02x17 - Radiation & Rough Landings

(woman panting)

(cellphone rings)

Hey, I'm on a run. I'm gonna have to call you back.

Look, I'm sorry, but I told you already, I've made up my mind.


And MCL takes the lead!

Can the EMPD come back in the final moments?

I don't think so.

You're about to learn the hard way, doctor.

Yeah? Yeah?

You know.


Oh, come on!

Oh, see, I like that. I like being to my fate.


(both grunting)

You know... for a guy who needs a kidney transplant, you're going kind of hard.

Shouldn't you be taking it easy?

Negative, Cap.

High-intensity exercise increases the cardiac output.

Lowers the blood pressure, increases the renal profusion.

You're trying to throw me off my game with all those fancy doctor words, aren't you?

Is that what I'm doing?

Yeah, it's not gonna work.

Oh, no?

No, it's not gonna work. You see?



What are you doing? You taking my pulse?

Oh, I just got to check your vitals.


Rosie, I know a transplant's serious business, but I run a 7-minute mile, I bench 325.

I think I'm gonna be all right.

Just got to make sure.


You know, we both know that I wasn't the match you expected, but I'm glad it was me.

That is assuming my kidney's good enough for you.

You're putting me through more paces than the doctors who approved the transplant.

Well, I just got to make sure whatever goes into this body is tip-top.

Oh, don't you worry, man.

You're getting one premium kidney.

See this little guy right here?


He's gonna take you to a whole new level.

Oh, yeah? Whole new level!

Whole new level, yes.

Which level?

A level you're not ready for.

(man singing in Spanish)

Man #1: Estas naranjas son el color del Presidente.


(speaking Spanish)


(indistinct conversations in Spanish)


Ay dios mio!

Okay, gracias. (speaking Spanish)

(police radio chatter)

Villa: Ah!

So which one of you is Batman and which one is Robin?

He's Robin. - He's Robin!

I see how it is.

The captain offers to give you one vital organ, and now he's riding shotgun for life?

Come on, now, Villa, you know you'll always have a seat in the Yellow Queen.

Yeah, in the back.

Oh, of course in the back. What do you think?!

You know, I should drive home.

Uh, that would be a negative.

What do we got?

A worker I spoke with called the woman an angel caido.

Fallen angel.

There's no way somebody put her up there.

Rosewood: She must have fallen from pretty high up.

Looks like the birds got to her before we did.

I had a watch like this.

It keeps track of your heart rate, steps per day.

This could tell us something.

Villa: Please tell me this woman was dead before she hit this tree.

Blood spatter indicates that she was alive, unfortunately.

Decomp suggests that she's been up here for a couple of days, maybe more.

If she fell out of a plane by accident, a report would have been filed by now.

Yeah, so we're thinking she was pushed.

Any idea who she is?

No I.D. in her pocket, just this.

Looks like a bunch of wires. Copper, maybe.

(cellphone buzzing)

Hi, Mrs. Norman.

Hey, can I call you back?

I'm in the...

Okay, thanks.

Everything all right?

My neighbor just said she heard some noise coming from inside my house.

She thinks there's someone in there.

Well, your mother does live with you.

Well, no, she and Hornstock are on a cruise in Puerto Rico... seven nights, ocean view.


I had to sign off on his vacation time and hear way too much about how much...


Okay, uh, that's... don't finish that sentence.

It's either a raccoon or a break-in.

Well, go check it out.

All right, be safe.

We'll meet you back at the station.

That burglar's about to find out he broke into the wrong house.

The wrong house.



(faint clattering)

Put your hands where I can see them.

(exhales sharply)

Come on, sis!

Six kinds of salsa and no milk?

Ma teach you that?



I'd like to talk to you about a very important MCL asset.

Let me guess, the 3-D printer is on the fritz again.

You know what?

Someone needs to tell Mitchie to stop printing dinosaur bones.

It's not good.

True, but the printer is fine.

I'm talking about you.

Basketball? Really?

You found out about the game?

That's why I just had to send the captain nine alkaline juices to drink throughout the day.

Now, I'd like you to tell me that he is avoiding pain meds and he has stopped those protein shakes, right?

Yes. And yes.

And I understand this is a lot, but I need you to relax.

This is me relaxed.

And when the only person who can save your life is carrying a gun and a badge, you see, I'd like to lock that man in a padded room, feed him organic food, and make sure that he sleeps 12 hours a day.

But you can't.

But I can't, so I send juices.

And I ask questions, like if Dr. Mitchka can move up your transplant date.

You called my surgeon?

He was able to find an opening in two weeks.

Now all you and Slade have to do is call and confirm.

You don't have to thank me, son.

Your Jane Doe is here.

But I... I...


I'm placing the time of death at approximately one week ago.

The healing pattern on this burn...

I've never seen anything like it.

Me, neither. But, first, let's focus on getting the I.D.

Start with the facial reconstruction?

The bone density in our victim's neck, hips, and pelvis is extremely low.

Bones get weaker the less you use them, so maybe she spent more of her time lying down than standing up.


I'm thinking our lady here might have been bedridden.

Tmi: Okay, but the smart watch she had on was a highly specialized athletic brand.

The EMPD hasn't been able to pull data from it.

But why would a bedridden woman have an expensive fitness watch?

Doesn't add up.

Neither does these sky-high levels of radiation in her scan, not unless she worked at a nuclear plant.


So we have a bedridden nuclear-plant employee who likes to work out.

This should be easy.

All right, who wants to meet our victim?


Tmi: Oh, my God.

Wait a second.

That can't be her.

You know her?

Doesn't everyone?

It's Laura Ann Hill.

So time spent floating in space would explain her low bone density.

She'd obviously have radiation exposure from the sun.

And the grueling workout regimen... part of her training.

Which only leaves one question, how on earth does an astronaut fall out of the sky?

(theme music plays)

Esposito: All of us at NASA are shaken by what happened.

Mission Specialist Laura Hill was a critical part of the team.

She's the most determined woman I've ever met.

She applied seven times to the astronaut corps before she was admitted.

Nobody worked harder.

What kind of work did she do?

Her focus was repairing the ISS... the International Space Station.

She spent thousands of hours in orbit... three missions, four space walks.

If she was so important, why didn't anyone notice she had gone missing?

Laura had been on leave for a few weeks.

She wasn't due back till tomorrow.

I'm sure someone as driven as Laura must have stepped on a few NASA toes.

Oh, no.

Laura was never like that.

She cared about people too much.

Any idea why she went on leave?

I figured she just needed a break.

Laura practically lived at our facility.

Honestly, I don't think she had much of a life outside the space program.

You said she just fell from the sky.

What? Pushed out of a plane?


We're checking FlightAware for any flights in airspace near the orange grove where she fell.

Technically, Captain, she was found while on leave, so it's your jurisdiction.

But I want you to know, you have NASA's full support.

I appreciate that.

Detective Villa will get you oriented.

Thanks for coming in.

(door opens)


You know, I've been meaning to ask you, what's the deal with the mug?

Oh, it's a gift from my first captain.

Oh, yeah? What did you do?

You deliver a baby, catch a killer?

What... What did you do?

Well, Rosie, my first case was a series of bank robberies up near Pahokee.

I was questioning a witness on the boardwalk, and I... I got a call from dispatch that the suspect was seen traveling north right near my location.

So what happened?


See, I had left the squad car in neutral.

It rolled into the sand, so I had to radio in for the tow.

The suspect's still at large.

But, you know, I guess my captain gave me this to remind me that I was not the best cop ever.



So Marcos was a break-in. You said it was a raccoon.

In my defense, he did rummage through my cupboards and polish off my queso.

All right! Little baby bro is back!

Calm down.

Calm down? We're talking about Marcos is back in the 3-to-the-0-to-the-5!


It's time to celebrate.

Double the Villa, double the fun!

When do I get to meet him?

Uh... (chuckles)

Rosie, I'll be surprised if he even unpacks his bags, okay?

He enlisted six years ago, and we've barely seen each other since his last tour.

Trust me.

He's not the stick around and hang kind of guy.

So whatever welcome-home parade you're planning in your head right now...

Floats, boats, beignets.

Cancel it.

You don't like beignets?

Mardi Gras... You've been to Mardi Gras.

I know you have. Showing your... Oh.

Where's the rest of Laura's things?

This is everything.

This may be the most amazing human being that we've ever had on our table.

You guys realize this woman has been to space and back, right?

I didn't know you were such a space nerd.

She doesn't really like to talk about it.

Yeah, it was, like, a painful period in my life 'cause, like, I was this close.

To being an astronaut?

To going to space camp.

Oh, girl.

You know you get motion sickness on a Ferris wheel.

Yeah, and they probably frown on that 'cause astronauts like Laura have gotta be tough.

Mitchie: Which is why I want to biopsy this tissue, 'cause if Laura got burned...

Pippy: We need to find out how and when.


Laura Hill was an American hero.

To die the way she did is just not right.

Mitchie: Okay, so let's get out our fine-tooth combs... just an expression... and find out who did this to her.

Guys, maybe this can help.

Looks like Laura took this astronaut diet home with her.

(sniffs) Mmm!

Now, I can get used to that.

Oh, please, Mr. Acai Bowl.

You wouldn't last 24 hours with those dehydrated noodles and shakes.

Are you saying that I couldn't hack it in space?

Rosie, you'd hate space.

Slade: She's right.

Man, you can't even breathe without a pocket square.

We all remember what happened when the good doctor didn't get his B12 before lunch?

Okay, you guys, I would be great in space.

Okay, my middle name is adventure.

No, your middle name is Darius.

But look, it was a test. You passed.

And you both know I can hack it.

Nothing like a little rocket science to remind me how much I hate math.

Here's a little math for you guys.

One shaving kit plus two pair of men's shoes equals...

Miss Hill had a boyfriend.

I didn't see any pictures.

Maybe he's camera-shy.

Or they didn't want other people to know.

And looks like Laura missed an appointment this morning with an Evie Hower.

Go talk to her.

If Laura had a life outside the space program, maybe this Evie can tell us what it was.

(bell rings)

Rosewood: So we know Annalise Villa was her high-school prom queen.

Oh, I don't like where this is going.

What was Marcos? Was he a jock or a nerd?

Maybe a little of both, like me?

Villa: (sighs)

Beer or whiskey? Paper or plastic?

Why would I know that, and why would you care?

I don't know.

Volcano girl never had a shot.

Can I help you?

I knew when she didn't show up this morning, something was wrong.

So Laura came to visit your class every year?

She was their hero.

I don't know what I'm gonna tell my girls.

How well did you know her?

We grew up together in Topeka, moved out here for school.

Laura was the kind of friend who always kept in touch.

Even when she was in orbit, we'd... video-chat.

When was the last time you saw her?

A few months back, right before her last ISS mission.

Did she mention having problems with anyone?

Maybe with a pilot?

No, but it was NASA.

They're all pilots or doctors or both.

Where can we find Laura's boyfriend?


She didn't have one.

Laura was too busy working.

She actually did.

If you two were so close, I'm surprised you didn't know about him.

Look, I'm sorry, but Laura made me promise not to say anything.

Miss Hower, I know your girls must look up to you.

Laura was their hero, but I think you are, too.

And heroes do the right thing.

Rodrigo Vargas.

You know, your Air Force-trained flight engineer.

Esposito: Detective, there's no way he and Laura were... involved.

NASA has a strict policy against astronauts dating each other.

Come on, don't you teach your scientists the laws of attraction?

Two people, tiny space. I'll draw you a picture.

Look, we're gonna need to bring Rodrigo in for questioning.

I'm afraid that won't be possible.

Why not?

Rodrigo Vargas: Specialist Hill and I did a mission together a few years back. She was good, and I liked working with her.

You can drop the act, all right.

We all know you were more than colleagues.

Esposito: It's all right, Rodrigo.

Finding Laura's killer is what's important now.

Come on, I get it.

Space is a good place to fall in love, am I right?

(chuckles) Time's funny in space. When the sun rises every 92 minutes, days don't really mean a whole lot. One night, I found Laura repairing the IFT tracking satellite. Just... floating there... all by herself. As the sunrise passed across her face, it was like I saw her for the first time. And I realized in that moment...

That you wanted to see the sun rise on her face for the rest of your life.

I guess I must have said something right, because she fell in love with me, too. So I soldered a ring out of some copper wires, and proposed to her once we got back to earth.

My man.

Romantic and resourceful.

All right, so what did Laura say?

Come on, Villa, no one could say no to that.

I wanted to get her an actual ring, you know, something fancy. Laura, she just wanted the one that I had made. She said nothing on Earth would compare. We were supposed to get married once I got back to Earth.


That's why Laura asked for the time off.

She was planning her wedding.

How long has he been up there?

Two weeks.

Poor guy comes back tomorrow.

Which means he was in space when Laura was killed.

He's not our guy.


So you got along with Laura.

Do you know anyone who didn't?

I don't have a name, but when she returned from her last mission, she was upset. She said there was no point dwelling on it, but... I think something happened up here.

All right, we need to know what astronauts were on the ISS with Laura and all incident reports during her stay.

You got it.

If Laura had a problem that started in space, maybe that's what got her killed here on Earth.


Tests confirm that the burn on Laura's hand was electrical.

The current went into this hand and out through this knee.

Looks like it healed months ago.

She's been in space for most of the past six months, so it had to have happened on the ISS.

Tmi: Okay, get this.

So the morning of October 18, Laura was supposed to replace the primary power converter for one of the solar arrays.

But then her commander, Yuri Cvetko, reports that he fixed the problem, which he blamed on Laura.

If Yuri fixed the problem, then how did Laura get burned?

Well, that's not the only report that Yuri wrote to where a woman screwed up and he saved the day.

If Yuri lied, maybe Laura got burned in more ways than one.

Thanks for the coffee, honey, but I need to get back to my training.

Now, why don't you get your boss in here so he and I can talk this out.

In this room, I am the boss.

What do you want to know?

Let's start with what happened between you and Laura Hill on the ISS.

Specialist Hill should have never been in space to begin with.

I get it. A commander like you has no room for mistakes up there.

Or even for some woman who was probably chosen to fill a quota.

Your words, not mine.

Well, why don't you pick some words to explain how Laura got this?

Slade: It's hard to believe he and Laura were on the same team.

Just goes to show, sometimes you can't trust people, even the ones you work with.

Are you all right?


Someone stole my mug.

No. Are you talking about "The Best Cop Ever" mug?

I mean, what kind of man takes another man's mug?

Yeah, that's rough.

Losing something that you've had for such a long time, that's...


You were pretty attached to that thing, huh?

It was you, wasn't it?


You know, organ donors sometimes experience sadness and anxiety after transplant.

If you're this upset after losing a mug, how are you gonna feel after losing a kidney?

I don't drink coffee out of my kidney.

Anything I have to say is already in the report.

Then why do I get the feeling that the report isn't the whole story?



Oh, I'm so sorry.

When you've spent as much time in zero gravity as I have, sometimes you forget things don't just float where you leave them.

He's lying.

I can prove it.

(door opens)

So, Commander, how long have you been using the "adjusting to gravity" excuse for making a mess?

Habits form in 21 days.

I have 312 in space. I don't need an excuse.

Rosie, what are you doing?

Visual intracranial pressure syndrome.


(exhales sharply)

It can develop in astronauts during long-duration space flights.

Their eyeballs flatten, and their vision becomes hit and miss.

But you already knew that.

And eye drops won't help.

Laura got burned fixing your mistake, didn't she?

She could see just fine, but you couldn't.

Even if that were true and she did save my ass, why would I kill her?

Because if Laura told anyone, your career would be over.

That's why.

This is the part where you either give us a confession or a damn good alibi... honey.

Villa: His alibi checks out.

The day Laura Hill died, our space cowboy checked in for a spa day at No More Knots.

Got the deep tissue, stuck around for the steam room.

He's not a great tipper.

No, no surprise there.

He may not have killed her, but his report sure didn't help her NASA career.

And if it weren't for that Russian...


...Hill could have been a commander herself.

All right, let Yuri go.

We'll tackle this with fresh eyes in the morning.

♪ In this madness, in this world ♪

So Ma and your former captain up all night playing Color Me Badd.

Now I know how you felt when she seduced your baseball coach.

Yeah, man.

Her and Coach Gonzalez running the bases all season and I still can't throw a curveball.



You and this Adrian guy, huh?


I really like him.

Hmm. Okay.

What do you mean, "Okay?"

Okay, like, if you really liked him, you'd have given him a drawer.

You went through my drawers?

I'm an intelligence officer, trained to assess any new environment I enter into.


Plus, the pizza guy needed some cash, so...

In your, uh, sock drawer?!

Really, Detective?

Hey, most burglars go straight to the freezer.


And you said you bought us dinner.

Uh-uh, no, I said I got us dinner.


I sweet-talked the pizza girl into some extra bread sticks.

You're welcome, by the way.

So, um...

...when exactly did your last tour end?

I told you. I got back this morning.


'Cause I noticed your luggage didn't have any tags.

And my sister intuition told me to put a call in to a friend at Army CID.

You landed four months ago, Marcos.

What's this... an interrogation, sis?

Only if you're hiding something.

All right.

All right, truth is I've been couch surfing.

It's been a rough landing. It always is.

How can I help?

You know, when I first enlisted, I...

I wanted to get as far away from Miami as I could.

I guess I never expected all the things I was running from to be waiting for me when I got back.

I'm gonna get us some more beers.

(clears throat)

♪ Oh, shining star ♪
♪ Please look down for me ♪

Villa: Hey, we've been focused on what happened to Laura in space, but what if what got her killed was waiting for her down on earth when she got back?

What's that?

EMPD techs just recovered partial health and activity data from the victim's fit watch.

Well, let's see if we can retrace her final steps.



The GPS data points are fragmented, but we've got number of steps, heart rate, and calories burned.

Okay, so on Laura's last run, she took 6,000 steps, stopped, but her heart rate spiked.

Well, we need to figure out where she was and what made her vitals spike.

Well, we don't have her route.

6,000 steps is about three miles.

Pull up a map from Laura's neighborhood.

Okay, so a three-mile jog from her apartment would take her past a liquor store, a church, Connie's Kung Pao Chicken.

A place called Nova Fleet.

Nova Fleet? That's an aerospace company.

Well, that's a great place to hang out if you're an airplane.

Then I say we pay them a visit.

Let's pay them a visit.

Villa: Look familiar?

The logo from Laura's iPad.

Detective Villa, Dr. Rosewood.

Jason Hiyashi.

I'm sorry about the pat-down.

We have to take precautions.

I understand you're here about Laura Hill.

What exactly do you do here?

Oh, what you see around you is the next giant leap in human space travel.

I think NASA beat you to it.

NASA only sends astronauts into space.

Nova Fleet is developing safe, refuelable spacecraft for the public with all the comforts of a luxury car.

We want everyone to experience the wonders of space.

Mm, everyone with a couple millions dollars lying around, right?

Well, the first automobiles weren't exactly cheap, either.

The thing is this planet cannot be home to 7.5 billion of us forever.

We hope with time that Nova Fleet can help lead us to our next one.

I'm in! You got an extra seat?

I'm sorry. We sold out in nine minutes.


But tonight, we are unveiling our new Series One rocket to the public.


Never thought I'd be doing it without Laura.

Laura worked for you?

Consulted, yeah.

NASA doesn't pay well. We do.

Most of us here have only dreamt of space.

Laura had gone.

Her experience was invaluable.

Mm, so in a few years, we'll all be vacationing on Mars, right?

I know. It sounds impossible.

But great innovation always does.

I'm a visionary.

I make things happen.

I like the confidence.

Mr. Hiyashi, they're ready for you.

Excuse me.

(cellphone buzzes)

Hey, Pipp, what's up?

Pippy: I've I.D.'d the white powder under Laura's fingernail... sodium bicarbonate.

Baking soda?

Just like Mom uses in the kitchen.

Or a kid in a science fair.

Our teacher friend lied to us.

Evie saw Laura right before she died.

Villa: The school's principal said Evie took off after lunch.

Rosewood: They have any idea where she went?

No, but Evie's father is retired Air Force.

He keeps a plane at Fremont Airfield.

Man: Sorry, only authorized personnel.

Villa: What about Evie Hower?

She's authorized.

Not to fly a plane, she's not.

By Captain Hower...

Her father?

Yeah, he probably taught her how to fly before she could walk.

But we checked.

And she's not licensed.

So unless you want us to file a complaint with the FAA, tell us where she is.

(airplane engine starts)

(car engine revs)

(tires screech)

(horn honks)

So you want to tell me why you lied about seeing Laura, or skip to the part where you pushed her out of this plane?


Evie Hower: This is crazy. I would never hurt Laura.

She was one of my oldest friends.

Well, sometimes we hurt the ones we love.

Was it jealousy?

It must have been hard seeing Laura become a hero.

No, I was happy for Laura.

Then why did you lie about seeing her?

A couple of weeks ago, Laura came by the school.

I was setting up for the science fair.

She was about to go on leave.

She told me she was gonna marry Rodrigo.

They were in love, and she asked me to be her maid of honor.

This isn't story time.

Answer the question, why lie?

Why take off?

Because Laura wasn't the only one in love with Rodrigo... was she?

You wanted her job and her man?

Love triangles never end well.

No, look, Rodrigo called me.

He said he needed to talk.

I went over there.

He said he suspected Laura was seeing another guy, and he thought that I would know who.

And one thing led to another...

Wait, hold up. You slept with him?


I did not see that coming.

Well, it sounds like our love triangle turned into a love square.

I guess math can be interesting.

Well, technically, it's geometry.

Keep talking.

I don't know how it happened.

It was a mistake. He was hurting.

Who was the guy Laura was seeing?

I don't know if there even was one, but Rodrigo was convinced.

He said it was some guy she was working with.

If you expect us to believe Rodrigo killed Laura, save it.

He was in space, which is a pretty good alibi.

I wasn't running. I swear.

I just needed to get away and clear my head.

We're gonna have to search your plane.

(cellphone buzzing)

If we find traces of Laura, you'll be grading science projects from a prison cell.

Everything okay?

I don't know.

(police siren wails in distance)

(police radio chatter, indistinct conversations)

Villa: (sighs) Thanks.

I'll take it from here.

Marcos: (slurring) Hey, oh!

There she is.

Detective Annalise Villa... the toughest cop in all of Miami.

What's up, sis?

You all right?

No, man.

Three tours in the desert, and I can't get one drink in Miami.

You believe that?

Yeah, it sounds like you had plenty.

(chuckles) Yeah.

Yo, you remember when Pops used to hustle people on the tables in there?

I thought it was a dump then.

Man, look at it now. (laughs)

All right, come on.

Let's sleep this off at home.


♪ Left my home for the DMZ ♪
♪ Mama can't cook that MRE ♪
♪ Give me tents and my green beret ♪
♪ Soldiers till we're DOA ♪

All right, come on.

I'm gonna walk. I'm gonna walk.

I'm gonna walk!

Donna: T, if I'm not allowed to obsess over Beaumont's transplant, you're not allowed to obsess over that thing.

Are you kidding me?

These are the actual blueprints for Nova Fleet's manned commercial spacecraft.

Pippy: (laughs)

Give the girl a break, Mom.

That is the closest that she'll ever get to space.



Uh-oh. What's up?

Is there a... a sibling code for "my brother's acting weird but he won't tell me what it's about?"

Oh, girl, no.

There's no sibling code for that.

That's just called everyday life.


Hey, I got your call. What's up?

New tox.

Laura's body was covered with a thin film of Imazalil.

A fungicide used in orange groves, like the one that Laura was found in.

It can prevent the decay and decomposition of fruits, plants...

Or a body.


We thought that Laura had been dead for seven days.

We were wrong.

She's actually been dead for over two weeks.

Two weeks ago, Rodrigo was on the ground.

So much for his alibi.

Esposito: Sorry, Doctor.

Rodrigo just landed a few hours ago.

You can't speak with him. He's being monitored.

What's wrong with him?

It takes days to adjust to gravity.

You got to regain balance, rebuild your strength.

Well, he can still use his mouth to talk, right?

He just became the prime suspect in Laura's murder.

So Feldheim looked into Rodrigo.

Turns out a few months ago, he showed up at Nova Fleet, demanding to speak with Hiyashi.

Security came, kicked him out, but no one ever pressed charges.

Sounds like Evie was telling the truth about Rodrigo's jealousy.

Maybe he thought Hiyashi was the other man.

Excuse me, sir, I'm sorry to interrupt.

It's Rodrigo. He's gone.

Gone? Where did he go?

I don't know.

He took your Porsche.

What?! Excuse me.

So if Rodrigo was mad enough to kill Laura because she was cheating, I bet you he's mad enough to kill whoever he thought she was cheating with.

We need to get to Hiyashi before Rodrigo does.

If not, you could have a second body on your table.

(upbeat music playing)

(indistinct conversations)

I already told you. Mr. Hiyashi is not available.

Look, the man's in danger.

Which is what you'll be if you don't tell us where he is right now.

Hiyashi: Good evening.

And welcome to Nova Fleet.

Throughout history, humans have reached for the stars.

Now... we can touch them.


I give you...

(crowd cheering)

...Series One.

(cheers and applause)

(camera shutters clicking)

Thank you.

(cheers and applause continue)

That's great.

We need to get you into protective custody right now, until we find Rodrigo.

Detective, I don't follow. Why me?

We think that he's convinced that something was going on between you and Laura, and that's why he killed her.

But we were just colleagues.

Look, I appreciate your concern, but my security stopped Rodrigo before.

I can't leave. I'm sorry.

We need backup.

I posted Feldheim and Young at the main door.

Don't leave Hiyashi's side.

I'll work with his team to secure the other entrances.

I missed the scoop, 'cause if I would have known we were gonna be on a stakeout, I would have worn one of my tuxes.

One of them? How many do you have?

Well, you got be ready for the tails and no tails.

Rosie, nobody here is wearing a tux.

Maybe they should.

Listen, this guy is smart, angry, and jealous... a bad combo.

We need eyes on him before he makes his move.

Ho, ho, hold up. Whoa, whoa.

You guys aren't gonna hook me up with a bud?

Do you even know how to work a bud?

This isn't my first bud, all right?

I was born for the bud.

Our transition to carbon-wrapped titanium allowed us to expand the capacity of each Series One to 12 passengers.

Entrances are secure.

No sign of him here.

I'll go check outside.

Rosewood: 10, what's your 20, copy?

Rosie, what are you doing?

Hey, I just want to know, are we using, like, the traditional lingo or am I allowed to improvise?


I just want to make sure that we're on the same page, you know.

Those who abuse their buds, lose their buds.

Copy that.

Slade: I got eyes on Rodrigo's ride.

Stand by.

(indistinct conversations in distance)


Bad news, guys.

I think he's already inside.

Now, remember he's still recovering from re-entry.

He's sensitive to lights and noises as his body adjusts.

And he's still unlikely to be solid on his feet.

Man: Ah!


Hiyashi: All of us were saddened to hear of the loss of astronaut Laura Hill.

I was privileged enough to get to know Laura when she consulted for us.

She was a wonderful woman, one who shared our dream of space travel for all.

We will honor her memory.

Give me your gun. Now.

Well, I'm afraid I can't do that, seeing as how there's a room full of people here.

It's just not gonna happen, man.

You must be Rodrigo.

Rosie, do you see him?

Gun now, or I slice you open in front of all these nice people.

Look, do me a favor.


Could you move that blade two inches to the right?

I'm trying to keep that kidney warm for a friend.

EMPD, drop it.

(crowd screaming)

Think about what you're doing.

Let us get you some help.

I said drop it.

What's going on here?

Laura and I were starting our lives together.

You took her from me!

(loud feedback)

(crowd screams)


You don't look so good, man.

I think you should lie down.

Yeah, that's the power of the bud.

You better get that checked out.

(crowd murmuring)

We good?

(police siren chirps, indistinct conversations)

Slade: Cut's not too deep.

Your little guy should be just fine.

Rosewood: I'm just glad you're all right.

You know, uh, you were a preemie, just like me.

3 pounds, 8 ounces. Why?

I wanted to know everything about your health, so I made some calls, pulled your medical files.

You know, a low birth weight means that you're at a greater risk for developing kidney complications in the future.

That risk increases if you're a donor.

Now, I discussed all that with my doctor already.

It's an allowable risk.

Well, not for me.

I'm not gonna risk your life to save my own.


You finally found it.

Mm-hmm, the basketball, the coffee mug... that's what all this was about.

No risk to my life was low enough to you.

You wanted a reason to say no.

I found a pretty good one.

No, you didn't.

Look, I know you're not the type of guy that lets people help him.

I get that.

But you need a kidney, or you're not gonna make it.

I know.

But not like this.


Let me guess.

You're still trying to make your own spaceship?

Propulsion science can make a girl feel dumb.

You're the smartest girl I know.

You'll figure it out.

Let me see.

Looks like whatever space bug TMI caught just spread to your sister.

I'm just glad they're close again.

Relationships shouldn't end until they're finished.

Unless they're trying to kill you.



The ring.

It was in her pocket.


Laura loved Rodrigo, so why wasn't she wearing the ring?

If your fiancé takes you up for a romantic flight, you wear the ring he gave you.

The only reason to put it in your pocket would be...

You're not with your fiancé.

Tmi: Hi, sorry.

Uh, I know this is gonna sound crazy, I know that I'm a little distracted by Hiyashi's designs... or, okay, obsessed.

But I missed something.

We... we all did.

Okay, check the date. Bottom corner.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

We arrested the wrong guy.

Hiyashi: It's beautiful, isn't it?

From the first time that I saw Saturn's rings as a child, I wanted to reach up and touch them, see the sunrise from space.

You know, only a handful of people in human history know what that's like.

Laura Hill was one of them.

Rosie heard a seat opened up on this thing, insisted we come by.

I'm afraid you heard wrong.

No passengers have dropped out.

Actually, someone might miss their flight.

We thought the designs Laura had were yours, but they were dated two years before Nova Fleet began.

I don't understand what you're saying, Detective.

The Series One rocket isn't your design.

It's hers.

Rodrigo was right.

Laura was your partner in more ways than one.

She wanted credit for her work.

Yeah, but you didn't want to share your place in the history books.

Does this story have a point?

You know, I thought it was funny that you weren't afraid of Rodrigo tonight.

Now I know why.

You knew there was only one murderer in the room... you.

You can't prove that.

"I'm a visionary. I make things happen."

Recognize this?

That's the seatbelt from your helicopter.

And those threads... from the shirt Laura was wearing the day she fell out of the sky.

Based on her DNA and prints, I'd say that wasn't the first time you took her up on a little romantic flight.

But you didn't even need to push her out, did you?

All it took was a broken belt and a hard left.

Laura's work is gonna shape our future.

You're just gonna be a footnote in her story, not the other way around.

She's the real hero.

(knock on door)

Slade: Mrs. Rosewood.

Please. Donna.

Is this a good time?

Yeah, of course. Come on in.

Slade: (sighs)

You know, I... I never thanked you for the juices you sent.

They, um... they tasted... very healthy.

That's the least I can do.

Well, to be honest, I've been so busy worrying about how this transplant will go, I...

I never took the time to thank you.

Yeah, well, that's not necessary.

Yes, it is.

You are saving my son's life.

So if there's anything that I can do to help, I'm here for you, too.

Oh. Almost forgot.

My son asked me to give you this.

He must think very highly of you.

He does.

So do I.

Have a good night.

You, too.


(sighs heavily)

That one's my favorite.

That's a satellite.

What? Oh.

Okay, never mind.

Slade told me you turned down his kidney.

So, what's the plan?

You don't have one.

I'll get back on the donor list, try my luck.

I'm pretty sure you lectured me once about accepting help from others.

I can't.

I know.

And I'm not worried.

You're gonna be just fine.

I know you are.

So why do I get the feeling that I'm not the only guy you're worried about tonight?

When you and I met, I wasn't the easiest girl to get to know, was I?

I vaguely remember you telling me to get lost like 10 times a day.

(both chuckle)

I'm worried.

Marcos and I are more alike than I'd like to admit.

You know, it takes just a few hours to return from space, but weeks to adjust on Earth.

And when you get back, everything's a lot heavier than what you remember, until you get stronger.

No one knows how hard it is coming home more than you.

You want to help him?

What helped you?


(door opens)

(door closes)

Don't tell me you're leaving.

I just brought home all your favorite foods.

No, you didn't.

No, I didn't.

Requested an assignment in the Philippines.

You should come visit me.

I hear the diving's great.

Look, when I came back to Miami, this... this place didn't feel like home for me, either.

I mean, Dad's M.I.A., Mom's Mom, and I felt like an alien.

So I shut down, and I pushed everyone I knew out of the way.

Ah, yes, the Villa family tradition.


But then I met the world's biggest pain in the ass... who also happens to have... the biggest heart.



And for some reason I still don't get... he wouldn't give up on me.

It looks like you built a hell of a life for yourself here.

Yeah, well, so can you.

Please, I...

Bro, our family's broken.

And we all act like we don't need each other, but we do.

I do.

I mean...

I mean, my best friend's gonna die.

I'm scared, and I can't tell him.

So for the first time in a long time...

I feel... alone.

You're too busy being strong for everybody else, you have nobody to be strong for you.

Look, I don't want to hold you back.


I could really use a brother right now.



But if anybody plays Color Me Badd around here, I'm out.



That's fair.

♪ Oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪


♪ You gotta be noble ♪

Everything go all right?



♪ Gotta be known ♪
♪ Gotta be good now ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Gotta be ♪