02x09 - Well Fought, My Love

There was a fire at my studio.

Electrical fire?

I burned my work.

We pretend to be this big happy family. But really, we're not.

What am I supposed to even say to that?

You're going away?

Up north.

Going to help with flood relief.

What am I gonna tell Mom?

The truth.

And also not to worry, 'cause there's gonna be cell signal up there.

I asked Oliver if I could live with him.

And he said no?

He said he didn't want to.

Listen. It will not be like it was.

If you ever need me, Romy, I promise you I will be here.

Are you sure you want to trust Dad like that?

He's kind of an asshole.

You're in love with him.

Yes! That's what I've been saying. But if I tell him that I love him, then it could ruin our marriage.

Maggie, I'm sorry, I have to be honest, but I just don't feel the same way.


Come home.

[Oliver sobbing]

I signed up for this trial because I want to beat this.

Natalie. You're not thinking of going against the board?

You don't advise it.

No. I'm sorry, but I don't.

You're the boss.

Doesn't that mean you get to set your own hours?

It also means that there's no one else to blame when the work doesn't get done.

But it is lovely outside!

Short walk would make you more productive.

That's what you said yesterday, and I've had three cars come in since then.


Are you ever gonna get tired of telling me what to do?

Only when I'm no longer right.

OK. Give me an hour.

I'm all yours.

Well fought, my love.

[both chuckling]


[the sounds of birdsong and lapping water]

[radio]: Hi. Good morning, and welcome back to our program.

Today, we're taking a look back through the essays of George Orwell, which shine a fascinating light on the remarkable political and social thinker.

[gentle music]



[theme music]

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Oliver! OLIVER!

I need your help!

[phone beeping]

Get some rest, OK?

Oliver, what's going on?

Hey, it's Mom.

Dad found her. We don't think she's breathing.

Whoa, what do you mean, she's not breathing? What happened?

Uh, I dunno. I dunno.

Tell me what's going on.

Dad found Mom on the porch slumped over, not breathing.

OK. Uh, look in her mouth, because she might be choking.

Yeah, we checked, but...

We brought her inside.

She won't wake up.

I need you to hang up, right now, call 911.

Yeah, Dad's on with them!

OK. That's good. That's good. You have to start CPR.

They can talk you through that.

Yeah, he's doing that right now.

[911]: Any response, sir?

Sir? Are you still with me?

Matthew? It's bad.

OK. Just, uh, stay with Dad.

I'm gonna be there as soon as I can.

Hey. It's gonna be OK.

Dad, can you hear anything?

Nothing's changing!

Don't stop, Sir.

The paramedics will be there soon.

A good columnist is in a long-term relationship with her readers. If she's lucky.

And they expect your voice.

So it's your job to deliver that, in fresh and interesting ways, several times a week, year after year.

And that's both a privilege and a challenge.

Well, the truth is that there is an innate arrogance in making something about you.

So you have to find that line between believing that you are somehow necessary and being... well, just another voice in that endless pile of voices.

[cell phone vibrating]

Um, yeah. Question?

[siren wailing]

[indistinct radio communication]

From what we can tell, she went into sudden cardiac arrest.

From there, it went very quickly.

It was...

Did we do something wrong, or...?

There was nothing either of you could have done.

Hey! What are you doing with her now? What are you putting a blanket on her for?

Hey! Why are you standing around talking?

Let's move her to the truck!


Mom's gone.

He's telling us that she died.

I'm sorry for your loss.

[muted]: Uh, what happens now?

[muted]: Sir, do you and your wife have any arrangements in place?

If so, you'll need to call your funeral home.

They'll come take care of...



She'd want us to call a priest.

Good thinking.

If you need the names of any funeral homes, we do have a list.

Where is she?

In my room. But, uh, Matthew!

Was Mom feeling OK recently?

Aches or pains, dizziness?

I don't know, I... she didn't say.

So you didn't notice anything unusual. Tiredness?


[shushing]: Just... sh...

I am very sorry for your loss, sir.

By the time we got here, it was too late.

What was her, uh, her condition when you got here?

Unresponsive. No pulse.

Asystole? Did you defibrillate?

No, there wasn't a rhythm.

Are you a doctor?

Cardio-thoracic surgeon.

Let's gomake some calls then.

We performed CPR and exhausted our protocol, but there was no change.

[indistinct radio communication]

[crow cawing]

Is there anything you need from us?

Uhh... No.

No. I'm fine, thanks.

You sure?

Chalk it up to the mood stabilizers, I guess.

That was, um...

Don't worry about it.

[breathing heavily]



Did you need the stove? I'll be quick.

Raz', when have I ever needed the stove?

Did you want half a sandwich?

I'll pass.

[kissing sound; sniffle]

[tender music]

2-1-7, and I talk to... Marnie? OK.

Right. Thank you so much.

You feeling OK?

Yeah. OK. Thanks.

Well, Mom had every detail worked out, right down to the song she wants sung at the service.

Father Deacon's on his way. He said he's gonna stay with us until the funeral home gets here.


Father Deacon's coming here?


Dad, you asked us to call him.

No. I asked you to tell him.

I didn't ask you to invite him to our home.


Your mother would be furious.

Look how messy the place is!


She would bleach the floors every time he came to dinner.

I'll... sweep?

Seriously? Smoking?

Somebody left them in a car.

You quit 40 years ago...

Don't start!

Yes, no, I'm good! I just want to know, do you know what 'royal blue' means?

No. Why, should I?

I was just hoping it was the name of the funeral home.

Never been able to understand Mom's handwriting.

[both chuckling]

Nobody could.

She was a teacher for 30 years.

Everything she wrote was illegible.


Well, it's gotta be in here somewhere.

The coffin.


The coffin. Your mother wanted royal blue.

Yeah. I was supposed to have, um...

[muttering]: What's that? Blueberry?

Burgu... Burgundy.


I don't...

Yeah. Burgundy.

I had a burgundy suit that she loved.

Oh. [chuckles softly]

She wanted me to be with her.

I came back to work.

I hate this.


'Cause it's working so well for me.

We can't even be in the same room without drowning in awkwardness.

Well, they say the first year of marriage is the hardest, right?

This was supposed to be a strings-free arrangement.

OK? And fine, maybe we're both guilty of testing those limits, and we shouldn't have...

OK. No, no, no. Do not even think of blaming this on your carnal prowess.

What should I blame it on, then?

You, you idiot. The s*x had nothing to do with it.

OK. Well, thanks.

Oh, God. I wish I never would have said anything.

OK, no, but you did say something.

And now we have to deal with it.

Look, Maggie, I know this is hard for you and I've been hurt before too, but my future is on the line.

Well, how long does it take?

How long does what take?

The hurting part! To stop! How long does it take?

I'm not the first time you've been in love?

Maybe I should go away for a few days and give you the space to...

To what? Perform an exorcism?

Give me a better option then!

If anyone gets to leave, it's me, OK?

Where are you gonna go?

What do you care?

Tell to me that...

Just don't! Just don't.

She selected some nice scripture.

Would you like to do the second reading?

Oh, I'd... prefer if you did it.

Of course.

I'll call the choir ladies and they'll organize some meals for you and your family.

That's, um... Very generous. Thank you.

You know, all this is her deal, not mine.

From where I stood, you sat beside her, every Sunday.

Heh. A lot of good it did me.

I know it was good for her.

Eh, she's gone. She's raptured up to Heaven like some kind of saint.

I guess that's what I deserve.

Dad. Dad, no one's saying that.

We're done here.

If there's anything you need, please feel free to call.

Thank you for coming.

Safe to come back?

Dad, did you just evict the priest?

[phone buzzing]

Um, hey, Mags.

Are you OK? Are you coming over to Mom and Dad's?

Mom and Dad's? No. No, I'm coming to stay with you.

Things with Raza are so messed up, OK, which is your fault, by the way, for making me tell him...

Please tell me one of you called her.

I didn't.

I thought you were.

...first place. You know, it's like I've entered a parallel dimension where everything exists to punish me.

Maggie? Um...

[Maggie continues talking]

I really need to talk to you.

[Maggie continues talking]

...and not to mention he looks at me with pity now...


...which is just, it's gross. Honestly, why anyone would put themselves through this is beyond me. This is literally

the worst experience of my...

Maggie! Just stop talking! OK?

Jeez! OK! OK! What is your deal?

[melancholy music]

It, uh, went well.

We got a good start on the arrangements.

They had the royal blue, and they promised to keep the burgundy in stock.

It's coffins. Mom had a lot of specific ideas.


For both of them.

She'll be pleased.

Stop it! How can you talk about it like that?!

I mean, Mom has been gone for what, five minutes, and you're already planning your own funeral?

I mean, it's wrong, isn't it?

Mags, these are just necessary logistics.

I'm not going anywhere, kid.

I'm allowed to be upset!

No one said you're not.

This is for Dad's sake, OK?

And the girls.

Where are they? Shouldn't they be here?

School started.

Have you got a hold of Caleb yet?

No. Um, his phone's still going to voicemail.

He should be here.

I know.

Natalie. Natalie.

What's going on? You, uh, look like you might be in pain.

No, nothing I haven't experienced since starting the trial.

You doing alright?

Not when you keep asking me that every five minutes.

I'm sorry.

Are you doing alright?

I don't feel like it's really hit me yet.

Mom was just so mad at me.

You know, what with the whole Raza thing and the way that I wanted to live my life.

So you had a difference of opinion. We all did.

Mom was sort of famous for them.

Oh Matthew, you're the only person keeping this whole day together, and I...

I don't know how you're doing it.

Honestly? It's the only thing keeping me from...

[shakily]: from...

You OK?

I just... I must have missed something. I mean... because there... there had to be a sign.

Did she ever say anything to you about feeling tired, or...?

Matthew, stop.


You can't go down that road.

Should I get your kids from school?

No, thanks.

It's the first day. I think I should let them finish.


And I really wanna be the one to tell them.

Get some rest.

Just ten minutes, OK?


Don't take it personally.

The church offers three tiers of lunches for the service.

[Matthew snickering]

She insisted on the fancy sandwiches.

I tried to talk her down a little, but... she wouldn't hear of it.

Well, might as well go all out. You know how Mom was about the right food for the right occasion.

It's not just the lunch. It's, uh... flowers, the coffin, tablecloths she wanted...


It all adds up.

We're not exactly flush, you know.

Yeah. I know.

That's on me.

That's not what I meant.

I don't want you to worry about expense.

So, I'll help out.

I think we should just give Mom what she wanted.

Your mother didn't even like sandwiches.

Well. Speaking of food, we should probably order some.

Actually, a lot.

I think Maggie could use something to do.

We need... your cooking expertise.

How can you even think about eating right now?

Maggie, we need to eat.

I don't want to turn Natalie's kitchen upside down. OK?

Look who I found outside.

She has enough food to feed an army.

I, uh, thought you were with Abby.

Uh, she's... with Lizzie. And you can never have enough food in a moment of crisis, right?

Hey. Stop. Stop.

[blue music]

You know that I loved Mom, right?

We all loved her.

It's just... with how things were left, between us...


D'you think she was upset with me?

What do you want me to say, Maggie?

Your mother was upset.

It hurt when you pushed her away.

Just wish you had tried a little harder.

[brokenly]: Yeah. Me too.

And now I have to live with that for the rest of my life.

For God's sake. This is not all about you.

What is going on?

Hi guys. Uh...

Your Mom's OK, but...

Um... Come here.

Come on. Come with me.

Come on.

[quiet knocking]

Nat? Girls are here.

[groggily]: Hmm? What? What's wrong?

Girls are home.

They're here already?

You OK?

Tell them I'll be right down.

Wasn't this Mom's favourite?

Mm, I dunno. I think it was French onion soup.

Wasn't it meatloaf?

Well, she was always making us shepherd's pie.

Or turkey and stuffing.


Oh. Uh, I think we left the kettle on.

This morning, at home.

No, Dad. We, um...

We didn't. Dad, we checked five times.

I promise you.

[answering machine]: This is Caleb. I'm off the grid.

Nobody panic. I'll be back when I'm back.

Caleb. You've gotta turn your phone back on.

Also, um...

Raza and I decided to take some time apart.

So you're fake marriage is now a fake separation?

The whole situation is pretty messed up.

Oh, Mags.

I love you.

And any other night, we could sit up and discuss how to navigate the throes of your relationship.

But tonight, I...

You didn't eat much at dinner.

Well, no one did.

Just some side effects... on top of everything from today.

You need to sleep.

And I should go home.

I love you too.

[breathing heavily]


You should head home, because I can finish up here.

Well, it's pretty much all done.

And I think you should head home and get some rest.

My car's at Mom and Dad's.

Well, why don't you let me take you?

[knocking at door]


Did you know that your grandma took an art class once to try to relate to me?

Yeah. She made it as far as the human form unit, then dropped out when she was the only one who drew the model with his pants on.


Is that true?

Hand to God!

Wanna see what I've been working on all summer?



Oh. Dad.

Where are you going?

To sleep in my own bed.

We're not driving home now, Dad.

Come on.

I can't sleep either. Let's... hang out here 'til we both get tired.


You know you couldn't have saved her, right?

I need someone to talk to.

Thank you.

For staying.

You're welcome.

♪ Honey you remind me ♪
♪ Of a dream I whispered ♪
♪ Into a hole in a tree ♪
♪ Into a hole in a tree ♪
♪ Memory of something ♪
♪ I could feel was missing ♪
♪ What a shock when you appeared ♪
♪ What a shock when you appeared ♪

Um, help...


We need a doctor!

We need a doctor!

Did you know that the loneliest animal on the planet is a whale with messed up frequencies that's been calling out for a mate for over two decades?

Oh, my God! Why would you tell me that right now?

Yeah. Sorry.

There's also a mega colony of ants that spans over two continents.

Do you just have a place in your brain that stores weird crap like that?

I guess.

Got any more?

So many.

There's also a couple of polar bears...

I love polar bears!

Well, you won't.

Um, CT shows a rupture in your small intestine. So we have to get you surgery right away before it causes more damage.

But you can fix it?

If we move quickly, and you respond to antibiotics.

Now, with your present medical situation, your body's under a great deal of stress.

OK. Which means?

It means there's some very real risks.

Sepsis is a distinct possibility.

And we won't know the extent of the tear until we go in.

My kids. I have to see them first.

OK. Um, are they here now?


They don't know I'm here. I thought it was...

I thought it was just side effects.

My mother died today.

Oh. I'm very sorry. Sorry to hear that.

Listen, um... we're still waiting on the anaesthesiologist so we have a bit of time.

But as soon as she's ready, we have to move, OK?



[phone dinging]

It's the hospital.

I didn't realize you were on call.

I'm not.


[phone ringing]




You made it!


So, it's unfair that I have to ask you this, but before I go in, I need to know who you chose. To live with.

Just in case something goes wrong.

Is that a possibility?

I wish we had more time to talk about everything, but we don't.

And I realized it's not my choice.



He's not even here!

He's in stupid Buenos Aires!

But he's coming back.

OK, Romy.

It's OK.

I love you! I'll see you after!

Yeah, you will!

OK, Natalie. Take a deep breath, and count backwards from ten for me. Nice and slow.

Ten, nine, eight...

[machines beeping]


What are you doing here? Tell me it's not your dad.

My sister.

Some kind of GI rupture. They just... took her into surgery.


Yeah. It's been a long day.

No kidding.

I should get back.

Um... Listen, I realize my timing is the worst, but if you ever need to talk...

You want my number?

I mean, that's a little forward of you, but hey, if you insist...


I'm really proud of the way you're handling this.

I mean, Caleb's gone, Mom's on an operating table right now, and if anything goes wrong in there, it means Romy's gone too, and I can't help but feel bad 'cause I'm not even thinking of Grandma.

Come here. Come here.

Hey. Hey.

Former freelance contortionist.

Eats a lot of string cheese.

I told Mom that I wanted to go live with my Dad if... anything happens.


But if you ever need any backup...

I know.

[gentle music]

[machines beeping]

Grandma would have loved this.

Not the horrible crisis part, but...

The us being together part.

She always found a way to make something like this feel better.

Eggs Benedict!


That was Mom's favourite.

[all chuckling] Yeah.

It was!

You're right. It was.