01x02 - Brave New World

Previously, on Colony...

Good luck, hermano. Be careful.

Two kind of guys roll through here.

Guys running to something, guys running from something.

Which are you?

I'm going to find my son.

Hands where we can see them!

Why am I here?

I want to give you your old job back.

That is, head up a special task force, infiltrate the insurgency and bring us their leader.

They've agreed to re-opening some places.

We'd like the Yonk to be among the first.

You have someone on the inside.


The Occupation just hired my husband to hunt us down.

[background chatter]

Ration worker: Next.


Carlos: I got 20 credits.

So give me a staple box, extra unit of flour, and a frozen chicken.

We're all out of chicken.

It's still on the board.


You want the rest, or what?

Different week, same sh1t.

We'll be fine.

You want fine? Fine's not good enough.

All right.

Just go before it gets any later.

I'ma try to make it back for lunch, but we're short a man.

What do you think happened to Will?

Don't worry about Will, okay?

I'm sure he's on the other side of that wall looking for his boy.

I'm not worried about Will.

I'm worried about you.

Come here.

It's gonna be okay, mi linda.



Hey, keep your mom out of trouble, okay?

Okay, Dad.

All right.

[making firing sounds]

Look, a drone!

[deep thrumming]

Let's go!

Go, go, go, go!

Mateo, get away from the window-- come on.

Move, move!

Come on, sweetie.

Come on, get in there.

Move, move, move!

All the way over.

Left, left!

Go, go, go!

Freeze! Hands where we can see 'em!

[praying in a whisper]

Hands in the air!



[glass shatters]

Don't move! Stay where you are!

Oh, man, you shot me!

Aah! Let me go!


You-- don't move!

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

Radio: The men and women of Homeland Security proudly serve the transitional authority.

Join Homeland Security today.

Crime rates in our Block continue to fall to historic lows.

And, in fact, the statistics show that...

Where have you been?

Walking the dog.

For an hour?

Why are you so sweaty?

What's with the interrogation?

Had to clear my head.

Good morning, sweetie.

Ooh... That's a nice tiger.

Now, why is he blue?

Because he's cold.


[Country Western music plays]

[breathing heavily]

Good morning!

Hey, guess what? No school today.

Your Aunt's gotta work.

I gotta open the Yonk.

I'm gonna need you to watch your sister.

Is this permanent or temporary?

It's permanent.

I've decided to homeschool you in the works of William Faulkner.

So I'm going to need an essay on his use of symbolism by the end of the week.

I'm serious, Mom.

I heard you and dad talking about a tutor.

For your sister.

No, no, no, no, don't worry.

I know how important school is to you.

Listen, things are about to get more complicated around here.

With Dad's new job, and the Yonk opening, and I'm gonna need you to pitch in.

All right.



When did you get in?

I don't know, but I think I heard a rooster.

[laughs] Oh...

Where did they send you?

Security headquarters.

It's the old post office in Beverly Hills.

What'd they have you doing?

Physical, polygraph, shitload of paperwork.

Should've known the one thing to survive the RAPs is bureaucracy.

Today I actually meet the team.

So, I saw they gave you a car.

What do we tell the neighbors?

That the Transpo Department promoted me out of the garage.

I'm now the new driver for the head of sanitation.

And to think Daddy always said you'd never amount to anything.


Your daddy was just jealous of my motorcycle.

And my hair.

We're all jealous of your hair.

[background chatter]

Will Bowman?

That's me.

I'm Jennifer McMahon. Follow me.

This is your ID.

Wear it around your neck at all times.

Had a badge before.

Not like this one. Don't lose it.

So what are you, SWAT?

I mine data from the insurgency and look for ways to exploit it.

How exactly did they rope you into doing that?

I volunteered.

Yeah, when I was surrounded by Redhats I volunteered, too.

Oh, come on. If you're gonna work for me, you're gonna need to laugh once in a while.

At least smile.

Work for you?

Wait, were you under the impression that you were going to be in charge here?

[chuckles] Now, that's funny.

Will Bowman.

Almost as pretty as your picture.

Who are you?

I'm Phyllis.


And you run this place?

Didn't Snyder tell you?



Not surprising.

Alan has a way of doing things that's... singular.

Well, you did an impressive job of hiding these past months.

I guess I had to, with the Authority out there killing everyone like me.

Rehashing the Arrival isn't productive.

Our job is to keep the peace.

And hopefully, your skills will go a long way toward that end.

Am I still looking for Geronimo, or did Snyder lie about that too?

Nope, that is the ultimate goal.

But every journey has its first step.

Andrew Hynes. He planted the IED on the truck that exploded in the Santa Monica Gateway.

I want you to find him.

He's Resistance?

No, he's greedy.

Somebody paid him to plant it.

I'm sure you will find this unpalatable, but consider your target.

Whether or not Mr. Hynes is a "true believer," he got eight Homeland Security troops and five civilians killed.

And, I might add, he prevented you from going to Santa Monica to find your son, so... save your sympathy for his victims.

Take Beau with you.

Maybe you can inspire him to do something useful.

Who's Beau?


[radio chatter]

Yeah, she's kind of like that.

Come on, let's go get you strapped.



Pick your poison.

M9. You a vet?

No need to hide it anymore.

If you're here, they already know everything about you.

I was a Ranger.

Then FBI. Fugitive Task Force.

No wonder Phyllis was all over you.

[laughs] She's starving for somebody who knows their ass from an elbow.

No, no, you can't take that.

It's not for me.

[background chatter]

[dog barks]

You open for a drink?

Only for good tippers.


Thought I'd sipped my last whiskey in this bar.

Yeah, sometimes it's good to be wrong.


I don't have anything yet.

I mean, Will's just started today.

I need something specific.

We think Will's team is looking for the cell that bombed the Santa Monica gateway.

We need to know how close they are.

All right.

Time is a factor.

The girlfriend lives here?


Homeland already hit this place just yesterday. Why come back?

Because this guy's not a seasoned operative.

He's a yo-yo who was paid to load something on a truck.

You know as well as I do, when you're scared, you go back to what you know.

Especially if what you know is your hot girlfriend.

Yeah, this dude is hitting way out of his weight class.

No kidding.

Look, why don't you just hold up?

We can eat off this manhunt for a week or two.

You know what I'm saying?

[radio chatter]

[rap music plays]

♪ ♪

Hey, fellas.

Anybody thirsty?

[knock at door]

[music continues, muffled]

♪ ♪

Hi, Teresa?

Mind if I ask you a few questions?

I told those Redhats yesterday, I broke up with Andy a month ago.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Don't be.

He was an asshole.


I'm not thirsty.

Kids downstairs, they... said Andy's been around a lot lately.

[top pops]

At least until that bomb went off.

Oh, that's good.

You know, I'm only the advance team.

Redhats are coming back soon and they're gonna tear this building apart brick by brick.

Have a nice day.

How was the girlfriend?


[engine turns]

Where are we going?

Around back.

Come on, you actually think you flushed this dude out?

The hot girlfriend doesn't have a good poker face.

[overlapping chatter]

And there he is.

[radio chatter]



Get against the wall!


Get your ass back here!

Oh, come on.

Aah! Ohh...

[people screaming]

Thanks for the backup.

Well, I pulled the car up.

Life lesson.

When a guy has a gun on you, don't run.

Man, he'd rather get shot than go where he's going.

Get in there.

[bass thrumming]

Did you call that thing?


They just show up.

It took Mulholland six years and thousands of workers to bring the first water to Los Angeles.

We, meanwhile, restored full service to every block in this colony with just the people here today.

So, let us raise our glasses to a job well done.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

Um, let me, um--



What are you doing here?

Oh, working.

I thought you and Rob were in New York when--

He was.

I stayed behind to help with the gallery opening.

And thank God.

Otherwise, Hudson would've been stuck here alone.

I can't believe I didn't know.

I would've tried to find you.

Do you still have the house?

I'm in Echo Park now.

You living up here?

Yeah, yeah, I went from the film distribution business to the water distribution business.

I'm third in command now for Water and Power.

That's really great.

I always knew you were really talented.


So where do you live?

They gave me a great house right up the canyon.

Yeah? I'd love to see it sometime.

How about now?

I could get you out of here.

Holding cells are in back.

Log him in, and interrogations will come and get him when they're ready.

We don't talk to him?

No. That's a special department.





What happened?

What do you think?

Red Hats hit the garage this morning.

They killed Parko, and they took me.

All because of the fuel cells that I helped you steal.

What are you doing here?

There was an explosion.

I got caught.

They made me take a job with the Occupation.

My name is Will Bowman.

Before everything, I used to work for the FBI.

I thought you were my friend.

I am your friend.

Don't disrespect that word.

It means something to me.

If I didn't take this job, they were gonna send me and my family to The Factory.

And what about my family?

Lucia and Mateo were in the trailer when the garage got hit.


I'm gonna find out what happened to them, and then I'm gonna get you out of here.

[knock at door]

Nicely done.

I had a good feeling about you.

There's a mechanic down in holding named Carlos.

I need to get him back out on the street.

It's a bit early for favors.

It's not a favor.

If I'm gonna do this job right, I need good CIs, and Carlos is connected all over town.

Keep your radio on.

I'm gonna need you back here when the suspect breaks.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[dog barks]

You stinker.

I can't believe you beat me again.

Mommy's gotta up her game.

You just need to practice, that's all.

I play a lot with Sarah at recess.

Hey, Mom?


Why can't I go to school anymore?


Because the government is giving us a tutor.

And that's gonna be your new teacher.


Because Dad's got a new job working for people in the government.

And not everybody likes them.


Can Daddy's new job help us get Charlie back?

I hope so, bear.

That's the idea.


[knock at door]

Who's that?




Some people need our help.


It's a mother and her son.

The father was arrested by the Occupation this morning and they gotta disappear.

This isn't what we do, Katie.

Helping people isn't what we do?

If they get caught, they go to The Factory.

I wish our resources were unlimited.

But they're not.

Our goal is to end this occupation.

And if we want to achieve that goal, it means making some hard choices.


Listen, if you're not ready to make the necessary sacrifices, that's fine.

But hey, just tell me, while I can still get you out.

I have already made more sacrifices than you can imagine.

My son is on the other side of that wall and he's alone.

So I am in this fight with you or without you.




I packed you up some stuff.

I'm guessing it's been a while since you had wine and chocolate.


So when can I see you again?



Look, you have to understand my situation.

You don't live in the Green Zone, so...

So what?

You think I can't handle myself up here?

Well, of course you can.

But there are unwritten rules.

I'm only third in command at Water and Power.

Maybe someday I'll be in a better position.

Right now, I can't rock the boat.

But... if you would be up for something a little more discreet...

Your loss.

They arrested Carlos.

We have to find Lucia and Mateo.


Hey, I'm so sorry.

But I saw Carlos. He's okay.

Where is he?

He's with Homeland Security.

What's gonna happen to him?

I'll take care of it.

But first, we gotta get you out of here, okay?

We need new IDs.


[police siren wailing]


[device beeps]

I'm sorry, sir.

You should've said something.

You need an escort?

No, I'm good.

Yes, sir. Let him through, he's good.

He's clear. Let him go.

Jesus, what kind of ID did they give you?

[on radio] The orange line has been reopened after maintenance.

[door buzzer buzzes]

[door opens]

And now back to the classical hour.

Here's some Mozart.

Aha, welcome, my friends.

It's good to see you. It's been far too long.

Ah, come, come back, come back, come back.

So what do you need?

Will: IDs. Woman and child.


These folks are awful important to us, Sirak.

[classical music plays on radio]

♪ ♪

What's this?

When the Red Hats remove photographs from the memorial walls, sometimes a little mouse finds them and brings them to me.

It's easier to create an identity from a real person.

It's the next evolution.

A step beyond what I was able to do for you and your family.

So what about Carlos?

I'm trying to get him flagged as an informant.

But it's not up to me.

I thought you were in charge.


Snyder lied, of course.

There's a woman running the unit.

Who's she?

I don't know, but I've seen her type before when I was deployed.

Ex-CIA if I had to guess.

I thought the RAPs killed all those people.

Yeah, I thought so too.

She's the real deal.

Okay, um, what does she have you working on?

The bombing that almost killed me.

We're making progress.

I caught the b*st*rd that put the bomb on the truck.

I'm gonna use him.

Work my way up the food chain.

Find Geronimo.

And then we get Charlie back.


[knock at door]


Where are your parents?


Which, according to my mom makes me the man of the house.

Why don't you go upstairs?


'Cause Pia and I have to talk.

But we'll come play Chutes and Ladders with you in a minute.

For you.

Is this some kind of anniversary?

No, I just wanted to get you something.


These are Sennheisers.

How'd you get them?

Let's just say I have a source.

I can't take these, Pia.

They're super expensive.

Don't worry about it.

Remember, this is only temporary.

As soon as your new IDs are uploaded into the system, we can move you somewhere on the grid.

Come. I have a space for you.

We can't stay here.

Hey, Will?

Is this safe?

Nothing's gonna happen.

Everyone here knows I run this place.

Katie: You'll be okay.

You be good. Okay.

I gotta go deal with Carlos.

Okay. Yeah, yeah. I'll see you at home.


I love you, okay?

I love you too.

I'm sorry we couldn't help your friends.

Participation in a cause like ours can be tough.

Especially for people with close family and friends.

They have the most to lose.

I'm doing this for my family.

When this is over, however it ends, I will not be one of those mothers who has to look her children in the eye and tell them that she did nothing.

I understand you have some information on the gateway bombing.

The Occupation arrested the man who loaded the bomb onto the truck.

And they're gonna use him to roll up the rest of the cell.

The people responsible for that action used to be affiliated with us, but they splintered off when we discovered that we had a difference of, um... philosophy.

But they know who you are.

That's why we need to help them hide before it's too late.

I know we're already asking a lot of you.

But you came to us at a critical moment.

Geronimo needs every soldier loyal to the cause ready and willing to fight.

You have contact with him?

We're close to executing an operation that will do meaningful damage.

Should we be fortunate, we might even uncover secrets that will give us a fighting chance to end the Occupation itself.

But if this other cell is captured, everything we worked for will be at risk.

We need your help, Katie.

What happened to the prisoners that were in here?


They sent Carlos, my CI, to The Factory.

I told you that I need him.

Close the door.

You have a chance to do well here, don't be naive.

We're talking about someone's life.

Lots of decisions will always be made above our heads.

That's just how it is.

How do you live with this job?

By focusing on the big picture.

Have people already forgotten The Arrival?

Every defense mechanism in this city was wiped out within eight hours.

Do you really think a handful of guerrillas is gonna make a difference against them?

All they're gonna do is take more innocent lives and ensure that conditions in this block get much worse.

The buses haven't left yet for The Factory.

I can probably hold them for a minute or two.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Lucia and Mateo are safe.

No one will ever find them.

I'm sorry, Carlos.

Well, then, everything's fine.

As long as your kids still have their father, right?

We have to leave, sir.

♪ ♪

[siren wailing]

[drones whirring]

I couldn't get Carlos out.

That's not your fault.

Yeah, it is.

No, he helped you because he was your friend.

And because he knows you would've done the same for him.

Come on.

♪ ♪

Please look at me.

We live in a moment where we do what we have to do for the people that we love.

The old rules just don't apply.

I'm a collaborator, Katie.

What the hell am I doing?

You are protecting our family.

♪ ♪

Beau: [on radio] Hey, Will?

Will, come in.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


Yeah, suspect broke about ten minutes ago.

Meet us where La Cienega runs into the Wall.


I'm sorry.

Looks like it's gonna be another late one.

Be safe.

♪ ♪

[dogs barking]


[phone line trilling]

[phone rings]


My husband found out where his friend has been keeping those, uh, those parts that you wanted, and he's headed over there right now.

You have an address?

Where La Cienega meets the Wall.

Does that mean anything to you?


[indistinct radio chatter]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


Get your clothes off now!

[air hissing]


[machinery whirring]

[shrill electronic trilling]

♪ ♪

man: Home Sec requests additional C3 backup for suspect.

woman: [on radio] 0147S3.

447 also requiring code 3.

3, copy?

man: Copy that.

What do you got?

Our suspect was getting his instructions from this dead drop.

Who are those guys?

Uh, the sergeant here thinks they rolled up the cell.

Does it seem likely to you that the guys that hit the gateway would be dumb enough to be hanging out right next to their own dead drop?

Hell, no.

This is it.

Clear line of sight on the drop, and lots of exits.

Yeah, yeah.

♪ ♪

[doors slamming open and closed]

♪ ♪

Oh, damn it.

♪ ♪

You know, I get that somebody didn't want these people to talk, but how the hell did they...

Know we're coming?

'Cause we have a leak.