02x13 - Woke Up Lonely

Are you ok?

You broke my collarbone, asshole.

I didn't f*cking break anything, man. You f*cking wrecked your bike.

You weren't even f*cking looking!

What happened here?

Lance Armstrong crashed his f*cking bike.

It was your fault.

Just f*cking sit still.

We can't keep doing this. You don't sleep with patients.

People f*ck. It's not the end of the world.

You must be the sister.

She's the sister. I'm Ava.

I assumed that Alicia was the pretty one, but... it's a goddamn dead heat.

Sweetie, let's not do this.

No. Get the f*ck off of me!

I made an investment with a friend of mine.

30 thousand dollars to Chapas?

If you f*ck me on this, I'm gonna kill you.

You're gonna have to find me first, m*therf*cker.

Now he's disappeared with my money.

What did you do with my money, m*therf*cker?

You're not gonna shoot me, man.

Don't do that. Aaah!

Chapas is dead.


I got something I'm gonna tell you guys.

Lisa lost the baby a few days ago.

Do we know what happened?

I got a call from her father.

Told me about the baby, and... and said Lisa didn't want to talk to me.

I'll be okay.

I love you boys. Love you.

Doing what I'm doing, this f*cking loop?

Same sh1t, day in, day out.

I destroy myself.

Then I peel myself off the floor.

I puke it out.

And I work it out.

And then I talk it out twice a week with you... emotional stripper. [Chuckles]

You could give two f*cks about what I'm saying.

You're probably thinking about lunch right now, Doc.

No offense.


Everything's off.

[Grunting continues]

Across the board, everything's off. I miss Lisa.

I need her here.

The gym's not the same without her.


[Breathing heavily]

I don't know what it's gonna be like, though, if she comes back.

I haven't heard from her.


It ain't gonna be the same.



Everybody's looking at me for something, you know, like I'm supposed to supervise their f*cking lives, like...


I'm hanging on by a f*cking thin thread here, Doc.

[Breathing heavily]

I sit still, and my chest gets tight.

My f*cking ears ring, and I feel like I'm gonna die.

I f*ck myself up over and over and over again, and I can't stop.

I can't.

Truth of it is, I think it's keeping me alive.

[Rock music plays]

All right, we're going f*cking balls to the wall.

Five 5-minute rounds. Nobody f*cking quits.

You go down, you take a breath, you compose yourself, you get back up.

Nobody f*cking quits.

You want to wear headgear, if you're a pussy, you can.

♪ She's got a snake on her lower back ♪
♪ A dead cat living on her neck ♪
♪ Skull and crossbones across her chest ♪
♪ But those girls really knock me out ♪
♪ The kind of girls that make me scream and shout ♪
♪ A mother Mary and a crucifix ♪
♪ A pentagram and a 666 ♪
♪ Chinese writing, I don't know what it means ♪
♪ Those girls really make me shake ♪
♪ Those girls are gonna end the heartache ♪

[Both grunting]

♪ Well, "Live fast" on your right wrist ♪
♪ Yeah, "Die young" on your left wrist ♪
♪ No loaded guns hanging off your hips ♪
♪ Those girls getting under my skin ♪
♪ Come on, now, you gotta let me in ♪
♪ Lots of writing on your ribcage ♪
♪ Big dots on your pretty face ♪
♪ She wants more, but she's right out of space ♪
♪ But those girls really knock me out ♪
♪ Them girls, you make me scream and shout ♪

Get him out. Get him out. Next guy.


Next guy. Come on.

Let's go!

[Blender whirring]

[Whirring stops]

This place is f*cking stupid.

[Chuckles] Well, good morning, princess.

Did we just wake you up?

What time is it?


[Sighs] I'm done. I'm checking myself into a hotel.

I mean, I feel like I'm in the f*cking army.


What time is the fight tonight?

Well, Jay and Ryan will probably go on around 10:00.

We're gonna get there a little bit early.

And we got to pick up the alcohol for the after party.

Where is it gonna be?

Most probably Jay and Nate's.

I'm gonna talk to Nate about it.

Let's do it in a hotel. I can get us a suite.


Trust me... you do not want these drunk-ass fighters wrecking sh1t.

That's the whole point of a hotel.

I'm gonna take a shower, and then we're gonna find a dope place for tonight.

Are you serious?


Can you make me one of those?

Jay: Nate?


[Dogs bark in distance]


What? Oh, f*ck!

You're safe. The pooping has ceased.

Okay. What do you want?

Well, Nathaniel, I'm ready for my oatmeal.

I'll leave it on the counter.

I got to run by the gym and make sure your kit's all good.

Your preparation is meticulous.

Thank you.

I'm honored to have you in my corner.

We have to pick up Mom at rehab.

Can she be out that late?

Apparently, she got a pass.

Wait. Hold on a second.

[Farts] Oh.

[Farts] I have a poop wave coming.


Privacy, please.


Hmm. Rawr.

Ryan, it's time to eat.

Keith, Keith, Keith, will you knock, please?

Go back outside. Come on, man.

I don't just f*cking walk into your room.

[Door closes]

[Knock on door]

Come on in.

Wait until I f*cking say, "Come in," dude!

Come on, bro! Hold on!

Knock and then wait, and I'll say, "Come in."

Okay, Ryan.

[Knock on door]

Come in!

Good morning. Morning.

Would... How would... Or would you like to eat now?

Yes, I would. Thank you.


And those are steel-cut oats.

None of the sugar's added, like I like it.


Um, listen, listen, it's just... Hey, buddy.

Hmm? It's just day of the fight, okay?

There's a certain headspace that I have to be in.



I just need everything mellow. I need you mellow.



Great. Thank you.

How's your knee doing?


Man: How long did you know Sean Chapas?

25 years, give or take.

Came up together.

I hadn't seen him in a long time, though.

You guys, uh... You guys have a falling-out?

No, not at all. We just had different lives.

Well, you must have been suspicious when he showed up at your gym.

Nah, not really. I mean, a friend of ours... an old friend of ours... died, and... and, uh, you know, he seemed like he was lonely.

And he was sentimental, wanted someone to talk to, you know?

Hey, tell me... tell me about this investment you guys had.

Yeah. It was a development that he was into.

It was a... a senior-care facility.

He said it was a good opportunity.

And you loaned him 30 grand. Is that correct?

I did.

Did you get your money back?

I did not.

Piss you off?

What do you think? [Chuckles]

Yeah. You know, he took a beating before the gunshot.

Was it you?


You know he called you the night he died.

I didn't see him.

I was cornering two fights, and a couple thousand people could back me up.

I don't understand.

What... What... Why are you taking this tone?

I mean, I came down here on my own. Should I get a lawyer?

No, sir. No. This isn't, uh, an interrogation.

Oh? 'Cause it feels like that.

Well, I apologize. It wasn't my intention.

Look, um...

So, you believe... you believe he killed himself?

Yeah, I believe he killed himself.

The guy stole a lot of f*cking money from a lot of people, right?

He was gonna go to jail for a long time. He had no family.

What the f*ck else is he gonna do? Why stick around? What's the point?

You get what you need? Because I got to get back to my gym.

Oh, one last thing.


The gun he used... it was registered to you.

I reported it stolen. Yeah, I saw the report.

You filed it the day before the body was found.

He was dead for at least two days before the maids found him.

Just took it from my gym, you know?

I didn't check the gun every day. I didn't... I didn't keep tabs on it, you know, so he... He was a f*cking thief.

He took it from my gym.

Am I good?

Can I go?

Yeah, yeah, unless you have an idea of how I could find his family.

Nobody's claimed his remains.

Well, his parents are dead, and any family he has I'm ... I'm sure are in Mexico, if you want to go down there. It's nice this time of year.

I figured as much.


Hey, thanks for coming down.

Oh, by the way, when do I get my gun back?

As soon as it's out of evidence.

Shouldn't be too much longer.


[Indistinct conversations]

Good morning.

Morning, Shelby. Thank you.

What do we got?

Everything's all set for tonight.

Van will be here at 5:00.

A couple people called for Alicia, and this came for you.

Certified mail? What is it?

You're being sued.


Are you f*cking kidding me?

Who is it?

Some shithead on a bicycle almost kills me, wrecks his bike, and now he's suing me.

This is amazing. Jesus Christ.

Sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

It's just... I got to call my insurance company.

Get them ready to leave the gym, please.

And when Ryan gets here, let me know.


Hey, guys. Great session today.

And, Becca, thank you for sharing.

Gold star today.

[Chuckles] All right.

Good work.

All right, see you later.

[TV chatter]

Good morning.


So, um... you missed group again.

I know. Sorry. I overslept.

Yeah. It's... It's just important that you... that you're in these meetings, you know?

Okay, uh, what is going on with you?


[Chuckles] You're ignoring me.

No. I'm just, uh... I just woke up.

I'm just trying to eat my breakfast.

Oh. Um, well, when you're done, why don't we go up to my office and... talk about how well you're doing.


I'm just trying to stay clean.

You're my therapist.

I think we should re-establish those boundaries.

Why are you being so cold with me?

Because I'm starting to think you're not a very good person.

That... That's not fair, okay?

And... And please do not absolve yourself from this...

You took advantage of me.

I was barely alive when I got here, and you used that because you just had to stick your dick in someone who wasn't your wife.

What's wrong?

You don't like to think of yourself that way?

How many other women have you done this to?



This is not...

This is not about me sticking my dick in someone, okay?

Christina, I care about you... more than you think.

I'm out of here in like a week, so I just want you to stay away from me.

I just want to get through this.


Alvey: You got this. You know what to do.

You keep him calm. You stick to the game plan. You feel him out.


How is he?

He's chill. He's ready to fight.



You keep him relaxed.

How we feel?

I had diarrhea all morning.

How's your knee?

What's Nate doing here?

He's just getting the kit ready.

He's cornering Jay.

Could you ask him to f*cking leave?

Of course I can ask him.

I'm not doing sh1t until he's f*cking out of here.

I understand that. Will you calm down?

Look... Look what you're doing to yourself.

I'm calm. I'm just saying get him the f*ck out of here.

Relax. Relax. I will right now.

Just relax, and we'll warm up.


Totally f*cking inappropriate.

Loosen up. Loosen up.

Joe! Can you warm me up, please?

You got it, boss.

Does he want me to leave?


All right.

You good?


Tell your brother I said good luck.

I will.

All right?

You're moving good.

Stay on the back leg.

Stay on the back... Jab off the back leg, man.

Take an angle. Take an angle.

You're standing right in front of him.

How's your knee feel?

It just feels tight as butt when I think about it.

Well, don't think about it. Stay back.

Just stay back. Stay back.

All right, listen. You know what I want you to do?

Jab, jab, come back to southpaw, let him come in, shoot.

Pivot back. Boom.

Good. Try to come a little ... When you pivot, bop, bop.

Don't pivot here. So, you... bop, bop.

Pivot here.

Your knee's fine. Come on. Move around a little bit.

Move around. Stay on that back leg.

Just stay on the back leg.


Stop. Stop.

No. Stop. Just stop.

I just f*cking slipped.

All right, all right.


I just f*cking slipped.

It's good. It's good. Come on. Ice it.

Ice it. Ice it. Let's save it for the arena.

Just ice it up, okay?

Stay off it.

Joe, come here.

I'll see you out there.

[Horn honks]

Hey. Hey.

I just wanted to say good luck tonight.


Hey, maybe we can talk after.


All right, I'll see you there.


Keith, can you grab this for me?


What are you doing?!

I'm checking on you.

You can't just barge in on me.

Well, I can because I'm in charge here.

If I see a closed door, I have to assume contraband.

[Scoffs] Give me a break.

Is there a problem here?

Not with me.

Why are you dressed up?

Going to my son's fight. I told you about it last week.

[Scoffs] Oh, oh, you told me about it?

I asked you. You said I could.

What time does it end?

I don't know. I'll be back around midnight.

I never agreed to that.

Yes, you did, and I know you're f*cking with me.

No. Look, this program has rules that every resident has to follow.

I'm sorry, but you're not special.

You're trying to punish me.

No, Christina. I'm trying to treat you like everyone else because that's what you want.

[Sighs] Okay, Jason.

You want me to suck your dick?


Then what? What do you want?

I want you to stop manipulating me.

I'm going to my son's fight.

You can either let me, like you already said you would, or I can just go crazy and make everything fall apart for you.

I don't want to do that, but I will.


Have fun, Christina.

But you have to pee for me tomorrow.

I'm not gonna let you backslide.

I will happily pee for you, Jason. Will you shut my door?

[Breathes deeply]


Here it is.


[Card clacking]

[Lock beeps, door opens]



f*ck, yeah!

We are going to murder this place.

That's what maids are for.




Don't do it. They're like 20 bucks.

Worth it.

Ooh! [Chuckles]

How much money do you have?

Will you f*cking chill? We're staying for one night.

What are you worried about?

What your plan is.

For what?

You've been here for a week.

I mean, are you gonna stay here?

Are you gonna go back to Miami? What's your plan?

Not Miami. It's too depressing and f*cked up.

You visit Dad?


He doesn't have my new number, so don't give it to him if he asks.

We don't talk.

Good. I hope he's getting raped in the ass by a f*cking Nazi.

Can... Can we not talk about this?

Can we just have fun, do some shots?

Let's go.

All right. To a great week.

[Bottle cap clatters]

I got you. [Laughs]

I missed you.

I missed you, too.

Mm. Mnh-mnh.

[Birds chirping]

[Horn honks]

[Rock music playing]


No, no, you take the front.

Please. Come on. I insist.

Thank you.

Ah, what a night! Your boys are fighting, man.

You must be a mess. Feel my heart. Look at this.

All right, calm the f*ck down. Calm the f*ck down.

It's like a machine gun, like a machine gun.

I vomited twice today from joy.

I need two separate rooms for my f*cking guys, okay?

Ryan and Jay can't be in the same room together.

Of course they can't be in the same room.

Fuckface over there is saying that I got one room.

I need another f*cking room.

Fuckface is a moron.

The man has his job written on his shirt.

I'll sort it out.


What's the matter? Where's your joy, man?

Come on, man. You look haggard.

Yeah, I'm haggard. I'm being f*cking sued.


Some f*cking c**t on a bicycle crashed, ran up on my car door.

Now he's suing me for half a million bucks.

This is the world we live in, man.

It's too bad you can't cut his f*cking head off.

Yeah, well... You ever been sued?

Have I been sued? Is this a serious question?

Tell you a story.

I have a pair of pants, my favorite pants, okay?


Sometimes, because they're designer pants, you can see the outline of my cock, you know, the way...

No, man... No, just the direction that it rests.

I got it. All right. All right.

Okay, so, my old assistant that I fired one year ago... one year ago... is suing me for sexual harassment.

What can I do? It's the cut of the pants.

Do you have a lawyer?

Your insurance will take care of it.

It f*cking lapsed.


It f*cking lapsed, okay?

Jesus Christ, man.

You have to grow up, man. It lapsed?

You can't let sh1t lapse, not at your age.

I don't need a f*cking speech, okay? You got a lawyer?

Yeah. I have a girl... Roxanne.

She handles everything. I barely even hear about it.

Your lawyer's name is Roxanne?

"Foxy Roxy."

Aw, Jesus.

No. Listen, I'll make a call for you.

Smart girl, mean as f*ck. She'll take this guy's nut sack.

She'll turn it into a mitten.

All right. Don't forget, all right?

I'm not gonna forget. I take care of you.

Now, can we have a good time?

This is gonna be a massive night, man. Look at this.

Go f*ck yourself. Just take care of it for me.

I'm gonna take care of it!

Tell him. Hey, two rooms!

I'm gonna take care of it!

Ava, come on. Let's go.

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Chuckles] What are you doing?

Wishing Jay luck.

f*ck, girl. You make it too easy.

Like you don't.

All right.

Jenn: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome.

This is the night that we have all been waiting for...

Ryan Wheeler versus Jay Kulina.

I'm Jenn Brown, and with me tonight is the always dapper Kenny Florian.

All right, Kenny, where do we begin?

We have two great fighters, very close friends, both coached by Alvey Kulina, who... oh, by the way... just so happens to be Jay Kulina's father.

Kenny: Yeah, there's a lot to untangle here.

I know Jay and Ryan.

They're both good guys, great friends, but there's been a surprising amount of animosity leading up to this.

These guys are very different both in personality and fighting style.

Jay we all know. He's a big personality.

He enjoys the spotlight.

In conversations I've had with the guys around Navy St., he has clearly gotten under Ryan's skin a little bit.

Wheeler... he's a different animal... very reserved, quiet.

He takes a businesslike approach...

Get it. Get it.

... that I think is serving him well.

I expect an aggressive and brutal fight here.

I can't wait to see how these two match up.

Jenn: Indeed. And let's not forget Alvey Kulina.

What's going through his mind on a night like tonight?

Yeah, this is a very difficult position for a coach to be in.

Only one of these guys can win, and that's gonna change the entire dynamic of the gym.

Publicly, Alvey says he's neutral.

He's not cornering either fighter tonight.

But it's human nature to pick a favorite, and when he does, the other fighter's gonna know.

As a fighter, you can just feel it.

I'd be very surprised if both of these fighters remain at Navy St. after tonight.

Well, one would think there's only room for one, right?

And one thing is for sure... it certainly puts Alvey in a tough position.

It does, and it's unfortunate because I know he cares about both these guys a great deal.

Obviously, Jay's his son, but he's really raised Ryan as a fighter.

He discovered him. He's given him a second chance.

And with the passing of his father, there is a lot of history there.

It's a tough situation, but it's a tough sport.

So many story lines, so much drama, but, Kenny, one thing's for sure... we are in for a great night.

[Woman laughs]

Uh-oh. Here comes trouble.

Hey, coach.


How you guys doing?

I saw you with a suitcase. You leaving us?

Yeah. You guys get up way too early for me, so...

Oh, well, get up way too early for me, too.

Is, uh, Jay here? Can I see him?

Yeah, if you, uh... you see the guy by the door with the yellow shirt?


Just show him your credentials.

He'll let you back.

Great. Thanks.

What's up?

You know... wishing I had a proper drink.

It's just beer and wine?


Ugh. I hate that.

Yeah. Me too.

We got some time before the fight.

You want to go across the street and get a real drink?

Yeah. I'd be up for that.





I'm Ava. I'm a friend of Jay's.

Christina. I'm his mother.

Oh, wow. Hi.

Uh, I just... My... My sister trains with him.

She's... She's a fighter.


Um, is he sleeping?

Oh, no. He's just getting ready.

Okay. I'm gonna go say hi to him.

Oh, uh, he really just likes to be left alone.

Okay, I'll... I'll be quick.


[Gasps] Sorry.


That's a beautiful dress.

I wore it for you.

I came to wish you good luck.

Don't leave without me tonight.

I won't.


Well, it's a pretty f*cked up night.



Got that right.

Who do you want to win?


I'm more worried about who's gonna lose.

It won't leave the bar.

You really think I'm gonna answer that f*cking question?

[Laughs] Come on, man. I won't say anything.

Who do you want to win?

It's in the hands of God almighty, Jesus Christ, the f*cking Buddha. How about that?

[Chuckles] I didn't know you were so religious.

There's got to be some m*therf*cker to blame for this.

Hey, man, you know what?

I'm... I'm sorry for what happened to Lisa.

That was... It's pretty terrible.

Who told you about that... Ryan?


Everybody know?

Look, I'm not trying to get into your sh1t or anything.

I just felt it was weird if I didn't say something.

You're good. It's fine.

Thank you.

How is she?

She's struggling, you know?

To be honest, it's a... very difficult situation.

Lisa's strong. She really is.

She'll get through it. She'll be fine.

As far as you're concerned, don't worry about it.

Nothing is gonna slip through the cracks.

f*ck, Alvey. Come on, man. That's not why I brought it up.

No, I... I brought it up. I brought it up, you know?

The training that we do, the fights that we get you, the sponsorships... none of that's gonna go away.

I'm getting a lot of calls about you.

I just want you to keep doing what you're doing, all right?

Stay focused.

Your life's gonna change.

You got to be f*cking ready.

You ready?

[Glasses clink]


Ready to get warmed up?

Listen, Ryan's knee is not okay.

Don't care. Don't want to know.

It's a fight, Jay.

You got to take advantage, all right?

I'm not going after his knee.

He is fit. He is strong. He has zero limitations.

That's the only way I can think about him right now.

I'm just giving you the information.



Let's go.



Go. Hey.

[Crowd cheers in distance]

Can I ask you a personal question?


How f*cked up is your father?


Now, what makes you think that?

Well, number one, you're a fighter.

Number two, I met your sister, and I think you might be the normal one.

Oh, come on. You've barely even talked to her.

Nah. I'm just saying. It's in her eyes, you know?

I... I married one like that.

[Breathes deeply]

Oh, boy. Um...

I mean, I guess we had kind of a f*cked up childhood.

Our mom passed away from breast cancer when we were young... and my dad's in prison.


What'd he do?

He raped one of the girls in our building.

Ended up being one of Ava's friends.

I'm sure there was probably more, but that's who they got him for.



You know what, though?

Look, I'm here.

I'm not dead. Nope.

I'm not strung out with a bunch of kids.

Not yet.

I'd say that I'm pretty in control of my life.

Yeah. Here's to that.



Sorry. I didn't mean to, like, just go off on that.

I... I know you have a lot on your mind.

No. You are... You're part of the family now, okay?

We love you.

We're glad you're here.


Thank you.

Oh, sh1t. All right, it's time to go.

Yeah. You have fun.

You're not coming?

And do what, sit on my hands?

Text me when it's over and tell me who won.

All right.

Thanks for the drinks.


[Indistinct conversations]

♪ Baby, I'm back ♪


♪ Baby, I'm back ♪

[Indistinct singing]

♪ Baby... ♪

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time, the moment you've all been waiting for.

First up, please welcome to the cage, fighting out of Navy St. MMA, Venice, California, the King Beast featherweight champion of the world, Jay Kulina!

[Hard rock music plays]

[Cheers and applause]

Let's go.

This is your f*cking time, okay?

Nobody deserves this more than you.

[Hard rock music continues in distance]

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Mouthpiece. Crotch cup? All right.

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the cage, also representing Navy St. MMA, Venice, California, the reigning and defending King Beast lightweight champion of the world, Ryan Wheeler!

[Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down" plays]

[Cheers and applause]

♪ You can run on for a long time ♪
♪ Run on for a long time ♪
♪ Run on for a long time ♪
♪ Sooner or later, God'll cut you down ♪
♪ Sooner or later, God'll cut you down ♪
♪ Go tell that long-tongue liar ♪
♪ Go and tell that midnight rider ♪
♪ Tell the rambler, the gambler, the backbiter ♪
♪ Tell them that God's going to cut 'em down ♪
♪ Tell them that God's going to cut 'em down ♪
♪ Tell them that God's going to cut 'em down ♪
♪ Tell them that God's going to cut 'em down ♪

Once again, your referee in charge of the action, Mike Beltran, with the final instructions.

Five rounds of championship action scheduled.

Let's go, gentlemen. Bring it in.

All right, gentlemen, this is the main event.

Protect yourself at all times.

Obey my commands at all times. Touch gloves now if you want.

At the sound of the bell, come on out and handle your business, guys.

Let's go.

[Cheers and applause]

Man: Showtime, baby!

All right, gentlemen, first round!

You ready to fight? You ready to fight?

Hit it! Let's go!

[Bell dings]

[Indistinct shouting]

Nate: All business now! All business now!

[Crowd exclaims]

Position! You know what to do! We prepared for this!

Get off the fence. Come on.


Aw, f*ck.

Nice! Get him, Jay!


[Indistinct shouting]

Change position.

There you go. Keep him there! Keep him there!

[Indistinct shouting]

You got this, Jay! Come on now!

Let go!

f*ck yeah!

Man: Hands up! Hands up!

All right, Jay.

[Bell dings] Mike: Stop!

[Hip-hop music plays]


All right, breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Small steps. Great f*cking round.

Amazing f*cking round. Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me. He can't take you down.

Just stay with the game plan. You'll win this f*cking fight.

You understand what I'm saying?

Leg kicks... low, low, high.

Keep attacking. Keep being aggressive. Stay in this f*cking fight.

It's your fight. It's your time. Let's go!

Let's go. Come on.

Second bell! Second bell! Peace in.

Second bell! Second bell! Peace in.

All right, gentlemen, second round! You ready to fight?

You ready to fight?

Hit it! Let's go!

[Bell dings]

[Cheers and applause]

Man: Put him on the fence!

[Crowd exclaims]

Oh! Oh!

Here we go! Here we go!


[Indistinct shouting]

Jay, don't you f*cking tap.

Breathe! Breathe!

[Crowd noise fades]

[High-pitched ringing]

[Bell dings, crowd noise resumes]

[Cheers and applause]

[Rock music playing]

You're good. Sit. Sit. Sit.

Okay. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit.

You're good. Sit. Sit down. Sit down.

You're good. Have some water.

Listen, you look good. You're gonna win this f*cking fight.

You hear me? You're gonna win this fight, but listen... it's a fight now, okay?

f*ck your conscience. No. f*ck your conscience.

You got to f*cking work that leg 'cause he's f*cking trying to kill you.

f*ck your conscience. It's not your friend. Get in there.

Get this job done. You got to win this fight.

Come on. Look at me. Look at me.

It's your fight. It's your time. Let's go!

You hear me? Stick with it. Let's go, Jay. Come on.

Stay on top. Let's go.

[Indistinct shouting]

Mike: All right, gentlemen, third round.

You ready to fight? You ready to fight?

Let's go!

[Bell dings]

[Claps lightly]

[Cheers and applause]

Last round, Jay! Let's go!

[Cheers and applause]

[Indistinct shouting]

[Shouting intensifies]

Come on, Jay. There you go.

[Crowd exclaims]

Man: Hands up, hands up, hands up!

Come on.

Tap. f*cking tap.

Tap, friend! You're gonna f*cking break!

Tap, m*therf*cker! Tap!

Tap! f*cking tap!

[Cheers and applause]

f*cking tap, man, or I'm gonna f*cking break it!

Tap. Just f*cking tap.

Tap. Tap, or it's gonna f*cking break.




Ryan, f*cking tap!


Hold him back. Hold him back.

No, no, no. Come on. Come on.

Get his knee in there!



[Indistinct shouting]

f*cking tap!

Show me your tap, Ryan.

Show me your nerve, Ryan. Show me your nerve.

[Indistinct shouting]

[Crowd stomping rhythmically]

[Crowd noise intensifies]

[J. Roddy Walston & the Business' "Boys Can Never Tell" plays]

♪ If Daddy says the mountain's come off ♪

f*cking tap, Ryan! Go!

♪ You must believe him true ♪
♪ I will build a science and create a world for you ♪
♪ And I'll protect you from yourself ♪
♪ And the tendencies you've shown ♪
♪ The world will see a man like you as weak and under grown ♪
♪ And I'm gonna love you, son ♪
♪ Even if you love no one ♪
♪ This thing you will learn too well ♪
♪ Boys can never tell ♪
♪ Boys can never tell ♪
♪ You should bite your tongue and will your words to fail ♪
♪ Boys can never ♪
♪ Tell ♪
♪ You're a lady without warning ♪
♪ And I've been loyal mean ♪
♪ This is not the body you were born in ♪
♪ And I can prove it with what I've seen ♪
♪ So I will raise you tough ♪
♪ Build you strong and crown you king ♪

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, referee in charge Mike Beltran steps in and calls a halt to this bout, the official time 2:27 of round number 3, your winner by triangle choke and new King Beast lightweight champion of the world, Jay Kulina!

♪ This thing you will learn too well ♪
♪ Boys can never tell ♪
♪ Boys can never tell ♪
♪ You should bite your tongue and will your words to fail ♪
♪ Boys can never ♪
♪ Tell ♪

Keith: Put all your weight on me, Ryan.

Watch for the step, Ryan.

I got it.

Whoa. Whoa. Wait.





Hey, do you... do you want any alcohol?


I'm gonna order a pizza. [Sniffs]

[Rock music playing]

♪ So take what you need 'cause I'm the one leavin' ♪

She's a f*cking angel.

[Chuckles] Maybe.

These are her breasts, Nathaniel.

She sent them to me for good luck, and it worked.

Only angels are capable of that.


You cornered the f*cking hell out of me at that fight.

You cornered the f*cking hell out of me.

You fought a great fight.

Thank you very much. I think I did.

I know what they're gonna say.


That I only won because of his leg.

You can't control that, Jay.

[Inhales sharply]

Yeah, I know.

But that's what they're gonna say.


Hey, Jay, it's me. I keep getting your voicemail, so I'm just gonna leave you a message.

I'm sure you're out celebrating, man.

God knows what the... what the f*ck you're doing, but I just wanted to say, uh... wanted to say congratulations.

And I'm... I'm so f*cking proud of you, okay?

This is a... This is a big deal for you, man.

You... You really turned a corner.

And, uh, well, I... I'm proud of you, okay?

No... No need to call me back. I'll... I'll see you tomorrow.

You have fun. Be careful. Bye.

You're gonna get another shot, okay?

And I'm gonna get you out of that bullshit contract.

I'm gonna tell Garo he wants you in a rematch, he's got to f*cking pay real money.

That I promise.

Jay went for my leg.

It's a fight. He didn't do anything illegal.

I didn't say he did, but it was a factor.

Ryan, don't do that.

I couldn't shoot.

I couldn't slam him, couldn't take him down.

Hey, man, it's... it's nobody's fault.

You took the fight. You took the f*cking fight.

You start talking about your knee to the press or the guys in the gym, man, and you're gonna look like you're f*cking whining, okay?

No, I know. I'm not... I'm not saying anything.

Don't make excuses.

I'm not.

Let it go.

You got 48 f*cking hours to feel like sh1t, and then you and me are getting back to work, end of story.

All I want you to do now is rest, okay?


Hey, Alvey.


Do you want to be my coach?

Of course I do. Why would you ask me that?

Because this "stepping aside and passing me off to Joe" sh1t isn't good enough.

I needed you tonight.

You fought my son, Ryan.

I'm just telling you.

Okay. You get some rest.

We'll talk in a couple days.

Alvey: I just wanted to say, uh... wanted to say congratulations.

I'm... I'm so f*cking proud of you, okay?

This is a... This is a big deal for you, man.

You... You really turned a corner.

And, uh, well, I...

I'm proud of you, okay?

No... No need to call me back. I'll... I'll see you tomorrow.

[Inhales sharply]

You have fun. Be careful. Bye.

Ahh. [Sniffs]


Did you buy this outfit for me?


But I'm wearing it for you.

♪ Side by side ♪
♪ We used to talk ♪

[Indistinct singing]

[Light knock on door]

Keith, I'm asleep, bro.

[Door opens] Kei...


[Door closes]

I thought you were at the party.

I got bored.

[Singsong voice] Kitchen's closed.

[Chuckles] You're not supposed to be here.

You scared the sh1t out of me.


Sorry about that.

I'm... [Chuckles] I'm... I'm so sorry.

What are you doing here so late?

[Clears throat] Uh, I... I was at a banquet.

Uh, I... I won an award... along with 12 other therapists for providing affordable care to those struggling with addiction in the greater Los Angeles area, but, really, it was for taking the only f*cking job I could get.


Are you drunk?


[Laughs] Yeah.

Christina, yeah, I'm ... I'm a little drunk.

I think you should call a cab and go home to your wife.

Wait. No. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Just wait just a second.

Just, um...

How did today go?

The, uh... Like, who won the fight?

My son.


That is s... That... That's great.

Yeah, it is.

I'm gonna go to bed.

[Exhales sharply] sh1t.

[Door opens]

Oh, Jason, what are you doing?

You have got to leave me alone.

It's all on your terms, huh?

Oh, for crying out loud, Jason... However you want it?

You got it all rigged?

Let go.

Get off of me! [Grunting]


[Breathing heavily]

[Pants unzipping]

Be still.


God damn it.


Ah, be still. f*cking...

God f*cking damn it.



I'm such a f*cking idiot. Oh, f*ck.

[Crying] Oh, my life is ruined.

So f*cking stupid.

[Breathing heavily]

I... I didn't rape you.


I didn't penetrate you, so...

I didn't rape you.


Oh. Wait...


[Trophy thuds]

[Breathing heavily]