04x00 - The Journey So Far

So what is it with John Luther and the people he loves?

( Phone rings )

Zoe Luther.



I... I've got myself together, all right?

I'm back and I feel great. I'm good.

I'm... You know.

What's wrong, babe?

Nothing's wrong, I'm just on my way to a meeting, that's all.

( Phone beeps )

So, he's back.

From outer space.

You do know the man is nitroglycerine.

Jesus Christ, what are you doing?

Forget the rule book. Change the state of play.

I want you to stay away from my life!

I've fought tooth and nail to get you back into the fold.

Don't squander it now.

You started working with DCI John Luther in January 2009, is that correct?

That's right.

Catalogue everything Luther ever did.

Every lie he told, every law he broke, everything.

What was the first investigation you both worked on?

Home invasion.

DCI John Luther, DS Justin Ripley.

Morning, sir.

I lobbied to be stationed with you.

I put in the request nine months ago, chased it up three times a week in writing.

So what have we got?

Home invasion. Murder.

Victims are Douglas and Laura Morgan.

Who called it in?

The daughter, Alice Morgan.

I've been a police officer for a very long time and one of the things I've found is that crimes like this aren't random.

It's very tiring going round and round like this.

She did it.

The burden of proof is entirely yours.

If you think I did this, then you need to demonstrate how and when.

I know. I won't be able to do that, will I?

Well, you can certainly try.

She's a malignant narcissist. This is about prestige, power.

Is that a compliment?


Are you trying to beguile me?

No, I wouldn't be so foolish.

Ian, am I wrong?

You're not wrong.



Prove it. Bring me something of substance.

Find me the gun. Put it in her hand.

Until then, cut her loose and send her home.

Thank you very much, Miss Morgan, you're free to go.

I enjoyed our chat.

He doesn't know it, but his good fortune ran out the day that I heard his name.

John, look, I know what you came here to discuss but, before you say anything, you need to know I've met somebody.

No, no, no, no!

No, Zoe, no!

You care more about the dead than the living.

That's where your heart is.

I'm a policeman.

( He cries out )

Where is she? Where is she?

Please, I'm going to fall!

You've never been tempted?

To administer a bit of personal justice?

( Man screams )

John, what... ?

( Screaming through microphone )

Boss, boss!


Boss, don't!

Chain of evidence is like the Ten Commandments.

It applies unto time in all eternal.

Anything in the evidence safe is sacrosanct.

Only if we get found out.

If I start stealing evidence to use for my own purposes...

It won't be out of my sight for a second.

How much are these worth?

Three and a half million.

Are you ready?


Do you not worry you're on the devil's side without even knowing it?


We're on the same side.

I'm sorry you think that.

Help me, please!

( He screams )

( Crash )

Whoa, whoa! Ian, Ian, Ian! Ian, listen.

You kill this man, that's it for you, you know that, right?

Have you any idea the lies I've told for you over the years for all the sh1t you've done?

Yeah, well, I've never killed anyone, have I?

Not for lack of trying.

Something is happening that no-one else can quite see.

What's happening?

Why did your wife turn her face from you, John?

Why would she do that?

Is it because you shine so bright?

He believes one life is all we have.

Life... and love.

Bloody hell!

Stay away from...

Kiss me.

Kill me.

Do something.

This thing, this weird thing between us, it has to end.

I'll see you soon.

We need to find Detective Chief Inspector Reed most urgently.

I just need you to call John, all right? And ask him over.

( Phone rings )


Ian Reed's here! He's got a gun!



Shut up!

Ian! Get out of my house!

I'm begging you, leave her alone!



( Gunshot )

Do you really think he's innocent? Your boss?

Think he's just some kind of lightning rod, someone who just gets struck again, again and again and again?

( He yells )

It makes you kind of realise that nobody can control that.

An action leads to a reaction that leads to a reaction, it all becomes one chaotic system.

( Gun clicks )

I know what you did, Ian.

I am coming for you.

All I have to do is stay free long enough to see you dead, and I'll do that, Ian. I'll see you dead.

Alice, I need you to help me.

You're asking me to be your accomplice?



( Ian chokes )

You murderer. How does it feel? Tell me.

( He gasps )

I'm arresting you for the murder of...

( Luther groans )



Ian Reed, dead. Henry Madsen, dead.

Alice Morgan, missing, presumed... Well, who knows?

They'll find you.

Well, they can try.

But they're Wile E Coyote and I'm the Road Runner.

Meep meep.

Where will you go?

I thought I'd start with Mexico.

Come with me.

I can't.

Why not?

I've just got a couple of things to take care of.

All right, girls?

Getting Ripley back on track.


Shut up, Mr Ripley.

You might just spoil my good mood.

If you take me down, I'll take you down even faster and even harder.

Ripley: I just want to say, for the record, that, in my experience, DCI Luther is an outstanding police officer.

While, arguably, I've seen him cut procedural corners, DCI Luther has never, to my knowledge, broken any laws either in pursuit of his duty or otherwise.

I've been honoured to work with him.

We're done, Tom. All right?

What's your name?

DS Ripley. Justin.

I need you to back away.

Can't do it.

Of course you can.

No, I can't. Sorry.

I don't want to do this.

I'm a copper. I don't think you're going to shoot me.


Just back off. Please!


Justin! Justin!

Ripley! Hey...

Hey! No! Don't you...

Get up!


John Luther, you're under arrest for the murder of Detective Sergeant Justin Ripley.

Shut your mouth.

I loved him.

( Gas sprays )

( She screams )


Move it, move it!


( Gunshot )

Run, run, get out of here! Run!

He always seemed lost to me, paddling furiously just to keep afloat.

I'm not going to be a copper any more. I'm leaving.

Good, because the people around you are vampires.

You've done enough for them, so step away and find yourself a life worth living.

Well, that's the plan, anyway.

Forensics found what was left.

What do we do with something like this?

Find our man.

Sorry, mate, who are you, again?


Which police?

THE police.

I've got this, Dad.

John Luther, this is DS Lane.

There are some things that you might have heard about me that could be true.

Afraid we've got a nutjob running around London.

( Screaming )

It's never going to stop.

God help us.

Are you scared of me?


You should be.

Luther's back for a two-part special, on BBC One.