01x12 - Standoff

(coyote howls)

Man: Hey, Ochoa.

Texas State Troopers!

Drop your weapons!

Drop 'em!


How bad you hit, Banks?

Elizabeth: I know you and your son have been through a lot these past few months, Mrs. Banks.

Your husband's death was a terrible tragedy, and I know that you want to see the man responsible face justice.

As do I.

Carlos Ochoa has been apprehended in Mexico, and they are willing to extradite him.

But they haven't.

As you know, the sticking point has been Mexico's standing policy against extraditing any of its citizens to a country with the death penalty.

But he's a member of a drug cartel and a murderer.

What do they care?

Elizabeth: He's still a citizen.

And they object to another country meting out that kind of justice.

However, if I can get your blessing to take the death penalty off the table, I can bring Ochoa Stateside and have him stand trial.

He could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

And you're sure?

That he'll get life?

I'm sure that he will get a fair trial.

I can't guarantee the outcome.

But I can assure you that the U.S. attorney is going to seek the maximum penalty.

He should die.


A life behind bars means he will never be able to hurt another person ever.

It means another family won't have to go through what we're going through because of him.


If that's the only way, then okay.

Mom, this man should have to pa...

No, if he stays in Mexico, we don't know what'll happen.

They could let him go.

She's saying this is the best thing, and... we have to trust her.

Thank you.

Time to go.

Ugh, already?

Don't want to miss your plane.

Oh, the plane's not gonna leave without me, Blake.

You know, I had my heart set on the train, actually, but Fred vetoed that with extreme prejudice.

Why do I get the impression you're trying to get rid of me?

Because I'm trying to get rid of you.

This is your 25th wedding anniversary.

It's a momentous occasion.

And I promised Dr. McCord I'd get you out of here on time.

You did?

Well, he warned me that you always dragged your feet before taking a vacation.

Even before you were Secretary of State.

And he's expecting Herculean resistance to this one.

You and Henry talk behind my back?


Let's go.


This is it.

I am leaving the building.

So, uh...

Deputy Secretary Cushing is on call if you need him.

I saw him the other day in the hallway, and he snubbed me.

Well, maybe he didn't recognize you.

He was acting secretary for two months after Marsh passed.

We saw each other every day.

He's probably still bitter because he had to vacate the big chair.

I think he actually believed he was going to be appointed secretary.

Nope, I think it was personal.

But you think everything is personal.

That does not mean I'm wrong.

Nadine, let's finalize this extradition.

Will you get me an appointment next week with the, uh, Mexican ambassador?

That's Rafael Lopez.

Oh, thank you, Blake.

I state the obvious because I care.

All right, so I will see you all next week.

And if something comes up...

Nothing will come up.


Please leave.



Daisy: Have a good trip.

Thank you.

Henry: Klaus is clean?

Eckhart: I'm not saying that.

Henry: You're my handler. Be straight with me.

The bug you planted came up empty.

Nothing incriminating, just a lot of PBS and Mozart.

What about his connection to the Butcher of the Euphrates and the missing canisters of sarin gas?

That doesn't go away just because he's smart enough not to talk shop in his house.

I agree, but to keep the op active, we need more to go on.

Look, I saw the same intel that you did.

I am very uncomfortable letting this go.

We don't have a choice.

My bosses have moved on.

Even if Klaus is a threat, he's not an immediate one.

They have bigger fish to fry.

It's not my call, Henry.

I answer to a chain of command. I have to trust their judgment.

Klaus is going to Tel Aviv for six months.

They're handing the whole thing over to Mossad.

This completes your assignment.

Thank you for your service.

We do appreciate your dedication and everything you risked.

Take care.

I'm heading out to lunch with Governor Lockwood.

Back in an hour or so.

I didn't realize you and the governor were so close.

I worked on his first campaign when he ran for mayor of Galveston back when I was in college.


A secret Texan.

Born in Connecticut, but we moved to Dallas when I was a kid.

I fly both flags.

Like a true politician.

What's the lunch about?

He's in town lobbying Congress for federal funds to police the U.S./Mexico border, and, I'm sure, fishing for information about the extradition.

Opportunity for a little hand-holding.

Well, I thought I'd do a little multitasking.

Did the trooper's widow sign off?

She did.

Can I tell him that?

You may.

Oh, but be careful with Lockwood.

He's wily.

I know.

I gave him some of his wiliest ideas.

I hate to admit it, but this steak is pretty good.


One thing I miss most about Dallas is Denson's downtown.



I feel for you, I do.


I got to say, you did a job shaving off your accent.

Tell me, is it really gone?

Or do you keep it in your pocket for when you need it?

Only comes out when I'm drinking or talking to my mama.

And there are definitely some crossover moments.



So how'd it go this morning with Congress?

(sighs) Double-talk.

Turned into triple-talk, turned into a lot of hot air.

Sorry to hear that.

It's not like I don't have reason to ask for those funds.

Texas state trooper murdered right down there on the border.

Now, what further proof do they need that it's necessary?

So what's the update on the, uh, extradition of Carlos Ochoa?

Good news, actually.

The secretary received the family's blessing to take the death penalty off the table.

We should be able to finalize everything with Mexico next week.

Well, why is Mexico dictating terms?



How does the secretary agree to such a thing?

Without even consulting me?

If the secretary didn't take the death penalty off the table, the extradition would have stalled.

The longer Ochoa stays in Mexico, the greater the chance he could slip away.

The secretary was thinking about Trooper Banks' family.

She didn't want to drag this thing out any longer.

Second-tier justice is still justice.

The family deserves that.

Oh, Jay, you're right.

They shouldn't wait any longer to see that b*st*rd pay the piper.



If you don't have the better makings of a politician.

I run too hot.

I always have.

Your constituents appreciate your passion.

I do have that going for me.


Elizabeth: Just so we're clear on the rules...

Yes, Mom... no boys, no parties.

We went over this.

Yeah, we did, and then what happened last time? There was a boy.

Lesson learned.


No company of any gender.

Henry: Think they got it, honey.

Okay, hey, Jason, you've got to finish your Italian government paper.

And it should not be about how Italy is run by a Masonic shadow government.

Uh, it is, but...

Okay, okay, okay, I just, oh...

Okay, great. Bye.

Listen, we're gonna be in New York, so we're nearby.

If something happens, you just call, and then we just... we'll be right here.

That's weird. Why not go to, like, Europe or Jamaica or something?

Go big or go home.

It's romantic, doofus.

They went to New York on their first anniversary.

We are gonna retrace our steps and stay at the same hotel, and we're gonna eat at the same restaurant.

The Rue Dix-Sept.

(moans) Best cassoulet this side of Paris.

Where we could be by now Yes, I know.

If we would just go.

I know, I know.

Oh, hey, listen... Blake is gonna stop by and check in on you guys.


Don't ask that.

Because Stevie's gonna be with her college friends in Wilmington for the weekend and somebody has to check...

Okay, Mom, everything...


Because it makes me feel better.

I love you, I do.

Mom, everything is gonna be fine.

Elizabeth: Listen, be sure you run the dishwasher.

Otherwise, it starts to smell.


And, Jason... just because I'm not riding you about it doesn't mean that there isn't any garbage.

Be sure and take that out.

And let's not...

(door closes)


Hi, Nadine.

Good to see you.

I just wanted to come down and, uh, check in.

Well, as you can see, it's a quiet Friday afternoon.

Madam Secretary get away okay?

Yes, uh, Blake actually finally forced her out the door.


Jay: Deputy Secretary Cushing.

Jay, how's it going?

Fine, thanks.

How was your lunch with Governor Lockwood?

Well, actually, he was unhappy about not being consulted regarding the extradition of Ochoa.

I calmed him down, but it might be a good idea for Deputy Cushing to give him a call and make sure he's not making waves.

Not a problem.

Daisy: Too late.

After the murder of a Texas state trooper, Congress still refuses to approve funds for border security with Mexico.

The cartel killer responsible for the murder will be extradited to the United States to stand trial, but I have just learned that the Justice Department has agreed to take the death penalty off the table.

Since when does a foreign country dictate terms to the United States?

As of today, I am deploying the National Guard to the border.

This is a state issue as well as a federal one.

A Texas citizen, (phone rings)

Roger Banks...

Secretary of State McCord's office.

...was murdered.

And we will take care of our own.

It's Ambassador Lopez.


It's nobody.

Let's go.

What was that about?

They were expecting somebody famous.

Beyoncé was here last week.

Tough crowd.

(elevator dings)

Henry: Hey, I've got an idea.

Why don't we set some ground rules for our little stroll down memory lane?

Such as?

We go off the grid.

No phones, no computers, Oh... no TV, just anything with an “on” button.

Look, I know you're nervous 'cause it's your first time away from the office, but you've got a great staff.

They wouldn't be working for you if they weren't great.

So they will find you if something big comes up.


Off the grid, swear.



Is Texas a part of the United States or not?

Mr. Ambassador, this is Governor Lockwood pulling a political stunt.

I'm sure we can find a solution...

The solution is to remove the National Guard from the border.

This stunt not only affects illegal immigration and drug smuggling; it also affects legitimate commercial traffic.

Which will come to a standstill and cost my country millions in lost revenue.

Who am I meeting with again?

Deputy Secretary Steven Cushing.

The Secretary of State is too busy.

Oh, she's unavailable.

I'd bet she'd be available if I call off the extradition of Ochoa.

Mr. Ambassador, let's not do anything rash.

You mean like sending the National Guard to the border?

Okay, I'm going long.

Really put some muscle into it.

If I break anything, it's your fault.

Uh, I'm gonna catch it unless you throw it like a girl.

Start moving, big talk.

Hey, guys, it's me.

Oh, h-hey, oh!

Jason: Aahh!

Elizabeth: Oh, look, champagne and strawberry and crème fraîche.

(imitates sizzle)


You are good.

Do you remember what a splurge this was?

Oh, gosh, uh, a hundred bucks for a bottle of champagne?

I practically had to breathe into a paper bag.


I hardly had enough money to get us home.

This weekend is already perfect.


Well, it's not exactly perfect.

I talked to the concierge. Neil Patrick Harris is sick.

And his understudy is some kid from one of those singing competition things.


But the good news is...

I got us tickets to a Beckett play.

And, apparently, it is a raucous masterpiece.

Well, I'm up for a raucous masterpiece.

But how'd you get tickets so late?

Might have had to drop your name.

Oh, well, I hope that that doesn't mean that some elderly couple in Peoria got bumped, No.

Because, I'm telling you, Daisy's always warning me that the PR nightmares, they start with the little things.

Look, I already had to compromise and get us this huge room.

And I wasn't gonna compromise on anything else.

You know, Fred had security concerns about our anniversary room.

This one's better.

But it's not the same room.

Yeah, but on the upside, we get to live.

Why are you being the sentimental one?

I'm always the sentimental one.

Oh, that's right, you are.

Okay, come on.

Champagne on the roof deck.

All right.

Sound good?


Let's go.

Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Come on, come on, come on.

(with full mouth): Okay, I'm coming up.

(booming, shouting, guns firing)

(man speaking Spanish over loudspeaker)

Aquí! Aquí!

How does he not know that?

Is a bird crapping on your head good luck?

I never heard of that.

Everybody knows that that is good luck.

Bird crap?

It's like rain on your wedding day.

(cell phone rings)

Oh, come on, we got to go.

Our curtain's in half an hour.

Wait, wait.

No, don't do it.

Let me just check...

Don't. Come on.


Hold on.

It's-it's Blake.



Hi. Uh, so sorry for calling.

Everything's fine.

Uh, Jason just had a little accident.

Wait-wait, how little?

Blake: He hurt his ankle. We're icing it, but it just keeps swelling, uh, so I-I just think we should go to the emergency room.

Wait... you think maybe it's broken?

Uh, I don't know.

Let me talk to him.

Jason hurt his ankle.


How bad?

I... we don't know yet.

We don't know yet.

It's your mom.

Hey, Mom.

Hi, honey. Are you okay?

Uh, yeah. Don't come home.

You kind of forgot to tell her it was your fault.

No, I don't... I don't think it's broken.

It wasn't my fault.

Jason: I mean, I can move it and stuff.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Okay, Blake's the only one who wants to go to the emergency room.

Well, I think it's a good idea.


I'll go if it makes you happy, but I don't need my mommy.

Thank you for clarifying that.

Can I talk to Blake again, please?


Listen, I think that you should take him, and just call us if it's anything more than a little sprain, okay?

Will do.

All right, thanks.

So, Jason swears it's not broken, and he really doesn't want us to come home.

Then he's fine.

You know what, maybe we should just call Stevie and have her go and check on him.

I don't think we should ruin her weekend.

We talked about this.

Her spending time with her college friends might encourage her to go back to school.


I don't want to jeopardize that.

You think maybe we could revisit that logic?

What logic?

That she deserves a fun weekend with her college friends so that she might be reminded that it's a good idea to go back and finish her education.

We both agreed that might help.

But why are we tip-toeing around it?

Why don't we just demand that she take responsibility and finish what she started?

Because that will send her in the opposite direction.

We... Do you really want to re-litigate this?

I'm just saying... we're giving her an awfully wide berth to work out her issues.

Don't you think maybe it's time that you worked out this thing with Stevie?

I'm not the one with the thing.

I have no thing.

I don't feel...

She finds it really difficult to approach you.

Especially after what you told her.

Right, that I'm a torturer.

Not my words.

I explained that it was a complicated situation, and I owned my part in it.

Maybe you can help her process it.

Oh, so now you're on her side?


There's no s...

It's not a competition.

Well, then, why do I feel like it is?

I don't know.

Maybe this is just not the time to talk about it.


You're right.

We'll pencil in a better time.

'Cause that happens.

Oh, come...

Okay... baby...

Look, look, look, look, look.

You're upset about Jason.



And-and you're worried about being away from home.

And maybe you feel a little guilty.


I-I get it.

I just don't want to fight.

I want this weekend to be great.

I know, it's-it's not the right time to fight.

Okay. Come on.

Not the time.

Let's go see a raucous masterpiece.

We'll fight later. Okay.


Ambassador Lopez claims Ochoa is now missing, that he's been broken out of jail.

The cartels?


Or is that just political double-talk (computer chimes) for the extradition is off?


“Blake is at the emergency room with Jason McCord who has injured his ankle”...

Wh-Which hospital?

MedStar Georgetown University.

My God, if the media gets a hold of this, they'll have a field day.

“Secretary of State's kid injured while she parties in New York.”

Yeah, you better get down there.

I think Blake's a little rattled.

His message has a typo.

Elizabeth: I liked it.

I mean, I have no idea what it means, but I liked it.

People living in trash cans.

That is a metaphor for something.

The banality of life.


Which wouldn't seem like it's funny, but it was.

“Nothing funnier than unhappiness.”

Beckett believed that.

Well, he must have been a real kick to live with.

This-this is not the quaint French bistro I remember.

It's a little more extreme than it seemed on the Web site.


Deputy Cushing agrees... we need more information before we can make any decisions.

Well, Ambassador Lopez was telling the truth...

Ochoa was busted out of jail.

But the cartel isn't responsible.

Who is?


Friend of mine sent this link posted by some Texas militia.

Man: We, the citizens of the Republic of Texas, have taken Carlos Ochoa into custody so that he can face justice in Texas for the murder of State Trooper Roger Banks...

Looks like the governor's oratory got someone fired up.

So much for extradition.

The U.S. just violated Mexico's sovereignty.

Okay, look, I know that I should drop it, but I can't drop it.

I just think that if we clear the air with the stuff about Stevie, then-then we can have a nice dinner...

I so don't think we should do that.

But the thing is... you treat her like she has these delicate sensibilities.

I-I treat her?


Is this about how I...?

And meanwhile, she's justified in passing full judgment on my life?

What 20-year-old girl isn't judgmental about their mother?

Just tell me.

Okay, fine, so I should just follow around behind her, take her temperature, make sure that she's okay with the complex adult decisions that I had to make?

No, no.

Well, then what?

Klaus: Henry?


What are you doing here?

I was speaking at a symposium at NYU which went long, as they always do, and, uh, missed my flight.

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

This place was recommended to me by a colleague.

Do you know it?

Well, we used to know it, um, oh, uh...


I'm sorry.

Klaus Von Muhlberg, this is my wife, Elizabeth.

Hi. How do you do?


Klaus manages, uh, an historical conservancy.


Please, that makes me sound too important.

I'm only an overworked, underpaid college professor like your brilliant husband.

Klaus recently took a position at GW.

Oh, well, that's great.

Uh, your table's ready, ma'am.

It was good to see you, Klaus.

Are... are you alone?

I am, and being Friday night with no reservation makes it very tough to get a table for one, I'm afraid.

Well, you should join us.

Oh, I cannot intrude.

Really, it-it's no intrusion.

It's fine.

Then I-I accept.

I'll just settle up at the bar.

Uh, Fred, Mr. Von Muhlberg will be joining us for dinner.

Yes, ma'am.



Why did you do that?

I was being nice.

If you don't mind, sir.

This was supposed to be a romantic dinner.

Oh, Henry, it's not a romantic dinner.

And we're fighting, and it's not even the same restaurant...

I don't believe this.

Honestly, I was doing it for you.

You are acting so weird.


Thank you.

Klaus: So, this charity event was a great success.

Muslims, Sikhs, Jews and Christians coming together for a common cause.

I felt like the great peacemaker.

A passionate debate did eventually erupt.

But not over religious beliefs, no, no.

But over soccer.

(light laughter)

Excuse me. I'll be back in one minute.

(line ringing)


I'm with Klaus.


What is he doing in New York?

What happened to Tel Aviv?

Where exactly are you?

I'm celebrating my anniversary with my wife in New York.

We ran into him at a French restaurant.

There's no way in hell I believe he just randomly wandered in.

He claims he was at a symposium at NYU.

What is he really doing here?

I have no idea.

Is it possible that Klaus is playing us?

That this is somehow about getting close to my wife?

He's got a briefcase.

Elizabeth's security team checked it, but it was the family and friends search.

They could've missed something.

Klaus is a money launderer and a smuggler.

He's not an assassin.

He could have a weapon.

Maybe a vial of sarin.

He would've known he'd be searched.

He would find some way to conceal it.

Try not to blow your cover, Henry.

Let me make some phone calls.

Check his travel record.

And this symposium.

Make sure it was real and that he attended.

See if he missed a flight.

All right.

I've got to get back to the table.

Text me.

Cushing: The vigilantes delivered Ochoa to Lockwood.

He refuses to give him back to Mexico.

Now, I'm satisfied he wasn't in on the kidnapping, but he sure as hell is milking this thing for all it's worth.

And meanwhile, Russell Jackson called from China.

The president is in the middle of negotiations over North Korea.

But regardless, Jackson wants the State Department to handle this.

He doesn't want the president lowering himself to deal with a self-serving hustler like Lockwood.

Um, perhaps we might call the secretary?

Hold on, hold on.

I'm on my way to a meeting with the attorney general and DOJ.

I'm sure that we can work all this out in a timely manner.

No reason to call the secretary.

What we need here are some back-channel negotiations.

I think we need front-channel negotiations.

You should go to Texas and meet with your former boss.

Should we order some dessert?

I hope they still have that strawberry savarin.

And they do!

(cell phone buzzes)

I'm sorry. I've been texting with Alison to see how Jason is doing.

Elizabeth: Everything okay?


Do you know how Henry and I first met?

Elizabeth: No. I don't.

It was, um, a couple of years ago at a conference in, uh...?



I told him about a religious pilgrimage I took to Mount Kailash in Tibet, where I trekked up a 32-mile path that's supposed to erase the sins of a lifetime.

Yes, Henry did that same pilgrimage.

Didn't you? Right after the Marine Corps?

And I knew then that we were kindred souls, meant to run into each other.

I would love to take my son Adrien there one day.

Oh, how old is he?


He is the light of my life.

He's the future.

I know that he will leave a greater mark than I have.

So, for our children?

We make the necessary sacrifices, huh?

Without fear or regret, we do what must be done.


Is there a problem, Dr. McCord?



Coming out!

Henry: Are you okay?

Is he the religious scholar that you were spying on for the NSA?

Yes. Yes.

You told me it was done.

It went on a little longer than I admitted.

But it's over now.


Why should I believe you?

After what happened in there, I think it's pretty safe to say that my cover's blown.

But you lied to me.

Under penalty of law.

And for your own safety. You know that.

I have to be able to trust you, Henry.

It wasn't a boys' night out in there, Elizabeth.

I was nose to nose with terrorists.

Yes, I get that.

All right, then what the hell is your point?

Stop... yelling at me.

The NSA canceled my op right before we came to New York.

But then when Klaus just showed up like that, it... I just... it didn't feel right, and I wasn't willing to take any risks.

You did the right thing.

Mr. Von Muhlberg's been searched.

He's clean.

We had to let him go.

He says he was reaching for his briefcase to show you a picture of his son.

I'm sorry, Fred.

It's a long story.

This is why the intelligence community shouldn't keep secrets from me.

I agree.

Not that we're doing a very good job of it.

All right.

Told you it was only a sprain.

Well, better safe than sorry. Come here.

Smile, klutz.

Know what? No pictures.

Okay, calm down.

No, I won't.

It's a miracle you got in and out of the hospital without the paparazzi swarming you.

They stake out the emergency rooms sniffing for a story.

It wasn't a story. It was an accident.

Um, you broke the Secretary of State's kid while she was out of town.

That's a story.


This was not my fault.

It was totally your fault.

You're so in denial.

Look, you're the adult.

You're in charge.

Even if it's not your fault, it's your fault.

Okay, you must be joking.

This was not my fault, okay?

Oh, my God. This was my fault.

I broke the Secretary of State's child.

Daisy: Don't spin out.

It's over. I mean, I think we got away with it PR-wise.

Still, I broke the child.

And I'm gonna have to account to her for that.

Keep it together.

The weekend is young.

Yeah. No, yes, yes. Keep moving forward.

Hey, you! (snaps fingers)

Perfect time for you to do your Italy report.

Whoa, whoa! Are you kidding?

I have the best excuse ever for not doing it.

Okay, breathe. Breathe.

Man: Governor Lockwood is bravely holding court outside Carrington J. McVesper Unit Prison, where that cop killer Ochoa is finally facing justice.

Texas style.

Support the governor by getting in your car and driving over there right now.

And if those Fed bastards don't like it, well, I got a message for them.

In the immortal words of another great Texas governor, “Bring...”



I thought DC would send someone down eventually.

Hoping it would be you.

Don't you think it's time to put an end to this, return Ochoa to Mexico?

Return him?

Ochoa is gonna stand trial.

Yes, he will.

When he's extradited through proper channels.

Not by kidnapping.

Oh, it's just like the old saying goes.

Uh, “The means... the means justify the ends.”

I know your approval ratings are through the roof, people saying you're doing the right thing, but do you really believe that?

Honestly, it looks as if you had foreknowledge of what this militia was planning, which makes you the opposite of a hero.

It makes you culpable.

Who are you to talk to me like that?

I gave you your first job in politics.

If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be where you are today.

You know, you had best watch yourself.

You may just have to answer to me one day.

(car doors closing)

(indistinct chatter)

They're here for Ochoa.

Governor Lockwood, a warrant for the release of Carlos Ochoa.

You can take your warrant and go home.

Nadine: Wow. A real live

Mexican standoff.

Jay: The FBI are at a loss.

If the governor won't honor their warrant, what recourse do they have?

Beyond a Supreme Court case that'll go on for years or a gun fight.

This is exactly what Lockwood wanted.

The FBI and the federal government bullying local law enforcement on the news.

I guess it can't get much worse than this.

Oh, well, I spoke with Ambassador Lopez this morning.

Mexico is threatening to stop policing its borders.

And not just at Texas.

The entire border.

You can't be serious.

His exact words were: “You think it's hard to handle a flood of immigrants, let's see how you handle a tidal wave.”

And where's Deputy Cushing?

He's trying to talk to the DOJ and attorney general to try to figure out the next move.

Nadine, Cushing had his shot.

The White House is refusing to deal with a rogue governor, no one's backing down.

It's... it's time to call the secretary.

I haven't been gone 24 hours.

Civil war with Texas?



I could go to Texas with you.

I don't know how long it's gonna take or what's gonna happen.

But I know it's not gonna be relaxing or romantic.

I think maybe it's just best to put this occasion out of its misery.

I'm sorry about this weekend.

I-I'll make it up to you.

We'll make it up to each other.

I don't know when, I don't know how, but we will.

I'll see you back at home, okay?

Okay. Bye.

(cell phone dings, buzzes)

(bell ringing)

This is the oldest police precinct in the city.

I thought it would be a good place to meet to assuage any fears you might have.

What did you want to talk about?

I know you planted the bug.

Which means that you're working for one of the intelligence agencies.

Which one is not important.

Of course... running into you last night was not a coincidence.

But I had no intention of hurting you, or your wife.

I want protection.

I'm in too deep with certain people whose views have become much too radical for my peace of mind.

And the truth is I've been trying to distance myself from them of late.

But if these people find out that an intelligence agency caught on to me... (wry chuckle) they might be inclined to seek out leverage to keep me in check.

Your son.

All I want is, uh, protection... for Adrien.

I was hoping you could help me, you and your wife.

I don't want to go to the CIA and end up in a pit... at some black site in Poland.

Can you help me, Henry?

Elizabeth: Did I miss anything on the way here, like Texas seceding?

No, ma'am.

Well, that's good news.

I heard you spoke to Ambassador Lopez.

I did.

I spent the entire first half of my flight apologizing on behalf of the United States for violating Mexican sovereignty.

I had to agree to bilateral talks on proposed subsidies to improve border infrastructure to process commercial traffic.

So what's the lowdown on Governor Lockwood?

Politics for most people is about finesse, but for Lockwood, it's about shock and awe.

Pick a fight, see who's left standing.

And after talking to him, I'm positive this whole thing is just one big show.

What does that mean?

Lockwood is grandstanding for a presidential run in the future.

Well, that is certainly an ace to have up my sleeve.


Do you have a game plan, Madam Secretary?

Eh... not entirely.

How long is the drive?

It's 20 minutes with traffic.

That ought to be enough.

(reporters shouting indistinctly, overlapping)

Lockwood: Madam Secretary...

I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure.

Well, I'm sorry we're not meeting under more favorable circumstances.

Well, favorable circumstances really depend on one's perspective.

(quiet laugh)

Can we, uh, find someplace... a little bit more private, to talk?

I'm comfortable right here.


My office received a warrant for your arrest this morning, from the Mexican government, for the illegal confinement of a Mexican citizen, and they want to start the extradition process.

Well, well, well.

I didn't think they had it in 'em.

(Lockwood forces a laugh)

Oh, well, they didn't.

It was my suggestion.

Be a hell of a run for the presidency with an arrest warrant hanging over your head.

Jay's a good soldier.



Looks like I'm just gonna have to wipe Cancun off my vacation list.

Well, if you're convicted in absentia, that would mean that any country that you visited that had an extradition treaty with Mexico could arrest you and ship you off.

If you actually became president, that would create... quite a problem.

I'm listening.

I've finalized the extradition of Carlos Ochoa with Mexico.

Now you're gonna hand him over to the FBI without any further delay.

And you're also gonna recall the National Guard from the border.

If you don't comply, I'll recommend to the attorney general to prepare formal charges as to the federal laws you've broken: abuse of official capacity, unlawful restraint, interference with public duty, conspiracy...

Tell the state troopers to release Mr. Ochoa to the FBI.


Have a nice day.

(cameras clicking, reporters shouting)

(shouting continues)

Sarah: He claims to know the location of the cache of missing sarin gas, but he'll only talk to you.

So Klaus is, in fact, not clean, as you claimed.

Like I told you before, we were looking for any recent activity, but there was none.

Anyway, after Klaus found the bug, he made sure to scrub anything that could've been incriminating.

Henry: And his son Adrien is safe?

We can't touch him.

If we snap him up, the people Klaus is working for will know it's us, and he's burned.


Now that we've flipped him, we're sending him back out.

When he brings us enough information, his reward will be protection for his son.

So you're using Adrien as leverage.

That's exactly why he came to us in the first place, so that wouldn't happen.

Be careful how much sympathy you give the man; he does work for terrorists.

Klaus deserves whatever he gets, but his son should not be a pawn in all this.

If Klaus cared about his son at all, he never would've gotten involved with Abu Khinjar.


You have some work to do... before they'll protect Adrien.

I must do penance; trek across Mount Kailash once again, to erase the sins of a lifetime.

When you've delivered, I will make sure that your son is safe.

Trust me.

Henry (over speaker): I know people in very high places.

(shuddering breaths)

My life's over... but it would be very comforting to know that Adrien's is not.

The sarin gas is in a warehouse... in El Oued, Algeria.

Lockwood (on TV): ...Ochoa is finally in the United States and the federal government swoops in to reap the sweat of my labor.

Death penalty's off the table, which I've been forced to accept, but that Ochoa's to be tried in a New York court instead of a Texas one...



...that's an outrage.

It's an outrage.


Madam Secretary... it's my fault that Jason hurt his ankle and didn't finish his paper.


Well, Jason was playing football in the house, which he is strictly forbidden to do, so I'll give you a pass on that one.

And he did finish his paper.

He did?


Kids are unpredictable that way.

Well... I appreciate your generosity, Madam Secretary, but there is no other way to look at this situation other than that I failed you.




I mean, if that's the way you want to see it.

Failure builds character.

That's not how I want to see it.

(sighs heavily)

Look, if it's any consolation, my anniversary trip was a crushing disappointment, even without family injuries and civil war.

(inhales deeply)

Tell you what... why don't we just... chalk up the entire weekend to a universal fiasco.

That happens.

I will shift my perspective accordingly.

Thanks, Blake.


Elizabeth: Hello?


Is everybody already asleep?

Well, not everybody.

Sorry I missed dinner.

I just had a bunch of loose ends I had to tie up at work.

Look, I've been thinking about how everything went so wrong this weekend.

(sighing): Oh, God, me, too.

And I am sorry, it's my fault.

I was completely wracked with guilt about leaving, we'd just been away, and then this whole ongoing thing with Stevie...

Okay, look, it's my fault, too.

The nostalgia... ugh!


And the-the pressure to make everything perfect... trying to get back to our old lives.

It just forces us to confront how different everything is.

We gotta stop doing that.


We just need to move into the unknown, and trust that whatever happens, we'll handle it.

Live in the moment.



Not try and orchestrate them.

Yeah, I think so. For a while.

I'm sure that's not as depressing as it sounds.

I ordered Chinese.

Oh, God, I'm starving.

The good greasy kind?

Oh, oh, yeah.

Oh, and I got out the old Scrabble board.

Well, now, see, now, this...

Chinese food, greasy, Scrabble board...


No. Course not.

It's timeless.

Thank God. Okay.

Thank you.

See? Fork... okay...

Stupid French restaurant.