01x11 - This Is Your Brian on Drugs

Brian: Previously on Limitless...

Casey: It's a drug, is it?

All my guys are trying to figure out what's up with Brian Finch.

He's wanted for murder, and then he suddenly works for us. He's a genius.

I know.

Has to be a drug.

It's the only thing that makes sense.

How do you know about me and Casey?

Brian: His cologne, it lingers on you.

Your reaction when Naz suggested he train me.

The way he shows up at your...

Thank you. I get it.

Do you ever think about what it's like?

Taking whatever Finch is on?

How could I not? I see the kid every day.

But I'd never do it. Maybe I just think, if you took one of those pills, I don't see how you ever stop.

(ringtone plays)

(phone ringing)

Woman: It's him.

It's not 7:00 yet. (ringing continues)

Don't answer.

(knocking at door)

Sorry to bother you, man, but it's him again.

I was wondering if you could maybe pick me up some cat food on your way in this morning?

You don't even have a cat.


But I do have a neighbor.

Who is cute and does have a cat.

And I'm gonna feed him while she's away at a music festival.

I'm gonna wind up feeding a cat for five days, aren't I?

He only eats grain-free salmon.

Thanks, pal.

Man: It's stress.

Ike: Seriously?

My hand looks like I have leprosy, and it's stress?

Anxiety can do any number of things to the human body.


I can prescribe a cortisone cream... but have you considered meditation as a means of coping?

(cell phone ringing)


What is it, Finch?

Ike! Listen, man, I wouldn't be calling, but I know you live near Mandy's Records.

I'm at the doctor.

And it was Record Store Day this weekend, but by the time I was done working, they were all sold out of Artificial Brain.

"Artificial Brain"? That's the name of the album?

That's the name of the band.

The name of the album is Labyrinth Constellation.

You want to write it down so you don't forget?

Yeah, thank you.

So I don't get it.

You're just supposed to sit there and do nothing?

You're concentrating on the moment.

That's not nothing.

That's the hardest thing, according to people who meditate.

You gotta find a Zen place with this gig, man.

It's temporary.

See, it's-it's temporary for you.

I mean, they already told you, you do this for a year, you got a permanent gig at the CJC.

They didn't say anything like that to me.

As far as I know, this is permanent.

And I've been having the craziest dreams.

It's me and a succession of guys Finch calls Mike.

(buzzing, door opens)

There's Asian Mike.

There's a white Mike.

There's even a woman he calls Mike.

Hey, boys. Be right back.

And we spend a year together, right?

Mike. The girl Mike.

And in my mind, we start to develop a rapport, you know?

Like maybe this is even going to become something.

See, but I've lost track of the fact that I'm, like, eight years older than her.

And she wants nothing to do with the Brian Finch lifer.

So the fictional female Mike can't wait to get away from you?


Here you go, fellas. Today's dose.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Meditation might really help you.


Man, have I told you guys how much I appreciate you lately?

'Cause I sure as heck do.

♪ Oh, yeah ♪
♪ Tighten up on that bass now ♪
♪ Tighten it up ♪
♪ Ha ha, yeah ♪
♪ Now let that guitar fall in... ♪

Ike: Hey, what does he want with a gas mask and a bunch of PVC pipe anyway?

♪ Oh, yeah ♪
♪ Tighten up on that organ now... ♪

Hey, you don't know this is a permanent gig.

Just be the best bodyguard you can be, and someone will notice.

That's easy for you to say.

You had the best PT scores at Quantico.

You won the Marksmanship Award.

Everyone's watching you.


The whole point of this job is to fade into the woodwork.

How am I supposed to get noticed?

Here you go, (bleep).

Thank you.

(rapid inhaling)

Brian: All right.


Thanks, guys.

Whoa... my God.

Ike, you should get that looked at.


♪ Mama, you know ♪
♪ What's best... ♪

Ike: I tried it this morning.


Didn't work.

Mike: "Didn't work"?

I'm pretty sure that's not how you're supposed to think about it.


If picturing Brian Finch and imagining all the ways female Mike can reject me is how you're supposed to meditate... then I killed it.

Oh, boy.

Do you think we'll stay in touch when this is all over?


Of course, yeah.





(guns cock)

Oh, damn, (bleep). Look.

Mike: Call Harris.

Tell her the dispensary's been compromised.

We need immediate backup at the Gerwin-Strauss dispensary in Greenpoint.


Don't move.

Put your hands where I can see them.

Ike: What?

No, this is...


Mike: Damn safety.

(gunshot, Ike groans)

Oh, God.

Stay with me.

All right?

Why'd you have to go and do that?

It's gonna be okay, buddy.

It's gonna be okay.

Rebecca: You're gonna go out there, drink your drink...

No, don't drink your drink.

Go out there, say good-bye, and that's all there is to it.

I'm good.

I was thinking about this weekend.

You know Nick from my SWAT team?

Yeah, I know Nick.

Well, every year, a few of us go up to his mountain house, up in the Gunks.

And since Nick's married now and starting a new chapter of his life, uh, he decided to open up the invite to our significant others.

Well, Casey, I think...

I know that that would mean telling them about us, but these guys, they're like brothers to me.

And, uh... I think it would be good for us to get out of the city together.

Unless... you had something else in mind.



Let me think about that.

(cell phone ringing)

What is it?

Ike: We need immediate backup at the Gerwin-Strauss dispensary in Greenpoint.

And alert SAC Pouran.


Ike: What? No, this is...

Are you still there?

What happened?


Can you hear me?

If you can hear me, I'm calling an ambulance, okay?

What's going on?

It's classified.

Have to go.

(elevator bell dings)

Naz: It was an accident.

These things happen.

Rebecca: How is he?

He's still in surgery.

What happened?

I forgot to take off the safety.

Brian: Mike, it's just a mistake.

And I'm sure Ike's gonna be okay.

He almost died today because of you and your drug.

Least you could do is call him by his real name.


Brian: It's just that they've been Mike and Ike for so long...

Go ahead and take that, please.

The dispensary that was raided belongs to a private pharmaceutical lab that manufactures and securely stores our NZT supply.

Well, not that securely. I mean, that guy knew about it.

Naz: There were three of them, actually.

And no, I don't think they did know.

The shooter's cohorts cleared out of there before he discovered the NZT locker.

Seems they were targeting oxycodone.

That makes sense.

It's the highest street value.

Not now that they have over 6,000 NZT pills.

Six thousand?

Naz: Enough to fetch a pretty penny and do some serious damage if it got into the wrong hands.

So we have to find them before they realize what they have.

Hey. So I searched social media pics by location to see if I could find any by the dispensary this morning, and it turns out a guy took a selfie of him and his hedgehog... Don't ask...

Right around the time we think our perps were getting out of what looked like a gray Ford Fusion.

Now, I could only get a partial plate, but I did type up a list of possibilities.

Turns out that one matched a car that was stolen in Michigan two days ago: a gray Ford Fusion.

You did all this while I was getting my coffee?


Well, I'll make some calls.

I'll see if anyone at Michigan PD can help us I.D. our guys.

That's great.

Male voice: Thank you for continuing to hold.

Hey, you busy?

No, I'm on hold.

Seems like you guys got everything handled.

Uh, can you cover for me?

You just got here.

Yeah. Um, I have... stuff going on at home.

How is she?

Been better.

Yes, yeah. Take all the time you need.

Thank you.

So I spoke to Michigan PD...

Wh... what are you doing?

You're doing some string art?

(muffled): Or a spiderweb, as Mike called it right before he told me to spin the damn thing myself.


Do you think I'm disrespectful?

Maybe Mike could just use a break from arts and crafts detail.


So, Michigan PD.

They said the perps who stole the Ford had accents.

French, they think, but I'm thinking, because it's Michigan, it's probably...

French Canadian!

Québécois, technically.

I called the manager of the gas station where the car was stolen.

He thinks one of our guys came in a few minutes earlier looking for Smarties.



Canadian M&M's.

Oh. Well, okay.

So we're on the same page about the French Canadians.

And I'm a few chapters ahead, actually.

I searched Narcotics files over the past two years, and I found a Michigan chiropractor involved in a prescription drug ring.

But he's in jail.

So I almost gave up...

After, what, ten minutes?

When I saw it was a Gerwin-Strauss employee's testimony that put him there.

And the name of his former cellmate?

Henri Bouchard, ex-Québécois arrested for robbery, released four months ago.

I think the chiropractor put Henri onto the Gerwin-Strauss dispensary.

What about the, uh, spiderweb?

Henri's likely using the same contacts to sell the oxy in Battle Creek, and this map shows all the highways and the back roads you could use to get there.

And this right here is our best chance of intercepting them.

Now, given the time that Henri and his amis left the dispensaire,

I'm estimating that they'll hit that point in about seven hours from now.

I'll go fill in Naz.

Oh, I already did that, actually.

And she wants to fly you there with someone from SWAT.

So, I casually suggested a particular someone.

You can thank me later.

Though I now see from your face I've made a terrible mistake.

What face?

Casey: It turns out Nick's wife can't make it this weekend.

She's gotta work or something.

So he said we could have the master.

Wait, what?

I never agreed to go.

And, more importantly, how were you able to have this conversation without telling him that we were dating?

I told you, Nick's like a brother to me.

He would've figured it out anyway.


Just like I figured out why we're really here.

No matter how much oxy those guys stole, no way the CJC would be involved unless we were going after that drug Finch is on.

I get it.

You can't talk about it.

The point is, the truth always comes out.

So we might as well be honest about each other.

You're right.

We should.

Casey, I-I've been thinking that...

Man (over radio): They're heading towards you.

I've been...

Let's do it.


(tires squealing)

Move out! Go!

Go, go! (guns cocking)

Get out, get out! Get out of the car!

Down! Get down!

Get down! On the ground!

(Henri speaking French)

Where I can see 'em! Hands up!

On the ground now! Ground now!

(siren wailing)

On the ground! On the ground now!

(indistinct shouting)

So what's going on with you two?

I know you haven't broken up.

I would've noticed the signs, and given your current body language...

Are you NZT'ing me right now?

Because I don't want to talk about it.

Well, that's because you don't like confrontation.

I get that. I'm just trying to repay you for all the times I've asked for your advice.

I didn't ask!

I know, you never would, because you don't like confrontation.

Don't like confrontation.

Fine. I...

I-I don't know how to start the conversation.

And every time I try...

You back down?

Okay. So... compose what you want to say without giving him a chance to interrupt, or redirect, and that way you won't feel like...

(phone chimes)

Did you just break up with him over text?

Hey. Naz, conference room now.

Naz: Though the recovery last night seemed successful, we have an issue.

(door opens)

Rooks, please join us.

As soon as you're ready, Agent Harris... Yeah?

Thank you very much.

Somewhere between the theft at Gerwin-Strauss and when we received the evidence last night, 80 pills went missing.

You think someone skimmed off the top.

Gerwin-Strauss keeps meticulous records, so I doubt it's a miscalculation on their part.

So that leaves Michigan PD and us.

Now, I don't think I have to worry about anyone in this room, do I?

If you think I pocketed some at the crime scene, I was too busy keeping my partner from bleeding out.

(phone chimes)

Naz: Rooks?

What did you see last night?

Um... (sighs) Sorry. He was with me.

And the drugs were transported in a different van, so he wouldn't have had the opportunity.

Casey: And none of my men would risk their careers over prescription pills.

Oh, no, neither would I.

But we're not talking about oxycodone anymore.

Then maybe someone should tell me what we are talking about.

Naz: There's a Schedule I drug that the CJC has a particular vested interest in.

It's called NZT-48.

Casey: What's this?

What am I looking at?

We all know that Finch kid takes some kind of clear pill.

And that's what this is, right?

You got these from the Canadians?

They had thousands of them. Their trunk was better stocked than Lil Wayne's tour bus, all right?

You need new material, man.

I don't care what story you gotta make up.

You're gonna return those to evidence.

What if we kept just one sheet?

Nick: I'll admit, I'm curious.

You said these things turned Finch into some kind of fighting machine.

That in two days, he learned what took you five years.

If they can make that clown go from zero to 60, imagine what they could do for us.

Russ: I don't know.

Seems unnatural.

Wolverine is unnatural, but that son of a bitch is still a superhero.

I want to be a superhero.

All right?

(Kevin chuckles)

(phone ringing)

Casey: SWAT.

Yeah, I'll be right up.

I gotta report upstairs.

Kevin: Hey, Casey, come on, dude.

I only took these because I thought you'd be in.

Yeah, but this time, it's not just our jobs on the line.

It's Rebecca's.

She led point on that retrieval.

I don't want this coming down on her.

Just get rid of 'em.

Naz: Rooks? What did you see last night?

Rebecca: Um... uh...

Sorry. He was with me.

And the drugs were transported in a different van, so... he wouldn't have had the opportunity.

And none of my men would risk their careers over prescription pills.

Naz: Oh, no, neither would I.

But we're not talking about oxycodone anymore.

Then maybe someone should tell me what we are talking about.

What the hell was that?

I-I should've told you about NZT.

You think that's why I'm upset?

You just broke up with me over text.

In the middle of a conference.

I texted you before the meeting.

It just didn't send.

But you couldn't just talk to me face to face?


Because we're at work?

Because you were always more concerned with office politics than us?

What happened between last night and today?


How long have you felt this wasn't working?

It never was.


At least I know the truth now.

We do this one time.


Are you for real?

What changed your mind?


Just see what it's like, and then dump the rest.

Nick, you in?

I'm in if you're in, brother.

Russ: Where do we go?

Just see where the pill takes us, huh?

Let's go.

Casey: One shot to do anything you want.

What would you do?

Fine, I'll start.

I'd win the Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Championship.

Five minutes of killer stand-up on The Tonight Show.

I want to do a solo climb of K2.

To average 30 points a game in the NBA.

And why the hell not?

("A Child Is Born" by the Aggregation playing)

♪ ♪
♪(horn honks)

(audience laughing) KEVIN: All right, and, like... and, like, it's like... it's like 4:00 in the morning...

What'd y'all do last weekend?

(stand-up continues indistinctly)

♪ ♪


(shouting, indistinct chatter)

All right, eight-six. Ball.

(song ends)

Hey. Let's go. Come on! Come on!


Casey: Hey.

You all right?

What happened, baby?

Yeah. No, I... think I'm just coming down.

Yeah. All right, look, I'm gonna call it a night, dude.


We're gonna meet up tomorrow.

Well, look who's come around about dumping the rest of that stash, right?


Night, boys.


You tired?

Why don't we swing by McSorely's on the way home?

I'm buying.

Why not?

(cell phone ringing)


I need your help, man.


I don't know what happened.

It was that drug, man.

Look, it started on the basketball court, and... and I don't know what happened, it was like... it was like I smelled him on Alicia.

When did you see Alicia?

I didn't. No.

In my mind.

In my memories.

It was... like... (sighs)

A couple of weeks ago, I was pretty convinced that she was cheating on me.

Last night, I knew it.

After Russ and I ended up here, I confronted him about it.

Things escalated...

I choked him out.

I didn't... I didn't mean to.

It was that drug, man.

We need to call a lawyer.

And say what?

Casey, if I'm arrested for this, my best defense is to say that I was on NZT, which Kevin stole from evidence, which you encouraged your team to take.

They're drug-testing us, and we are all going down for this.

All because Russ was screwing my wife, and because I killed Russ for screwing my wife.

You want me to help you cover this up?

I can't even think straight.

Well, you're not gonna take that.

Why not?

Didn't make me kill anyone.

What, you seriously think that I did this because I wanted to?

No, I just think you were messed up and made a really, really bad decision.

Let me just start by restating this is all very screwed up.

Nick was right that we can't just come clean.

The FBI doesn't want the world to know that they're experimenting with NZT.

So someone somewhere would keep you from testifying, most likely by silencing you... and me.

Kevin, too, since he stole the pills.

And let's face it... what's three more bodies to them?

So Nick's decision wasn't as bad as I'd initially thought.

Are you kidding me?

He killed Russ.

And you stole 80 pills they were never going to let disappear.

Let me be very clear... I'm not saying Nick should have killed Russ.

But since he did, from a macro perspective, the best thing we can do is to pin the theft on Russ.

He stole the NZT that night and then disappeared.

I'm meeting SAC Pouran.

I'm gonna tell her my story.

Meet me outside in an hour.

(singing to himself indistinctly)

Confidence, man.

You got this.

Just go in there and tell your story.

You got your team into this mess, now get 'em out of it.

If you're nervous, find something to distract yourself, shift your focus.

You mind if I borrow this?

(resumes singing to himself indistinctly)

Brian: Hey, Casey.

What's up, man? I've been looking for you.

I'm waiting to meet with Pouran.

Oh, this will just take a second.

You know those pills that were stolen?

Well, I decided to start mapping the strange occurrences around the tristate area, thinking that's one way to track down the drug, right?

Finding people doing things that kind of scream "NZT."

And I found an Instagram account that tracked someone climbing a building in Gramercy Park without a rope last night.


I know.

Check out his shoes.

What am I looking at?

They're Frye combat boots, like yours.

Popular shoe.

Yeah, but not with climbers.

He ties them like yours, too.

Top two hooks unlaced, but tied around the ankles.

Now, I know what you're thinking: A lot of people lace their boots that way.

It's comfortable.

But not a lot of guys with those boots tied that way had access to NZT yesterday.

This is very helpful, Brian.

One of my guys has been off the grid since that NZT-48 went missing.

This could be him.

I'll be sure to bring it up with Pouran.

Thanks again.

No problem.

Agent Rooks.

Why did you want to see me?

Stavros: ♪ I gave my heart and soul to you, girl ♪
♪ Didn't I do it, baby? ♪
♪ Didn't I do it, baby? ♪

(record scratch)

Brian: This one's for you, man.

♪ You and me... ♪

What's with the song?

He told me this one is his favorite, makes him think of you guys.

♪ Hey, hey, hey... ♪

You didn't know that, did you?

♪ My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my... ♪


I guess, I mean, you guys do spend a lot of time together.

It's not weird that he'd pick a song.

It's not that weird.

So, effective immediately, I'm done taking you guys for granted.


I'm not gonna ask you to get me gummy worms...

I'm not just gonna ask you to get me gummy worms.

I'm also gonna treat you like the trained agents that you are.




So there's 80 NZT pills out there still.

Whoever has them might be using them to do some NZT-type stuff.

So I asked James Tech to pull together everything weird that happened last night.

♪ the same about you ♪


♪ It's a natural fact ♪
♪ There's no turning back... ♪

"The Great Throwdini set the world record for throwing consecutive knives at a human target."

Hmm, not what I'd do on NZT.

Me, neither.

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh... ♪


Impressive? Yes.

But if I stole NZT, I don't think I'd give it to a dog.

How about you, bud? What do you think?

Think this is in the discard pile?


Do you think he can hear us?

Oh, hey, Ike.

Can you hear me, bud?

Can't wait to have you back, man.

I've got all sorts of fun stuff for us to do.


I'm sure some version of this is getting through.


Some guy posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram of a guy climbing the building across from his.

Let me see.

I'm pretty sure those are Frye combat boots.

It's what we issue to our tactical team.

Brian: I've seen these laced up like this.

Brian: I know what you're thinking...

A lot of guys lace their boots like that.

But not a lot of guys with those boots tied that way had access to NZT yesterday.

This is really helpful, Brian.

See, one of my guys has been off the grid since the NZT went missing.

And this could be him.

I'll be sure to bring it up with Pouran.

Thanks again.

No problem.

Naz: Agent Rooks.

Naz: Why did you want to see me?

Rebecca: There's no way Casey skimmed those pills.

I was with him the whole time we took down those dealers.

Okay, then one of his guys stole them.

But I am telling you... He is on NZT right now.

Is his team here today?

Kevin Mitchell and Nick Wallace are in the building.

Well, they might be on NZT, too.

What are you doing?

I'm texting Naz to let her know that three of her SWAT guys might be on NZT.

(cell phone chimes)

Hey, Rebecca.

Would you hand me your gun, please?

Casey, you're in trouble, but you are taking this to a place you cannot come back from.

Casey: We're gonna figure this out, but I need your gun.

Please don't make me point this at you.

Why did you take it?


The pill?

It wasn't part of some grand plan.

It was in front of me, and I thought maybe I'd try it.

Maybe life could be better.

Maybe I could be better.

Don't we all think that sometimes?

And how's that upgrade working out for you?

'Cause it seems to me this is a harsh measure to take to avoid turning over a few pills.

What else happened last night, Casey?

And where's Russ?

Nick: We're totally boned, man.

She must have got the word out.

What? What happened?

Nick: The whole building's on lockdown.

How the hell are we gonna get out of here?

We have a bag full of pills that makes us smarter than anyone in the world.

All we need to do is think.

Come here.

Kevin: Okay, we should just give up, do our time and start over.

Kevin: Look, I just stole some pills, okay?

I didn't kill anybody.

And I'm sorry about that, but how do we back down now? What do we do?

Fight our way out of here?

Casey: I want clear of this building.

I just don't want to hurt anyone.

Brian: Hey, guys.

There's a way through this.

Look, you're outnumbered.

There's probably agents gathering upstairs right now.

But you're SWAT.

You've got resources that nobody else has.

So if you don't want to kill anyone, you don't want to kill anyone else, just pretend like there's a riot out there.

Tear gas.

We can pepper-spray all we want, but we still can't get out of the building.

If you can put the building on lockdown, you can take the building off lockdown.

They control that from the special ops room.

Don't they?

Anyone SA or higher is trained to work it.

I could turn it off.

Suit up. We're going to the CJC.

No, this could be a trap.

Brian: Why?

I want the same thing you guys do.

To get out of here without anyone getting hurt.

(alarm blaring)

Let's go.

Let's go, people. Let's go!

Gas is down.

All right.

Let's clear the rooms and get in and out.

Nick, go clear Ops.

Yes, sir.

Go, go, go!

Get out of the room.

Everybody out.

Ops is clear.

Get Harris in there.


Nick! What happened to Nick?

Nick, where are you? What happened?

There's someone else with a mask in here.



(gun cocks) Throw your weapon.

You've got two guns on you, Casey.

Hey, guys!

I'm on NZT.

So is Casey.

We're walking out of here.

Brian: We can figure something out.

Think about it, Casey.

I'm sure you can see there are so many paths to take, and if we just talk through them together, and if everyone puts their guns down!


Final warning!

Woman: You do what you have to do.

Yeah, yeah, okay, I just have a situation here.

I'll get out as soon as I can.

But it might be closer to 8:00.

Woman: I told you.

You have to be home by 7:30 today.

I have tickets to that show.

Oh, uh, okay.

Very expensive.

Okay, okay.

I'll-I'll figure it out.

I'll call you back.

Brian: This is Brian. Don't text back.

Look on my shelves by the counterintelligence files, right next to the Js.

(alarm blaring)

(indistinct shouting in distance)

Ops is clear.

Get Harris in there.


What happened to Nick? Nick, where are you?

There's someone else with a mask in here.



(gun cocks)

Throw your weapon!

You've got two guns on you, Casey!

Hey, guys!

I'm on NZT.

So is Casey.

We're walking out of here.

We can figure something out.

Casey, put it down.


Brian: Think about it, Casey.

I'm sure you can see there are so many paths to take, and if we just talk through them!

Final warning!

Naz: Boyle?

Agent Boyle?

What was your understanding of the situation?

There was no other alternative.

Is that your understanding as well, Agent Harris?

Uh, I don't know.

There was Brian.

Finch had a gun held to his head.

Anything he was saying was irrelevant.

He seemed to think there was another way.

He was also high.

He was on NZT.

As was the agent who started a hostage crisis in the middle of the FBI.

I did what I was trained to do in that situation to minimize the risk of other casualties.

One shot to the head.

Can I go?

I've given my statement.

Have you?

There was no other alternative.

You did what you had to do.

(door opens and closes)

Go home.

Get some rest.

You did your job, and you did it well.

Don't second-guess that.


What are you looking for?

Uh, yeah, Naz said Casey was carrying the rest of the NZT on him when he went down.

Forensics thinks they dropped one of them out of his pocket when they were moving the body.

Right, well, could be anywhere.

Could have gotten kicked.

Hey, don't worry about it.

Just go home.

I got it.


Have a good night.

You're early.


I, uh...

Is everything okay?

It was a good day.

I left you something on the stove.

Oh... you are a saint.


I'm beat.

You work too hard.

Good night.

(knocking on door)

Hey, did you forget something?

Hey, got your message.

Come in.

Boyle: I would have come to you, but I'm kind of stuck here after 7:00.

That's all right.

Can I get you anything?


Why'd you want to see me?

Well, it was something Rebecca mentioned during the debriefing... with Naz.

She said that you thought there was another way today could have gone down.

When something traumatic like that happens, we replay scenarios, we search for other outcomes...

I'd like to hear it.

What's that?

Those other outcomes.

How, besides getting yourself shot, today could have gone down differently.

I appreciate what you did, Boyle, and I respect your training...


But if you would have given me more time...

To do what?

Talk to Casey.

To negotiate.

You're not a negotiator, Brian.

You're an untrained consultant who sends real agents to get you sodas.

All right, look, I know I need to show Mike and Ike more respect, but I'm trying to do that.

When are you gonna start respecting me?

When I'm on NZT, I can read a situation better than anyone in the room, okay?

I can think through all the different angles, every perspective.

Then shouldn't you have known mine?

How and when I'm trained to use lethal force, that I was gonna shoot Casey?

You texted me.

Yeah, I... I didn't think you'd shoot him.

But I did.

Well, you shouldn't have.

Casey was never gonna fire.

But when you pulled the trigger, he had enough time to pull his.

Instead, he lowered his gun.

That was the last honorable thing he could do, and if you ask me, he might have done it sooner...

If you had given me more time.

Like I said, it's not that I don't respect the choice you made, it's just... because of NZT, I know there was a better one.

♪ Come lay down your head ♪
♪ All of my life ♪
♪ Rest in my arm ♪
♪ I've been waiting ♪
♪ You're free tonight ♪
♪ For you ♪
♪ Come lay down your head ♪
♪ All of my life ♪
♪ Rest in my arm ♪
♪ I've been waiting ♪
♪ You're free tonight ♪
♪ For you ♪
♪ Come lay down your head ♪
♪ All of my life ♪
♪ Rest in my arm ♪
♪ I've been waiting ♪
♪ You're free tonight ♪
♪ For you ♪
♪ Come lay down your head ♪
♪ All of my life ♪
♪ Rest in my arm ♪
♪ I've been waiting ♪
♪ You're free tonight ♪
♪ For you ♪

(song fades)

Welcome back, Jason.

Hey, good news, man.

Naz says you're getting a commendation.

You know...

I kinda got used to Ike.



I know.

Oh God.

Take it easy.