01x07 - Seeing Red

My cancer's back.

That feeling of being completely powerless you were talking about... there's a freedom in that, if you can find it.

I need you guys to step up with Mom. You need to be more present.

I'm not ready for a family.

I'll get the abortion.

I think we broke up.

Oh! What are you doing?

Tom's dead.

That must have been very hard on you.

You can be with Sarah, with me, or both of us.

But not with anybody else.

Thanks for this. And obviously, don't tell Mom.

Only do this if you really want to, OK?

I wish things were different.

Me too.

What is that?

You tell me.

I got it for Emma. Her birthday's coming up.

Hey, it's me. This is the new number you can reach me on.

I would like to come see you. I just wanted to let you know how serious I am about finding a better way to have my son in my life.

♪ Waitin' for the good lord to save me ♪
♪ Drive you out to the country ♪
♪ Yeah, we're still hunting ♪
♪ By the ship on this shore ♪
♪ And I ♪
♪ Was terrified ♪
♪ That the dark...♪


You need to let her do what she's trying to do down there.

I'm so not in the mood for this.

I know, but she needs it, OK? You too.

(water running)

Wait, wait.


You know, you're allowed to enjoy your 16th birthday.

This looks great. I'm starving.

Hey Emma, do you want me to drive you to school?

I need my bike. Thanks for the offer, though.

I'll pick us up dinner on my way home later?

Actually, I was thinking... it's not too late to invite everybody over.

Don't you have work?

Yeah, but I can cook after. Throw something together.

Mom. What if I don't want to?

Well, I'm not going to force you.

Oh, but hey! You could invite Jayden.

They're all going to track you down anyways.

Better let them do it in a controlled environment.

Mm-hmm. Not to mention... presents.

Do you guys know if Romy's up yet? She's gonna want to see the lighting of the birthday crêpe candle.

Uh, yeah.

(theme music)

(kids talking)

I pulled the felt piece out of a washable black marker and used that.



I just wanted to.

Is it something you saw online, or...

I followed an impulse.

Is that such a crime?

As long as you're happy with how it looks.

I don't care how it looks.

Don't forget you've got Luke at 2 o'clock.

Hey, why don't I pick you up early for that?

We can go shopping? Your gift for Emma is on me.


The other night...

Was fun.

It was.

And a mistake.

Yeah, that too.

It's not like we talked about Romy.

(chuckling): It's not like we talked about anything.

You can relax. I'm not looking for a relationship.

'Cause you're just out of one.

Actually, my boyfriend died two months ago.

He did?

Oliver, I'm so sorry.

How? Hi.


Do I know you?

Uh... maybe.

Like five years ago, didn't you live downstairs from me on St. Urbain?

No, sorry.

You sure? 'Cause I know I know you from somewhere.

Russ Quinn.

Oliver Lawson.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Oliver Lawson. You've just been served.

(distant phone ringing)

Just superficial changes.

You want me to grab a dictionary and look up the word "superficial"?

You've got a lot on your plate these days. I don't mind picking up some of the slack.


I think I'm done, Greg.


I mean... the last time you were sick, you worked through it.

Yeah, this isn't like the last time.

And it's not about strength, it's... it's a question of priorities.

There are better ways to spend your time.

Except... you can't quit, or you'd risk losing insurance.

Though you are still owed six weeks' vacation.


Sure, let's call it that.

Hey. I saw your name on the list.

Been anxious all morning.

I hope you don't mind I made an appointment.

Could have called.

We needed to do this in person.

So you've made a decision about me coming to Ottawa more often.

Look, I can't argue with the idea that it's good for Julian to know his father.


OK? But, um... if you're going to be around more, he's going to start asking questions.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

I'm sorry, uh, what... what kind of questions?

Well, for one, he calls you uncle.

You're not my brother. He knows my brother.

Eventually, he's going to figure that out.

And so you want us to tell him the truth, then?

Only if we're completely honest about things.


Which means your wife and daughter know, too, and we all find a way to move forward.


Because you were just planning to lie to Nicole?

No, no, I'm not... lying. I'm, I'm actually trying to shield her.

I'm not going to make our son part of a conspiracy.

A what?

And what will that teach him about his father and how he values him and...

What if I can't?

If you can't?



I've already told him there's different kinds of families and ours is just the two of us.



(small laugh)

So it's, uh... so it's blow up my marriage or lose my son.

You're kidding.

Come on!

Matt. It's been a long time.

It's been a long time. Maybe your wife will understand.


"Oh, honey, remember Beatrice? Well, it turns out we messed around a few times. We conceived a son who we now want to co-parent. Do you have any questions? Do you have any concerns?"

Well, just, uh... take some time to think about it.


I know we were meeting at the restaurant, but...

(whispering): God.

Do we...

This is Beatrice Taylor. She was our server at Mercado for all those years?

Oh, right!

We haven't seen you there in ages.

I know, I finished my degree and moved on, so.

Oh, yeah. It was... philosophy?

Public policy. I consult for an MP now.



It was nice to see you.

Yeah, you too.

She's kinda young to need a heart surgeon.

Hey, you know I can't talk about that kind of stuff.

But I see patients her age all the time.

Come on.




Happy birthday.

It's a thumb drive.


Loaded it up with all my favourite songs for you.

You can listen to it when you train for triathlon.

Something's different about you.

I can't put my finger on what.

Wow, aren't you crazy perceptive?

Actually, I'm studying telepathy online.

Soon I'll be able to communicate without speaking.

Feel free to start now.

Want me to prove it?

That's not fair. It's probably easier on the weak-minded.

Your sister's pretty upset about something.

Whatever it is, she sure wants the whole world to know.

Dylan. What the hell?

[I told you this was gonna happen.]

No, you said that you wanted to discuss the estate.

[Yeah, and then you vanished]

[and stopped returning my calls.]

So you served me with legal papers?

I went to Montreal because my family needs me.

[I don't care, OK? I want this sorted.]

I understand that you are upset about your father.

I am too.

[Don't do that.]

[This isn't about that.]

I don't want to fight with you over money.

[I do. That money's not yours and a judge is going to agree.]

Dylan, your father gave it to me. I didn't ask for this.

[Yeah, because you manipulated him.]

How... What?

No. It was his idea.

[It's our money, Oliver.]

[My family's money that you stole from us.]

(dial tone)

So, did you decide to paint your bedroom before or after you took leave from your job?

After. But I have been wanting to do this... since forever.

Why today?

Because after I left work, I went to see Sybil.

And when Sybil reprograms me, my whole body gets warm.

I close my eyes and I see red. And she told me that red is a healing colour. And this... is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

I'm just going to do the one wall. And when I'm done, I'm going to make dinner for Emma's birthday.

Should we smudge the room later, too?

You know, I can call my shaman.

I don't care that it sounds crazy.

I am not letting all the minor things overwhelm me.

OK. And this... this party tonight.

Are you sure that's a non-crazy thing to be planning?

You don't think it's a good idea?

I can see why Emma might not be into it.

I didn't force her.

And anyways, maybe we'll have fun.

So what then? After the one red wall is painted?

I don't know. Is that so bad?

How does it feel to be the aimless sister?

Hey, can you come tonight?

Or are you too busy slinging drinks?

Oliver told you?

He also told me about your adventures in polyamory.

Why can't anybody in this family just keep a secret?

I think he's worried about you.

Yeah, well, everybody likes to say that I don't commit to anything.

Now I have.


This is not what we meant.

Are people bringing dates to this dinner tonight?

What would Mom and Dad say if I brought them both?

Probably the same thing I'm about to say.

Listen, I will save you the trouble.


I was about to ring.



Oh, hi, Natalie.

Hey. Caleb's at school.

I know. I went to your office first.

You're looking for me?

I didn't mean to pressure you. I just thought, at least if you were there too...

Except with your mom and all that, it just seems like it should be a family-only kind of thing.

Yeah, you're right.

Don't worry about it.

(bell ringing)

(deep breath)


(heavy breathing)

(fire alarm ringing)


Losing hallway and closet space there.

Yeah, but Romy and Emma get rooms upstairs and the kids' bath is updated.

So how long is this going to take?

Olivia's waiting on our say so to go to blueprints.

Why's she roughing out the basement?

It's where Caleb will sleep when he stays.



We could build a lower-level walkout with an outdoor kitchen, where you can grill year-round.

I just think that, actually, the basement as-is is good enough for Caleb, so...

It's a luxury, you're right.

And my office is a good size.

We put a wall down the middle and the girls have bedrooms.

Honey, I want them to be comfortable.

Proper rooms will make them feel at home, and I can help them decorate.

We've made a commitment to Natalie.

It's going to be hard on...

What's happening to my sister is not an excuse for a dream reno, OK?

That's unfair and you know it.


Epic, right? I was in gym, next up for the stupid rope climb.

Turns out fear of heights isn't considered a "real excuse."

The rope will still be there when you get back.

Which is why we should bail now.

I wish.

If your day's been anywhere near as bad as mine, it'd be epic.

And you just used up your annual quota on that word.

Come on.

Caleb's always so stoic. Ariel's really worried about him.

So she came over to report to his mommy?

Aw, she was just trying to help.

But I can't force him to confide in me, or force him to confide in her.

Not after what happened, no.

He was like this last time, too. And I know it's hard on him, but it's how he...

What did you say? After what happened?


You know, their, uh, their breakup.

I didn't say they broke up.

Didn't you?

No, I definitely did not.

What, did they?

I assumed from what was implied that...

OK, D, come on.

I'm not stupid. What else aren't you telling me?


(Danielle sighs.)

Ariel's pregnant.

(whispering): No.

Oh, oh, no. I mean, WAS pregnant.

Important distinction, I realize.

OK, wait. You mean she lost the baby, or...

No. She had it taken care of.

She didn't want to, at first, but Caleb convinced her.

And he told you all this?

And not me?

He wanted to protect you.

With everything you're going through.

And you? Why didn't you tell me?!

I know.

You're right. I'm sorry.

(cell dinging)

I'm sorry.



♪ Rock me slowly ♪
♪ Spend me quick ♪
♪ Tonight I feel ♪
♪ I want to die on your hips ♪
♪ Push me now ♪
♪ Turn me on ♪
♪ I'm still weak ♪
♪ You say you love me so ♪
♪ But your body's telling me to go ♪
♪ And your touch is carrying me so low ♪


(door opening)



Thank God.

This place completes me.

Our own Bizarro palace.

We could nail the chairs to the ceiling and line the floors with trampolines.

And take in all the stray city dogs and only install doggie doors.

I like regular doors.

Fine. You get a normal door.

But we need a secret knock so you can let me in.

And we could plaster the walls, Banksy style.

Whatever the punishment, we will accept it.

Normally, it's a two day suspension for the fire alarm.

And skipping class?

Well, the afternoon was almost over, so two days will do.

But what about her hair, Natalie?

What's that about?

I don't know.

I don't know, I...

I guess she's just needing a distraction.

Her teachers say that she's been more quiet than normal.


Does she tell you about her sessions with Luke?


And I'm supposed to be taking her there right now, which I guess is not going to happen.

There's a possibility that's why she did this today.


I was trying so hard to let all the little things just roll off... but all the little things just keep getting bigger.

Listen, I want to help.

I know, and you have, and I...

No, that's not what I mean.

I mean I want to be in your life.

I mean, I don't know exactly what that means, but somehow, you know? If you want me.

I care about you, Natalie. This is where we are right now.

I just can't... turn that off.

But your daughter.

Well, she already knows that life is messy.

Maybe we can leave her out of it, for a while.

Why don't you come over to my house tonight, for dinner? Meet my family.


I have piano lessons at 3.


If I miss them, my mom goes apeshit about the waste of money.

If you leave now, you won't get to see me climb this.

Nobody's coming home?

Not yet.

Are you sure about this?


Ariel came to see you? Why would she do that?

Because she's worried about you. About how you're dealing with everything that's happening.

You weren't going to tell me that you guys broke up?

It just happened. I didn't want to bother you.

OK, but with everything else that's going on...

Caleb, I know this can't be easy for you.

What else did she say?


It just... You know I'm here, right?

[If you need to talk about anything.]

[I'm here.]

Trying to put it behind me.

Anyway, you've got more important problems.

Honey, that's not true.

Can we pick this up later?

I'm playing basketball and 10 bucks says Romy's already at home, sulking in her room.



[Bye, Mom.]

It's an investment account. Tom would fund it, I had access to it.

But in his will he said he was giving it to me.

How much are we talking about?

Almost 80,000.

You've been spending it?

Just a tiny bit, to live.

I don't have anything else.

And now his son is contesting the estate.

Yeah, you shoulda heard Dylan on the phone.

Basically accusing me of shaking his father down.

It's all here. He's suing you for fraud, and considers the money that you already spend theft.

I'll just sign the account over to him and be done with this.

It might not be that easy. He wants punitive damages, which, depending on how things go... that could be really high.

You gotta put me in touch with Clarissa.

My old boss? It's Teresa. And no, I cannot.

Because you quit? People quit their jobs all the time.

I need help.

You need to go to L.A. and fight this. If Tom put you in his will, that money is yours.

How do you know?

No offense, but you were just a secretary.

Offense taken, and I paid attention.

She's a litigator. It was almost always about money.

Couldn't she just offer me up some pointers?

No, OK? Just believe me.

Things ended badly there.

I get that you're hell bent on making a mess of your own life, but do I have to suffer too?

I think you're doing a pretty good job making a mess of things on your own.


Forget it. I'll just rip it up like a parking ticket.

Oliver. They'll get a judgement in your absence.

You'll lose everything that Tom wanted you to have.

And if the judge awards damages, it'll ruin you.

Doesn't matter.

(door opening and slamming)

Caleb! What are you doing here?

You ambushed my mother?


No! I was just worried about you and knew you wouldn't...

Bullshit! You want to live happily ever after and when things don't go your way you go behind my back?

I was only trying to help.

Well, don't.

She's got enough problems without you piling on about babies and abortions.

I never told her about the baby.

Caleb, calm down. Please.

I'm done being calm!


You're scaring me.

Well, maybe now you'll listen.


Get out. Go. Get out!


I'm sorry.

Just leave. You leave, or I'll call the police.

I said I was sorry.



(heavy breathing)

(door slamming)


Come on.

Look at all this crap.

Whoever wore these is definitely haunting this place now.

We should put them on and have a seance.

Or instead of that, you climb down from there and we go.


What's wrong?

(heavy breathing)

Are you OK?


Are you crying?

Not because it was...

It was just weird.

Not bad... just... yeah.


Yeah, I think the first time sometimes sucks.

Wait. Was this...


Natalie: Girls?

Be right down!

If she asks, we just got here and the door was open the whole time.

And now you have to stay for dinner, or she won't buy it.

I offered to call her mom, but she said it had to be you.

She's stopped crying, but she won't come down or say anything.

Cool digs.


Truancy, vandalism, trespassing, and you went goth all in one day.

Busy day, huh?



I need to know if you can hear me.

(shaky): I don't know how to get down.

OK. That's OK.

I'll come to you.





Whoa! Um...

Make it to the ladder and then I'll help you down, OK?

I can't breathe.

My arms are heavy.

I'm dizzy.

OK, Romy? I think you're having a panic attack.

They seem really scary but they're actually pretty common.

Feels like I'm dying.

I know. But trust me, you're not.

What I need you to do is close your eyes and take a breath.

(short breath)

Come on, try a slow breath.

(slow breathing)

(cell dinging)

I don't know why I bother.

People just inhale them without looking.

Romy's fine.

She's with Oliver.

I'm sure she was just blowing off some steam.

Are you OK?


I was trying to let everything just roll off me, you know? Give them room to react.


Oh, God! Ah!

Oh, my God!

How did that even happen?!

(exasperated chuckle) Oh, my God. You killed it!

It was at 500.

Ugh! I put it on high to sear it.

Um, maybe if we just cut around the edges.

Emma doesn't even want this stupid dinner. What the hell am I doing?

Your best.

Anyway, she'll forget everything when she gets her new phone.

Her what?

Matthew said he cleared it with you.

Her birthday present?

Oh, he must have.

That's very generous of you guys.

If you don't want her to have it...

No, I'm sure I said it was fine.

There's just a lot going on with me lately.

Us too.

Look who's home.

What happened here?

Total massacre.


I'm good, really. I don't want you worrying about me.

Caleb, I'm still your mother.

And it's OK for you to need my help.

I know, but I'm alright.

Hey, hey, hey! You're bleeding.

Uh... tripped playing basketball.

Any word from Romy?

You know, I was your age the first time it happened to me.

Maggie wanted me to ride the Ferris wheel at La Ronde with her.

I was afraid, but I did it anyway.

And when our car stopped at the top, suddenly I couldn't move.

Everything got shaky and blurry and I freaked.

And then I barfed all over her brand-new floral Keds, which she bought with her babysitting money and for some reason actually liked.

When we got down, they had to hose the cage.

What if it happens again?

That's why it's important to try to understand what brought it on.

You mean what I was feeling?

That's the idea. Unless I've wasted thousands of dollars in therapy.

She used to wear one just like this.

On vacation, right?

Her stupid travel hat.

Why don't you bring it to her?

After you get it extensively fumigated.

Take me home.

I have a clinic for consultations and O.R. privileges in two hospitals.

So you're busy.

I am, yeah.

And he's teaching in Ottawa.

You are?

Since when?

Uh, I've actually decided just to hold off on that.

Oh, you weren't gonna tell me?

I am now.


You remember Mr. Wallace.

Happy birthday, Emma.


Hey, Jayden.


Hi. Glad you could make it. Grab something to drink!

Janine: The chutes go down and the ladders go up. OK?

(indistinct conversation)

You're doing a good thing, showing up for your sister's kids.

Thank you. Thank you, Dad.


Hello? Oh, I got it!

Janine: Are we gonna play? My move. One, two, three...


Dinner is... saved?

Is that gonna be enough?

Uh, I think we should be good.


My brother, Matthew.

Hey, guys.

Gerald: Hello!



Did you hear that we're renovating the gym next year?


Hi again.

Oh, you remember Simon and Sarah?

Thank you for having us.

Yeah, well...

I'm really glad you could make it.

I can take that.

Thank you.

Guys, make yourselves at home. Get some wine.

Hi, Maggie?


Will you help me with something upstairs for a minute?


Thank you.

This was mildly amusing in theory, but...

They're in my life! Should I have to hide that?


OK, you know what?

My life choices are just as valid as anyone else's, whether you choose to understand them or not.

OK. Now who are you trying to prove that to by parading them around like this, huh? Us? Or yourself?

Please. It is not even like that.

Ah, Maggie. You know what? Fine.

OK, what about your own controversial love life?

Andrew is downstairs.

Well, exactly.

That is gonna traumatize everybody enough.

Why did you bring him?

I don't...

I don't know.

I got swept up.

I mean, it makes no sense. He knows there's no point.

But he still wants to stick around.

And I like him.

Janine: Natalie!

Well then, there is a point.

Where's your big serving dish?

Ugh! But not to that.

Hey! So...

That's Jayden.

He thinks he forgot something up here.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! On your birthday, even?

What? No.

Don't tell Mom.

Give a girl some credit!

Was this the first?

(cackling): How was it?

I don't know.


Kinda hurt?

But you didn't hate it, except when you kinda did?

I'm not advocating this, OK?

But it does get better with practice.


What happens next?

I don't know.

Nothing, probably. What do you mean?

Like, what does it mean to our relationship?

Whatever you want it to mean.




Come on.

So Jayden. I hear you're some kind of runner?


Can't outrun my patented boyfriend screening process.

Ignore him. He'll tire himself out.

There you are!

By all means, start without us.



Hey, you made it.

Welcome home. Thank you.

Caleb: Hey, Aunt Maggie.

(Natalie sighs.)

Janine: Oliver.

(whispering): I pulled the fire alarm.

I know.

So you and my daughter are...?


Close friends.

So how long have you and Mr. Lawson been married?

50 years this fall.

That's amazing.

You know, the very first night Gerald took me out, I fell in love with him.

The first night?

First night.

He had no plans. Nowhere to go, not even an idea.

And I lied to my mother about who I was going out with.

And in the end, we just... we just drove around and we just talked for hours.

And then we ran out of gas...

Oh, sure.

Near St. Zotique. We did!


We had to walk three miles to a service station.

Where we had our very first kiss.

Matthew: Smooth, smooth.

I even let him get to second base.

(whooping) Mom!

Matthew: Too much information! No!

Hey, leave her alone! That's a good story, Mom.



You never told us how you met Tom.

In a bar. You don't want to know the rest.


Here's to Tom.

all: To Tom!

Tom! Emma.

It's your turn.

Oh, don't get too mushy.

I'll get as mushy as I want, 'cause this evening we're celebrating our darling Emma's sweet 16.

What in God's name happened to your hair?

Art project.


Girl after my own heart.

It'll rinse out, Dad.

Her mother already has cancer.

Are you trying to give her a heart attack?

(Natalie laughs.)

Too soon?

Yeah. Yep.


Thank you. Finish your speech, sweetie.

Sweetheart, finish your speech.

To Emma, happy birthday.

To the rest of my family...

I love you.

Bravo, honey.

Aww. Hear, hear.

all: Happy birthday!


Good speech. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday.


Speech? No, speech!

♪ Won't you come back upon the Earth? ♪
♪ And stand your ground ♪
♪ You're still looking for a man ♪
♪ That won't be found ♪

Oh, Abby!

What have you done?

You're gonna have to help me put everything back in its right place, alright?

Do you remember what belongs to who?

Mm? You do. OK! That's good.

We're all good, then.

♪ Way out of reach ♪

No way. A new phone?

Oh, my God. Thank you!

It's from your aunt as well, so give her a hug.

Thank you, thank you.

My pleasure.

I love it so much.


This one has an amazing camera. Seriously high resolution.

Can only guess what they'll be using that for.

You're the expert.

Some people find my expertise valuable.

Hey, can I see that?

You really did pay attention when you were working for that lawyer.

I choose not to be offended that you are so surprised.

What am I gonna do about Tom's son?

I don't know. I'm just a secretary, remember?

Need a hand?

Not a chance. I got this.

I think you look older.

Jayden seems nice.

You OK?


I don't know.

I know.

Me too.

OK, uh...

We gotta go home, put Abby to bed. Happy birthday.





So that was a generous gift.

Yes. Um...

OK. I know it's a little blip in the big scheme of things, but I'm not ready to be cut out of the loop.

No, no, I'm sorry. I meant to ask.



I don't appreciate being thrown into the middle of a lie you told Nic.

What's going on there?


Nothing. I just forgot.

OK, if you say so.

Mom? You better come over here.

Why? What's up?


Caleb? What's this about?

Sir, you're wanted for questioning on a domestic disturbance allegation.

If you're willing to cooperate, we'd much rather do this down at the precinct.

Wait. He has to go with you.


No, at this point it's strictly voluntary.

But there are a few details he'd be wise to clear up.

For his own good.

Yeah. I'll answer whatever questions you have.

Great. I'll give you a ride.

Hey, no, wait!

Sorry, Mom. Don't worry. I'll straighten this out.

Caleb, what's going on?

Do you know what this is about?

Don't worry. Everything's fine.

(theme music)