01x15 - The Ninth Circle

(phone chimes, vibrates)


Give me a minute with her.

Thanks, Frank.


Should I even ask how your night was?

Well, after hours of being polygraphed and detained somewhere in the bowels of Langley...

Did you know Langley had bowels?

Well, I suspected.

Accused of treason, then cleared of suspicion and sent home, where I found my apartment turned completely upside-down and my mattress slit open with a razor blade.

I had a very... restless and paranoid night at the Potomac Lodge.

I am really sorry. I-I...

I want to ask how you could've suspected me of being the mole.

But, again, how could either of us have suspected Juliet?

Right? I-I know. I...

You said on the phone that she left a note.


Not that it's a lot of help.

You okay?

Yeah, I guess.

You know, for what it's worth, I never suspected you.


Oh, my God.

Can I get you a drink?

You know, I could use one, but it can wait. I want to see the note.

Is that it?

Don't get too excited. It's pretty underwritten.

Does Langley know where she is?

They've created a task force to look for her, but... well, knowing Juliet, I don't like their chances.

"Whatever happens, know this: I did it for my country.

This is a righteous cause."

Guess we can rule out coercion or financial motivation.

It's like it's some kind of misguided patriotism.

So righteous that she thought it was worth murdering one of our closest friends, not to mention the previous Secretary of State?

It's a pretty high body count when you put it all together.

Marsh, George, the victims in Turkey.

I just can't believe Juliet was working alone.

It seems like a prelude to something bigger.


Her choice of verb tense implies that it isn't over.

So what's going on in Turkey?

I mean, do you think their government knows what really happened with the raid in Istanbul?

They won't release the body of the black ops guy; that can't be a good sign.

That's everything we have so far.


Well, I might as well get started.

I don't want to miss that complimentary breakfast.

How long do you think you're gonna stay mad at me?

Well, you were just doing your job.

See you.


So, like, less than a year?


Man: Any movement on the E.U. trade talks?

Daisy: Some.

They've agreed to lift tariffs on citrus and pork, but apparently there's still some blockage over the issue of cheese.


Speaking of Europe and dairy, tonight the secretary will be attending a gala dinner hosted by the Italian foreign minister, where Chef Nanni will be serving his famous scacciata pies.

You'll find a complete menu and guest list in the packet being handed out by Phoebe.

What will you be wearing?

Something loose.



Uh, my sources tell me that the Turks have moved the body of Brett Boris to their National Police Headquarters in Ankara instead of releasing the remains to his family.

Why is that?

Well, Mr. Boris, an American tourist visiting Istanbul, was the victim of a brutal homicide.

The Turkish government still needs the body for forensics.

Mr. Boris was a decorated veteran of U.S. Special Forces.

You really maintain that he was in Turkey as a tourist?

Yes, and the United States is doing everything it can to support the investigation.

Well, that just seems like a big coincidence.

If I wasted my time on every whisper of government conspiracy, we wouldn't get to talk about important things like cheese.



Anchor: The State Department denies any direct American involvement.

Policy expert: Yes, but you have to go all the way back to 1974 to find a time when things were this bad.

Do you have any microloans in Turkey?

No, thank God.

Hey, gadget head.


Actual human present.

Morning. Sorry I forgot to light up with joy.

It's that Preston kid again.


Oh, is that that dweeb in your class who posts all the crap about Mom on his page?

Yeah, yeah, it's just trash talk.

I shouldn't be bothered by it.

His dad runs some sort of international corporation.

So everything Mom does is somehow ruining his trust fund.

(laughter) Oh, you should unfriend him.



Yeah, cut him off.


You don't need that.

Okay, but he'll find out.


So? I mean, at least you won't have to listen to his brilliant opining anymore.

But he goes to our school.

What's your point?

So, it'll be awkward.

He's 13 years old; his whole life is awkward.


You might as well own it, dude.

Okay, all right, fine.

You know what, awkward's going with bossy.

This is the worst idea ever.

No, no, no, no, no.

There, there, it's done, it's done.

Okay, whatever, your mistake.


What's done?

Jason just unfriended someone.


Big mistake.

Is that like blocking someone?

No, blocking is different.

Unfriending is a statement.

Unfriending is worse.

I don't get it.

If you want to confront someone, why don't you just do it in person?

(laughter) W-What?

Come on, "unfriend" isn't even a word.

Why would you...

Do you really want to be in the middle of this?

No, I really don't. Let's go.

Let's go, come on.

Bag, bag, bag, bag, bag.

I got it.

Books, books, let's go.


Are you okay?

I mean, first microloans, now this.

Yeah, I'm good.

It's the job.



(gunfire over video)

Well, something tells me that's not a cat video.

This just came in from Turkish intelligence.

Closed-circuit camera from one of the shops across the street.

It's not high quality, but it's clear enough.

Well, I guess this is why they're holding on to the body.

And why they're demanding an explanation.

How about the search for Juliet?

My task force assembled less than 12 hours ago.

These things take time.

Anybody got any ideas?

I think we need to come clean with Turkey.

Admit our involvement?

On a limited basis.

We admit to running an op on Turkish soil, but we withhold the details.

Yeah, like the fact that we were trying to find the person who killed Secretary Marsh?

Specifically, yes.

I disagree.

The Turks have been unreliable partners lately.

Even a partial truth could be a liability.

I say we double down.

Deny any connection to Brett Boris.

What about the video?

All I see is a couple of private citizens engaged in a private activity, a botched robbery or a kidnapping.

And some other private citizens with assault rifles lying in wait on a rooftop?

They will never buy it.

They don't have to; they just have to hesitate long enough for the whole thing to blow over.

How long will that be?

Maybe as soon as another news cycle.

Elizabeth: What about the body?

We just leave it over there?

Brett Boris knew the risks.

They all do.

Brett knew what he was signing up for, but his friends and family didn't.

And they're gonna start asking questions, and they might go to the press.

Then what?

Stall them.

With what?

And we can't hold them off forever.

You'll think of something.

I'll talk to POTUS.

But until then, we'll stick with our story.

We disavow all connection to the operation in Turkey.

Abraham Lincoln's favorite physical sport?



Morning, Madam Secretary.

All right, what's new?

Uh, well, my trivia team, the Bill of Right Answers, won last night.


Thank you.

But when I ask what's new, I usually mean affairs of state.

Daisy: Greg Taylor was asking about Brett Boris during this morning's brief.

I mean, he was a dog with a bone.

Clearly he's cooking up some elaborate conspiracy theory.

Of course he is.

Nadine: Do we have any new information about Mr. Boris' status?

No, I'm afraid not.

I only ask because his mother is downstairs in Consular Affairs.

You're just telling me this now?

Um, when a tourist dies abroad, very often the bodies are held up and the families come calling.

If we have an update, I could pass it along.

Bring her up to my office.

That's highly irregular, ma'am.

And it could add fuel to the conspiracy theorists.

He was an Army Ranger.

Our military families deserve special attention.

Yes, but he wasn't there in that capacity.

Please, I'm happy to go and talk to her myself.

Send her up, thanks.

Woman: Why on earth would Turkey hold up returning Brett's body?

We're doing everything we can to move things along, which I know is of little solace to you.

It's all just so strange.

I didn't even have any idea that my son was in Turkey.

We talk all the time.

He'd have told me if he was going on a trip like that.

Maybe it was a last-minute decision.

Brett served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

Retired last year.

If he was thinking about going on vacation, believe me, it wasn't to that part of the world.

I promise we'll try and find out what happened.

Mrs. Boris...

Um, I'm sorry.

Has anybody from the press tried to contact you?

Yeah, a reporter called.

Uh, Greg Taylor from the Chronicle.

He was asking about an interview.

Can you refer him back to us?

It's just that any press right now might anger the Turks, and that will slow down the process.

Okay, I will.

Thank you.

That's Brett.

He's very handsome.

We're a military family, Madam Secretary.

My father is buried at Arlington.

He died in Korea when I was a little girl, but even then I understood his death had meaning.

But this...

It doesn't make any sense.

You hold on to that.

I want you to look at it every day until my son is back home.

We'll be in touch very soon.

Madam Secretary.

Thank you, ma'am.

You really need to see something.

Newscaster: We're looking at footage from an alleyway in Tarlabas..

Nadine: The Turkish government released the footage about an hour ago.

They're accusing the CIA of attempted kidnapping.

Have you seen this?

Do you know what this is?

Madam Secretary, the president's office is calling.

Daisy: Are we involved in this?

Tell the president that I'm on my way.

What about the press?

No comment.

Are we clear? No comment.

Yes, ma'am.

Several experts are already weighing in.

We have one of them en route to the studio right now...

Dalton: Yesterday you told me the fallout from this op was contained.

That we had deniability.

Now our dirty laundry is airing on satellite news all over the world, and I'm being burned in effigy in the streets of Istanbul.

We knew they were upset, we never anticipated it going this far.

I don't have time for excuses right now. We need to get this genie back in the bottle, and fast.

I'm waiting.

Mr. President, the only way to kill this story is to get the Turks to recant.

We force their hand.

Expel the ambassador.

Cancel the joint military exercises in the Black Sea.

We already tried that, we already tried hardball, and this is where it got us.

Then give me an alternative.

I clear my schedule and fly to Ankara straightaway.

And do what?

Apologize for the deaths of their two citizens.

Why? We weren't the ones who started shooting.

We're the ones who violated their sovereignty.

And if we had kept mission integrity, those people would still be alive.

And then there's the matter of Mrs. Boris.

The sooner we bring her son's body home from Turkey, the sooner this story goes away.

But if we don't make nice with the Turks, I... I can't make that happen.

Then go.

Thank you, sir.

But do it quietly.

Not even your staff can know the real reason you're there.

And if this soft touch doesn't work...

I'm taking Russell's advice and bringing out the hammer.

So, Turkey at last, huh?

Not how I imagined it.

You mean on the verge of diplomatic collapse?

That and everything else.

I can still go.

Well, it's not that kind of a trip.

I need to stay under the radar.

You know, just want to swoop in, change the course of history and swoop out.

Hey, listen, I was talking to Alison about Jason's situation at school.

I-I got to tell you, this Preston kid sounds like a problem.

Oh, he is a problem.


But Jason's got his number.

Should we call the dean, maybe? Or maybe talk to his parents.

I don't think we're there yet.

We should let him handle him on his own.

What if he's a bully?

He is a bully.

See, that's bad, because we have to stay on top of bullying.

It's-it's the new...


Yeah. It can get out of control.

Well, if that happens, then we'll deal with it.

(groans softly)

Hey... hey, come here.

What... what's wrong?

I, uh...

What's wrong?


I had to lie to that poor woman, right to her face, when I knew full well that the reason her son was killed is because of an op that I signed off on.

And I know... I get it... it's part of the job.

But it's a part of the job, Henry, that I am never going to get used to.

That guy died because of Juliet, not because of you.

Because I trusted Juliet.

You trusted one of your best friends, yes.

You were betrayed, babe.

I think you can give yourself a pass for that.

Dante classified it as the worst sin of all.

He devoted an entire level of hell to its practitioners.

I just never could get a handle on the "trust no one" part of my job.


I wouldn't want you to.

You taste like toothpaste.

Is the Secretary in?

Uh, she's in a meeting.

Wh-When will she be free?

I'm not sure. Don't you have a press conference to attend to?

I do.

And what do you mean, you're not sure?

You're the Schedule Elf. You know everything.

She cleared the week for an undisclosed trip.

And I don't appreciate the comparison to a magical woodland creature.

Blake, I...

Is there a problem?

Yes. Can you walk with me?

You have to give me something on Turkey.

I already did... they're called talking points.

Well, the press isn't buying them.

And, frankly, neither am I.

Where are you going with this?

I know we're hiding something, but I don't know what, and it's scaring me.

That's called working in the State Department.

If you'd like to consider a transfer, I'm sure there's a lot less intrigue at the Bureau of Weights and Measures.

I know there are things that I can't know.

And I don't mind stonewalling the press.

But this is different.

This is purposely giving them misinformation.

"The U.S. government has no idea why Brett Boris acted the way he did in the video. Brett Boris was not working for the U.S. government in any capacity".

This is lying.

This is the job.

I'm as much in the dark as you are.

But for now, that's all the information we have.

Due respect, Nadine.

You're not the one who has to go in there.

Look, she's holding out on us.

That's a big deal.

(reporters clamoring, cameras clicking)

Woman: I just have a couple of questions...

Reporters: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!

Uh, Andy.

Was Brett Boris in the CIA?

No. Next question.

What was he doing in Istanbul?

He was there on a tourist visa.

I can't speak to his motives for traveling.

Why was he kidnapping an Iranian national?

"The U.S. government has no idea why Brett Boris acted the way he did in the video."

(reporters clamoring)

Man: Was Boris a mercenary?

Woman: I just have one more question!

(clamor continues)

Blake: Hey! You lied to me.

Elizabeth: Mrs. Boris...

I saw that video.

My son was Special Forces.

I understand what I'm looking at.

Brett was working for the CIA, wasn't he?


Why didn't you tell me?!

Because your son made a choice not to, and I had to respect that.

He was trying to protect me.

But now he's dead, and I want answers.

I'm afraid I can't give you any more right now.

It was an undercover operation, and it went wrong, and now your people are just hanging him out to dry, like he was some kind of criminal.

With respect, your son knew what he was signing up for.

His mission was top secret.

We can't make it public.

Yes, you can.

And if you don't, I will.

If you do that, if you go to the media, I can't help you.

I don't want your help!

I promised to bring your son home.

Please give me that chance.

Why on earth would I trust you?

Come with me.

Come with me to Turkey.

You stay at the embassy, we'll help you bring Brett home.

If I can't deliver, I won't stand in your way.

You have my word on that.

(school bell ringing)

Preston: Hey, whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa!

Hey J-Man, what's happening?

Come on, dude, why are you ignoring me?

Because you're ignorable, Preston.

Oh, so you do acknowledge my existence.

I wasn't sure about that after you unfriended me.

Hey, hey!

Hey, McCord over here...

McCord's a mama's boy.

Doesn't like it when I repost things about the cover-up in Turkey.

My mom had nothing to do with what happened in Turkey.

Okay, well, why don't you go tell that to CNN.

'Cause they're calling her out for the liar that she is.

(students clamoring)

Hey, break it up! Break it up!

Get off him, Jason!



Come on, Preston.


You, too, McCord.

Elizabeth: He's suspended?

Henry: Yep. Quaker school, babe.

And Preston's nose... it-it's really broken?

Apparently, Jason has a pretty good right jab.

Wow, I can't even believe we're talking about our kid.

You're the one that wanted to go for three.

Oh, God, I'm so used to him getting in trouble for saying the wrong thing.

I guess he figured out that actions speak louder.

So, what instigated it? Do we know?

Preston called you a liar.


The kid watches cable news?

He was protecting your honor.

Could've used him at my last Congressional hearing.


So now what?

Oh, I have a meeting tomorrow with Dean Ward, and, uh, Sugar Ray is cooling his jets in his room.

How was your flight?


I wish I could say the same for the traffic.

Well, be careful over there, okay?

I will.

I love you.

I like you okay, too.

(chuckles) Bye.

(lively conversation, music playing)

(wind whistling)


Welcome to Turkey.

It's just like old times, huh?

Yeah, it beats lying around at home in my sliced-open bed.

Got to admire how thorough they are though.

Too soon?


What do you got for me?


This backpack Samila was carrying when she died.

My contact at the Turkish National Police says they recovered a laptop in it.

Do they know what's on it?

No. It's encrypted.

Well... with Samila out of the picture, that may be our only hope for a lead in the Marsh investigation.

Or it can screw us if it falls into the wrong hands.

Madam Secretary.

I wish I could say it's nice to finally meet you.

Minister Canoglu, I wish you could, too.

I heard whispers that you were going to come here on your very first trip abroad.

Now you're here on... damage control.

Actually, I'd like to skip the damage control, and talk about Samila Mahdavi.

The dead Iranian woman?

She had a laptop in her possession when she died.

I'd like to have access to it.

And I thought you were here on a goodwill mission, to retrieve your citizen's body and heal the breach in our relations.

I'd like to get to that, too.

But first, I need that laptop.

You violated our sovereignty.

Something you know we would never do lightly.

Two of my citizens are dead.

Which we deeply regret.

Yet all you seem to care about is... a laptop!

We were betrayed, by the same murderers who killed your people.

And that laptop can help me find them.

(scoffs) Why not run another operation?

Storm our National Police Station and take whatever you want.

It would be more of a... "bribe someone on the inside" type of situation.

I was kind of hoping to do away with the covert ops.

I believe you, Madam Secretary.

But you're not the only party interested in that laptop.

Oh, I've been a very popular man today.

The Iranian Foreign Minister sat in that very chair this afternoon.

Zahed Javani?

Since Samila Mahdavi was an Iranian citizen, one could argue that Minister Javani has a stronger claim to her possessions, no?


(clears throat)

What do you want?

My country has a great appetite for natural gas.

And right now, our closest supply is... Iran.

You really want to make a deal with Iran?

You're on opposite sides of the fight in Syria.

We're both on the side of profit.


Maybe I can offer you an alternative package.

American gas, at a considerable discount.

I'll take it to President Kozlu.

Jason knocked Preston's septum out of alignment.

He'll need corrective surgery.

Wait, you mean a nose job?

I'm-I'm just clar... I'm just clarifying.

I mean surgery so he can breathe.

Is that enough clarification?

Henry: Yes, it is.

Look, Dean Ward, Jason feels terrible about this.

Do you, Jason?

I don't know.


Okay, okay. He bullied me online and then he bullied me in school.

That is true.

Still no excuse for violence.

As you know, Dr. McCord, this is a Quaker school.

We have zero tolerance for violence of any kind.

Which my wife and I greatly appreciate.

We'd like to offer to compensate Preston's parents for all their expenses.

But what can Jason do to make this right?

A formal apology to Preston.

No way.


Ward: A heartfelt apology.

Otherwise, he'll be expelled.


Thank you for arranging this.

Can you...?





Oh, my God.




Rough day?

I can handle a rough day.

Okay? That was getting eaten alive.

I mean, the secretary kept me in the dark about Istanbul.

Served me up like chum to piranhas.



Wait, what's with the weird face?

I probably shouldn't tell you this... but a couple months ago, the boss had me feed false information to Russell Jackson.

What do you mean?

I mean like a double agent kind of thing.

About what?


She had me tell him that she mentioned Dubai to Ambassador Dori at that Israeli coffee.

What about it?

I have no clue.

And honestly, th-this whole thing has me freaked out.

This isn't good.

I mean, if our boss is spying on the president's chief of staff, what else could she be hiding?

Covert ops in Istanbul?

Maybe they're connected.


Secretary McCord.

I did not expect to see you in Ankara.

Didn't expect or, uh, hoped not to?

However this plays out, please know that it is my country's priority that our peace talks stay on track.


After what you've done?

Look, our interest in Samila Mahdavi is about a specific investigation.

That's why we want the laptop.

Then why did your people need to grab her?

Well, we had a few questions.


You know that I cannot tell you those specifics.

I'm not asking about your so-called investigation.

Why would you need to kidnap your own asset?


No, she's... she's not one of ours.

It's amazing how you just lie right to my face.

I-I... I'm not lying, I...

She's dead.

We've been through her things.

Did you actually think we would not find out?

She-she was VEVAK.


And turned by the CIA.

We found proof in her apartment in Tehran.

And evidence of a plot against us.

It is useless to pretend.

I'm not pretending.

I don't believe you.

Tell your president we are withdrawing from the peace talks.

If it is war you want, then war is what you're going to get.


Munsey: Elizabeth.

My assistant said it's urgent.

What's up?

Just had an interesting meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister.

Zahed Javani is in Ankara?


And he said that Samila Mahdavi is working for the CIA.

And you're thinking Juliet could've been running her.

That's where I've been going with it.

As a rogue asset.

Is that even possible?

At this point? (scoffs)

That's what I was afraid of.

He also said something about Mahdavi being involved in a plot against the Iranian government. I mean...

Do you think that that's what this whole thing could be about?

I'll get into it.

Still waiting to hear back from Canoglu about our offer for the laptop.

Give them whatever they want.

Oh, trust me.

I'm not leaving here without it.

I'll give them Hawaii if I have to.

We've been following the threads on Juliet, looking for a connection to Secretary Marsh.

As far as we can tell, they never met.

That could simply be good trade-craft.

We'll keep at it.

And try to find any connection to Mahdavi.

Well, please do.

Without any proof that we weren't plotting against them, I think our nuclear deal with the Iranians is dead.

So we have some secret trip abroad, all while denying that anything's going on in Turkey, even though a video clearly shows that something is going on in Turkey.

And some long con with the president's chief of staff.

Maybe we're just overreacting.

You mean I'm overreacting.


Okay, so, what?

Now you're okay with our little culture of secrecy?

No. But maybe that's just the way this town works.

You do your job, cross your fingers, hope that your boss isn't strangling puppies in some dark alley.


I'm getting another drink.

Oh, come...

Daisy: Thank you.


Oh... (laughs)

And I had you pegged for a vodka woman.

There's a lot you don't know about me, Greg.


Well, I know that you're worried about becoming the next Ron Ziegler.

Reputation ruined, all because you had to lie about a mistake in front of the camera.

Okay, off the record, you might be right.

What if it's more than that?

What do you mean?

Look at Iran-Contra.

Wait, indictments?

Big fires always start small.

You want a piece of free advice?

Write a memo to yourself every day.

Put down exactly what you know.

And hire a lawyer.

President Kozlu has accepted your offer of discounted natural gas from the United States.

I'm happy to hear that. Thank you.

In exchange, we will release the body of your citizen, Mr. Brett Boris, and, uh, issue a clarification regarding the attack in Istanbul.

That absolves the CIA?

That says, uh, the investigation is moving on other parties.

Good enough.

As for the, uh, gas deal, I'll announce it at a date of my choosing within the next six months.

Then all we have to do is enjoy our tea in peace.

Not quite. And also Ms. Mahdavi's laptop.

Ah, yes.

I'm afraid that was a bridge too far.

"A bridge too far"?

That was exactly the bridge we negotiated.

I could not have been more clear about that.

You will accept this modification because you need to protect your CIA.

Modifica...? Ozan...

The Iranians are no friend to Turkey, but we wanted to keep our options open.

We'll make a counteroffer.

It's already done.

Mahdavi's body and all her possessions are going to Javani.

Then you need to get me a copy of that hard drive.


They'll know we tampered with it.

Look, the decision is final.

Now do we have a deal or not?

Not quite.

I'm gonna speak with President Kozlu.

This was his idea.

Never violate our sovereignty again.

Jason: We really have to do this?

Yep. You can't duck her forever, dude.

Mom's fine. You're the hypocrite.

What... Excuse me?


What? I saw how you manhandled that guy who was talking smack about Mom in the restaurant.

Okay, that guy was drunk and in uniform.

And I didn't break his nose.

Okay, I get it, Dad.

Two sets of rules.

What? Uh-uh.

No, no. No.

Two completely different circumstances.

And, by the way, I don't have to explain myself to you.

Yep, and you don't have to listen to me either.

What are you talking about?


I'm right here.

(video call ringing)

Oh, okay.

We're not done with this.


You guys are a sight for sore eyes.

You see me okay?

Henry: Yeah, you look great, babe.

Jason: Yeah, we see you fine.


'Cause I want you to read my lips: you are going to apologize.

But I'm not sorry.

You're not sorry about breaking another kid's nose?

No, no...

Okay, I am sorry I hurt him that bad.

Good. You should be.

You lost control.

And no amount of self-righteous anger can justify that.



Okay, I will apologize.

But only for punching him.

Not for defending Mom.

I can live with that.


Yeah, that works for me.

All right, great.

I got to go.

I love you two and I'll see you tomorrow, okay?


Love you. Bye.

Love you. Bye.

That was quick.

So what's on your mind?

I'm listening.


Okay, well, then you can't complain about me not listening.


All right.

(tires screech)

Man: Get down, Madam Secretary.

Secure the secretary!

Drop your weapon! Do it now!

No, no, no. W-Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Stand down! Stand down!


Maybe you want to call first next time.

Madam Secretary?

I'm glad I caught you.

The contents of Samila Mahdavi's laptop.

Why are you giving this to me?

Didn't you think I was lying?

I was wrong.

You'll see.

There are forces in both of our countries trying to foment war.

Once, at the Canadian Embassy, we found a way to defeat them.

I would like to believe that by working together we can do so again.

Nadine: Okay.

Here's our official story.

The secretary was in Turkey to clear up the misunderstanding regarding events in Istanbul.

The Turks are withdrawing their accusation of CIA involvement, and Brett Boris's body is coming home.

What did we give them?

Nothing, as far as we're concerned.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Yes, Daisy?

I don't know if I can spin that story.

Of course you can.

Okay, let me rephrase.

I don't know if I'm willing to.

Then we have a problem.


Dead man sitting.


Don't pay any attention to those little jerks.

Yeah, ahead of you on that one.




How's our little reprobate?

He's ready to be saved, whether he likes it or not.

Well, I'm good either way.

Were you good when Dad roughed up that Marine guy who was talking crap about you?


What Marine... what Marine guy?

Okay, there was this drunk...

Look, it was months ago.

What? A Marine guy?

And-and I didn't want to upset you.

You just started the job...

Dad, when I got into it with Preston, I just did what I thought you would do.

Oh, well, now I know why you didn't tell me.

Are you kidding, Jason?

Because clearly you had it handled.

Look, I made a judgment call.

And I thought...

Oh, and I'm so glad it didn't come back to bite...

Do you really want to do this right now?

Henry, I... Right now?

I mean, he's... he's about to go in front...

Why didn't you tell me then?

I can't even...

Because I...

Ward: Excuse me?

McCords, we're ready for you.

Oh, good.

Great. We're ready.

Jason, in the spirit of Westmore's founders, and in accordance with the honor code, are you willing to shake hands and apologize?


I'm sorry about your nose, Preston.

But I'm not sorry I stood up to you.

Jason, you owe Preston an unreserved apology.

He made fun of my mom.

This is your last chance.

Well, Dean Ward, if I may. Well...

You may not.

Jason did just apologize.

Your son is expelled.


Hey! What?!

Did you not hear him apologize?

He didn't mean it.

Elizabeth: Really?

So you read his mind?

Madam Secretary...

Elizabeth: Because if you can do that, I am sure that the CIA would be thrilled to learn your technique.

This is a Quaker school.

Nonviolence is one of our core values.

So is integrity.

Our son is following his conscience.

And you behaving like a tyrant is in direct contradiction to the basic precepts of the Quaker faith.

World-renowned religious scholar.

Nailed it.

I think it's time for you to leave.

Really? That...

Okay, wait a minute.

Let's just be reasonable.

You're not expelling, Jason.

Madam Secretary, I'm sure you're used to getting your way at the State Department, but I'm in charge here.

That's cute.

But if I ran the State Department the way you run this school, the world would be a smoldering ember.

Uh, babe, that's enough.


Get out or I'm calling security.

Oh, really? Are you sure you want to do that?


'Cause I don't like their odds against my detail.

I mean, given the whole, you know, nonviolent thing.

Henry: Come on, we're leaving.

Elizabeth: This is not over.

I'm going to take this up with the Quaker Association Board... thing.

Westmore is independent.


(door slams)

Well, at least things went well in Turkey.


I'm better with international dictators.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you about that incident with the Marine.

It's all right.

So you got everything?


I'm sorry, buddy.

Well, we don't think it was your fault.

We thought your apology was fine.

I knew it wouldn't be.

It's in the code of conduct.

Like Dean Ward said, "an unreserved apology."

What? Hang on. You wanted to be expelled?


Jason, you have friends here.

There's even a girl you've been out with.


N-Not like my friends in Virginia.

Look, Preston's dad runs some sort of charity with Bono.

Every freakin' day, I have to hear about how hilarious Bono is.

How his family went on vacation with Bono.

How he kicked Bono's ass at Foosball.

Well, I might have punched him for that.

Look, all the kids here talk about are their houses in Aspen and Hong Kong, and what famous people they pal around with.

They literally argue over whose parents are the most rich and powerful...

Oh, come on.

It can't describe every student who goes...

R-Really? It does?

Look, I just, I really want to go to school with normal kids again.

Well, uh, then good riddance.

'Cause that's done.

But, listen, next time, you don't have to bust anybody's nose to get our attention, okay?


Just... you think it'll be awkward with Alison still going here?

Oh, big-time.

Yes, I do.



(cell phone rings)

Oh, guys, I got to get back to the White House.

(reporters clamoring)

This was a dramatic reversal on the part of the Turks.

Why the sudden change of heart?

Greg, this was a simple misunderstanding between two allies that's now been corrected.

Rather than assign blame, both Turkey and the United States are moving forward in a combined effort to bring the men who committed this crime to justice.

Woman: Phoebe, one more question!

Elizabeth: The gas deal will be announced at the G-20 next month.

By then, the bulk of this controversy should be behind us.

I guess you can fight some fires with gas.

Well done, Bess.

I wish that were the end of it.

Director Munsey is here.

Send him in.

Mr. President?

Thanks, boys.

I'll take it from here.

What's the meaning of this, sir?

You're a smart guy.

You tell me.

Juliet was not Samila's handler.

You were.

You can't be serious.

But then we got too close, and you had her killed.

Where is this coming from?

From the laptop Samila was carrying.

There's dozens of encrypted e-mails, Andrew.

To you and from you.

You had to know we'd find out eventually.

Dalton: It's time to start talking.

You can begin with why you murdered George Peters and Secretary Marsh.

We all know that nothing on that laptop will stand up in a court of law.

20 years I mentored you.

Brought you up from nothing.

I handpicked you to replace me at the Agency.

And this is how you repay me? With treason?

Mr. President, on the day you were inaugurated, you told me the core security objective of this administration was a nuclear-free Iran.

There are elements in that nation and elsewhere who are prepared to deliver that objective to you.

And soon.

I'm simply following your directive, sir.

My God, Andrew.

What have you done?

He's talking... he's talking about a coup.

Regime change.

Wiping out the Ayatollahs once and for all.

You son of a bitch.

We're on the verge of signing a peace deal with them for God's sake.

That deal isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Sure, it might buy us a few months, maybe even a few years, but with the Ayatollahs still running things, Javani and Shiraz aren't partners.

They're puppets.

You can still salvage this, sir.

It's not too late to get on board.

Forget it, Andrew.

It's over.

Not by a long shot, Mr. President.

The coup is already in motion, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.