01x08 - When Pirates Pirate Pirates

Previously on Limitless...

NZT is going to change the entire world.

I mean what I say about wanting a partner.

What are those for?

Whatever you want.

Naz: Brian's immune to the side effects of taking NZT.

We don't know how.

But we certainly plan on learning.

Merrick: We want to stack the deck for success.

We'd like to borrow your guy for a spell.

It's one big team. We share information.

A few of us know about the pills.

A few of us know about Finch.

I never told the CIA about Brian Finch.

CIA hijacked one of our assets.

A kid named Brian Finch.

Got a permission slip from the Bureau.

Somebody put a signature down.

I'm gonna figure out who the hell authorized this, and either that person will no longer work for the Bureau or I won't.

(laughs) Wow!


No way.

This is Naz's place?

Are you serious?

Look at all this!

(door closes)

I mean, not to sell the boss short.

I just kind of thought she...

Choose your words wisely, Finch.

Beachy? I was gonna say you were beachy.

I thought you were a beach person, you know?

You have that weird conch in your office.

Beach stuff.

Beach... things.

Why did you tell us to come here?

I'm flying to Washington tonight.

I have a meeting with Deputy Director Rovick in the morning.

I wanted to put certain safeguards in place before I go.


The CIA took you without my permission.

Now, that is something that can never happen again.

If the meetings in D.C. go as I expect them to, you'll have nothing to worry about.

If they don't, I can no longer guarantee your safety at the CJC.

You have to come here immediately, yeah?

Now, Rebecca knows that this place is a fortress.

It has the latest in biometric securities.

Everything you need for weeks without emerging.

In case you need to run.

Okay, sorry, aren't we going a little bit overboard?

I mean, who would I even need to run from?

Part of the reason you weren't immediately shipped to D.C. for study was that doctors were concerned that your immunity to NZT's side effects and withdrawal came from something in the local environment.

Testing proved that it's more likely genetic.

You didn't tell D.C. this.

I omitted it from your medical records.

The only existing copy is on this USB drive.

Well, why is it a big deal if D.C. knows?

They'd move you down there.

Not to a safe house, but to a cell where you would be a test subject and doctors could do whatever to find out why you're immune.

So you guard this with your life until I get back.

If I text you the word "pomegranate," you're to come stay here until further notice.

Is that understood?


Are we all comfortable with "pomegranate"?

Oh, dear Lord.

'Cause I think if we put our heads together, we could come up with something a little more... exciting.

Brian, I'm gonna see you both when I get back.

All right, Naz, going to Washington D.C., kicking some ass, taking some names.

Feel free to picture that however you like.

Brian: While it was fun to imagine Naz conquering D.C. like a boss, at the end of the day, it's just a series of meetings, so it probably looks a lot more like... this.

(elevator bell dings)

Paulson: I would've felt the same way if it happened in my shop.


And I've always appreciated you shooting from the hip.

It's literally saved my ass more than once.

Ooh, try three.

Cincinnati doesn't count.

(chuckles): Oh!

That was a ricochet.

Look, the point is, sometimes there's value in using finesse.

Cincinnati, Kenny.

Morning, Deputy Director.

Thank you.


Thank you.

Good morning, everyone.

SAC Pouran, thanks for coming down from New York.

So, I would like to start with a review of the situation.

Naz: The CIA's abduction of Brian Finch put an untrained consultant, whom I assured protection, in mortal danger without so much as an e-mail clearing the op with me first.

That is entirely unacceptable.

Or we could just dive in.

SAC Pouran is reasonably upset.

The use of an asset without approval undermines her ability to lead the CJC.

"Undermines" is an understatement.

I can no longer lead the division unless certain assurances are put into place.

I would like to know the names of everyone on the Bureau that signed off on Brian Finch's involvement in this rogue CIA operation.

I would like them suspended pending review.

And I expect a copy of the signed memo authorizing Brian's involvement.

This memo does not exist.

Not from me or from any of my agents.

I just found out about this yesterday.

If no one is held responsible, I have no other choice but to resign.

There's no need to bluff, Naz.

But if I do resign, Catherine, I will have plenty of time to expose the fact that the CIA performed a black operation on American soil, and that memo that you say does not exist, it will show up at the DOJ audit.

Paulson: Um, what...

Let's take this down to, say, um, DEFCON 3?

Knowing our assets are protected is a cornerstone of counterintelligence operations.

This op went against everything we fight for in the Bureau.

If someone did sanction it, we'll find out who.

I'll have my office personally handle the investigation.

Can I ask a question?


How'd you get stuck with this job?

Well, I, uh, I got placed in the Anchorage field office out of Quantico.


What? Why?

Were you bottom of your class?

(sighs) My SAC found me asleep on a stakeout.


It's dark all the time there.

All right.

Ready for live ammunition?



Naz is back.

She got D.C. to agree to a formal investigation.

Like a boss.

(candy rattling)

Thank you, Mr...

Save the red ones.


What the hell is going on?

Naz, what happened?

Don't respond.

Back away.

SAC Pouran is being detained for questioning.

Man: Agent Harris, Mr. Finch.

(elevator bell dings)

Pleasure to meet you both.

I hear great things, excited to be working...

Sorry, what?

ADIC Grady Johnson. I'll be overseeing things here, just until the charges against your boss are cleared up.

What charges?

Agent Boyle, I want to speak with you privately.

But you two, why don't you join me in my office.

We have a, we have a lot to talk about.

You took our SAC out of here in cuffs, and you won't even tell us what she's charged with?

All I can tell you is that Nasreen Pouran is being accused of serious violations of national security.

The investigation is classified.

Well, we'll just be in touch with her lawyer, then.

SAC Pouran is being held under the National Defense Authorization Act.

She has no access to an attorney at this time.

I'll be leading a review of operations here while that's underway.

I know that sounds ominous, but I'm here to help.

Brian: Assistant Director in Charge Grady Johnson.

Let's start with the obvious, shall we?

He's actually five-foot-four without the platform shoes, he smiles with his face but not with his eyes, upgrades to the latest phone the second it comes out, your basic hatchet man, here to do someone else's dirty work.



Are you listening?

Kind of.

One sec.

(rewinding noise) cutting off your supply of NZT until further notice.


All, uh, consulting duties temporarily suspended will be...

You must remain in the safe house pending further review.

You're cutting off my NZT and you're sending me to the safe house.

(snaps) Ah, good, you're up to speed.

Yeah, this is the new normal.

It'll take some adjusting, but we'll get this department running right.

Uh, Johnson?

None of us know why, but that conch is really special to Naz.

I know you're getting settled in and stuff, so do your thing, but if you don't mind, just leave that conch where it is.

Oh, no, I-I'll take care of the conch.





(door opens)


He said she's being held under the NDAA.

That's a clause that allows for indefinite detention of an American citizen without due process, so she has no lawyer, she's probably being held at a military base.

I'm gonna call D.C., see if I can get some answers.

Or we can just use this.

Now, at first, Johnson's just gonna assume he lost it, so let's see what we can find out before he shuts it down.

Fine, but not here.

You need to lie low.

You know Naz told me to go to the safe house.

She did? When?


I can read lips, remember?


Fine, let's go.

Okay, one problem.

I think I left my emergency packet back at my place.

(elevator bell dings)

Brian, if someone gives you an emergency packet, because your place has been compromised, you...

Both: Don't leave it in the place that's been compromised.


The FBI can ping that phone's location, Brian.

Yeah, just to the nearest tower, though.

It doesn't prove anything.

And besides, that DIC is way too egotistical to have somebody ping his cell phone.

Are you kidding me?

It's not DIC. It's ADIC.



ADIC, I got it.


Okay, let's see.

Password. I've got five shots at this, tops.

Gun guy, of course.

Huh, the FBI issues Glocks, not .357s.

So let's see.


Hey, I got it in one try!

Uh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, here we go.

Here's a chain between Johnson and Deputy Director Rovick.

Oh, man.

Naz is being held for suspicion of treason.


They say she made payments to some guy named Felix Durmaz.

He's on the terrorist watch list.

They think he funnels money to jihadis.

There's no way that's true.

She does keep a lot of secrets.

She just went down to D.C. to save your ass.

She got thrown into a hole for it.

She is being framed.

And we are gonna help her.

Hey, all right.

Oh, uh, will you do me a favor?

Can you water my bonsai plant?

It's on the table.

It's special to me.

I don't know how long we'll be gone.

Truth... I've had that packet Naz gave me in my pocket all day.

The real reason I needed to come back here was to get the NZT Edward Morra gave me.

My supply's cut off, so if we're gonna help Naz, I need these.

Rebecca: What are you doing?

You're not really gonna try to bring your music collection in the largest format possible, are you?

(phone rings)

Oh, that's Johnson's phone.

It's from Deputy Director Rovick.

They said that they looked through Naz's phone.

And Naz texted someone just before she was arrested.

But they can't trace the number; it was a burner phone.

What did she text?


So she sent the emergency signal to someone else.

Is it wrong that I feel less special now?

One sec, I want to respond.

What are you doing?

Nothing. Let's go.

Hey, isn't that water for the plant?

It's a fake bonsai, Brian.


Well, I guess you don't need to water it, then.


Spellman Boyle.

After the school?

Yes, sir.

My great-grandmother went to Spellman.

She was the first one in the family to go to college.

(laughs): She would be proud of you.

Master's degree, decorated Army Ranger.

Worked your way up through the Criminal Division until you got promoted into the CJC.

So, so how's it been, hmm?

You know, working here?

It's fantastic, sir.

Hey, come on.

That complaint you filed with the local ADIC a few months back, uh: "An illegal and unsanctioned drug administered to an untrained consultant could lead to a national scandal."

These, these are your words, right?

They are.

I knew D.C. was aware of Finch, but it's different here on the ground.

I thought the leadership should know.

Yeah, there's a rather large contingent that thinks you might be the only sane person in this department.

Yeah, well, Finch has done a lot of good things since he's been here, sir.

Oh, and no, and I want to, I want to know about that.

Would-would you write me a-a report on all things Brian Finch?

There are big changes coming, Spellman.

Yes, sir.


Hey, do you see that?

The alarm's been disabled.




You're Naz's daughter.

What are you doing here?

Aren't you at grad school?

I'm home for the week.

You're the one that Naz texted.

Why did she tell you to come here?

Where is she?

She's being detained for treason.

They're saying that she transferred funds to someone who's on a terrorist watch list.

We know she's innocent.

You're wrong.

She gave Felix Durmaz $3 million.

She did everything they said she did.

My mom's not innocent.

Woman: It's gorgeous here, Ava.

I wish you were here with me.

That's my cousin.


She sent me these videos on her Peace Corps trip.

And this is the last one I got.

They've been chasing our boat since sundown!

I think they're about to board us!

Please send help!

She's being held for ransom?

Her crew was overtaken by Indonesian pirates somewhere in the South China Sea.

That's why Naz gave money to Felix Durmaz.

He's the go-between.

He's negotiating her freedom.

And I guess that's why my mom sent me here...

To wait on his call.

Why didn't Naz just go through the FBI?

She didn't want to get them involved.

Too many rescue missions have gone badly.

Brian: So, Naz used her sources to find a broker...

A shady underworld type used to handling these things.

Of course, Felix is on every terrorist watch list for funneling money to the kinds of people who see kidnapping as a business.

Naz's enemies in D.C. tracked the situation.

Once she made her threat, they followed the money trail to Felix, and here we are.

Wait, once you get your cousin back, can't we prove the money Naz paid wasn't used to help terrorists?

Or if we got Felix to talk...

Guys like that don't talk.

And I don't know how to reach him.

He contacts my mom over the secured network here, so... there's nothing to do but wait.

What are you thinking about?

Trying to figure out if there's a way that this ends with me sword-fighting pirates.

Naz is guilty, she is.

I mean, she gave that money to Felix Durmaz, and her enemies are gonna hang her for it.

I know.

You know what we need to do, we need to find that memo that proves that the FBI loaned me to the CIA.

We got a permission slip from the Bureau.

So you're thinking what I'm thinking.

We find the ammo and go right for 'em.

Yeah, but we still don't even know who's in charge of this.

ADIC Johnson's definitely not calling the shots.

But we looked through his phone and nothing told us who is.

How are we supposed to find this memo if we don't know who's hiding it?

We could offer them bait.

The medical records.

Have you made contact with her?

Paulson: I'm working on it.

But it seems someone's stonewalling me.

Who? I don't know.

Well, that's the million-dollar question.

What about you?

Found anything?

Nothing to speak of.

Well, I'm using some of my contacts in the House to pull rank.

I'll call you as soon as I know anything.

Thank you.

Where have you been?

Do you really want to know?


Johnson's been asking.

Someone stole Johnson's cell phone.

Sent out a bunch of text messages saying he has a micropenis.

Sound like someone we know?

Well, I'm not saying he's the most mature person in the world.

Or your average third grade classroom for that matter.

But he is committed to getting Naz back.

We need you to talk to Johnson.

We need proof that someone in the FBI signed off on abducting Brian for that black op.

Consider this your carrot.

Tell Johnson it contains Brian's complete medical file.

Does it?


You just need to convince Johnson to let you take it to D.C.

Whoever he takes you to, whoever wants to know about Brian, that's the one that has the proof about the CIA op.

Johnson is never gonna buy it.

And even if he did, what makes you assume that I would be on board with this?

Because I know what the CJC means to you.

And I know you'd do anything to save it.

(siren wailing in distance)


You okay?

You know, I was supposed to meet Mitra.

And at the last minute, my mom told me not to go.

She said it was too dangerous.

I was so pissed at her, but she was right.

I'm such a complete screwup.

You know, you can't blame yourself for that.

You wouldn't understand.

Oh, about being a screwup?

Oh, no. (chuckles)

I got a pretty good handle on that.

But you seem so together.

How did you get into the FBI?

It's a fairly recent development.

And I'm not technically...

You know what, it's a long story.

Point is, I think my dad and your mom are a lot alike.

It's like we're gonna end up disappointing them anyway, so why not just jump in and make it your choice?


It's him!

You must be Ava.

You look like your mother.

She warned me that she may become unavailable, and if that happened, I was to contact you this way.

Who are you?

He's a friend. It's okay.

Please tell me you got some information.

I have bad news, I'm afraid.

I negotiated an agreement with the G.A.M. pirate crew.

But before their ship went into port to make the exchange, they were overtaken.

What do you mean "overtaken"?

The South China Sea is a very dangerous place.

A competing band of pirates attacked, taking all of their valuables, including your cousin.

What, seriously?

The pirates were pirated?

It happens.

None of the men I was negotiating with survived.

Oh, my God.

(knocking, indistinct chatter)

I'll let you know the second I have anything new.

I must go.

Mitra's gonna die.

My mom can't help her.

No, hey, hey, hey, listen to me!

We're gonna get her back, okay?

Mitra and your mom.


We don't know where either of them have been taken.

Look, we're working on the Naz situation.

And as for finding Mitra?

Let's just say I, uh, have a very particular set of skills.

(door closes)

Thank you, no, I've got it.

Oh, great, looks like you got everything.

Yeah, thanks for the help.

Oh, did you need a hand?

A ham radio, guides on Southeast Asian languages, and all of the FBI files on pirates in that region.


What's the deal?

Ava's cousin got taken by a second group of pirates.

We don't know who they are. We don't know where they are.

And we don't know what they're planning on doing with Mitra.

Brian, your supply of NZT was cut off.

The dispensary is on lockdown.

So how do you expect to learn a bunch of languages and also find a group of people whose entire existence relies on them being hidden without NZT?

That is an excellent question.

And before I answer it, I would like to remind you that this is all out of service to saving a girl's life.

So be gentle.

I might have a few extra NZT pills.

My own stash, I guess you could call it.


Where did you get those?

Seriously, Brian, where did you get those?

Listen, we can absolutely talk about this, all night long if you want to, or we could try to save Mitra from being murdered by pirates.


We are gonna talk about this later.


Brian: Okay.

We know Mitra is somewhere in the South China Sea.

But since we don't know who's holding her or how to talk to them, it's time to learn some languages.

(overlapping words in several languages play)

Like... all the languages in the South China Sea.

(men speaking foreign language)__

It's Vietnamese.

(speaking Vietnamese)__

So, okay. Mitra is being held by new pirates, bigger and badder than the last pirates who had her.

But we don't know who they are.

She's stuck in international waters where we have no contact and no jurisdiction.

But we do have a ham radio.

And seafarers, maritime law enforcers and locals still use the radio wave frequencies to communicate with each other.

If we can find the right frequency, we just might be able to find out who has Mitra.

If you remove human life from the equation, it's actually quite a stimulating problem.

(Brian speaking Vietnamese)

(man speaks Vietnamese)

No pirates here. That's good, though.

That's really, really good. We've got somebody, okay? So keep doing this over and over and over until we get somebody else.

Brian... I don't know how you're doing all of this, but it means so much.

And I know it would to my mom, too, so thank you.


We're gonna find her, okay?

Don't worry.

(speaks Vietnamese)

(young man speaking Indonesian)__

(speaks Indonesian)__

Who are you?

Uh... sorry, I didn't copy.

Can you repeat?

Who are you?

Why do you want to know about American girl?

We're with the FBI.

We'd like to negotiate with the pirates who are holding her, but we need to know who they are.

Hello, FBI.

My name is Pradeep.

I know your pirates.

Well, how do you know them?

I track them on my Tumblr.

I talk with locals here.

Pirates don't know who I am, so it's all good.

And you know these pirates have an American woman?

I can tell you if you, FBI, tweet my page.

So I get American fans. Then, I will have top pirate page.

Uh... (laughs)

How do we know you're telling the truth, Pradeep?

G.A.M., Indonesian pirates, had your lady first.

See? I know.

Will you tweet me?

My name is SeaSwagler.

Can you do that?

Yeah, can we do that?

Yeah, I'll text Darryl in Cyber.

He'll take care of it.

All right, little buddy.

Request is being granted right now.

Now tell us what you know.

G.A.M. and other pirates lose their bounty to a big ship.

The Wong Sa.

Wong Sa was sent from Malaysia.

Sent to stop pirates.

But it turned pirate, too.

Now, they hunt other pirates, stealing their goods.

G.A.M. is always losing to the Wong Sa.

That must be where Mitra is. Right?

Thanks, Pradeep.

No worries.

Be happy.

Oh, my God.


We have a ship!

It's a start.

(quick knock, door opens)

Agent Boyle.

What do you got?

Found anything worth reporting?

Sir, I did, actually.

You see, I've always prided myself on good communication and divisional transparency, so you can imagine I wasn't happy when I learned information had been omitted from Brian Finch's medical records.


Look, uh... what I'm about to tell you, um...

I could be risking my job for this conversation.

Well, Agent Boyle, I can protect you.


The truth is...

Rebecca gave me a thumb drive, wanted me to tell you it contained Finch's complete records.

But she and Brian falsified it.

Which got me thinking... there must be some real records worth finding.

Brian Finch's complete medical history, blood work and his immunity studies.

It's pretty clear why Naz lied to all of us about this.

This is a game-changer, Agent Boyle.

There are certain people in D.C. who will be... quite pleased.

Which is why I would like to make the trip with you to headquarters and hand this drive off face-to-face.

See, when Naz is officially off the roster, you're going to be looking for a more permanent replacement here at the CJC and I'd like to be considered for that position.

Well, if what is on those files is as groundbreaking as you say it is, you can write your own ticket.

Next flight to D.C.

You and me.

Thank you, sir.

Rebecca: What are you doing?

Okay. I know.

This looks unconventional, but bear with me.

I saw the fusion cell photo of the Wong Sa you got, the one the Malaysian naval ship took?


And in that picture, you can see the pirate crew.

That is Ahmad Wan.

He was part of the crew that turned the Wong Sa into a pirate ship.

Our guys think he may have led the mutiny.

He was arrested, but the charges got dropped.

I'm guessing his men threw some bribe money at the Malaysian officials.

He looks familiar.

Yeah, I bet he does.

It's probably because you've seen his picture in the NYPD's narcotics files.

You mean he's here in New York?


In fact, the guys in your criminal department think he's managing a thriving opium trade literally right here, in the city.

How did you even know to look in that narcotics file?

Are you serious?

I've read all the files in that place.

So this guy, Wan, is our one connection to Wong Sa.

Yes. Which is why I'm down here.

To wait, make a spectacle... and hopefully, eventually, I'll get taken in by Wan's guys and you can follow me.

Let's do this. (whoops)

Big day for you.

You ready?

Just doing my job, sir.


Company man all the way.

I like it.

All right.

Screw, marry, kill.

Um, Mike, Ike or... Taurus.

Remember? The bomb maker?


Are we seriously doing this?

Want me to go first?

Not really.

I would screw Mike and marry Ike.

I'd kill Taurus.

He had a couple of cool cars, though.

Is this something that you think about?

It's your turn.

I would kill Taurus.


I'd marry Ike...

I'm sorry, which one is Ike?

Ah, it doesn't matter.

Moving on. Round two.

Uh, Casey...



You can't put yourself into the game.

Who says?

Fine. I would screw Casey, I would m...

Oh, God, I couldn't marry Boyle.

"Bird studied by Darwin."


Kill Finch.


I would definitely kill Finch.


(car approaches rapidly)

Brian: Speaking of killing... showtime.

(speaking Malay)__

If this is related to my sandwich board, can you give me some kind of signal?

(speaks Malay)__

Hey, ah...

(phone ringing)

You guys go ahead.

Nice to see you in town, Spellman.

Thanks, Loretta.

Good to be back.

It's been a long time.

Has it?

Seems like just yesterday you were aide to the deputy director.

And look at you now, doing so well in New York.

When I heard you were coming, I had to make you your favorite.

She's always had a bit of a crush.

Just make sure she didn't spike them.

You don't want her to go all Misery on you.

Boyle: EAD Paulson.

I didn't realize it was you I'd be meeting with.

Special Agent Boyle.

I understand you have something for me.

Uh, don't misunderstand me.

Naz has done great things with the CJC.

But she's lost her perspective of the larger picture a long time ago.

Yes, sir.

Especially when it comes to Brian Finch.

No good comes from hoarding a resource like that to a single division.

Boyle: I completely agree, sir.

We follow protocols for a reason.

We should know by now why Finch is immune to NZT.

Johnson: We're going to deploy a more restrictive setup for Finch in D.C., so we can focus full-time on that very issue.

Now, I think Agent Boyle can be an asset in a leadership role at CJC.

Well, if that thumb drive can cut through all the red tape and legally sanction Brian's residency here, then get used to calling yourself Special Agent in Charge.

Yes, sir.


If you have something to say, budak putih, you should say it.

Who's this snitch you know?

Actually, I'm not here to talk about an informant.

I'm here because I know you once captained the Wong Sa, and you, Ahmad Wan, were one of the greatest Malaysian pirates of your time.

Some of your old shipmates have someone who is very, very important to me.

As a favor, I'm hoping you could make a call and ask for her release.


Nice space, by the way.

Little personal feedback: I'd go up in the fear factor just a little bit.

It's good, it's really good, what you've got going on, but it's, like, a six, 6.5.

You could do better, I'm just saying.

Maybe I can make you a permanent decoration.

(Brian laughs)

Me? No.

I bet I can do something better.

Anything you want, name it.

Money's not a problem.

Unless, of course, you've fallen out of favor with your old crew and then... (clicks tongue)

Take him out back.

Wait, wait.

Wait. Schoolgirl Reaper.

(speaks Malay)

What did you say?

Schoolgirl Reaper.


You collect rare pinball machines, right?

Schoolgirl Reaper, it's the rarest pinball machine there is.

They only made one prototype.

Then they decided it was way too tasteless for mass production.

It was ahead of its time... Electroluminescent lights...

Brian: Or so said my roommate, whose yapping was one of the reasons I dropped out of college.

Hey, man, you listening to me?

And then for some reason, they halted...

I said "one of." manufacturing.

The company went under, and the one prototype they made, it's the most coveted machine in all the world of pinball.

No one can get Schoolgirl Reaper.

What if I can?

If I do that for you, will you parlay with your old crew and release my friend?

Okay, we need to go see a Mr. Timothy Urbaniak of Demarest, New Jersey, right now.

Who's that?

The guy who has the only Schoolgirl Reaper pinball machine in existence.


I'm driving.

Good work with Boyle.

(Paulson clears throat, chuckles)

I knew he'd turn out to be a loyal foot soldier.

You got to... press...

(Paulson clears throat)

Paulson: Okay, bam.

(under his breath): All right.


Where's Boyle?

I believe he left, sir.

Uh... I-I...

I'm having a...

One sec, I'll get it.

(geese honk)

I've been offered three-quarters of a million dollars for this machine, and you want me to give it away? To a pirate?

Well, there's also that girl who will die Yes.

If you don't do it.

Brian: Mitra was on a plane just a few hours later.

Turns out the old pirate really did have sway with his old crew.

And so did Boyle.

Boyle: When I was an aide at headquarters, I learned a lot of interesting things about Loretta.

She's been there since Watergate.

I used to think she was Deep Throat.

Loretta's a constitutional watchdog.

She holds onto documents she thinks are sensitive, just in case they need to be presented to the House subcommittee.

So you called her.

Yeah, when Rebecca said that, uh, the conspiracy against Naz involved top brass, yeah, I had to.

Thank you for that.

Question is, what do we do with it now?

I know.


My dad used to work with the ACLU.

Maybe he can get in touch with some old friends?

It's worth a shot, right?

Here, let me make a copy of this.

Hey, Bec.


You asked why Johnson trusted me.

When Finch first started here, I thought this whole thing was gonna blow up in our faces, and I wrote a memo protesting it.

That's why Johnson came to me.

I should have told you about it.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I was worried, too.

You're good with him now, right?

I went to D.C., didn't I?

Brian: I know, I'm asking for a favor.

But if an important senator took notice of this, I think that would be politically valuable.

Like, "Edward Morra shines the light on black ops in the United States"?

I mean, that's real "man of the people" kind of stuff.

Hmm, still.

Seems more like a Brian Finch problem than a Senator Morra one.

No, n-n-n-no, no, no, no, no, see, that's where you're wrong.


For whatever reason, you guys wanted me in the CJC, right?

If Naz is replaced, I might be moved, I might not have the same access, and more importantly, you won't know what the new boss' disposition to NZT is or the people who take it.

Naz is the devil you know.

And if you want me in the CJC, you're gonna want her free as much as you do me.

Reporter: In a surprising shake-up at the FBI, longtime Executive Assistant Director Paulson, of the elite Criminal Cyber Response and Services Unit, resigned today.

Deputy Director Rovick commented.

EAD Paulson has been an invaluable member of the Bureau.

We wish him much luck with his next endeavor.

We'll begin... (TV clicks off)

That was my mom.


She's free and my cousin lands in an hour.

We got 'em.

Brian, I don't even know what to say.

(cell phone buzzes)

Brian: Oh, no.

I got to go.

(sighs) I still work for your mom.

Well, then I'll just have to figure out a way to get you fired from the CJC.

I'm sorry.

(door opens)


Oh, glad that DIC's gone.


ADIC Johnson. ADIC Johnson.



Man, I missed this place.

We owe your dad's friends a big thank you.

(elevator bell dings) Yeah.

I haven't forgotten.


ADIC Johnson.

You sent me a number of texts.

I'm sorry I was unable to respond while I was incarcerated.

And I do hope everything's all right with your little... condition.

Uh, no.

Rovick: I owe both of you a big apology.

Did Paulson say anything?

That he took responsibility and that he would go quietly.

Naz, I will come to New York, and we can discuss everything in detail.

We will.

(TV clicks off)

Thanks, Brian.

Come on, Naz, it's the least I could do.

I'll be in the file room if you need me.

So you stayed in my apartment.

With my daughter.

I did, yes.

And she is a lovely girl.


And it was lovely getting to know her.

I don't know her.

We spent time together, platonically.

We see eye-to-eye on that...


Brian: You know what?

You should be proud of her.

She's almost as cool as her mom.


Just saying...



Ava could do worse.


(bells dinging)