01x16 - Tamerlane

Woman: I've put the full weight of the Justice Department behind this operation.

We'll have eyes, ears and GPS on Director Munsey 24-7.

He will have no ability to contact anyone by any means at any time.

He will have no access to anything with a signal... or anything that could be used as a communication device of any kind.

We'll give him the appearance of freedom, monitoring him discreetly, so no one other than him will know.

Mr. President, I assure you that Director Munsey won't be able to renew a magazine subscription, much less reach out to his co-conspirators.

And we're sure we're on solid legal footing here?

Munsey admitted plotting an illegal coup against Iran, in direct violation of Executive Order 12-triple-three.

We have 72 hours to do what we please.

Then the firing squad.

It's still available to me, isn't it, Mary?

I'll tell the boys at Terre Haute to start cleaning their rifles.

Thank you, Madam Attorney General.

You bet.

Thank you, Mr. President. Madam Secretary.

(footsteps departing)

Well, that buys us a few days without Munsey's co-conspirators knowing that we're onto him.

In the meantime, there's an imminent coup in the works in Iran with our fingerprints all over it.

Secretary Marsh and Munsey had the full power of the State Department and the CIA at their disposal... whatever they planned... it's got to be big.

And yet we are completely in the blind.

Maybe we just warn the Iranians.

I know Javani... he's a pragmatist, and even with the trust that we've built up, without concrete reason to think otherwise, he'll assume it's a ploy.

Not to mention Shiraz and the ayatollahs.

Mm... (sighs)

It'll bury the peace talks and put us on the road to war.

We need operational details.

Something that we can take to the Iranians to prove that we're not behind the coup.

The task force has found nothing so far on Munsey's computers, phone...

The key to any post-coup structure would be a leader.

I have some ideas who that might be.

I can get into it.

Get into it fast.


Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Of course.

I have a lot to tell you and not a lot of time, so forgive me for skipping the sensitivity preamble.

Secretary Marsh was murdered.

And he and Andrew Munsey were plotting a coup against the regime in Iran.

I know.

But right now, I need you to call in the rest of the staff.

Though there is one of them that I need to speak to first.

Uh, Madam Secretary?

Can I come in?

Of course.

I know I'm not exactly your favorite person these days.

Hey, Matt.

Uh, ma'am.

I saw your car parked out front.

I got the text about going to the office, so, um... so, see you.

You bet.


Thank you.

Daisy, I don't really care, but if you really believe that no one knew you guys were still together, then I strongly advise you never go into clandestine services.

Copy that.

And speaking of secrecy, I came here tonight to apologize for keeping you in the dark.

If I were you, I would've skipped that last press conference, too.

But now I'm gonna come clean, because I need you.



Secretary Marsh's plane crash wasn't an accident.

But-but why?

Why then kill Marsh?

I don't know.

Except clearly it had something to do with the coup conspiracy.

Help me figure out who else is behind this and I promise you we will get justice for Secretary Marsh.

Sounds like he already got justice.

Sabotaging a plane and killing the secretary, three crew members and two DS agents isn't justice, Jay.

But it is nothing compared to the bloodbath that's coming if we can't stop the coup.

What do you need, ma'am?

Based on my knowledge of the Iranian opposition community, I've come up with a list of seven potential coup leaders.

I'm hoping that you can help me narrow it down.

Uh, it's not Ahadi or Pejman... Marsh thought they were lightweights.

He was pretty distrustful of Khorsandi.

He called him the Rat of Ramin.

Definitely not him.


Well, that's good; we're down to four.

We've got Kadivar, Soroush, Abdollah and Alinejad.

Let's see if we can connect any of them to Secretary Marsh and Andrew Munsey within the last year.

Yes, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am.

Does anyone really know anyone else, really?

I know people.

Yes, but do you really?

Okay, Soroush was in Toronto on April 10, same day that Vincent Marsh was in Ithaca, New York, fund-raising.

They're not too far apart.

Maybe they met somewhere in the middle?

For a romantic tryst in Niagara Falls?


Cancel the honeymoon suite.

Munsey was in Tampa.

Okay, I'm not ready to throw Marsh completely under the bus... I mean, even though the coup was misguided, he wasn't without his good qualities.

And what, pray tell, might those have been?

Matt: Hold on a second.

Abdollah was in Paris April 22, Marsh was in Berlin.

Does anybody know where Munsey was? Was he in Europe?

April 22?


The director was at Langley.

Well, say what you want about Secretary Marsh.

He was a family man.

He was a good father and husband.


Okay, Alinejad and Munsey were both in Jamaica the weekend of May 9, stayed at resorts on opposite sides of the island.

What about Marsh?

He was on his ranch outside Caracas.

Damn it.

This is useless. I mean, obviously they never all sat down together.

What was that date again, Jay?

Uh, Jamaica, May 9 to 11.

Secretary Marsh was also in Jamaica that weekend.

Nadine, I'm looking at his official schedule.

Which I personally fabricated.

Daisy, whatever good was in that man, he most definitely was not a good husband.

But he always said such nice things about Mrs. Marsh.

Not when he was in bed with me.

That'd be kind of rude, I guess.

Uh, so...

Marsh made an off-the-books trip to Jamaica the same weekend as...

Munsey and Alinejad.

Okay, that can't be a coincidence.

I mean, I-I think we have our affair.

I mean, coup leader.

I'll let the secretary know.

Henry: You get back after 4:00 in the morning and you still have time to get the Laffy String.

Hey, just because the fate of the world hangs in the balance does not mean that we shirk family birthday tradition...

Do not, don't you dare.

So how is the fate of the world?

Well, you know as much as I know.

That bad, huh?

Yay. You guys got the Laffy String.

Well, you only turn 16 once, Noodle.


Besides, how else are we going to have the most epic Laffy String fight ever?

Now that I'm back, you're all going down.

Oh, no...

No, I'll tell you who's going down: the Ziglantians.

Today's the day I break into the Fortress of Night.

Well, enjoy killing Ziglantians while you can, dude, because Monday morning, you're gonna be back with the humans Ugh. at Monroe Junior High.

Where a wise-ass like you might end up (phone buzzing) getting whacked like a Ziglantian.

I got public school, okay?

It's better than the freaks at Westmore.

It's so weird you got expelled.

Jason: If by "weird" you mean "awesome".

Hey, Nadine. What do you got?

Jafar Alinejad, huh?

Timing fits.

They met with him the month after you committed to the peace talks with Shiraz.

I have the NSA and INR trying to connect him to a coup.

Well, I can see Marsh and Munsey going for him.

He's Western-educated.

Decorated Iran-Iraq War veteran.

Served as ambassador to the UK in the '90s but broke with his government when he got disillusioned with the hardliners.

Lives in exile in Canada these days, but his brother Ahmed is still a brigadier general in the Revolutionary Guard.

So he already has inroads to the military.

Let's not forget if we're right about Alinejad, he was part of the plot that led to the murder of Secretary Marsh.

Of course.

But why don't you meet with him.

Off the books.

You really think he'd give up anything?


But see what you make of him.

Conrad, you're not considering getting on board with the coup?

I need to consider the best way forward.

No matter the path that led here, so... let's vet Alinejad.


Do we have a problem, Elizabeth?

No, sir.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Not bad for a life in exile.

Makes you wonder why he'd ever want to go back to Iran.

A little thing called power.

Is it really that alluring, history of mankind notwithstanding?

I understand you left a horse farm to become Secretary of State.

Well, the president asked, I answered the call.

Yeah, the power's pretty awesome, too.

Speaking of which... he's literally riding in on a white horse.

Well, you gonna lead a bloody coup, confidence is good.

When Ayatollah Ruhmeini took power, we clashed on foreign policy and nuclear ambitions.

I quit my post in protest.

Next thing I know, his henchmen are following me, harassing my family.

We barely made it out alive.

This same lunatic still rules my beloved country.

We understand you'd like to change that.

Do you?

We know about the coup.



Because the U.S. is backing another path to reconciliation.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready to back my vision for Iran.

What exactly is that vision?

No more false promises of redistribution of oil wealth, a real restructuring of the economy, fair elections, free trade with the West, moderation.

Across the board.

Pretty lofty goals.

It's what a vast majority of the people want.

But it will never happen under the ayatollahs.

Shiraz is no more than a puppet.

But he is still the president, and, like it or not, the, uh, Green Revolution failed not long ago.

Because I wasn't there.

The people know me. So does much of the government.

And the army.

They will rally behind me.

My predecessor, Vincent Marsh, is dead because of your plan.

You shouldn't be so confident.

I had nothing to do with that.

Change is messy.

We can have the Canadians detain you.

But you won't.

Because that would invite chaos.

Which is the opposite of what you wish for my country.

Jackson: He's impressive.


I think I'm gonna recommend to the president that we consider getting behind this coup.

Well, you might want to hold off on that.

Realpolitik, Elizabeth.

Forget past atrocities.

Focus on the future.

It's the future that I'm concerned about.

What do you mean?

A few years ago, I had an uncle who had that same graying in the pupils, spider veins around the temples, just like Alinejad.

I'm afraid Iran's great savior might be dying.

I wonder how Benedict Arnold's staff fared after the whole treason thing.

I don't remember reading about them in Social Studies class.

I'll wager when they went looking for their next gig, they weren't helped much by Mr. Arnold's letter of recommendation.

All right, I'm the only one here who didn't work for Secretary Marsh, so I can't engage in this delightful pity party, but I'm pretty sure we all still have good jobs.

We won't when the scandal breaks.

Corrupt Secretary of State murdered by a corrupt CIA Director.

Daisy: Not going to play well.

The entire administration could come tumbling down.

Including the State Department?

Pity party it is.

So, Nadine...

Yeah. you and Marsh...


How long are we talking?



It's okay.

I am done with secrets.

Since his time as a senator.

Six years.

I am so sorry, Nadine.

Don't be.

He was planning on dumping me before announcing his presidential run, so... one way or the other, he was gonna get killed.

We're gonna need another round.

Elizabeth: He's being treated at Sloan Kettering for brain cancer.

How bad is it?

He'll be dead within two months.

And as arrogant as Alinejad is, I agree with him that he's the only one who can hold that country together.

Even if the coup succeeds, odds are the government will crumble when he dies.

Be another Iraq.

Then we have to make sure the coup never happens.

(sighing): We still don't have enough to take to the Iranians.

I'm tired of hearing what we can't do, Russell!

And we're running out of time.

How the hell are we gonna get the intel we need?

Bring in Alinejad.

And what? Waterboard him?

Well, threaten to deport his grandkids, for starters.


Let me take one more run at Munsey, sir.

Two months to live, huh?

It's called a glioblastoma... it's one of the fastest moving brain cancers.

Attorney General: The president has authorized me to grant you full immunity, Director Munsey, as long as you play ball.

Elizabeth: Get out of jail free card for killing the Secretary of State.

You can't beat that.

I'm humbled. But no, thanks.

Andrew, without Alinejad, the coup fails.

You know that.

There's no immunity for what he's got, but you can save yourself.

Somehow, I doubt your sincerity.

What does my sincerity have to do with anything?

Not your heart.

Your brain scan.

You think that's tradecraft?

God sakes, Andrew, look at me.

All I see is a cold, calculating operative.

That's why I have enjoyed working with you, Elizabeth.

You're gonna spend the rest of your life in solitary. Think about that.

Unless Mary here goes for the needle.

Can you give us a minute?

Bess... you're out of moves.

Tell me about Juliet.

She's your friend. I know.

Was she coerced?


She's a patriot.


How is she?


Look, I think we're done here.

I've got a Real Housewives marathon to get back to.

I'm sorry we have to end like this.

So am I.

Ah, good.

I'm glad I don't have to wake you up.

I don't like the sound of that.

I've been at the White House.

Yeah, for quite a while.

I had to convince the president that the only way out of this little pickle in Iran is to go there.

Please tell me that you mean for him to go there.


No. I have always got your back, but going to Iran when there's a coup in the works?

No, I'm playing the husband card.

Babe, listen to me, if this coup moves forward and takes out the current government, Iran will become a failed state.

You know...

Stop. I know you're gonna say this is what you signed up for, there are millions of lives at stake, but I...

What part of this do you disagree with?

Okay... there are God knows how many radicals who would love to kill you.

That's why it's a secret mission.

They won't even know I'm there.

Okay, look.

The whole point of my going is precisely because of the risk. How else are we going to send the message that we really have nothing to do with this coup?

So now you admit... it's risky.

And sanctioned by the president.

You can take it up with him, if you want to.

Maybe I will.


Come on.

I'm gonna be okay.

I love you.

I will be fine.

But just in case I'm not...

Are you really gonna go there?

I think that you should wait a year.

And there you go.

To remarry.

Yes, I got that.

I'm not having this conversation.

You'll be a hot commodity.

Oh... (scoffs)

I'm just saying that, for the sake of the kids, I think a year is a respectful amount of time to wait.

Fine. A year. Are we done?

Then there's the question of to whom.

Seriously? You have a list?

More like parameters.

I think we're talking north of 40 here, with 35 as the floor for somebody really spectacular.

(chuckles) Okay, I'm not Hugh Hefner.

40 is just fine.


And while I don't have a list of approved women...

Oh, my God. You have rejects?

I do. Renee Brown.

Oh, no. What is wrong with Renee Br... Okay, okay.

You're saving the world. No Renee Brown.

Is there anyone else off-limits?

Maria DeLuca, Denise Chang, Vera Petrovic, Erin Blackshaw, Odette Norwood...

Do I need to make my case there?

I won't even accept their lasagnas.

Good. Make sure the kids don't like new Mrs. McCord more than they like me.

Well, I'm marrying her, and I already don't like her, so...

Is that it?

Well... what else do you think we need to cover?

If this is our last night together...

Computer passwords?

Wow. That is so hot.


No, it's red, yellow, green, blue.

What, Mr. Biv? Really?


My birthday, my rules.

No, you mean OCD. But fine.

Good morning, guys.

Good morning! T-minus one day till pancakes and Laffy String wars.

Look what I just dug out of a box in the garage.


What? I love this apron.

You better. You'll be wearing it tomorrow morning.

Yeah, listen, Ali, about that...

Oh, no.

Well, a little work trip just came up, and...

You know what, let's do the Laffy String fight right now.

You want to?

We can't do it before my birthday.

We'll just do it when you get back.

Well, it might be a few days. Are you sure?

Yeah. And Dad will make pancakes tomorrow.

It's fine.

Yes, done.


So, where are you headed?

I can't say.

But I will call tomorrow morning, of course, and I'll be back before you know it, okay?


Be good.

And do not annoy your sister too much on her birthday.

Give her a little birthday break.

What happened to being true to myself?

Love you.

Keep the world safe for democracy.

I'll try. Bye.

Noodle, I am so bummed about ditching you on your Sweet 16.

I feel awful.

It's fine. Just come back fast, okay?

As fast as I can.

Ah...! (chuckles)



Alison: See you later.

I love you.

Love you, Mom.

Love you! See you later.

Love you.

Red, yellow, green, blue.

So, last night...


We got to pretend it might be our last time more often.

...I talked to Andrew Munsey about Juliet.

I-I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but with everything going on...

No. It's okay. What did he say?

That she's righteous.

So... that's good, I guess.

And... this is mostly about the kids. And you.

A little bit of Juliet thrown in.

You don't have to go.

You can still...

I'll see you in a few days.

Thank you, Marcia. Keep the change.

You bet, Director Munsey. See you tomorrow.

Don't worry... got extra bear claws.

Uh, I hit the coffee pretty hard this morning.

Can you see it in your heart to let me use the bathroom?

Give me a sec.

Come on. You seriously think I'm gonna Godfather it?

(phone line ringing)


Tamerlane needs to move up.

Where have you been?

I'm made.

And they know about Alinejad.

But they don't know anything else.

You sure?

Sure enough.

This is the green light.

Tamerlane is a go.


Copy that.

Tamerlane is a go.

Jackson: Your little counterintel plan worked... we gave Andrew a little breathing room, and he made a call.

To who?

Someone inside Iran near the Bandar Abbas Air Base.

I just sent you the coordinates.

So what was the conversation?

We don't know.

He used dynamic encryption, we couldn't bug it.

What about his side?

Yeah, he knew we'd be listening.

Drowned it out.

Well, obviously he called co-conspirators and told them that he was made and to go ahead without him.

Unless they called it off 'cause he's made.

Or moved it up.

Keep your head down, all right?


Elizabeth, please come in.

Welcome to Iran.


Three words I wasn't sure I would ever hear.


Thank you.

Allow me to introduce my wife, Marajel.

Pleasure to meet you.

So nice to meet you.

Thank you for having me in your home secretly.

Must feel a little strange, I'm sure.

It's politics.

I knew what I was getting into when I married Zahed.

That's good.

I actually kind of sprang it on my husband.

(both laugh)

I have to say, Marajel, I'm an admirer of your work.

You know my work?

Your three buildings in downtown Tehran... it's the...

Zarand Commercial Tower.

It's, well, it's my personal favorite.

Really impressive.

I'm impressed that you even know that I'm an architect.

Former CIA. She studies her enemies, darling.

(speaks Persian)

English, Katan. Don't be rude.

Sorry, Mother, but is it?

Yes, this is my friend, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord.


My sons Abdol and Katan.

Nice to meet you.

So you're from the Great Satan?


Abdol, really?

A joke, Mother.

I thought it was funny.

You're lucky our guest is forgiving.

Americans can joke about themselves.

It is part of their culture.

Is that not true, Secretary McCord?

Okay, first of all, your English is better than my kids'.

And secondly, yes, Americans can laugh about themselves.

Although not enough politicians do.

I understand that you have three children, Elizabeth.

I do. I have two girls and I have a boy who's 13, just about your age, I bet, yeah? Not quite yet?

Secretary McCord and I should get down to business.

Hey, don't you boys have homework, huh?

Come on, now.


So long.

Thank you.


You have a lovely family.

Thank you. But, uh, I know you didn't come all this way just to meet them.

Our intelligence services have uncovered a plot against your government.

A coup.

We believe it to be quite credible.

Why couldn't you have just called to tell me that?

Because at least two high-level United States officials are behind it.


I can't divulge that.

But very powerful, very senior officials.

We don't have the details yet, but it will be well-planned and well-executed.

Zahed, these people only play to win.

And their goal is a complete regime change, from the ayatollahs down.

And how do I know President Dalton isn't backing it and you're here as a smoke screen, or a hedge if it fails?

I was worried you might think that.

And that's why I came.

With very little security in order to keep it secret.

I'm basically your hostage, if you don't believe me.

I do have one strategic piece of information that I believe will demonstrate that I'm on your side.

What is it?

It's the coordinates of a call that was received from the man who might be the ringleader.

In Hormozgan Province.

Near the Bandar Abbas Air Base.

Might be the group's headquarters.

I strongly advise you to bring this to President Shiraz.

Mmm! Smells good!

Hey, happy birthday. (kissing)


Happy birthday, Noodle.

You're wearing the apron.

Yeah, of course I am.

God, how old was I when I made that?

Uh... four.

I think Ms. Janey helped you out a little bit, but you did all these letters yourself, which I still contend makes you a genius.

I think I'm getting a little old for these traditions.

Well, if we don't keep doing these things then they're not traditions, right?

I don't know. With Mom's insane job and still getting used to school and the move, the security guys outside...

You wearing the apron and making pancakes just feels like... normal.

Come here.

Things change.

But not me making pancakes on your birthday.

Is this what it was like when Mom was in the CIA?

A little.

I know that Stevie remembers, but I was only, like, six when she quit.

Do you know where she is?


Tell me. Dad, I'm 16.

Yes, you are, but the problem with knowing secret things, Noodle, is that, then, you know them.

And... they have a way of slipping out.

You're worried about her, aren't you?

(phone rings)



Happy birthday, Noodle.

Ah, I miss you so much, I can't stand it.

Thanks, Mom. Where are you?

Not with you. Which is such a bummer.

What are you looking at?

A room.

Ah, so you're somewhere with rooms, are you?

Really narrows it down, huh?

What do you see outside of your window?

A street.


Oh. Darn, I've said too much, didn't I? You couldn't break Dad, huh? Now you're trying me.


Yeah, he's pretty tough.

Especially when he's wearing the "Chef Dad" apron.

Say, can I talk to him?

Sure. Love you.

I love you, too. To the moon.

Henry: Thank you.

Hey, babe.

We miss you.

I miss you, too.


Maybe when I get back, you can model that apron for me.

Au naturel.

I'm not on speaker, am I?

(sighs) Baby, I should go.

I love you.

I love you, too. Bye, babe.


Did you talk to Alison?

I did.

(speaking Persian)

That was Shiraz.

I gave him the information you provided.

He's already passed it along to a special army unit, extremely loyal to us.


I am very glad to hear that.

How's your daughter?

Too old.

But if I had to miss her birthday, there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

Well, I am glad you chose me as your CIA boyfriend, Elizabeth.

Well, me too. Fortunately, I've always had good taste in men.

You know, you coming here, um...

Shiraz, Ayatollah Ruhmeini, the other ayatollahs... we're impressed.

Especially me.

Well, you took the first step, coming to see me in DC.

The thought wouldn't have crossed my mind to come here, if you hadn't done that.

Elizabeth McCord, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (chuckles)

Father, I can't figure out this algebra problem.

(phone buzzes)

Oh, been there.

Try again. If you are still having trouble, I'll help you after I'm done...



Madam Secretary, get down, get down!

Madam Sec...




Abdol, stay down.

(gunfire continuing)

(gunfire continues, bullets ricocheting)

Where are we?

Sir, the Iranian Army and the Revolutionary Guard are fighting elements among their own ranks that are well-equipped and highly motivated.

What about Secretary McCord?

We lost touch with her detail right after the attack at Minister Javani's house.

How could we just lose the Secretary of State?

It was a massive assault.

We're getting reports that Javani is dead.

It's possible that Secretary McCord's detail was completely overwhelmed.

Does the State Department know anything, Ms. Tolliver?

We've been back-channeling through the Swiss and Czech embassies in Tehran, but so far nothing.

I have one of Secretary McCord's detail on a video feed...

John Kendall.

Put it up, Major.

Jackson: Mr. Kendall, do you have the secretary?

Negative, sir.

The detail fragmented under the attack.

Fred Cole was killed.

I was forced to take cover. By the time I was able to get back to the house, it was on fire.

Could she have gotten out?

I honestly have no idea.

Now, with the power grid down, any chance at rec...

What the hell happened?

The Iranians just jammed all communications.

Admiral Hill, send up a recon team.

I want helos in the air on the Iranian border the moment we locate Secretary McCord.

Yes, sir.

Mr. President, we're getting reports of attacks on government leaders, including President Shiraz and Ayatollah Ruhmeini.

Are they dead?

We can't say for sure, sir.

We might be getting behind this thing whether we like it or not.

Military tech: BBC's Web site just went up with news of the coup.


Don't go easy on me, Dad.

If I ever did, and I'm not admitting anything, that ends now that you're 16.

Whoa. Coup.

What's cool, J?

No. No, not cool.

A military coup.


Iran. It's like a civil war there.

Oh, God, just what the Middle East needs... more instability.

Right, Dad?

History of the world.

Alison: Sounds like more work for Mom.

Your move, Dad.

(phone ringing)

Oh. Give me one second.


Dr. McCord, it's Nadine Tolliver.

Hey. What's up?

Is she alive?

Don't give me the company line, Russell.

I honestly don't know.

Then tell me exactly what you do know.

I'm sorry, Henry, Nadine already told you everything.

I want to hear it from you.


We believe her security detail was overrun.

How-how is that even possible?

It was a deliberately small footprint.

Deliberately small.

Elizabeth signed off on it to maintain covert mission integrity.

You and the president knew the risk.

You signed off on it, too.

Yes. I did.


Henry, I want to find her just as much as you do.

Well, I appreciate that, but let me be clear: If she doesn't make it, and I find out that you left any asset untapped, any strategic option unexplored, if you've missed any opportunity to save her, I swear to God, I will hold you responsible.

Henry, remember who you're talking to.

It's okay.

You find her.

Bring her back.


You heard something about Mom, didn't you?

She's 16 now, Dad.

You should tell her that Mom is in Iran where the coup is happening.

How did you know?

I'm not stupid. Neither is Ali.

But she couldn't have known there'd be a coup.

She was hoping to prevent it.

Is she okay?

I don't know.

Oh, my God.


You guys look serious.

That is 'cause we're seriously planning a Laffy String attack on you, dummy!

Oh, no, no, no, no.



Damn the torpedoes!

The horror! The horror!

(screams and laughter)

Stevie: Aah!

It's a cookbook! It's a cookbook!

(indistinct, overlapping chatter)

Can you at least ask if maybe there's a landline telephone that I can use?

I have to get in touch with my government.

I assure you there is nothing.

That's not possible.

Your intelligence services have to be communicating with the outside world.

Not from here.

Then... maybe something...

If it changes, you get me, like, an e-mail or text, something.

You're bleeding.

It's nothing.

I will get you a medical officer.


(rattling, rumbling, everyone quiets)

(indistinct chatter resumes)

Well, at least Jason is sleeping peacefully.

Kid's the poster child for blissfully unaware.

(chuckles) Yeah.

You're good sisters, protecting him like that.

I don't remember if I told Mom I love her.

When she called this morning.

She knows you love her, Noodle.

She knows we all do.

Excuse me, Secretary McCord.

President Shiraz.

I'm glad you're okay.

I can say the same of you.



Should I assume since you're here that the coup has failed?


In part because of the information your government provided.

If you hadn't come, we might have assumed the United States backed it.

Minister Javani is dead.


A tragic loss.

Zahed was my friend.

And partner.

Mine, too.

I'm sorry.

He respected you.

I'm speaking on behalf of President Dalton when I say that I hope that our peace talks will move forward.

I share this hope.

But now, I fear there will be too many bodies to bury.

She's alive.

Bess is fine.

Oh, thank God.


We should, uh... we should probably think about what we're going to put out there.

I don't need to.

Set up a national address.

Well, shouldn't we get our stories straight first?

No. No cover-up.

Mr. President...

Trust me, Russell. I'd be all for paving this mess over if I thought we could, but you and I both know there's going to be a feeding frenzy.

We're better off just getting everything out.

Cover-up's worse than the crime and such?

Set it up.

(phone buzzes)


Yeah. Okay, thank you.

Thank you. (sighs)

Mom's okay. She's coming home.

(laughing quietly)


♪ Ooh... ooh... ♪
♪ Say what you will ♪
♪ But the time that we fill ♪
♪ While we're on the earth ♪
♪ Should not be alone ♪
♪ We were meant to be known ♪
♪ You make me what I'm worth ♪
♪ But I can't keep you from yourself ♪
♪ You'll do what you will do ♪
♪ But when the cloud in the sky ♪
♪ Starts to pour and your life ♪
♪ Is just a storm you're... ♪

Dalton: We don't know all the details yet, but they will surely come out in the coming days and months.

We do know that certain high-level officials in the United States government were involved.

We also know that Secretary of State Vincent Marsh's plane crash was not an accident.

Today, I promise you this: We will leave no stone unturned.

There will be no secrets.

And the guilty, whoever they are, will be punished.

In moments like this, when we experience shock, when we find our faith challenged, all Americans must look inward.

The pillars of this nation are strong.

And the strength of our national character is greater than that of those who wish us harm.

Moving forward, you can be confident that your government is working toward a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

In doing so, we honor Foreign Minister Zahed Javani of Iran.

Minister Javani and other moderate members of his government lost their lives in pursuit of this cause.

Even yesterday, while the coup was unfolding, Secretary McCord was on the ground in Tehran, working behind the scenes to end the longstanding conflict between our nations.

Let us remember the immortal words of our 16th president.

"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in."

God bless you.


And God bless the United States of America.