02x05 - The Legend of Terrence Graves

Previously on "Legends"...


You agree not to prosecute Kate, I'll tell you where she is.

Could we use the Crawford girl?

Put her on the inside.

She has relatives in Prague.

An uncle. Tamir Zakayev.

In return for new life in London, you find out from Doku where the General is.

Spy on my husband?

Maybe this is the gun that Dmitry used to kill Jaros.

Maybe not.

We just need evidence to squeeze him.

I'm looking... for Dmitry Petrovich.

They say he went to Paris to find her.


You speak English?

Of course,chéri.

Get in.

How long does that buy me?

Mm... two hours.

All right.

If I need longer, I'll pay you more.


(garbled voices over radio)

(radio static hissing)

(man speaking French over radio)

What's he saying?

Something about a robbery.

All right, keep listening.

If there's any mention of the girl who did the shooting yesterday or a man in his 50s who was with her, you let me know.

(man continues speaking French over radio)


Can I get some food in here?!

(pounding on door)

Nina: You carried Ifti's bag through security in London.

I told you already.

I didn't know there was a gun in it.

It doesn't matter.

You're still an accessory to massder.

But if you want us to keep you out of the hands of the French, you need to cooperate.

What do you mean "cooperate"?




Stop! Kate!

You okay?!

(sobbing): Get me out of here!


Don't tell them anything!

Don't agree to anything!

Do you hear me?!

Don't say a word!


I'm done talking to you.

Martin: Terrence.

Pull up a chair.

So... what's all this about?

(device beeps)

Ah, the old coded message.

That was Doku earlier today.

That was Friday.

And that was last Tuesday.

We tailed Doku leaving the mosque today after prayers.

He came straight home.

So he's getting the messages from someone at the mosque.

I think it's time we gave our new friend her first task.

You live here?

I rent.

So we have place to meet.


Looking for something?

You have tea?


I am Russian.

Someone at mosque is passing your husband messages.

From the general?


You must go to mosque with him, see who messenger is.

What if Doku sees me watching him?

Wife cannot look at her husband?

You love him. You smile.

I did love him.


But now you must think about Katya.

Remember, buy groceries downstairs.

He needs to think you went shopping, yes?

I am good little Muslim wife.

How could I forget?

Could I come to mosque tomorrow, to pray with you?

That would make me very happy.



(pounding on door)

(door opens)

Petrovich, we have a warrant to search the premises.

(officers chattering)

You want drink?

No, thank you.

What about you?

Or maybe lap dance. (laughs)

Something special for important man from FBI.

Detective Miskova.

Mr. Petrovich, do you have a license for this firearm?

Is not my gun.

(speaks Czech)


Terrence: Mmm.

Delicious, darling, thank you.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Well, I'd best be off, then.

You're going to London tonight?

Uh, meetings first thing.

I'll stay at my club.

(laughter, rock music playing)

(doorbell buzzes)

I missed you.

(sighs): Oh, Terrence.

Man: Lady Anna.


What's it about?

Well... so far, a young woman of noble birth has fallen in love with a tailor.

Her family is appalled and tries to ruin the relationship.

Will society divide them, and it will be a tragedy?

Or will love win out, and it will be a comedy?

I suppose I shall have to read on and find out.



(phone vibrating)


Okay, yes.

Well, it was a pleasure to meet you.


What's the big emergency?

Dmitry's been arrested, sir.

(sighs) Damn it.

Take my fingerprints.

I tell you, they are not on gun.

A man like you, Petrovich, I bet you take good care of the tools of the trade.

You keep that gun clean, wipe it down after every hit.

Because what self-respecting murdering scumbag does any less?

You'll go to prison for 20 years.

Ballard: Or you can cooperate.

Tell us all about your Russian mob buddy Viktor Luhanski.

Gabi: In return, we grant you full immunity from prosecution.

You hear of Butyrka prison?

Toughest prison in Russia.

I am five years there.

Compared to that, Czech prison is like Four Seasons.

Go ahead.

Lock me up.

I could use vacation.

You Russian gangsters...

You talk a big game, but when it comes down to it, you're all as gutless as schoolyard bullies.

You're finished, Petrovich.


We got you.

Let's dance.


We're supposed to be celebrating.

We got our guy.

Tamir planted that gun.

You know that, don't you?

You think about work all the time.

You need to relax.

♪ Rain clouds up my window ♪
♪ And I can't see at all... ♪

The way you handled Petrovich...

Many cops would've been intimidated.

But... you, you were so calm.

So strong.

It was very... impressive.

(whispers): Let's get out of here.

♪ My head just feels in pain ♪
♪ I missed the bus and there'll be hell today ♪
♪ I'm late for work again... ♪

It's, um... it's late and, uh, I should...

I should go.

Besides, we have round two with Dmitry in the morning.

So, um...

Thanks for the dance.

♪ For giving me the best day of my life ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Just to be with you ♪
♪ Is having the best day of my life. ♪

(man speaking French over radio)

Woman: He's saying that all detectives and, uh, how do you say, enqueteurs de scene de crime.

Inquisitors of crime scene.


Like CSI?


They're all being told to go to 52 Rue St. Louis, immediately.

All right, what's he saying now?

Uh, well, uh, they think it's where the terrorist girl was hiding.

They say she and the man broke into an empty apartment that was for sale.

The man?

The man was with her?

Yes, the man.

And they're warning that both of them may be armed and dangerous.

(door opens, closes)


Excuse me, have you seen this man?

Uh, have you seen this man?

No, monsieur.

(sirens wailing)

Uh, excuse me.

Uh, have you seen this man?

(speaking French)

You saw this man here?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Who the hell are you?

Special Agent Ballard, FBI.

All right, this witness says he saw this man here.

Now, what are these witnesses saying?

He's a priority Bureau target.

(sighs) All right.

This morning, six men took the girl, forced her into a Range Rover, drove away at high speed.

Some witnesses heard them speaking... English.

What about the man who was with her?

The man with same description was forced into a car in Place Des Vosges last night.

Also a Range Rover?

Driven at high speeds by men who were speaking English?


Thank you. Will you excuse me?


(phone ringing)


Ballard: Ballard.

I'm just wondering.

You located Martin Odum?

I told you to stay out of it.

I know where he is.

Where? Where is he?

Well, I'll tell you.

Provided you get me authorization to make the arrest.

(phone vibrating)



(speaks Czech)

(speaks Czech)

(speaks Czech)





(line ringing)

(line clicks)

Your friend Petrovich is under arrest for murder.

Who do they say he killed?

Someone called Jaros.

Police found the gun in his desk.


This Petrovich is important to you, isn't he?

What do you want from me?

I want $50,000 for me to make the charges go away.

Or you can let him rot in jail, but who knows what he might say to avoid a long sentence?

I'll get you the money.


Why? Why? What did I do?

You took my gun and you put in Dmitry's desk, didn't you?


What? Are you crazy...

Okay! I did.

I did!


Police question me and they say maybe I kill him or you did.

I'm protecting you, brother!

We need Dmitry!

His trucks!

His connections at border!

Are you stupid?!

What do you mean they released him?

There was a problem with the warrant.

Legal technicality.

Oh, you mean Dmitry's mob bosses put their hands into their pockets?

Who did they pay off?

The chief of police?

The Minister of Justice?

Maybe they paid off you.

Gabi: Curtis.

Nina: We're running out of time.

She's been gone what, two days now?

How are we gonna credibly account for that?

Calm down, darling.

I'll break her.

Maybe it's time to talk to Papa.

Two months ago, Six began an op in Prague.

Some Chechen extremists caught their eye.

They zeroed in on one man in particular.

Tamir Zakayev.

They think he's planning something big for the NATO/Russian summit.

Why you telling me all this?

They caught one of his guys using a dead-drop.

They cleared it, found a memory card, copied it, put it back.


High-level Rijndael.


Before Kate went to Paris, she was befriended by this young woman in London.

Khava Bazaeva.

Turns out, Khava is a terrorist recruiter.

And she offered to put Kate in touch with Tamir Zakayev.

Well, Kate's an international fugitive.

And this Tamir character, he wouldn't want anything to do with her now.

Tamir is Kate's uncle.

If we're lucky, Zakayev takes her in with open arms.

His long-lost niece.

The daughter of his heroic dead brother Doku.

Kate goes in, she downloads Zakayev's computer, and then she comes out.

She does this, and we'll talk sense into the French.

We need you to get her to play ball.


She's just a kid. She's innocent.

Any lawyer would convince a jury she never knowingly went through security with a gun.

If you really believed that, you would've called a lawyer.

But you didn't, did you?

You called me.

I just got off a conference call with the director of the FBI and the head of Six.

I've been ordered to hand over Odum to the FBI.

Jesus, how'd they know we had him?

Who cares?

The FBI are threatening a major diplomatic incident unless I hand him over immediately.

You can't!

Do you think I want to go down in history as the man who broke up this special relationship?

It wouldn't look so bloody hot on my CV.

(handcuffs clicking)

Remember me?

O'Neill: Nina, I'm guessing this is not a social call.

There's been a lot of chatter about the summit next week in Prague.

The usual threats.

No surprise.

Well, we've isolated something specific and credible.

We've been running a joint op with Six.

The FBI butted in...

Uh, let me guess.

They did what they do best.

I need your help cleaning it up.

You asked me before if I remember you.

Truth is I don't.

I don't remember you, I don't remember my own family.

I don't even remember m-my real name.

You're claiming amnesia?


That is pathetic.

Who did you know me as?


Eh, Dmitry...

Martin Odum...

John Cameron.

Who cares what you called yourself?

But who was I?

You were the biggest piece of sh1t I ever met.

You smuggled drugs and guns.

You beat up innocent people.

You were a gangster, a murderer.

You crippled me.

That was Dmitry.


No, buddy... it was you.

Billy and Clarissa: Daddy!

(chuckles): Hey.

Come here.



What's this?

A man dropped it by earlier.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, fine. Uh...

I have to go to London.


You just got home.

Can't it wait till the morning?

No, it bloody well can't.

What the hell?!

Don't touch me!

Get out!

Get out!

How much did they pay you to seduce me?

What are you talking about?

How much, Angelo?

How much?!


500 quid!

I loved you.

Terrence: Pretty sure Tamir set you up.

But why frame me?

Are they trying to get me out of the way?

I think Tamir just panicked, tried to save his own skin.

Or maybe Doku put him up to it.

I don't think so.

Doku needs you.

Your cover's intact.


Maybe, but Doku and Tamir need to know that I know they set me up.

Out of the question.

Terrence, if I don't kill whichever one of them did it, then my cover is blown, and I'm gonna end up with a bullet in my brain.

You seem to keep forgetting this, so let me get it through your thick skull.

You are not a Russian gangster.

You are an intelligence officer.

You work for me, and you will remember that your life is at all times, my dear boy, entirely in my hands.

Now, pull yourself together.

Or what?

You gonna pull me out?

Send me home, will you?

Go ahead, do it.

There's no going home.

Not for you and not for me.


I may not be a gangster, but Doku thinks I am.

Imam: Allahu Akbar.

All: Allahu Akbar.

(prayers continue in Arabic)

(prayers continue in Arabic)

(tires screech)

Plane's ten minutes out.

I don't know what I did as Dmitry, but what I do know is I didn't kill the director of the FBI.


Tell it to a jury.

Ah, we both know I'll never get a fair trial.

You deserve justice for what you've done.

Putting me on that plane, sending me back for a crime I didn't commit and that I'll be executed for... How is that justice?

What's the FBI motto?

"Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity."



And that you remember.

Here we are in the middle of nowhere, sending me back to face charges.

But where are the extradition papers?

Not legal, this, what you're doing.

Truth is, mate, you're a hypocrite.

Get your hands off me.

You don't know who I am!

All right, you don't know what I've done to get here, to find you, to bring you in!

(sighs) You're right.


And I don't give a sh1t either.

Agent Ballard.


(tires screech)

Special Agent Curtis Ballard?


What the hell is this?

Nina: It's a directive, signed by the DNI and the AG, instructing you to turn over Martin Odum to me.

This man is wanted for murder.

Call Fiske.

Bring it up with him.


You don't understand.

I've been hunting him for 14 years!

I'm sorry.

This goes above both our heads.

(engines starting)

I suppose I should thank you.

Suppose so.

I'll help you with Kate on two conditions.

Martin, you are in no position to negotiate...

I run her.

I'm her handler, nobody else.

Second, you get Six to let me see all the files about who I am...

Dmitry, John Cameron, all the legends.

(gate clanks open)

Which one of you put gun in my desk?

W-What gun?

It was you, wasn't it?

Yes, it was him.

I have right to kill him.

Yes, you do.

But I paid to get you out of jail.

So you let him go.



Martin: Doku said he paid to get me out.

Well, either he was lying to protect his brother, or maybe... we were right to keep this whole op a secret.

Can't trust the Czech police or the FBI.

Hey, you might want to get that hand looked at.

You never know when you'll need to punch him again.

Ballard: What if we never catch him?

Gabi: I don't know.

Maybe bad guys and lovers are the same.

What do you mean?

There's always one that gets away.

You just have to learn to live with that.

Um... I owe you an apology.


Running out on you at the bar last night was...

Oh, my God, I was so drunk.

It's a good thing you're a gentleman.

Didn't take advantage of me.

What if I were gentlemanly about it?

What do you mean?

Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?

You know, like, uh, a real date.


You're, um, a great guy, Curtis.

The kind of man I should be with.

But I...

Uh, right, we work together.

It's better to keep things simple.

You're right. I'm sorry.

(speaks Czech)

Old Czech saying.

"Patience brings roses."

We'll get him.

(brakes squeal softly)

Oh, man, you again?

(door opens, closes)

(phone vibrating)

(phone beeps)


Fiske: Curtis? Fiske.

We were trumped on Odum.

Goddamn agency called in the big dogs.

I don't know what else to say.

All that aside, what you did finding Odum, that was excellent work.

Got me thinking... An opportunity's come up, something I think you'd be perfect for.

Uh, back in the field?


I hear they're looking for someone to teach a class on cooperation between international law enforcement agencies.

With all your experience, I think you'd make a great teacher.

Uh, "those who can't," right?

(door opens)

You know how old your friend Angelo is?


Your career, your family, your whole life, all gone.

This is a no smoking compartment.

Order of battle at MI6.

Names of department heads, section heads, personal details, sexual preferences, vulnerabilities.


White Hart at Waterloo.


(train bell clanging)


Billy: Daddy?


Daddy, I can't sleep.

Come here.

I had a bad dream.

Me, too.

I love you, Daddy.

(lock clicks)

Come on.


G and T, please.

You stay with your wife.

You carry on as before.

But if Six were to discover your... proclivities, your career would be over.

And we can't have that.

So no more... perversions.

(trolley bell clanging)

Hello, comrade.

Don't call me that.


Any news on General Arsanov?

Is Six getting impatient?

Moscow is.

We're making progress.

What are Six's instructions when you find him?

They want the matter closed.

We want it left open.

Ernst: So did it turn out to be a tragedy or a comedy?


Lady Anna defies her family, abandons society, forsakes her inheritance.

She runs off to Australia with her tailor.

To live happily ever after.

May I join you?


You like champagne?

What are we celebrating?

I'm sorry... uh, but I think you have the wrong idea about me.

Ilyana: I saw a man pass Doku a message at the mosque.

I don't know his name, but I believe he works at Najab's, the halal butcher on Finska Street.

You've done well.

What happened?


Show me.

Katya is waiting.

Your scarf.

(door opens, closes)

Martin (quietly): Kate?



I can't do what they want.

Yes, you can. You have to.

We have to.

It's our only option.

It's okay.

I told you I'm gonna see you through this, all the way.

(phone rings)


Ballard: I once asked you: what if we never caught Dmitry?

You remember what you said?

You said, "There's always one that gets away, and you just have to learn to live with that."

Well, guess what.

I got him.

You did?

That's wonderful.


(sighs) And then they took him again, Gabi.

They drove away with him, right in front of my eyes.

I'm so sorry, Curtis.

That night, in the bar... before everything went to hell in Prague, I should have gone home with you.

You can bring him in again.

No. (chuckles softly)

No, I'll never get him.

And I'll never get you, will I?

He's all yours now, Gabi.

May patience always bring you roses.

Curtis... (sighs) what do you mean?

(gunshot, Gabi screams)