02x04 - Communion

Um, look, I need... I need to see your mother.

She doesn't want to see you!

He won't agree to my plans for Matthew to take Emma and Romy.

Where do I come in?

Well, my lawyer says it wouldn't help to hear from you.

It's not like he ever hit us. I don't know what I'd say.

So, give me three words to describe this look.

Casual, cute...

And fun?

I get that I didn't ace this, but I really want this job.

Just tell me who you need me to be.

Oh. Shannon, this is Maggie.

The roommate.

Pretty sure he consummated our marriage with some random last night.

And you're okay with that?

Yeah! Keeps things simple.

Just go back to trading s*x for rent! Okay?

Wow! You know what? Whoever hit you should have hit you a lot harder.

This is yours then? It's not half bad, you know.

It all hinges on the ending.

She has these plans for who's going to take care of us if she dies. Could I come live with you?

Romy needs structure, not a struggling artist with no stability.

Whatever it is you're not saying, say it!

I don't want to do it. Sorry, Romy.

I never should have said yes.

Uh, how about your wife?

The last time I came home, she had changed the locks on my door.

Kate's throwing him out.

You're thinking that I was out there building another life with another family? Well, it wasn't like that.

I don't see how I could ever trust you again!

I want to make things right.

[clattering, indistinct chatter]

Um... Nic?



People are back from church.

If you can carve a human heart, you can manage the lamb roast.

If you're not there too...

What? People will know?

They already know.

Abby doesn't. This is all for her.

All the lying is exhausting.

You'll get used to it.

[indistinct conversations]

Hey! You look like you're hiding.


I'm worried Mom is gonna ask the priest to talk to me about the healing powers of prayer!

[laughing]: Stop...

If I have to do this, so do you. Okay?

How are you holding up?

Uh, by the flimsiest of threads.

But cancelling would have crushed Abby, so...

Well, at least Nicole's sister was willing to host all of us.

Yeah, no. No, she'll take any chance she can get to make me feel incredibly uncomfortable, so...

Well, what about you? I know you're going into court against David tomorrow?

Yeah. I just want all that behind me.

So then he loses any power he has over what happens to the kids, right?

If I win.

Okay. Anything I can do or say to help your case...

He'll even lie for you if you want.

Hey! Are you excited about starting your new job tomorrow?

I wish I had started yesterday.


Nice. Good luck out there!

So, what did you confess in church today?

Not telling Why?

'Cause then it won't come true.

Just close your eyes and think of England.

If only it was that easy.

Embarrassing me in front of my sister? Seriously?

Have you come to return the favour?

Stop winding her up, Lizzy.

Oh, she was plenty wound up when I got here.

OK, can we just get through this?

It's against the value of the real estate.

I know what a home line of credit is.

I'm just saying, the place is already worth more than I paid for it.

Because of all the work you did fixing it up.

The neighbourhood's exploding.

What do you need me for?

The bank wants a co-signer.

Because you don't have a source of income!

That's where the line of credit comes in!

Oliver, a loan is not a job!

I know that, Dad. I'm investing in my career.

[Gerald sighs in frustration.]

I need the freedom to focus!

Don't worry about it. Forget I asked. It's not a big deal.

No, I'm not hungry, Mom.

Can I do anything?

Find your place card and take a seat.

Could you be any more checked out?

Hey, I know this guy.

He broke up your house party.

He writes comics?

Graphic novels.

He published this when he was only 17.

How old is he now?

Banished to the kiddie corner?

Everyone wants Maggie as far away from Matthew as possible.

Yeah, okay, file that under things I shouldn't have said out loud.

Well, believe me, you're the smallest elephant in this room.

Uh, actually, everyone, Could I just, um...

First, I wanna thank Elizabeth for having us and it really, really does mean so much that you could all be here.

I mean, you're the people we love.

And I just want to say To our darling Abigail, we are so proud of you, and it brought us so much joy watching you prepare for this day.

Abby! Your dress!

I'm speaking to my family.

Yeah? Which one?

Sorry I ruined my dress, Mama.

No, honey, it's fine.

Come on, sweetie. Let's clean it off.


[awkward throat clearing]

[theme music]


♪ Lower your head ♪
♪ Everything said we'd stay late ♪
♪ Until the sun is in sight ♪
♪ It wasn't quite right ♪
♪ The bull was uptight I was lost ♪
♪ I was unraveling fast ♪
♪ Oh I'm still invited ♪
♪ To the thoughts that you hold ♪

Don't want to talk about it.

♪ To the grudges you hold ♪

Caleb? I'm about to drop the girls at the metro.

You sure you don't want a lift down there?

I'll meet you over there.

Okay. The hearing's at 11.

I'll be there.

Have you reread your affidavit?

I mean, I lived it.

Okay. Well, your father's lawyer is gonna try to poke holes in our side of things so... as long as you tell the truth, everything will be fine.

Got it. See you over there.

Yeah. Good!

The suit.

♪ To the grudges you hold ♪

You look great!

Well, thanks for lending me the money to, you know, invest in the store's aesthetic.

You're welcome.

Pay to play? Nice business model.

Are you nervous?

A little. Are you?

A little.

Hey, I just want to be sure...

You guys are clear about why I'm taking this route with your father?

You don't want him having control over what happens to us.


Is there anything you want to ask?


And if Dad wins?

Well, we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

[knocking on door]




Nic, uh, I let myself in.

Nic. Jesus!

You can't just waltz in here whenever you feel like it, Matthew!

I can't stop thinking about the disaster that was yesterday.

[annoyed sigh]

You're the one who started.

I know! I know.

We should both be ashamed of ourselves.


We can't keep going on like this.

So let's stop.

Let's end this.

Tell Abby the truth and...

Before that, come with me.

Just do one last thing with me before you give up on us.


[annoyed sigh]

[classical music on the stereo]

radio host: If you could use makeup or your phone one last time, which one would you pick?

Come on.

Makeup or your phone?

Is this what you think girls have trouble deciding?

[deep exhalation] Okay!

Oh man...

Come on! Ugh...

Excuse me?


This projection, it's not the same artist as the sculpture?

No, it's a collaboration.

We know each other.

We do.

I was in graduate school.

You were writing about Montreal signage.

Your murals were all over the city. Your work was so tormented!

Oliver Lawson.

Where have you been?

Yeah! I was in, uh, Los Angeles for a long time, having every creative impulse crushed right out of me.

Thank God! If you were actually happy there, I would never forgive you.

Well, I'm back! I bought a studio in Mile-Ex.

I'm just... getting a pulse of the scene.

Are you working on something new?

I have an installation on the go that's been completely absorbing me but, uh...

I'm just coming up for air.


Did you know I was curating this place when you came in?

I might have read something like that.

Mm-hmm. Okay.

When can I see it?

Uh... soon! Yeah.

As soon as it's ready. Great!

See you then! Great! Yeah!

See you!

Don't you keep your door closed?

Hey! Don't you have camp or something?

Or something...

Is anything up?

So, you're really going to fight for us in court today?

Yeah. I'm fighting for my legal right to be your dad.

Is there something specific that you needed to know from me?

What happens if you lose?

[chuckle] I sure hope that I don't.

Yeah, but if you do, is this the last time I'll ever see you?

No! Romy, no. Not at all.

That's not what this is about.

Listen. You know, uh... This is about me having a say as your father.

Yeah, but don't you think that's what Mom actually wants? Us never seeing you again?

No. I don't think that. And even she did, ultimately, that wouldn't be up to her. Or me.

I mean, we are all at your mercy. You and your sister's.

I don't think Mom sees it that way.

I know. But I do. You know, and I think you should start thinking about what it is you want.

Can I have 60 bucks?

You want 60 bucks? For what?

Whisky and women.

You're cute.

Purveyor of stimulation, real and imagined.

Ah! Thank you! Now, we've gotta go. Caleb's meeting us.


Down there.

He's testifying this morning.

We had this conversation.

You never said that it was going to be in front of David.

Well, my lawyer believes it's important for the judge to hear directly from one of the kids.

Hears what exactly?

I mean, David was there and then he wasn't.

The weight... of his abandonment.

OK, you're really asking him to dredge this up with his father in the room?

He wants to do this! This is about protecting the girls.

Even if it hurts Caleb in the process?

Look! You've made your point.

Which you're completely ignoring.

Maggie. I don't want your opinion right now.

I want your support.

And you're gonna have to get behind this when Caleb shows up.

I don't think I can.

Well, then maybe you shouldn't be coming with me.



First, I'll submit the sworn in declarations, then give the judge a bird's eye view of our case.

Then, we'll call on Caleb to testify.

You didn't tell me he was arrested this year, after a physical altercation with a girlfriend?

Why would I?

David had nothing to do with that.

His lawyers could raise it to discredit him, make his whole testimony moot.

We need to get out in front of it, argue how David's abandonment created anger issues.

No! Caleb is not like that.

It was one incident and... no, I won't have it raised unless they bring it up first.

Natalie, we've been over this.

The whole point of Caleb's testimony is to see the consequences of David's failure as a parent.

If we can't, well, we don't have a case.



Hi. I'm sorry to do this, but I knew you had the week off and... and I...

What's going on?

Remember how we talked about getting everything out in the open?


Well, that's... that's happening.

Uh, now.

Hey. I need validation.

Oliver: Now's not a good time.

Did you know that Natalie asked Caleb to testify against David in court this morning?


Cool? No! No, it's terrible.

She wouldn't listen to reason, so I didn't go and now I feel terrible for abandoning her.

Aren't you the one who warned me against messing with her plans?

You mean with Romy? Is that why things were so weird with you guys yesterday?

Look, I really gotta go.

You told her she can't live with you?

Maggie, I don't wanna talk about this Sure. Fine! Whatever.

I'll call you later.

That hangs.

Oh! Thanks.

I'll do it.

[knocking on door]

Is everything okay in there?

[door clinking]

That's never a good sign.

What is this?


I hate every last one of them.

At least she left her face behind for the police sketch.

Oh, you can throw that out. It's last week's.

God, I would give my left leg to be in Cabo right now.

I was just in the Bahamas.

It's not the worst.

You're like, not even tan.

It's so bad for you! I'd prefer to live, thanks!

I know. This isn't... this isn't fair to either of you, but keeping you apart, that wasn't working either.

Um... And you, you're always looking at me like I pulled off some big con, like I've been playing man of the house in two families for years. Well, I haven't been.

It's true. He's barely seen us.

You might have considered that before having a child with another woman's husband.

No, it wasn't with me, honey.

It's just... it... it's via me.

Ha! You're asking me... to believe you haven't been involved in an emotional affair this whole time?

I haven't! I haven't. I don't love her.

Can you please tell her?

I don't love you.

We were never in love.

I meant with your child.

With the human being you created with someone else and hid from me.

Look, I think you should know that we didn't tell Julian the truth about Matthew until...


Until what?


I was just coming... I was coming to this.

This is why we're here.

Don't speak.

Until what?

Until after you knew everything.

[dumbfounded laugh]

So your son knows now?

I wanted to tell you. I did.

I didn't know how.

You wouldn't have heard this any other way. Honey...

I thought that if you met them, that maybe you would also see that I am trying to do the right thing here, for everybody.

I feel sick. Where's the bathroom?

It's just down the hallway.


[muffled music from headphones]


I'm sorry. Am I bothering you?

What are you doing?

This thing is driving me nuts.

You know, it does nothing.

If it's gonna be in here, it should serve a purpose, no?

[slamming sound]

You want to tell me what's going on?

I'm so tired of people looking at me like I'm a problem.


Like that! Exactly like that.


No, it's like the pillars of my family all decided to implode at the exact same moment and here I am trying to step up, but nobody wants my opinion, and even when they accidentally manage to hear it, somehow I'm still the asshole.

Do you want my honest response?


You sound unbelievably self-absorbed.

I mean, your sister could be dying.

From what I know of your older brother, it sounds like his marriage is crumbling.

And all you seem to care about is what people think of you.

Why am I not allowed their respect?

I mean, I barely know you, but if I had to guess, it's probably because you do things like whimsically marry strangers.

Yeah, well, so do you!

But I'm not asking my family to accept me for it.

You know what? They want me at the kids' table? That's fine. I can do seen and not heard.

Good talk!

You did exactly what you said you wouldn't do.

Throw Julian under the bus to save your marriage.

I just thought if Nicole could see the kind of father I was trying to be to him...

After insisting repeatedly that your heart is with her, how is she supposed to reconcile those two things?

You're a mess!

I'm not giving up on my son.

I just hope that doesn't mean losing my wife.

You better get yourself together in a hurry or you're gonna lose everybody.


What are you watching?


My daughter likes that one too.

[relieved]: Caleb!

Where've you been?

What happened to your suit?

I can't do it, Mom.

Caleb, I can't do this without you.

Yeah, but what if he doesn't deserve it?

Hey, you know better than anyone that he does.

Whatever feelings I have about what Dad did or didn't do, those belong to me.

This is about the girls, okay?

They can end up having to live with him!

Their father?

He's our father!

I'm sorry. I can't.

Hey, Mike! I finished it.

I even paid to have it properly printed.

Do I know you?

You read this and you liked it.


Oh yeah! Good for you.

Don't you want to know how it ends?

What are you, stalking me?

Don't tag your location if you don't want people to know where you are.

Look, good luck with your book but I got somewhere to be, okay?

What are you doing?

I'm following you.


I know you published your first graphic novel. I need to know how you did it.

Well, let's see...

I published it through a vanity press who I paid $5,000 to edit and package the thing and who now owns the edition and collects all royalties when it sells, which it hardly ever does. Happy?

Look, I'm nobody, okay?

There's nothing to see here.

What do I do now?

Write another!

Or go to law school. I don't know who you think I am, but I can't help you.

Here ends the lesson.

Good luck.

I've spoken to your ex-husband's lawyer.

What now?

Our strategy won't work anymore.

I'll ask for a postponement and we'll have to rethink our position.

You know, it is amazing what boys will do to avoid running a comb through their hair... put on a clean t-shirt.

Tell me about it!

I'm sorry about what happened back there.

Ha! Yeah. Right.

Natalie, I'm serious.


Is that all?

Well, I was... I was... thinking that maybe you'd wanna give me a ride home?

You're unbelievable!

You actually think I want to get in a car with you right now?

Look, don't you think we should at least try talking?

Run away? Away from all of this?


Get in.

I'm surprised you kept the house.


There's stuff in there for you and the kids she wanted me to give to you. When she died 8 years ago?

You know that, uh... that tin? Butter cookies are still hanging around in there if you're hungry.

It was always crammed with soya sauce packets.

If you're thirsty, then.

[office hustle and bustle]

You really don't have anywhere else to be?

No. What is this place?

It's a collective. We take freelance gigs to support products we actually care about. And we're not hiring.

I don't want money.

I can't do anything for you, okay?

I don't want you to. Everyone who says they will ends up failing me.

I have to learn to do things for myself.

Just please, let me stay here and learn what I can.

There's nowhere for you to sit.

I'll stand.

There. No talking.

Oh my God!

I thought that bonglord down the street had jacked this.


Welcome back, buddy.

So, Jacques Cousteau signed this.

She wanted Caleb to have it.

And then, this here, this is for the girls.

I think that's it.

It got even harder with her after you left.

Yeah, well, I don't think she felt so welcome around you.

Wow, really? You're gonna put that on me?

I tried.

Anyway, families are supposed to fight to be together, not sit around and wait for an invitation.

Yeah. Just hopefully not in court.

You're smug for someone whose second marriage is failing.


Yeah, no, I figured Matthew wouldn't hold that back from ya.

You say you're running to your kids because they need you. Hm-hm. I think you're running from another failure and you're the one who needs them.

I'm gonna get some water.


Oh, hey! This is, uh, for you.

She never forgave me for walking out on you guys.

I'll get that water.

What do you need?

Do we have this one in extra-small?

Top shelf.

Ha! You're actually going up there?

Usually I just tell people that we're out of stock.

Maybe not on my first day.

At least take your time.

It's practically the only break that we get.

Ugh, they could not pay me enough to take this job.

But I borrowed my dad's car and totaled it, so...

You work here as punishment?

Do you have a better excuse?

I was offered a modelling job, actually, but I didn't want to subject myself to that kind of scrutiny.

You know, the male gaze and all.

Some of those girls make like, 30 grand an Instagram post.

Ew, but the comments! Strangers pretending to know you.

My dad threatens to homicide every guy who looks at me twice when we go out to dinner.

Yeah, mine too!

"The male gaze." That's like, super well put.


[knocking on door]

[doorknob clicking]

Oliver, you in there?

I'm sorry if I pushed you into whatever happened with Romy.

Also, I'm retired from giving my opinion on other people's lives, so you'll never hear from me on the subject again.

Hey, well, the door's open. I'm coming in.

[alt-rock music on the stereo]


[loud alt-rock music]

I didn't know you and your mother were...

Estranged? After I left, we barely spoke.

Was it really because of us?

Well, you know, a mother's intense disappointment has a way of taking the stuffing out of a guy.

I just hope that ten years down the line, Jesse isn't in court having to testify what a terrible father I am.

Hey, look. Natalie.

If you really feel that Caleb and the girls are better off without me, then I guess I... I can't stop you.

Oh my God!

What? "Oh my God" what?

Oh my God!

You asked me here to have a frank conversation, and yet all you've actually done is choreograph this entire thing to manipulate me.

That's not what I'm doing.

Oh, I know you! That's exactly what you've done. You've thought this entire thing out down to every word like it's one of you lectures.

Okay. What about you?

What ab... What about me?

You're dragging me to court to take away my parental rights. Are you nuts?

That's vindictive, Natalie, and I think you know that.

You came back here because I'm sick, and then you threatened all of my custody plans just so you can have more access with the girls.

That's not the way I wanted it to go! Natalie, you wouldn't talk to me!

Because I can't trust you.

I'm not giving away my rights.

I can't. Alright? So you and I, we're gonna have to figure out some way to work this out.

You know what? You don't want all your children thinking you're a terrible father?

Why don't you stop being a terrible father?

I will if you let me!

And you don't get custody just because your mother left me a tablecloth.

[birds chirping]

He's your boy.

Just tell me what we can do.


I'll never be able to do this with you.

But you have to.


Hey, Caleb! Hi.

[birds chirping]

I would've told them what you did really wrecked me.

Why didn't you?


I'm done blaming you.

And maybe I'm no better than you.

No. That's not true.

You spent years picking up my slack.

What if I don't wanna do that anymore?



I remember you let me wear this when I was a kid.

It was heavier than my wrist, though.

You know, I bought that with the... the fellowship that I won in grad school.

Sell it if you want, it's worth good money.

Hey! You're just getting back now?

Didn't you get my text? I was running late from school.


Good day?

Yeah, actually, I learned a lot.


Well, don't keep us in suspense.

It went well.

Primed to sell overpriced clothes to the latte crowd?

I'm crawling my way up the learning curve.

My little girl in the big wide world!

How'd it go in court today?

It didn't. That's over.

Dad gave me wine.

Will that help?

What? When?

He invited me over for lunch and gave me wine.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you before.

Doesn't matter.

I've decided not to fight him in court.

He hasn't won, but...

...we need to talk about plans for the future.

And if it comes to it, it will make a big difference what the both of you want.

♪ Plant our tree ♪
♪ I'll watch it grow ♪
♪ Just so you know ♪

So, $500, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Easy, hey, hey! I want to get home tonight.

These limbs, they come on and off, right?

Sure. Knock yourself out, buddy!

♪ Watch our tree grow old ♪
♪ And we'll never have to go away ♪
♪ Be the sun I'll be the water ♪
♪ Be the seed I'll be the flower ♪
♪ Be the day I'll be the night ♪
♪ Let's make our moon shine bright tonight ♪



[knocking on door]


♪ Be the seed I'll be your water ♪
♪ Be the sun I'll be the flower ♪
♪ Be the day I'll be the night ♪
♪ Make our moon shine bright tonight ♪

You sure it's cool if I crash here until I get my own place?

Yeah, man. No problem.

♪ Be the sun I'll be the flower ♪
♪ Be the day I'll be the night ♪
♪ Let's make our moon shine bright tonight ♪

Caleb, it's Mom.

I'm sorry.

Call me.