01x02 - Badge! Gun!

My name is Brian Finch. I was your average 28-year-old screwup until I took a pill called NZT. Suddenly I had access to every brain cell.

Every time he takes it, for the next 12 hours, he basically becomes the smartest person in the world.

Brian: And that's why the FBI hired me. My name's Brian Finch, this is Rebecca Harris, and we're with the FBI.

God, that sounds cool.

There's just one problem.

NZT will kill you, unless you have this.

Now you can have as much NZT as you want with no side effects.

Why would you help me?

Let's just say I need somebody in a position.

You describe to the FBI, or anyone, about these shots...

I will let you die more painfully and slowly than you can fathom.

So, Brian, you ready to become somebody who matters?

Brian: So, what's it like to work for the FBI?

(spy theme playing)

All in.

Colonel October's men have the uncut diamonds.

You need to win this hand if we're gonna protect the launch codes.

And, Brian, you don't play baccarat with Uno cards.

Just shut up, okay?

This is my fantasy. It's not yours.

It's not exactly like I imagined it would be.

The first thing they asked me to do was sit around.

A lot.

They wanted to study me, so they could find out why I'm immune to the side effects of NZT.

(speaking indistinctly)

Which is good,

because the side effects are


Very, very bad.

Of course, I know why I'm immune.

But I can't tell them that.

Eddie: You take one of these shots, and you can have as much NZT as you want.

So they wanted me to do everything exactly like I did before they gave me the job.

But it turns out, getting watched all the time gets old fast.

NZT kept things... interesting.

For 12 hours a day, I had access to every nook and cranny of my brain.

You're on the verge of having a life that most people can't even begin to imagine.

♪ Can't afford a therapist ♪
♪ Sorry, guys ♪
♪ Here's a solo... ♪

Those two guys?

They're my official babysitters.

They've got names, I think.

I just call them Mike and Ike.

By the time a week went by, we all got a little stir-crazy.

(smooching sounds)

I think we were all very happy when the FBI said they were finally ready to put me to work.

So, no, I'm-I'm not saying that I'm an FBI agent, per se. Uh, it's more of, like...

It's like an affiliation.

You know? Like mutual welfare, benefit.

That kind of thing.

Man: Mutual? I mean, what's in it for them?

Uh, you'd be surprised, actually.

It turns out, uh, I've got talents.

Aptitudes, I guess you could call them.

Doesn't the FBI do background checks?

They give, uh, vouchers, I think, waivers for, you know...

Dennis: Sounds like an incredible opportunity.

That guy right there, the one who just rescued me, he just got a new liver, arrangements courtesy of yours truly.

Well, the FBI technically got the liver.

I just agreed to take a job so they would do it.

They say your dad's coming home on Thursday.

So I thought we should all do dinner.

I mean, if, you know, you don't have a mission.

Should be good.

Sorry. I just want to get back to the FBI thing, okay?


So if you are not an agent, No.

Are you...

Oh... deputized?

Do you... have a badge and a gun?

Boyle: Welcome to the FBI.

You'll never see a real badge or a gun, but at least you got those.

(chuckling) Are you hazing me?

That's awesome. (chuckles) Thanks, man.

So? Day one.

So epic. Where we going?

Boyle and I are going to Fort Greene.

A journalist named Stephen Fisher died in a one-car accident last night.


Um, I thought we were, like, a... like, an elite division or something, you know?

But we investigate car crashes?

Um, not typically. But Stephen Fisher wrote about corruption at three different Fortune 500 companies.


He was nominated for a Pulitzer after he exposed a Russian intelligence operation at a defense contractor.

He had enemies in very high places.

We want to make sure one of them didn't kill him.

Possible KGB assassination in Brooklyn.

I'm all over it.

Mike, give me my pill. Let's do this.

Boyle: There hasn't been a KGB since 1991.



And Agent Harris told you what we're doing.

You... are staying here.

Your first assignment.

You want me to learn Farsi?

The Bureau needs analysts that speak this language.


So... I just... sit here in this room?

Only while you're on NZT.




What happens if I try to leave? Are these guys... are they my bodyguards?

Or are they... prison wardens?

This isn't what either of us expected when I brought you in, Brian, but it's a first step.


You can do good work from here.

Do enough of it, everyone will get hungry for more.

And then you're out of here.

You okay?

Yeah. I mean, I guess I just thought there'd be more baccarat.


Don't worry about it.


(overlapping voices speaking in Farsi)

After a couple of hours, I had a decent handle on basic Farsi.


My head was spinning.

I needed to think about something else for a few minutes.

Maybe I couldn't be out there in the field, but I could learn more about the guy who died.


Whoa. Stephen Fisher was my age.

I assumed he was old. Like, at least 40.

When I was 26, I built a potato gun.

That was my big accomplishment.

This guy forced the CEO of Yao to resign.

He called out hypocrites and corrupt fat guys everywhere.

He traveled the whole world.

He fell in love.

Stephen Fisher knew who he was.

Which makes him the polar opposite of me.

Brian: You see that, right?


Now, why would somebody cover up a new bumper sticker with another copy of the exact same sticker?

(phone rings) It's not a good time.

Brian: I don't think Stephen Fisher died in an accident.


Uh-uh, hear me out.

If you wanted to kill Fisher in a way that looked like an accident, you could easily rig up a car crash.

You'd just need a remote override of the car's control systems.

And if you wanted to be sure that Fisher was dead, you could even make a little explosive that would make the gas tank go up, and the whole thing would get lost in the wreck.

Brian, can we talk about this in ten minutes?

You could do all of that if you had an electronic chip on the car.

You'd just have to get it there.

Fisher had a Thoughtful Dissent sticker on the back right side of his car, and a couple of days ago, somebody put an identical sticker over the one that was already there.

Now, I think that is where the chip is.

Brian, I know.

We found it under the bumper sticker about an hour ago.

Stephen Fisher's death was a homicide.

That's... Okay.

Good. You're really good.

Um, what about the bomb, though?

It would have to be small enough that it broke apart in the crash, and it'd also have to fit onto the fuel check valve of a Jeep.

We're looking for it.

Uh, I can help.

I've been doing a little light reading about bombs, and there's three different designs that I came up with.

I'm pretty sure they're the only ones that'll work.

And right now I've just got toothpick models. But if you'll call Mike and Ike and tell 'em I got to go out and get a few things, I can make real ones. And then we can show them to whoever's sorting through the wreckage.

I appreciate the tip. Seriously.

But I-I have to go.

How are you supposed to find evidence if you don't know what you're looking for?

You are not allowed out of the office while you're on NZT.

I'm sorry. These are not my rules.


And speak English. Don't be a show-off.

Well, what happens if you walk out of here?

Mike and Ike tackle you?

Do you go to Guantanamo?

I don't know.

But it'd be a lot easier if I didn't have to find out.

Well, picture the layout.

Remember when you walked in?

You walked through the whole place.

You know exactly where everything is.

That room where they're giving the flu shots.

It's right next door. If I can get in there,

I'll have access to the hallway that leads out of here.

That wall... it cuts the ceiling tiles off right in the middle.

They just subdivided this room.

New drywall.


Brian: No one was watching me.

No one was measuring me.

I was free.

Well, basically free.

I did have a shopping list, and it was a big one.

I had to get the parts for the detonators so I could bring them to the crime scene.

And you would be amazed how difficult it is to find materials for a model bomb. I was getting close, but after I maxed out my credit cards, I also needed money to pay for it all.

So I took the Atlantic City Express, walked in with $17.32.

Player wins.


So that's it? You just count to nine?

That's baccarat.

It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Eventually, they told me I had to stop playing.

But it was more than enough to buy my parts, and I figured out how to put them together.

And I met some cool people on the bus.

Bruce wasn't sure how to get back in his kid's life.

I walked him through basic trigonometry so he could help the kid crush the SATs.

Dylan and Anne just broke up.

I know. It's crazy.

I just, you know, talked 'em through some stuff and I think they're going to give it another shot.

I carved out enough alone time to finish my project and then we were back.

Guys, we should all get together sometime.

Guys. So... these are pretty much done.

It's cool, right?

Do you have any idea how many people are looking for you?

Naz: Do you know that the contents of your immune system are a national secret?

Or that flights were grounded to make sure...

Brian: To be honest, she seemed a little paranoid.

In danger of being kidnapped.

(horn warbling)

If you go on like this, I will pull your credentials and they can study you down in D.C.

(horn warbling)


Brian: But I had to agree I'd never do it again.

Yo, Reb, you should see this.

Each one of Finch's models has this Y-shaped thing on one end.

I found... that when I was going through all the pictures of the wreckage we bagged.

We have a piece of the bomb?


When I was in Criminal, I caught the guy who planted a bomb in a judge's car.

Now, he didn't build the bomb, he just put it there.

The bomb was built by a contractor who goes by the name Taurus.


Didn't the Baltimore field office have a task force trying to run him down?

Yeah, they spent a year getting exactly nowhere.

The guy's invisible.

The bomb that was planted on the judge's car... looked like that.

Whoever built that built the one that killed Stephen Fisher.

Brian didn't just give us a piece of the murder weapon, he also pointed us at a suspect.

You give someone performance-enhancing drugs, they perform.

Brian: What happens when NZT wears off? (snoring)

Even if you are immune to the really, really bad stuff, your brain's still been working overtime.

And you crash. Hard.

Are you spending the night?

Oh, I'm sorry. What time is it?

Oh, my God, I got to go.

I'm sorry.

See you tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't be here earlier, Dad, I just... you know, I got caught up at work. New job, and...

It's okay, you didn't miss anything.

I-I fought with the insurance people for about an hour.

That was it.

You fought? What were you fighting about?

Old lawyers never die, they just argue with anybody who'll listen.

Your mom wants me to have a nurse when we get back for a little while.


They disagree.

So, anyway, this-this FBI thing... you think it's gonna be long-term?

Oh, uh...

You know, I don't really know yet.

But I'll tell you this: I wish you guys were more excited about it, though.

You happy?

We're fine.

It's just so sudden.

Listen, Brian...

Are you sure this is what you want for yourself?

Um, it felt like an opportunity that, uh...

I had no choice but to take.


That's very lawyerly of you.

Brian: So let's review: there's the stuff I can't tell my dad.

When I was biting Adam's lip, I was just thinking, "He looks hot." policy positions. Preliminary polls show New York Senator Eddie Morra would have widespread bipartisan appeal if he were to run in...

Brian: And then there's the stuff I can't tell anyone.

You ready to become somebody who matters?

Dumb ass shot again.

I give this to you.

You can have as much NZT as you want with no side effects.

Brian: How often do I need that shot he gave me?

Why does Senator Morra want me to work for the FBI?

All right, good to go, team. I'm on the straight and narrow path and I'm ready to learn some Farsi.

Agent Harris?

Sorry to interrupt.

It's Finch.

What did he do?

He has a message.

He knows he's not involved in your bombing case, but if you're interested, he figured out who Taurus is.

How did he even know we're looking for Taurus?

I can read lips.

It isn't that hard.

People have been talking to you your whole life.

You just got to pay attention to their mouths.

"I did not read the Iliad.

Maybe honesty counts for points"?

It does not, (distorted): Mr. Finch.

And when did you read our lips?

I was coming back from the bathroom yesterday, and I thought I'd check in on everyone.

(slowed down): I'm gonna call Baltimore...




I didn't say "Brian equals terrible."

No, you're right. Those were not your exact words.

Look, I'm pretty sure I know who Taurus is.


I know the FBI's big on procedure.

So if you want me to stay in my lane, I get it.



Tell us what you know.

Taurus obviously has high-level engineering training and some kind of background in bomb construction. The number of people he conceivably could be isn't that large.

These computers were all broken.

Not that broken. Now, every time Taurus has been suspected of killing someone, there's a guy from a security firm that shows up on the news to talk about it. Darren Cullen.

Now, nothing too weird about that.

Cullen's an expert on bombs. But in 2011, you guys think Taurus killed someone by using a bomb that triggered a spray of acid.

When Cullen was on TV right after, he had a bandage on his wrist.

That was a nasty burn.

Took a skin graft to treat.

It's almost as if he was... burned by acid or something.

You think Darren Cullen is Taurus?

You're skeptical. But Cullen fits the profile.

And you know what else he's got?

Three different patents.

Here's the filing for the first one.

That look familiar?

So in between appearances on the news, this guy builds bombs for hire in his apartment?

I don't think he uses his apartment.

Darren Cullen has power of attorney over his mother Judy.

They filed the papers in 2003. In 2005

Judy Cullen bought an auto repair shop in Queens that was about to go out of business, and she still owns the building.

A warrant?

I restore vintage cars here. Come on inside.

Promise you'll be bored.

No offense, but if I'm going to be talking to the FBI, I should probably check in with my lawyer.

Let me know when you're done.

Okay, so how long you want to spend digging around in here?

He's got a '68 Stingray and a '75911.

These are all Corvette parts.

He doesn't have anything for the Porsche.

Hey, hey.

What are you doing?

Plastique, detonator wire, cash.

Still got your lawyer on the phone?

We found equipment that ties you to four different bombings.

That's just at a glance.

You're Taurus, and you're going to jail for the rest of your life.

The only choice you have left is whether or not you want to cooperate with us.

And if I do?

If you volunteer the names of your clients, we will tell the U.S. attorneys you helped. That means something.

Who hired you to kill Stephen Fisher?

Larry Trestment.

He's head of corporate security at Longitude Construction.

Fisher was apparently making inquiries about Longitude Construction's subcontractors in Indonesia using unpaid labor.

Let's send people over to Longitude Construction, pick this guy up for murder.

Attempted murder, actually.

I freely admit I am the contractor known as Taurus.

But in the interest of precision...

I'm an engineer, after all... there's one thing you're wrong about.

Taurus didn't kill Stephen Fisher?

We don't think so.

He took the job.

He planted the chip and the detonator and then he hid a Bluetooth transmitter under a newspaper kiosk on Fulton.

And this somehow adds up to him not doing it?

Fisher's accident happened a mile before he would have driven past the Bluetooth.

The chip was never triggered.

So it went off by mistake.

We Checked... the chip was never activated.

Well, if he didn't kill Fisher, who did?

At the moment, it looks like it might be an accident.

Stephen Fisher wore a fitness tracker.

There was a spike in his heart rate before he died.

The M.E.'s taking another look at the remains, but her first guess is that he had a stroke before the wreck.

No, 28-year-olds don't drop dead of strokes.

Something else happened.

We looked at toxicology. Fisher had the flu that's been going around, but that's the only anomaly.

Maybe it was an accident.

But there's at least a chance that it wasn't.

This guy risked his life to help people, and it could have gotten him killed.

We can't just call it a day.

Well, no one's giving up, but no matter what happens, you caught Taurus.

We're arresting people all over the country that hired him.

You did a great thing.


I know what you're thinking.

A stroke at 28? A heart attack?

Fisher didn't smoke.

He didn't have diabetes.

Something else happened.

Can you cause a stroke?

I don't know.

But I'd rather not look on the Internet to find out.

Talk to the experts. That makes sense.

No, I can't leave here again. They say I'll be fired.

You care about finding out what happened to Stephen Fisher.

If you don't do it, who will?

(phone buzzing)

It's a text from Finch.

"Sorry, guys""

(loud clattering)

Go cut him off.

Brian: So, assuming it didn't happen naturally, how could you make Stephen Fisher have a stroke?

It was a question that took me all over the city.

If there were answers to find, I had to find them before I went back to the FBI.

Oh, and I found time to stop by my dad's insurance company.

By the time the pill wore off, things were starting to come together.

I just spent two hours looking for you.

I really think that Stephen Fisher was a victim of foul play... some other people, too... but I need help to prove it before I go back to the FBI.

You have one minute.


Can I have two?

I-I'm not on NZT.


Uh, okay, just...

All right, come here.

Come here.

Uh, we'll start here.

(clears throat) Yeah, bring that, bring that, bring that.

Okay, so...

I visited a bunch of hospitals today, okay?

And I was asking questions about why one 28-year-old might have died from a stroke.

But I learned that two other young guys...

Diwal Reshmi and Samir Desai... also had fatal strokes in the past two days.

And just like Stephen, they caught the flu (snaps fingers) and died of a stroke.

They're both Central Asian?

Just like Stephen.

Now, based on their last names, you could trace all of their heritage back to Pakistan... this part where the, uh... where the Sayyid tribe is, okay?

Now, all the men in that tribe claim to be direct descendants of...

Genghis Khan.

Ah, well, there's a reason you brought this.

Right. Now, he was one of the most prolific breeders... ever.

There's, like, a study that one in every 200 men in the world are probably walking around carrying the genetic marker that can be traced back to him, okay?

What if... somebody found a way to target that trait?

(phone ringing)


Can I keep going?


Thank you. Okay, come here.

All right, now, based on a lot of very, very new and, um... where is it?

It's new science... it's very... it's very complicated.

We are right on the verge of being able to build viruses that can target genetic traits, specifically.

And the Khan marker is the most common one there is, okay?

So what I'm saying is, what if someone, theoretically, could make a virus that would give most people the flu... but if somebody with the Khan marker got it...

They'd have a stroke.

They'd have a stroke.



You'd have to be sure that your target had the marker.


And there isn't any proof that someone can make a virus like...

Yeah, but no, but-but do you know what the odds of three guys dying of a stroke at their age all within the same 48-hour period are? It's, like, crazy.

It's one in, um...

It's really low. It's, like, insanely low.

One in a... a trillion or something. Okay.

If this is right, there has to be something that connects Stephen Fisher to the other two.


And that's this... Young Molly's Coffee.

Diwal Reshmi's wife was a barista there.

Samir worked at a bakery that supplied the place.

And guess who would go there to write every single morning over an iced soy Americano.

Stephen Fisher.

Young Molly's is ground zero for the virus.

I don't know about you, but I would really like to get in there and look at those security tapes.

But... as you and I both know, I don't have a badge.

And I most certainly don't have a gun.

Or... have a gun. Got it.

Rebecca: See you at work. And if you come into my apartment without permission again, I'll shoot you on sight.

Bagels in the fridge.

Brian: Work.

This is going to be fun.

♪ You're fired ♪
Suplex, suplex, suplex backbreaker
♪ You're fired ♪
Suplex, suplex, suplex backbreaker
♪ You're fired... ♪
Suplex, suplex, suplex backbreaker
Suplex, suplex
Suplex backbreaker.

Genghis Khan?

He's a notable conqueror and a prolific breeder.

(long sigh)


You want this?

Sorry to interrupt. Um, Brian brought you up to speed?

I went up to that coffee shop this morning, Young Molly's, and...

I think I found something.

I went through the security footage.

And look at this.

Four cups of coffee on the counter.

Then this guy walks up.

He doesn't take a cup of coffee, he doesn't buy anything.

What is he doing?

It's hard to tell from that.

I agree... but take a look at that table.

The woman taking that picture, she's a regular at Young Molly's, so I waited around, and I fished this... out of her deleted files.

He's spraying the yellow cup.

Naz: He's spraying Stephen Fisher's cup with some kind of aerosol.

That is the most efficient way to pass along viral cultures.

Now, look at this.

That's Fisher picking up the white cup.

Naz: So it wasn't Fisher's cup he intended to spray.

Brian: Wait. If you're saying that Fisher wasn't the target, then who was?


So who is she?

Brian: I got my pill and I listened to them try and figure out who the real target was.

(distorted chatter)

Whoever that woman is, it seems obvious she's the target.

But there's one thing we forgot.


Genghis Khan.

He spread his genes everywhere, but the marker he passed was patrilineal, which means...

That woman isn't the target.

The Genghis Khan marker can only be passed through men.

So even if she has the virus, there's no way it manifests as anything other than the flu.

This is an assassination.

That woman has someone in her life that carries the marker.

Now, he can't be easy to get to, so they're using her to pass the virus.

Well, even if she isn't the target, we still have to find her.

The whole plan hinges on her being at the coffee shop.

She's a regular.


Well, you kids have fun.

I'll just be here, uh, coming up with insights... and whatnot... with Naz.

I was in the middle of firing him.

That is literally the meeting you interrupted: me firing Brian Finch.

Now... as an object of study, he is invaluable; as a consultant, he's reckless.

Every time he leaves this building, good things happen.

He gave us the bomb that led to Taurus.

He put us on the path of a genetically engineered virus.

He can do incredible things on NZT, but he defines himself in opposition to institutions.

I know the mindset; I raised teenagers.

And in the context of this department, it's dangerous.

He'll move past it.

He's already come a long way.

Last month he was a temp.

There is one person that Brian trusts in this building.

If you want him to behave, don't stick him in a file room.

Let him work with me.

So this is the field.

I imagined a lot less standing around.

You made this happen, didn't you?

Am I gonna regret it?

You know, we're trying to find Olivia today... that might be our problem.

We should try finding her a few days ago.

Brian: Okay, so that block is covered with cameras.

I walked around with Ike today, and it's really amazing how generous people get with their footage when you can stick an FBI badge in their face.

And if you can cut enough of it together...

Rebecca: You can follow her.

Mm-hmm, that's right.

So, she takes a cab to midtown, kills a couple of hours at a rug store...

What's up with the music?

I added it. It's way cooler.

Brian: There, see? She goes to the Essex Hotel.

Now, they pretend they don't know each other at first.

But once they're inside...

Central Asian heritage, plus it looks like they're having an affair.

I'd say we found our target.

Well, if they're having an affair, they probably didn't check in under their real names.

We can run the man through facial recognition, but... it's blurry, it might take a while.

Oh, perfect. I got some stuff to do.

When your family's been looking down on you for years, how do you get it to stop?

Would you kill the music?

I mean, the whole concept of interviewing a four-year-old is absurd. Right?

But if you really want him to get in that preschool, Cameron...

Show up to dinner before your NZT wears off.

Bring Tommy's art to the meeting... I mean, he has a very highly developed sense of perspective. Did you ever notice that?

Uh... no.

No, I think it's great that the insurance company changed their mind.

Oh, I know.

But make sure the nurse understands protocols for recent transplant patients.

The Marquess of Queensberry. I probably should have been a littlemore cautious.

Oh! Y.A. Tittle.

Ah, the Cthuhlu Mythos.



Longitude and latitude.

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.

Oh, Euclidean geometry.

The Nicomachean Ethics.

Mitosis and meiosis?

(groans softly)


(electronic crackling)


Dennis: Brian?

Yeah? (clears throat)


Mom told me that you fell asleep down here.

I did, yeah. I...

We were having so much fun, I think I drank an extra beer or two and just...

I think I'm gonna... probably call a cab.


How are you doing?

I'm fine.

I mean, I'm-I'm good. I mean, what do you mean?

Well, I mean... there's so much going on with you lately.

The FBI came out here and told us that you were involved in some sort of... designer drug.

And then somehow you get me a new liver.

And tonight you answered every question in trivia.

Yeah. I've been really focused... really.



This wouldn't have anything to do with this drug, would it?

What? Come on.

Thanks a lot, Dad.

Come on, you know that I've always believed that you would do great things, even when you didn't believe it.

We can talk to each other about anything, Brian, and that's never gonna change.

Dad, stop.

There's no drug, okay?

I swear.

There is something that you're not telling me.

And that's your prerogative, because you're an adult.

But so am I.

And I am not gonna play along when you're lying to me.

You understand that?

You're here. Good.

No, it's not good.

Look, I had to lie to my dad last night about all of this, okay? Point-blank.

I'm sorry. But we have to move.

I can't keep lying.

Our facial recognition guy got a hit on the man from the elevator.

His name is Ram Ananda... he's a general in the Army and he's stationed at Fort Hamilton.

The general was a little sick this morning, but he seemed basically fine.

Rebecca: We need to see him.

Boyle: General Ananda?

General Ananda is in a medically induced coma.

The stroke was bad, but they intervened early.

They say he has a decent chance of recovery.

Well, that's good news.

Man (on TV): At Eukaryote we foster a, uh, environment of innovation through competition.

It's a philosophy that drives us to excel.

Periodic layoffs are the so-called "fire that cleanses the forest"" and our high-performing employees understand that they're safe.

Sounds like a fun place to work.

Woman (on TV): Talented employees Ready to try this?

Come and go at Eukaryote...

Hi. Good morning.

So, we're here to see that guy.

Do you have an appointment?

No, we don't. But I think he'll see us... just tell him we brought this.

Rebecca: Are you familiar with the concept of a genetically targeted virus?

They don't exist yet.

Sure, I get the idea... I do run a biolab.

Actually, we think there's been a breakthrough.

We're investigating the possibility that someone released a virus targeting descendants of Genghis Khan at a coffee shop uptown.

Genghis Khan was not a good guy, but it's a little late in the game for revenge, don't you think?

Well, it's not about revenge... it was an attempt to kill an Army general named Ram Ananda.

If you're right, that's terrifying.

Who are you looking at, foreign intelligence?

Rebecca: Ananda sat on an appropriations committee for the Army.

They have a vote in a couple of weeks.

And, among other things, they'll be deciding whether or not to drastically reduce the budget for funding research into biological weapons.

Now, General Ananda had the swing vote, but... he believes army resources are better directed toward energy independence.

But if he dies, the man in line to take his place is a hawk on biological weapons.

This place of yours, Eukaryote... you have one client, right?

The Army.

So if that vote goes the wrong way, then... everything you've built is gone.

That's absurd.

We'd find work.

Brian: Miles, you wrote your masters' thesis on the genetic marker linked to Genghis Khan.

I mean, I read it; it was a good read.

It was a little simplistic.

I can see why you run the business side of things.

I'm gonna get my lawyer on the phone.

Although, to be honest, I don't even think I need him here for this... I'm waiting to hear a piece of actual evidence.

We have you on tape... spraying the virus.

That's you.

See the birthmark?

Brian: That virus your lab made, it's a massive breakthrough. And there's no way you destroyed your research, which means... the proof that you did this is somewhere in the building.

This meeting is an opportunity for you to give us those files.

If you don't, we can take that picture to a judge and get a warrant, but then you've lost your only chance to cooperate.

You'll be facing three charges of murder.

If you can get a judge to believe that's me, you have evidence of what?

The fact that I used an aerosol can?

The virus, if it exists, leaves no trace of itself behind.

You have no evidence of murder here, just a statistical quirk.

You don't even have the means to compel a warrant.

And I suspect you know that... which is why you're trying to bluff me.

You know that didn't go well, right, Brian?

Oh, yeah, no. We crashed and burned.

That was really embarrassing, but, honestly, ever since I saw that video in the lobby, I really just want a crack at his employees.

Tag me in?


Tag me in, real quick, before I do this.

Tag me in, like that.


Aw, forget about it.

(claps hands) Uh, excuse me, everyone. Hello?


My name is Brian Finch. How you doing?

Um, this is Rebecca Harris. We're from the FBI.

What are you doing?

That sounds so cool.

Um... show the badge.

What are you doing?

Show them the badge.

The FBI badge. I don't have a badge yet, so...

Here, you're gonna have to trust me, okay?

(whispers): These people hate Miles Amos.

I've had a lot of temp jobs, and I took gym class.


I know a petty tyrant.

Tag me in.

Dope! Put it up.

Listen, guys, it may have come to your attention that you work for a douche.

The "fire that cleanses the forest"?

What?! Can you even believe that?

But what you may not know is that you work for a murderous douche.

If you've been doing research into genetically targeted viruses, then your boss has used your work to kill three people already.

What are you two doing?

And the thing is, guys, we can't prove it right now without the files.

Call security right now.

So, if you hate Miles Amos... and I know you do... I'm offering you the opportunity to e-mail me those files anonymously.

Get the hell out of my building.

All right? And if I'm wrong, don't worry about it.

No harm, no foul. But if you think that man's capable of killing people, e-mail me at...

We don't have an FBI e-mail for me?


At... NinjaVersusBear @ReabsorbedTwin.com.

Brian: N-I-N-

(electronic ding) J-A...

Lookie here. It's an e-mail from Eukaryote.

(electronic ding) BRIAN: Look at that. And another one.

And another one. Wow, man, you got a morale issue.

(electronic ding) What's up, dude? Remember when you weren't going to jail five minutes ago? That was dope.

♪ (electronic ding)

(ding) Keep 'em coming, guys.

It says "FBI" on it.

It even has a lanyard, so you can wear it around your neck.

Or you can just put it in your pocket.

You earned it, Brian.

We got a confession from Miles Amos because of you.

And we know what happened to Stephen Fisher.

But every time you act out, I'm the one that cleans up your mess.

You're an adult.


Yeah, starting to.

I thought you'd be happier.

No, I am, I just...

It's the lying.

As long as we're doing this, I don't see where it's gonna stop.

Your dad used to be an attorney, right?


Is he still licensed by the bar?

Yeah, I think so.

So if you want to talk to him, why don't you hire him?

You made a deal with us, but you're still entitled to an attorney.

(chuckles): You still have the right to an attorney-client privilege.

I don't know the guy, but maybe he'll even lower his fee for you.

That's a good plan, Agent Harris.

(whistled melody nearby)

Dennis: Ten dollars?

That's what you think I'm worth?

Dad, just take it.

Then you'll be my lawyer and then we can talk.

Who is whistling?

(laughs): Mom doesn't whistle.

That's my nurse.

That's who they sent. She's great.

She just whistles.

So, what's going on, Brian?

Nurse: Okay, Dennis, take your meds before I go home.

Sipiwe, this is my son, Brian.

My nurse.

Eddie: You describe it to the FBI, to your parents, to anyone, I will let you die more painfully and slowly than you can fathom.

Your dad's doing great.


As long as he keeps taking his pills, does everything we tell him to do, just the way we tell him to do it, I think he'll make a full recovery.

There's no reason at all to expect his health to be compromised.

Nice to meet you, Brian.

Sit down.

So... what'd you want to tell me, kid?