furniture?

What's the matter with you?

What if the brass key that Laura Hills sent me fits that lock?

I don't know.

What are you getting at?


I think the governor's hiding something.

When did you get so uptight?

Will you relax?


I'll be in and out in two minutes.

Two minutes.

You'll be... there's security all over that place.

Always. What are you talking about?

Let me tell you something, all right?

The governor has a press conference in a couple hours.

I'll make my move then.

It'll be fine.

Okay. Let me just make a statement, okay?

Out of the top ten dopiest suggestions you have ever had, this is number one with a bullet.

What idea is that?

Oh, I'll tell you.

He, uh... he wants to break into the governor's mansion.

All those who think that's a certifiably demented idea, please raise your hand.

Please raise your hand.

I'm new. I didn't think I got a vote.

You don't get a vote.

Okay, and the rest of you are forgetting that Five-O is not a democracy; it's a benevolent dictatorship.

Got it?

Chin: Why would you want to break into the governor's mansion?

The key that Laura Hills sent me from my father's tool box goes to an old antique bureau.

All right? The exact same antique bureau that's in the governor's study.

Okay, if the key fits...

(cell phone rings) what do you think you're going to find in there?

The rest of my father's stuff.


Wait, wait, wait.

What? What? What?


All right, we're on the way.

What happened?

That was HPD.

The transport taking O'Reilly to prison just got hit.

(garbled radio transmission)

Two good cops-- dead.


And the only witness we had against Wo Fat.

How did he know, huh?

How did he know?

How did this happen?

Come here, come here, come here, come here.

Come here. Come here.

Relax. Come here. Relax.

Stop. Talk to me for a second.

Okay, you think Wo Fat did this?

You kidding me?


This had to be a leak, Danny.

Okay, all right.

But it's not HPD.

Okay? They knew O'Reilly was going to be a witness, but they did not know he was going to testify against Wo Fat.

Nobody knew that except us.

The governor.

Outside of Five-O, the governor was the only person that knew that O'Reilly could I.D. Wo Fat.

The governor, Steve?

Work with me here, okay?

A month ago, we walk in, she's having lunch with Hiro Noshimuri.

Hiro Noshimuri, the head of the Yakuza, apparently an "old friend" of hers.

The governor's in his pocket.

Shh. Okay. Let's stop and think about what you are saying.

What are we talking about?

We are talking about the governor.

She's only the top elected official in the state.

I don't care.

If she did this, she goes down.

Okay, but you realize that this is an accusation of monster proportions.

I'm just...

Massive proportions, right?

I get it. We need evidence.

We need rock-solid, airtight proof.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Okay, that's right.

That's all.

Now you're making sense.

Okay, we can't be all bull in the china shop.

We got to use our heads, okay?

We're... we're going to look at all the evidence that your father collected, and we're going to see if it points to the governor.

(cell phone rings)


It's Rachel. Give me two seconds.

Go. Go, go.

Hey. Listen, Rachel, I can't talk right now, okay?

I got to call you back.

Danny, um, I need to see you.

It's important.

What's the matter?

You sound upset. You okay?

I just need to see you.

Can you meet me at the end of Sand lsland in an hour?

Yeah, I'll be there in one hour, okay?

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.


You're running on fumes right now.

Okay? I want you to go home.

Get some rest.

You wake up in the morning, we look at the evidence, we come up with a game plan.

We got to be smart about this, right?




All right. Come on.

♪ ♪

(lock clicks)



♪ ♪

What's going on?

What's the matter?

It's nothing.

I just need to talk to you about something.


What's going on?

You having second thoughts about telling Stan?


That's not it at all.

Hey, listen to me.

Whatever it is, you can tell me, okay?

Anything. I'm right here.

I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant.

Wow. Uh... and I'm definitely...


Okay, good.

Good, good, good. Okay.

Everything's going to be okay, honey. I promise.


How do I tell Stan that I'm leaving and that I'm pregnant with your child?

I don't know.

But you don't have to do it alone.

I'll come with you, all right?

No. This is something that I need to do by myself.

Once it's done, I don't want to be here.

You want to leave Hawaii?

This is Stan's home; it's not mine.

I already checked with the airline.

There's a red-eye to Newark that leaves tomorrow night.

All right, well, I'm coming with you.

Danny, you can't leave.

You have a life here.

I have a...

I have a life here?

Rachel... you and Grace are my life.

The only reason I came out here in the first place was for you guys.

Wherever you are, that's where I want to be.

That's where I'm going to be, okay?

What about your job?

Listen, we'll go, uh, I'll get you settled in Jersey, and I'll come back here, I'll wrap up all my... my cases, and then, uh, that's it.

All right? It'll just be the three of us again.

All right?

The four of us.


Rachel, I love you.

I love you, too.

I should go pack.

I never unpacked, so I'm good.

We're going to have another baby.

(both chuckling)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

What the hell is the matter with you?

Would it kill you to knock on this door just once?

Knock on that door?

Why? What's with the ambush?

Why are you dressed like a ninja?

What are you doing?

Okay. What is this?

No, no, no.

Don't answer.

Tell me you didn't break into the governor's house.

The key fit, Danny.

This is what my father was working on before he was murdered, Danny.

He was investigating the governor.

Look at this.

See for yourself.

I found these in the drawer.

That's Laura Hills with one of those envelopes.

Is that your truck?

That's my truck.

The governor found out that Laura was sending me pieces of evidence from my father's toolbox.

And you know what else, Danny?

I think Laura was stealing the evidence from the governor.

That doesn't make sense, okay?

Why would she do that?

Why would she send you piece by piece?

The box was full of all kinds of different stuff.

I'm sure she was hoping that the governor wouldn't notice anything missing.

Come here.

This is Laura's date book, okay?

Now, for the last month, every Wednesday, I get something in an envelope from my father's toolbox.

All right? Okay?

Look at this.

Let's go back a month.

Every one of Laura's Tuesday lunches is open.

So what?

What happens on Tuesday?

What happens on Tuesday?

The governor has a standing lunch with the chief of police at Turtle Bay, and Laura knew that.

So wait a minute.

So Laura uses that time to slip into the governor's office...

And steal us a piece of evidence.

And according to these photos in that bureau, the governor found out about it.

She had Laura killed.

Laura was trying to help me, Danny.

It's my fault that she's dead.

So you're saying that you think that the governor had Laura Hills murdered?

Yes, and Wo Fat made it happen.

All right, so what are we waiting for? Let's bring her in.

Whoa. Slow down. Okay?

We don't have any hard evidence proving anything.

But we have these photos.

Yeah, we do-- that he illegally obtained by breaking into the governor's house.

She's probably going to say that he planted them there anyway.

Chin: Yeah, he's right.

This isn't some liquor store stickup artist who everyone wants to see locked up.

We're talking about an elected official with a spotless record and a 72% approval rating.

If we're going to take her down, we're going to need something that sticks.


That's our focus now, okay?

We silently investigate the governor like my father did, we get something on her and bring her down, and she leads us to Wo Fat.

(cell phone ringing)

Yeah, Duke, what's up?

You sure you don't want your old job back?

'Cause it looks like your current one isn't going to exist very much longer.

We have a warrant to arrest McGarrett for murder.

We got a problem.

HPD is on its way right now to arrest you for killing Laura Hills.

(siren wailing in distance)

Kono, get everything off the screens.

Wipe the drives.

Wipe everything.

Kaye: This is ridiculous.

He's being set up.

(tires screeching)

What are you going to do?

Steve: I don't know.

I got no honest chance of beating this if the governor's involved.

Not if I'm locked up.

Danny: All right, listen.

Do me a favor.

Please just lay low.

Okay, we'll get something on the governor, and we will end this.

I got to go.

Hey, everything-- clean house.

(sirens whooping and wailing)

Steve McGarrett, hold it right there.

Put down your weapon.


(garbled radio transmission)

(grunting and groaning)

(sirens wailing)

(garbled radio transmission)

♪ ♪

Did I lose another bet I forgot about?

I need a gun.

A what?

You heard what I said.

I'm a parolee, brah.

You know that.

And possession of a firearm can send me back to jail.

Besides, you're a cop.

Where's your gun?

I'm not a cop anymore.

And I need your help.


Come on. This way.

You never know what you're going to need until you need it.

You know what I'm saying, brah?

Yeah, I know what you're saying.

(Danny sighs)

Do they really think that McGarrett killed Laura Hills?

Right now, it doesn't matter what they think, okay?

It's about the evidence.

It's our job to prove that he didn't do it, okay?

I'm not going to stand around here and do nothing.

What? Chin, where are you going?


Officer Kalakaua, Detective Ahuna, Internal Affairs.

I have orders to bring you in.

I already told your friends that I don't know where McGarrett is.

It's got nothing to do with the McGarrett situation.

Okay, Ahuna.

Then, what the hell is it about?

We got a witness that can place Officer Kalakaua at the scene of a break-in.

What break-in?

The HPD asset forfeiture locker.

Apparently, you know about some money that went missing recently.

Officer Kalakaua, I need you to come with me right now or face charges of obstructing an investigation.

Relax, okay?

She doesn't know anything.


Uh... just keep your mouth shut.

Don't say anything, okay?

We'll take care of it.

All right?

Go ahead.

All right.


Oh, boy.

Did she really steal that money?

Mm-hmm. Well, we did.

What, are you serious?

We didn't have a choice.

All right?

It was a ransom demand.

If we didn't do it, they were going to kill Chin.

So McGarrett and Kono used a sewer tunnel to break into the locker.

That's crazy.

Hmm. Welcome to my world.

I like it.

What do we do now?

You like it? That's good.

Uh, you are going to watch these guys.

Please. Okay?

And you?

I'm going to find McGarrett before they do.

(phone ringing)

Big guy, it's not a good time, okay?

Hold on. It's about McGarrett.

What? What about McGarrett?

I'm worried about him.

He just paid me a visit, loaded up for bear.

Whoa, you gave him weapons?

You didn't hear that from me, brah.

I don't know who he's after, but I thought you should know.

Danny: He's going after the governor.

(phone ringing)

Come on, Steve, answer the phone.

This is McGarrett. Talk.

(phone ringing)


Danny, it's Rachel.

Hey, honey, listen, I-I-I can't talk right now, okay? I'll call you back.

I just wanted to let you know we're here.

You're here? You're where?

The airport.

Is everything all right?


Everything is fine.

Danny, if you're having second thoughts...

Listen to me. I love you.

Everything is fine.

I got something to take care of, and I will meet you at the gate, okay? I promise.


♪ ♪


(lock rattling)


I was hoping they were wrong about you.

I didn't kill Laura Hills.

You did.

You move, I will put a bullet in you.

Put your hand on the desk!

Just put the gun away and we can talk.

It goes down when we're done.

What do you want?

I want a confession.

You have a gun pointed at my head.

I'll say whatever you want, Steve.

I want the truth.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I know what you did!

I know everything!

Then, why don't you just go ahead and pull the trigger.

Because I want answers.


Trust me, that is not what you want.

(phone ringing)

Don't touch that phone.

Don't answer it.

Look at me.

I know my father was investigating you.

I know about your ties to the Yakuza.

I know about the Noshimuri brothers.

I know about your connection to Wo Fat.

My father was getting close to exposing you, wasn't he, Governor, huh?

That's why my mother died in that car bomb.

Just like Laura Hills.

But what I really want to know is who gave the order.

I know Koji Noshimuri set the car bomb that killed my mother.

I know Victor Hesse killed my father.

But I want to know-- who gave the order, Governor?

Was it Wo Fat, or was it you?

You captured the man who shot and killed your father.

You took down the people responsible for your mother's murder.

I gave you the ability to do that.

I gave you the immunity and the means.

I protected you.

And when you got into trouble, I got you out of it.

You put the money in the asset forfeiture locker, didn't you?

You covered for us.

I was trying to protect you.

Five-O has done a lot for the people of Hawaii.

I wanted that work to continue.

Stop lying to me!

You created Five-O so you could keep an eye on me.

So I wouldn't pick up where my father left off. Isn't that right?

You keep friends close, but you keep your enemies even closer?

I am not the enemy, Steve.

I have always been loyal to the people who are loyal to me.


Is that why you had Laura Hills murdered?

Because she was the least loyal?


What are we going to do?

We have to get rid of him.

I have everything under control.

(sirens wailing)

Duke, get EMS out here.

Set up a perimeter.

Roadblocks every half mile.

Yes, sir, Lieutenant.

The rest of you guys come with me.

Check the governor.

Steve, put the gun down now.

Take it.


She's dead.

It wasn't me, Chin.

It was Wo Fat.

We checked the house.

Nobody's here.

Steve McGarrett, you're under arrest.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

(tires squealing)

Danny: Hey, hey, Chin!



What the hell are you doing?

What happened?


The governor's dead.

What are you talking about?

It was Wo Fat.

You understand?

It was Wo Fat, Danny.

Let him go. Let him go.

He was the only one there.

His gun was just discharged.

I can't let him go.

Yes, you can.

We have jurisdiction.

We're Five-O. Get him out.

You don't understand, Danny.

There is no Five-O anymore.

What did you do, huh?

What did you do?

You just went back to them after everything they did to you?



Steve, don't worry.

I'll get you out of there.

Hang in there.

I'll get this thing straightened out, okay?

Woman (over P.A.): Your attention, please.

Final boarding call for Hawaiian Airlines Flight 762 for Newark.

Final boarding call for Gate 34-B.

Let's go, sweetheart.

Number five.

Number five, please step forward.

That's her.

That's the woman I saw.

Are you sure?

May I ask what you're doing in front of my condo?

Oh, nothing, Auntie.

We're just, you know, doing some water stuff.

Yes, I'm positive.

You're going to have to turn in your gun and badge pending an investigation.

Man: Turn and face the camera.

I said turn and face the camera.