01x11 - Game On



Thanks, Richard.

Thanks for coming. It's a really big help.

Oh. Hey, no problem.


So, uh, what am I, uh, helping with?

Henry and I suddenly decided to go to the movies, and Stevie's working late, so you are here to help watch the kids.

Oh. Great.


What movie are you gonna see?

We're not. That's the story.

It reinforces that you're here as a friend, not as a CIA agent.

Oh, well, good thing your kids are grown.

I couldn't really pull off the baby-sitting cover.

All right, what have you got?

The bank account number that Nadine gave you in Caracas is registered to a dummy corporation.

Henry: "Kliborne Oil and Gas."

Who has access to it?

Three signatories.

"Louis Donald, Carlotta Taniston and Marie Porter."

All pseudonyms?

Couldn't get a positive I.D. on any of them.

So there's no way to find out how much Secretary Marsh had in the account.

Or how it got there.

Well, not unless you know one of 'em.

Why do I have the feeling you're about to show off some bad-ass analytical skills?

There was an English student at Cornell in 1984 who did her senior thesis under the supervision of Dr. Malcolm Taniston, a world-renowned scholar on Victorian literature.

Her thesis was on Charlotte Bronte. Charlotte.

Carlotta. Taniston.

That is a stretch.

Not considering who that student was.

Nadine Tolliver.

Your chief of staff wasn't completely forthcoming on her knowledge of the account.

So Nadine can get us into the account.

Only if you're willing to trust her that far.

Don't have much choice.

Okay, but even if you get her on board, her account is only accessible in person.

Biometrics, fingerprints, iris scans.

We're going to Caracas.


Henry: What?

I'm supposed to go on a goodwill tour of South America, and we've been debating about whether or not Venezuela should be on the list, and this settles it.

There's so many things wrong with that idea.

Yeah, yeah, he's right.

Starting with, President Suarez hates the United States and will loudly and publicly refuse to receive you.

I will change his opinion with my irrepressible diplomatic charm.

What, and go snooping around some money-laundering bank?

I'm gonna start the campaign to get in President Suarez's good graces.


Someone's got to put the brakes on here... what are we doing?

We agreed.

We all said that we were gonna see this through.

No, we agreed to embark. I reserve the right to say when we've done...

You're the one that said that it was important to know what we were dealing with.

Our only form of protection, remember? You said that.

Well, you're not going without me.

Great. Find a sub and get on my plane.

Okay, we gotta find someone to watch the kids.

I only do fake baby-sitting.

Elizabeth: We'll figure that one out.

Listen, while I'm away, I want you to run some Intel on Russell Jackson.

I can't believe you can look that guy in the face every day.

Oh, I can't, not knowing if he and the president were behind Marsh's murder.

Okay, done. Shouldn't you two pretend to go to the movies now?

Oh, yeah.

All right, okay, uh, can we pretend to go to an action movie?

I'm not pretending to go to some period piece... English accent, the whole, like, the subtitle...

Right, right, okay.


So, about this goodwill trip to South America.

What about it?

It's exciting.

We're gonna be having fun in the sun.

Spreading cheer in the hemisphere.

Feeling fine below the line.


Venezuela is actually north of the Equator.

Wait, I thought Venezuela was off the table.

Well, apparently, it's back on.

Didn't you read the memo?


You were saying?

Did you get one of these?


It's the DS-760, and if we both sign it, it just states that we're in a mutually satisfactory and non-coercive relationship.

So that no one files a harassment claim.

That... that is one way of looking at it.

The other is that it lets us be together in a bigger hotel room while traveling.


Talking king-size suite, matching robes.


p0rn on demand.


I mean art films on demand.

Dirty art films.


I think my non-coerced heart just skipped a beat.

Well, if we both sign, we'll travel in style.

Look, I only broke off my engagement two weeks ago.

And I don't want to sign some official form that everyone in HR gets to see.

Okay. Maybe I'll give you a chance to read it over.

No big surprise, President Suarez has refused our request to visit.

Straight up or with a twist?

Blake: According to the Consular Office, his exact words were, "Your imperialist propaganda is not welcome here."

Pretty definitive.

This is diplomacy. Nothing is definitive.

Jay: Except that Venezuela is a hot mess right now... anti-government protests, 15 opposition leaders placed under house arrest.

Nadine: The economy is in crisis.

President Suarez is amping up his anti-American rhetoric.

It's going to be tough, persuading him.

President Suarez is talking about cancelling the upcoming election.

Nadine: And you want to talk him out of it?

I want to try.

But I got to get through the door first.

Matt: Well, we could pare back the language in your official South American tour statement.

Make it less threatening.

No, I want to be absolutely clear about our intentions.

Nadine: Then you have to sweeten the pot.

Without caving on policy.

So, are we at crazy ideas?


We can try celebrity diplomacy.

Suarez craves fame and adoration.

And he also happens to love baseball.

Right. He's a fanatic.

Personally coaches the Venezuelan national team.

Daisy: I give you Manny Azucco, one of the greatest ballplayers ever.

Fifteenth on the list of all-time hitters.

Eleven trips to the All-Star Game, three World Series rings, and he is easy on the eyes.

Oh, yes.


We get it.

Jay: I think it's a great idea.

He's big in the U.S., but he's a God in Venezuela, where he was born.

Daisy: Exactly. He just retired, and he's hotter than ever.


Well, he is.

Jay: Ma'am, we get Manny Azucco to come along, El Presidente might go for it.

You think you can pull this off, Daisy?

I took the liberty of contacting his people.

He's very open to the idea.

All right, let's make the official call.

Get Mr. Azucco on board, see if President Suarez responds.

Thank you, everyone.



Hang back for a minute.


I know you have your meeting coming up with Jackson.

Oh, yeah, that meeting.


How are you feeling?

Ma'am, I never give him anything but the official line.

Things you'd tell him yourself.

I know.

And with all due respect, how much longer do I need to keep doing this?

Being your double agent guy?

A little bit longer.

We need to up the game.

As in...?

Give him some real information.

Something I wouldn't normally tell him about.

What would that be?

It has to do with my recent meeting with the Israeli delegation... a private conversation I had with Ambassador Dori.


Tell him we met, you overhead something about Dubai.



That's it?

Just Dubai?


Nothing in particular about Dubai?


Okay, fine.

Um, what if he asks questions?

That's all you know.

That's really good, because that is all I know.

I know.


If confusion is an asset, then I am your man.

You are.

Thanks, Matt.



Madam Secretary, you wanted to see me?

This name... mean anything to you?

Should it?

Are you Carlotta Taniston?


Did you help set up that bank account?

You engaged in a financial transaction using a false identity.

Do you have any idea how many U.S. and international fraud laws you've broken?

Yes. I lost my mind.

I thought I was in love. I...

This isn't about you and your broken heart anymore, Nadine.


You need to tell me everything you know right now.

I went with Vincent on every trip down to his ranch.

Obviously not the last one.

On the trip before that, he asked me to make a deposit at a private bank.

This was one that required not just a passport, but also fingerprints and an eye scan.

I was to sign it using our code name, Carlotta Taniston.


I'm sorry.

You didn't think there was anything weird about this transaction?

I mean, what were you thinking?

Well, I wasn't thinking!

But he said, "Oh, this is money for us.

It's for after the divorce".

And this was so that his wife wouldn't know about it and couldn't access it.

She's an attorney, and she had a lot of reach, and...

Ma'am... when you changed the itinerary to include Venezuela, this is why, isn't it?


But you and I are the only two people who are gonna know that.

Thank you.

And now you need me to access the account.

Might be the only way we ever find out the truth.

I will help you find it.

Madam Secretary, Mr. Jackson is...

You going to Venezuela?

Uh... that's the plan.

I was going to tell you when it was made official.

Their hostility to the U.S. is only outmatched by their dedication to corruption.

What on earth are you hoping to achieve?

Damage repair, superficial engagement, stop bad from going to worse.


Vincent Marsh always seemed a little too interested in that place.

It's not just that he had property down there.

He was friendly with the oil companies, even held meetings with some of the local oil barons.

So, Marsh was in bed with Suarez's opponents?

Not surprising El Presidente is hostile towards us.

Well, I'm just saying, tread carefully.

Suarez is a lunatic, but Venezuela is still a major source for petroleum.

I'll do my best to keep you informed.

I'm sure you will.

You know, the manifest said Marsh was on his way to Caracas on his last flight.

Maybe you can finish what he started.

What's that?

Actually land.

I really don't appreciate your sense of humor.

Have a safe trip.

Then we wrap up our Venezuelan trip with a press conference, where you will stand between Secretary McCord and President Suarez.

Jay: In a literal representation of baseball as a bridge between our nations.

Or as common ground.

Jay: I defer all metaphors to our illustrious speechwriter.

Oh, and don't worry about your speech.

Matt can talk to you on the plane and draft something that's heartfelt.

Anything you need, we'll be there.

Well, you guys got all the bases covered, huh?

(all laughing)

Elizabeth: Is that a baseball reference I hear?

Manny: Madam Secretary.

Mr. Azucco, thank you so much for stepping up to the plate for us.

Oh, I'm happy to be in the lineup.

We can do this all day, can't we?

But you are not just any teammate.

.340 average in the postseason and 472 career home runs... wow!

So you're a fan, huh?

Actually, I know virtually nothing about baseball, but I am smart enough to be briefed by people who do, like my assistant Blake.

The irony is I know even less.

Quick study.


Well, I just hope I can deliver.

No American Cabinet member has made an official state visit to Venezuela this century, so you have already hit it out of the ballpark.

I... okay, I'm out of control.


Thank you.

You're very welcome.

Elizabeth: Okay, you are all set, food-wise, and if you guys want to order a pizza, I'm going to leave you...

I have cash.

I think we're going to survive, Mom.

Well, do I have to say no parties?


No boyfriends.

We're not 12.

Well, you were a shorter time ago than you think.

That doesn't even make sense.

It will when you have kids.

I doubt our kids will have a security detail waiting outside to make sure we don't throw a kegger.

Elizabeth: Well, hey, you never know.

But you make a good point.

Thank you for coming home to do this.

I know I'm not exactly your favorite person in the world right now.

I'm here for Ali.

Okay, understood. That's good.

Okay, barring any disasters, Jason will be on his Killington trip the whole time.

We're all set. Glasses.


No boyfriends. No parties.

Roger that.

Got it?

I just said that.


Okay, you ready?

Yes, I am.

Let's go.


Bye, girls.

Bye, darling.


Hey, your good, everybody.

Henry: Bedtime is 9:00 p.m.

Yes. Where are my glasses?

On your face. On your face.

All right.

Jackson: Does the secretary suspect anything?

Matt: No.

I-I mean, I don't think so.

I'm still in the loop.

Tell me about it.

The loop.

I don't know.

We're conducting the diplomatic business of the nation.

There was one thing a couple weeks ago.

She, um, she brought in the Israeli ambassador and his delegation on short notice.


No idea.

But she cleared her schedule to do it.

She must have had a reason.

I saw her talk to Ambassador Dori.

About what?


Well, she was being pretty private about it.

But I think I heard her say, "Dubai."



What about it?

That's... that's all I heard.

You can pull over here.

Have a pleasant trip.

Keep your ears open down there.


Suarez: Secretary McCord.

Welcome to our humble paradise.

President Suarez.

Dr. McCord.

Nice to meet you.

My beautiful wife, Sylvia.

Nice to meet you, Sylvia.

You, too.



Elizabeth: Thank you, President Suarez, for having us.

Matt: Mrs. El Presidente is mucho mucho.

Miss Universe 2002.

Breathe, Matt.

Venezuela has the most Miss Universe winners besides the United States.

Gotta love our homegrown talent.

Suarez: Now, let us not pretend about why you're here, Madam Secretary.

Spreading democracy?

Free elections?

Uh... Manny?

You're up.

(speaking Spanish)

We're in.

Game on.

(continue speaking Spanish)

(indistinct conversations)

Okay, so I was finally able to pry Suarez away from Manny, and I'm not saying mission accomplished, but El Presidente just agreed to look over the joint statement.

Big Sugar knocks in a run.

Yeah, except do you see what I'm seeing over here?

(indistinct conversation)

Matt: Is she touching his butt?

Blake: Okay... ballplayers do do that.

Not like that.

Okay, she cannot run those bases.

What are you gonna do about it?

Run interference.

First of all, you can't mix sports metaphors.

Second of all, what kind of interference?

Ew. Why did you just go there?

What am I supposed to think?

You didn't sign those papers.

Hi, guys.

How you doing?

Is everything good?

Blake: Our heroine.

International incident averted.

Yeah, if only she didn't seem to enjoy it so much.

Nadine: El Presidente's people say he's approved the "open to considering elections" language.

Well, who'd-a thunk?

Real progress on our fake trip.

We've called the press conference for noon tomorrow.

And our other business?

Well, I should have a few hours free in the morning.

Can I see that passport?

Marsh ever tell you where he had this made?

Nadine: No. But no one questioned it when I was made a signator to the account.

Well, they wouldn't.

Fine piece of tradecraft.

Definitely get you through the first layer of security.

After that, they'll scan biometrics.

Ma'am, I am not accustomed to doing this kind of thing.

I know, but you'll be fine, Nadine.

Yeah, thanks.

I'll give you the advice my first handler gave me.

Get in, get out, say as little as possible.


(wry chuckle)

Yeah, I wasn't very impressed either.

Good night, ma'am.

Good night. (sighs heavily)

(door opens)


Well played, Dr. McCord.

You're not the only one in this marriage capable of a charm offensive.


The steak is cold.

It's perfect. (chuckles)

How's Nadine?

She's okay.

She wants to know the truth about Marsh as much as I do.

What about you?

I'm hungry.

But you know what I want to do before we eat?

I know what I want to do.

Call the kids.

That's exactly what I was thinking.



We got to call the kids.

Call the kids.

Oh, my God.

Here we go.

Mom, everything is fine.

Stevie just had to go out.

What do you mean she went out?

This-this late? What?

We were out of milk.


Since when does anybody other than Jason care about milk?

(door closing)

Oh, wait, she's here.

Do you want to talk to her?

Yeah, I want to...

I love you, Ali.


Hi, Mom.

Stevie, what do you mean you were out getting milk?

Soy milk. I can't have the real stuff.

Since when?

I, uh, decided not to drink dairy anymore.

Um, is it really that big of a deal, though?

I mean, I was only gone for ten minutes.

No, but I...

No-no more going out.

The whole point of having you there was... having you there.

Okay, I promise.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Okay, wait, Stevie...

Okay, something is definitely going on there.

Mm, yeah, but we have a whole team of agents to look out for them.

What could they possibly be up to?


But I mean, you think that maybe they could slip a kegger past the detail?

Well, y... no.

No. Come on.

One conspiracy at a time, okay?

(quietly): Okay.

So, did the security guys suspect anything?

Who do you think you're dealing with here?

Even that tall guy, always asking questions?


I signed James in, I put my arm around him.

Tall guy didn't blink.

Thank you so much.

You should thank Mom.

Why are you so mad at her anyways?

Do you really care?


Hey there.

Expecting someone else?

What part of "hey there" says that?

Your tone.

Like you were hoping for Big Sugar.

Oh, stop.

(whistling jaunty tune)

Manny, uh, what is it?

What do you want it to be?

Wow. Uh, anything but what I think it is.

And what's that?

(laughs) Okay.

Done with 20 questions.

You need to go back to your room.

Or maybe you need to let me in.


Has anyone ever said no to you in your entire adult life?

Not that I recall.

Then listen up.

No. (chuckles)

Playing hard to get, huh?

I'm not playing. Period.

But we're on vacation.

I'm working.

(laughs) You're funny.

Wow, you can't even comprehend being told the word no, can you?

All right, let me try one other thing.

♪ ♪

(clears throat loudly) Pardonnez-moi, guys.

Ali, come here.

Babe, just give me a sec.

So, what do you want to do?

I don't know... his parents think he's at Eddie Jankowski's place for the night.


So maybe he can stay?

Maybe as in you want him to stay or not?

It's after 1:30, so if I'm going to drive him home, this is it.

I don't know.

I think he may be the one.

And he has, you know, protection.


And Mom and Dad will never know?

I signed him in.

Tall security guy thinks he's with me.

You're in the clear.

You're the best.

Thank you.


See you in the morning.

James, let's go upstairs.

James: Sounds like a plan.


Wait, wait. James, no. I'm gonna drive you home.

What? You just said he could stay.

Well, now I'm saying that he can't.

Come on.



♪ ♪

Right thumbprint.

(rapid beeping)


Five minutes, ladies and gentlemen.

Comenzamos en cinco minutos, señoras y señores.

We agreed on new guidelines for U.S. oil companies sharing drilling rights, and he's not saying one way or another on free elections, which means he's not ruling them out.

Well, I found some great baseball allusions for Madam Secretary's introduction.

I mean, there's this whole extended metaphor about fielding... which I see she's cut, probably for time.

Yeah, I'm sure that was it.

One week before Secretary Marsh's death the account contained 40 million U.S. dollars.

Any names of depositors?

Just numbers. But the money is gone.

The account has been emptied out.

By Marsh?


The money was withdrawn the day after he died.

Do the bank records show who withdrew the money?

It's a name I didn't recognize.

She signed in as the corporation's recording secretary.

Marie Porter.

Do you know who that is?


But I know it's a pseudonym.

Like Carlotta Taniston.

Well, you'll need to find out who she is.

And what the hell Vincent Marsh was doing.

Thank you, Nadine.

I swear I'm glad he's dead.

Daisy: Madam Secretary, we're ready to start.




We need to talk.

Do we?

I'm sorry for last night.

Water under the bridge.

Whoa... so you're not gonna tell anyone?

Of course not.

Well, listen.

It's really important that I can count on you.

Mm-hmm. (sniffs)

You must worry a lot about protecting your image.

Maybe you should worry a little more about the people that look up to you.

What does that mean?

You are on a diplomatic mission, representing a country where you have the right to live the way you want to.

Think hypocrisy.

James isn't responding to my texts.

Because you didn't sleep with him?

Because you made him go home.

Wow, sounds like you picked a real winner there, Al.

Don't even. James is awesome.

Maybe you should Snapchat him a shot of your boobs.

That might get a response.

You've ruined everything.

I know.

I'm sure that you losing it to James would have been just like you always dreamed.

That's none of your business.

Actually, it is. I was only gonna let him stay to get back at Mom.

So why didn't you?

Because I didn't want to do that to you.

I liked it so much better without you here.

Don't worry, as soon as Mom and Dad are back, I'm so out.

Today marks the beginning of a new relationship between our two countries.

Finding a way to work through our differences, and to celebrate our common ground.

As a shining example, I would like to introduce another guest of President Suarez, someone I know you all want to hear from, who'd like to express his gratitude in his own words.

Manny Azucco.

Manny: Thank you, Madam Secretary.

(speaking Spanish)

My name is Emmanuel Azucco.

I'm the proud son of a Venezuelan mother, and a proud citizen of the United States.

I'm here... as a representative of my country, the United States, and the freedoms it stands for.

Freedom of speech, of assembly, freedom to vote... to choose.

To choose to be who you are and speak your truth.

So I cannot stand here...

...and not tell the truth.

And that is that I...

Manny Azucco... am gay.

(audience gasps, murmurs)

I am gay, Venezuelan-American, and proud.

(audience clamoring)

(reporters clamoring)

(speaking Spanish)

(continues in Spanish)

♪ ♪

How bad is it?

Suarez is canceling the rest of the visit, disavowing everything we've agreed upon.

We have an hour before he puts us on a plane.

Wait, all because Manny stole the spotlight?

He feels the insult was deliberate.

We weren't aware of this before, but apparently, there were rumors in the last election.

Stories that Suarez had a little fun with other cadets when he was back in the barracks.

What does that have to do with anything? I don't...

Nothing confirmed, but they were attacks on his machismo.

So now we get to deal with a brutal dictator who's always touchy.

How did this happen?

Did no one see this coming?

(clears throat) Manny may have opened up to me about his sexuality, and I may have said something about hypocrisy.

Man: Madam Secretary... the president would like to meet with you and your chief of staff.

Maybe he's reconsidering.

Yep. Yep.

Elizabeth: President Suarez, I can honestly tell you there was no intention on anyone's...

No more talking.

It is I, Suarez, who will make the terms to you, the United States.

I want a full public apology, also an apology from Señor Azucco, and a retraction.

Mr. Azucco can hardly take back being gay.

You want to humiliate me and the people of Venezuela, then I will humiliate you... Colonel?

This is Colonel Lionel Fuentes of the Policía National.

Show them.

This was delivered by the Financial Intelligence Unit, who brought it to our president's attention.

The account you accessed, Señorita Tolliver, is one of a number of accounts being monitored by the unit on suspicion of being used to conceal profits from drug dealing, funds for illegal arms, and money laundering of all kinds.

Suarez: What will the world say, Madam, when they see that your chief of staff got caught, is perhaps arrested, for doing business with a dirty bank?

I will set the terms... no talk of free elections; you will make a public statement supporting my government; and that you, Madam Secretary, would be happy if Suarez chooses to be President for Life.

You need to time to prepare your statement?

Very well. I will give you that time.

(whispers): We should go, ma'am.


At least El Presidente was very clear.

We've got to figure out a way to be just as clear.



No more incentives.

We got to beat him at his own game.

What do we have on currency conversion?

Currency conversion?

It's risky... but it's a good idea.

Elizabeth: All right.

Get Treasury on the phone.

We're in this together.

Thank you for meeting like this, Ambassador Dori.

Under such informal circumstances, it's like I'm back being a regular civilian.

(chuckles softly)

You were never a regular at anything, Lior.

You have a question?

You and our Secretary of State had a private discussion couple weeks ago.

I'm wondering if you can fill me in on the details.

It's your State Department... why won't you ask her yourself?

Or aren't the White House and Foggy Bottom on speaking terms?

Perhaps I wasn't clear.

This is me... asking on behalf of the president what you talked about with Elizabeth McCord.

Forgive me, but I'm a foreign national.

I don't have to answer... he's not my president.

Was it about an incident that took place in the Persian Gulf 11 years ago?

When you were head of Mossad, and what looked like an accident killed an enemy of Israel?

You seem to know all about it.

What more can I tell you?

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

You may have helped... just enough.

Elizabeth: President Suarez, you and I differ on many fundamental issues, but...

I think on this one we can agree... you are a clever man.

You have uncovered the fact that we are not here solely on a diplomatic mission.

I came here to indict you.

You? Indict me?

Even after your chief of staff got caught trying to withdraw funds from a dirty account?

She wasn't trying to withdraw money.

She was gathering information on my behalf for a broader investigation headed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

What kind of investigation?

Nadine: Into the lax security procedures at certain Venezuelan banks under your regime.

Elizabeth: Some might argue that your own security forces had been monitoring such banks, not in the interest of enforcement, but for blackmail.

Jay: The U.S. Treasury Department has expressed its concern, so much so that it's considering a proposal to ban all future transactions in U.S. dollars carried out by Venezuelan banks.

A measure they'll likely take, if you declare yourself dictator and deny free elections... an action which would cripple your national economy and erase whatever recovery it's made under your presidency.

I know that you inherited this banking situation.

I'm willing to advocate on your behalf with the Justice Department, assure them that you find these circumstances as reprehensible as we do.

Let us say I come around to your way of thinking.

There's still the matter of damage control after today's press conference.

Yes, we've thought of that, too.

We've been tracking Twitter and other social media.

Manny's blowing up, especially here in Venezuela.

An overwhelming majority of your country's population still view Manny Azucco as a hero and national treasure.

And it turns out that Mr. Azucco is interested in returning to baseball.

Only this time, he wants to play on a bigger stage.

He wants to play in a true World Series.

The World Baseball Classic this coming March, as a member of your national team.

Even going into retirement, his stats were pretty good.

He'd wipe the diamond with your competition.

Nadine: The highest Venezuela ever placed was third, back in 2009.

This could put your team back on top and garner world attention, as well as national pride.

Colonel Fuentes...

I wonder if I might ask a favor, as one enemy of corruption to another.

I'm listening.

I'm interested in any information you have on the other signatories on that account.

I will deliver the results to you personally.

I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Isabelle: At 12:15 this afternoon, Ambassador Dori and Russell Jackson each went off their official schedules for half an hour.

Given what you fed Jackson...

That's no coincidence.

It doesn't mean Jackson was involved in killing Marsh.

Well, it looks really bad.

So tell me what I'm looking at here.

That's a surveillance photo obtained from the Venezuelan National Police.

That's the last person to make a withdrawal on Marsh's account.

Signed herself in as...

Marie Porter.

Took out $40 million the day after Marsh's plane crashed.

You think there's enough for a facial I.D.?

Well, let's see what comes up.

I'll let you know.


You got a minute?


You scared me.

I thought we might have a talk.

You want to know about what went on in Venezuela?


And about the secret investigation you've been conducting into Vincent Marsh's death.

I thought I'd seen it all, just how far it was possible for you to go... the arrogance!

Naive behavior! The contempt!

I don't feel contempt, Russell.

Then what do you call it?

Did you think I wouldn't see, wouldn't know?

Nothing gets by me!

Do you understand that?


You thought I wouldn't notice you questioning the NTSB report?

That says conclusively Secretary Vincent Marsh died in an accident.

You didn't think I-I'd find out you talked to Dori?

About an identical accident, same plane, in the Middle East... in the Persian Gulf?

Except that some people think it wasn't an accident, that it was staged, most likely by the Israelis, to murder someone on their enemies list.

What am I supposed to think about that?

That I don't believe that Marsh's death was an accident.

You think it was murder.

It was.

But you somehow fail to share your suspicions.

Not suspicions.

Well, you don't share it with the people you work with.

With the people supposedly on your team... myself and the president of the United States.

So what am I supposed to think? Hmm?

What possible reason could there be... except you think I had him killed.

Thought you might have knowledge of it, yes.

You seriously think that I... and the president... are assassins?

(quietly): No.

Not anymore.


When'd you change your mind?

Just now.

You didn't just find out about my conversation with Dori.

I led you to it.

I fed you that information and you went for it.

Now you're showing me your hand and that tells me everything.

A guy like you, Russell?

With your resources? You could've covered this up, throw me off the scent, probably create false trails of evidence... everything but what you're doing right now.



I didn't want to be right about you and the president.

Can I assume he's not involved?

Of course you can.

My God, all this time...

How could you just... go about your business?

That's what I was trained for.

(sighs heavily)

Tell me everything.

That could take awhile.

I've got all night.


(Stevie laughs)

Oh, it is good to have you back.

I'm not back... I just did you a favor, remember?

So did you start the discussion yet?

I was waiting for you.

Wait... there's a discussion? Really?

You're gonna punish me for helping you out?

It's not punishment. We just have some questions.

Okay, so, an interrogation, then?

Look, I checked with security when I came in.

Apparently you signed in a visitor around 10:00 p.m. the other night.

Someone named James Montgomery?

And he didn't check out until 1:45 a.m.?

Yeah. So?

Stevie... a guy we don't know, with Alison in the house?

Oh, come on, he's a guy that I know.

From the restaurant. He just wanted to drop by.

Elizabeth: So late?

It's not late for people my age.

He just wanted to come by, hang out and talk, which is all we did.

Is it really that big of a problem?

I'm sorry that I lied, okay? I just didn't want to worry you.

Going forward...

I would rather that you worry us than lie to us.

Okay. Lesson learned. I'm sorry.

Henry: So you're not really off of real milk?



I'm making pancakes.


Thank you for staying and doing that.

No problem.

(phone buzzing)

Yeah, Isabelle, talk to me.

I got an I.D. on Marie Porter.

You're not gonna like who she works for.

The last person to take money out of the account in Caracas was an Iranian national.

She signed in as Marie Porter, but her real name is Samila Mahdavi.

She's a known affiliate of VEVAK.

The Iranian Foreign Intelligence Ministry.

So the lead goes overseas.

And straight to the government of Iran.

And there go the peace talks.


It's time for you to hand this off, Bess.

To the people who really should be handling it...


The CIA.

And the president?

You already stopped him from starting one war with Iran, Bess.

Let's not give him a reason to start another.

Not unless we're sure.

You really think we could be sending cruise missiles into Tehran?

If the Iranians were behind the murder of the Secretary of State, it won't just be cruise missiles... and it won't just be Tehran.