02x09 - The Legend of Gabi Miskova

(brakes hiss)

(car approaching)

(silenced gunshot)


Martin: General Arsanov, it's Dmitry Petrovich.

(gun clicks)

What's happening?

American cop tried to stop truck a few kilometers back.

He shot Musa, but Musa was brave, kept driving to protect you.

So why do we stop?

Cop shot tires.

Musa stopped to fix, but he was too hurt.

He's dead.

And you are not hurt at all, yeah?

I stay behind, shoot cop.

Take his car, catch up to you.

Maybe you are lying.

It's business, General.

Your cargo.

I don't deliver, I don't get paid.

Come on, let's go.

Only room for one in trunk.


Or I leave you here for police to find you.

(quietly): I see sign for petrol station, maybe two kilometer.

Someone will meet you there.

(engine starts)

(tires screech)

It's all gone to hell.

Terrence: The package?

I've got it, but you've got a mess to clean up.

What happened?

Ballard got in the way.

I shot him.


Is he dead?

I don't know.

But you got to send Steve to pick up Ilyana and the girl.

Petrol station three kilometers west of Brno on Highway 13.

You just shot an American federal agent.

Everyone in Prague is looking for you.

Complete your mission, deliver the package, and get yourself to the bloody exfil site.

No, I'm not going anywhere till I know you have the girls.

Bring them to the safe house. I'll meet you there.



Oh, my God.

Dmitry... took my car.

It's all right.


Curtis, stay with me.

Are you with me?

You're going to be okay.

(guns clicking)

(engines starting, doors closing)

Gabi: Tamir Zakayev obtained work visas for three Russian men.

We talked to two of them, both from Chechnya.

They were clean.

But the third guy, Vahka Baiev, is still at large.

They all worked at the Rezlev air conditioning factory in Liber.

Vahka's coworkers say he didn't speak a word of Russian or Chechen.

Six weeks after he started to work, he quit.

No one's seen him since.

Guy doesn't look Russian or Chechen.

He looks Middle Eastern.

I'll share the photo with our Egyptian and Saudi liaisons, see if anyone knows him.


Malika: You must eat, Katya.

You haven't touched anything for days.

I'd rather starve to death than marry that old man.

How can you let this happen?

I'm going to tell you a secret.

You will not have to marry him.

What do you mean?

Your Uncle Tamir will come here from Prague, but the president will not return.


(tires screech)


On schedule. Track the signal.

On it.

Could be Beslan.

Could be anyone.

Whoever it is doesn't know Tamir is dead.

Got him.

On the move near Republic Square.

Call a police unit to meet us there.

(woman speaks Czech over phone)

(speaks Czech)

(trolley bell dinging)

(tires screeching)

(trolley bell dinging)

(electronic tone chimes)

We're looking for a white male, 20s, with a beard.

What do you got?

(trolley bell dinging)

He's heading south, moving pretty fast.

Could be driving.

He's heading south.

The tram. The tram!

Stop it!

(speaking Czech)

(tires screech)

(shouting in Czech)

Call the phone.

(cell phone ringing)

(ringing continues)

(siren wailing)


Ilyana: We were taken from our home by that man.

He had gun.

Dalek: How did you get away from him?

Someone open truck.

There was yelling and shooting.

I'm afraid, so I keep Katya inside with me.

When it's quiet again, we come out.

I see that man is dead, so we run.

This is horrible night.

Can someone take us home please?

(speaks Czech)

We have a problem.

We'll need you to come to the police station in the morning to give a full statement.

Of course.


Tamir: Ilyana.

How are you here?

Wh... where's General Arsanov?

How dare you try to ship me to Chechnya like piece of meat.

General order it.

I was carrying out his wishes.

Doku would have wanted it.

Doku is dead.

This house belongs to me now.

I want you out by morning.

Great. Thanks.

(elevator bell dings)

Fantastic. Okay.

The FBI agent's in critical condition.

Where are Ilyana and Katya?

Czech police found them before Steve got there.

Detective interviewed them; they're at home.

I'm gonna get them.



What happened? Ilyana will tell me nothing.

We were ambushed, by Russians.

Why did you make me transport girls?

Screwed up everything.

Crazy FBI guy looking for them.

I had to shoot him.

I am in big trouble.

I have to leave Prague.


I need money.

My trucks, my club... they are yours.

Buy me out. I give you good price, but I need cash now.

Let me see how much I have in the safe.

(door opens, closes)

Go to this address.

6:00 this morning.


Welcome to Prague, Mr. President.

I am honored to be at this crucial summit.

The war against terror is a global fight.

(reporters murmuring)

Egyptian intelligence just I.D.'d our man.

Real name is Omar Wasem.

He's a bloody bomb maker.

Who works at an air-conditioning factory that ships units all over Prague.

He could've planted explosives in any of them.

(cash register clicking)


(line ringing)

Malika: Hello?

I think Tamir is dead.

What happened?

Tamir found out who killed his brother.

Russian pig called Dmitry.

So Tamir went to kill him.

But Dmitry came after me.

The only way Dmitry is alive is if he killed Tamir.

My God.

What do we do?

What do we do?

President Arsanov wishes to marry your cousin Katya.



He will take a second wife.

Like the Prophet.

If Tamir isn't here to protect us, this will keep us safe.

Make us important people in Chechnya.

Yes, but Arsanov won't be...


Listen to me.

You must keep the president alive.

Those men... they are already on their way to kill him.

You must stop them.


I need to speak someone in charge.

Man: Yes? (speaks Czech)

I have information about a plot to kill the president of Chechnya.

A list of all the air-conditioning units the Egyptian may have worked on.

Christ, that's huge.

They ship 50 units per week.

(phone ringing)


Okay, thank you.

That was Gabi's office.

Beslan's turned himself in.

He can tell us where Kate is.

Get me in to see him.

Well, you're gonna have to wait your turn.

Simon and Gabi are taking a crack at him.

Well, call them back, Nina.

Tell them to ask him about Kate.

Martin, they will.

But apparently, he's got a different story he wants to tell first.

Beslan: My uncle Tamir asked me to help two men, Chechens, get into the country.

They are workers, he tells me, coming to Prague to get jobs.

I give them passports, that's all.

But then I hear them talking.

They say they are here to kill President Arsanov.

He's a great man.

I knew I had to stop this.

You must warn him.

We thought Tamir was planning a terror attack.

It was actually an assassination.

No, he's trying to get us to pull security away from the signing ceremony.

We call in the threat, the police rush there, and the bomb goes off someplace else.


But we still have to notify Arsanov's security team.

Thank you for informing us.

Chechnya is new land of opportunity.

Excuse me, Mr. President.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Simon: I'll let you in on a little secret.

We've been watching you and Tamir for the last six months.

We know you drove Kate Crawford from Paris.

Where is she?

I don't know.

You're going to prison, Beslan.

President will help me when he knows I'm the one who saved his life.

Whatever Tamir was planning, you were in on it.

We'll make sure Arsanov knows that.

He's not going to save you.

He's going to have you killed.

Gabi: You want to stay alive?

We need details.

Who are these men? What are they planning?

When will it happen?

Tamir asked me to get hotel room for them.

And a vehicle.

Well, what kind of vehicle?

Gabi: This must be some kind of cover.

(quietly): For what?

An accident, an emergency.

An ambulance wouldn't be out of place.

Simon: The bomb maker could cause a pretty big emergency, couldn't he?

So an explosion is supposed to kill Arsanov.

But if it doesn't...

Simon: There are two killers waiting for him in an ambulance as he evacuates the signing ceremony.

Gabi: And what if the signing ceremony is the big diversion, and they're going to kill Arsanov somewhere else?

Where, his motorcade?

Or his hotel.

(phone beeps)

(crowd screaming)

(tires screeching)

(alarm ringing, people clamoring)


(sirens wailing)

(phone ringing)

What was your security protocol for exiting the hotel?

Leave through the loading dock.

But we are already out.

Why are you asking?

Loading dock.

(sirens wailing)

(guns clicking)

(tires screech)

(speaking Czech)




Hands in the air! Hands in the air!

(gunfire continues)

(officers shouting)

(officers shouting)



It's me. I'm here.

(weakly): Did you catch him?

Not yet.

But we're looking.

(groans softly)

My leg is killing me.

Curtis, the bullet destroyed the bone, cut through the arteries.

The doctors had no choice.

They had to remove your leg.


No, I can feel it.

They say it's called phantom pain.

I'm... I'm so sorry.

Please leave me alone.

(elevator bell dings)



I need to talk to Ilyana. Where is she?

Mrs. Zakayeva?

Dmitry sent me.

Hello, Ilyana.


I'm a friend of Dmitry's.

My name's Terrence.

He never mentioned you.

I'm based in London.

He's asked me to help get you there safely.

My company's handling all of your of travel... accommodation, passports.

It's all taken care of.

Simon: You took care of everything, didn't you?

Passports, the guns, the ambulance?

Beslan: No, I told you, not the guns.

I'm not done here!

Where's Kate?!


Martin: Huh?

Who are you?

Tell me where she is, or I swear by Christ, I'll kill you.

Get him off of me!

Let's go get a cup of coffee.


Nobody gives a sh1t what happens to you.

Now tell me where she is.


At the president's country house.

But you'll never get her.

She's going to marry the president.

(woman speaking Russian over TV)

(women murmuring)


What are they saying?

Someone tried to kill the president.

But he survived, praise Allah.

He's coming home.

Leaving nine dead and 33 wounded.

The cell phone believed to have been used to detonate the bomb was found in the gunmen's vehicle, leading authorities to believe that the two Chechens acted alone.

Gabi: Curtis?

What are you doing?


It's nothing. Just...

Who's Hanson?

He was my Mormon mission companion when I was a kid.

He was murdered.

I'm sorry.

It was my fault.

After Hanson died, I made a vow to God to become a cop and get justice.

Fight the bad guys.

It was a big joke, right?

I think God would understand if you let Dmitry go.

'Cause if you keep trying to catch him... it's going to kill you.

And I don't think God would want that.

(women speaking Czech)

(man speaking Czech over TV, crowd murmuring)

(gasps softly)

You need to come home, Agent Ballard.

I'm not going anywhere until I find Petrovich.

I need more resources, a bigger team...

Have you been watching the news?

Nobody gives a sh1t about Russian mobsters anymore, Curtis.

(line clicks, dial tone hums)

I brought lunch.

An American hamburger place.

Instead of hospital food.

They ordered me back to D.C.


Since when does Agent Curtis Ballard follow orders?

I have a friend who works at Interpol.

Maybe you could get a job there, keep looking for Dmitry.

Why do you keep coming here?

Bringing me food, trying to cheer me up.

I don't need your pity.

You really don't get it, do you?

I don't pity you, Curtis.

I like you.

Marry me, Gabi.


I can stay here and get a job.

At Interpol, fine, I don't care.

We can start a family.

(chuckles softly)

Curtis, I said I liked you, I didn't say I'd marry you.

It's just...

I'm not... I'm not the marrying type.

Kate: You said I wouldn't have to marry him.

That I'd never see him again.

Things don't always go as planned.

Now we move forward.

You told me he wasn't coming back.

That means you knew someone was gonna kill him.

Maybe I should tell him that.

If you do that, I will tell him that when Tamir's plan failed, you offered to kill him on your wedding night.

That's ridiculous.


Aren't you the terrorist girl from the Paris attack?

It will be a beautiful wedding.

Arsanov's people are denying any knowledge of Kate's whereabouts.

He's already in the air, heading back to Chechnya.

CIA could send an extraction team.

Martin, the U.S. government is about to sign an agreement of cooperation on global terror with the Russians.

(scoffs) You think they're gonna authorize an armed incursion into the sovereign territory of an ally?

So that's it, then?

After all the promises, you're just gonna let her rot?

Been going through that material you got us off Tamir's computer.

Some interesting stuff.

Money transfers.

From a bank in Moscow.

Encrypted comms from the FSB.

Their puppet Arsanov became a loose Cannon, so they paid Tamir to take him out, pin it on Chechen separatists.

They even promised him a big position in the new Chechen government.


Someone who needed to get into Chechnya might be able to use that information.

I got to run out for a bit.

Cleaning team will be here in about ten minutes to shred the files.

Martin: I'm going to Chechnya to bring Kate home.

Why are you doing this?

She's not your daughter.

You don't even remember her.

You don't remember any of it.

I remember little things.

Kate on a swing.

The feeling of home.

When I'm with her and you...

I feel it again.


It's all right.

I can't be who you want me to be.

I never was.

Didn't you love me?

Very much.

And now?

You have a husband.


Go back to London.

Be with them.

Please bring Kate back to me.

(metal detector beeps)

My name is Martin Odum.

I worked for British and American intelligence for more than a decade.

I have top secret information for your chief of directorate.

I'm guessing he'll want to talk to me.

I know it looks a little cold, but, uh, once we get some furniture in here and flowers in the window boxes, it'll be... it'll be quite cozy.

Kate: Dmitry!

Hey! (speaks Russian)


Welcome home.

(both laugh)

Gabi: You're going home?

I can't stay here, Gabi.

I have to let Petrovich go.

You know, my boss was right.

Nobody cares about Russian mobsters anymore.

There's a bigger threat now.

I have a duty to my country.

Is this because of duty to your country or because I said I wouldn't get married?

We're too different, Gabi.

(chuckles): Curtis.

I'll miss my flight.

Good-bye, Gabi.

(speaks Czech)

(door opens, closes)


(door opens)

I'm told you have some information you'd like to share with us.

I have proof linking Russian security services to the assassination plot against Arsanov.

These show Tamir Zakayev received multiple payments from accounts traced to the FSB.

One of three copies.

Anything happens to me, press get the other two.

So... what do you want?

A girl named Kate Crawford is being held against her will by Arsanov.

I want your people to help me get her out of Chechnya, so I can get her back home.

You really don't remember me, do you?

You and I have a long history together...


Welcome back, comrade.