02x02 - The Legend of Kate Crawford

Previously on "Legends"...

I am Dmitry Petrovich.

And you all work for me now.


Who is that guy, really?

Why in the name of Christ is there not an international manhunt...


With your product and my contacts, we become very rich.

You have big balls.

If you betray me, I'll cut them off.

You should pray, too.

Now you want to embrace your true faith.

I want to finally be who I really am.

Am I allowed to say that...

London's done right by you?

Have fun with your wife.

My God. What's happened to you?

Oh, I'm a whole new man these days, Gabi.


Really cute.

They look like you.

But what about you, Curtis?

Do you have a family now?

Never met the right woman, I guess.

So... what brings you back to Prague?

Look familiar?

Our old friend.

Dmitry Petrovich.

I don't think that's really his name.

(chuckles): No?

Then who is he?

I'm not sure, but as of 2004, he was working undercover for the FBI, using various aliases.

Martin Odum, John Cameron.

Last year, Odum confessed to the killing of the FBI Director.

My God.

Now he's a fugitive.

My guess is he was working for the FBI the entire time, even as far back as 2001.

Wouldn't the FBI have told you if they had someone undercover?

(sighs) No one at the Bureau will answer my questions about Odum.

You're not here in an official capacity, are you, Curtis?

You-You know what he did to me.

If Dmitry was working for the FBI back then, then someone in Czech intelligence must have known about it.

Now you're a big shot now.


I'll make a few inquiries.

But do me a favor, Curtis.

Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.


Yeah, that's him.

One to the head, one to the chest... professional.

I think we all know who did this.

Perhaps, but I can't bring charges simply based on a hunch.

We're gonna find a way to nail him.

Careful, Ballard.

These Russian mobsters believe they're untouchable.

(rock music playing)

Good to see you.

Cool place.

Real rock and roll.

Glad you enjoy.

Listen, I have got three girls just in from Thailand.

They appeal to a special sort of customer.

What sort is that?

The kind who likes them fresh.

Oldest is 12.

Get out.

Get out.

Hello, Dmitry.

Do I know you?

We'd like a word.

Doing quite well for yourself, Petrovich.

Four months ago, you opened up this club.

Now I hear you have a trucking business.

Prague is great city.

Many opportunity for entrepreneur.

Janic Jaros. You know him?

Yes, of course.

I bought his trucks.

He was doing quite well.

I'm surprised he was willing to sell.

Everybody has price.

We fished Janic's body out of the river this afternoon.

What? (chuckles)

You think I had something to do with that?

You tell us.

Look around.

I make people happy.

I don't throw them in river.


Meet my American friend from FBI.

Maybe you could show him some fun.


Like the movies.

Very sexy.

You see?


Ballard: Heavenly Father,

I ask thee for the strength to fight temptation.

To walk the path of righteousness and stay focused on the task before me.

(car approaching)


My God.

I-I don't want to scare you.

I just want to talk...

Stay away from me.


You called me Dmitry?

You don't sound like him.

I was injured.

I-I can't remember what happened back then.

Then you're lucky.

Please, can you help me?


Go now, or I'll call the police.

Never contact me again.

News anchor: The man is currently being sought by police for resisting arrest and assaulting two officers.

Nisco: Is that who I think it is?


Did you know he was here?

Martin's in a real jam right now.

Okay, and that's why I was talking to Nina.

I'm not involved with her anymore, I swear.

Either way, you're not here to be with me.

No, baby, that's not true.

I really did want to go away with you, okay?

I just figured that I could do Martin a solid at the same time.

He doesn't have anybody else, babe.

I know, I know I screwed up, okay? I'm sorry.

Help him with what?

Martin's been framed for murder.

If he's caught, he could be executed.

(sighs) I just can't abandon him.

I'm gonna go home.

You call me when you're done.

FBI agent: Nina Brenner?

Special Agent Smith.

This is Agent Gordon.

You're a little bit out of your jurisdiction, aren't you?

You recently met with a colleague of ours, Tony Rice.

You've been spying on me?

What's the nature of your relationship with Agent Rice?

I don't answer to the Bureau.

So unless you want to tell me what this is about...

We have reason to believe Agent Rice is aiding and abetting a man wanted for murder in the U.S.

We'd hate to think you were helping him harbor a fugitive.

Because as you know, even CIA officers are subject to criminal prosecution.

Tony and I were in JTTF together.

We had a thing.

He was a pretty good lay, actually.

Now you know.

Don't ever threaten me again.

(women chanting in Arabic)

Woman: Hey, I almost forgot.

You know the name you found on your grandmother's Soviet I.D.?

I contacted some of my Chechen friends.

You won't believe what I found.

Well, come on, tell me.

I think your mother was married to a guy named Doku Zakaev.

My mum told me that my dad was a Russian soldier.

Not Russian, Chechen.


He fought the Russians.

He was a freedom fighter in the first Chechen war, a hero.

She's such a bloody liar.

How did my mum go from being married to a man like that to a w*nk*r like my step-dad?

Maybe she lost her faith.

You know, I have a lot of contacts online.

Maybe I could find more of your relatives.

Yeah, that'd be brilliant.

Sorry, I've got to run.

Lunch period's almost over.

Martin: None of it makes sense, Tony.

Apparently, I speak Russian.

She, uh, she called me Dmitry.

Must be a legend you used for MI6.

She was terrified of me, Tony.

What are you gonna do?

When I was in her house, I saw a picture of her daughter.

I remembered being with her.

I was in a park, and I...

I remember pushing her on a swing.

You think you're her father?

I don't know, I could be.

Maybe I can talk to her.

You sure you want to do that, Martin?

Her mother already threatened to call the cops on you.

Tony, somehow or other, I'm connected to these people.

This Dmitry, he might be the key to all of this.

Compliments of house, my friend.



You treat me like a king.

I hope your brother appreciates this, Tamir.

I also send money to Budapest and St. Petersburg.

Everybody wants cut.

It's a cost of doing business, right?

So... to more business.

More business.

What are you doing here, Tamir?


This place is insult to Allah.

It's all haram.

Ah, come on, Doku.

It's a little fun.

Shut your mouth.

Come, come.

Are you corrupting my brother with your Russian filth?

I'm just offering friendship.


My brother is not your friend.

I am not your friend.

Keep your trucks moving, make payments... that's it.

Otherwise, we will have problem, huh?

Tamir: Agent Ballard?

I must say I'm surprised to see you.

You look, uh...

Like sh1t.

I no longer use profanity.

Well, I got to say, Tamir, I, uh...

I didn't expect you to do so well for yourself.

People change.

Yes, they do.

I'm looking for our old friend.

Dmitry Petrovich.


I haven't heard from him in almost 15 years.

You two were very close.

He left a lot of money in Prague.

A bar, a trucking business.

He never came back to pull out any of his cash?

I heard he was arrested by Russians.

He's probably in Siberian prison.

Who knows? (chuckles)

Maybe somebody kill him.


He's still alive.


You're a pious man now.


Helping me find Dmitry might be a way to atone for all the bad you did with him.

Let me make some calls.

See if anyone I know heard from him.

Now, excuse me.

I have people waiting.

Of course.

(line ringing)

Man: Hello?

The FBI guy from 2001 is back; you know about this?

I have not heard.

Make sure he doesn't bother me again.

I would rather not get involved.

Come on, ***.

How much did we pay you, my brother and I, over the years?

Your expensive cars, your country house.

What do you want me to do?

You're a councilman. Make a phone call.

Tell cops he threatened to kill me or...

I don't know. Just get him off my ass.

Okay, relax.

I will take care of it.

(phone beeps)

You need to explain to me why the FBI is suddenly up my ass.

It's complicated.

I've been passing you classified files.

Do you know what could happen to me?

Introduce me to your contact in the Six.


Because I've got an idea that might help everybody.

Man: A couple of cocktails, the unfulfilled promise of s*x, and look where you've got me.

Honestly, Simon, I had no idea this was anything more than a small favor for a friend.

"A small favor."

Big enough to get me canned.

Well, Rice, what's your brilliant idea, then?

Rice: You need to get out ahead of this thing before your bosses find out you've been passing classified files.

And one thing we know... we know that Martin was MI6, right?

So, I convince him to surrender to you, then you both claim that you were looking into his files because you were trying to bring him in.

Be a nice feather in your cap.

It's not the worst idea I ever heard.

Rice: And in exchange, you protect Martin from the FBI.

Call off the entire American government?

But that's it?

He's accused of a capital crime, okay, and unlike the U.K., America has the death penalty.

Do you want to send an innocent man to his death?

Look, I have no problem telling the FBI to bugger off.

But this plan of yours will only work if you can actually deliver your friend.

Man: Yes, that's him.

Yeah, I saw his picture on the news; that's why I called.

He told us that his name was Leo Parks.

How do you know him?

I don't. He claimed he knew Dad.

Officer: Does he remember him?

Well, you can ask him, but, uh, understand that his moments of lucidity are fewer and fewer.

Sir, I'm with the Metropolitan Police.

Can you tell us anything about this man?

No. I don't remember him.

But my friend Dmitry was a dirty b*st*rd.

Do you know him?

Man: This Janic character was found floating in the river with a bullet in his brain.

The Czech police and the FBI are calling you... or should I say Dmitry... a person of interest.

This whole thing could get very uncomfortable for Six.

Look, I roughed him up a bit, I didn't kill him.

Even deep in legend, there are limits.

You know these Chechens are ruthless, Terrence.

I'm trying to earn their trust for Christ's sake.

You're supposed to infiltrate them, not become one of them.

Do we want the General or not?

Well, damn right we do.

Home Office is getting rather impatient.

Lots of ruffled feathers.


Doku is the key.

If anyone's in contact with Arsanov, it's him.

Has he mentioned Arsanov?


Doku keeps his distance.

I was making progress with the brother, but that's hit a bit of a snag.

What kind of snag?

Nothing too serious.

Got an idea what to do about it.


Ah, so, you are interested in my girls after all?

Forget that. I have something else for you.

Good business.


I pay Chechens protection.

Every Saturday, guy picks up 70,000 crowns.

It's too much.

They're animals.

What can you do?

Get it back.

I split money with you.

What do I do?

I'll tell you where, when.

You rob guy.

Get money.

Then kill him.

(school bell rings)

(students conversing indistinctly)

Want to come eat?

I should probably get home.

If it's just going to be there.

(both laughing)

It's, uh, 6.50.

You actually got it?

I'll have it sorted by tomorrow afternoon.

Farrah: Ifti?

You all right, cuz?

Yeah, good.

Salaam alaikum.

Alaikum as-salaam.

The girls in France aren't allowed to wear their head scarves to school.

Yeah, France is supposed to be some modern, enlightened country, right?

But the-the girls are forced to choose between an education and their religion.

And people say Muslims are sexist.

Yeah, it's bollocks.

What are you gonna do?

A peaceful protest.

Muslim girls are coming from all over Europe, supported by their brothers.

Oh, and cousins.

We're going to wear our hijabs and demand to be let into the school.

It will all over the Web.

People will see what racists the French are.

I've always wanted to go to Pairs.

Where will we stay?

We've got friends there.

I'll have to think of an excuse to tell my parents.


Your mom has done nothing but lie to you your whole life.

You don't need to tell her anything.

I'll think about it.

Will you walk me to the bus, Ifti?


What's wrong?

It's nothing.

It's... it's... it's not... proper.

I'm sorry.

It's just... you know, I...

I really like you.

Yeah, me, too. It's...

(chuckles softly) It's...

I got to go.

♪ ♪

Martin: Thank you for coming.

I know it must be difficult.

My mum told me that you...

What, that I died?

I'm sure she thought I did.

Sorry, it's just really weird seeing you.

Yeah, I can imagine.

Well, I'm, uh, I'm gonna say something more weird.


Can you tell me... you and I... how do we know each other?

You really don't remember?

You used to buy me ice cream.

And take me to the zoo to see the baby elephant.

I was your friend, then?

More like step-dad.

I don't remember my real father.

You took care of me and my mum after he died.

I used to call you "papa."

I loved you... and then you left us.

Guess you don't remember that, either.

No, I'm sorry, uh... I don't.

Yeah, well... everything's gone to sh1t since then.

Mum's married a complete tosser.

I'm sorry to hear that.

It's just, I'm-I'm trying to sort things out, and-and your mother, she won't talk to me.

Why not?

I'm sure she has her reasons.

It was very kind of you to meet me.

Your note said you needed my help?

Yes, I'm...

I'm trying to figure out what my life was... before I got injured.

I don't know what else I can tell you.

I was just a little kid.

Would you have any photos?

Might jog my memory.

I have a few, I guess.

I've got to get my little brother from footy. Sorry.

Would you meet me again and bring the photos?

Tomorrow, maybe?

Jubilee Walk.

By the bridge. 1:00.

Thank you, Kate.

(pounding at door)

Man: Mr. Ballard?

Mr. Ballard!


Please open up!

(pounding on door)

Open up!


(pounding continues)


Curtis Ballard?


We understand you have been making threats against a Czech citizen.

I didn't threaten anybody.

Oh, God.

Face the wall. You are under arrest.

This is bullshit.

Hey, just call Gabi Miskova, all right?

She'll vouch for me.

What the hell were you thinking?

I got restless.

So you went out and harassed a Czech citizen?


Ah, that's-that's what you call gangsters these days?

Look, whatever Tamir did in the past, he obeys the law now.

He pays his taxes, runs a business.

He-he funds a program for drug addicts, for Christ's sake.

It's an act, come on.

Like he told me he'd help me find Dmitry, then he sicced the cops on me.

He's hiding something.

Don't tell me you believe in his miraculous conversion.

Listen to me, Curtis.

I've already got my eye on Tamir.

For what?

I can't tell you.

But the last thing I need is you spooking him.

So either you wait to find what I can dig up, or I put you on the next plane back to the U.S.

(insects trilling)

You were so sweet back then.

(chuckles softly)

I saw him.

What? When?

Why didn't you tell me he was here?

Katya... he's dangerous.

The police are after him.

You loved him.

Once, yes.

Then how could you just send him away?

He's hurt.

He needs us.

You don't know him.

You only remember he bought you presents and took you to the zoo.

But nothing he ever told us was true.

You're the liar.

You don't have to believe anything else I tell you.

You don't have to like me or even respect me.

But you must know this.

After Dmitry left us, some people came to me, terrible people.

They told me if... if we had anything to do with him again, ever... they would kill you.

Kate: What if my mum's making the whole thing up?

Or she's not.


You'd be risking your life for someone you hardly know.

I did know him once.

Farrah: Maybe ten years ago.

But where's he been?

He was dead, and now he wants your help.

It's creepy, right?

I guess it is.

Ifti: And your mum says the police are after him.

You don't owe him anything.

Your Muslim family is your true family now.

You don't need those people anymore.

Ifti: I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

Stay with Farrah tonight.

Tomorrow, we'll all go to Paris.

♪ ♪

(doorbell jingles)

Excuse me. I'm looking for Kate.

I know who you are.

Now get out, or I'll call the cops.

All right, man.

It's my mistake.

(footsteps approaching)

Did you not hear the bell, gentlemen?

Whose is it?

All right.

Guilty party has until tonight to own up, or you'll both answer for it.

Sedley: What?

Sir, it was me smoking.

I'm ready to take my punishment.

I know you're lying.

And it was Peter smoking all along.

Don't you boys realize how closely you're watched?

Why would you lie to protect him?

He's me friend.

And that's exactly why you're going to administer his punishment yourself.

Sedley: Toe the line.

I said, toe the line!

You. Hands at your side.


Sedley: Hands at your side.


Well, go on!

Like you mean it, boy!

(punches landing)

(boys grunting)

Sedley: You should feel no remorse.

Yes, sir.

You did the right thing.

Loyalty to the institution must always come before friendship.

Yes, sir.

Go on, boy. You've earned it.

Tamir: Just one drink.

I can't.

I promised your brother.

But Doku will never know.

There's plenty other clubs, all right?

I'll see you next week.

Give me the money.

(gun clicks)

Do you know who I am?

Yeah, I know.

You're a Chechen asshole.

Give me the money.

Okay, okay.

Now walk.

I can get you more.

Much more. Just...

On your knees.

Do it.


Don't. I-I beg you.




Piece of sh1t.

You okay?



Better get this to your brother.

Thank you, my friend.

I owe you my life.

(door closes)

Gordon and Smith, right?

You are?

Let's just say I'm connected with the Home Office.

You people haven't been cleared to conduct operations within the U.K.

We're investigating our own agent.

It's none of your concern.

(chuckles) Actually, he's our asset.

Your "asset" is wanted for murder in the U.S.

Look, he's our man, so you can sod off back to Kentucky before I file an official protest with the U.S. Embassy.


(phone vibrates)

♪ ♪


(line ringing)

Martin, I've been trying to reach you.

I need you to make a call.

Hold on, hold on. We've got some good news.

I worked something out for you, but I don't want to tell you over the phone.

Look, Kate's in trouble.

She's on her way to Paris with some kid who's gonna martyr himself.

How do you know that?

'Cause I'm looking at his computer.

He's 19, Muslim, and he's just wrote his last will and testament.

Racial profiling, Martin? Come on.

Come off it. The 9/11 guys left wills just like this.

Look, have your Six contact reach out to border security.

I think they're taking the train.

His name is Iftikhar Bulfati.

Iftikhar Bulfati.

All right, I'll make that call.

I'll meet you at Embankment Pier in an hour.

Just make sure they stop him.

♪ ♪

Allahu Akbar.

Yeah, man.


(indistinct P.A. announcements)

Salaam alaikum.

Both: Wa alaikum as-saalam.

The gate's this way.

Do you, uh, do you mind carrying my backpack through?


I'm a brown-skinned guy with a Pakistani name.

They're gonna search me. Happens every time.

So, big deal?

I've got flyers for the protest and a Koran in here.

Yeah, they'll harass me about them, and I don't want to have to answer a bunch of idiotic questions.

Well, what if they search me?


Come on, you're a pretty white girl.


All right, fine, but you owe me.

Okay. Okay.

Oh, you, um, better take off your head scarf.

It's okay.

It's for a good cause.

Please step this way.

(sighs) Here we go.

Let's harass the Muslim.

Step this way.

We need you to come with us.

(door opens)

(door closes)

Why did you bring him here?

Dmitry just saved my life.


I was robbed, and thief was going to kill me, and Dmitry shot him.

Sit down.

Come on.



(shutter clicking)

Bring us tea.

Rice: Border security stopped the kid.

They searched him, interviewed him; he was clean.

Don't tell me they let him go.

He wasn't on the watch list, Martin, and he didn't have a record; they couldn't hold him.

So he's off to France, just like that?

I made a deal with Six.

If you surrender, they'll protect you from the FBI.

I can't, not now.

So, what?

You want to be on the run for the rest of your life?

What about Kate?

Somebody's got to help her.

Martin, you're a wanted man, for Christ's sakes.

How are you gonna help her?

Guess I'll have to sort it out, won't I?


Look, I was like a father to her once, Tony.

And then I left.

If I can't be there for Aiden, I'm sure I'm gonna show up for this girl.


You know, there's no way you're getting on that train to Paris without getting busted.

That's why I need your help.


Man: Uh-huh.

Man: Nah.

You sure you want to go through with this?

Watch the bumps, eh?