01x11 - Paralytics and Priorities

Previously on "Rosewood"...

You're going out the country, aren't you? I'm going to Kenya.

Doctors without borders.

I told them that I changed my mind.

Changed your mind? Why?

I have never met anybody like you.

Well, then I guess we'll, uh, talk later.

So, I was thinking that we could get together.

Can I call you back?

You've made these past couple months...

Fun, exciting?

Something like that.


Chief Ewing is stepping down from the department at the end of the week.

He's out, hopefully I'm in.

We're dealing with a serial killer.

This killer is someone who pays incredible attention to detail.

Someone hacked our system.

Roger, did you ever get a good look at the person who abducted you?

I remember his eyes.

Roger was our killer the whole time.

Drop your weapon! [Crying]

We've got a problem.

Oh, my God.

We have the wrong guy.

[Sirens wailing]

Rosewood: Check for everything...

Blood spatter, shoe prints, impressions.

Rosie, you can't process your own crime scene.

If a single strand of hair fell off the killer's head, I want it.

Swab for DNA. The message was left in organic material.

You're not a cop!

Okay, they don't answer to you!

You got it, Rosewood.

Anything you need.

I'm sorry, y-you were saying?

Leadership isn't about titles, Villa.

It's about values, trust.

Then trust that we're gonna find whoever did this, okay?

So, Roger was framed, and the real killer is leaving finger paintings in bodily fluid?

Tell me we have something.

[Computer beeps]

Uh, l-look, Cap, I'll take the hit, okay?

I-I don't want any of this to cost you the chief job.

Look, I don't care about that right now.

If it's not on my radar, take it off yours.

There's traces of silicone in the message.

Is silicone gonna help us catch this guy?

Because if not, we still have a serial killer out there on the streets.

The killer used a silicone mold to make the fingerprints.

This is the index finger. You got the pronounced, radial looping.

It's a scar.

Rosie, we're running the prints.

Don't need to run 'em. These prints are mine.

You don't know that.

When I was 10 years old, I grabbed my father's scalpel by the wrong end. It left a scar. These are my prints.

So, the killer went from exposing hypocrisy to stalking you.

If the killer is fixated on Rosie, I don't think it's the streets we have to worry about.

Great. I'll explain this to the chief.

Take a good, long look at my ass, 'cause it's about to get chewed off.

[Camera shutter clicks] [Sighs]

Uh, Rosie, we got this.

Okay, and I won't rest until we catch this guy.

[Camera shutter clicks, indistinct conversation]



All right, if you're not gonna bask in the afterglow...

The least you can do is throw me some pillow talk.

The message at the lab was left in saliva.

Okay, that's not exactly what I had in mind, but I can... I can... I can go with it.

We ran the DNA.

We didn't get a hit on the I.D., but the descriptors match a woman who was reported missing 10 days ago.

Jennifer Lee.

And you think the killer has her?

If he does, we'll know soon.

Jennifer's roommate is bringing me a DNA sample tomorrow.


What was that for?

For listening to me when all I can talk about is saliva and serial killers.

Oh, come on now.

That's why I stayed.

That's what you do when you're all in.



All in.


Go to sleep.


Mm, Kat, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I should be getting back to work.

You've been working nonstop.

I know, but we don't have anything on this case, and until I find something, it's...

You need to relax that prefrontal cortex in order to...

Oh, wow...

Create new neural connections.

Wow, so, is that what I sound like when I say my medical stuff?

[Laughs] Wait a minute.

I will have you know that my... prefrontal cortex is making connections just fine.

Rosie, do you want to talk or, you know...

My voice, you know?



Every morning this week, I've come in to find you here.

Just keep thinking I missed something.

You're not sleeping.


I'm gonna be fine, mom.

You're resilient, you're stubborn, you're impeccably dressed, but the one thing you're not is fine.

And I'm not, either.

I've spent my whole life worrying about you for health reasons.

Just didn't think I'd ever be worrying about a serial killer.

Well, you don't have to worry.

We're gonna catch him.

[Cellphone rings]

[Cellphone beeps] Yeah?

Rosie, we have a problem.

[Indistinct shouting]

The story broke to the press that we arrested the wrong guy, and now I have a crowd of people waiting for answers.

On my way.

I'm fine.

Just let cap do his thing.

If he needs us, we'll jump in and do the talking.

Captain, this department put the wrong man behind bars.

Who exactly is responsible for this?


There's no "exactly" in what we do, okay?

A lot of variables.

You've seen these bodies.

Is it true the killer is creating art with these murders?


Art is beautiful. It's inspiring.

It breathes life into us.

Whoever did this is a butcher, not an artist.


Everyone out!

Clear the room! Come on, cap.

The killer doesn't want to harm me.

He would've already tried. Just wants my admiration.

Nice try, but your arrogance ain't gonna protect you now.

It's confidence, thank you.

And it's like kryptonite to criminals.

You should see it.

[Gun cocks]

When do you dream up this nonsense?

In real time.

Life is one big living dream.

[Gun cocks]

Well, I must be in the midst of a 40-year nightmare. Take this.

I'm issuing you a glock. You're gonna learn how to use it.

I already know how to use it. Just prefer not to.

I don't believe you.

Go ahead.

[Clip clatters]

Master not only what you love, but what you despise.

Mm, that would've been so much cooler without the words.

Ooh, I thought it was still cool with the words.

What do you got?

Uh, the DNA in the saliva we found at Rosie's lab is a match for Jennifer Lee.

The killer has her.

We just have to find out where.

We also know that the killer was using silicone fingerprints.

And he was also hacking into all of our computer systems, so must be somebody that's high-tech.

Hey, Cap, any word from the cyber crime guys?

Yeah, they set up one of those fake honeypot thingies within our system.

Hacker breaks in, then bam, we nail the b*st*rd.

It's like a sting, but no one has to dress up like a hooker.

Hey, Cap, I didn't know you were so computer-savvy.

Master what you love and what your kids do to drive you nuts.

Rico, my youngest... Big nerd, this kid.

I had to learn a few things just to protect myself from my own offspring.

Listen, we just sit back, wait, let the honeypot do its thing.

Hey, Villa, like how I went all full Beaumont on that target?



Is that a "wow" as in cool, a "wow" as in... no.



Right through the heart.

Hit him right through the heart.


Paralytics and Priorities

Behind you. Ah.

Oh, oh!


Oh, okay, that's playground ball... playground.

I'm gonna give it to you without that.

Don't do it, don't do it. [Both shout]

Oh! [Laughs]

No, no, that was the game, man that's how you do.

I'm just trying to...

Check it up, check it up, check it up.

All right.

Was that check?

There you go, Rosewood.

This is game point.

There you go, Rosewood.

Oh, oh!

Oh, travel, travel!


What are you talking about?! Come on!

Whoo, I still got it! You don't want to check it up one more time?

Did you see that?! It was too quick! I still got it!

You travelled and you carried!

Oh, please! Please!

Please! Rosie, please.

I got to go, man. [Chuckles]

Hey, I got to meet Kat for dinner.

Oh. All right. Tell her I said, "what's up?"

That's a good one.

That's a good one. Don't mess that up.

I'm working on it, trust me.

Don't mess that up.

Real quick, before you buzz... Some advice?

Let me guess... Villa?

Come on, man.

I got to stay out of that situation.

Oh, now you want to hang back?

[Sighs] I've been hanging back.

Last week, you had your hackles all up.

My hackles weren't up. You know, they were burning, burning hot.

Do you have a question or what?

I do.

Um, what's up with her, man?

Sh-she's acting kind of weird.

I don't know what happened. I said I would stay.

Acting all cagey, and you know I can't do cagey.

Yeah, look, no, she's good.

She's Villa.

For real?

Yeah, I was with her right afterwards.

For real?

You... you were with her afterwards?

Yeah, she was at the, uh, she was at the lab when I saw that message from the killer.


Everything all right?

Yeah. I mean, you cheated and you hurt my feelings, but I'll get over that. [Laughs]

I didn't cheat, I didn't cheat.

Come on, now, it's just a game!

I'll get over that.

It's the crossover is what it was!

All right, man, be good.

Hey, just work on your game.

We'll play again next week.

Yeah, yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Oh. Wow.


You look amazing, as always.

Thank you.

You don't look so bad yourself.

Well, you know, I try.


Uh, before we go to dinner...

Can we have a moment?

Oh, I'd love to have a quickie moment.

No, it's not that. I didn't mean that kind of moment.


Oh, God, now I went and I made it awkward.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's not awkward.

What's up?

My husband, Marcel, wants to reconcile.

Now it's awkward.

I'll spare you all the details.

He wants to give it a try... Him.

Not me.


He is not back in my life.

Hey... I've moved on.

So, if I wasn't in the picture, would you give him another shot?

[Speaks Spanish]

Thank you.

Sorry for showing up so late tonight.

Oh, it's okay.

My mom's not home. [Sighs]

Keep thinking about Jennifer Lee.

Out there with that killer.

You and me both.

I'm getting so much heat for putting homicide guys on a missing-persons case.

Uh, if... if you don't want to talk, I'm gonna go back to "pasion en silencio."

It's... It's annoyingly addictive.

Sorry about that. It's... Kat's husband.

He's trying to win her back, and supposedly, his renewed feelings for her are unrequited.

And why don't you believe her?

Well, I asked her if she'd be reconciling with him if I wasn't around.

Did she say yes?

She didn't say no.

Letting go is hard, Rosie.

Just takes time.

So, you still got it going on.

Hello! [Chuckles] Ma.

[Chuckles nervously]

Hey, w-w-what are you doing?

Same thing you are, mija.

That is not what we're doing.

Mm-hmm. Well, maybe you should be because, oh, my God!

I totally get what we were talking about.



Gorgeous smile.

Ay dios mio, chocolate delight [Speaking Spanish]



You are definitely the real Rosie, without a doubt.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

"Chocolate delight"... That what you said about me?

I... no, I did not. Well... I would never.

But you must've said something that sparked chocolate delight.

Well, I didn't spark anything.

Man: [Clears throat] Uh, Daisie?

Ay. So?

Talking about spark.

[Speaking Spanish]

Go and get me a bottle of white wine and meet me in the back room.


Okay? Go on, puppy.

Ay. Puppies need training.

Ma, really?


So, Rosie, you're gonna stay?

Yeah, well, you know, I would... I would love to, but I really should get going.




What was that for?!

I raised you better than to let a fine-ass man like that get away.

You didn't have to hit me!

[Speaks Spanish] [Door closes]

[Speaks Spanish] [Sighs] Oh, my God.

Man: Hey, look at this!

Guys, just stay back!

[Woman screams]

[Indistinct shouting]


Ma, what's going on?

You don't know? Qué pasa?

Hey, stay right here.

No, wait a minute!

Stay, stay, stay!

Police! Back up!

Back up, back up, back up!

Oh, my God. This is a real body.

It's Jennifer Lee.

Time of death... 72 hours ago.

[Sighs] Note the butcher knives.

Yeah, but no visible lacerations.

Villa: It's another message.

My words coming back to haunt me.

The killer's trying to tell me he's not a butcher.

He's an artist.

Jennifer was dead way before you made that statement to the press.

This would've happened no matter what.

Killer followed me here. I brought him to your door.

Oh, Rosie, come on, don't do that.

Bonita, bonita, last night, I saw a car parked in a weird spot with the lights on.

Could be something, yeah? Can you describe it?


Okay, you know what?

I'm gonna take her to the station, see if we can get a sketch.

Let's go.

Villa, wait.

Purple flower.

Represents respect.

Tongue has been cut off.

What is that?

Rosewood: "The taste of truth."

Either Jennifer really said something to piss the killer off or...

I did.

Stuffing wedding invitations during a serial-killer case...

Kind of weird, right?

It is kind of funky.

Maybe we should put a pin in this.

No, we continue with our wedding plans.

From now on, working this case means that we don't let it take over our lives.

Okay, missy has spoken, so we embrace the funkiness.

Speaking of funky...

[Chuckles] ...Izikoff?

You invited your parents?

What? No, I didn't.

I did.

Weddings have a way of bringing people together.

I just don't want you to look back and regret that they weren't there.

Yeah, but I don't know what would be worse...

Not getting an rsvp back or getting a response that they're not coming, you know?



Mm, I'm good.


Yeah. I'm good.

Mm. That's it.

Enough. Enough is enough.

Hold up.

Oh, oh, oh, where are you going?

Uh, it's time for me and Mrs. Izikoff to have a, uh, "come to Jesus" talk.

Pippy, honey, I know that your heart is in the right place, but please take a moment to think.

[Sighs] You're angry.

And nobody should come to Jesus angry.

[Cellphone ringing] Mm.

[Cellphone beeps]

Hey, Rosie. What's up?

Wait, what happened?

Okay, I got it.

[Cellphone beeps]

They found Jennifer Lee's body on the docks.

Body's on its way.

Hopefully, we get something off the sketch.

Otherwise, our best bet is to catch the hacker.

Why... why is she here? She's FBI.

Where's my sketch guy?

Dev quit.

He moved back to Oregon with his cats.


This one will tattle to all her little FBI friends.

Next thing you know, this whole place will be infested with them.

I can't have that, Villa.

Look, this could be anybody's car, and don't think you guys are getting credit when we nail this one.

Come on, Cap, Dina came in as a favor.

Oh, it's okay.

Look, I know some agents are all about the win and the credit.

I don't care about that.

Oh, really? You don't like to win?

It's not important to me.

Well, I don't believe you, and you're done sketching the car.


Thank you for coming in.

It's my pleasure.

[Speaks Spanish] I'm sorry.

I don't think I was much help.

You were great, Daisie.


I appreciate it.

Thank you. Ay, how nice.



I'll let you know about the cyber guys.

Okay, you do that.

It was good seeing you again.

Good to see you, too.

[Chuckles, speaks Spanish]

You know I always wanted to date a cop.

What are you doing? Ma, focus!

He's cute!

You know what?

I think I love him.

Maybe you should stay at aunt Nina's for a few days, just until this case cools off.

Ay, mija, relax. You're so stressed!

Ma, I don't time for a massage right now.

Oh, you need more than a massage. What you need starts with a capital "m."

What are you talking about?

A man. Man time.

You do realize I'm chasing a serial killer, right?

Yes, but until you have a new lead or the autopsy's done by a... by chocolate delight...

Call him "Rosie." Rosie.

[Speaks Spanish]

This is... This is wildly inappropriate.

Yes, but wildly accurate, mami, okay?

I'm not talking about this with you.

Bonita, man time.

[Speaks Spanish]

Unh! I'm a fan of the impromptu visit, but what brought this on?

My mother. Forget I asked.

Oh, oh!

Oh, Doctor...


I've been suffering from work-related stress.


Oh, lack of sleep and a pounding headache.

Do you have a prescription for that?

Ma'am, I'm afraid I'm gonna need a full physical examination.



Jennifer Lee, a publicist with a missing tongue.

It follows the M.O. of the other killings.

Missing body part highlighting the victim's hypocrisy.

Maybe she was promoting a lie.

You see any defensive wounds?

No, no skin under the fingernails, no bruises, no lacerations.

No ligature marks anywhere on the body.

She wasn't bound.

She was kidnapped 10 days ago, has been dead for the last three.

In captivity an entire week, and she didn't fight back?

Seven days, and you're clawing at the walls, fighting for your life...

Unless you physically can't.

Okay, so, she had some nerve damage.

Guillain-barré syndrome.

Causes nerve damage and paralysis.

It occurs with infections from viruses or bacteria.

Where are you going?

To see the best infectious-disease doctor in the city.

Who better than Mike to help figure this out?

Mm. [Buzzer]

What? Who is that?

I don't know.


[Birds chirping]

You're Beaumont Rosewood, right?

Yeah, that's right.

I'm Kat's husband, Marcel.

Yeah, I know.

Look, I understand where you're coming from, okay, but you and I both know that I had nothing to do with your separation.

So, whatever issue it is, you got to take it up with Kat.

Look, man...

I am respectfully asking for two minutes of your time.

And I'm respectfully asking you to leave private property.

I'm only in violation if I make entrance into your legally operated business against your will.

Technically... You invited me into your lab.

I'm a lawyer, so I'm well-aware of the law.

Well, you've had your chance, so, technically, I'm asking you to leave.

So, you can sleep with a man's wife, but you can't hear me?

No disrespect to you.

Well, it's too late for that.

No, it's too late for you to show up looking to win back your wife that you kicked out.

Man, don't push my buttons.

Don't blame me because she wants to be with me instead of you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what in the hell?!

No, no, no, I got this. It's good, it's good.

Couple of things, man.

One, you're gonna need about 12 stitches to repair that tendon.

Two, you come at me again, the law won't be able to keep me off you.

♪ I said the king's in the building ♪
♪ Uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
♪ Tell me how you're feeling ♪
♪ Yeah, I said the king's in the building ♪
♪ Uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
♪ Tell me how you feeling ♪
♪ Yeah ♪

Can't believe you waited.

Can't believe you took a swing at me.

I just figured I had nothing else to lose.

Kat refuses to hear me out.

I just want to tell her she was right.

We could adopt.

We could still start a family.


My apologies.

It's all good, man.

Bring it in for a minute.

It's... it's all good. [Door opens]




Oh, the on-call room, huh?

Mind your business. Who's this?

This is Marcel Crawford, Kat's husband.

[Gasps] Ooh!

What, so, you just hug everyone, no matter what?

Excuse me. For the record, you and I have never hugged.

What happened to your hand?

Uh, cooking...


Yeah, I mean, we were... You know, we were trying...

We were having conversation, like...

Forks and...

Knives and spatulas.


We had a little altercation.

[Laughs] Rosie.

Your life is turning into a black telenovela.

Oh, come on, don't act like you can't relate.

But listen, I need you to put eyes on the results of our latest victim.

Pippy's sending them over.

[Cellphone buzzes]

Something paralyzed her, and it might've been an infection.

Well, I'll see what I can do.

It's Hornstock. He caught a hacker in his honeypot.

He caught a whatty in his honey...

Never mind. I got to go. I'll call you.


Don't follow me. Do better.

[Sirens wailing]

[Tires screech]

Police! Put your hands up!

Drop it!

[Clippers clatter]

They don't seem like hacker types.

They don't seem very surprised to see us.

Andi... It's for you.

[Door opens]

[Birds chirping]

The name is Killswitch.

Okay, Andi... Shatra.

It's Chitra.

I can't do this. Go, Villa.

Andi, let me tell you something.

This is a serious situation you're in here.

Do you really think I knew who I was working for?

There's a site where people post hacker jobs.

You know what, Andi?

It's Killswitch.

Go, Villa.

Killswitch, why don't you use your brain and try to get into college?

Hmm. Okay, let me see.

A six-figure student-loan debt or a six-figure job?

Wow, this one's got a real mouth on her.

Easy, easy, Cap.

When word gets out that I hacked the police, security companies will come knocking with job offers.

I'll make more in a day than you would in a month.

Oh, you got a real mouth on you.

[Laughs] Hornstock: Tell us who hired you, or I'll put you away where the Wi-fi don't shine.

Dial-up modem. You'll be buffering 20 to life.


You're Hornstock the horn blower.


The chief is really not happy with you.

Sent the mayor a really vicious e-mail about your big mouth.

You hacked into the chief's e-mail?

I want to make a deal.

No jail time, no probations, no fines.

And I'll turn over the e-mail addresses of the person who hired me.

[Telephone ringing] [Chuckles]

Well, if it isn't the man who put Kat's husband in the E.R.

If by put him there you mean drove him there, then yes.

He's a good guy.

[Chuckling] Oh.

Did you two kiss and make up already?

Oh, a joke from the person who I caught sneaking out of a closet with Mike... interesting.

It was not a closet.

Uh, d-do me a favor. Tell me why you're here.

I spoke with Mike.

Turns out Jennifer Lee's paralysis was not caused by an infection.

It was a poison... Curare.

It paralyzes the skeletal muscles.

Now, high enough doses shuts down the diaphragm and causes death by asphyxiation.

Leaving the killer an untouched body for his art.

Exactly, and I want to put eyes on his first victim, uh, John Lavin, the guy from Tallahassee.

If the killer made a mistake, it's gonna be on that body.

Well, the M.E. files and videos of Lavin's autopsy...

Are not gonna be enough. I need to see autopsy myself.

Now, I need you to do whatever you got to do...

Call the FBI and get that body to my lab.

Okay, I'll get you the body. Just get me something I can use to catch him.

It was a closet.

It was not a closet. [Sighs]

[Indistinct conversations]

[Indistinct conversation]

Oh, that would be amazing.

Could you do that?

That would be basic.

Excuse me.

Mrs. Izikoff, I'm Donna Rosewood.

May I have a word with you in private?

You and I have nothing to talk about.


Forgive the interruption, but...

Maybe you ladies can help me decide something.

I have just taken the tour, and I'd love to know, is this place worth the membership?

Oh, absolutely.

The private beach is relaxing.

The sauna is very satisfying.

Like Ralph, the zumba instructor.

[Laughter] The people.

There's just one thing I'm not so sure about, though.

It's the caliber of people that you allow to become members.

Now, I have heard rumors.

Really? What have you heard?

You know, letting people in like...

Like mothers who turn their backs on their daughters because of who they choose to love.

You're right.

They'll let just anyone walk in these days.


I'm sorry, ladies. Didn't you know?

Her daughter is marrying my daughter.

Lilian, we'll give you two a moment.

No, it's Donna who's leaving.

You and I are about to become family, and I have a code of honesty with mine.

When they're screwing up, I let them know, all in love.

Lilian, you are seriously screwing up with your daughter.

I am not discussing Tara with you.

Carrying that child in your womb doesn't make you a mother.

Loving her does.

You need to step up.

Be the mother that she deserves.

She doesn't need you to be perfect.

She just needs you to show up.

[Cellphone ringing]

Oh, look at that.

[Cellphone beeps]

It's my lesbian daughter calling.

Lovely chatting with you, ladies.

Bon appétit.

[Crickets chirping]

[Keys jingle]


[Whirring continues]

You're going into protective custody right now.

I don't need protection. You saw me at the gun range.

You don't have a gun! You're not staying here alone!

He doesn't want to kill me. You see that?

It says, "venare me." Translation... chase me.

He wants me to find him.

Rosie, no.

Villa, yes.



I-I'm not gonna...

We're all done here, Rosie.

All right, hey, thanks, Nico.

Hey, next Sunday, Dolphins game... 50-yard line.


All right.

I'm sorry. Did you want to go to the game?

Why are you so hardheaded?

Why do you always wear tank tops?

I mean, if I opened up your drawer, right, are they color-coordinated, or are they sorted out by ribbing?

So, this is funny to you?

No, it is not funny.

Okay, Villa, it's not funny at all, but this killer, he's... he's invaded every aspect of my life, and I'm not gonna let him chase me out of my own home.

So, what I'm gonna do...

I'm gonna go take a long, hot shower, and I'm going to bed.

Thank you for bringing the techs by, but you can see your own way out.

Villa?! [Gasps]

You been up all night?

[Sighs] I'm fine, fine, fine.

Coffee. Get you some coffee.

We can toast to our first slumber party.

That was a security detail, okay, not a slumber party.

The point is, you have my back, and I appreciate it.

Yeah, it's my job.

Oh, it's your job? Okay, well, you know what?

My neighbor needs you to chill on his futon tonight.

[Sighs] His ex-wife is stalking him.

What? It's your job.

Can I borrow this?

Of course you can borrow it 'cause I got your back.

Listen, so, I had an epiphany last night about all the e-mail addresses that the killer was using to contact Killswitch.

Chagall, Dali, Escher.

Yeah, they're all names of modern artists. So what?

Yes, all in alphabetical order by last name.

Now, what if they're part of a sequence?

Chagall... Dali... Escher.

So, the next one would be a modern artist with a last name that starts with "F."

Jane Frank, Paul Feeley, Lucian Freud.

There's about a dozen.

Okay, forgetting the fact that it's just weird you know that...

No, it's not weird. It's unique.

That's just a nice way of saying weird.

[Cellphone buzzes]

[Cellphone beeping]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Mike. I...

Oh, my God, I-I completely forgot!

I was supposed to meet up with him for breakfast!

I got to go!

He called me like 10 times. What the...?

Hey, hey, we're right there. We're right there. I'm late.

I have to... no, he was trying to...


Mike, what are you...?

[Sighs] What are you doing here?

What am I doing here at Rosie's?

Wait, are you asking me that question, or should I be asking you?

No, look, look...

And you're in yesterday's clothes.

That's awesome!

Hey, come on, before you get your bald head all wrinkled up, it's... it's not what you think.


Because we both know other people's girls really aren't off-limits to you, so...

Wow, is that... that how you're gonna come at me right now?

I'm just being real.

W-what is it about this Miami air?


Or maybe there's something in the air just around you, brother.


Around... around me?


Rosie, I got this. Please.

Meet you at the station.

I'm sure you will.

[Sighs] Relax your body, man.


Yeah, please.

Villa: Mike, listen, the killer left another message.

This time, it was here... Inside Rosie's apartment, okay?

[Car door opens]

He wouldn't leave, so I had to stay just in case something went down.

[Car door closes]

He's 6 foot, 200 pounds.

You're telling me he needed your help?

Why are you being so hard on me?

Because I've been straight with you!

Annalise, and this isn't the first time you haven't been straight with me!

And don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

At my apartment.

When I said I would stay here in Miami for you.

What happened?

You ran off like you were being chased!

I just... I-I needed time.

You needed time for Rosie.

You went straight to his lab!

Okay. Look, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about this morning.

I'm sorry my thing with Rosie bothers you.

So now it's a thing?


You just said it was a thing.

There's a serial killer on the loose, and that's where my focus is right now!



'cause right now, your focus seems to be on Rosie.

Come on!


[Sighs] [Car door opens]

Let me get this straight... You want me to co-sign on you turning yourself over to the killer?

I'm talking about a sit-down meeting in a public place.

He wants me to chase him, okay?

At least this way, we finally know who we're dealing with.

No way, Rosie. We don't give in to a killer's demands.

Look, I refuse to let another body drop on my watch!

If he wants me, let's give him me.

Tell him this is insane!

How would you even arrange a meeting?

Cap, are you serious?!


It's not like we won't be there to protect him.


So, how?

I e-mailed the killer this morning, okay?

I found a pattern in the e-mail addresses that the killer was using to correspond with Killswitch.

Call her "Andi."

I sent a dozen e-mails to every modern artist who had the last name that starts with an "f."

Only one of them didn't bounce back. It was a Lucian Freud.

You already asked the killer for a meeting?

So, now we wait.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

I'm looping you in right now!

Okay, I forgot to put you in the loop.

Here's the difference between me and you, Rosie.

You're always in my loop!

The Tallahassee victim you wanted transferred, his body is on its way to your lab!

It is? Thank you for that.

This... oh!

Look, we can't let this b*st*rd get away with another murder.

This ends now.

You get a response, you call us.

Everyone in the loop.

Everyone's in the loop... Done!

Thanks, cap.


Ladies, meet John Lavin of Tallahassee.

Found drained of blood and missing his lungs.

Rosie, I-I'm thinking maybe you just take a pass on having lunch with the killer 'cause you're a doctor-lover.

You are not a doctor-fighter.

Not true.

Jerome Johnson got a little too handsy with me back in the day, and Rosie served him up a can of whoop ass and a side of life advice.

My brother can handle himself.

Appreciate the vote of confidence.

Hey, you need somebody to have your back, right?

Plus, lord knows I can't stop you.

Yes, but I can.

Detective Villa just called.

Of course she did.

Donna: Son...

We've all worked too long and too hard to keep you on this earth.

I cannot allow you to offer yourself up as a sacrificial lamb!

You want to help catch this killer, then you do your job.

Read the body!

[Cellphone buzzes]

He took the bait.

He wants to meet.

Pippy: Really?


Kick and claw my way on the short list for the chief job, and what do I do?

Put an unarmed private pathologist across the table from a serial killer.

[Indistinct conversations]

I'm just an endless well of good decisions, you know?

I don't think you have to worry.

We've been here two hours and nothing. This meeting's a bust.

Spoke too soon.

Desouza, move in.

Woman: I'm sorry.

This area's closed.

Let's go.

Our daughter's gone.

We were told to come here.

Your daughter?

Andi... Uh, Killswitch.

The note said to come here if we wanted her back alive.

The killer was never gonna meet you, Rosie.

It was just a diversion to get to Andi.

[Cellphone chimes]

"Tell the tale with last exhale."

If Andi was given curare, she has maybe six hours, tops.

Okay, so, what are we looking for exactly?

Something that will help I.D. Our killer, something that will help us find a 17-year-old girl before she's murdered.

No pressure.

Let's do this.

Let's do it.

♪ Oh ♪
♪ Just getting started ♪
♪ Just getting started ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Just getting started ♪

[Woman vocalizing]

♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Just getting started ♪
♪ Getting started, baby ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Just getting started ♪
♪ Just getting started, baby ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Just getting started ♪

[Woman vocalizing]

♪ Oh ♪
♪ Just getting started ♪
♪ So, watch me now ♪

[Woman vocalizing]

Okay, so, this is odd.

Uh, trace tests show cadmium, manganese, and lead.

Why that combo of heavy metals?

They're the kind found in expensive paints.

They amp up the intensity of a color.

What did Lavin do for a living?

The case file says he was a banker.

Well, his body says he was a painter.

With a killer obsessed with art, that can't be a coincidence.

[Removes gloves]

What is this... Art class?

Kind of.

These portraits were signed by street artist Hexum.

Birth name... John Lavin.

Ring a bell?

Our first victim from Tallahassee.


And guess who his art publicist was?

Jennifer Lee.

The broad on the bench with the missing tongue.

A publicist and an artist. Who would've wanted them both dead?

Well, if you notice, the spacing of the eyes is off-kilter.

The mouth is small.

The brushstrokes are tightly arranged and diagonal.

Here, the spacing is more symmetrical.

The mouth is wider.

The brushstrokes are loose in arches.

These two were painted by separate people.

So, you're saying Hexum stole someone's paintings and put his name on them and Jennifer helped him sell them?

That's what got them killed?

They messed with the wrong artist. Any idea who it was?

Not just any idea.

I know who, and I know where.

Andi's life is in danger.

Well, then, let's go.

Let's do it.

[Tires screech]

[Tires screech]

Arts festival... perfect place to reveal a masterpiece.

Stick by the car, Rosie.

I didn't come this far to wait by the car.

Is he always like this?


[Car doors close]

Wait by the damn car.

Woman: They're already inside!

Hey, what's up, man?

Where are you going?

[Indistinct conversations]


"Art is not what you see... but what you make others see.

Degas... 22."

[Conversations continue]

Woman: [Laughs] That's right.


[Conversations continue]


Man: That's nice, yeah.

That's good work.

Man 2: Hey, come look at this!

Hey, check these guys out!

[Conversations continue]

Oh, that was astounding. It was.

[Indistinct conversation]




Your breathing is slowing.

That's from the curare.

That's why you can't talk, but you're gonna be okay.

I'm gonna figure out how to get you out of here.

A hypocrite and a hacker.

It's the perfect muse for my latest piece.

Ms. Katz.

You painted this, didn't you?

I can only imagine how it feels to create such exquisite art and have it stolen.

That's what you wanted all along.

Recognition for your art, right?

And you figured it out, Dr. Rosewood.

I knew you would.

And everyone else will know soon.

Why don't you let her go?

It's me that you want.


This is so disappointing.

I didn't want to have to kill you, too.

I just wanted you to watch her die.


If you're gonna make things difficult...

[gun cocks] Villa: Drop the knife!

Get on the ground now!

Ars longa, vita brevis.

Art is long, life is short.

[Both grunting]

You're gonna live a nice, long life in prison.

And your art will die a short death in an evidence locker.


Chief job is yours.

You'll be getting the official call in the morning.

Needless to say, you were not my top choice.

Your first order of business is non-negotiable.

Detective Villa has to go.

She's a loose cannon. She's a liability, and I don't need the new captain inheriting your mess.

We clear?

Put your hand away.

Hire somebody else.

Oh, be smart about this, Ira.

You've had the chief job for almost 20 years.

And you still got no spine.

You shake a man's hand while driving a knife in his back.

It's a game of politics.

I like games, too.

Ones that live and die on things like integrity.

And loyalty.


Well, either way, she's got to go.

No, she don't.

I got e-mails and info that people shouldn't see.

You threatening me?

Yes, I am.




Mm, okay, you ready?


I was thinking...

A clean slate.


And I was thinking we go on that weekend trip.

And I was also thinking we just go right now.


But do me a favor and contain your excitement.

[Chuckles nervously]

W-what's... What's... what's wrong?

I'm leaving, Annalise.

For Kenya.

Day after tomorrow.



I-I-I don't understand.

Well, uh...

This crazy thing happened to me.

I met this woman.

And, uh...

She finally got me to... to stick around.

The thing is... [Sighs]

She's not ready.

I'm... I'm not ready for you to leave, either.

I-I-I just needed time.

Come on, now.

We both know you...

You need more time.


It's okay.

I am officially... taking the pressure off of you, all right?



What's this?

You pull out the nice bottle of wine and then decide not to open it?

Are you having second thoughts?

Do you still love him?


I think you owe it to yourself to find that out.

What are you doing right now?

I am stepping away from something that I should've... never been in the middle of.


You loved him enough to marry him.

And he loved you enough to fight for you.

But it's too late for that.



Hear him out.

It's never too late for a happy ending.

What about your happy ending?

[Sighs deeply]

I live mine every day.

[Birds chirping]

[Keys jingle]

Thanks for the invite.

Thanks for accepting.

Mimosa, no bubbles.

[Laughs] Isn't that just orange juice?


I guess we're drowning our sorrows.

No, it's more like hydrating our new beginnings.

Here's to finding just the right person...

At just the right time.

Hey, don't you still owe me a birthday gift?

Yeah, but that's a gift for another time.

I just got dumped. What's a better time?

Nah, you didn't get dumped... More like consciously uncoupled.

I can do this all day.

Yeah, uh, [Chuckles] Trust me, I know.


Crazy how the light bounces off the water.

It's pretty magical.

You mocking me now?

Sadly, I'm not.

Why is that a sad thing?

I don't want to actually turn into you.

Ah, nothing wrong with that. What's wrong with that?

How about we just enjoy this moment?

I already am.