01x18 - Thorax, Thrombosis & Threesomes

♪ I'mma make a move on the spot ♪
♪ Running up the plot, coming up out of the box ♪
♪ I let the beast out the box ♪
♪ I can't chain it ♪
♪ Chain it ♪
♪ I can't hold it back ♪
♪ I can't put it down ♪
♪ I let the beast out the box ♪
♪ I can't chain it ♪
♪ Chain it ♪
♪ Ohh ♪


♪ I don't really know her destination ♪
♪ But I got a feeling I get to be your passenger ♪
♪ Sugar, let me be your passenger ♪
♪ Sugar, said I like the way ♪
Like the way
♪ Said I like the way ♪
The way
♪ You sail your ship down ♪
♪ Let me be your cargo ♪
♪ I won't wear you down ♪
♪ No, honey, I won't ♪
♪ Wear you down ♪
♪ She's smooth ♪
♪ Smooth sailin' ♪
Smooth sailin'
♪ She's smooth ♪
♪ Smooth, darlin' ♪


♪ I won't wear you down... ♪

(alarm beeping)

♪ No, honey, I won't wear you down ♪

Mijita, you're up! That's me.

Asleep at night, awake during the day.

You should try it sometime.

(beeping continues) (laughs)

You've been here a week, and you still can't remember?

It's not working!

Here's a clue... It's my birthday.

Oh. Okay.

(keypad beeping)

And I knew that, mijita, okay, of course.

(speaking Spanish)


Saw you did the laundry.

Yes, mijita, of course.

I want to be a good roommate.

Don't mention it.


I'm so sorry.

Mira, this is temporary, okay?

As soon as I get back on my feet, I am going to be out of your hair.

I have applied to more accounting firms than I can count.

Shouldn't you be able to count pretty high as an accountant?

I wanted to show you something that... oh.

Oh, my God. Wait. Okay.

Wait a minute.


Now I have that image burned into my memory forever.

(cellphone rings, buzzes)

Hey, Cap.

Yeah. I'm on my way.

(police radio chatter)



No I.D. on the suited gentleman, and Johnny No Pants here seems to have lost his bottom threads.

Tell me you did not call Rosie.

Neil is sick.

Anita's in Vegas with her ex, maybe-soon-to-be ex-ex-husband.

How's the family?

And since cutting bodies open isn't really my thing...

I really wish you didn't do that.

Morning, everybody.

Rosie, listen.

Let's see what we got here.

Oh, we got some mild bloating.

Slight discoloration in the abdomen.

Pruning of the hands and the feet.

I'd say these guys were in the water probably about 13, 12...

Found it!

We got a Cap Toe Oxford.

Italian-made. Size 12.

Calf leather. Double top stitch on the vamp.

Boy, it's a shame to see them like this.

You know, I used to have a pair just like this myself.


It looks like the fishies had a snack, huh?

These guys' ears and lips have been nibbled away.

And this guy has "Cecilia" tattooed on his shoulder.

You know, I-I dated a Cecilia in college, all four years.

Boy, I wish I had paid more attention to the lyrics of that song.

Cap, who is this guy?


You're the guy from the billboard, right?

This is Mitchie Mendelson. He's a private pathologist, too.

He just moved here from Jacksonville.

Yeah, opened up a lab in Bay Point.

But I didn't think I'd meet the... the billboard guy on my first case in Miami.

I mean...

Your case?

Yeah, I got the mobile lab ready to go.

Check it out. It's pretty sweet, huh?

Yeah, I have a portable DNA sequencer, NMR spectrometer, and not to mention I got heated seats and surround sound in there, 'cause when I do my thing, I like to kick it old-school, you know?

Grandmaster Flash, Run-D.M.C., Sir Mix-A-Lot.

The greats.

And... And I don't like to brag, but I was the number-one rated mobile medical unit in Pensacola on Yelp, so...

And you got to check me out on Instagram 'cause I already got like 699 followers.

Am I looking at number 700?

No, I'm not.

Cap, this some kind of joke?

No. It's nothing personal, but we're using Mitchie on this one.

Oh, come on, Cap. We had a good thing going.

We closed cases. Have a laugh.

Share the occasional irreverent group text.

Look, if it were up to me, we'd use you, okay?

The chief's on my ass about budget cuts.

There's two bodies.

Mitchie costs half of what you do.

Now, I'm sorry, Rosie, but my hands are tied.

I'm worth every penny. You just watch this.

See, got linear contusions on the wrists and the ankles.

Evidence of blunt-force trauma, and judging by the arrested evolution, I'd say...

Inflicted contemp with T.O.D.

Asymmetry of the calves on this one suggests he was suffering from...

Thrombosis in the legs, which is often caused by hours of immobility like driving or flying, which means...

Together: We have an out-of-towner.

All right, for the love of God, shut up.


Everybody gets a body.

But I want results in half the time and no extra charge.


Let's do this.


We need to crush this fool ASAP.

Relax, Pip.

There's enough bodies in Miami for everyone.

What kind of name is Mitchie Mendelson?

Sounds German.

Or no, it's actually not. It's not German, actually.

I don't know...

Baby, are you okay?

It's like you're sweating, more pale than usual?

No, yeah, I'm... I'm just my usual shade of pale, babe.

Where are we with the lung sections for The Gentleman?

I'm on it. Pippy works good under pressure.

Pop quiz...

What causes sweating, drowsiness, trouble concentrating, noise intolerance?

Veisalgia, okay?

AKA "hangover."

Please stop talking so loudly.

I went out with Cassie and Pippy last night, and those girls, they party like they're still 15, drinking under a pier.

And now I feel like I slept under one, so...

And why do I feel like that's not the only thing that's giving you a headache?

Cassie and I have literally nothing in common.

We go together like tequila and Jaeger.

Which I can tell you, from recent personal experience, is not at all.

And you're more like a Chardonnay girl.

Exactly. Thus the double headache.

(footsteps approaching)

You were right.

Lungs tested positive for Cocci.

Okay, great. So the guy's got a fungus.

What does that mean?

That means I know exactly where our gentleman came from.

(elevator bell dings)

Oh, hey. Just who I'm looking for.

Ah, so, how does the Beethoven of private pathologists like sharing the spotlight?

It's not about the spotlight, Villa.

But it kind of is about the spotlight.

Why does everyone think this is some kind of competition?

All right?

We can hand out the MVP award once the killer's been caught.

Awfully gracious for a man who just lost a body to a guy in boat shoes who never learned to comb his hair.

Or button his shirt.

Not that you noticed.

No, not that I noticed.

Does it bug you at all?

He doesn't seem a little much to you?

Hey. That's my fellow pathologist you're talking about.

So when he gets here with his results, go easy on him.

He's already here.

He got in about 20 minutes ago.

Wow. That kid's got some hustle.

Good for him.

And he picked up chocolate eclairs for the whole department.

This one has bacon in it.

You know what, someone's gonna have to warn the kid that it's gonna take more than a few little pastries to get in with the Captain.

You know how long it took him to warm up to me?

Some of us are still warming up.

Oh, you're wrong.

But am I?

What can I say?

I'm just drawn to the feisty ones.

Ah, still looking for the right woman myself, so...

Don't worry, with a mug like that, you'll be paying alimony in no time.

You keep bringing me these, and I will marry you.

Cap, what happened to the regimen?

Well, lately, I feel our regimen is a little too regimented.

Actually, preliminary studies show that chocolate can lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels.

I mean, life is short, in my opinion.

You got to grab life by the cojones.

And the chocolate.

Which is Spanish for "balls" and "chocolate."

I like this kid.

You know, speaking of shortened lives, we could talk about the case.

Well, Mitchie was just filling me in on Johnny No Pants.

Yeah, No Pants was alive when he entered the water.

Shallow cuts and bruises over most of his body, bunch of contusions, including a puncture to the throat, and it's shaped like the letter "D."

Oh. This murder brought to you by the letter "D."

Okay, Bert. Now let's hear from Ernie.

Well, The Gentleman was choked before he drowned.

I found signs of blows to the abdomen and the inferior thorax, causing a minor splenic laceration.

Uh, he got the wind knocked out of him.

So, your guys were beat up, thrown in the water to die?



You guys have any idea who these men are?

Well, I also found Cocci.

It's a soil fungus found in California's central valley that infects the lungs.

Now, my guess is The Gentleman was from Stockton.

Hmm. Okay.

Swap results, work with Villa, and get me some answers in Ingles.

Hey. Hey, Cap.

Can I talk to you for a second?

I already broke in one annoying pathologist.

Now you want me to do it again?

Mitchie comes highly recommended.

By who? The Groupon for pathologists?

No, by Chief Everett up in Jacksonville, whose opinion I trust.

Rosie and I... We have a thing we do.

Not that kind of a thing. Just a thing. Okay?

Look, Mitchie closed some big cases, okay, and we're getting him for a song.

Okay, I'm sorry, Villa, but this is not my call.

It's coming straight from the chief.

Call me Rosie.

Welcome to Miami.

Thanks, man.

May the best pathologist win.

S01E18 - Thorax, Thrombosis & Threesomes

Come on, Villa, they're not gonna bench the Beethoven of private pathologists.

If Mitchie can deliver, they will.

That's why I need you to take the gloves off for this one.

Well, if the man is gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he's a citizen of the world.

That's Francis Bacon, if you're wondering.

I wasn't.

Oh, let me translate.

These babies are staying gloved.

You guys finished checking each other's homework?

Yeah, nice work, Rosie.

You too, Mitchie.

(chuckling) Thanks.

So, Villa, where is the best place in Miami for me to shake my thing?

From what I've seen of you so far, I don't think your thing should be shaking.

Oh, come on.

I can bolero with the best of them.

I've seen "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" twice.

Ooh, that's my favorite movie.

We should watch it together sometime.

Really? No.

So, what do you think?

Well, based on similar bruising patterns, I'd say both victims were killed by one guy.

A man, medium build, similar size.

Right, okay.

But I found triphenyl phosphate in cuts in Johnny No Pants's shoulder.

It's a main ingredient in nail polishes.

And in beds and in paints and in a thousand other things.

Look, being a pathologist is about trusting your instinct, and you guys, my gut is screaming that our killer is a lady.

Great, so we've narrowed it down to the entire human race.

Woman just filed a missing-persons report.

Matches one of your John Does.

Which one?

Which one?

I just don't understand. We only flew in yesterday.

We've never been to Miami before.

We don't know anybody here.

David suggested we get away.

He knows I love the beach.

How long were you married?

Going on eight years.

But we were together for 12.

David's the love of my life.

12 years. You must have known everything about each other.


Whenever we got into an argument, David would go for a walk.

There's this coffee shop by our house, and he would go and sit in the back booth, sipping on Earl Grey, thinking.

And then when he would come back, everything was fine.

It's just... He was the kind of man who just needed to collect his thoughts, you know?

So when he ran off last night, I wasn't even worried.

So you got in a fight last night?


At the hotel.

We were getting ready for a nice dinner.

And then he just ran off.

What did you argue about?

We've been having money problems.

Mrs. Gaines, have you seen this man before?


I'm sorry.

Where did you say you were from?

Michigan, but David and I grew up in Stockton, California.


No. No reason, Mrs. Gaines.

We're just so sorry for your loss.

All right. Thank you. (cellphone beeps)

Wife's alibi checked out.

Front desk confirms she never left the hotel.

What do you got for me?

All right, Mitchell Thomas Mendelson.

Princeton in '03. Med school at Cornell.

And I stalked his Instagram.

He's weirdly obsessed with glass-blowing, okay?

Has a pet owl he cannot stop posting...

Pipp, I was talking about the case.

Wait, he has an owl?

Mm-hmm, and from the videos I saw, the man knows how to shake it.

Told you. He's harmless. He has an owl.

Ran the diatoms you asked for, too.

Narrowed it down to this stretch of water, which has four marinas.

What's a diatom?

It's a unicellular organism with thousands of visually distinguishable types that can be mapped out to certain locations.

I used some in the victim's lungs...

To identify where the victims entered the water.


Let's go.

Don't you want to bring Mitchie?

Pippy can show him the door.

I thought you'd never ask.

This microscope... Is this a high-res SEM 4?

Uh, yeah.

Is the res as good as they say?

Oh, yeah.

And once you go 3D-close-up of tissue samples, you never go back.

Yeah, I was thinking about getting a Lodox scanner myself.

It'd just be sweet to get full-body images...

Without stitching, no retakes, in 13 seconds.

13 seconds.


Yeah. She's beautiful.

Thank you.

Can I... Can I turn her on?

No touching.

Hey, where'd they go?

I don't know.

Sounds to me you just don't like people up in your space.

Not Mitchie, not your mother...

Do you feel like taking in a sassy Cuban woman in her "40s" who's probably dating a guy in his 20s?

Uh, hard pass on that, but thanks.

Do me a favor and let me know when we change subjects.

Look, I'm just saying, maybe you should give him the chance.

He beat us here?

Well, we did check three other marinas before this one.

Hey, guys. What are you doing here?

Pippy told me you went out for lunch.

How'd you find this place?

Oh, algae. You?



So, I already showed a pic of Johnny No Pants around the yacht club.

Turns out his name is Johnny Heinz.

Wait, you're saying Johnny No Pants' name was actually Johnny?


Well, if he had a boat docked at this marina, I'm guessing it's that one.

'Cause of the tattoo. Nice.


After you. Thanks, Rose-man.

It's Rosie.

Yeah, I know.

I just thought it'd be fun to give each other nicknames.

Rosie is the nickname.

EMPD. Anyone home?

The Heat play the Bulls tonight.

Mitchie, I need you to focus.

This scene lines up with our vic's injuries.

Our guys were here.

Yeah, but they weren't alone.

The gash in Johnny's throat... It was a heel.

The letter "D."

Um, I'm pretty sure neither of our vics wore a woman's size 8, so looks like our killer was... was a lady.

Like I said.

Good work, Mosie.

Thanks, boss.

I'm sorry, what's a Mosie?

It's our team name. Feldheim came up with it.

I don't know about that one.

Hey, Mosie.

What? I think it's catchy.

You don't like it? Do something about it.

(laughing) Oh.

What's in the file?

We got a DNA hit on the heel.

It matches Jackie Sloane, 35, high-end dominatrix.

Looks like she's got quite a rap sheet, too.

So maybe Johnny No Pants invited The Gentleman back to the yacht for a threesome?

Why are we still using these names?

Well, both vics had recent bruising, but Johnny also had marks consistent with past injuries from whips and chains, which means...

You know way too much about dominatrixes.

I think it's dominatrices.

Actually, both are acceptable.

Look at that. Mosie in action.

Have a seat.

I prefer to stand. You sit.

That's not how this works. I'm the one interrogating you.

We'll see about that.

Sit down.

Captain, I think I like you.

Hornstock: Look, I get it.

A fella forgets his safe word... Next thing you know, he's purple.

Accidents happen in your line of work, don't they?

Maybe we should have a safe word for this conversation.

Cut it out. This is a murder investigation.

My line of work isn't so different from yours, Captain.

We both put cuffs on people and enforce the rules.

Is that what happened last night?

Someone break one of your rules?

What do you think?

I think you're trying to play me like those two boys.

A little "sink the 8 ball, minus the 5"?


Come on. Don't play dumb.

I'm saying you and those boys had two bluebirds and a peacock.

A threesome.

Is it just me, or are things getting awkward in there fast?

You know, I had a threesome once.

I'm gonna stop you right there.

Jackie: I only do one-on-ones.

Well, we found one of your Jimmy shoes.

Something tells me you're an 8.

I never understood a threesome.

I mean, when you have the right two people, a third just gets in the way.

No, I think a third person can offer a missing perspective.

Well, if there's nothing missing, then a third person can be redundant.

Okay, now this is getting awkward.

Let's just watch in silence.

I'm telling you I didn't kill anyone.

Look, we know Johnny withdrew $200k from his bank account, and only a few thousand washed up on shore.

Where's the rest of it?

I told you, I never saw two guys, and I never saw that much cash.

Someone knocked me out.

Why would I steal when I'm so good at my job?

And what job is that?

If you've got 20 minutes and a lock on your office door, I'll show you for free.

Lady, I got four ex-wives.

Nothing you could show me that I haven't seen.

Everyone knows three is better than two.

Until someone gets their feelings hurt in the end.

My feelings aren't hurt.

All right, that's enough.

There you are.

Hi. I went to the station looking for you.

They said you were here.

What are you doing here, Ma?

I want to take you for lunch, mamita.

Let's go to Enrique's and have some tres leches, huh?

I'm working a case.

You're working here?

We have a suspect, but Rosie doesn't believe she's our killer.

He says a bruise on the back of her head confirms her story, and it's my job to figure out our next move.



Mira. Look at this place, huh?

Same bar, same lights.

Hasn't changed much since your father was running games up in back at those tables, huh?

Some things never do.

Look, mija, I know you're upset about this morning.

I'm just not a very good roommate.

Forgive me. I tried.

You know, it's not living with you I mind.

It's you never being around.

I see you less now than when we didn't live together.

And it's always like this when you have a man in your life.

Mija, that's not fair, okay?

You're not around because of the man in your life.


Chocolate caliente.

Ma, stop calling Rosie that.

It's weird. Ay.


And it's not what you think.


Okay, maybe he can help people the same way I can.

And if I crush him out the gate, then what chance does he have?

And to what? Just to prove that I'm the best?

Of course you're the best.

But you don't always have to be The Gentleman.

There are people in this world who need to be squished like a little bug, and Mitchie Mendelson is one of them.

Yeah, no one's getting squished.

Well, you always act like this when you get all competitive.

I am not getting competitive.

Well, maybe you should be, okay?

Put some gas in those shoes, bro, because that Mitchie guy, he's nipping at your heels.

He is nowhere near my heels.

Oh, bro. Your heels are nipped.


Maybe he's a little bit better than I thought.


Listen. Don't worry.

I will always love you, even if you are Miami's second-best pathologist.

I will.

But is Mitchie hiring, 'cause I only work for number one, so...

That's not funny.

(inhales sharply) What is... What is that noise?

Oh, I know what that is.

That's the sound of Mitchie Mendelson leaving your gentleman ass in the dust.

Yeah, you know, I'm still not laughing, so that's enough.

Oh! Oh! Did he just go past again?

He's, like, really fast. You need to catch up.

Pipp, okay. That's enough.



(indistinct chatter)

Villa, see these?

What am I looking at?

The gloves are off.

The gloves are off.

The gloves are off.

Hornstock: Yep. Yep.

I want to look at Johnny No Pants.

But you had The Gentleman.

Their names are Johnny and Dave, you guys.

Well, Mitchie just gave his full report.

Why the second look?

I think we missed something.

Well, that's not very Mosie-like.

You think I missed something?

Fine. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

If he gets to look at Johnny, I want a peek at The Gentleman.

Seems fair to me, Cap.


So the bodies are prepped and ready.

Um, it is very, very intense down there.

Rosie has his game face on. It's scaring me.

(laughs) Mitchie hasn't arrived yet. It's not funny.

Rosewoods are very, very competitive.

I'm way better at hearing than you girls are at whispering.

See what I mean?


(door opens) Pippy: Uh-oh.

Hey, girl! Look at you!

Hey. (laughs)

You look great.



Just got off of work. Had to change in the car.

Gave this guy next to me at the stoplight quite the eyeful.

Oh, my God.

Do you remember when we used to flash hot girls over the I-95?

Oh, my God. That is hilarious.

(laughs) Did people honk? I bet people honked.

In those days, we only could afford one mascara between us.


I believe we got the five-finger discount on that one.

I mean, what were we supposed to do?

People never tipped us much for singing.


Oh, we should all sing sometime.

Oh, my God, we were so good.


♪ I try to say goodbye and I choke ♪
♪ I try to walk away and I stumble ♪

Yes, it is.

♪ Though I try to hide it, it's clear ♪
♪ My world crumbles when you're not here ♪
♪ Goodbye and I choke And we stopped.

(both laugh) Okay, cool. Good stuff.

Oh, goodness.

I'll catch you guys on the next round when you do it again.

So, I'm headed to this new girl bar.

You guys are still coming, right?

Oh, you two just go.

No, 'cause I need to stay and help.

Babe, you heard Rosie.

It won't be much of a fight with us on the flank.

Come on, he needs to beat Mitchie mano a mano.

(chuckles) All right.

It's settled then.

It's settled.

(siren wails in distance)

So I just want to make sure you boys are keeping things in perspective.

Don't forget... Two men were murdered.

If our dominatrix didn't do it, we need to find out who did.



(Anderson Paak's "Come Down" plays)

Now crush this fool.

Consider it done.

♪ Hey ♪
♪ Well, that's exactly what it came for ♪
♪ Huh, you doing shots from afar ♪
♪ I'mma meet you at your front door ♪
♪ Unh, so hard to be doing ♪
♪ What you're really meant for, beauty ♪
♪ Huh, but don't I make it look easy? ♪
♪ Don't I make it look good? ♪
♪ If I get too high, now, sugar, come on ♪
♪ I may never come down, I might never come down ♪
♪ Naw, naw, never come down ♪
♪ Let me get down ♪
♪ Come on, and you might not ever come down ♪
♪ No, no, no, let me get down ♪
♪ You might not never come down ♪
♪ Want to get down ♪
♪ You might never ever come down ♪
♪ It took too long to get this high off the ground ♪
♪ Don't understand why... ♪

Mitchie's work checks out.

Well, while you were autopsying their bodies, I was autopsying their financial records.

You'll never guess where the money came from.

Online betting.

Yeah. Online betting.

Both victims were into high-stakes gambling, and it looks like they were going in with a third man or woman, I'm not sure.

But the third went by DunkCitySal online.

We find Sal, we find the killer.

Anyone want to bet he's got the money?

How could you possibly know that the victims were online gamblers?

Oh, um, it was pretty simple when you trace the steps.

You know, carpal tunnel in the dominant hand, degenerative spinal disease typical of people who sit for long periods.

Old sports injuries.

You know, yada, yada, yada.

Once I got a look at both bodies, the evidence was all there.

I guess you just... missed it.

Hey, Villa.

What are you doing here, Mitchie?

I was just picking up my first EMPD paycheck.

Hey, how long have you and Rosie been working together?

Since I got back. Why?

No, it's just you guys have a really good thing going on.

I can see that, you know?


But I think you and I could tear this town up, too.

We still looking for DunkCitySal?

Yeah, I...

He was meeting up with Johnny. I just don't know where.

And these message boards aren't helping.

This Sal guy seems like he can...

He would pick a fight with just about anyone.

"Listen up, jerkface. Your time on earth is over. Do you hear me? I will bury you, then I will dig you up..." (mouthing words) "then I will bury you again."

Yikes. The last time I heard talk like that, I was slinging drinks at a biker bar in Jacksonville to save up for med school.

Tuesday night was ladies night.

Not gonna lie. I did not do as well as I hoped.

The sports bar.

No, it was a biker bar named Smoky's.

Shut up, shut up.

Johnny went to the same sports bar Thursday, Sunday, and Monday during football season.

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during baseball.

Always a few hours before games.

I think he was meeting Sal there.

You're gonna follow me in that big truck of yours no matter what I say, aren't you?

I call her Blue Thunder.

Of course you do.

(indistinct chatter)

Man: Turnover! A big turnover!

Don't pretend to look at the menu, Mitchie.

We're not undercover.

I'm not pretending. I just can't decide between the slow-roasted lamb tacos with curly fries or the double-stacked hand-formed bacon burger.

I'll get both, for the table. It's my treat.

(crowd cheers)

Your attempt to win over the EMPD with artery-clogging foods is a bit obvious, don't you think?

Well, I...

Just wait here.


So, what's Mitchie doing here?

Oh, he was at the precinct when I caught a lead.

Wait. I didn't call you.

How'd you know we were here?

He posted a photo and tagged you in it. See?

You follow him on Instagram?

No, I don't. Pippy does. Okay?

Look, he's a pathologist.

There's no reason for him to be in the field with you on an investigation like this.

Can I get that on tape and play it back to you?

Like, every day?

Okay, tell me the truth.

You choosing to work with this guy over me?

Rosie, I am allowed to see other pathologists.

But what about these?

Okay, you know what? Put those away.

It's not funny anymore.

No, what about this?

It's not trying to be funny.


Have you seen these guys in here?

You know, I've never seen this one, but this one comes in all the time, usually with his friend.

We'd like to talk to that friend.

Sal? Yeah, he's here now somewhere.

Middle-aged white guy, maroon jersey, kind of chunky.

Sounds like our guy.

Hey, Rose-man! What are you doing here?

I thought you weren't into, uh, threesomes.

What am I doing here?

You know, I-I thought about it, and I totally get what you were saying about that third person showing up.

(chuckling) It can be kind of annoying.

I'm kidding. So what's our next move?


Looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

I think he'll stroke out first.

You guys really can't turn it off, can you?

Heart attack.

Man: Go! Go!

East Miami PD!


(dishes clatter)


(woman screams)



(car alarm beeps)

(car door closes)

(engine starts)

(tires squealing)

Villa, look out!

(horn honking)

Get out of the car!

(car door opens)

Get out the car! Get on the ground! Now!

(handcuffs click) (laughs)

Give it up for Blue Thunder.

Come on, don't leave me hanging.


Mitchie: Go ahead. Help yourself.

The, uh, the peanut butter rums are my personal pref.

This is just my way of saying thank you, guys.

Thank you so much for welcoming me into the EMPD family.

And it's true what you heard... Ooh!

Blue Thunder saved the day today, so, yeah.

Yeah. Here we go.

Villa, I think we got the wrong guy.

Rosie, Sal admits to betting with these guys and stopping by the yacht the night of the murder, and he had the money.

I saw thenar atrophy on Sal's palm.

I don't think his hand was strong enough to strangle Dave.

You don't think he was strong enough, or you can prove he didn't do it?

I can't prove it yet, but my gut is telling me...

If Sal didn't kill these guys, then who?

Be honest, is this... Is this about the case, or is this really about Mitchie?

Come on, Villa, I need you to trust me.

Look, I wanted you to be right.

I wanted you to win this thing.

But you got to face facts.

It's over.

And I thought you had my back.

Having your back doesn't mean agreeing with you.

Look, I have instincts, too, and right now, they're telling me you need to take a step back.

Hey, girl.



TMI, what are you doing here?

Well, um, so Rosie's been really stressed out with the whole Mitchie thing, and he tried to give me some advice.

You know, I'm not sure that I really understood.

But it was about threesomes.

And, you know, the point is, you're in Pippy's life now, and I just need to be Chardonnay.

Uh, are... Are you suggesting we...

A threesome? Oh, God, no.


I'm still figuring out how two works.

Which I can't believe I just told you.

Look, when you came back into Pippy's life, I had really, really mixed feelings.

But without you, Pippy may not have become the woman that I've fallen in love with.

You're a part of her, and I really want to get to know you better, and I want you to get to know me.


Chardonnay. (laughs)

And I also got us tickets to a Destiny's Child tribute band.

I hear they do a really terrible cover of "Bootylicious," but bad can be fun, right?

So do you want to go, like, just us?

And I can pick you up, or you can drive separately.

But we don't have to work out the details right now.


Thank you.

(indistinct conversations)

It's a little early to be hitting the bar scene, isn't it?

Glad to know you'll still answer my texts.


No, no, no. Me first.

I know you feel like I didn't have your back.

And I do think the evidence against Sal is pretty convincing, but I trust your instincts.

Almost as much as I trust my own.

If you think we've got the wrong guy, I'm not leaving until we figure this out.


I think we work better when it's just the two of us.

Don't you?

So, no Mitchie.

No Mitchie.

Dug deep around The Gentleman.

It turns out his cell was pinging off Miami towers five times this year.

So it was her first time in Miami, but not his.

He lied to his wife. Why?

(pool balls clack)

We knew they had money troubles.

And the trip was his idea.

And we also know that Johnny, Sal, and Dave were betting online together.

Sal and Johnny were high rollers.

They had money to burn.

My man Dave couldn't play in that league.

(pool balls clack)

One bad bet would have cost Dave his entire savings.

So, while Johnny and Sal kept on playing big...

Dave's marriage was falling apart.

Maybe he thought he could just come to Miami and get back his buy-in.

But of course, they wouldn't give it to him.

Why would they?

So for the first time in his life, Dave was desperate.

He came to Miami to get his life back and ended up dead.

I think the answer's been in front of us the whole time.

We're going back to the bodies, right?

We're going back to the bodies.

What have you got there?

The missing piece.

So how long's this gonna be?

Yeah, no wonder you needed to go with a cheaper pathologist, right?

I mean, you keep investigating after the case is closed.

Rosewood: Since these guys washed up on shore, we spent all of our time looking outwards.

Their lovers, their enemies, money.

But what we missed was on the inside.

But I took another look, and now I know what really happened.

The night that he died, Johnny No Pants was celebrating his winnings the best way he knew how.


The Gentleman arrived, and he probably just wanted to talk.

Until he saw the money.

(handcuffs click)

(grunts) (gasps)

And that's when things got out of hand.

(lock disengages)

Johnny was already beaten up pretty badly.

Johnny lost control.

Dave was looking for a weapon.

Any weapon.

Johnny was losing blood fast.

If he was gonna die, he decided to take Dave with him.

And then the struggle really began.


And the fight took them overboard.

Well, that's a... That's a great story, Rosie.

I mean, it's a little elaborate, but I liked it.

So, Johnny No Pants and The Gentleman killed each other.

Any... Any proof you'd like to share?

Funny you should ask.

Rosie found this in Johnny's neck.

Mitchie identified it as an undigested cannellini bean.

He was wrong.

I think I can identify a bean, you guys.

Well, it turns out the fish weren't the only ones taking a bite out of our victim.

It's the missing piece.



He Mike Tysoned him.

Cannellini bean, huh?

Rosewood: And here's the kicker.

Both men were alive when they hit the water.

If they would have worked together, they might have survived, but they wanted to win so bad it killed them.

Welcome to Miami.

Look at the bright site.

You never have to see Mitchie again.

Or his hair.

Or his lab.

Or his shoes.

Or his face.

Hey, hey, that's my fellow pathologist you're talking about there. (chuckles)

You know what I realized?

It's not just Mitchie that threw off our mojo.

I haven't been around as much since I started seeing Erica.

And it's not about me just going off and doing the medicine thing or you going off on your own doing the detective thing.

We just can't let our lives get in the way of our thing.

I mean, 'cause I am Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr.

But even the Beethoven of private pathologists could use a hand once in a while.

What did you say?

Can I record that and play it back to you?

No, come on. I'm serious.

I am. Look, you and I...

We're better together.

It's like...

Please, don't... Don't say it.

No, it's like we're the Beethovens of East Miami.

That doesn't even make sense.

Of course it makes sense.

You don't think it makes sense?


It does.




Almost done.

Where's TMI?

Probably in bed watching "Cupcake Wars."

My baby needed a night off.

But, you know, I am ready for a night on.

Hey! (sighs)

You okay?

Look, Pipp.

The feelings I had for you when we were together...

They never went away.


The truth is, I was trying to win you back.

It's probably my fault TMI's been feeling like the third wheel.

But after I got a glimpse of who she really is, I realized...

You're with the right girl.

I know I am.

I can't stay here trying to relive the past.

I've never lived anywhere outside of Miami.

I think it's time.

Well, you don't have to leave.

Cassie, you're my oldest friend.

I'm sorry.

I need to start looking forward.

Well, just always, always know that you have a friend in Miami if you ever need one.


A couple of friends.

(alarm beeping)


(beeping stops)



Hmm. She's not here.

(cellphone vibrates)

(breathing heavily)


Am I interrupting something?

No, no, no, no. Is everything okay?

Look, I know we're both in a tough spot right now, and if we keep trying to get by on our own like this, we both might drown.

I think we're better together.


Mami, I think we can be.

You, me, Enrique's, one hour.

Yes, okay, I'll see you there.

Adiós. (smooches)

(cellphone beeps)

(speaks Spanish) (cellphone thuds)

Ay. I have to go.

I have a date with my daughter.


You know, if Villa finds out about us...

I'm a dead man.



A bean.

Look, don't beat yourself up.

Go ahead, gloat.

No, hey, the important thing is that we caught the killer.

You came out here to tell me that?

No, I need to know.

Pathologist to pathologist, how'd you know the victims were online gambling?


I know you didn't get it from the autopsy.

You remember the newspaper on the boat?

It was open to the sports page.


It was the injury report.

Fans look at that on game day.

People betting look the day before.

Honestly, man, it was a Hail Mary.

I knew I was going up against Miami's number-one, and I needed to win big, so...


(chuckling) Yeah, well, not well enough or I wouldn't be rolling this thing out of town.

What about your lab back in Bay Point?

It doesn't exist.

Yeah, the only lab I got is the one I'm sitting in right now.

It also doubles as my crash pad, so that's...

That's pretty cool.

You know you're living the good life when your house can get a parking ticket.

I've got a lot of them.

I think if I get one more, I'll get the boot.

So why pathology?

Why not work on the living?

You want to know the...

The first medical word I ever learned?

Myocardial infarction.

I was 12 years old, and my parents were supposed to pick me up from practice.

And a cop showed up instead.

He told me my dad had a heart attack at the wheel and swerved into oncoming traffic.

They didn't need me to I.D. the bodies, but...

I wanted to.

To know that it was real.


When the police finally got tired of me asking for the coroner's report, they gave me a copy.

I read the thing front to back and looked up every word I didn't understand.

I still know the thing by heart.

Death has its own language, Rosie.

And I wanted to be able to speak it.

(laughs) So, you think, uh...

You think Detective Villa will cut me some slack with these parking tickets?

Uh, nope, definitely not.

But I can do you one better.

You're very talented.

You need a real lab, like Magic City.

Come work for me.

Come on, man. I'll never be like you.

No, maybe not, but you deserve to do something that you love.

What do you say?

I say Mosie is back in business!

Don't ever use that word again or you're fired.

(laughing) Okay, all right, all right. All right?

(owl hooting) Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

I-Is that...

Yeah, that's him!

That's... You want to meet him? His name's Charlie.

No, no, no. I'm good.

You sure?


Hey, can I be on the billboard?

Absolutely not. No billboards.

(Charlie hooting)

(chuckles) It's Charlie.