01x10 - Dirty Dancing

Aren't they fabulous?

She could be his mother. Oh, ssh!

OK, now, everybody, come on, let's salsa!

What a poser!


I must steal this beautiful lady, OK?

You watch this!

On your own? Would you like to...?

No, I'm not prancing around like a fairy.

I was going to ask if you'd like to help give these out.

Latin American dance festival. Starts tonight.

Come along!

Just dropped dead in the street.

No ID, no-one with her.

Really gets to me, the idea of dying among strangers.

Really? I think I'd prefer it.

What, you think I'd want some great big death-bed scene, violins, people crying? You wish.

So, what do you think?

There's a Latin American dance festival on this week.

What's that got to do with anything?

She looks Hispanic, doesn't she?

Look at her calf muscles, how toned they are.

I think she could be a dancer.

Oh, come on!

She could be a runner, a cyclist, a fitness fanatic.

Bit of a long shot, this, isn't it?

No, it isn't, it's a hunch.

Oh, right. Excuse me. A hunch!

I'm amazed you even know about this place. My mum's really into it.

There's a big dance festival starts here tonight which I'm being dragged along to.

Don't laugh.

I've run out of excuses not to go.

It's not funny!

If you could just give us a bit more time, you'll get paid in full.

I'll...I'll call you back.

Can I, um...can I help you?

I'm Jane Kennedy, the coroner.

Are you the owner?

No. Is something wrong?

Can we speak to your employer, please?

I don't actually work here, this is my mother's place.

Right. Well, do you know where we can find her?



Mum?! What?!

These people want to speak to you.

She's the coroner.

I'm Jane Kennedy, this is DS Davey Higgins.

It's the man from Atlantis.

Excuse me, but we're looking for information about a woman.

Could be Latin American, could be a dancer, about 30.

We're actually expecting someone later this afternoon from Cuba. Why?

Can you tell us what she looks like?

I've got some fliers in my bag.

But what's this about?

Darling! This is my husband, Yordan.

Oh, please! Hello.

Darling, these people are here from the police.

Well, I'm not. I'm the coroner.

Is there trouble? Here.

Thank you.

I'm very sorry, but a woman died today in the town centre and we think it could be her.

This cannot be. I'm so sorry.

Could I ask you to come along and identify the body?

I can't. I don't know her.

We never met.

Same here.

You could ask her brother.

Has your sister been ill?


How can she be dead?

We'll have to wait until we've done a postmortem examination.

No! It will be in a few days.

I don't want you to cut her up!

She's coming home with me to Cuba now.

That's not possible, I'm afraid.

I don't want my sister to be surrounded by strangers, or alone.

I want her to be with her family.

People who love her.


Come on.

I'm not dancing tonight.

Oh, you are. I'm not!

Oh, you will be.

I'm just happy to watch.

Welcome, everybody, to our Latin American dance festival.

We are, however, very sad tonight, at the death of Issabella Martinez.

A very beautiful and brilliant young woman who came all the way from Cuba just to be with us.

But we spoke with her brother, Romario, and he said we should go ahead with the festival.

In Cuba, we show our feelings through the dance.

And tonight... Musica, por favor. ..we dance for Issabella.

Oh, wow!

What do you make of those two?

Well, he's a ponce and she's mutton dressed as lamb.

Thank you. OK, now, everybody, let's salsa.

Beginners, over here with me, por favor.

Oh, that's me! First thing you need is a beautiful lady, which I see you already have.

You, please, come with me.

Ohhh! Stop it!

OK, the basic step is very easy.

It's left foot forward, right foot back.

Left foot forward, right foot back.

Left foot forward, right foot back.

No, no, move your hips, move your hips, like this.

Move your hips. Left foot forward.

Nice. OK, now, everybody, take a partner, OK?

You, sir, come here.

Nice outfit. Thank you.

First, one hand up here and the other one down here.

Your hand, one hand here and the other one right there.

And just do the steps, OK?



No, no, no, listen to the music. One, two, three, un, dos, tres. One, two, three, un, dos, tres.

OK, I think we've got it now.


Nice. OK, nice.

You go and help someone else now.


OK, you, lady, you want to dance?

Please, come with me.

How you doing?

Have you lost something?

My, um... I don't know.

Can I help?

No, thank you.

You're very kind.

You're leaving?

Dancing's not really my thing.

That's a pity.

Here, let me.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Oh, no, you are not sneaking off!

Mum, it's just not my scene.

Nonsense! You just haven't found the right partner.

You just need someone with good manners, experience and a big...heart.

Um...shall we?


I'm so embarrassed.

You really don't have to do this.

It's my pleasure. I'm not a dancer.

Because you don't dance doesn't mean you can't. Come.

Move from here. Ready?


And one, two, three... five, six, seven.

One, two, three, five, six, seven.

One, two, three.

That's it. Now, keep going.

One, two, three, five, six, seven.

One, two, three.

Follow my lead, OK?

Five, six, seven.

It is very terrible. They are keeping Issabella from her family.

It is too difficult to wait.

Did they tell you when the postmortem would be?


You have to stop looking at your shoes. OK, sorry.

I mean, they're very nice.

And now spin it.

OK, you ready for a spin?


For a spin, yeah?


OK, here we go. Just follow my lead.

OK. Here we go.


Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Are you all right?

Oh, you're bleeding! Oh!

It's all right. Come here.

I've got you.


Thank you. You're welcome.

Oh, I'm so sorry!

Don't be silly, it was my fault.

It's OK, Paula, I've got this.

I-I-I do hope you're all right.

I'm fine.


I'm so embarrassed.

Don't be. Accidents happen.

Yeah, well...

I'll, er...just put a dressing on it, keep it clean.

It should clear up in a week or so and it won't leave a scar.

You sound like you know what you're talking about. I'm a doctor.

Was a doctor. Before I left Egypt.

Oh. I can't practise here until I'm granted asylum.

When will that be?

Soon, I hope.

It's been four years and I'm still waiting.


I'll just put the, er...plaster on.

Well...looks like you're fit for active service.

Do you feel like dancing, or should I walk you home?


You on your own?

Yes, Mother.

What happened to Mel?


Oh, come on, how many chances are you going to get?

The coast was clear, Beth's away for a week.

Lucky escape, if you ask me.

No, actually, he's a good catch.

No, not for her, for him.

Ignore him. I always do.

If she gets too desperate, she could always nip off to Cuba, pick up a young stud, like that Paula bird.

Yeah, so can I, just remember.

Yeah, but why would you fork out all that dosh when you got me here, cheap as chips?

Oh, please! I've not eaten yet!



What? What d'you mean, missing?

No sign of a break-in, nothing suspicious, no-one saw anything.

They don't even have CCTV down here.

So I was thinking maybe there was a mix-up, maybe the undertaker took the wrong body or something, but, no. It's been stolen.

Let's go. Let me do the talking.

You lost the body of my sister?!

Please, Romario, just tell us where she is.

I don't know.

I understand, I do, but we need to get her back.

She'll be treated with great respect, I promise.

Where were you between midnight and 6am?

He's staying with us.

Oh, right, so, you were both with him all night, is that right?


We were together all night, alone.

Oh, Mum, for goodness' sake! What?

There is a time and a place.

Look, I'm sorry.

This is awful, but it really has nothing to do with any of us.

You are a terrible lady and this is your fault!

All right, that's enough.

That's enough. That's enough!

English, please!

He's just trying to help.

He told him to calm down.

I need some officers here and we're going to search this place.

This is outrageous!

And your home, too.

Looking for what - a corpse under the floorboards?

Don't talk about her like that.

Show some respect!

This is a police investigation.

Are you refusing to cooperate?

Typical medical students.

You think this is a student prank?


You think it's funny?

It's hilarious! It'll show up somewhere wearing an Arsenal strip or something.

Get out! You what?

You heard me, get out! Sorry, I didn't...

This job is about one thing and one thing only, respect for the dead.

Until you get that, I don't want to see your face! I'm sorry, I...

We are the last people in service to them.

This is a huge responsibility.

Don't you get that?

Yeah. I... I'll get out your hair.

Whoa-whoa-whoa! Where's the fire?

Did you find anything?

No, nothing.

Clint? Get back in here!

Tell Davey what you think.

Well, I was thinking whoever did this obviously knows their way around the hospital.

So I thought maybe it might be some medical students, for a laugh.

Not that I think it's funny.

Yeah. You could be right.

What are you waiting for?

Get on to the university.

Hello. DS Higgins.

What? What is it?



Right, that's it, yeah?

I'm so sorry.

Oh, God!

She's been cut open.

Yeah. This was lodged in her bowel.


I'd put money on it.

Right, I'm going to bring him in.


Hello? Anyone in?

Hey. I'm looking for Romario Martinez.

He's not here.

You know where he is?

He's gone.

What do you mean, he's gone?

He's gone. No goodbye, no thank you.

Just gone.

Any idea where?

Basta, OK?

This is finished now.

No more police. He's gone!

All right. Well, you hear anything, you let me know, you understand?

Hey, it's me. Can you get on to the UK Border Agency, please?

All flights to Cuba.

Suspect is a Romario Martinez.

30s, dark skin, about 5'10".

So you're still here.

Didn't seem right, leaving her on her own again.

I tried to call you.

Forensics have been on.

It was cocaine in the condom.

She must've swallowed a number of them, but because of the blockage, she wouldn't have been able to pass them in the normal way, so it leaked and poisoned her to death.

Look at how precise that cut is.

Someone knew what they were doing.

Yeah. Well...

Someone with medical knowledge, or clinical skills.

Morning. Morning. I got something.

From Issabella Martinez's passport, I found the exact point of embarkation.

So I sent her picture to Immigration and they found the pair of them on CCTV.

They then sent me his passport details and guess what?

His name's not Martinez.

He's not even her brother.

Excellent police work, DS Higgins!

Sorry. No, that is interesting.

All right, come on, what's up?

No, it's probably nothing.

Well, you're here now.

The incisions on Issabella, they must've been made by someone with medical knowledge.

So... Well, there's this doctor at the salsa club, he's Egyptian.

Asylum seeker, so he can't practise.

Anyway, it's probably nothing.

Hello. DS Higgins.

Yeah, OK. We're on our way.

Right. They've picked him up at Exeter Airport, so can we get a wiggle on, people, please?

You've got a visitor.

Mel! Hi.

You're a difficult lady to get on the phone.

I've been busy.

How's the leg?

Fine. Thank you.

So, will you come to the festival tonight?

I'm...I'm not sure.

Then let me take you for dinner.

Say yes. Yes. Thank you.

Excellent. I'll see you later. OK.


No, it's not a real date.

I'm just going to see what information I can get out of him.

No, this. Come, see.

That's Issabella.

Where did you get this?

Well, I tried the usual look-up routes, but she doesn't seem to have an online presence.

So I did a reverse-image search on her picture and found a link to this. Pause it.

That's Yordan.

He runs the dance school.

He said he'd never met her.

This is huge. Does that mean I'm back in your good books?

Don't push it.

I was going home...to my family.

Really? Because it looked to us like you were running away.

I have no wish to stay.

You people lost my sister's body.

For a start, she's not your sister.

She is.

My own father was a very bad man.

So Issabella's family...they take me in, they make me their son.

Issabella called me...brother.

And we didn't lose her body.

You took it.


You took it to get the drugs.


The cocaine you made her swallow.


The cocaine that leaked inside her, that flooded her brain.

The cocaine that killed her!

Issabella is a good girl!

Sit down.

She could not do this!


You are lying.

We found her body.

You found her body?

Yeah, we found her body with her belly cut open.

You cut it open. You cut it open to get the drugs and then you flung her off the clifftop, into the sea. But she washed up on to the rocks, like a piece of rubbish!


OK, I believe she was like a sister to you and you hated having to do what you did, but you did it! Smuggling drugs into this country is a serious offence, my friend!

I did not smuggle drugs!

No, worse! You got Issabella Martinez to do it for you!

I did not make her do it. Someone else made her do it. But it was not me.

You said you didn't know her.

I know a lot of women. Maybe I forgot.

Or maybe you lied.

My wife, er... she's a jealous woman. It's better for her not to see this.

I don't think you understand how serious this is.

It's not serious.

We were lovers, yes, but a long time ago.

You won't tell her?

My wife.

Please! For me?

Why Issabella?

Of all the dancers in Cuba, why pick her?

We didn't. She approached us.

Darling, why don't you go and put some clothes on? I'll handle this.


You just can't stay away, can you?

I came to tell you that Issabella Martinez's body has been found.

Yes, we know. Judith told us.

Right. Also, Romario's been picked up by the police.

Then you should be talking to him, not us.

He's the one that filled her with drugs.

How did you know about drugs?

Judith told us.

Where is she?


That mother of mine. Who else?

She's gone home. Why?

It doesn't matter.

You all right?


What's up?

Don't ask.

Buy you a drink?

No, thanks.

I'm going to get home and wipe the floor with my mum.

Oh, how did you get on with Romario?

Well, he's denying everything, of course.

But I still think he's behind it.

I'm not so sure.

His grief seemed genuine.

Maybe. He says he came with her to keep her out of trouble, but here's the thing, they came via Jamaica.


Well, according to our intelligence, the coke's from Jamaica. Oh.

I still don't think it's him.

Is this one of your hunches?

No. Yordan Barranco, he lied about not knowing Issabella.

They were lovers, he's just admitted it.

Well, did he give a reason?

His wife's jealousy.

Yeah. Now, that would do it.

I could believe that.

Please, use your Ways and Means Act, see what you can find out about her.

I'll ask my mum.

Can I have a pint first?

Yeah. Thank you.

I said I was sorry!

So am I. That I have to watch everything I say in my own home!

Actually, it's my home, in case you've forgotten!

You know Paula's husband?

Do you think he's been unfaithful to her?

I couldn't say. I don't want to be accused of idle gossip.

OK, point taken.

He might play around a bit, but he always goes back to Paula.

Do you know how long they've been married?

Four or five years.

She went to Cuba on holiday, came back with him.

Good on her, I say.

Opened up her dance studio, reinvented herself.

From what?

Average single mum pushing 50.

Her daughter married well, though.

Oh, really?

Gemma. She was a nurse.

Met some rich bloke and had lots of money.

Living the good life, till they divorced.

It's open, Mick.

I heard she got nothing.

Maybe that's why she's always so po-faced.

Oh, hello, Mel.

Mel, I'm so sorry! I completely forgot! I'm not even ready!

There's no rush.

Something smells good, Judith.

Oh, yeah. It's ropa vieja.

It's a traditional Cuban dish. Huh!

Mick and I are having a romantic night in.

We'll go. Give me five minutes. OK.

Keep me company?

What about you, Mel?

What brought you here?

I, um...don't really like to talk about that journey.

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.

Ah, it's all right.

I was born a Muslim, from a good family.

I went to university and became a doctor.

A paediatrician.

I worked in a hospital in Cairo.

That's where I met Nada.

She was a Christian.

I converted to Christianity so Nada and I could be married.

Hey, Annette. It's going to be a late one.

Yes, again.

No, no, no, no, don't wait up.

All right, I've got to go.

Sarge, this was found on the clifftop.

All right, thanks.

It's one thing to be born a Christian, quite another to convert.

Once I did, I lost my job, I lost my family, everything.

But Nada and I, we fought against it.

We wrote letters about it, we went on marches.

And, um... on one of these...Nada got crushed.

She died, Jane.

I, um...I lost her.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

But that's in the past.

We need to move on.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. It's OK.

Oh, it's work. I have to take it.


Davey, it's not a good time.

Well, I got that info we talked about.

Paula Barranco, Ways and Means.

"Well, thank you very much, Davey."

You're very welcome, Jane!

Sorry. Thank you.

Can you just, um...e-mail it to me?

We'll talk tomorrow.

Yeah, well, thing is, there's something else.

Remember you said something about some doctor guy?


But I think I was wrong about that.

Yeah, well, the thing is, we found a scalpel up on the clifftop.

Now, obviously, it's got to go through Forensics, but I'm pretty certain it's the same one was used on Issabella Martinez.

So, do you know how I can get in touch with this guy?

Er...I-I don't know.

Well, do you think you can find out?

Yeah. Leave it with me.


Something's come up and I have to go.

I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

But don't worry.

Listen, Mel, um... you should go to the police station.


Ask to speak to DS Davey Higgins.

About what?

Issabella Martinez.

It's just routine. They're talking to a lot of people from the club.


Mel Siddiqui.

Jane Kennedy said you wanted to see me.

Really? When?

Earlier this evening, at dinner.

OK. You, er...you want to take a seat?


I just, er...

I just wonder if you could help me with something, actually.

This... Yeah...this scalpel.

What about it?

Well, we think it might have been used in a crime.

And there's some writing there on the handle.

But I can't make that out.

Can you?

It's Arabic. Perhaps the name of the manufacturer.

Great. Thanks very much.

Will there be anything else?

Yeah. Just one more thing.

Look, I know it's tragic what happened to her, but it's been pretty tough on us, too.

I understand you paid for her flight.

A business expense. So, what?

Well, I know that this place is struggling to stay afloat.

Yes, well, we're going through a rough patch right now.

So it strikes me as odd that you would go to the expense of bringing a dancer all the way over from Cuba.

What, so, you think I got her to smuggle the drugs?

I'm just wondering how far you would go to save your dance school. Oh!

And your marriage.

Money would help for both, wouldn't it?

My business may be in trouble, but my marriage isn't!

They say the woman is always the last to know.

But I always knew.

Something in the way they look at you, the way they touch you.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Is everything all right?

Miss Kennedy here seems to think it's odd that we paid for Issabella Martinez's flight.

It was a business expense.

I thought you didn't work here.

I help out with the paperwork.

All she wanted was her flight paid from Cuba. Read it.


What about him?

Arrested him?!

Oh, come on.

You know how hospitals work.

You'd know how to smuggle a body out without being seen. No.

You'd certainly know how to cut one open.

No, I swear. Really?

I thought you were a doctor.

Well, obviously, I'd know how to, but I didn't do it.

Who else was involved?


Just you and Issabella Martinez.


What have you done with it?


The cocaine. I don't know!


I'm going to cut you some slack.

Let's say you didn't know anything about the drugs being smuggled in.

I didn't. And let's just say someone approaches you with a little job on the side. No.

A nasty little job, but the money's good.

How can you even suggest such a thing?

I'll tell you how.

You know that scalpel we found up on the clifftop?

Made in Egypt.

It's got Issabella Martinez's DNA on it and your fingerprints.

Hi, Mel.

Can we have a minute, please?

I'm afraid not, ma'am.

It's good of you to come.

When we met, you were looking for something in your briefcase.

It was your scalpel, wasn't it?

It was stolen. Yes.

Why didn't you tell Sergeant Higgins?

There are people in this country without permission.

Sometimes I give them medical help.

But it's illegal.

If I tell the police, we could all be looking at deportation.

If you don't, you could go to jail for a crime you didn't commit.

This isn't like my country.

The British system is just and fair.

Jane...I won't go to jail because I am innocent.

Davey, you've got the wrong man.

I don't think so.

I've got enough to charge him.

Yes, it was his scalpel, but it was stolen. He told you that?

No, I'm a witness.

I saw him looking for it.

Come on, it's not just the scalpel, is it?

He's got the motive, he's got the ability, he's got no alibi.

Well, actually, erm...


Look. The night it happened. We...


We'd just met at the salsa club and...

It was late when we left.

He walked me home and...

We got close, and...

He stayed the night?

No, he didn't, but... But what?

He would've.

All right, let's back up.

Let's say that he left you, then he got a call from whoever asking for help. Oh, come on.

It didn't stop you being suspicious, did it?

That was before.

Before what?

Look, Paula Barranco and her daughter, I think they're in on it together. Let it go.

Yordan Barranco married Paula for her money and she hasn't got any.

Gemma married for money and it backfired. They're both broke.

Plus Gemma used to be a nurse. She'd know how to make those incisions.

She knew Mel was a doctor.

I think she stole his scalpel and I bet if you searched her house... Let it go, Jane. Please.


Should I be scared?

I need to find something.

Anything to make Davey listen to me.

I've been over everything, again and again.


Where is it?

Where is that letter?

Listen to this. "Dear Sir or Madam, my name is Issabella Martinez. I am an experienced salsa dancer from Cuba. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work in England where I believe salsa is increasingly popular. I'd be willing to give dance demonstrations in return for my fare to your country."

What is wrong with this letter?

Nothing. Exactly.

She didn't write it. So?

Nor Romario. Nor Yordan.

It's too perfect.

A translator?

No, the envelope.


When you open a letter, you chuck the envelope, right?

Yes. But she didn't.

She held on to it as proof.

She handed it to me like it was exhibit A. Who?

The daughter.

I need to talk to her.

Hold on. Jane? Have you got her address? Text it to me.

Clint, I need you to check out an international dialling code.

001-876. Thanks.

Is this you letting it go?

What are you doing here?

Had someone keep an eye on the place after our talk last night.

So you were listening, then?

Told them to keep me posted if they saw anything suspicious.

Jeez. You any idea...?

Jamaica! Eh?

She was making long-distance phone calls to Jamaica.

She's in on it. She set it up.

I can't stand this waiting.

I've missed you so much.

I can't wait any longer.

I want you right now.

No. No. We have to stop.

No, don't stop.

I can't do this to Paula.

Let's not think about her right now.

I need you.

We're good together. You know we are. Please, Yordan.

Please. No, I can't.

What's wrong. You're shaking.

I feel sick inside.

I know it's been rough. Don't worry.

You'll feel different once we get away.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

Yordan, please.

Just sell the drugs and share the money. OK?

No. No, no way! You're not dumping me because of her.

Because of you, what you did to her.

You dare turn your back on me!

Don't try that innocent act with me.

She's my mother but she's your wife.

Not what you did to Paula.

What you did to Issabella.


I cannot forget. You took her body and you cut it open.

You are dirty to me now.

I did it for you.

And so did she. You... You pig.

You used all of us.

You piece of...

Don't mind us. Yordan!

You make me sick.

You are under arrest.

You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something that you later rely on in court.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

No. There is something worrying me.

Listen, you don't need to worry.

I've spoken to DS Higgins.

It was you told him I am a doctor, wasn't it?

Well, yes.

You were suspicious of me?

Not really...

And when we were talking, you were questioning me?

Mel, let's just jump in the car and we can talk...

No, thank you. I'll get the bus.


Mel's been released.


And I'll put in a good word at the asylum board.

Thank you.

You know, you really stuck your neck out for him.

I just hope you...

I'll catch you later.



I'll see you around.

All rise for Her Majesty's Coroner.