01x08 - My Body Lies Over The Ocean

My cancer's back.

You've just been served.

In his will he said he was giving it to me.

I know his son is contesting the estate.

How do you know? No offense, but you're a secretary.

I think you are capable of so much more and I have no idea what you're so afraid of.

OK, what about your mother? What would you change about her?

I'd get her to start telling me the truth.

(fire alarm ringing)

Suddenly all her reasons not to trust me are confirmed.

What is that?

You tell me.

I got it for Emma's birthday.

She'll forget everything when she gets her new phone.

Her what?

Matthew said he cleared it with you.

Hey, it's me. This is the new number you can reach me on.

I just wanted to let you know how serious I am about finding a better way to have my son in my life.

Put everything back in its right place, alright?

Do you remember what belongs to who?

Ariel's pregnant.

And he told you all this and not me?

I'll get the abortion.

But why is it so easy for you to give me up?

Oh! What are you doing?

You're looking for me?

You ambushed my mother?




Sir, you're wanted for questioning on a domestic disturbance allegation.

The boy's name?

Caleb Lawson Crowley.

You'll have to wait.

For how long?

I don't know, ma'am.

He's my son.

You need to let me see him.

(distant phone ringing)

(radio chattering)

Since he's not a minor, it's up to him to ask for a lawyer.

Does he need a law...

If you're in the room he's in, it's usually a good idea.

(phone ringing)

Know a lawyer we can call this late?

Jim. Jim Spencer?

Your neighbour who left his wife?

Dad, it's all I got.

Call him.

police radio: [714, do you need any extra assistance?]

So... you were angry with your girlfriend.

I didn't do anything wrong.

You damaged property in her apartment.

I'm really sorry about that. I didn't mean to...

You didn't mean to get violent.

We were both upset.

Just broke up a few days ago, which I already told you...

Wait, wait. Hang on a second. Help me understand.

If you were broken up, what were you doing there?

I needed to talk to her... about my mother.

She's sick.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Ariel went to see her about our problems and my mom's not up for that right now.

Mm. So you figured if you threatened her, got physical, maybe that would clear things up.

What? No.

So your girlfriend's lying?

She says that I hurt her?

She called the police, didn't she?

Did you push her?

That was an accident.

Why are you trying so hard to make it seem like I committed a crime?

Because... you did.

Hey. You guys OK?

Oliver and I are just downstairs if you need anything.

We're fine. You can go home now.

We're still on cleanup duty.

I'm sure this thing with your brother is nothing.

(whispering): Goodnight.

They think we need emergency childcare.

They're right.



Move your feet. They smell like ass.

They asleep?



No, I'll pass.

What do I do about the lawsuit?

Oliver, I don't know.

Go back to LA, hire an estate lawyer?

With what money?

The money you'll be coming into?

Or not.

You need to talk to Tom's son.

Try to reason with him.


You have no idea how much that man hates me.

Fine. I'll go with you.

Thank you.

♪ Oh, when this world comes to an end ♪
♪ We'll be the secret in His hand ♪
♪ Nothing's lost in His creation ♪
♪ Nothing's lost, nothing's won ♪

Are you... coming to bed?

In a bit.

I didn't do anything wrong. What'd they say to you?

What did you say to them? Because they don't seem to agree.


I didn't mean to. She knows that!

Caleb, when things are in the arena of domestic abuse, the police don't want victims feeling pressure to recant.

Domestic abuse?! Jim, we had an argument.

Yeah, I broke something.

She went to shove me, and...

I blocked her and she fell.

Even if they believe that, they can still charge you with threatening her.

We're talking, here.

You can talk after we process him.

I want him out on an appearance notice.



They'll release him on a promise to appear.

He's lucky they're not sending him to jail overnight, pending bail.

I'm sorry what for?

He's being charged with trespassing and cause mischief.

These are summary offenses, relatively minor.


But they can still charge him with assault, or maybe uttering threats, which both come with jail time.

What happens now?

Take him home and get some rest.

I'll talk to the Crown first thing tomorrow and come see you after.

Thanks, Jim.

(Jim clears his throat.)

(loud buzz)



How could you do something like this?

Mom, I'm tired.

Your mother deserves to know what happened.

I can't help you if you won't let me.

There's nothing you can do.

(theme music)

Thanks for being there tonight, Dad.

You look pale.

I'm tired.

Maybe you should see a doctor.

My scan's in two weeks.

Honey, what if there's been some changes?

Dad, it's late.

Get some rest.

You OK?

What happened?

I don't even know.

Do you want to tell us on the way to the airport?

Oliver and I have a 5:30 a.m. flight.

We'll take a cab.

She was up all night at the police station. Obviously she's exhausted.

Gerald: [Are you still friends with her doctor?]

Yeah, we've known each other since residency.

[Maybe you could call her.]

It's not my place.

Matthew, please.

I know my daughter. I'm worried about her.

OK, Dad, just let me see what I can do.


You slept in Abby's bed all night.

Are you in clinic today?


Got wall-to-wall patients.

What did your father want?

Worried about Natalie.

Sure it's the stress.

She's upset about this whole situation with Caleb.

Do we even know what he did?

Something stupid.

It's right there.

Your wallet. It's right there.

Oh. Thanks.

It's after 10! Why aren't you two at school?

I'm suspended, remember? The office left a message.

I don't feel well?

Yeah, me neither.

Why? What's wrong?

No, I just meant I'm beat.


The fire alarm? We need to talk about why that happened.

At least I didn't light a match.


(doorbell ringing)


He left.

What? He knew Jim was coming over.

He said he had class.

The good news is they aren't proceeding on an assault charge.

Ariel had slight bruising from where she fell, but not enough to justify moving forward.

But they do think that he threatened her?

And they want his punishment to reflect this entire situation.

But he has no record, which helps.

Now, if he pleads guilty to the lesser offenses, the Crown will forego threats uttered and recommend a conditional discharge.

Which means... ?

After 100 hours of community service and four years without another incident, his record's expunged.

And until then he's a convicted criminal?

Until the conditions are met.


Thank you, Jim. I'll tell him.

And again, I'm really sorry he's not here right now.

Make sure he understands... if we go to trial on the threat charge, he could get jail time.

How is she doing? Danielle.

Ah... finding ways to deal.

Hi, Jim!

Did you sleep at all?

I... What are you doing here?

Oh, my oven is on the fritz. I have important baking to do.

(cell ringing)


So Dad says you look tired.

Well, I think I have good reason for that.

Yeah, several. How's Caleb?


Speaking of which, maybe I can take you to see Basra.

[My God! You people.]

I told Dad my scan is in two weeks.

I could get you in earlier.

[I don't want to jump the queue.]

Look. I'm just trying to help my sister, OK?

Then let her think for herself.

(buzzing and dinging)

Do we have a meeting? My lawyer's not here.


Then what are you doing?

Natalie hired me.

Why? Since when do you write wills?


Then why would Natalie hire you?

You should ask her.

I will.

You realize the paint's chipping?

It's not your problem anymore, is it?

Where's Caleb?

Good question. I'm looking for the answer.

Why aren't the girls in school?

Hey, Mom, can you take Romy to the therapist at 1 p.m.?

Of course.

Thank you. Address is here.

Where are you going?


And no, not to my doctor, despite all the apparent scheming.

Just want to make sure you feel supported, honey bun.

(cheering on TV)

Get up, both of you.

Romy, I'm taking you to your appointment later today and Emma, it's the church bake sale this weekend.


So you always used to love helping me get ready for that.

(sound mutes)

Come on.

We're staying useful today.

Hey, um, you must have seen Jim.

I wish you'd have warned me you were hiring my ex-husband.

I wish you'd have warned me what was going on in my son's life, so I didn't have to.

Why? What happened?

He completely lost his temper.

He might have even threatened Ariel.

He definitely scared her.

I was only trying to protect you. And help Caleb.


(engine revving)

I got my guy in the cafeteria to make us something off-menu.

'Cause I'm kind of a big deal around here.




Hey. Hi.



You know, if you didn't want to come...

If you didn't want to come, you didn't have to come.

No. No, I did, really.

I just...


That looks great.

(chuckling): Look, Natalie.

You introduced me to your whole family last night.

Right? Your whole family.

I mean... that's gotta mean something, doesn't it?

Yeah! Yeah.

Is it OK if we don't know what, exactly?

Well, it turns out that I don't particularly thrive in situations beyond my control, apparently.

Me neither.

Well, you know, if it's so uncertain, maybe we...

Hey, close your eyes.


Come on. Roll with me.

Are you gonna steal my wallet?

Close your eyes.


We are on a beach... (small laugh) in Bali.

In Bali. Why Bali?

Why not Bali?

You're nuts.

Feel that sun?

There's nobody here but me, you and a curious seagull.

(seagull squawking)

(waves lapping)



Why do you have two phones?

I don't.

Um, evidence to the contrary.

This was at the bottom of my purse. I have no idea where it came from.

What kind of weird existence do you lead where random phones wind up in your purse without your knowledge?

I'd have a criminal record.

You would, but not permanently.

Will I get kicked out of school?

Do I have to check the "convicted of a crime" box on job applications?

Caleb... I know about the baby.

Yeah. I know you knew.

That cannot be easy.

But it was.

The fact that it was so easy just terrifies me.

You're not your father.

You want me to plead guilty?

We can fight this, if you want.

I can't dump that on you.

Caleb, please just let me help you.

Call Jim and tell him I'll take the deal.

OK, uh, at least call her.

Recommend that she move up her scan.

Your sister's on a very specific treatment cycle.

If it comes from you, she'll listen.

You're not listening.

There's no point in me disrupting her to do this right now.

It's unnecessary and unfair to my other patients.

Why are you trying so hard to force this?

I don't know.

My dad...


Don't crack under the pressure.

If you want to help Natalie, be the stable one in your family.

I know. You're right.

I know this must be a very difficult time.

I crossed a line here. I'm really sorry about that.

Caleb! Caleb, hold on.

Look, I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday.

I shouldn't have called the police.

Don't feel bad about that. It's not your problem.

Caleb, wait!

You don't understand.

I actually can't talk to you right now.

What do you mean?

My lawyer says if I go near you, the police will arrest me.

I'll call them; tell them I'm not afraid anymore.

They won't listen. And they shouldn't.

I was in the wrong.

What's gonna happen to you?

It'll be fine.

Just... I gotta go.

Shouldn't be here without my lawyer.

Relax, OK? What's the worst that could happen?

Nothing's gonna change, 'K?

I'm not giving you anything.

Well, I just flew across the continent for this, so the least we can do is take our time, right?

A bourbon sour, please.

Sparkling water.

I'm in recovery.

I can order something else.

No, don't. Don't bother.

You sure?

You know, your brother forced my father to give him that money.

Have you ever met my brother? Forcing isn't exactly his style.

They were broken up when my father added him to the will.

After that, Oliver conveniently took him back.

They were toxic. You know, they used to fight in public.

They ruined my sister's graduation.

You should have seen them.

So Oliver says that you're in med school?

I was.

So what happened?

What does it matter?

What do you do?


Which means... ?

Literally nothing.


(giggling): Actually, it's kind of liberating admitting that to a stranger.

How can you afford to live?

Currently, I can't.

Is that why you're here, trying to loot my father's estate?

You know, I want your brother out of the place tonight.

Thank you.

Tell him his three months are up and I'm coming to change the locks.

You know what I think? I think you should come over to the house and you should tell him that yourself.


Bring it.

Is that how you really feel?

I guess that depends. How does it look like I feel?


But you're not finished yet.

But you are.

♪ Bring back ♪
♪ Bring back ♪
♪ Oh, bring back my body to me, to me ♪
♪ Bring back, bring back ♪
♪ Oh, bring back my body to me ♪

You know it's "Bonnie," right?

Not "body." You always got that wrong.

You sure about that?


♪ My body lies over the ocean ♪
♪ My body lies over the sea ♪
♪ My body lies over the ocean ♪
♪ Bring back my body to me ♪

- Hi.


I, I just knocked at your door.

I don't know where he is. He won't talk to me.

Me neither.

Hey, I... I wanted to know how you were doing with... well, with all this.

I haven't been able to go through with it.

Oh, honey.

I have another appointment this afternoon, but maybe if I didn't have to go alone...


Yeah. How'd it go with you?

Dylan is a sad, twisted mess of self-pity who's got nothing but his festering ball of rage, which he clings to like a raft.

Honestly, I found it inspiring.

And good news. He's on his way over now to kick you out.

Kick me out?! You made it worse?


I hammered him on discovery and he didn't even realize it.

What... what the hell are you talking about?

I remember this trial my old boss did for this woman who took care of her sick neighbour.

He left her a bunch of money in his will, which his kids then said that she stole.

Now, there was stacks of disclosure, but nothing proving that she did anything wrong.

Without direct evidence of coercion, apparently he has no case.

Dude, you can win this!

So you're giving me unlicensed legal advice in a foreign country now?

You asked me to help you. It turns out I can. Who knew?

But if Dylan has no case, why is he suing me?

Because I guess, you know, when it's life and death logic falls away and we do all sorts of things that we shouldn't.

Look, do whatever you want, OK? But I'm telling you...

You show him you're not afraid to fight, you can win this.

(cell ringing)

Thanks for meeting me.

Mind if we talk in here?

He fell asleep.


♪ I'm afraid of your secrets ♪
♪ I'm afraid ♪
♪ Of your secrets ♪

Fold, Emma. Don't stir.



Your sister and I'll be back in an hour and a half.

350 degrees, 45 minutes. Check with a toothpick.

OK? Good luck.

♪ Conducted by the imagery♪

(cell dinging)

♪ My misery concedes ♪
♪ Snarling eyes ♪
♪ My forgiveness... ♪

Maggie: Hi, Beatrice Taylor?

I don't know who you are, but your name's on your voice-mail greeting. You called me.

I mean, you called somebody whose phone I found.

It's my sister.

I think Abby went through everybody's stuff last night and... ah...

How many of our secret phones do you plan on burning?

I know, I know, I know.

Except you didn't drive all the way out here to talk about phones.

I can't... come clean to my family.

I can't.

I want to say I'm surprised.

No, I know I've disappointed you with all my talk of doing the right thing, but I...

I'm taking in my sister's kids and if any of this gets out, I...

This doesn't make you a bad person.

What you said the other day if I don't tell the truth I can't ever see him. Did you mean that?

I did.

They keep things labeled in perfectly sterile glass jars, like a creepy research lab.

Pasta, separated by type.

Granola in individual teabags.

Why are you so concerned about how your aunt Nicole organizes her pantry?

How does that have anything to do with you?

What do you know about panic attacks?

A fair bit. Why?

My uncle thinks I've been having them.

Your uncle the doctor?

My uncle the painter.

He knows because he has them too.

He's kind of a mess.

Like this big, vulnerable sponge, soaking up everybody else's sh1t.

Well, we should talk about coping with anxiety and about what might be triggering these panic attacks.

You know about my mom.


For how long?

(indistinct chatter)

woman: Ariel Webster?

(distant phone ringing)

I'll be right here.

Come along.

(seagull squawking)


(waves lapping)

(cell ringing)

This is Natalie.

[It's Luke Carson.]

I told you I'd reach out if I was concerned about Romy's safety.

Has something happened?

Did you know she's been having panic attacks?



[It's important you know the symptoms, ]

[and how to help if you see her having one.]

[There are techniques to stop them, ]

[but if it happens while she's doing certain physical activities, ]

[it could be dangerous.]

(voice fading): [Well, we should talk about]

[coping with anxiety.]


♪ It'll be off in a snap ♪
♪ You'll lay your feet ♪
♪ In the cold ocean sand ♪



♪ The coldest ocean sand ♪

Can we do something else?

Like what?

♪ You've been standing still ♪

I don't know. Go for a walk, maybe?

You knew we were coming up here, right?

Wouldn't be smart for me to be seen driving in the city.

I thought we could just hang out.

We are hanging out.

Never mind. Just take me home.

Oh, hey, come on. Let's... let's go for a walk.

Take me home.

(car stalling)

(weak revving)




Where are you?

I'm, uh... home.

Sort of. In LA.

So you took off in the middle of the night without telling anyone?

[There's something I have to do here.]

How long will it take? What's wrong?

Have you seen your sister?


[Do you need something, Romy? Is everything OK?]

Just do what you need to do, then.

[I miss you too.]

(slide whistle sound)


She'd take you if she could.

I know.

Caleb, you understand the choice you're making, right?

I screwed up. I deserve to face the consequences.

Well, it's brave of you to admit it.

Doesn't feel brave.

Come on, you made a mistake.

We've all done things we're not proud of.

Mm... not like this.

I hit a man once.

A mechanic. I realized he was stealing from me.

I tracked him down, but the money was gone, and I lost my temper.

Witness called the police.

What happened?

It was assault.

Judge ordered a peace bond.


Does Mom know?


But she'd remember my temper.

I worked hard to change, believe me.


You can grow from this.

Let's go.

Do you even have a license?


Which means you're not supposed to drive without an adult.

We'll pay for a tow truck.

Go on, crank it.

(engine revving)

Battery wire's frayed. Disconnected itself.

Just let it idle to build the charge. Should be fine to get you back home. Emma's driving with me.

Find a way to tell your mother about that wire before it shorts and does some real damage.

Get in the car, girls. Just call me if you need me.

(birds chirping)


Look, I know you don't wanna hear this, but you have to grow up.

You have to grow up too fast.

It's completely unfair, but you don't get to be selfish anymore.

Neither of you.

I'm sorry.

I know you are.


Matthew: Hello!

How was your day?

I volunteered in Abby's classroom in the morning...


And after school, we had ballet lessons. And then I made dinner, which we ate without you.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I should have called, but...

But you had a busy day at the clinic.

Yeah, it was pretty busy.

There's a plate for you in the fridge.

OK. Thanks.


Are you OK?

No, not really.

Does your mom know you're here?

It'll be OK.

Excuse me. Hi. Can I borrow a pen?

Thank you.

(paper rustling)

(phone ringing)

And you want to write about this every week?



Because it's a mess.

You know? But it might be an interesting mess and honestly, I don't know how else to make sense of it.

There's a lot of pressure placed on the dying.

I didn't know this until I actively started doing it.

Unwittingly, we become symbols of courage, expected to graciously accept our fate and battle bravely to the inevitable finish line.

So I've come to the decision that my death will not inspire you.

There will be no saintly acceptance or poetic epiphany here.

I loved him.

I don't care.

You should care.

He was your father.

We were a disaster sometimes, OK? But that's how it goes.

He supported me.

I took him for granted, but I loved him.

And I was there for him when you refused to be.

And he did not deserve what you put him through.

He didn't tell me about the will until after we got back together.

My three months are up at the end of this week.

You can change the locks then if you want.

I won't let you tell me that our love wasn't real.

Because it was.

If, as Sylvia Plath says, dying is an art, then it's not to my taste.

If you've come to be uplifted, you're in the wrong place.

The only thing you'll find here is one woman performing the utterly unremarkable act of living to the end of her life.

woman: [Hello?]

Hi. I'm looking for David?



I found this number for him, but I don't know if it's still his.

He's my father.

(theme music)