02x02 - Simulations

Hassan pulled out of the fight.

Are you kidding? This is the second time in four months, Lisa!

You wanna be my manager? Then manage to get me a f*cking fight!

I got no sleep. I don't think I can go tonight.

The champ does not pull out of a fight.

You're alive. You've got vitals. I'm getting you to the gym.

I think you're a really talented fighter who's gotten some really bad advice, I want to sign you.

If I go with you, will I be able to train with Alvey?

I want you to take a look at this girl, Alicia. I think she's special.

I'll give her a look-see.

Thank you.

Lightweight champion Ryan Wheeler!

Got the test back this morning.

Ryan popped.

For what?


Forget his career. This could put him back in prison.


Alvey: You're probably wondering who I am...

Why I'm here.

What the hell does this guy know about selling time-shares?

[Light laughter]

Truth is, I don't know much about you people.

I see you lurking in hotel lobbies trying to pick off fat people who don't understand their money.

I don't even know if selling time-shares is legal.

Is it legal?

Anybody comes to me and tells me they bought a time-share, I'm thinking, "you're a moron, and the state should take your kids."

A lot of people feel this way.

Well, those are the odds you're up against when you're trying to make a sale.

Harsh? Yeah. Bet your ass, it's harsh.

Life's harsh. Life in sales are a fight.

Well, I know how to win a fight.



I think I lost one.

Hard truths, people, hard truths.

It's not until you face these realities that your preparation can begin.

Now, today I'm here show you how a fighter prepares.

I'm also gonna show you how to recognize your opponent's weaknesses.


When you say opponents, do you mean customers?



Yes, I do. We have to eliminate obstacles.

We have to probe defenses, find the breaking point.

We have to be able to recognize, when we smell blood, to go in for the kill.

How do we do that, you say?

Well, it begins with sparring. Everybody know what sparring is?

We're gonna spar a little bit.

So, I want to everybody to grab some pads and some gloves and pair up.

We're gonna have some fun. Come on.

[Hard rock music playing]

[Music continues]

Alvey: Anybody comes to me and tells me

Huh. They bought a time-share,

I'm thinking, "you're a moron and the state should take your kids."

That's not bad. A lot of people...

That part's totally off the cuff.

Yeah. No, and it's very inspiring.

I just think that maybe the putting them down part you could tighten up a little bit.

Who gives a sh1t?

I could read a cereal box to these people.

You're the one who wanted other forms of income, and this is it.

Don't turn your nose up at this. This is serious money.

Look around.

I'm talking to 25 deadbeats in tustin.

Actually, 24. One walked out.

Hmm. [Chuckles]

This is very low rent.

You got to start somewhere.

I think we could do better.



Like what?

Nicer hotels, more people.

I just think there's more out there for us.

Oh, who are you? Tony f*cking Robbins?

This is your first time doing this.


You just made $1,500 in an hour.

[Cellphone vibrating]

Oh, boy. $1,500.

You're such a snob.

I'm never f*cking answering the phone. Leave a message.

You didn't eat anything. You want me to order you something else?

No, I got to get back to the gym. Nate's got press coming.

What card is that?

Business. Why?

Just want to make sure we write all this sh1t off.

I'm all over it.

[Music playing]

[Camera shutter clicking]



[Gasps] Oh. I didn't mean to scare you.

I'm not crazy. [Chuckles]

My name is Jay.


Hi, Laura. What is your last name?

Laura Melvin.

Miss Melvin, that's a very expensive camera you have.

Are you a professional photographer and will any of those photos appear in a publication?

I am, and these are just for inspiration.

Oh. For inspiration.

I guess I'm your muse.


But I also shot a homeless man peeing on another guy's sleeping bag and some wet garbage I got on the beach.

I guess the muse takes many forms.


So, what's your story?

Oh, I don't know. What's my story?

I think I'd start when I was born.

You know, I came shooting out like a f*cking missile.

And at first I was interested in soft food, but then I grew teeth, and I... I fell in love with red meat.

It's all I wanted. I couldn't get enough of it.

And I think that... that started something in my brain, a sort of circulation that made me want to walk and talk and kind of grow up into the beautiful young man that you see before you.

Okay, I get it. It was a stupid question.

No, no, no, no, no, it wasn't a stupid question.

Miss Melvin. I'm just trying to give you an honest, full-fledged reply.

What do you do for a living?

[Sniffs] I'm a fighter.

Oh, yeah? What kind of fighter?

You know.

The kind that gets into cages.

What's that like?

Ah. Hurts like hell, but the pay is terrible.


Can I take a picture of your black eye?

Yes, you can.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Moses: Hey, Ryan.

How are you doing, man?

I'm great. How are you doing?

[Sighs] Same sh1t, different shovel, brother.


Thanks for coming in, man.

Are you good? You comfortable? You got a drink? Great.

Ah, the reason I asked you down here is because there's a couple things in Keith's file that aren't quite lining up, and I was hoping you could help us out.

So, walk me through that morning again, as you can remember.

I know. It's a pain in the ass. But it's a murder investigation.

It's important to get this right.

No, of course. Yeah. Okay.

Just, uh, due respect, I've told you a million times.

This... I mean, it's... I signed a statement.

It is what it is.

Just want to make sure you...

I know.

Just tell me again.

We woke up.

What time?

Around 6:30.

We were making breakfast.

Was Keith... how was he?

Was he agitated or...?

No, he was normal.

But Michael had been giving him sh1t, right?

Every day.

Well, was Keith getting fed up or...?

No, not as much as I would've been.

So, okay.

You're making breakfast, Michael comes downstairs, yada, yada, yada.

He's being a dick. You tell him to put on gloves.

No. Mnh-mnh.

Then he says...


Keith wanted to put on gloves, and it's right there in my...

Oh, sh1t. Yeah, you're right.

It's right there.

You're right, yeah. You said that. My bad, man.

Okay, so, then what happened?


I was cutting onions.


And Keith said something to Michael. I couldn't hear what.

And then I turn around, and Michael's going after him with a cleaver, and...

Keith got him first... Self-defense.


All right. [Sighs]

Here's my problem, man. Keith's story keeps on changing.

I got six different versions from him, including yours, but the one that he keeps going back to is that he stabbed Michael because Michael was verbally harassing you.

Michael didn't come after him with no cleaver.

Mm. Well, you know, Keith also has a, uh...

An emotional relationship with a stuffed teddy bear, and a sexual relationship with fruit.

So, I mean, it's possible that Keith doesn't know what the f*ck he's talking about.

I'm telling you what happened, detective, and I was the only witness.

Now, personally, I think it's bullshit that he was ever charged in the first place.

I think it's bullshit that you're still actually f*cking holding him.

He got bail.

Yeah, but you know he can't pay.


Listen, detective, uh... You have my statement.

Not gonna change it.

There is weights and cardio, grappling mats, bags, and the women's locker room is back there.

Is there a sauna?

Yeah, but it's in the men's room, so you just have to knock.

What if I'm in there first?

Uh, let someone know.

Most of these guys are gentlemen.


Speaking of gentlemen, hey.

Uh, you remember Alicia? She was at your fight.


Of course. Yeah.

How are ya?


Good. Hey, congrats on your win.


This is for you.

Let me know if you want to talk about it.

So, are you... Are you around now?

What's up?

That's the plan.

I mean, we'll see how it goes.

All right.

Well, it's a good group, you know.

Everybody's pretty laid-back, no assholes, you know.

Alvey with Nate?


Uh, they're about to go through their simulations for Nate's embed.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Got it.


Work time.

Alicia, nice to see you again.

So, anyway, today you're gonna be working mostly with Joe.

Uh, just get comfortable, get to know people, have fun.

Am I gonna get any time with Alvey?

Uh, probably not until after Nate's fight, but he knows you're here.

There's no pressure or anything. Just be aware.

You're gonna do great.

I'll check in on you later.

Okay, thanks.


Alvey: Hey.


I've been trying you all day.

Sorry, man.

I was on my way here. What's going on?

I got to do this thing with Nate.

Don't go anywhere until we talk.

No problem.


[Laughs] Laura, Laura, Laura, I know it's disappointing, but I'm just... I'm not interested, you know.

I don't model.

Believe it or not, I don't even really like cameras.

I prefer my life undocumented.


I'm a very rare species. I am difficult to capture.

You're running around here half naked. Just be what you are.


You're an exhibitionist. You like to be looked at.


You do.


It's not a bad thing. It's bad if you're boring.

But you are definitely not that.

If I was interested, what would this photo shoot entail?

It would entail me taking pictures of you and you getting paid.

Would I have any creative control?


So I just got to do whatever you say?


Yeah? Suppose I don't like the concept. Huh?

Suppose you want to dress me up in some sort of, you know, like a f*cking baby diaper, shaking a rattle or some ridiculous outfit.

Okay, that's a fetish, and this is professional.

Hmm. Well, to tell you the truth, I have very strong opinions on fashion, Laura.

Yeah, I can tell.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you come to my studio tomorrow night, and I'll tell you more about it.

Oh, I got you.


I got you, girl. You... You are a control freak.

How's that?

'Cause you're making me wait.

That is a form of control.

You're paranoid.

f*ck, yes, I am.

I live under a constant threat of assault.

Pow, pow, pow, pow.

I got to go.

Got to keep your hands up.

Where do you got to go? We're getting settled in here.

I have a dinner downtown, and you have this desperate need to be begged and adored, and I'm not the girl for that.

I'll tell you something.

We've had a wonderful time having cocktails here this evening.

And I've obviously shown that I'm much more than that Greek statue that you've seen outside there on the beach.

I'm more than just muscle and glistening skin.

And now you want me to say yes, but I'm not gonna do it.

I got to hold my ground.

My line in the sand.

I'll see you tomorrow night.

Boom! Shakalaka.

He's on fire! Bam!

[Rock music plays]

Nate: Yeah, yeah.

Sure, this feels like a new beginning for me.

Going through what I did, um, injuries, um, not being able to fight or train, that was hard.

You know, not being around the guys or in the gym.

Uh, this is my family.

You know, there were definitely days you feel sorry for yourself.

Alvey: Move! Move! Move!

Come on! Come on! Move!

Good, good.

Move and dump him!

It was never really a question of if I would continue fighting.

Just more, you know, why do I fight?

Speed! Speed! Speed! Speed, son!

Why do I do this?

Power! Switch!

You know, as you mature as a fighter and just as a person, those are the kind of questions you have to answer.

Alvey: Speed! Speed! Speed!

Come on now! Speed! Speed! Power! Move!

Without a doubt I'm in the best shape of my career.

I'm carrying way less weight.

I'm more explosive than I've been.

My knee structurally is way stronger than even before the injury.

I feel good. I feel ready.

I'm just anxious.

I've got one job.

That's to get in the cage and take the guy out in front of me.

Oh. All right, Hollywood.

Come on, come on, come on.

Get out of that monkey suit.

Let's get to work. You get the hell out of my cage.



Oh! Yes!

Way to work. Nice!

Beautiful. You're my favorite son.

Did you see my boy?


And he gave a great interview.

Ryan paid us.

Kind of. It's barely 6%.

Are you kidding me?

You want me to handle it?


No. I got to talk to him.

What is going on?


Garo came by a couple days ago.

Ryan popped.

For what?


Oh! Nice.


I was gonna tell you, but I wanted to sit on it for a second.

And, of course, Garo's putting the screws to me.

Right. What's he want?

Ryan's next six fights. No money.

But he'll bury it.

Yeah, but...

[Sighs] f*ck.

I think you should take it.

[Exhales deeply]

Six f*cking percent.

Six f*cking percent.


Alicia: I heard Alvey can be an asshole.

Who said that?

Some of the guys at my old gym.

Yeah, probably guys that he ran out of here.

Have any advice how I can avoid that?

Yeah. Work hard, have talent.

He sees that, and he won't f*cking leave you alone.

[Chuckles] That's good to know.

So, what's up with you? You have anything coming up?

I wish.

Lisa says that we should wait and make sure it's the right fight.

Smart. Listen to her. She knows what she's doing.

You've known her awhile, right?

A long time, since before Alvey.

What is up with that?


I mean, they're running the place together.

They're having...

Alvey: Ryan.

My office.


[Music playing]


What the f*ck's that?

I knew we usually do 10%.

No, we always do 10%. Every fighter pays 10%.

This way I don't have to have these stupid f*cking conversations.

You know, I'm still getting back on my feet, Coach.

I mean, I got lawyer bills, I got rent.

Well, I... I thought your place was free.

Yeah, but I still got power, I got cable.

I'm not trying to dick you over.

This is real.

Do me a favor and shut the f*ck up.

You got popped for cocaine.

What the f*ck are you thinking?

Hey, I...

I was nervous about the fight.

I just f*cking spun out, Coach.

You are walking a very f*cking fine line, my friend.

I'm not even talking about your career.

I'm talking about prison, your f*cking life, Ryan.

Do we have to get you into some kind of treatment facility?

No. No.

We could probably do it quietly.

No, I'm not doing that.

This is not happening. This is one time. It's never gonna happen again.

Neither is this.

That never happens again.

f*cking done.



What do we do?

Well, because we're all crooked as f*ck in this business, Garo's willing to bury it.

He wants your next six fights.

How much?

Not what you're worth.

Plus I don't even know if you have six fights left.

You're this close to f*cking it all up again.



Um, I thought we were gonna get Mexican.

We are.

But you're about to eat.


So why would we get Mexican?

Well, we could still go.

I'll sit with you.

Oh. That's fun.

Casey, I got to eat after I train.

So, it doesn't mean you can't still go get Mexican.

And so I'm supposed to just eat a bunch of f*cking tacos in front of you, Nate?

No, we're supposed to go together.

You're right.

That was the plan.

We'll go. We'll go get Mexican.

That's fine.

You don't want to. It's...

I do. I do.

All right?

I'll find something there. It's not a big deal.

All right?


[Chuckles] Okay?


[Cellphone beeps]

[Cellphone beeps]


[Cellphone beeps]

[Cellphone beeps]

[Cellphone beeps]

Alvey: [Scoffs]


[Indistinct conversations]

[Door buzzes]

[Door opens]

Ryan: Hey, man.

Hey, bud.

Hey. D-did you win your fight?


Yeah, I did. I did. Thanks for asking, Keith.

Was it crowded?

Uh, yeah.

Ryan, it must've been electric. Was Lisa there?

She was.

And did you let her have s*x with you?

Uh, no.

That's not happening, man.

W-why not?

Well, uh...

Her and Alvey are having a kid together, and we're just...

What the f*ck?!

What the f*ck, Ryan?!

Hey, hey, hey, hey.



He took...

He... why?

I don't know, man. They're together now. It's...


How long have you known about...

We're not talking about this, Keith.

Honestly, I'm good. It's fine. Just calm down. Got it?


Well, she f*cked up.


Thank you.



Hey, Geoffrey.

I...I don't like when you b-bring him in here, Ryan.

I have told you that because if you accidentally drop him...

I'm not gonna drop him, Keith.

He's gone forever if you drop him because they're not gonna help you look for personal items here, Ryan.

It's too dangerous.


I'll keep him safe.

I just don't... Just put him in your pocket.

He's all the way in my pocket, Keith.

Is he deeper?


Keith, he's all in the way in my pocket, okay, bud?

So, tell me about your fight.

I won. That's...

That's it.


And was it a knockout, like...?


Well, did you strangle him?

No. Listen. Um...

And you said it was a nice crowd.

Yeah, yeah, it was crowded.

But listen, Keith. I, uh...

So how was it?

Well, I talked to the, uh...

Talked to the detective yesterday about your case.

Yeah. Here's the deal, man.

They don't have sh1t, okay? But you got to stop changing your story.

Literally all you have to do is shut the f*ck up and they will drop the charges.

Um, I'll shut the f*ck...



How are you doing anyway? I mean, you hanging in there?

I'm trying.

Just really having a hard time connecting with some of the guys here.

Um, it's like they've all been friends forever.

And not to mention the pillows are like an inch thin.

It's like you may as well not even have a pillow to sleep with.


I'm trying to help you.

I'm gonna get you out of here, okay, Keith?



Can we talk about something else now?

Of course, man.

How's... how's my house?

It's nice.

Yeah, it's nice, man.

I know.

It's our house.

Yeah, bud.

[Door buzzes, opens]

There's two bathrooms. I don't know if you saw.

Yeah. Luxurious.

I only use one. I mean...

Well, that's 'cause you're humble.

Hell yeah, dude.


I don't know if I can touch you.

Yeah, yeah.

[Music playing]

Chapas: Still waiting on that cock shot, Kulina.

Sean Chapas, you c**t.

You crazy f*ck.

I almost sent one. I swear to god, I was half hard.

I'm a good-looking man.

Yeah, you are, man.

Jesus, how long's it been?

Seven years.


Yeah. At Misha's thing.

Yeah, I guess you're right.


God damn it. You look good. You look great.

Yeah, you know, staying fit. I'm out hunting.

Women and money, they run fast.

[Laughs] f*cking guy.

Was that you calling me with the unknown number?

Yes. Answer your f*cking phone.

m*therf*cker, leave a message.

Would you call me back?

No, but leave a f*cking message.

You're a deceptively stupid man.

Ryan: Okay.

At first blush, you seem like a smart man.

But at second blush, you're a f*cking moron.

You know they're gonna test you.

Why don't you wait one more night?

You could do all the blow in f*cking Baja. I would've done it with you.

What do you want me to say? I already feel like sh1t about it, okay?

It's... it's...

It'll blow over. Alvey's taking care of it.

Oh, he is?


Of course he is. Why wouldn't he?

f*ck off, man. I got...

I got six fights for dog-shit money.

Yeah, am I supposed to be offended right now?

About what?

The fact that you're treating my old man like a little f*cking bitch.


You could kill a little baby while it's sleeping and Alvey would help you dig the grave.

Well, he ain't doing it for me, pumpkin.


Ahh. You like this couch?

I don't know. I'm just not sure about the leather.

I might... I might want that cloth.

Nah, man. You don't want it cloth.

Ghetto rich don't like cloth.

Ghetto rich... You're all about the leather, son.

But, you know, you gots to buy the whole set.

No, I'll only get the couch.

Yes, sir.

The whole damn set.

Mmm! See how it feels against your skin?

This is nice.

It's so soft, man.

Yeah. Furniture d'elegance.

Hey, uh...

You check out Lisa's new chick?

The one from the fight?


She was in today.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, yeah, yeah?

Oh, yeah.

You just can't keep that hog in its pen.

Oh, I did.


Hey, excuse me, sir?

Man: Yes?

How much, um...

How much for the, uh, the couch?

The whole set.

No, just for the couch, just the couch.


I got cash.

Cheap f*cking b*st*rd.

Be right back.

[Cellphone beeps]

Hey, smile, handsome.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Alvey: So, you living down in San Diego?

No, my office.

Yeah. I got a house in Del Mar, right by the beach.


Yeah, man.


You got to come down.

Got a great yard, we'll burn some meat, hit the gaslamp, chicks.

I'm... retired from that game.

Come on, man. Are you serious?

What? Are you married still?

No, I'm with one... Lisa.

She runs this place with me.

Lisa. Do I know her?

Lisa Prince.

Used to go out with Ryan Wheeler.

Oh! Lisa Prince.


Right. Yeah.


We're having a kid.

No way!


Congratulations, man.

That's great.

I'm very excited, yeah.

Having a kid.



What about you?

What are you doing up here?

Oh. Business.

Yeah, my company invests in real estate.

You know, commercial stuff, some apartment buildings.

It's catching fire again, man.

That's great.

Yeah, it's been a great second act for me.

You know, once fighting was over with, there were some dark times.


Don't I know it, brother.

Yeah, which is why I actually reached out.

You remember Cappy Winbush, the ref up in Nor Cal?

I love Cappy.

Yeah. He's dead.

Shot himself.



Nobody told me. Yeah.

I mean, he didn't leave a note.

He was broke, didn't have any kids.

So, a few of us got together and we paid for his burial.

Oh, man.

That makes me sad.

Who was there?

Corey and Anton, Lucinda.

And do you remember Robbie Scarpetta, that dirtbag promoter that did that thing down in Mexico?

He was there.

He's got Parkinson's.

It's karma.

That's what I said.

We got out good compared to the rest of those guys.

We got lucky.

And they were asking about you, and I thought, "damn, the next time I'm in Los Angeles, I'm gonna stop by and say hello."

So that's why I'm here. I'm glad you did, man. I really am.

I mean, I-i wish I would've known about Cappy.

You know, I'd have been there.

Listen, man.

Life's busy. sh1t's hard.

What are you gonna do?


Ah, f*ck.

Anyway, I got to be heading back tonight, so...

Any chance you... You got time for dinner?

No. You know, I got...

I got to be in early tomorrow, so it's...

Ah, come on, let the traffic pass.

Come on, I'll... I'll take you to some place.

You like calamari?



Come on.

All right, fine.

Yeah? Good.

I got to hit this thing in Culver City first, but after that, I'm all yours.


I'll text you the information about the restaurant.

Yes, sir.

And I'm gonna send you a nice picture of my cock.

Oh, beautiful. I would like that.


And I'll keep sending it.

Yes, sir.

I'll see you later.

All right.



How'd it go?

Good. Good.

I mean, Joe's awesome.

Everyone's pretty cool.

Does the laundry here take coins?

No. It's free.

I like free.


So, I, uh, saw you talking to Ryan the other day.

Was I not supposed to?

No. God, no.

You can talk to whoever you want to.


You got to be f*cking kidding me.

I'm sorry?

Look, I was just Nasking him questions, all right?

That was it. I swear.

Okay. Calm down.

I'm having another man's baby, so it's not about that.

Sorry. I just...

I hate drama.

I just want to train and get the f*ck home.

Okay. There's no drama.

Everything's fine.

It's just...


I don't think Ryan's the best person to emulate around here.

That's good to know.


Grab your clothes. I'll show you where the laundry is.

[Blender whirring]

Will you make me one?

Do you want one?



[Video game sounds]

Casey: [Sighs] God, I'm so bored.

Read a book.

Why don't we do something?

What do you want to do?

I don't know. Your Mom's working.

Nobody's home.

Case, I can't f*ck when I'm in camp.


I just can't.


Why are you so mean to me?

I'm not being mean to you.

I'm... I just need you to respect what I'm doing.

I do respect what you're dong.

Then why the f*ck do we keep having this conversation?

[Sighs] Whatever.

Well, if we're just gonna sit here, then I'm gonna get wasted.

We don't have to sit here.

Call somebody. You can go out.

Look, I know this sucks.

Yeah, it sucks.

I'm sorry.

But I'm going to drink until it doesn't, because I am a good girlfriend, even when you're being a dick.

Do you have vodka?

Check the freezer.

[Mid-tempo music plays]


[Music playing]

[Clears throat]

The client makes made-to-measure suits.

Pshew. Perfect.

I love suits.

I wear them all the time.

Well, then, I'll make sure they let you keep one.

That'd be great.



[Glasses clink]




I'll tell you something.

I love this place.

It's not just the appointments, but you're tasteful, obviously.


I mean, the view is phenomenal.


[Inhales deeply]


Wow. That...

[Music continues playing]

Hey, pal, let me get a check when you get a chance.

Chapas: Hey.


Oh, Alvey, I'm so sorry, man.

You didn't eat, did you?

I didn't eat?

I'm sitting here like an ass for an hour.

Oh, man, I feel terrible.

I was on my way over, and the agent calls.

The building I'm looking at... Got a full cash offer, right?

So I have to scramble with my partners to get an offer out the door.

Anyway, long story...

Nope, nope, nope, nope, no, no.

Don't you have to drive back?

No, no.

The offer's out. It's in God's hands.

Keep it open. I need a menu.

What are you drinking?

Just same thing.

I'll have a rosé.

You'll have a rosé?

Yeah. f*ck you. A rosé. I drink rosé.

I offered to take... We're gonna have...

All right. Drink rosé. Nice.

[Both chuckle]


[Cellphone beeping]

[Both moaning, breathing heavily]

[Both moaning, grunting]

[Music continues]

[Exhales deeply]

It doesn't even seem real. I am having a baby.


My age, I'm having a f*cking kid.

I... I barely survived the last two.

They barely survived you.


But somehow we all made it through in one piece.

I don't know if I can f*cking do that again.

You ever think she did it on purpose?

You mean, like, trap me?

Yeah, man.

It happened to me, man, I'm just saying.

No, no, no, no. Lisa's not like that.

Truth is, man, we were splitting up.

f*ck me, really?

Yeah. She had one foot out the door, man.

She had enough of my sh1t.


Ah, you know.

Usual stuff... money.

Neither one of us ever back down from a f*cking argument.

She fights harder than I do.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you love her?

I do.

Do you trust her?

Yeah. She's a good girl. Mostly.

I mean, you know, we have this business together.

Does she understand you?

She knows exactly who the f*ck I am.

Does she understand it? That's another story.

And she still wants the kid.


I mean, she could've got rid of it, right?


I say you embrace it.

I mean, you're not that old, and who knows where your life's gonna go, and, you know, sometimes God just wants to get in there and f*ck things up, right?

And maybe this baby takes you guys to another level.



You in a f*cking cult?


That's the second time you've mentioned God.

I got this feeling you're gonna ask me to join something.

No, man. Just li...

Wear a f*cking band on my wrist or something.

Nah, man.

Just... just... Just live life and don't be so f*cking scared of everything.

Man: Last call, guys.

Oh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

We're not done drinking. Are we done drinking?

Back to your place?

To my place?

[Laughs] Not like that, man.

[Laughs] I got a pregnant woman trying to sleep.

Mm. You know what? Let's go back to the gym.

I got a couple of good bottles there.


It's already paid.



Are you kidding me, you little prick?

On me.





Casey: [Slurred] I just want to take a shower.

Nate: [Sighs] God damn it.



Wait. I want to take a shower.

Wait, wait, wait.

Hold on.


I want to take a shower.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, f*ck you.

Laura: [Laughs] Why are you doing this to me?

Am I snoring?

It's time to go.

I feel like I'm f*cking snoring.


Oh, why... why are you...

Time to go.


You cannot sleep over.


You're giving me such a f*cking hard time right now.

Come over.


Just come over here.


Do you have, like, a f*cking husband or something?

You just f*cked me, silly, so obviously I don't have a husband, but a polite guest knows when it's time to leave.


Come on.


I'll call you about the shoot, okay?

Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You know what I want you to do?


I want you to call me about this photo shoot 'cause I'm... I'm very intrigued by it.

I'm very intrigued by it.

But also, um, I would like to thank you for your generosity...

And also...



And... Goodbye to you.

Alvey: Chapas!


$200 bottle of whiskey.

Half empty.

Probably my son Jay.

No respect for the elders.



None. None.


Come on.

To the O.G.S.

Yes, sir.

[Glasses clink]


Oh. Oh, that's good.

The finer things, my friend, the finer things.

Oh, someone's got the itch.

I'm telling you, man.

The last time I was in the cage...

Final fight.

Come on.

For real.


Too many memories.

Hey. You got to embrace it.


You know...

I'm sorry I never called you when...

Come on, man.

After Misha died.

Come on.

No, no.

I was wrong, you know. I...

I didn't know what to say to you.

I let too much time go by. It got weird.

Forget it.

I know you were thinking about me.

I swear to Christ, I'm getting f*cking goose bumps, man.

I want to hit something.

Come on, man.


Look at... hey, you want to move around a bit?

You and me?


Come on, I'll go easy on you, sunshine.

Oh, no. You're not taking the watch off, are you?

Don't be smiling like that in my cage.


[Door opens]



Who's that?

No. Is that Nate?

You remember Nate?

Holy sh1t.


Alvey: What's up?

Who's that?

That's my old friend Sean Chapas.

You met him when you were a kid.

It's 2:00 in the morning. What the f*ck are you doing here?

Couldn't sleep.

All right. Well, what do you want to do?

I'm just gonna lift.

What's that mean? You got something on your mind?

[Scoffs] No.

I'm here. I'm here if you need me.

You know that, right?


Yeah. I'm...

All right?

Give me a hug.

You sure you're okay?

I'm good.

Why do you make me so worried all the time?

All right.

Don't lift too much.

[Music playing]

[Music continues]