02x01 - Forward Motion and Frat Life

Previously on "Rosewood"..

18 years ago, I showed up at a house looking for a father who put his hands on his 9-year-old son, and that I beat him within an inch of his life.

After you read this... you're gonna want these.

Donna Rosewood's not the humming type unless something's going very, very well.

Well, a new man would explain those long phone calls during her lunch hour.

Y'all need to stop.

His name is Gerald. He's from Daytona.

And that is all you're gonna get.

Hi, Gerald.

What do you think?

I'm lost.

I don't believe this because you're the one who wanted to push the wedding up.

I...was afraid to lose you. But...

It's just over?

Villa, I have to tell you something.

I think it can wait.

I reached out to the M.E.'s office in New York and had them pull Eddie's autopsy report.

You did what?

I believe he was murdered.

You think I missed my own husband's murder?

Get out. Leave. Go. Get out.

[Door shuts]

[Desiigner's "Panda" playing]

♪ I got broads in Atlanta ♪
♪ Twisting dope, lean, and the Fanta ♪
♪ Credit cards and the scammers ♪
♪ Hitting off licks in the bando ♪
♪ Black X6, Phantom ♪
♪ White X6, look like a panda ♪
♪ Going out like I'm Montana ♪
♪ Hundred killers, hundred hammers ♪
♪ Black X6, Phantom White X6, panda ♪
♪ Pockets swole, Danny ♪
♪ Selling bar, candy ♪
♪ Man, I'm the macho like Randy ♪
♪ The choppa go Oscar for Grammy ♪
♪ Bitch, pull up ya panty ♪
♪ Hope you killers understand me ♪
♪ I got broads in Atlanta ♪
♪ Twisting dope, lean, and the Fanta ♪
♪ Credit cards and the scammers ♪
♪ Hitting off licks in the bando ♪
♪ Black X6, Phantom ♪
♪ White X6, look like a panda ♪
♪ Going out like I'm Montana ♪
♪ Hundred killers, hundred hammers ♪
♪ Black X6, Phantom White X6, panda ♪

Saul: Bus is leaving.

Hey, I'm not hanging around, so...

Thanks, but I-I just parked a few blocks down, so you can go.

You sure? You don't look great.

Yeah, well, the past two months of my life have...

[Voice breaking] been pretty terrible, and, uh... I, uh...

You know, I could meet you later.

I'm a good listener.

You don't have to worry about me.

H-Have a good night.

♪ I got broads in Atlanta ♪
♪ Twisting dope, lean, and the Fanta ♪

[Dog barking]

[Softly] It's gonna be okay.

[Inhales deeply]


[Siren wails in distance]

["The Love Club" playing]

[Laughter, women cheering]

♪ Be a part of the love club ♪
♪ Everything will glow for you ♪
♪ You'll get punched for the love club ♪
♪ Everything will glow for you ♪
♪ You'll get punched for the love club ♪
♪ For the love club ♪
♪ Ooh ♪

[Cheers and applause]

[Electronic music playing]

Rosewood: Wow, Pipp! Wow.

See how big this smile is you put on my face.

You're always smiling.

True, but look how big this one is.

Yeah, it's like cartoon huge.

Yeah, you know why? 'Cause my baby sister just got this place turned up tonight!

You know, you brought me to a happy place, Pipp.

You really did. I bought real estate there, put up a fence, added a pool...

Oh, enough. Stop! I get it.

Mm-hmm. Hey, what's sibling code number 99?

Say "No" to funk.

Okay, so when I say "funk,"

Pipp says "No"!





[Chuckling] No.


He-Hey! Hey. Sorry to interrupt.

Oh, handsome stranger.

Oh, sorry. I like girls.

So, uh, the... The brunette behind me...

You see her in the striped bikini?

She's either been clocking you, or she's been clocking me.

I just want to make sure I'm not stepping on your game.

Oh, nah. You're good, man. Go ahead. Do your thing.

Wait a second. Are you... Billboards, right?

[Laughs] You the autopsy guy?

Private pathologist.

Nice! Very cool!

You actually help the, uh, cops catch the killers, or...

Help them?

Oh, no. He thinks he is one.

Pipp, just...

Oh, yeah!

Chasing dudes down, busting through doors, dodging bullets.

Oh, really? You, uh... You carry a gun?

No, he has a partner, okay? Ooh, and she is a badass detective...

Whoa, whoa, excuse me! We are badass together.

We make our own rules.

We do whatever it takes to catch the criminal.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome very much.

Wow. Cheers to that.

There you go.

I'm gonna see what's up with, uh, striped bikini.

[Chuckles] Enjoy the night.

Yeah. Don't act like striped bikini isn't hot.

Well, she may be a little too hot... if that's a thing.

No, that is not a thing.

It's not a thing?


You know what's a thing, is my sister turned this place up tonight!

[Laughing] Yeah, my little baby sister.

[Telephone ringing]

[Elevator bell dings]

[Opera music plays, stops]

Where the hell you been the last two weeks?

Disney World and Busch Gardens, mostly Busch Gardens.

I kind of bounced back and forth.

I, uh... heard you handed in your badge.

I did. Mayor did me a solid...

You know, put a good word in for me...

So they knocked me down to junior detective, giving me a chance to earn my old job back.

But until they do, I am not sitting in the bullpen.

I just can't do it.

You want to tell me what happened?

No, not really.

Want to tell me, uh, what happened with you and Rosie?

Not really.

And speaking of your old job, the new Captain starts today.

Called me in for a sit-down.

I'm a little nervous about having a new boss.

Me, too.

Hey, maybe he's not that bad, right?

Villa, it doesn't matter who or what he is, okay?

I used to be captain here, and now he's captain here.

Okay? It's human nature for him to want me gone.

We're gonna be fine.

Damn right we are.


[Clears throat]



What are you... What are you doing here?

I came to meet the new captain.

Yeah, I mean, I got the call this morning.

You want this seat?

No! No, no.

It's okay. You can sit here.

No, no, Villa.

I'll just stand.

Look, Villa, I-I have to stand.

It's, uh... It's, uh, um...

It's, like, a circulation thing, yeah, in the... in the hammies.

Oh, man.

Yeah, the hammies.

Yeah, it's the blood flow, hamstrings, thrombosis.

Comes on quick, so I got to stand, keep the heart pumping, from my toes up to the head.

Oh, there she is.

Detective Villa? Ryan Slade.

Rosie. It's good to see you again.

Again? Wh...

Yeah, yeah. We, um...

Party at Moon Beach last night. [Whistles]

But you didn't tell me you were gonna be the... new Captain? I know. I know. Sorry.

I-I'm not stalking you, I swear. I just figured you'd be there because your sister was performing Girl can sing, huh?

And I wanted to get to know you without the whole boss/employee thing, 'cause people... are never black and white.

But you know what, Doctor? I like you.

Really, I'm a big fan.

[Sternly] Because I hate the rules, too.

Check this out. We have a 21-year-old college student from East Miami University who was found dead in a parking structure.

Could be an accident. It's too early to tell.

Detective Feldheim was first on the scene.

Word is already spreading like fire to the teachers and the students.

Rumblings from the Chief is that this one could be high-profile.

Why? Who is she?

I don't know.

You guys are this magical duo, so you're working the case.

Well, since Feldheim was first in, maybe the case stays with him.

Yeah, see, Feldheim was first in.

You can probably keep the case with Feldheim.

Yeah, Feldheim. The guy... You know, he's a sweet, sweet... sweet man, but some people are made out for this, and some people, like...



Should've just stayed in Oshkosh and worked on the family farm.

Yeah, he's actually from Chattanooga.

Close enough. He's out. You guys are in.

Go. Go put that incredible chemistry to work.


My, uh...

My Swingline.

Captain, welcome.


Thank you.



An EMU's student's body's coming in the next couple hours, so I'm gonna prep fluid and tox.

If you want to get DNA panels ready to... rock, I've got a surpr... surprise for you.


You okay?

Yeah. I'm aces.

What's in the box?

Ah. Subject change.

Suspicious, but I get it.

This here is a HiSeq DNA sequencer.

It's my gift to the lab... although Rosie paid for it, and he doesn't know about it.

So it's a bit of a s...

It's a secret?

[Singsong voice] Love me some secrets.


You haven't talked to Pippy yet.

What? No.

I don't know where she is or what she's up to, so...

Awesome. Guessing she's moved on.

Aah, I hate giving advice.

[Sighs] But you're gonna give me some.

You need to get back out there.

And soon. You need to see if you made the right choice, see if you need to... fight to get your girl back.

Did you do something to your face?

Uh, I sh... I mean, I hav...

Maybe I have the Matthew Fox, "Party of Five" thing going on.



Yeah, it's the whiskers.

It's not super-noticeable. I'm kind of a hairless wonder.

Ohh, ohh, do not say...

Hairless wonder.

Ohh, you did it again.


Yep, I did it.

You did it again.


You're gonna be okay.

[Scoffs] Am I?

Yeah, 'cause you're like 10 times more resilient than me, and I'm okay.


[Keyboard clacking]

[Car alarm chirps, engine revs]

[Engine revs]


Oh, hey, Doc.

How fast can you get blood-alcohol in our victim?

I'm thinking she's wasted, walking and texting, misses a step and [Whistles] bled out is my guess, but, you know, that's just a guess until you two work your magic.

Captain, what are you doing here?

Oh, come on. There's no juice in the office.

I live out on the field, always will.

Looks like I got a front-row seat to my first Rosie-Villa show.

I think that...

I think that...

I'm sorry. You... Okay.

Go ahead.

No, no. It's okay, you go.

No, no. I'm still processing, so...

I think that...

I think that...

I thought you were still processing.

Well, I was, but then I finished processing, so now I'm ready.



Come here.

Look, we got to get our game faces on.

We got this.

Yeah, we do.

It's like riding a bike.

I love bikes!

You do?

No, I don't.

Me, either.

Uh, everything okay?

All right, so we got a severe laceration on the forehead.

Suggests a clean strike against the pavement.

Cassie didn't brace herself before her head hit, meaning she was...

She was already unconsciousness when her head struck the concrete.

And the blood at the middle of the stairs backs that up.

I'm not seeing any signs of a girl being heavily intoxicated.

There's no oily residue on the skin, no bloodshot eyes.

I'm not comfortable calling this an accident.

Me, either.

But you're comfortable with the media having a field day with a homicide on a college campus?

'Cause I smell a bit of paranoia kicking in.

Well, my gut is telling me that this is a murder.


Black and white.

And we don't care how messy things get.

Cassie lost her life, and the search for how and why is the only thing that drives us.

[Chuckling] That... was awesome!

I mean, you guys... I mean, that's...

That's very, very good stuff there, folks.

I mean, go! Go rattle some cages, guys!

Let's see what shakes out.

So, that means we're back?

Yeah, I guess.

S02E01 - Forward Motion and Frat Life

[Indistinct conversations in distance]

Hi. The door was open.

I didn't know what...

I'm Betsy. I live across the hall, and...

Cassie was your friend.

She was so awesome.

You never think that something like this could happen to someone you know.

Any idea who Cassie was with last night?

No. I'm surprised she went out at all.

She was having a hard time.

Her mom passed away.

She passed a couple months ago.

She flew home to Wisconsin for the funeral.

When she came back, she was... different.

She kept to herself.

Well, Betsy, if you hear anything about who Cassie was with, give me a call.

You know, everyone on campus is really freaked out.

I know, and we're doing everything we can to catch whoever did this, I promise.


[Door opens]

Dr. Rosewood. How are you?

I'm good, I'm good. I'm liking the new addition.

You mean the reception area or your new receptionist?

Both. Dig the dress, too.


I also saw the body.

It was really fascinating.

But I get it now... What you do, why you do it.

I'm just really happy to be here.

[Elevator bell dings]

I'm happy you're here, too.

Good morning.

Hey, Rosie.

We ready to fly?

Like a bird.

Or a plane.

Or? Anyone?

No? Okay.

Give me the room, please.


We got you, Cassie.

Show time!

Need scan and screens on all contusions.

Scope and swab all the nasal passages.

TMI, I'm gonna need you to run DNA on this little guy.


Mitchie, I need X-rays, top to toes. I need a full rundown on all the bone breaks and internal injuries A.S.A.P.


And until we find a new toxicologist...

I'm wearing two hats, which I personally think is a pretty good look on me.

Speaking of looks, are you doing something different today?

Hey, you noticed. Yeah, I sexed up my locks.

I'm test-driving a new musk.

Yeah, it's not great.

It's not, right?

No, but it could be.


90% less musk.

Yeah, less is moe, fo' sho.

It's called Pure Brawn, by the way, in case you want...

[Coughs] I'm gonna get to work.

We need a dummy.

Yes, we do.

We absolutely... Wait, what?

I want to recreate the crime scene right here, so...

So we need a dummy.

Oh, I got a great "dummy" guy.

Larry Aubuchon, French-Canadian fella.

He can, uh, rush a body comp that matches Cassie.

I can have it here within the hour.

Get Larry working.

Villa: I got Cassie's cellphone records!

And speaking of phones, I don't think hers was broken from the fall.

I think our killer purposely shattered it, maybe because they're on it.

I have forensics pulling everything they can.

Slade said this case was high-profile, and I think I know why...

Uh, Rosie wants you to go upstairs.


Rosie, I know that look, okay?

And just belive that I'm ready to get back to the way things were.



Yeah, that's, uh... That's cool.


Great, so, check it out.

Cassie made three calls to Mayor Ramon Esparza's office the day she died.

Mayor Esparza? That's my man.

Yeah, he's the most influential politician to hit Miami in the last 21 years.

Two words for you, Villa... White. House.

Well, he's...

White House!

Well, he's also young and handsome, and that doesn't mix well with a 21-year-old college co-ed.

Hmm, an affair.

That's a bit of leap, isn't it?

Or is it?

Well, it actually is 'cause I just said it.

You know what? Do me a favor.

Reel in your infatuation when we interview him, okay?

Oh, come on. Hey, hey, I take offense to that remark.

I'm very professional, Villa, okay?

Mayor Esparza, my man!

Mr. Rosewood.

Nice to meet you.

Real nice to meet you. Come on in.

You know I'm a fan of yours.

Wait, you know who I am?

Of course. I mean, you must have cleaned up the streets of Miami more than I have.

Oh, see? See?

You trying to make me blush. You trying to make me blush.

Hey, that DNC speech you said last year hit me right here in the heart.

Well, I can't take all the credit.

I mean, my right-hand man James Patton helped write it.

He can pretty much read my mind.

You can read his mind? Jimmy, that's a good job you did.

[Chuckling] That's a great job.

And what is this? What?

You have housing projects in good school districts?

See, this right here, this makes me want to break out my checkbook right now.

Did you bring it with you?

[Laughter] So, so great.

Well, Mayor Esparza, I hate to ruin the mood, but do you know this girl? Cassie Hanson.

I do know her. Yes.

She's dead.

And we think she was murdered.

Perhaps we should, uh, clear the room and give you guys some privacy.

I'm not going anywhere.

Everyone can stay.

It's fine.

I met with Cassie on a couple of occasions.

I visit college campuses a lot.

The youth vote is central to Ramon's political success.

When I heard that she had passed away, I simply asked that her case would be handled by our very finest.

See, and I would have done the same thing. Now, real quick.

Is there any reason why she would have called your office three times the day she was killed?

Perhaps to ask for some advice? I'm just guessing.

Did you ever have a physical relationship?

No. Never.

Okay, great. Now, one last thing.

We just need to know your whereabouts on last night that...

I could check his schedule to see...

Nobody needs to check his schedule.

He was at home, with me.

A young girl lost her life. You're telling me it was murder, I'm telling you my door's always open, no matter what.

And I'm telling you, I'm right there with you, Mr. Mayor.

I am right there with you. And I'm liking this pin with this tie combination, with the gold...

Thank you for your time.

And then the gold that's in the pin.


You working it.


Thank you.

Mayor Esparza, my man.

Jimmy, you nice with that pen on that speech. Whoo!

Okay, guys. Wish I could say, "10th times the charm," but I can't, 'cause it still makes no sense.

Cassie's external injuries are indicative of her falling down the stairs, and her internal organs underwent extreme trauma.

It's like she was physically assaulted from the inside.

Maybe this has something to do with it...

Halothane, chloroform's ugly twin.

Her oral swabs tested positive.

So someone snuck up behind Cassie, rendered her unconscious, and then shoved her down the stairs.

That still doesn't explain why her insides and outsides don't match, unless she had an allergic reaction to the halothane.

The things that go on when I'm not around.

I'll be back in a flash. Oh, excuse me again.


Hi, sweetie.

Hi, Ms. D.

You taking the break from all that weirdness downstairs?

No, never, [Laughs]

But I'm just gonna rip the Band-Aid off here.

I got a call from the Daytona Maximum Security Prison this morning, and they left your video key for inmate 18920, Gerald Kelly.

So you two can talk and, you know, just see each other on screens.

Oh, okay.


I have an idea. I can just walk away from this forever and pretend it doesn't bother me every day.

Many letters come to this lab... People asking for help.

Their cases didn't go the way they wanted them to go, so...

I read them all. His moved me, so I reached out.

We talk about his case.

Um, Ms. D, all due respect, what the hell is going on with you?

And what I mean by that is, what the hell is going on with you?

Kids are grown, marriage over, and I have a job around here doing what?

Do you have any idea what I do around here?

What you do around here?


I do not, no.

So now I feel like I have found something actually worth doing.

I can't explain it. I just...

I just feel compelled to help this man, because, with every fiber of my being, I believe him.

Hey, Rosie, you taking a commercial break?

Yeah, no. I'm all right.

What'd he do?


He's accused of murder.

Yes, I know. I know.

I'm going to tell Beaumont and Pippy myself.

I'm just... I'm just not ready.

Okay? I have my reasons.

Oh, boy.

[Groans] So brutal.

Villa: Esparza is a real prize...

A self-made golden boy headed straight to the top.

But my gut's telling me there's something there.

I think all those people in his inner circle are protecting him... The wife, the hot assistant.

Why don't you just get the mayor down here solo, without the protection?

Give him the full Villa treatment.

Because I have zero evidence and thought I would avoid getting fired by you on day one for interrogating the mayor because I have a gut feeling and nothing more.

That makes so much sense.

[Sighs] You know what?

I don't like this guy's face.

Me, either, but he had an alibi.

Detective, do we have anybody on this table that is a real suspect?

Not yet, but Feldheim is canvassing the campus, and I'm still digging into Cassie's last 24 hours.

So far, nobody is talking about who she was with or where she was last night.

My guess, based on the items that we found in her purse, nightclub.

Mm. So should we visit all 270 clubs in Miami to see which one she was at?

That was a dick thing to say.

But seriously, I mean, should we just go to every club in Miami?

You don't need to.

The bracelet.

Worn a few over the years myself.

I got married on a booze cruise. Wasn't great.

Anyway... be in the basement if anybody needs me.


Step back. Saul?!

[Knocks on bus] It's Miami P.D.!

Why don't you step outside for me?


There's almost too much DNA on this bus.

Who does this?


That's what I'm telling you.

Well, you seem pretty upset at those animals.

I still am.

And after they stiffed you on the bill, did you go looking for them?

Damn right I did.

Don't know where they are. Gave me a fake name.

And you found one of them, didn't you?

Lost your temper, did something stupid.

Maybe to this girl?

Yeah, she was there, but I never...

Well, now she's dead.

Dead? What are you saying?

Saul, mind if I get a closer look at your chest?

Man, I don't care. Whatever.

But I didn't kill that girl, and these scratches didn't come from her.

They came from...

An animal.


A wild dog.

A deformed wild dog.

Based on those lacerations, I think he's telling the truth.

And I also think that those hair fibers that I found on Cassie's body, whatever it was came from this cage.

[Inhales deeply] Do you have an alibi?

Yeah. Emergency room. Tetanus shot.

So I don't get friggin' rabies.

And I had to ice-bath my ass.

Your ass? Why?

Those bastards spanked me like I was...

Whoa, whoa! Saul, Saul, Saul, you got to warn people before you do stuff like that, okay?

Please pull your pants up.

No, no, no, no.

Hold on one sec. One sec. Not yet.

Man, don't make this weirder than it has to be.

Hey, Villa, take a picture of Saul's ass.

Come on, guys.

Right there.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Yeah. Yeah, the bruise patterns may be helpful.

Just have to magnify those images when I get back to the lab, like real big.

Not cool, dude.

Yeah, tell me about it.

So, what else can you tell us about the party that night?

That girl was getting freaky with a giant D-bag.

She wasn't into it.

It got heated. She got off the bus.

Can you describe that guy to us?

He spanked me.

So, yeah, I got a good look at the b*st*rd.

Thank you.

Oh, I'll take that.

I have the same animal cage at my place.

Hey, I have a pet owl. What do you have?

I don't have a pet.

Pretty adorable, Mitchie.

It's case related.

It's case related.

I'm sure it is.

So, late lunch?

Not exactly.

Hmm. Not exactly. So, I have you whispering to TMI and not exactly taking a late lunch.

Son, I'm fine.

So, who was she?

The victim.

Cassie Hanson.

She was a young student with an incredible future.

Recently lost her mother, and that was the only family she had.

That's why it's up to me to fight for her.

I'm so proud of you.

Being there for someone when they don't have anyone else.

Love you.

[Door opens]

Cassie's medical records are clean.

Injuries still don't make any sense.

The amount of hands that were on this s*x doll also doesn't make any sense.

You know what does make sense?

I tested the animal hair that was on the bus, and turns out it's not from a wild dog.

It's from a...

A badger.

It's the school mascot of EMU.

We just got a match from the DNA from the saliva that was found on Cassie's body.

I ran it through every system. We got a hit on a guy who's donated sperm more than anyone, ever, Lane Scott Piven.

A member of Epsilon Theta. Those damn ETs, they paddled Saul with a frat bat.

I'm sorry.

I-I-I pledged Gamma Gamma Psi when I was back in school, and our rivals... The Epsilons.

You pledged what?

Gamma Gamma gold, Villa. G-Dogs for life.


For life! Yes.

Now, can we please go put the screws to Lane?

He's our new prime suspect.

Yes, I'll drive.

One car?

Yes, one car.

Let's go.

One car.

[Sighs] This must be it.

Rosie, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for... the things I said.

Y-You were right about everything.

I just hope you can forgive me.

So can we talk about Eddie?

I didn't say I wanted to talk about it.

I just said you were right.

I just want us to move on.

♪ She say she never seen no doors lift like this ♪
♪ She say she never see nobody fresh like this ♪
♪ Didn't know island boys dress like this ♪

We're looking for Lane Piven.

Yeah, that's me. I'm Lane.

What do you want?

We know what Lane looks like.

Lady, you don't know what you know.

You're standing in front of a picture of him.

Well, Lane's super busy, so...

Cassie Hanson was murdered, and do you realize you're talking to a cop?

You got to be smarter, my man.

[Chuckling] See, I'm not your man, bro.

I'm Epsilon, and you're in our house.

So unless you want to pledge...

Oh, no, no. No can do, my friend.

Okay? I'm a G-Dog.

Alpha chapter. Former president, thank you.

Hear that, boys?

We got an enemy in our midst.

Tell me, you bring your cute, little stepping boots with you?

No, but I brought my big-ass cane.

Your cane?

Yeah, my cane.

What do you do with a cane?

It's a cane. It's...

Okay. Enough, enough. Lane Piven. Where is he?

[Engine starts]

[Tires squealing]

[Car horn honks]

Hey, man!

Lane, you all right?

Well, Detective, you want the cameras on or off for this interrogation?


The cameras.

Do you want to just flip them off, enjoy a little creative freedom with our frat boy here until he's ready to break?

[Door opens]

Villa: Ah, there's my little Epsilon.

[Door shuts]

Lane: Hey, just because you're a fox doesn't mean I'm gonna talk to you, okay?

Oh. Oh, you think I'm a fox?

[Chuckling] That's so sweet.

Lane, can I paint you a picture that's just as ugly as that ridiculous portrait of you back at the frat house?

I painted that myself, and it's dope.

Wow, you should never paint again, and you never will, because I think you're going to prison for murdering Cassie.

I didn't kill anyone.

Yet you jumped in your car and tried to run.

That doesn't scream "innocent" to me.

Because I stiffed the party-bus guy, and stole the school mascot, too, which I still can't find.

And I sent some nasty texts to Cassie, but it's because she might be the only chick on campus who doesn't want to have some s*x with me.

Wow. You want to know what I think?

I think she embarrassed you on that bus in front of your brothers.

I think you followed her to the parking garage and fought with her.

Maybe her phone was just an accident.

You tell me.

Right, you and Villa...

Rumor mill out in the pen was on point.

You guys click like crazy.

Come on, man. Talk to me. Is it more than a work thing?

Just a work thing.


So, why was your vibe laced with so much tension when I first rolled in?

Some other drama between you two?

Everything's fine.

Everything's not fine.

You know, I'm here if you ever want to hang, chat about it.

I'm good, yeah.

Yeah, I'm good. Yeah.

Okay. All right.

The bruising on Cassie's arms from where you grabbed her tells me you got physical.

Come on. We pulled your prints from her skin.

You can't pull prints from skin.

Are you high right now?


I don't think so.

Maybe. Why?!

Because if you think we can't pull prints from bare skin, then you must have smoked a fatty, or you're just extra dumb, or both.

Did we pull prints from this guy?

No. No, we did not.

Okay, I grabbed her, and I tried to French kiss her.

French kiss, like... Like from the '80s?

Yeah, but she wasn't down, so I just asked her for a hickey, just so I had something to show the dudes on Monday.

Are you a real person?

Look, Cassie was all upset about her mom dying a couple months ago, and she was acting all weird, okay?

Girl was rubbing sunscreen on herself on a party bus at night.

I mean, who does that?



Cool. Analgesic.


It's a topical pain reliever.

I think I know why the inside of Cassie's body doesn't match the outside.

I ran the blood splits, and you were right...

Hemophilia, which is weird, 'cause that's...

Very rare in females.

Yeah, less than a 1% chance.

No wonder it didn't show up in her medical records.

She must have been recently diagnosed here in Miami.

And now we know why her internal wounds are so extreme.


Abnormal bleeding because of the blood disorder.

Mitchie, did Cassie's mother have the same disease?

Not according to her medical records.

And the HiSeq comes through in the clutch. No big deal.

The hair fibers that we found on Cassie... not from the badger.

But they were from an animal, just not a live one.

It's chemically treated sheep's wool.

You're welcome.

Sheep's wool?



Lane didn't do it.

This is big.

[Indistinct conversations, telephones ringing]

I got something go-o-o-o-o-d!

Mm-hmm. Ladies first. Stop it.

Cassie was exchanging e-mails with Susan Sanchez, the reporter from FOX, about meeting today.

She said that Cassie promised that her story was explosive.

I'm thinking we were right about the mayor having an affair.

And I'm thinking we were wrong about the affair.

Are you sure?


They weren't lovers.

Mayor Esparza was Cassie's father.

So, Cassie had a rare form of hemophilia.

Her mother didn't have it, so I believe she inherited it from her dad.

And you think Mayor Esparza has this disease?

I do, but I have to get a look at his upper torso and his lower body to be sure.

Doctor, I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure that's the whole body.

It is.

Great! So, should I ask the mayor to swing by and get naked in the pen? You know what we should do?

We should all get naked. Make it less weird for him.

Well, Captain, we know Cassie was about to go to the press.

Maybe she was gonna tell the world she was the mayor's illegitimate child.

All right. Should we draw straws to see who gets to drag the mayor into an interrogation room?

Oh, you don't got to drag him anywhere.

Best place to question him on his own turf, and I should be the one to do it.

I love the short straw. What do you say, Captain?

I don't hate this plan.

I do, and I'll interrogate the mayor.

We both know it's a bad idea for you to do it for so many reasons, don't we?

Well, the day I let politics stop me from doing my job is the day I stop being a cop.

Look, I get a confession, case closed.

I don't, maybe one less bald guy you got in the basement.

Do what you got to do.

Anything I should know before I go?

Ira, I barely knew this girl.

Big secrets have a way of biting you in the ass.

Believe me, I know.

Mr. Mayor, you looked out for me.

You know how much I care about this job, this city.

We're the same that way.

I want to look in your eyes the same way you looked in mine a couple of weeks back and hear the truth.

You think I killed Cassie?

The man I know could never do something like that, and I'm praying right now that you didn't.

Ask away.

[Cellphone beeps]

You have an image. Pristine.

A Senate run coming up that you got in the bag.

I mean, there's no stopping a rock star like you from laying his head once where Obama laid his.

But a media blitz about an affair, having a child out of wedlock?

That could jeopardize everything.

What are you asking for? DNA?

I don't need it.

Cassie had something called T-cranial hemophilia...

Likely inherited from her father.

You mind rolling up your sleeve so I can check for an intravascular port?

You get a lot of blood transfusions, yeah?

When Cassie's mother died, she found some letters, discovered I was her father.

She contacted me.

I was open to having a relationship with her.

I just asked her if she could keep it a secret till after elections.

She agreed.

So why was she gonna go to the press?

What are you talking about?

Sheep's wool from this rug was found on her body.

She visited you hours before she died, I'm thinking, to tell you she was gonna spill the beans.

Do not lie to me!

I swear, if she was in my office yesterday, I didn't see her.

So you were home with Linda at the time of Cassie's murder?


Your long-suffering wife still covering up for your bad habits?

Who were you with?

Hanna Conner, my assistant.

So, am I in the clear?

You know, I kept a lot of secrets for my children's sake.

[Cellphone beeps] But your secret might be the reason why your daughter was murdered.

So, yeah, I think you're in the clear.

But I can't say the same for your conscience.

[Speaks indistinctly] Hey, Cap.

You're gonna want to hear this.

Okay, the mayor didn't kill Cassie.

Came clean with his alibi, and it checked out.

Well, I'd take your word for it, but you guys are friends, yeah?

Look, it's all here.

Listen for yourself.

I'm hungry. Anybody want anything?

I'm buying.

Honey bun and a cup of coffee.

Honey bun?

All right.

But get your own coffee.

So, what now?


We got nothing?

Actually, no.

We do have something. Cassie's hemophilia wasn't discovered until she took a paternity test in Miami a few months ago.

Meaning only a few people would have known that a fall down the stairs would be fatal because of her condition.

And of all the people in the mayor's inner circle...

Only one doesn't have an alibi.

I think I know who the killer is.

Yeah, me, too, but we have no smoking gun.

Or do we?

[Banging] Hornstock: Come on.

Attie, I can't see the image clearly. Clean it up.

[Sighs] You're making me nervous.

Yeah, it's your tone.

Yes, it's your tone.

My man, can you please tighten up on the fuzzy stuff and focus in on the eyes?

Now, that's how you talk to people.

And there's our killer.

Rosie, you know what's kind of crazy What's that, Villa?


Really? Crazy, how?

Well, say a killer smashed his victim's phone, but in the process, it accidently snapped a picture of his twisted face.



Then you get Attie over here, a gifted tech genius...

That's me.

Put your hand down.

Attie over here does a bunch of nerdy stuff, and...

Boom. We find this.

This came from Cassie's phone.

We knew you were there when she went down those stairs.

Which means you were the one that killed her.

You knew about her hemophilia, discovered after paternity test.

And you also knew that a fall down the stairs for someone in Cassie's condition could prove fatal.

James, you want to explain this?

She threatened you.

She was gonna ruin your reputation.

[Clear throat] Our future.

In two election cycles, we'll be in the White House.

She refused to keep her mouth shut, and, um, I didn't think anyone was gonna miss her.

We didn't think you'd step right into our trap.

See, James, we didn't need a smoking gun to nail you.

So we created our own.

There was no image on Cassie's phone.

But it didn't take long for Attie to mock one up.

You can't do that.

Actually, I-I think we just did do that.

And you're done.

[Handcuffs clicking]

[Button clicks]

Mayor Esparza, are you okay?

No, I'm not.

[Voice breaking] I'll never get a chance to say everything I wanted to say to Cassie, to make amends, have a relationship with her.

I don't think I could ever forgive myself for that.

You're right.

You'll never know how amazing your daughter really was.

And that's your fault.

Don't every forgive yourself, okay?


What are you doing in here?

Just, uh, admiring what you done with the place.

You know, this doesn't have to be painful.

Yeah. It does.

Who's the kid?

That's me.

I recognize the building... Hillside and Lenox, Saint Mels Home for Boys.

You were coming or going?

I was going.



I prefer Darjeeling.

Okay, and I bet you prefer talking to Pippy about things that are happening in your life, but, uh, I kind of turned hers upside down and sent her to a hiding place far, far away, maybe a friend's house down the street.

Either way, my fault.

Tara, listen to me.

You've always been there for me when I needed you, shoulder to cry on, words of wisdom.

You were my rock.

And now I'm here to be yours.

No matter what.


Oh, my gosh. That's terrible.



Yes, please. Why did I do that?

♪ I make room ♪
♪ Yes, I'm hurt ♪
♪ I'm moving on ♪
♪ Look past the moon ♪
♪ Look past the stars ♪
♪ I'm moving on ♪
♪ Moving on ♪

[Knock on door]


Um... I was, uh...

You're not gonna let me in?


Please, don't.

The two leads in your trash are dead ends.

That's everything I have so far.

I'm gonna find out who killed Eddie, and I just want to say thank you for this. For what you've done, because, you know what? I...

I may have never found out.

But I don't want you getting caught up...

I'm in.

[Voice breaking] I don't know what I'll do when I catch them, and I can't have you...

Villa, there's no way in hell that I am not with you on this one.


Let's get to work.

Let's get to work.