01x09 - Cut Day

[Seagulls crying]

[Jay snoring]

[Indistinct shouting in distance]

[Truck beeping]

[Snoring continues]

Jay, wake up.

Jay, come on! Get up!


Hey! Easy. Gentle.

Just f*cking be gentle with your big brother.

Now, come on.

It's cut day, young man.


Lisa wants us at the weigh-in by 8:30, so get out of bed.

Let's go.

[Exhales sharply] Come on.

Did you draw me a bath?

Hot and salty.

Let's go.

Yeah, yeah.


I love cut day.

No, you don't.

I do, indeed.

I find it very cleansing, Nate.

Plus, I only got 10 pounds, and I'm gonna poop out five of them right now.

But Ryan... [Slurps]

Ryan's f*cked.

Yeah, what's he got?

Around 20, 25.

[Breathes deeply]

f*ck him.

f*ck him.

[German accent] We march!

[Birds chirping]


You seen Alvey?

Uh, I thought I heard him this morning.

What time?

5:30, 6:00. Is there a problem?

No problem. Just, uh, haven't seen him.

f*ck. Hot, hot. Hot. Itchy balls.

Itchy balls, itchy balls, itchy balls, itchy balls, itchy balls. [Sighs]

I got to tell you something.

Could it wait, perhaps?


Daddy's taking a bath.

No. Jay, I got to tell you.

What's up?

Uh, I'm not...

I'm not gonna press charges against those guys.

I called the detective today.

I t... I told him it's over.


Look, that sh1t's behind me now.

I just want to get back to...

To training so I can start fighting again.

I'm gonna tell dad today.

I think that's the best thing.

I don't give a f*ck about those guys.

I give a f*ck about you.

sh1t's behind us.

[Breathes deeply]

All right, 20 more minutes in there.

I'll get the, uh, plastics, and we'll run over to the gym, all right?

Aye, aye, captain.



You've reached Alvey Kulina. Please leave a message.


Hi. Where are you? I'm in your office.

And it looks like you were here.

Call me.

Clerk: Welcome to the Sunset Hawaiian.

Can I help you?

Alvey: I'd like a room.

All righty. Just need a credit card and a picture I.D.

Credit card. Picture I.D.

How long will you be staying with us, Mr. Kulina?

I have no idea.

No problem.

Maybe forever.


[Keyboard clacking]

Okay. You are all set.

Do you need any help with your luggage?

I got it.

Please enjoy your stay.

I will.

[Exhaling sharply]



Buenos días, Shelby.

Lisa wants to see you guys.


What's up, lady?

Hi. Can you shut the door?

How are you feeling?


Like I said, I have an easy f*cking cut.

Where's Wheeler?

He should be putting his plastics on, but we've got a bit of an issue.

I don't know where your dad is.

What are you talking about?

I mean, he was here earlier. I've been trying to call him.

He's not answering his phone.

Honestly, Jay, I'm not worried about you.

But Ryan, he's got a lot of work to do before the weigh-in.

Hey, it's not our problem, okay?

Nate and I are gonna get the engine started.

It's gonna be fine.

[Spits] It's gonna be fine.

[Door opens]

We got you.

[Door closes]




Nate: 20 pounds. It's got to happen.

You know, when I was in prison...

Jay: Wait a second. Wait. Hold on a second.

You were in prison?

Holy sh1t. I did not know that.

Nate, did you know that?

Yeah, yeah. I heard that once.


From what I hear, he was very popular.

I was, actually. I was.

People happen to enjoy my company.

And are you guys f*cking finished?

Anyway, when I was in prison, I once saw a guy slice a line across his forehead and then dig his fingernails in under the flap and peel himself like a banana, Nate.

That makes more sense to me than getting in that f*cking suit right now.

You know, some of us would love to be cutting weight today, but some of us suffered a devastating injury and don't have the privilege.

It's okay. Don't worry about it.

f*ck you guys. Put me in the f*cking suit.


Where's your dad?

I don't know.

But you don't have time to wait.

Hey, Connie, those 12s?

Um...God almighty, you're getting big.

[Up-tempo music playing]

In a good way.

[Door opens, closes]


I'm gonna get written up for that.


[Clears throat] No glass by the pool, big time.

What's that?

Uh, your screwdriver needs to be in a plastic cup.

Broken glass gets into the pool, I got to drain the whole thing.

It's... it's a nightmare.


Thank you.

[Clears throat]


I'm Degranzo. I own the hotel.

Alvey. Yeah.

It's a nice place you got here.

What brings you out here?

Ah, I'm taking the day off.

Hey, you know what? Good for you. Good for you.

We don't do that enough as a culture.

Between work, women, whatever it is, man needs to decompress.

You give a man five minutes to breathe, it'll cut the murder rate down.


And the divorce rate.

Anyhow, I'll leave you to it.

You want ice for that?

If it's not too much trouble.

Hey, you didn't bring no shorts?

No, no. I'm okay, man.

Alvey, it's hotter than sh1t out here.

You know what? I got an extra pair of trunks. Let me set you up.

No, don't bother yourself. I'm... I'm good like this.

Yeah, got you. I'll be back with the ice.

All right.

[Gate opens]


[Up-tempo music plays]

Boy, you know what would look great right here?


It's like some sort of... I don't know...

Like, a reflective surface, so as a fighter might be able to see themselves.

I don't know. Kind of like a...

[Gasps] I got it.

Like a mirror. That's what I'm talking about.

Like a nice, big f*cking rectangular mirror here and maybe... I don't know...

A nice big mirror there.

I apologized, and I'm going to pay for that.

Oh, boy.

Ryan, I got to tell you.

I enjoy watching you and Alvey like two hairless little monkeys grunting over the same female species.

It's quite a show you're putting on.

Are you gonna be f*cking with me all day or...

Are you gonna make weight?


Because you're a professional fighter, and that's your job.


When you don't make weight, it's unprofessional.

This is coming from you.

Who always makes weight.

Who doesn't always make his fights.

But I always make weight, so why don't you do your job, convict?

You got it, buddy. You f*cking got it.

Hey, yeah! Whoo! Whoo!


[Up-tempo music plays]

Mac: Look, that's what I'm talking about.

If your dad sees this... If you tweak that knee, I'm gonna get my balls kicked into my ass.

I don't see him anywhere. Let's f*cking go. Come on.

[Grunts, chuckles]

[Grunts] Mac: Oh, God damn it!

That is what I'm talking about.

[Exhales sharply]

Call me back, please.

I'm starting to get worried.


[Indistinct conversation]

We got company.

Where do you think they're from?

I have no idea.

Take a guess, man.

Uh, Kansas?

No. [Chuckles] You see their sandals?

That bag? Kind of weird-looking, right?

Yeah, they got that, uh, American-tourist style.

Knock-offs, you know?

If I'm betting, I would say former Yugoslavia - that area.

We get them here a lot.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, they're freezing their asses off on some goat farm, need a vacation, so they go on the web and search "sunny California, hotel, Hawaii."

Boom! There we are.

The Sunset Hawaii in sunny California.

Shocks the sh1t out of them when they pull up.

But we do look good on the Internet.

They'll be topless in 15 minutes.


Come on.

Europeans. Europeans, yeah.

I been to Dagestan a few times.

Yeah? What took you out there?

Scouting talent.


I train fighters for a living.

Best wrestlers are from Dagestan.

War-torn men... Tough people.

Oh, you got a... You got a gym or something?

Yeah, in Venice. Surviving.

Which is no easy task in my line of work.

Hey, did you ever fight?

My whole life. Yeah. Coaching grew out of that.

Stay with your passion.

Yeah, it's good to have a world, something to define you, you know?

It ain't the same, though.

How's that?

Well, fighters don't always make the best coaches.

It's two different things.

You know, when you're a fighter, it's all about you.

When you're a coach, it's about them.

Makes sense. How did you adjust?

I don't know. Raised a couple of boys.

You know, fatherhood saws off the edges.

Not about you anymore, so I take that and I... I apply it to my fighters.

Sublimation... If you can't do that, then you flame out as a father and as a coach.

Lesson learned.


Aha! What did I tell you?

Look at that. There you go.



Here, let me top you off.

All right. Little more ice, too.

Yeah, see what the ladies want.

Maybe a BLT. [Laughs]

Jay: Yeah, it's not good.

Yeah, there's a prescription for 30.

There's 28 pills left.

I mean, he must have stopped taking these weeks ago.

He didn't tell you?

I should have known that something was wrong.

He's been drinking a lot. He's sleeping on the couch.

We got in a huge f*cking fight the night that he came home from your mom.

And he's been all over the place.

You want me to call some hospitals?

No. No. I got this.

You just focus on the cut and keep Ryan on track, 'cause if he doesn't make weight, that's a whole nother sh1t show.

All right.

He did this to my mom a few times.

That doesn't help, but thanks.


He's gonna show up.


I'd give you a big, reassuring hug, let you know that, but I don't think the...

Oh, I'm good. Appreciate it.

Open or closed?


All right.

Look, you got to get me out of this Rat Reapers sh1t, man. Sit down.

Look, I can't do it anymore.

What do you want to do?

Something better. What else you got?

Huh, let's see.


Would you be willing to move to Wall Street and run a hedge fund?

How about cardiology?

You got any experience in that field?

I mean, they might balk at your history of sexual assault, but I'll vouch for you.

I'll tell them you're different now.


I'm sorry, but killing rats is probably the zenith of your potential.

Well, why can't I have the same deal as Ryan Wheeler?

You got that deal.

He ain't killing rats. He's at the gym all day.

What do you mean?

Yeah, for a while, we were picking him up and dropping him off at some gym and then picking him back up on the way home... carpool.

But now...We don't even do that no more.


[Up-tempo music plays]

Nate, Mac. It's time.

Where's Wheeler? Is he quitting already?

Ryan: I'm up here, dick.

Warm-up's over, Destroyer.

The dragon is hungry.

Seven over.

Come on, champ. All right, good.

Come on, champ. Yeah.

f*ck. Seriously?

18 to go.

[Claps hands] Hey, this too shall pass.

Let's go.

Aw, the gentility of Mac's hand is not to be underestimated.

That's not the... that's not the word you're looking...

"Gentility's" not the word you're looking for.

It's the big man's hands. Oh, yeah, big man's hands.


Mac: Here we go.

All right. Go get a bottle.

Halfway! Halfway!

[Up-tempo music plays]

Let's f*cking push it.

Let's go! Pick it up!

[Breathing heavily]

Alvey. Alvey.

You got to be careful, pal.


You'll bake out here.

Come on. Have some agua.

[Exhales sharply]


You're gonna never be my color, no matter how much you lay out here, okay?

I fell asleep there.

All right.

So, you got plans for tonight?

No, man. I have no plans.

Let's get some dinner. Come on. Don't worry.

I'm not into that, all right?

Just I'm starved for company. Indulge me.

It's on the house.

[Chuckling] All right.

All right, you get get cleaned up. I'll knock on your door.

All right.


You sure about the shorts? What? They don't fit?

I don't want the shorts, man.

Okay, all right. Well, get cleaned up.


[Clears throat]

15 over.

Three f*cking pounds.

That's... that's all I've lost... three f*cking pounds?

Hey, focus. We're just getting started.


You got plenty of f*cking time, dude.

We're gonna be good. I'm saying focus on us right now.

Don't worry about this.

Can I talk to you for a second?


Um, can you go talk to Lisa?

Yeah, is she all right?

Yeah, just go keep her company, you know?

Hey, Jay, where the f*ck is your dad?

We don't know, Ryan.

Why are you such a bitch when you cut, like you're the first person to ever f*cking do it?


Well put.

Mac and I got this.

I'm sorry, man.

Hey, you're barking at me like I'm a f*cking goddamn mailman, dude.

Take it easy.

You know daddy loves you with this firm f*cking ass.

Let's make you... Come on, man.

Not right now.

Please. Relax.

[Door closes]







Can I have one?

Not even funny.

How you feeling?

Your dad just texted.

He said he's okay. He's safe.

Obviously, this is a really fucked-up thing to do, but it's not entirely his fault.

I don't know if Jay told you, but he stopped taking his medication.

No, he didn't.

Why would he stop?

I don't know.

I thought it was helping.

I know. I did, too.

He just did it.


You know what? He's got a lot on his mind - the fights here, your mom, he's really upset about what happened to you...

You should leave him.

You don't deserve this sh1t.

I know he's got problems, but h-he could help himself.

He just chooses not to.

No, Nate, I'm sorry. We're gonna work it out.

Why? What... What's to work out?

What are you getting out of this?

I love him, and I love you guys, and I...

f*ck, Nate.

I cannot have this conversation with you right now.

Could you just please go inside and help them?


We love you, Lisa.


Come on.

Thank you.


This guy I'm fighting... Rynders...

Is a f*cking beast.

He's like... His tape is sick.

He's just tearing through guys.

Yep. But you know what?

He's not gonna tear through you.

Nah, you're gonna send him back to f*cking Florida with his dick in a knot.

I admire you, Jay.

I'm an admirable man, Mr. Wheeler.

I'm serious. The way you live.

I don't know how you're still sane, because I'm not, man.

I think I'm out of my f*cking mind.


You're doing good.

The fact that you haven't had your head spin off...

That's a victory.

Well, I think it's just stuck on there really tight.

I'm still in love with Lisa.

Probably even more now.

She still has my ring.

She tell you that?

It's hard moving on.

I shouldn't have to.

I mean, if I got something good, I'm not backing off.

It's nothing against your dad.

It's just...

It's just how I feel.

[Breathes deeply]

[Exhales sharply]

Oh, sh1t!


Oh, God damn it.

Hey, I saw that.

Come on. Get off.

Sit down.


Get off the knee.

I'm getting an ice pack.

11 over.

What the f*ck?

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Stop.

Jesus f*cking Christ.

You're halfway there, man. Come on.


Halfway there.


Where the f*ck is Alvey, man?

Dude, Alvey's dealing with some sh1t.

Oh, I'm sorry. He's dealing with some sh1t?

Wrong f*cking answer, man. I'm in f*cking hell.

No, you're in a f*cking sauna is what you are.

He's dealing with real sh1t... Emotionally.

I think you're somebody who could appreciate that.

And if you want to be f*cking honest with yourself, you're probably a part of that.


Jay, I didn't even want to f*cking be here.

He begged me to be here.

And he said that he had a plan, and then he... He f*cking punked out.

But, you know, you're not really being great, either, you know, ripping up the f*cking gym, pissing in the cage.

Jesus. Jesus, Jay.

I told you, I will fix the f*cking mirror, Jay.

I will fix the mirror, okay?!

I have a real f*cking problem with this, man.

He should be here. He's my coach.

Hey, I get it.

It's not the f*cking way a coach should act, man.

You f*cking bitch, bitch, bitch. I get it.

Why don't you focus on your f*cking cut?

This is what we do.

If it was f*cking easy, everybody would do it.

But you're a champion, Wheeler.

Why don't you focus on this f*cking cut?

[Claps hands] This is what we f*cking do.

Do you want this? Step up.


Okay. Okay.

No lunch. Let's go.

I think I just need some air, man.

I just... yeah, I'm just gonna take a break.

Take a breath.

Just need to take a break for a second and get some air, and then we'll go back in.

There you go.

No air. Let's go inside.

No, no, no. No, no.

You know what your opponent's doing right now?

He's sweating. He's losing weight.

He's working f*cking hard.

But he's not a champion.

He's not the f*cking Destroyer.

He's not Ryan f*cking Wheeler - champion of the world!

You got this, dude.


This is what we f*cking do every f*cking day.


Put the f*cking pants on. Let's do it.

Where's... which one's my f*cking pants?

Alvey: Well, one thing I do not have is a martyr complex.

You know, some people look for pain so they can wallow in it, and that kind of sh1t disgusts me.

Degranzo: Yeah.

Not that I'm without suffering.

I've suffered plenty...

Injuries, bones, ligaments, depression.

I go in the tank sometimes.

You live long enough, you're gonna have some rainy days, hmm?

I just don't...

I don't feel the need to... To announce it, you know what I mean?


My wife... my wife, when she felt something, it was everywhere.

It was in the atmosphere, you know?

When Christina was upset, I was upset.

The boys were upset. The f*cking dog was upset.

The plant was depressed, you know?

I'll take moody all day. I mean, let them burn bright.

And the s*x is better, too.

Oh, that's true.

Right? [Laughs]

It's marinating in its own juices.


[Both laugh]

And, uh, you know, I'm not being fair.

She wasn't totally crazy.

You know, it's more complicated than that.


That's the one you're still married to.

Technically, I'm mar... It's, uh... we're estranged.

And then there's Lisa, the young one you still live with?

Man, come on.

You... You'd be a cliché, but you never got divorced from the first one.

"I got two women, and my life is horrible."

No. No, no, no. It ain't like that. No.

Then why did, uh...

Why did you and Christina split up, anyway?

Ah, she was an addict. She is an addict.


I couldn't live with her, you know?

She wasn't good for my boys.

Not that I was such a great husband, you know.

I was traveling around the world, fighting, never home.

When I was there, I wasn't there, you know?

When you come off the road, you know, there's a... There's a...

I don't know. How do I say this?

There's a letdown when you come home.

How's that?

Oh, I'm young. I'm in Tokyo.

I'm beating the sh1t out of a Brazilian dude in front of 15,000 Japanese people.

They're screaming my name like I'm a f*cking God.

I got a broad in my hotel room waiting for me.

I got booze. I got drugs. I got whatever I want, right?

I'm the man, you know?

[Exhales sharply]

And then I come home.

I come home. It's quiet, man.

No juice.

I lost my sh1t.

You know? No, no. No balance. I didn't have any balance.

That's bullshit.

If it's there for the taking, 9 out of 10 guys, they're gonna take it.

It's human nature. I imagine it was...

It was worse in your line of work, right?

Well, now you're being too kind.

The truth of it is, I'm a little f*cking embarrassed by it all.

I never wanted to be that guy.

I-I didn't imagine myself like that.

How was your dinner?

It was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be.

All righty, then.


Let's get a real drink.

All right.

Okay? I think I got something you'll like.

Come on.

I like it all.

Hey, it's just me and you, brother [Laughs]

Come on. You gonna leave a tip?

I'm just f*cking with you. Come on. Let's go.

Jay: I can't even begin to tell you how disgusting that is, your face on the floor.

I don't care. [Scoffs]

It's cooler down here. I need some air.

f*cking organisms, bacteria, the sweat and grime of human crevices...

Shut the f*ck up.

Fecal matter, all manner of fungus, spores, dog sh1t, mice sh1t.

Dude, I'm not f*cking kidding.

I can't do this.

Yes, you can.


Champ, we only got a few more hours before weigh-in.

Why don't you just get the f*ck up off the floor?

Just call Garo.

Tell him... I'm not gonna make it.

They can keep half my purse. I don't f*cking care.


Let's just sit up for a little while.

Don't f*cking touch me.

[Exhales sharply]




[Exhales sharply]

Oh, sh1t.


You've f*cking stopped sweating.


What the f*ck, dude?

No, dude.

We're good. We're calm. We're good.

We're gonna get you on your feet, and we're gonna get you f*cking going again.

Come on.


Up, up, up. Come on.

I need some help.

Don't ask me this.

I just need to speed up the recovery, all right?

I'm not giving you any HGH, Nate.

Why not?

Because you're doing fine.

Yeah, but I could be doing better.

And if I don't get it from you, I'm gonna get it from somebody else.

Look, I just need a push. All right?

My... my window is closing.

Bullshit. You're fine.

See, now, that's not how it is, okay?

At... at my level, if you go this long between fights, people f*cking forget about you overnight.

Okay, I...

I-I need to do everything I can to get healthy.



Jay: Mac?

Can you help grab him and put him on the treadmill to get him going again?

Get these engines running, bud.

Whoo, hop up. Hands.

What happened?

He just stopped sweating. We're gonna get him going again.

I'm good.

All good.

I'm all right.

All good.

Up to 3 1/2?

Yeah, it's up there.

It's good.

It's going fast. Go fast.

You good?

I'm fine.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Alvey: What is that?

Purple drank.

Double cup will get you double f*cked.


It's cold medicine and soda.

A guest left a stack of tabloids by the pool.

I flipped through them, and I kept seeing rappers getting in trouble for purple drank, going nuts on the stuff.

I thought, "well, this sh1t must be good."

And why should they have all the fun, right?

Now, I don't know why they do two cups, but who am I to break from tradition?


All right.






That ain't half bad, man.

Well, it gets better.

See, I got a little sweet tooth, so this is, uh, perfect.

Purple drank.

[Both sigh]

You always been in this hotel business?

Ah, no. Sir, I was an RVP for Corn Nuts.


I covered the whole southeast.

Come on.

Big career. Big career, man.


Man. What happened?

I got too obsessed.

Yeah, yeah, to the point where I'd walk by a vending machine, and if I didn't see any Corn Nuts, I'd go ballistic.


Pretty much killed my second marriage, but anyhow...

I don't know. I was alone.

And...I said, "the hell with it.

I'm going west."

Came upon this place, bought it for nothing, and been running it for close to now 20 years.


I know. 20 years.


I mean, you got a good thing going here.

Yeah? You think?


Yeah, it's not without its problems.

No, but, I mean, you know, you do things your way, right?

You set the rules, people come and go.

That's a beautiful thing.

I think you solved the puzzle.



Maybe. Thank you.

Yeah, but, uh, you know, more often than not, I'm here alone.

No kids?


With their mom... First marriage.

I don't see them much.

I don't see them much.


More purp?

Yeah, before I get depressed, man.

Yeah, more purp. Come on.

Dantzler: How you doing, Wheeler?

I thought maybe you'd be at work today.

I'm sorry. Who are you?

Mark Dantzler.

He's my parole officer.

I'm in charge of this young man's transition back into society.

I told you that I'd be dropping in at some point.

And guess what.

You're not where you're supposed to be.

I've been talking you up at my staff meetings, how you're an example, you've been doing so great at your job.

Now I got egg on my face.

Okay, Mr. Dantzler, how do we fix this?

He lied to his P.O. that is a parole violation.

I'm taking him into custody, and he's going back to prison tonight.

And, I mean, I'm real firm on this.

It's gonna be real hard to...

Persuade me otherwise.

Okay, how much persuasion were you hoping for?

What do you mean? Money?


No. I'm not interested in that.

Then what do you want?


I want to talk to my parolee.


I'm gonna be right outside.


[Door closes]

You ever heard of a...

A salophiliac, Ryan?

No, sir.

Well... I happen to be one.

It means I have a sexual attraction to, uh...

Salty things.

Sweat, in particular. Men or women.

I'm... I'm not... I'm not finicky.

Just... it's just something that I like.

And it looks like, to me, that I picked the perfect day to drop by.

[Breathing heavily]


Alvey: I still feel like an animal.

I still have that streak.

Every day's a f*cking war. Every day.


Somebody trying to take something from me, you know?

Challenge me, dominate me, kill me one way or another.

That's how I feel.

I try to see things differently.

Pills... I...

I read every f*cking show-me-the-way book I could get my hands on, including the Bible and all that easternphilosophy bullshit.

None of it sticks.


I'm hardwired for conflict.

You know, you can't be surprised if they...



Hey, man. Degranzo.


What the f*ck you doing, man?

[Chuckling] Man. Get the f*ck out of here.

Get the f*ck out of here.

No. [Laughs]

[Breathing heavily]

I'm gonna get the f*ck out of here.

[Exhales sharply]

One pound under.


Excellent work.


Yeah, buddy.

[Inhales deeply]

Get on there.

Two pounds under.

[Exhales sharply]

We did it. What did I say?

That you'd do it, and you f*cking did it.

Thank you, brother.

Great... Let's get to the arena, make it official, huh?

We're leaving in five.


Hurry up.


Hey, Lis? Hey.

Is Alvey gonna make it to the fight?

I hope so.


You think this was some kind of victory for you?

Well, I'm here. He's not.


Wait, wait, wait. Lis, Lis.

I'm j... I'm just...

You don't know what these days are like.

I'm... I'm... It's hard.

You lost weight. You didn't go to war.

All right, I'm shutting up.

I don't know what's going on with him.

You're obviously upset about something.

Oh, right, 'cause you're the rational one here.


I'm sorry. Can we just please go to the weigh-in before I slip into a coma?

Sure. Yeah, no, is there anything else that I can do for you?

Any way I can make you feel better?

I just want to know if Alvey's coming to the fight, Lis.

I don't know!

Okay, okay.

I'm not f*cking responsible for him or you.

I'm just trying to make this place work.

Now, put on a Navy St. t-shirt and shut the f*ck up.



You've reached Alvey Kulina. Please leave a message.


Hey, dad, I just, uh...

I just wanted to call and give you an update.

The, um... the weigh-in's at 9:00, so, um...

So we're gonna be leaving in a few minutes.


Ryan made weight.

It was f*cking brutal, but he bitched and moaned and pushed through, so...

So everything is on schedule.

And I made weight.


Uh, I saw Nate sparring today.

Looked pretty good.

He's a little gimpy, but, uh...

But I think he's gonna be back soon.

Yeah, so that's, uh...

That's the good news.

Jay: I hope you're hearing this.

I don't know where you are.


But I hope you're all right.

[TV chatter]

[Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" playing]

[Cellphone ringing]


Where are you?

I'm at the Sunset Hawaiian.

It's, uh...

You know, it's east somewhere.

You alone?


You're really scaring me, Alvey.

Can I come get you?

Lisa, I need to... I need to know something.

You still love me?