01x21 - Wooberite and the Women of Rosewood

What are you... doing there?

What are you doing? Oh, my God.

You realize that if we cross this line...


I love having you as my doctor.


And I love sitting here on this couch with you.

(whispers) Perfect.

Villa: How would I have any idea what the right thing is for you two?

Because you're one of my best friends.

You think Erica is that one for you?

You gotta go for it. And I'll be here with you.

(sighs deeply)

Madcon: Whoo!

♪ Ooh, we can own the night ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ I know we'll be all right ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ I'll take you to the future ♪

Now that's a view.

Yes, it is.

I'm talking about that view.

Well, I was talking about that view.



I'm gonna miss it.

Yeah? You going somewhere?

We are. Someday, right?

I mean, I can't imagine us staying in your bachelor pad for our entire relationship.

My bachelor pad?



Come on, Rosie. I mean, it's an amazing place, but you have one too many leather chairs and you have a surfboard hanging on your wall.

That says "bachelor."

♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Ooh, we can own the night ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪

(latches click)

♪ Ooh, we can own the night ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪
♪ Don't worry 'bout a thing ♪

(indistinct conversations)

Morning, Mr. Spitz. Good to see you.

Morning, Jerome.

(indistinct conversations continue)

How may I help you, Mr. Spitz?

(briefcase thuds)

I'd like to make a withdrawal.

(paper rustles)

(exhales deeply)

(pen thuds)

Gene, you wanna come with me?

Dr. Joseph, you okay?

My patient, Mr. Spitz. Have you seen him?

No. Why?

Nothing. I'm...

(shower running, cellphone rings)



Aubrey. What a surprise.

Whoa, whoa. Slow down. Slow down.

A patient of yours?

Yeah, I still work with the police department, but I'm not sure if I can...

Okay, I'll do what I can.

(cellphone beeps)

(indistinct conversations)

Rosie, what do you need?

Well, I need Destiny's Child to stop frontin' like they gonna get back together...

(singsongy) and just do it!


Actually, I came here for your help.

Can you pull up a name for me? Calvin Spitz.

Calvin Spitz, okay.

(computer bloops)

If this is a fix-up, you're way off.

That hair, the smile, too much.

Relax, relax. He's missing.

For how long?

Four hours.

That's not missing. That's late.

Come on, Villa, this is for a friend.

Ah, a friend! What kind of friend?

It's a doctor friend.

I mean, guy missed his appointment at the East Miami Psychiatric Hospital.

Aha, okay. A patient from a mental hospital plays hooky.

Yeah, I can't waste precious manpower helping all of your nerd doctor friends, and you have many.

But I'm your best friend. I'm your bestie.

Don't use that word again. You know what?

Why don't you dance those pecs back to your love bed and make kissy sounds with Erica?

Okay, don't use that word again.

Which one?

All of them.

Well, look, I'm just saying.

One of us is in a locked-down solid relationship headed into a weekend, yet you're here poking around for cases.

Does that add up to you? No.

Cap. Cap, what are you doing here?

Weren't you supposed to be with...

Change of plans.

(door opens) Ooh.


He and mom were supposed to have a weekend away at some hippie resort, but I guess she didn't show.

He just got "Daisie'ed."

Well, maybe one of us should check on him, right?

Make sure he's okay.

What? Me?

I mean, I feel bad, but am I supposed to console him 'cause he didn't get to play "Do not disturb" with my mom all weekend? (scoffs)



(lowered voice) That's my doctor friend.

That is some nerd.



You look great.

So do you.

Villa, this is my friend from med school, Dr. Aubrey Joseph.

She works at the East Miami Psychiatric Hospital.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Well, um, Calvin Spitz is her missing patient.

I would love to help you, Dr. Joseph. I really would.

But until it's been 24 hours...

Detective, he never misses an appointment, even if that means making a ship-to-shore call from a yacht somewhere in the Greek Islands.

So the guy that's island hopping and partying it up like Leo is your patient at the state-funded hospital?

He was the first patient that I ever had.

I am the only person that he trusts.

That's why I feel responsible. That's why I'm here.

Okay, let's do this thing then.

(beep, buzz)

You guys dated, didn't you?

(line rings)

You know, the old "medical students playing doctor after class" thing?

Look, whatever "it" was, it was over 10 years ago.

Mm, that's a yes.


You sure he's just not home?

I'm worried something bad happened to him. It's a feeling. (ring)

A feeling like maybe he might've done harm to himself?

Well, that's a possibility, I suppose.

I need you, as his doctor, to tell me, a police officer, that you are worried he may have done harm to himself.

And I need you to say it out loud.

Out loud.

I'm worried that he may have harmed himself.


You're looking well, Rosie.


Thank you.

Try to take good care of myself.

No, this look is from a woman taking good care of you.

Am I right?

Yes. Yes, there's a woman.

What about you?

Villa: Got it!

(gate whirring and buzzing)

Villa: Ugh, jeez, this is some place.

Sure your client isn't that "Fifty Shades" dude?

Sparse, designer done.

Ooh, wall of ball gags in the basement?

Well, he's peculiar and meticulous, but no, Calvin is just an incredibly successful businessman.

Ah, did he ever marry?

Twice. Two ex-wives.

But now he fully embraces the millionaire bachelor life.

It's wet.

Based on the absorption level, I'd say someone was swimming less than three hours ago.

So did Calvin have any sickness at all?

Radiation? Chemotherapy?

No. I've never seen signs of it. Why?

A lot of hair loss.

Hey, guys, see that over there by the table?

Looks like his passport by the keys.

He hasn't left the country.

This isn't a missing persons case.

(snorting and squealing)

Hey, settle now. Settle, pigs.

Plenty for all y'all here. Come on. Come on.

Hey! Settle. Settle now, pigs. Settle.

Oh! My Lord.

S01E21 - Wooberite and the Women of Rosewood

Rosewood: This one's not gonna be easy, ladies.

Original cause, blunt force trauma, which didn't take much effort considering the victim had bone issues.

He's way more fragile than he should've been for a man his age.

See, the hand was severed from the carpometacarpal joint, exposed ulna and radius bone.

Hair and scalp torn down to the periosteum.

Wow, those pigs went to town on his body.

My Aunt Gert had a pig once...

Does this story end with rubbing a pig's belly in a bubble bath?

It does.

Then we've heard it before. Hey, where's Mitchie?

Oh, he didn't make it in this morning.

Really? That's not like him. Anybody try calling him?

Does this story end with rubbing a pig's belly in a bubble bath?

If you ask me, he won the lottery, and he's on a plane to Spain with the Barcelona girls weightlifting team.

You know that boy got a type.

TMI, where is he?

Why you asking me? How would I possibly know?

Seriously, out of all the people in this room, like, why me?

Aubrey, now that this is a murder, there's no doctor privilege anymore, so I'll need all the files and notes on Calvin.

(sighs) Well, I tape all our sessions, so I'll have everything sent over.

Our first priority is to track his moves over the last 12 hours. How did he pay you?

By check. Why?

Because when all else fails, we follow the money.

(doorbell buzzes)

Ooh. Erica's here? Ooh.

When old lovers meet new flames.

Pippy, you need to stop.

And you still haven't been upstairs to say hello to Aubrey.

And I won't.

You may have forgiven her, but I have not.

(footsteps approach)

Hello, sweetheart.

How is my favorite heart doctor and online crossword partner?

Girl, it's your turn. Why you leave me hanging?

(chuckles) I'm sorry.

Mom, she doesn't have time for games.

Oh, please.



Aubrey, in case I hadn't said it before, it's been really lovely to see you again.

It was great to see you, too, Mrs. Rosewood.

You going to introduce me?

Oh, uh, yes.

Aubrey, this is my girlfriend, Erica. And...

I'm an old friend of Rosie. He's helping me with the case.

It was lovely to meet you.

Likewise. You're in good hands.

Excuse me, can I talk to you for a second?

(under breath) It's like I have a front row seat...

(singsongy) to a juicy episode of "The Bachelor."

Okay, that's not what this is.

I mean, it's close. If all the girls were doctors.

You know what? I have to make a phone call.

Then go make your phone call.

I'm making it.

Then do it.

I'm doing it.

Then do it.

Ah, the "Women of Rosewood" all in a sweet cluster.

I wonder who'll make it past the rose ceremony tonight.

Uh, you realize you're one of the "Women of Rosewood."

Me? (laughs) No, no, no, no, no.

I'm... I'm the "best friend." The bestie.

Crap. Now I'm saying it.

No, no, you're one of the women... (whispers) fo' sho'.

I am not. I am definitely... this is... Hi, yes, yes, yes.

Hi. This is Detective Villa, East Miami Homicide Division.

I was on hold to find out about a...

He did?

You do?

Thank you.

I'm not sure what was bigger, the calzones or his high-top fade.

(laughs) Well, no, actually, it wasn't a high-top fade.

It was more like a tapered down...

It was an enormous high-top fade.

No, it was kind of like...

Hello, ladies, I am so sorry.

But can I borrow Rosie for a quick sec?

Um, excuse me.

Oh, it was a fade. (chuckles)

I think you'll do a lot better on the one-on-one dates.

And you find this funny somehow?

East Miami Bank has Calvin Spitz on a security tape.

I'm headed there now.

I imagine you have to fire up that hot air balloon and get that picnic basket ready?

You're getting some joy where you shouldn't.

You know that, right? Uh-huh, yeah.

(exhales deeply)

I'm sorry. Why am I here again?

Preventing you from filing a missing persons report on my mom.


Look, um, I don't want to put you in a weird position, but...

Detectives, please. Follow me.

Yeah, yeah. Hold on.

Um, how much coin do I gotta put in to qualify for the 6-slice toaster?

You must maintain a minimum balance of $5,000 at all times.

5 G's for a freakin' toaster?

For that amount of money, it better butter my bagel, if you know what I mean. (pats chest)

I do not.

What's with the thumbprint?

It's an extra level of security required when a person is withdrawing a very large sum.

How much exactly did he withdraw?


(computer beeps)

(cellphone rings)

(cellphone beeps) Villa?

You are not gonna believe this, but Calvin Spitz was in the bank this morning, withdrawing $2 million in cash.

That's impossible.

The body that's on my table has been dead for three days.

(cellphone beeps)

See the break at the scaphoid bone?

It's not a cut made by the sharp teeth of an adult pig, but by the surgical saw of a human.

That hand was cut off by the killer.

Why would the killer need the hand?

He didn't. He just needed the thumb.

He used Calvin's severed thumb to get into the bank. Cool.

I mean, creepy and psychotic. That's unacceptable.

And that's just the beginning.

He also had to look exactly like him, too.

This hair torn off at the scalp was used to make a hairpiece to match Calvin's exact style and color.

Check this. What do you see?



Exactly. The body was dehydrated. No stomach contents.

He hadn't eaten for at least 48 hours prior to his death.


That's gonna be for you ladies to figure out. Get to work.

Calvin: I can't make people like me.

Aubrey: Do you like you?

I prefer to be with myself than others.

Hey, you busy?

No, I'm just doing some online shopping.

Hey, you think I could pull off those pencil skirts J.Lo wears?

You cracking wise? I'm spinning here.

Look, I gotta ask, uh, was your mom home when you left this morning?


You know what? Not your problem.

Those are the tapes on the victim?

Yeah, Cap, I got this covered.

What do you got?

So you're not gonna change the shirt? Huh?

You're just gonna rock the hula girl all day?

Start the tape again. (taps key)

Hey, Rosie, you're gonna wanna see this.

That viscous substance found on the wrist and lips was a glue most commonly found in duct tape.

Held for days without food and water.

That's a long way to go for a bank heist.

Calvin was kidnapped.

Aubrey: So you just left the restaurant?

Calvin: I just... I can't eat with other people anymore.

I eat too fast. I'm done before they've even started.

(taps key)

Mm. It's a guy with siblings.

No. There's no record in the system or mention of any brothers or sisters in Aubrey's notes.

He had two ex-wives, but no siblings.

Have you been listening to this guy's spiel?

He's not someone who likes to share his toys.

And now this woofing food thing?

I mean, that's a clear sign of someone who grew up fearing they wouldn't get their share, okay?

I know this. I remember fighting my brother and sister over the last chicken leg.

I could take my brother Frankie with ease, but little Emmie was tougher.

She was mean.

Trust me, this Spitz guy... he had siblings.


(sighs) Damn it, Mitchie.

Nobody schooled you sneaking up on a sister while she's drawing fluids can get you killed?

I'm... I'm sorry. I just...

And where the hell you been?

Um, I was just, uh, I had a...

You know what? Just come on over here.

Help me turn this body, please.

(exhales deeply)



All right, come on. You support the head.


What are you waitin' on?

(toy squeaks)

Is that everything you own?

Well, it's everything from my cubbyhole, yeah.

We don't have cubbyholes.

I made one for me, and it's so, so very cozy.

I mean, it's empty now, but it's... it's nice. It's warm.

You weren't showing up. You were taking off.

For good?

Look, something happened.

What possibly could've happened that is so bad you would just throw away your whole career?

So it was all my fault. I did this. Me.

I mean, I obviously have a deficiency where I don't pick up on social cues.

One time, I tried to kiss my piano teacher, and she was extra old.

But now Tara and I just... (inhales deeply) thought the best thing would be to leave.

With your toys?

Well, those are collectibles. So...

Okay, what is this, eighth grade?

Why would you think anybody cares?

Mitchie, this is just another one of your awkward, poorly executed mistakes.

Well, that felt... that felt kinda harsh.


A little bit.

I just need you to pick up your Queen Latifah album, and let's just get back to work.



All right.


What social cue told you I wanted to hug right now?

Well, I thought we had a moment. You... (inhales sharply)



You need to work on that.

Yeah, I do.

(knock on door)

So your chicken leg thing panned out.

There's a reason why records didn't turn up any siblings.

Calvin grew up in the foster system till he was 8.

Then he was adopted by a rich family who gave him the last name Spitz.

But I tracked down the foster home.

Turns out, he had a twin brother who wasn't so lucky.

Remained a ward of the state till he was... 18, and that guy's name is Carter, last name Dobbs, same as their birth mother.

Twins. Freaks of nature.

Never get used to them, even my own.

I'm gonna pay him a visit.

This place looks a lot different than where his brother was living.

Yeah, and he didn't exactly want to be found.

The address was hard to pull.

What's with that?

What's what? (chuckles)

Is that the "Aubrey button"?

Ex blows back into the past, and suddenly pop, another button's down?

That was never that low. That's, like, low.

There ain't no button popped.

Man: Can I help you?

Carter Dobbs?

Detective Villa, Homicide.

We're here about your twin brother, Calvin.

Is he dead?

(Man shouting indistinctly)

You don't seem surprised.

I'm not. Was I supposed to fake being upset, too?

Well, considering someone murdered him, impersonated him, and then withdrew millions of dollars from his bank this morning...

I haven't spoken to my brother in over 10 years.

Right. Makes sense. You're carbon copies of each other.

But he's the one who turns on the foster kid charm, gets snatched up by a new wealthy mommy and daddy, goes off and gets filthy rich, and... you're living here.

I didn't kill him.

We stopped talking because I stopped talking to him.

He tracked me down when I was 27.

His long lost brother reunion move?

Steal my girl, marry her. Now they're divorced.

I want nothing to do with either of 'em.

What about his money?

Could cozy up to that, though, couldn't you?

My life is fine.

Met a woman, she's gonna have a baby girl.

I'm gonna be a dad.

That's more than I can say about my brother.

Do we struggle? Yeah. Everybody struggles.

Rather have my life any day of the week.

Including today? Where were you this morning?

I was at work. I work for a living.

May I ask what you do?

He's a mechanic.

Carter, do you have any idea how long it takes for a herd of pigs to eat a human person?

Don't leave town. And we're gonna need to verify your exact whereabouts in the last 48 hours.

So, Villa, it's a passel.

It's a passel of pigs, not a herd.

(scoffs) I think it's called murder.

I'm actually buying into his story.

There's a certain beauty in the struggles of life.

His pursuit is noble. Money isn't everything.

(scoffs) Says the guy who has everything.

Not everything.

Look, I'm just saying, I'm sure Carter would be happy with his brother's dough.

And he's not just a logical suspect... he's our only suspect who could've impersonated the victim.

Okay, so you wanna go back there and ask him if he'd let us check his mattress for $2 million?

No, I wanna track down the ex-wife, the one that got away... and see if any stink blows back on our noble twin.

I'm telling you, I raked the ex-wife over the coals, and she's insisting that Calvin showed up to her house this afternoon.

You get that's crazy talk, right?

I mean, he's laying dead on my slab right now.

Wait a minute. Did you lean over and give her the Villa Death Stare?

First of all, don't do that again.

What? Do you mean this one?

Yes, I did the stare, and I get it's nuts, but somebody was there.

He was wearing a hat and sunglasses, standing behind a screen door, but she said she'd know that insincere, smug smile anywhere.

Kinda like this?

Stop it.

So why would the killer risk showing up at his ex-wife's house?

There's the why, but first, we need the who.

Uh, excuse me, can I help you?

Yes, we're here to see Dr. Joseph.

Well, she's with a patient. You can't go in there.

EMPD. We're here investigating a murder.

One of Dr. Joseph's patients?

Clearly this isn't about a bank heist.

He's reaching out to the people in Calvin's life.

That's why he kidnapped him... to study him carefully, perfecting his voice, his walk, his mannerisms.

Well, we're likely talking about someone with a severe disassociative personality disorder coupled with acute narcissism.

And is somehow armed with intimate details of Calvin's life.

He's not just trying to imitate him.

He's trying to become him.

I am so sorry. That was wildly inappropriate of me.

I'll let you get on with your investigation.

It's okay, doctor. Here's my card. Call me if you have any other insights.

You said that when he visited Calvin's ex-wife, he apologized.

I think that that is the key.

He is in some way trying to fix the problems in Calvin's life.

Great, but I combed through just a few sessions, and the guy had nothing but problems and people to apologize to.

So where do we even begin?

Oh, my gosh. Clara.

Who's Clara?

Calvin had a daughter from a secretary at his old company.

He tried to be a dad for the first few years of her life, but he hasn't seen her since she was 7.

That was 15 years ago.

I don't even have a last name.

It's worth a shot.



Rosie... was it the right decision?

Aubrey, that was a long time ago.

There hasn't been anyone else.

I mean, sure, there's been others along the way but nobody who's moved the dial.

You were the perfect guy at the perfectly wrong time.

But I was the one...

Who had a rocket strapped to your back.

I never could've hung on to you.

But I admit that in the dark hours, I do wonder what would've happened between the two of us if we had just met 10 years later.

Do you ever wonder?

Let's go pay a visit to Calvin's daughter... Clara Reesner.

(footsteps depart)

(car door closes)

Look, I get that this investigation is getting in the way of a big night for you, but do you have to pout?

I'm not pouting. This is my walk-and-talk face.

Well, your walk-and-talk face is a pout, then.

Now let's just get work out of the way so you can go play.

I don't need to play.

You have a nickname for Erica?

I imagine you two throw cute little nicknames around in the sack.

Come on. You know you gotta stop that.

Stop? Stop what?

This thing that you're doing.

What "thing"?

You know, all of it, all right? Playing my bestie.

Agreeing to ride in the Queen with me shotgun.

No push back. I mean, what is that?

I expect a push back. I happen to like the push back.

Oh, now you want me to push back?

You're the one who used the word "bestie."

Look, I don't need you to be my bestie, okay?

Or my "bruh" or whatever.

So what am I supposed to be?

Villa, listen.

Aubrey's not just a girl I dated.

(elevator bell dings)

I proposed to her.

(elevator door opens)

What?! You proposed to someone?

(button clicks)

Why don't I know about this?

Because she said no.

All right? I-I got her this ring, and it wasn't much of a ring, but it was what I could afford at the time.

(inhales deeply, exhales slowly)

And I even got down on my...

(elevator bell dings)


But maybe she was right.

I mean, we were two kids, two ambitious kids.

She went off to Atlanta to do her psych residency, and I was headed to Miami.

Both wanted to change the world, but...

(inhales deeply) but we couldn't do it together.

(knock on door)

(door creaks)

Clara. Hi, I'm Dr. Rosewood. This is Detective Villa.

We need to ask you a question about your dad, Calvin Spitz.

He was just here.

Just here? Clara, tell me, is he still here?

Uh, no, he left three hours ago.

Look, I hadn't seen him in over 15 years, and he just showed up.

Now you two knock on my door. What did he do?

No, we're just looking for him, that's all.

Um, I need you to tell me exactly what happened.

He showed up with peaches.


Uh, it was a thing he, um...

When I was a little girl, uh, there was a peach tree in our backyard.

He used to lift me up to pick the fruit.

That's something only you and your dad know about?

It was our thing. Even my mom didn't know.

So that's why he showed up with the peaches. He remembered.

Did he touch anything else in here?

Everything's in the trash.

This one here?



(bag rustles)

I need to take this with me.

(indistinct conversations in distance)

Hola, Capitán.

(door closes)

How'd you get in here?

I promised Feldheim some huevos Cubanos, so...

Ay, Papi, I totally mixed up the dates.

You know me with calendars.

I look at the firefighters, and that's all I see.

We sat together. You're the one that chose the suite with the hot tub in the room when I told you it wasn't sanitary.

But you insisted.

You picked it.

I know, Papi.

What can I say? I'm scatterbrained.

That's why you like me, no?

This isn't working for me.

Oh, your tummy. (gasps)

I should've made something else, no?

No, I-I can't do this.


I can't do any of this.

Pero, Papi...

You gotta go now.

Papi, calma...


(telephones ringing in distance)

You know...

I've been broken up with before once or twice, but not by you.

And usually, my Latina pride would stop me from doing this right now, but I feel like I owe you the truth, the real reason why I didn't make the trip.

This was the first time that I was invited away on a weekend by a man that I actually have real feelings for, and I was utterly terrified that I would blow it.

I wasn't with anyone else last night, okay?

I spent the night before the trip driving around the city alone.

So... that's where I was.

That's it.

That's all I wanted to say.

You think you're the only one?

I've fallen hard, too.

We've both been through a lot of these, and we both know there's no guarantees.

But how 'bout this...

What if we put it all on the table?

No fear, no guessing what the other person's thinking.

You be you, and I'll be me.

And we'll play our hands up and we'll see where this thing goes.


De acuerdo.


(sniffles, exhales)

So you cooked me some food? (chuckles)

(indistinct conversations, telephone ringing)

Eventually, we're gonna need to have a conversation about the spice level and whatnot.

Ay, Papi.

But not... not now. Not now, not now.

I have antacid in the house.

(footsteps approach)

(knocks lightly)



Hello. I come bearing tasty treats.


Where is he?

He's down there, working on a peach.

(door closes)

Long story.


Well, perfect. It'll go with this dessert.

Uh, where's Aubrey? There's enough for three people.


There's enough for three.

She's at her office. Things are coming to a head, so...

Do you want me to go grab him?

No. No, no, no. He can...

Listen, I'll... I'll leave this with you.


Um, there's whipped cream in there, so it should probably go in the fridge.

Okay. Thank you.

Great. Thanks.

(door opens)

Hey. (container thuds)

Um... he'll appreciate the food.

(door closes)

We had a rough moment this morning.

But, uh, I think I know why.

Fear. See, I know myself. I know Rosie.

I know what we have. (inhales deeply)

It's just sometimes, when things make this much sense, it scares you.

But when you cross over to the other side, you never look back.

So I guess I'm gonna have to take us to the other side.

So you're gonna...


Well, I'm not the kind of girl who needs a guy to pick out a ring for me, but, uh, I just know.

So much so, I know for the both of us.

Wow, I think that's... wonderful. (chuckles)

Annalise, you were married before, right?

How did you know it was the right person?

It was the way he looked at me every time I left, like he was terrified he wasn't gonna see me at the end of the day.

Ironically, that day came. (inhales deeply)

(exhales slowly)


There's plenty in there. It's really good.

Well, you look beautiful. (laughs)

Thank you.



(footsteps approach)



No. I'm running it.

Listen, the killer extracted his teeth and made a dental bridge.

That's how he was able to match the victim's smile. (cellphone vibrates)

He's wearing it.

(cellphone beeps)

Dr. Fields?

Okay, slow down, slow down.

I'm at my office, feeling tormented. I'm guilty.

I wanna talk to you about Calvin Spitz.

What about him? Do you... (beep) Do you have more thoughts about the case?

Yes. Bad ones.

I feel like I know him.

Not so much when he was alive, but I feel like I know him quite well now that he's dead.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to do something very, very bad.

Doctor, don't do anything. Stay where you are.

I'm coming over.




(door closes)

(door creaks)

(cellphone vibrating)

(door creaking)


Blunt force.

The same MO he used on Spitz.

(camera shutter clicking)

Yep, that'll do it.


(Man speaking indistinctly)

(radio chatter)

This feels way too close to home.

So the strange phone call from Fields, it wasn't an admission of guilt on his part, but on the part of one of his patients.

He knew who the killer was.

Or at least he had a hint or vital information about the murder.

Rosie: (Muffled voice) He did the same thing you would do.

He told his patient to report it to the police.

(Muffled voice) And that's what got our doctor killed.


This area right here is a sweet spot.

If you listen close, you can hear through the wall.

And it's coming from that vent.

That's how the killer would've known all those intimate facts about Calvin's life. He listened.

So we interview all of Dr. Fields' patients who would've had the opportunity to listen in and could've passed as Calvin walking into that bank.

Well, how many are we talking about?

Villa: That's a lot of suspects, and they all could've heard Calvin through that vent.

So our killer's out there somewhere.

Based on the profile Aubrey provided, it's likely.

Then here we go.

So you're a fan of the voyeur game.

You like listening in? Am I right?

Well, am I right?

This guy seem familiar to you?

(paper rustles)

Why? Is he missing?

No, he's dead.

Question is, did you kill him?

I may have.

Took him up in my spaceship and used my Z300 laser probe to steal his thoughts.

You can go now.

Well, can we agree? A bunch of loony pies.

But here's the thing... whoever killed Calvin thought they disposed of the body, never to be found.

Now they know it's a murder investigation, and they'll likely run.

But we don't know who he is.

Are we supposed to put a tail on all 15 of them?

Well, maybe he's not running because he's not done.

Done? Done how?

West Bachner.

Look, I-I've been paying attention, but more importantly, I've been listening to those tapes in the car nonstop.

It's addicting listening to other people's problems.

West Bachner was his old business partner, screwed him over.

That's right. He cut him out of share protection, got him voted off the board, but that was years ago.

But maybe in the killer's mind, it's never too late for revenge.


I'm on it.

So I tracked West Bachner.

Trouble is, we're not the only ones looking for him.

He's not at his office.

Spoke to his wife who expected him home an hour ago. Never showed up.

Is it possible our guy has West and taken him somewhere?

A place where he feels safe.

Well, how would we know where the killer feels safe?

Well, he's not thinking like himself anymore.

He's thinking like Calvin. Where would Calvin feel safe?

Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

He spoke of, uh... a summer home on the water that his family used to go to.

They had a tire swing out by the dock.

There's gotta be at least 15,000 summer homes on the coast.

We'd need a miracle to find where his was.

Or a body and a bone and a flame spectrometer.

A what?

(cellphone beeps)

What's that? Like a GPS for bones?

(tablet beeps)

Almost there. Make the call.

(cellphone vibrates, beeps)


Okay, Mitchie will have a read in less than a minute.

Mitchie's there? Where was he?

Oh, that's a very long and creepy story, but...

we're all here now, Rosie.

Hi, Rosie. It's not... not that creepy.

Uh, used shavings from the lateral malleolus bone like you said, and found the source of Calvin's brittle bone issue.

It's testing, uh, red-hot for strontium, so maybe phosphate or chloride?

Or Wooberite.

Woober what?

Hey, good job, Mitchie. Thanks.

And Pippy and TMI, thanks. Bye.

Okay, I need you to look up the factories on the coast that used the mineral compound Wooberite in the late '70s, early '80s.


(computer beeping)

Stays in the bone from childhood.

It acts like a road map to a location.

It can give us a radius where his family was during those summers.

Genotec Industries.

Textile plant, closed down in '84.

Okay, now we just need to find the beach area closest to the dumping site.

(typing, computer beeps, radio chatter)

Is that close enough?

Looks good. Let's do this.

Let's do it.

(door creaks)

(gun cocks)

Hold it right there, Gene.

Put the gun down. Do it.

Or should I say Calvin?

Not bad, right?

You were the one.

You had the appointment with Dr. Fields at 10:30 after Calvin's time with Dr. Joseph.

And you got there earlier, didn't you?

You leaned your head against the wall and you listened in.

I had real problems.

I have to ask you to lower your gun.

Gene, look at me. I understand.

You're tired of listening to guys like Spitz whine and complain. I got it.


For a guy who did so well with money, he left so much emotional hurt in his wake.

Gene, you are making me nervous waving that gun about.

Not to mention these fine gentlemen with their guns, they get twitchy. It's not a good idea.

You have to act in this life. Do!


Everyone's afraid of stepping forward and repairing relationships, of taking that chance.

They give up. Don't give up, Captain.

Take your shot. I'll take mine.

Who knows? Maybe you'll win.

Gene, it's not what you want.

Put the gun down. Put it down.

I did it in one day.

I did better being him than he did me. I did it!

But Calvin Spitz is dead, and you did that, too.

Not to mention your shrink.

(singsongy) He's not the only one.


Your dead ex-husband.

Eddie, is it?

I study people, Ms. Villa.

And when I realized that you were coming after me...

(whispers) I studied you, too.

Last time, Gene.

The handsome sick doctor here was easy, but you were more complicated, more tortured.

Do you think if you loved him more that he'd still be alive?


(seabirds calling in distance)

(gun thuds)

Target is down.


Uh, Pippy tells me that you collect dolls.

They're not dolls, unless you call a limited edition rocket firing Boba Fett figurine from 1980 a "doll."


Are you gonna lay out the towel clamps?

(singsongy) Right in front of you.

And if you play with it, it's a doll.

Hey, uh, I never got a chance to apologize to you in person for the other day...

Mendelson, we are cool.

Okay? We don't need to do an autopsy on your awkwardness.

(laughs) Right. Okay. Yes.

Well, I know you like to, um... to make fun of me...

I don't like it. (whispers) I love it.

But no matter how hard you try, there's a kindness to you.

It's just there.

And even when you insult me, I-I look into those... giant green saucer eyes and they're saying, "Hey, Mitchie, I think you're okay."

I-I don't hear that very often.

So I guess I just wanted to say, "Hey, Tara... I think you're okay, too."

Susie Suh: ♪ The circumstances, drew the line ♪

(exhales deeply)

♪ I was never his, and he was never mine ♪

That is sweet. Thanks.

Yeah. (chuckles)

♪ Well, it's a roller-coaster ride ♪
♪ It's a fortune-teller's life ♪
♪ It's a dream that I had ♪

(lowered voice) I think I'm having one of those "can't read the moment" moments.

So I'm... I'm gonna...

♪ Make a wish on a star tonight ♪
♪ People come ♪
♪ And people go ♪
♪ I'll miss you, I want you to know ♪

Villa: Wow.

Rosie: (laughs) That's hilarious.

You know, is it just me or is it eerily quiet in here?

I know. It is, isn't it?


Where's my staff?

My mother was just here. She went to church.

And everyone else disappeared. (laughs)

Anybody wanna work?

I guess not.

Maybe they quit.

They abandoned you.


Look at that. I'm the only one left.

I'm all you have.

It could be worse.

(glass clatters) So, uh, did you get to say goodbye to Aubrey?

Well, now, there are no goodbyes.

I think Aubrey will always be in my life in one way or another.

Hopefully not another murder.

"Hopefully not another murder"? Are you trying to sound sexy when you say stuff like that? (laughing)

(both laughing)

Oh, no!

Okay, remember when you said that 'cause...

'cause you enjoy these moments too much.

I do.

Oh, my God! That is...

(door buzzing)


Let's see. (beeps)

(birds chirping)

Anyway... (door closes)


(speaks indistinctly rhythmically)

No, no. Don't ever do that again.

No? No?

You don't ever do that again.

I was just leaving. (clicks tongue)

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

(door opens) Hey.

Listen, I am sorry that I had to crawl into bed last night.

I didn't wanna wake you.

So listen, I want to talk to you about...

Me first.


Rosie, we have a very good thing.

Yes, we do.

A strong thing.

Very strong.

A special thing.


I don't think we're gonna work anymore.

I'm sorry, that's not...

Funny thing is, I came here to give the exact opposite speech.

But the fact is, Rosie, you have feelings for another woman that I just realized I could never compete with.

Erica, I've told you the Aubrey thing is something that's...

I'm not talking about Aubrey.

I thought I could use my doctor brain to logic us into someplace based on how things added up on a piece of paper... math, science, chemistry.

But someone wisely pointed out that sometimes it just comes down to a look.

And I saw you give her that look.

Have you ever given me that look?

She's an amazing woman.

Wish it were me.

(footsteps depart)

(door closes)