03x04 - Series 3, Episode 4

(COCKING GUN) Don't move.

My mate Justin.

(CHUCKLING) Hey there.


I love him.

All I want is what you want.

To have these people locked up, so they can't do any more harm to anyone else.

Justin, I think I might have taken a wrong turn.

Do you want to talk about this properly?

That's why I'm here.

No, I mean... properly.

I'm not sure what's supposed to be going on here, um...

I'm completely lost.

That's why we're here. To help you understand how lost you really are.

How am I supposed to trust you if you don't trust me?

I will be back.

Justin: I'm a copper. We're on the same side.

I don't think you're going to shoot me.

I warned you not to make me your enemy.

I warned you!

No! Don't you...

Don't you... Hey!

Get up!






(PANTING) Oh, God!









You okay? You okay?


What did John say to you, exactly?

He said he... He said he was busy and that I should meet him here, at his place.




Man down.

Justin Ripley.

So what is it with John Luther and the people he loves?

John, I don't know what to say.

I don't have the words.


Where is Mary?

John Luther, you're under arrest for the murder of Detective Sergeant Justin Ripley and the attempted murder of Mary Day.

Mary! Mary, Mary!

Hold on!

♪ Love is like a sin, my love ♪
♪ For the ones that feel it the most ♪
♪ Look at her with her eyes like a flame ♪
♪ She will love you like a fly will never love you ♪
♪ Again ♪

Okay, from this side of the table it looks like... there's two people who could incriminate you.

One of which is now dead by the hand of Tom Marwood.

And Mary Day would be, had I not intervened.

And you're welcome, by the way.

You told her where to go, John.

You told her where and when.

And I think you did that because you wanted Marwood... to kill her for you.

Yesterday, a few hours before he shot and killed Justin Ripley, you spoke for some time to Mr Marwood.

Your report notes that, during this conversation, Tom Marwood asked for more time.

"Give me two days."

And then you let him go.

Which makes me wonder, what was the quid pro quo?

Shut your mouth.

You let Marwood... run free to kill his paedophiles and his scumbags.

That's no skin off your nose. No humans involved.

But then, in exchange, does you a favour.

He cleans up your mess.

I loved him.


He's got too many friends. We'll have to move him.


What is this, John?

I don't know, George.

Stay here.







Man: (ON RADIO) Detective Ripley has been hailed a hero by his colleagues.

He has been shot point-blank in the chest.

Vigilante Thomas Marwood has been branded a coward...




If you're gonna go on the run you're gonna have to, uh, lose the coat.

It's my lucky coat.

"Lucky?" Right, well, I would take it back to the shop if I was you.

Get your money back. It's obviously defective.

This is a nice place.

Is it yours?

Don't be silly.

Alice, what are you doing here?

I saw the news.

Where have you been?


I don't believe you.

Oh, you should.

I assumed you'd need it eventually.

Not yet.

After Marwood.

Then I'm done.

Why? Because he killed your puppy?

Oh, that's why you're here?

To rub my nose in it?


I came to help the people you love.

I'm sorry?

You assert a fabulous moral conscience, John.

This adherence to unwritten law, yet, time and again, it devastates the people you claim to hold dear but you don't stop.

Seems to me your conscience has killed more people than I have.

You know, you say escape, George, but to me, this looks more like the scene of a violent abduction.

By Marwood?


Why not pop him here?

The way he did Ripley?

Well, we won't know that until we ask him, will we?

In the meantime, somewhere out there there is a police officer in the hands of a known police killer.

Well, either way, Martin, we both want DCI Luther returned to us at the earliest opportunity.

A search is underway.

Then widen it.

You know, George, the Tom Marwood investigation is under my command.

God help you if you interfere with it or question my allocation of resources.

DCI Luther does have some loyal friends, doesn't he?

Oh, yes, he does.

One officer was shot dead, another was badly injured.

In what the police say may be a related incident, Milan Knizac has been attacked in Mortlake Prison.

Knizac is serving a life sentence for the murder of Caitlin Marwood, Tom Marwood's late wife.

Mrs Marwood was raped and murdered by Milan Knizac four years ago...

What do you want?!

Do not move!


Mary: So where are we going?

Erin: We're taking you somewhere safe.

Just to be sure.

Mary: You can't honestly think John would ever hurt me?

So, where did you go?

Oh, here and there.

Got married.

You got what?



Does it add a tingle of the illicit to the conversation?

It's adds a tingle of disbelief is what it does.

Where did you and...


A conference in Sao Paulo.

Oh, he was intensely intellectual.

He "was"?

Sadly, he passed away.

Some little girls grow up wanting ponies.

I always wanted to be a widow.

So, what about you?

Have you found someone?


Yeah, kind of.

Is she interesting?

To who?


I hope not.

Well, I imagine she wouldn't be, terribly.

She wouldn't be some kind of Zoe surrogate.

(SIGHS) You've got enough self-knowledge to avoid that trap.


So, she's a pixie.

A what?

A pixie.

A sprite.

A daydream of the life you imagine you want to live.

Oh, dear, I feel a bit sorry for her.

You don't feel sorry for anyone.

Well, quite.

But, in principle, I pity her. She's not what you want.

She's what you want to want.

What is it I want, exactly?

We're not talking about that. We're talking about Pixie.

Pix... Her name is Mary.

I know.


Newsreader: The officer shot dead last night has been named as Detective Sergeant Justin Ripley.

Detective Sergeant Ripley is believed to have been killed by Tom Marwood, who first appealed to the public in this video yesterday.

Tom: Four years ago, she was raped and murdered by a man called Milan Knizac...

This him?

This is him.

Alice: Mmm, goodness gracious me.

What a needy little fishy.

No, he's got a hero complex.

He needs public opinion to justify his actions to himself.

So what's the plan, Stan?

I take away everything he wants.

What does he want?

To avenge his wife.

To be admired. To become a martyr.

All to make his wife's death mean something.

You'd take all that away from him?


Well, that's cruel.

It's the cruellest thing I could think of.


But if any police aren't out there looking for him, they're out there looking for you, so... (EXHALES)

...how do we even begin?

Well, the first step...


You're Thomas Marwood...


You want to kill the man that killed your wife.


But Milan Knizac is in prison.


So, how would you do it?

With leverage.

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and...

I can move the world.





Tom: It's not an easy thing, is it?

Having your wife taken from you?

Well, do as I tell you and you'll get her back.



What is this place?

Nobody knows we're here, Mary.

Not John, none of his friends.

So, as long as we stay here, we're safe, okay?

Just try and make yourself comfortable.



Well, never let it be said that you are less than audacious, Miss Morgan.

Well, I've got an issue with impulse control, Martin. It's... in the genes, apparently.

You know, Miss Morgan, I must remind you that I am a police officer and you are a fugitive from justice, and that, by walking in here, you have, by default, surrendered your liberty.

Well, you're entitled to send me back.

I wouldn't take it personally. Besides, I'd only escape.

I have no doubt.

Meanwhile, John will be in prison.

Or dead, at the hands of Tom Marwood.

Now, me, I'm as guilty as sin.

Name it, I've done it. But John's as innocent as I am culpable.

So I suppose the question I'm here to ask is which matters more?

Punishing my guilt?

Or proving John's innocence?

Now, John... has asked me to tell you that Tom Marwood won't allow himself to be arrested.

He intends to commit suicide by cop, to die a martyr to his own cause.

Now, John knows how to bring him in alive.

But he's going to need... your support.

What exactly does he need?

For starters, anything you have on Milan Knizac.

Oh, and I'm going to need a personnel file.

Thank you, boys.

Why'd you come back?

Beg your pardon?

You heard.

I told you, I saw the news.

Alice, come on.

None of this Berlin bullshit.

You've been in London for weeks.

What makes you say that?

I saw the receipt for those boots.



I wanted something.



Alice, Mary and I...

Oh, do be serious.

You'll be bored silly by the end of the week.

You and I are...





What do I do?

Let me have it, please.

Erin, no, leave it. It's fine. If it's him, it's important we know what he says, okay?

Answer it.


John: Mary, where are you?

I can't tell you that, John.


They won't let me tell you.

All right, okay, of course they won't. Um...

Look, I won't be long, okay? I just want to tell you something and I want you to hear me say it, all right?

I haven't done any of the things they're saying I did.

You okay?

Yeah. Fine.

Hi, yeah, we've got a trace on DCI Luther.

Well, look, don't be scared. George Stark, he's a bit of a dick, but he means well, I guess.

And Erin Gray, well, she's just... she's just got me all wrong, all right? But she's a good woman.

And push comes to shove, you can... Well, you can trust her.


Are they there with you now?

What about you? Are you, um... okay?




Guv, can I have a word?


Now, please.

What the hell was that?

Letting her talk to him? What if he traces the call?

Oh, my God.

You're trying to lure him here? Are you mad?


How is she?



Did you find anyone?

It'll be in one of these.

Okay, okay...

Oh, I'm bored of this already.

Okay, Milan Knizac is in prison hospital because someone cut his throat.

Joe Green has got access to him, he's the prison doctor.

He's also married to Natalie Green, who's pregnant, so... that's who I'd go for if I wanted Milan Knizac dead and I needed leverage.

Who are you?


He said no police! You son of a...


Stay down. Stay down.

Alice, Marwood's gone. We missed him.

All right? He's long gone.


John: All right, so what did he say, exactly?

That I should report to work tomorrow and kill Milan Knizac with a lethal injection.

And if you don't?

He'll make sure that what Knizac did to his wife is done to mine.

He said that if I called the police...

I'm not the police.

I was the police but I'm not any more.

Who the hell are you, then?

I'm the man that's gonna bring Natalie back.

Where are you going? You can't just leave me here!

If I take you with me, you'll do something stupid.

You won't be able to help yourself. You love Natalie, right?


What about him, Tom Marwood? What about him?

He won't know what hit him.

Benny, small change of plans.

I need you to get a trace on the last number to call this phone.



This is Ryan Clark.

He was over the limit, high on meth.

He was banned from driving and behind the wheel of a stolen car when he ran over and killed a 12-year-old boy.

Mr Clark then fled the scene.

And he was in prison for less than five years.

This is not about Mr Clark's rights, this is about our responsibilities.

This is about us doing for ourselves what the state refuses to do for us.

People like me have tried to be reasonable, we've tried to be reasonable but nobody's listened.

Oh, my.

He really does need the world to love him, doesn't he?

So now, a 12-year-old boy is dead.

My wife is dead.

Many other people are dead.

Well, no more.

I have made a list of people like Ryan Clark.

And I will execute them at a rate of one a day every day, until the Prime Minister agrees to hold a referendum on the death penalty. Now, that's all I'm asking for, is for the people of this country to be given a choice.

It's not like you gave Justin Ripley a choice, is it?

That man's death is on your head.

I don't see how that can be right.

I didn't ask you to kill him.

I warned you to stay away.

You can't hold me accountable if you choose not to listen.

See, the thing is, I can hold you accountable, me being a copper and all that.

Give me that camera!

Oh, I don't think so.

Give me that camera or I will shoot him!

No, you won't, Thomas.

Not on camera.

Because people do hate a cop-killer.

And you so very much want to be admired.

Which is a defect, really, in a multiple murderer.

Do not move another step.

She's got a point there, Tom.

I mean, you're not gonna shoot an innocent man, a cop.

Not for the world to see.

Turn off the camera.

Turn off that camera now!

Why don't you just stop this, all right?

And tell us where you're keeping Natalie Green.

Who has she ever hurt in her life? No one.

Not to mention the fact that she's pregnant.

Shut up!

Come on, Tom. Come on!

Shut up! Shut... (SPUTTERING)

Just let her go!

You being the defender of the innocent.

Tom, stop!

Turn it off!

All right, whoever the hell you are, turn off that camera.

Tell her to turn it off!

Look, look, just put it down. Put it down.

Tom: Put it down and turn it off. Do as the man says.

You hear me? Do it, do it, do it!

Now, move away, move away.

What are you gonna do now, DCI Luther?

What are you gonna do now, Tom?

She's not gonna come back, you know.

I don't care if she does.

I've got the camera.

Problem is, the world is gonna see that you're not actually a hero, you're just a cop-killer that would kidnap a pregnant woman!

I mean, come on, that's nasty!

She's gone, Tom! There's no point running after her, she's gone!


Tom: You... You bring her back!

Bring her back!

Tom, it's not like I can actually show the tape to anyone, really.



Let's say I did. What do you stand to lose?

You still can kill Natalie Green. I don't have her. You do.

So, uh...

I've got what you want and you've got what I want.


So what do we do now?

You take me to Natalie.

All right? We let her go.

What, then you... then you give me back the tape?

Give it right back.




See, you forgot... that I... stole...

I stole your phone, remember?

So I have heard all those lovely intimate messages from...

Mary Day, was it?




So... you get me that tape and I give you back your Mary.








I'm a police officer.

Give us that phone. Sorry.

What are you doing?

Stay there. I need this phone.

What... My phone...



Put George on the phone now! On speaker, just do it!

Okay. Okay, you're on speaker.

You have to get Mary out of there right now!

You understand me?

I think we've had enough of that.


What are you doing?


He's trying to lure us out of here.

Please. Trust me.

Boss, you need to get C019 down to Paragon... Paragon Towers, right now.

Get them there!

(HUSHED) Hello, Tinker Bell.



It's John.

There's nothing to worry about.

We need you to stay here, okay?

Who the hell are you?


What's that?

Proof you shouldn't need of the kind of man John Luther actually is.

When Stark and the lesbian get back, you show them this.

Oh, and if you ever... betray him like this again...

I'll kill you and eat you.

How does that sound?


What's your name?


What's your name?


Are you Mary?

Are you Mary?!

Yes, yes. Yes, I'm Mary.

Did John send you to do this?

To do what?

I don't know what you're talking about.

John Luther.

I know what Mary sounds like.

I've heard her voice. You don't sound like Mary.

I am. I'm Mary. I'm Mary. I'm Mary.

Give me your wallet.


What are you doing?

(SIGHS) So, I've got bullets but no gun.

That's quite Zen.

You're Erin Gray.



Find me a nail.

What kind of nail?

A nail-nail. As in "a hammer and..."






Is the door locked?

Stop! Stop, stop, stop!

Police officer. Open the door.

Come on! Come on! Get out!


Alice: Give me the nail.

Shh. Breathe, Tinker Bell.


I don't know who you are.


Open the door.




Lean all your weight on the door.





Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Nice try. Nice try, Mary.

Tom! I think it's time we knock this on the head.

Both of you, move! Move!

Both of you! Come on!

Get in there! Come on, move it, move it!

Mary, it's gonna be all right, okay?

Tom? Where's Natalie Green?



Well, I'm gonna be dead in a moment.

So, I suppose you're gonna have to live with the never knowing.

No, don't punish me by hurting Natalie, okay? She's done nothing.

Who the hell do you think you are?

To have walked in here, after what you've done to me, and dictate what I can and can't do?!

Stop! Tom, don't!

Stop, don't.

You can choose. You can have one.


I said, pick one!



So you know what it feels like. Now...

Time's running out!

Please don't do this.

It's your last chance.

I can't.

I can't pick one.

Then you'll walk out of here alone.

Tom, please. Please.


It's ugly, isn't it? Being impotent!

Being degraded, by a violent man that you'll never get to punish!

Now, pick.




Just stop pointing that gun at her head. Stop!

Then choose!

I can't choose one!







All right!

All right!

Have you chosen?


Then say it.

Say a name.

Say it now!


Say it again?

Shoot Alice!

Say it again!






Alice: Oops. (CHUCKLES)

(SIGHS) Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Run! Run, run, run! Get out of here! Run! Go on.


Now, if I let this go, you'll die.

Which is what you want, isn't it? Eh?

But if I apply pressure just here...


There's a good chance that you'll live.


Please. Please don't, please.

What? What?


Beg me.

Beg me!

I'm begging you.

Yes, where is Natalie?

Where is she?

Ah, please.

Come on, Tom. Come on, Tom.

The medics are coming, they're gonna save your life.

Tom: No.

(PANTING) She's in... She's in Cathal Street.

How do I know you're not lying?

It's true.

How do I know? Is it true?

It's true. It's true.

Please, just let go. Please. Please.

You ready to go?

Yeah. I'm ready. I'm ready.

I'm ready.

Not on your nelly.


Tom: No.

John: Medic!

Tom: No! No.

John: I need him alive! Put pressure right here! Here. Push!


Right, upstairs.




We're the police.

You're safe now.


Hold on. Hold on.


What's happening?

They arrested Alice Morgan.

Where is she?

And Mary?

She sent you a message.

She gave you this?

She put it in my hand herself.

Benny, I appreciate it, man.

Where you going, boss? She went that way.

I just want to say sorry to Alice.


There's been a mix-up over who's who.

I expect they'll, uh... they'll work it out in a couple of hours. (CHUCKLES)

I don't care what she's done.


She saved my life.

So you should probably go.



I should do that.


I know.

Me, too.


Go on. Go.

♪ Girl, you treat me bad ♪
♪ And I know why ♪
♪ I've seen you running around ♪
♪ With another guy ♪
♪ And you think if you hurt me ♪
♪ Then I'll go away ♪
♪ But I've made up my mind ♪
♪ You know I'm... I'm here to stay ♪
♪ Never gonna give you up ♪
♪ No matter how you treat me ♪
♪ Never gonna give you up ♪
♪ So don't you think I'm leaving ♪
♪ Baby, don't you understand ♪
♪ What you're doing to the man ♪
♪ Do you see these tears ♪

It was clever, the choice you made.

♪ In my eyes ♪
♪ But no use in lying ♪


Alive. Suffering.


♪ And put me on the shelf ♪
♪ I'd rather die than see you with somebody else ♪

You really do need to lose the coat.

♪ No matter how you treat me ♪
♪ Never gonna give you up ♪
♪ So don't you think of leaving ♪
♪ Baby, don't you understand ♪
♪ What you're doing to the man ♪


♪ My friends all say ♪

Now what?

♪ That I'm your fool ♪ And you're using me ♪
♪ Like a carpenter using a tool ♪
♪ I know that intentions ♪
♪ Were all very good ♪
♪ Some of them would help me ♪
♪ If they could ♪
♪ But I'm never gonna give you up ♪
♪ No matter how you treat me ♪
♪ Never gonna give you up ♪
♪ So don't you think of leaving ♪
♪ Baby, don't you understand ♪
♪ What you're doing to the man ♪