02x06 - The Legend of Tamir Zakayev

Previously on "Legends"...

I saw a man pass Doku a message at the mosque.

You've done well.

Maybe I could find more of your relatives.


Khava is a terrorist recruiter.

But if you want us to keep you out of the hands of the French, you need to cooperate.

I'm gonna see you through this, Kate.

Thanks, Papa.

I don't think you know how special you are.

That is why I drive you so hard.



I missed you.

It's a directive, instructing you to turn over Martin Odum to me.

You don't understand. I've been hunting him for 14 years!

You can bring him in again.

No, I'll never get him. And I'll never get you, will I?

May I have a moment?

So this is what?

My fault?

Because you and I... we weren't...

My God, Curtis.

You say those things to me and don't even give me a chance to answer?

And you leave me here to live with this?

You coward.

You don't get to end it like this.

Blame me if you want to.

But it was never about me.

You were chasing a ghost.

I'm not letting Petrovich slip through our fingers again.

We need eyes on him 24/7.

And it can't be myself or Detective Miskova...

He knows our faces.

I thought we had him. Why did we let him go?

The government here had...

There was a problem with the warrant.

You are Petrovich's new tail, starting now.

He coughs, spits, goes to the toilet, you report to us.

No arrests, no contact.

He's dangerous. What if...

Okay, wait in the car.


Curtis, relax.

I'll relax when the b*st*rd's back in custody.

Where have you been the last 36 hours?

Stashed with a friend of Jamal's.

His family hosted us.

His mum's a nurse. She stitched me up.

But they're scared of the police and they want me to leave.

Let's take a break, get you something to eat.

I'm good.

Could we do the computer bit again?

Show me where Tamir keeps his computer.

Best guess is here.

Now, I'll know it's the right one 'cause it'll be offline and not plugged into anything except power.

Okay. Show me.

Once you're inside?

I go to the loo.

Second floor.

Open the curtain six inches, count to three, then close them again.

That way, you'll know it's me.

It's okay. I'm gonna be close.

Memorize this number.

If you get into trouble and there's no way out, call and you'll reach someone.

They'll let us know you're in a bind.

It's all lies.

Lie to Khava about where I've been.

Lie to my uncle to get what they need off his computer.

How do you do it without getting caught?

You stick as close to the truth as you can.



It's Kate.

Kate? Oh, my God.

It's all over the news.

Are you all right?

I'm so scared.

The police think I was part of it.

I can't come home.

Where are you?

Stashed with a friend of Jamal's.

His family hosted us.

You said I have family in Prague, right?

Can you reach out?

See if they'll help me?

I don't know what else to do.

I'll try.

Is this the number to call?


Thank you.

Please... hurry.

Good girl.

Thank you for informing me.

You have done well.


Yes, Uncle?

There's an important package I need picked up from Paris.


I'm Katya.

All of Paris is looking for you. Go get changed.

There is no more Katya.

♪ ♪ ♪

How do you know my uncle?

His wife is my father's sister.

We're family, then.

You are a Czech boy.

Best no one hears you speak.

Fuel additive's working.

They're about a mile up ahead.

Don't fall any further back.

Martin, relax. We're on it.


Wish I could say it was light reading.

It's my Six files.

I gave you my word.

It's official: you've been accepted by the University of Leeds.

Congratulations, Alex.

This is it. Everything we've been working towards.

Well, thank you, Mr. Sedley.

I want you to know that everything I have done was in preparation for this moment.

I know you'll do me proud.

Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!

I'm proud of you.

Open your mouth.


Haven't you ever seen a tab before?

Where the hell have you been?

In chains.

I knew it.

You're a boarding school w*nk*r. Admit it.

Guilty as charged.

Well, today's your lucky day.

Seeing as you're a fellow fresher, I've decided to take on your sorry cause.

Introduce you to the ways of the world.

Well, where do we start?

With a jump in the canal.

Minus our clothes.

I'm told you had quite a night.

Who are you?

The man who just paid your bail.

Why'd you do that?

We have a friend in common.

Mr. Sedley.

Buck up.

No need for your misadventures to become public.

Besides, from what Sedley's told me, this isn't where you belong.

You were built for better things, Alex.

Possibly great things.

Come. Let's get your clothes.

You never told me who you are.

Guess you could say I'm your guardian angel.

What have we got?

This bloody b*st*rd's called Ramzan.

And when I say "bloody," I mean it literally.

He's a halal butcher your girl identified as the courier passing messages from the general to Doku at the mosque.

We've had "B" and "C" teams following him for over two weeks.

But here's the riddle: They haven't witnessed Ramzan passing or receiving messages to anyone.

Turns out, it's not him we should have been watching.

It's the wife.


House cleaner.

Works all over the city.

"C" team spotted her catching a bus to Beroun, about 30 k.m. southwest.

Well, what's the holdup?

Call in the S.A.S., take him out.

We need to confirm the general's presence, provide a layout of the building, specifics on security.

We need eyes inside the compound.


Your asset, of course.

One person... becomes many.

Take it and go and play.

For you.


Why do you bring her?

Should I leave her home alone?

Never again.

I told you what I saw at mosque.

When do Katya and I go to London?

There is one thing thing you must do first.

Ramzan, the butcher... You know his wife?


Yes, a little. Why?

You must become close.


At the mosque, at market... chitchat.

Become good friends.


I will tell you when it is important for you to know.

I do what you ask; now you ask more.

How do I know this is last time?

You don't.

But it is only way out for you and Katya.

Katya, such a sweet one.

Most children cannot be still at prayers.

Want to know my secret?

Wise woman.

Your family, you have been in Prague for years now.


And your husband, he attends mosque regularly, but you never once.

And now all of a sudden, here you are.

I didn't know if this was the right path for me, for my daughter.

And what changed your mind?

The story of first Muhammad's wife, Khadijah.

Knowing there is room in our faith for strong woman.

It opened my eyes.

I did what you ask.

I have seen Jamilla almost every day for past two weeks.


Now tell me why.

Jamilla is one who delivers messages to General Arsanov, not her husband.

Now Doku thinks you two are friends...

He will believe you when you tell him.

Tell him what?

That Jamilla told you about Arsanov, the messages.

But she has not spoken of it. Why do I lie?

If Doku can't trust Jamilla, he will send someone else to general.

You must persuade him to send you.

Doku will hurt her.

Convince him not to.

It will be over soon.

I promise.

I must go.

There is something I must tell you, but you must promise you won't be angry.

What have you done?

Not me, it's... Jamilla.

The butcher's wife.

We've become close, praying together, going to the market.

We are friends.

Why does this concern me?

I don't want to cause trouble. It's nothing.

Your face says it is not nothing.

Jamilla, she told me a secret.

Something what makes her very proud.

How she's honored that you choose her to bring your messages to General Arsanov.

Did she tell anyone else?

I don't think so.

But it was my duty as your wife to tell you.

You have done well.

Please promise me... if you are truly man of God, don't hurt her.

I promise.

No harm will come to Jamilla.


I need to see you.

Stop there.

You will need more than broom, little man.

It's okay.

Cigarettes. Go.

I need you to make a problem go away.


Her name is Jamilla.

She's a house cleaner.

I don't kill woman.


But necessary.

And you have a talent for making problems go away.

Like you did for Tamir.

You see, my brother, he has no experience in such things.

He must learn.

You will take him with you and teach him how it is done.

Gift for you.

I told you, I'm trying to get off this sh1t.

Today is not the day.

I don't want you getting sick.


Take it.


What a surprise bumping into you.

I work here, cleaning.

It's a long walk home. We drive you.

I don't want to trouble you.

No trouble.


Tamir Zakayev.

I was here.

As Dmitry Petrovich, yes.

I convinced Simon you can run Kate, but you have to stay out of sight.

I'm an orphan.

No parents, no siblings.

No one who can tell me anything about my childhood.


But you do have someone who's counting on you.


Come on. I don't bite.

Your mother and your father.

I see them both in you.

I'm your Aunt Malika.

Thank you... for taking me in.

14 years, I was looking for you and Ilyana.

Mum... she didn't want to be found.

Where was she hiding you all this time?


I didn't even know about you until a few weeks ago, that I was Chechen.

We saw on television about shooting.


What some people do in the name of our religion.

When I was your age, I was broken.

Nasty habits.

But faith... praise be Allah... Has become my anchor.

Mine, too.

You're safe now.

You're home.

Welcome to Prague.

How was the drive?

Asks the man who flew.

Well, I need to be fresh for the briefing.

Is she in?

Beslan's truck landed, and then flew the nest ten minutes later.

Has she signaled?

Not yet.


Everything will be better after a bath and a good night's rest.

Bath does sounds nice.

Did you go to hospital in Paris?

My friend who hid me... His mum's a nurse, so...

Let me help.


It's just... I'd like to keep it on.

My friend who died... He gave it to me.

Let me get you some clothes.

One, two.


She's in.

Dmitry rented an apartment. So?

He's got a woman who visits him.

This just got interesting.

Who is she?

We followed her home.

Guess who she's married to.

He's screwing Doku Zakayev's wife.

It's good work. You can go.

If we can get into this apartment...

Well, sleeping with a married woman is hardly a crime in the Czech Republic.

Blazek will never get us a warrant.

We don't need a warrant.

It's not about charging Dmitry with a crime.

It's about leverage to flip him.

We're gonna make him sweat.

Here's your leverage.

That's a good angle.

A Muslim and married.

I guess they're not as strict as the Mormons.

Wake up, sleepyhead.

You're gonna be late again.

I really don't know how you do it.

You've scarcely made it to seminar in the last two terms.

Mmm. Your fault.

You give me too many reasons to be late.

Besides, Macaulay can entertain himself for a few minutes.

Yeah, it's already half past.


Gogol's point is that love of country transcends all but faith in God.

Tell me, have you given any thought to what comes next?

I'm focused on sitting finals.

Honestly haven't thought much about what comes after.


Well, there's no question of your aptitude for languages.

It's just over two years, and you're speaking Russian like a native.

And that's after you've conquered French.

There may be... a career opportunity in it.

What sort of career?

Allow me to introduce Mr. Wyatt, Mr. Spence and Mr. Graves.

They're with the Committee for Overseas Academic Research.

Never heard of it.

That's rather the point.

I asked Macaulay here to keep an eye out for promising Russian students.

He was good enough to flag you as a candidate worthy of serving your country.

You mean the military?

Not the military, my boy.

The Secret Service.

To be honest, not everyone in this room thought you a suitable candidate... Your secondary schooling, your, um... lineage.

Or lack thereof.

Let's just say it's not typical for our desired recruits.

But Graves convinced us otherwise.

We could use someone like you.

And the absence of attachments, family responsibilities...

It's a plus for us.

Yes, I believe the possibilities for your career are rather... stellar, in fact.

Sounds brilliant.

Let's go.

sh1t! I forgot shovel.

Don't worry.

My brother is right. I am useless.

A waste, a disappointment.

Listen, this is ugly business.

Not everyone is made for it.

Let me clean up.

Doku will think I failed.

Tamir, I am your friend.

Doku will never know.

Get up, sit up.

Go down there.




This comes from top, from Doku.

He thinks you betrayed him.

No! No!

So, you must run.

I take off gag. You don't scream. No?

I'll give you money.

I told you wait in car.

I want to make my brother proud.

You're right, my friend.

Today's not the day.

Round like a record.

Then the filling.

What's this called again?


Shame on your mother for teaching you nothing of our traditions.

You used to steal it from my plate.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

No, no, don't worry. You change.

I get this.

Save me some Djepelgesh to fill, okay?

What are you doing here?

I, uh...

Is this my father?


Did you know him?

You cannot be here.

Her being here, it's a mistake.

She's on the news.

Wanted by French and British.

No one is looking for her here.

You are the one who taught me to calculate risks.

Uncle, your friends from Chechnya, they arrive in days.

We cannot afford any mistakes before the summit.

She is my brother's daughter.

She is family.

"There remains one threat we must unify behind, and that is the battle against global Islamic terrorism. Signing this pact of mutual cooperation, agreeing to share resources, intelligence, working as a united front, America, Russia, Great Britain..."

Blah, blah, blah.

Can we please get on with it?

That will conclude the Secretary of State's closing remarks, at which time the rear exits will open.

Update on access control from the Czech team covering event security.

Uh, right.

We've completed background checks on all hotel employees and conference workers.

Anybody with internal access.

Local dissidents are planning a day of protest.

We'll push the perimeter.

Direct crowds into two holding areas.

Sounds like one hell of a party.

Excuse me.

Inspector Gabriela Miskova.

You are MI6, right?

I think you've been reading too many spy novels, love.

Where is Dmitry Petrovich?

I have no idea who that is.


I know for a fact that he was in the custody of FBI Special Agent Curtis Ballard in Paris.

Then he was turned over to CIA.

Petrovich was an asset to MI6.

CIA didn't grab him without asking permission.

Perhaps this... Agent Ballard, is it?

He may be able to shine some light on the subject.

He could... but he blew his brains out.

I fail to see why any of this is relevant to the summit.

In 2001, Petrovich was a business associate of Doku Zakayev and his brother, Tamir.

I know you have eyes on Tamir in relation to the summit.

Did springing Petrovich have something to do with Tamir?

It warms my heart to know we're in this fight together.

We have a complication.


That's not good.


I'm calling Hardy and Brenner.

No. I'll handle it.

It's all right.

It's all right, it's me. Stay quiet.


I knew you'd come.

They didn't hurt you, did they, Kate?

Did they hurt you?

No, but I had to get out.

Why didn't you call the panic number?

I didn't want to talk to some stranger.

I didn't want to have to wait.

All right.

You said you were watching, so...

But the computer, it's not where you said, and... and Beslan, he doesn't trust me.

He watches everything, and... I can't do it.

Please take me with you.


Just tell them I tried my best, please!


You're still wanted by the French police, Six, the CIA.

They're not gonna call off the dogs till you finish the job.

The computer's in the house.

You just got to find it.

There's no other option.

This is a nightmare.

I know. I wish it could be some other way, but... you just got to go back.

What if they catch me sneaking in? There's a guard.

Go to the front gate and ring the bell.

What? How would I explain?

You already know the answer to that.

I just panicked.

I-I thought, maybe it's better to just... end this.

Turn myself in.

I'd go to jail, but at least I'd see my mum again.

My brothers.

Why didn't you come to me?

You and Aunt Malika have been so kind.

I didn't want to put you in any more danger than I already have.

I thought...

I'll find a policeman.

Leave you out of it.

But as soon as I was out the window, I knew I'd made a terrible mistake.

I'm so sorry.

It will never happen again, Uncle, I swear.

We've hit a snag.

You said it was just a matter of crossing "T"s and dotting "I"s.

Your girl.


You know her parents are members of the Communist Party of Great Britain?

Well, their politics have nothing to do with her.

The Service views it as a security risk.

You've had your fun, boy. Now break it off.

You can't tell me how to live my life.

You know that's not true.

I won't leave her.

I love her.

You take it from me, my boy: there is no room in this business for love.



Come on!


You are such a good little girl.

And your Uncle Tamir... such a bad man.


It's time for bed.

Go see Mama.

Look at me.

You have done well today.

Now, be a man.

Clean yourself up.

You are troubled.

No trouble.

I know you better than that.

I fear I am the cause... What I told you of Jamilla.

It is not your concern.

I wish there was a way I could lift the weight you carry.

Doku asked me to deliver message to general.


Tomorrow morning.

You are pleased, no?


What is it? Has something happened?

No, nothing.

Hard day.

I'm sorry for your trouble.

I'm sorry for yours.

Detective Miskova?

Do all you Six boys buy your shoes at the same store?


I must be very important to get two of you.

Different home offices. Same objective.

You're here to tell me to back off.

He wanted to.

But I persuaded him that it was in our best interest to offer you a seat at the table.

Get dressed.

Why? What's wrong?

We're going home.


No, your true home.