01x04 - Betrayal

Previously on Legends...

Think Martin Odum is a material witness to a brutal homicide.

I have a duty to follow that case wherever it goes.

The case he is on is a hell of a lot more important.

Literally thousands of lives could be at stake. Back off.

We've got a weapons-grade nerve agent out there, which is why the op has been escalated to level one priority.

Half the city is in the kill zone.

Gates: Yuri Medved... he was a Chechen resistance colonel in the First Chechen War...

In the '90s, he was rumored to be the source of some black market nerve agents...

(Door opens)

What do they want?

I used to be a chemist for the Russian military.

Kitson: Richard Hubbard was actively involved in Russia's chemical weapons program.

Gates: This is probably Martin's most productive legend.

Maggie: Dante Auerbach... British arms dealer.

Gates: Odum has been in legend a week, and he's already penetrated the network.

The VX has high persistence in the environment.

Gates: Any sign of the VX?

Nothing. It looks like they took it all.

It's up to Martin now.

A single drop is enough to kill.

(Muffled shouting)

(Muffled shouting)

(Shouting stops)

(Body thumps on floor)


Now we have trust.

So, how much have you got?

I have five liters of concentrated weapon-grade VX nerve agent.

I'll buy it all... market rate.

$20 million.

The product is already in the country.

I assume that's why you came here to buy it... you have no smuggling expenses.

I buy it in risk of exposure... 30.


32. That's it.

I get ten percent now.

Not a problem, as long as it's done quickly.

My clients seem to be on a schedule.

We can make the exchange tomorrow.


From now on, no electronic communication between us.

No texts, calls, e-mails, nothing.

I need a flash drive with your bank routing numbers.

Pleasure, Mr. Auerbach.

(Chandelier jingling)

Hubbard: Medved threatened my family.

He held a gun to my daughter's head, and my wife's.

You had no choice, we know that.

How much VX did you make?

Five liters.

An aerosolized batch of one of those liters could kill 1,000 people.

Do you understand this man?

He ordered the use of nerve agent in Chechnya.

He exterminated an entire village.

The Russians covered it up.

It wasn't even a strategic location, it was a testing ground, because he was curious.

The man is evil.

If he's backed into a corner, he'll use the VX agent.

He doesn't care.

Reporter: We are taking you now to where FBI agents made a dramatic raid on a warehouse just south of...

My God, Yuri, turn on the news.

I'm watching.

Why didn't your men tell us it was happening last night?

Police must've disabled communications before they went in.

They're probably questioning the scientist as we speak.

I was gonna have to dispose of him anyway.

He knows who you are.

Interpol knows who I am for 20 years; they haven't found me yet.

We need to move.

The FBI are getting close.

Calm yourself down, my dear.

Nothing in that warehouse tracks back to us.

We'll do the deal with Mr. Auerbach as planned.

Then we leave.

We need to be smart here.

We don't know Dante, not really.

I still don't know if he can be trusted.

You said you had doubts.

Not after what he did last night.

(Device beeping)

The Colonel will be in touch.


Welcome home, Mr. Auerbach.

Resident in the house.

Solo occupant.

Copy, Gatekeeper.

Martin just made contact. He's home.

About goddamn time.

The deal is on.

We're just waiting on details for the exchange.

We probably won't have a location until the last final minute.

Well, you can count on that.

Uh, you and your team gonna be ready?

Prepping now.


Sounds like things are going better.


Between you and Martin.


I am going to enjoy this.


The part where you tell me I was right.


It's been a while since we've been on a case together...

Mm-hmm. but to work with him so closely... he's good.


And you were right.

(Sighs): Ah.

Thank you.


Now get out.

Oh, I am in some sh1t.

And down the rabbit hole we go.

No, no, listen, I am serious, okay?

I am getting close to something here.

Yeah. The murder of the homeless guy.

You find your smoking gun?

You tell me, okay?

Nelson Gates, the head of the DCO, came to my house the other night telling me to lay off Martin Odum.

And it wasn't a very friendly visit either, if you know what I mean.

Now, I don't know what all this adds up to, but DCO is acting like they got something to hide.

Thought I'd keep you company before the exchange.

Does the Colonel know you're here?

Who do you think asked me to keep an eye on you?

All part of the job, huh?

It's the best part.

You know City Hall Park?

Lovely place to feed the pigeons.


Yeah, I know it.

We have to meet Yuri there tomorrow morning at 8:00.


Dante, I have to leave when the deal is complete.

I don't suppose we could see each other again?

Another life maybe.

It's too bad we don't have more than one.

How'd you meet him?


My parents were killed in the Civil War in Chechnya when I was two.

I was put in an orphanage.

That wasn't easy for you, I would imagine.

They put us in cages.

There were so many children.

Yuri adopted me when I was ten.

He's like a father to you?


Or something else?

He would never take advantage of me that way.

No offense.

Just wanted to know where I stood.

(Shower running)

You care to join?


You kind of like me, don't you?

Mm... not at all.

Martin: Beautiful day.

Yuri: How do you know they're beautiful when they're all the same?

I'm from Liverpool, mate.

Take all the sun I can get.

(Men chuckle)

Everything is packaged separately and securely.

All looks in order.

Wiring through now.


We need a minute for the verification.

Intercepting the wire now, sir.

Rerouting for cover and ghost fund.

I remember when it was flash cash in a briefcase.

Gates: The transaction's secretly marked with a digital code.

Once we make the arrest, the $32 million we transferred will disappear from their account.


Smoke and mirrors... that's what I do.

(Phone chimes)

We're good.


Pleasure doing business with you.

FBI! Hands in the air now!

(Sirens wailing, tires screeching)

Let's go! Nice and steady! FBI!

Turn around.

Turn around. I need your hands in the air.

Don't move. Keep your hands up.


(People screaming)

Martin: Ana, come on!


You shot? You okay?

(Tires screeching)

Crystal: I'm pinned down.

(Gunfire continues)

Trying to get eyes on the shooter.

How in the hell did we miss the sniper in the sweep?

(Gunfire continues)

Confirm gunman on the roof.

Northwest corner of the park. Gray building.

Gates: Copy that. We've got eyes on him.


Agent: Sniper down.

Stop right there!

Stop or I will shoot!

Hands on your head.

We can't go back to your place, we can't go to the hotel.

Where are we going?

We're not going home.

You're under arrest.

It's over, Ana.

All right. Here we are.

McCombs, Robert J.

Rice: Right here?


Should be all of his pocket litter, clothes, everything he had on him.

The surveillance camera on that platform were disabled during the murder, right?

Nothing but static.

What does that tell you?

I don't know, budget cuts?


Cameras were fine; I checked them myself.

Now, either the system was hacked, or they used some type of high-frequency emitter to disrupt the signal.

That's spy craft, man.

Yeah, sounds intriguing.

"Bixby's Diner."

Is that the one that's on Alameda?

Yeah, Alameda and 8th.

Um, lot of bums hang out down there.

Bunch of them camp in the parking lot around the corner.

Have you seen this guy?

That's Kenny's friend.

Kenny. Where can I find Kenny?



Come on.

Stay the hell away from me!

Whoa, all right, back up, hold on!

All right?

I'm FBI.

Stay back!

Ah, my elbow! I can't breathe!

Relax, relax.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

So I have a couple questions to ask you, okay?

Have you seen him?

Yeah. On the subway platform.

What was he doing there?

McCombs was waiting for him.

Rice: And you were there? You saw McCombs?

I was the lookout, but I didn't see her coming, you know?

She came right out of the crowd.

What do you mean "she"?

No. This guy stabbed McCombs.

Not him. It was a woman.

Looked like she punched him in the stomach.

But then I saw the blood.

Then he ran up.

Rice: So a woman stabbed McCombs.

Who was she?

I don't know.

Did she know him?

I don't know!

And she killed him.

Just like he said might happen.

Gates: The canisters Martin procured during the sting contain a mixture of dimethyl ether and polyvinyl acetate.


Then where's the real VX?

We didn't find it at the lab where Hubbard made it, but he says that he made five liters of the chemical.

They definitely have it.

I saw it demonstrated.


When I was dark.

Well, how'd they do it?

He foamed at the mouth and nose and died seconds later.

Bottom line, we need to find the nerve agent.

And neither of our suspects will talk.

Martin: Yuri still thinks I'm Dante Auerbach.

We could use that to our advantage.

Uh, we can get Medved and Paulanos on intent.

Spiller: I don't want them talking to a lawyer until we recover the VX.

We can categorize them as "enemy combatants."

May get a little tricky, since we didn't get the weapon, but if Martin...

Yeah, I'll sign an affidavit.

Whatever it takes.

(Door buzzes, opens)

We recovered the container you were trying to sell.

Where are the five liters of VX?

I'm gonna lay out the options for you.

Cooperate, or you're going to a black site.

What goes into a black site doesn't come out.

You know where I come from, what we do to women like you?

Rape? Murder?

Just like you did to Ana's mother.

That's right.

We did our homework on you.

Sometimes things happen in war.

Where is she?

Just down the hall.

You know, only one of you gets a deal.

I hope she's not upset about something.


I want a Gulf IV jet, fully fueled, with NORAD clearance outside U.S. airspace through to Sevastopol.

Ana comes with me.

We don't negotiate with terrorists.

Either you do this, or there will be a VX nerve gas attack in Los Angeles within the hour.

There'll be another attack, and then another attack, until I'm set free.

Alert first responders.

Get JTTF on the line.

I need to call the director.

(Bus engine rumbling)


Hey, you forgot your bag!

A man left this. He just got off the bus.

Yeah, just a minute. Leave it there and I'll drop it off at the terminal.

(Gas hissing, people gasping)


(Horns blaring)


Sir, there's been an attack, on a city bus.

They're saying it's a chemical attack.

Crystal: 16 victims, including the driver.

The dispersal device was an improvised aerosolizer.

They were probably dead within minutes.

Gates: They couldn't get off the bus fast enough.

The Colonel's promised more attacks if we don't meet his demands.

And Paulanos refuses to cooperate.

We need to make a decision now.

I say that we get the Colonel off American soil, give him the screws, and make him call it off.

And if that doesn't work?

We're running out of time.

This can't happen again.

Either you do this, or there'll be a VX nerve gas attack in Los Angeles within the hour.

If I'm not released, there'll be another attack, and then another attack and another attack, until I'm set free.

I am briefing the president in ten minutes.

I need to tell him we have a plan to stop this thing.

Agent Odom's proposed a covert sting, keeping his legend in play with the Colonel.

We believe it's the only way to secure the WMD.

Gates: Our operative's legend was burned with one suspect during the arrest, but not with the Colonel. Our proposal...

Is to let a known terrorist escape. Do you think I'm crazy?

Well, technically, he would be in the custody of Agent Odom, albeit undercover.

It's entirely outside of protocol.

Extremely dangerous, no matter who the operative is.

There's no precedent.

Well, there's no precedent for the spot we're in here.

Unless we do something, there are going to be more VX attacks.

Why spring the Colonel's daughter as well?

Special Agent Martin Odom, sir.

I believe her presence is necessary to sell the ploy.

What if she blows your cover?

I think we can get her to turn.

So we take her at her word?

Well, I'm the one betting my life on it, sir, so, uh, yes.

(Door closes)

(Martin sniffs)

You want to know my real name?

I don't care.

Stop acting wounded.

16 people are dead from a VX attack.

The Colonel is trying to extort his way to freedom.

That's not going to happen.

I want a lawyer.

No lawyers for enemy combatants.

I didn't think that I could be played, Dante, but you played me.

With your stories about your wife and how your relationship withered because of work.


Tell me, are you married, Dante?

The real you?

You are married.

And she left you.

Because of work, right?

Tell lies close to the truth... isn't that the trick?

Does she know that you slept with me?

Whatever it takes to stop people like you.

She understands that.

Oh, she understands, but she doesn't know.

Neither do you.

About your own father.

My father was killed in Grozny when I was a baby.

No, I don't mean your real father.

I mean Yuri Medved.

You know, the Colonel.

How come he plucked your dirty little face from dozens at the orphanage?

Hmm? Was it love?


Or was it guilt?

Guilt for what he'd done to you, to your life.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Remember how your mother died?

Raped and strangled by a soldier who accused her of being a sniper.

You know who it was.

Stop talking to me.

He just wanted some time alone with her, I suppose.

Spoils of war and all that.

She fought back, and he strangled her in her own bed.

You're lying.

That's why he came for you.


Ana, I need your help.

Don't let the Colonel take you down with him, Ana.

Where I come from, you know what we do to women like you?

Crystal: Rape?


Just like you did to Ana's mother.

That's right.

We did our homework on you.

Things happen during war.

Crystal: So here's the deal.

Assist in recovering the VX, and we'll promise to limit your time to five years.

You want me to sit in a cage... for five years?

Ana... this is the best it's going to get.

Congratulations, Colonel.

You punched your ticket out of here.

A jet is fueled and waiting to fly you to Havana.

The Russian consulate has been notified.

As soon as I'm on Cuban soil, I'll call off the attacks.

The United States will never stop seeking justice on behalf of your victims.

And I hope that you burn in hell.

What the hell was that?!

(Tires screeching)

Back it up!

Agent (over radio): We're taking fire!

Crystal: We're under attack!

Agent: Seems like an IED.

No, forward! Go!

Send major backup to the GPS coordinates!

Agent 2: Hostile vehicle.

Agent: Lost the engine!

Stay with the prisoner.

(Automatic gunfire)

Agent: Get out and flank.

Agent 2: We're not gonna get out of here in the vehicles.

Agent: Sniper, two o'clock.


Prisoner convoy, support is on its way.

The ETA: two minutes.

Prisoner convoy, support on its way.

Eta: two minutes.

Come on.

Prisoner convoy, are you still there?

McGuire, do you read?

Do you read?! McGuire!

You picked the wrong man to rip off, Colonel.

You and I have unfinished business.

Agent: Bird is away.

We're all clear.

This is McGuire. We're in play.

Gates (over radio): Good work, Crystal.

Let's hope Dante comes through.

Keep your head down.


Sit down.






You still got your teeth.



You don't know me very well, do you, Colonel?

If you did, you would never have tried to rip me off.

You went to all this trouble to spring me out... just to put a bullet in my head?

I don't think so.

My clients want their money back.

You know as well as I do the FBI has frozen all my assets.

(Clicks tongue)

Then I want the merchandise.

Only if you arrange exfiltration for Ana and I.

This isn't a negotiation, Colonel.

Negotiation is over.

And you'll call off any other planned attacks.

What do you care about the attacks?

I'm sure your buyers would like to see how effective our product is.

Well, your little demonstration with the bus was enough for them.

Anything else would be stupid and only draw more attention.


Here's your phone. Call your guy.

(Line ringing)

Yeah. Stand down.

Friends again?


I didn't want this to happen.

I wanted to make a deal.

Oh! (Screams)

But we both know, for business to get done, for deals to get done, both sides have to act in good faith.

You did not do that. So...


I'm gonna use every available recourse to protect... (Screams) my assets.


(Mutters softly)

You can, and will, arrange a pickup tomorrow.


How long you live depends on doing exactly as I say.

Thought that you hated vodka.

I guess you don't know me as well as you thought.

Well, you got him to call off the attack.

We traced his call.

Picked up one of his soldiers.

They found a small amount of VX in his possession.

We still need to secure the rest.

I know it's not easy to do what you're doing.

But you're doing a great job.


Don't patronize me.

I'm trying to support you.

You're trying to manage me.

You're trying to manage your asset.


Great job, huh?

People died today because I misread the target.

Nothing is in hand, Crystal.

At least not yet.

He's gonna kill us either way.


Do you hear me?

Of all the children at the orphanage... why did you choose to save me?

Why are you asking that?

I want to know.

It's hard to explain.

When I first saw you, you looked at me and smiled.

You had an... innocence... that drew me to you.

It wasn't because of my mother?

I never... knew your mother.

She was raped.

She was strangled.

By a soldier.

They told me his name.

The FBI.

They said it was you.

They're just Stop. saying this to turn you against me.

It's what they do.


Stop lying to me.



Listen to me. I want to explain.

How could you?

To the men I was with, it was expected... a rite of passage.

After I, uh...

I looked down at your mother... and something inside me... broke.

I needed to... to erase what I had just done.

I needed to hide the proof of my sin.

But it just made it worse.

I was overcome by guilt.

That's why I came to get you from the orphanage, Ana.

I wanted to give back the love... that I took.

What can I do to make you believe that?


Get me out of here.

(Crying): I'm trying!

Give Dante what he wants.

Give him the VX.

Beg for mercy.

I'll take him to the vault.

She got to him.

It worked.

Let's finish it.

So, we get the key from the guard here?

Oh, it's not a bank. It's a private vault.

It's got biometric security; I have to go in.

Well, you're not going in alone.

Let's all go for a walk.

Drone's in position.

We're locking down the perimeter.

(Computer beeping)

We got him.

It's not over yet.

Sit down.


I'd like access to my safety deposit box.



(Keys jingling)

I'll give you gentlemen some privacy.


It's not that I don't trust you, but...

I don't trust you.


(People screaming)

Shots fired! Shots fired!

All teams move in. Now!


(Sirens wailing)

Gates: Hold back.

We got innocent people inside. Lock down the perimeter.

Get down.


Let's go!

Martin: You're out of options.

It's over, Yuri.

Put the gun down.

You're FBI.

Martin: You're not going out of here.

Not alive.

Seems we're at an impasse.

Put the gun down and kick it over to me.

You take another step, I'll put a hole through you.

(Sirens whoop)

Well done, my dear.

What are you doing?

My whole life has been a lie.

Ana... lower the gun.

What we have is not a lie.

I love you like you are my own daughter.

(Voice breaking): I'm not your daughter.

I was an orphan because of you.

Because you killed my mother.

Something I'll regret the rest of my life.

Lower the gun, Ana.

Look at me.

Everything's going to be okay.

Nothing's ever going to be okay.

I can't go back in a cage.

I will never go back.