02x07 - The Second Legend of Dmitry Petrovich

Previously on "Legends"...

There is no room in this business for love.

I won't leave her.

One person... becomes many.

Stop there.

Doku asked me to deliver message to general.


Tomorrow morning.

He proposed on the Charles Bridge.

It's not about charging Dmitry with a crime.

It's about leverage to flip him.

I haven't heard from him in almost 15 years.

My God, Curtis.

The computer, it's not where you said.

We're going home. Chechnya.

Can we stop for petrol?

I'm dying for the loo.

We have petrol.

You can wait.


Respect. Mm?

(men speaking low in foreign language)

Don't forget, men's room.

(bird cawing)

(dial tone drones, key beeps)

(female operator speaks Ukranian)

Do you speak English?

(female operator responds in Ukranian)

(footsteps approaching)

What are you doing?

I, uh...

I was just, um...

I wanted to call my mum.

Let her know I'm okay.

Are you stupid?

The police will be listening to her phone.

You want to go to prison?

Once you're in Chechnya, you're not my problem.

Till then... stay next to me.

You need to go?

There it is.

♪ ♪

(water dripping)

(taps on keyboard)

Beslan driving?

Could be.

Martin: Passenger looks like a woman.


I can't tell.

She hasn't signaled.

We haven't seen anyone in the apartment except Tamir.

They've moved her, right under our noses.

Hardy: Pure speculation.

Nina: Beslan was the one who drove Kate from Paris.

Maybe he did take her somewhere else.

She has an emergency number.

What if she can't get to a damn phone?

We need to go in there, find out where they've taken her...

And blow five months of surveillance?

She's an 18-year-old schoolgirl!

Not a trained intelligence officer, for God's sake.

Listen, you lot forced her into this.

I'm gonna get her out.

Look, I'm running the show here.

I'll decide who goes in and when.

If you don't like it, I'll be happy to phone the FBI...

You're a sh1t.

Nina: Take a break, Martin.

(footsteps approaching)

Nina: Look, I know you're worried about Kate... so am I... but you've got to play nice with Simon.

To hell with Simon.

I know how to get her back... without compromising his bloody operation.


I'll become Dmitry again.

♪ ♪

(chuckles): You're mad.

You want the encryption key from Tamir's computer, right?


But how does you playing dress-up help me get it?

Dmitry and Tamir were close.

I gain his trust, get in the apartment, download the computer.

Come on. You don't give a sh1t about getting the intelligence.

This is just about Kate.

Nina: What if it is?

You both get what you want.

So we rebuild the legend.

Then what?

We come up with a few scenarios for initiating contact, decide what's most credible.

That's it? Bat around a few ideas, see what we come up with?

You have a better way to get to the computer?

How do you convince Tamir you're his old chum when all you know about Dmitry comes from a hundred pages of redacted files?

Gabi Miskova knew Dmitry.

She can get us the Czech police reports, brief Martin.

I know someone who knows him a hell of a lot better.


Liam: You can't even tell me where you're going?

Ilyana: They wouldn't say. Just that it's to do with Kate, and I must leave tonight.

They expect you to jump on a plane based on nothing more than that?

The man said details were strictly "need to know."

I'm not meant to speak to anyone about it.

Even your bloody husband?

This trip... is it about Dmitry somehow?

(quietly): It's about Kate. I told you.


I thought Russian is language of your enemy.

My mother spoke Russian.

For me it is language of the heart.

You want me to go now?

I don't want you to go.

But Doku will wonder where you are.


What if he suspects?

You only have to be brave a little longer.


♪ ♪

Gabi: Petrovich.

Back for lap dance? (chuckles)

Well, you've been getting more than lap dances, haven't you, Dmitry?

So what?

s*x is against law in Czech Republic?

What do you think your pal Doku Zakayev would do if he saw those?

It would be death sentence for Ilyana.

Are FBI assassins now?

You won't show him.

No, you don't know the first thing about what I might do.

We could protect Ilyana.

Ballard: But not you.

Our people in Budapest tell us that Viktor Luhanski is having a big meet there in three days.

You're gonna help us take him down.

Get yourself invited.

Terrence: Bad enough that you shagged her, but now you've been bloody caught.

I mean, what have I always told you? There's no room...

For love in our business. I know.

So what do you propose to do about it?

(sighs) Maybe you should tell Ballard about the operation and get him off my back once and for all.

He's a problem, Terrence.

(sighs) I'll talk to the bosses.

Absolutely no.

Tell him to keep his mouth shut, and his prick in his pants.

So he should tell the FBI he's willing to become an informant?

If that's what he needs to do to keep his cover, it's his own fault... but no one is to be informed he's an operative.

Not the FBI and certainly not the Czechs.

You are close to Arsanov now, no?

I think it's just a matter of days until Dmitry makes contact.

(footsteps approaching)


Say hi to Gabi Miskova.

Hi, Gabi. Thank you for coming.


(trembling breath): My friend is dead... because of you.

(birds chirping)

Rachel: Where are you taking me?

Can't tell you.

It's a surprise.

Wait, this is a private drive.

Someone lives here.




(birds calling, chirping)

It's one of the old schoolmaster's cottages.

You got the job?

Trial basis for the first year.

(laughs): That's brilliant!

And you sure you're all right about turning down the government people?

That job doesn't come with a house.

Come and have a look.

Perfect for a nursery, right?

♪ ♪

Come see the view.

Like it?

I love it.

But isn't it a bit isolated?

What do you mean?

Just out here in the country.

How are our friends gonna find us?

I wouldn't mind if no one could find us.


Sounds perfect, actually.

(brakes squeak)

(low chatter)


How do you know my name?

I'm Ilyana, wife of Doku.

I have a note from my husband for the man you work for.

Get on.

(starts engine)

(horse whinnies, rooster crowing)

(motorcycle engine rumbling)

(engine shuts off)

(hinges creaking)

I have a message for General.

(door opens)

As-salaam alaikum, Ilyana.

Alaikum as-salaam.

You look... as lovely as you did on your wedding day.

Thank you, General.

But Doku should know better than to surprise me.

Even with a visitor as pretty as you.

He told me you would be angry, but he had no choice.

What's happened to Jamilla?

I believe everything is in note.

What is this place?

The president's country house.

Welcome to Chechnya, all of you!


Long drive, my friend, huh?

Yes, it was, Mr. President.

Arsanov: Make yourself at home.

Have something to eat.

Get some rest.

Thank you, but I have to go back.

Tamir needs me.

Tell him I hope to see him in Prague.

Good luck.

Good-bye, Aunt.

As-salaam alaikum.

Arsanov: Katya.

You are much too pretty to be a boy.



Now you are Chechen.



Beslan: Everything's ready for you.

You'll get more instructions when you get to the hotel.

I brought you clothes.

For the trip.


You'll get the rest when the work is done in Prague.

Gabi: Dmitry was a Renaissance man.

Drug trafficking, extortion, suspect in three murders and the... attempted murder of an FBI agent.

(phone ringing in background)

I said I would help you, but don't think I wouldn't rather lock you up for the rest of your life.

Nina: Anything you can tell us that's not in the files?

You've got a problem.

What's that?

Before Ballard found you in Paris, he looked for you here, in Prague.

He went to Tamir.

What did Tamir tell him?

He said he didn't know anything, hadn't heard from you in years.

So think how suspicious it will seem when you suddenly turn up at his door.


You didn't say he would be here.

They were afraid you wouldn't come if... if you knew.

Hello, Ilyana.

What is this?

I thought this was about Kate.

No, it is. She was with Tamir.


And now she's missing, I'm afraid.

Ilyana: Oh, God.

Nina: Mrs. Crawford, we need you to tell us everything you remember about Dmitry Petrovich.

I was a covert operative.

Dmitry was my cover.

Dmitry was never real?

No, I'm sorry.

Tell me how to help you find Kate.

If I agreed to spy on my husband...

...help find the general, you...

Dmitry... promised us passports.

A new life.

But at some point, the relationship became more intimate.

How did it start?

What does any of this have to do with fooling Tamir?

He was high all the time.

I'm sure he doesn't remember anything.

Just give us a minute.

Let's, uh... let's get a cup of tea.

Martin: I know this isn't easy for you.

I'm learning what a nasty piece of work Dmitry was.

You don't understand.

I'm sure I don't.

But I obviously treated you very badly.

Actually... you were very kind.

You took care of us.

You gave us a new life.

Lived with us for three years.

It was...


Then why wouldn't you speak to me when I... when I saw you in London?

After you left, some people came to me.

I thought they were gangsters.


They told me if you ever came back, I couldn't speak to you...

...or... they would hurt Kate.

Oh, Christ. I'm sorry.

I don't understand it.

You-you said I left you. Why?

I don't really know.

One day you became very cruel.

You said everything you ever told me was a lie. (wry laugh)

At the time, I couldn't believe it was really all lies.

But from what I know now...

..."all lies" was maybe the one true thing you ever told me.

(people talking quietly nearby)

Did you see him?

(shutter snapping)


How many guards?

I only saw two.

There could be more.

You did very well.

And now I'm done?

Yes. I hope.

It will move fast now.

But we need to be more careful.


Has something happened?

No. Nothing.

(brakes squeak)

I'll see you soon.


Ilyana: Hello.

Hello, sweetie.


(kisses, chuckles)

From the general.

You have done well.

Can you watch Katya a bit longer? I want to get cleaned up.

Of course.

(Katya muttering)




That's beautiful, Katya.

Did Mama make it for you?


Who did?


What is this?

It's just a toy.

Katya says your friend made it for her.

What friend?

It was Jamilla, I told you.

Don't lie to me!

(Ilyana gasps)

What did you do with him? Huh?

What did you do?


Nothing. You whore!


You betrayed me.

(guttural gasp)

Doku, no. (wheezy gasping)


(Ilyana grunts, Doku groans)

(loud thud)


(gasping and whimpering)

Give me the gun.

Give it to me.

(gun chamber clicks)


(panting and whimpering)


(panting and whimpering)


(shoes squeak on floor)

(loud, guttural gasp)

(loud gasp)



I loved you.

(quiet crying)


(keypad beeping)



Please come. I've done something terrible.

Okay. (sobbing)


In the bathroom.

Put Katya to bed.

(hinges creaking)


The hell?

(soft grunting)


What are you going to do with him?

Don't worry.

I'm going to make everything okay.

(car door closes)

(car engine starts)

(car approaching)

(car door opening)





(dogs bark and howl in distance)

Martin: Hey!


What are you doing here?

Huh? What are you doing here?

Uh, Doku lets me sleep here.

You know my name? Huh?

Do you know my name?!

(both panting)

(gun chamber clicks)

If you ever say a word to anyone, I will find you, and I will kill you.

(both panting loudly)

♪ ♪

(over radio): ♪ A hungry heart ♪
♪ To regulate their breathing ♪

(tires squealing)

♪ One more night ♪

(hollow clacking of brake pedal)

♪ The Winter boys... ♪

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing, engine revving)

(tires squeal)

(gasps, thud, glass breaking)

(Rabbi singing Mourner's Kaddish)

(singing Mourner's Kaddish) Amein.

(singing continues)

(singing continues)

It was you, wasn't it?

I beg your pardon?

You decided she was getting in the way, cocking up your plans for me, so you murdered her.

You've seen too many spy movies, Alex.

It's a tragedy.

I know you don't have any family.

I came because I wanted you to know I'm here for you.

Sod off.

I'm sorry for your loss.

(Rabbi continues singing Mourner's Kaddish)

Hana Christova. She works at the Cherry Oh Klub.

Ramzan Aliev, the butcher.

Tamir murdered his wife Jamilla.

Backstopped the last 14 years.

Detained in Belarus fall of '01, French prison '04 to '09.

Minor violations Portugal, Holland.

***... So we're good to go there. What about you lot?

What's the play for approaching Tamir?

You said Dmitry turning up would be too much of a coincidence.

What if it wasn't?

How do you mean?

I think I can use Ballard's visit to convince Tamir that Dmitry's turned up for a good reason.

If it works, your friend won't have died for nothing.

(turns engine off)

Piece of sh1t.

I'm going to kill you.


You sold me out to FBI.

What... what are you talking about?

Turn around!

Hands on car.

I don't understand. You-you are making a mistake.

Shut up!


(guttural gasps)


Ballard came to see you, no?

A couple weeks ago, yes.

(rapid panting)

You told him where to find me.

How could I? I-I've heard nothing about you for years. Hey!


You heard I was in Paris.

You wanted FBI to arrest me. Why?

Maybe you want to take over my heroin business?

Heroin? No. I'm not in that business anymore.

You have to believe me.

If Ballard found you, I-I...

It had nothing to do with me.



No. My cop friends tell me Ballard was close.

So I break into his hotel.

Wait, just like for you.

Stick gun in his face.

Ask him, "How did you find me?"

And he said I told him?

Yes, he said this exactly.


So I blew his head off.

Put gun in his hand... so cops would think he did it himself.


Now I do same to you.

(gun chamber clicks)

Please... you have to believe me.

I didn't tell him anything.

You saved my life. How could I betray you?


Did you forget? You once framed me for murder?

I'm different now.

When you knew me, I was drug addict, piece of sh1t.

But you helped me. I never forgot it.


If you are telling truth, then Ballard was lying.

Why would he do that?

I don't know.

He-he was always trying to get you.

Crazy to get you. May-maybe... he wanted revenge.


For what you did to him, his-his leg.

And when he knew you were going to kill him, he lied about me.

Some way to hurt both of us.

I die, you go to jail for killing me, a-and Ballard finally wins.

He was always very clever, no?

I'm sorry.

I have hot temper.

(gun chamber clicks)

I give you bit of advice.

You need better security.

I need to settle down.

Get cleaned up. Can I use your washroom?


Of course.

Ah. Spaseeba.

What about you?

I don't drink anymore.


No dope, no drink, no fun.

It's not so bad.

You... you do good for yourself.

God's will... and a bit of monkey business.


I could use a little monkey business.

You need money?

Bad situation for me. Killed FBI guy.

Cops roll up all my cash and product.

A little breathing room. Take it, please.


No. I don't want your handout.

Maybe a job?

I always came through for you and your brother, no?

Yes, you did.

Let me think about it.

Now, excuse me, I'm...

I'm tired.

I'll text you my number.

No text.

Okay. I have room at Penzion Slezska.

Contact me there.

Maybe tomorrow.

I will.

Ilyana and your niece.

How are they? Still in Prague?

I haven't seen them for a long time.

As long as I haven't seen you.

Too bad.

She was nice lady.

Keystroke software's working.

Tamir's making a call.

Can you I.D. the number?


No name.

(phone rings)

Tamir, it's late.

My children are sleeping.

Tamir: First Ballard came to see me, now Petrovich.

What's going on?

Blazek: Petrovich...

I haven't heard that name in years.

Tamir: I want to know where he was, what he was doing, arrests, prison.

Blazek: Why?

Tamir: Doesn't matter.

Find out if he killed Ballard in France.

I heard it was a suicide.

You heard that?

Yes, in Paris.

Check with your friends in police.

Let me know what you find.

Too fast...

I couldn't get a location.

Hardy: Czech cops? Sounds like Tamir was talking to one of your guys.

I'll look into it.

See if anyone in the department tries to access records.

Well, let us know what you find.

Of course.

(electric razor buzzing)

(TV playing indistinctly)

(man on TV speaking foreign language)

(hinges creaking)

Best to stay in room.

Tamir: Katya's okay?

Yes, just as you wanted it.

The other matter is... handled, too.

That's good.

(teakettle whistling)

You should rest.

But first, I have one more task for you.

An old friend is in town.

I owe him. Bring him this.


He asked for work, but now it's too hot.

His name is Dmitry.

Russian guy. Hair slicked back.

He'll be at the bar at Penzion Slezska.


Have you talked to our man?

Since the unfortunate incident?

Hate to think you people had anything to do with what happened.


You have, uh... quite the imagination.

Terrible accident.

But now you make sure... life moves on for him.

You understand?

The Service has asked about you.

They're still willing to take you on.

You mean now that my Commie wife is dead?

Look... you've had a blow.

Crushing, really.

But the Service is a kind of family.

We look out for each other.

Take some time. Think about it.

There's nothing for you here, Alex.

You know where you're meant to be.

(men on TV speaking foreign language)

(man in bar cheering)

(men on TV talking excitedly)


You give him money?

I'm so sorry, Uncle.

I should have told you before... but I was just a kid.

What are you talking about?

I was scared.

He said he'd kill me if I ever said anything.


That man... Dmitry.

I saw him kill your brother.

(phone rings)

(speaks foreign language)

For you.


Dmitry, my old friend.

Good news: I have something for you after all.

Thank you.

I'll pick you up at your hotel tomorrow at 10:00.

(phone beeps off)